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12:32 AM
I also heard Crash Bandicoot had some crazy data compression issues
1 hour later…
1:46 AM
anybody here?
Anybody else watching the State of the Union Address?
no, i'll read the transcript later.
watching Jessica Jones
1:55 AM
As a Canadian, I know I'm bored when I'm watching such things from our little southern neighbour.
what's your impression of it?
just a teensy bit less boring than doing nothing at all
I'm looking forward to the followup interviews with YouTubers
streaming video pisses me off
can't pause, can't ff
2:26 AM
i'm watching it too
2:45 AM
US politics affects world politics to the extent that in some countries, local politics have a lower influence than US politics on the way of life of non-US citizens
@MoonOwl22 that sounds worse then living here
"what weirds me out is event += delegate" in class that was not explained explicitly but the assumption was you already understood what you were doing. Honestly, I don't know how I'd use C# without that casting of delegates to events. It's the only way I know how to write games in C#. That said, a time will come when it is necessary to have something more lean yet powerful. C# is like a moor fool-proof and more expensive version of C++. I pray C# does not end up like C++, Java, VB or Delphi.
@juanvan well, this is one of the reasons a lot of people end up migrating to the US. The reality is there was a global shift in empirical power from Great Britain to the US. It seems to be slowly shifting to China but I pray that it does not end up in the Chinese government's hands because the world would be set up for a disaster.
3:04 AM
Ya would be worse then Germany winning WW II
Nazi Germany was probably the darkest period in 20th Century history. Child slavery in China is secretly acceptable for now because China has become too powerful for anyone to want to mess with then and knowing the Chinese to be the smart folks they are, the whole world would end up owing then
#replace then with them
they know the value of working there people and resources to the brink while investing in other lands to take over
unless a Bush is running, then Every Vote does not count
China is probably a greater threat than ISIS could ever be
$ yes, but in Oil it's ISIS
And according to Mr Trump, China is the biggest buyer of ISIS oil
3:10 AM
that would NOT surprise anyone
Consider how China is quiet about the whole IS thing yet they are effectively the most powerful economy in the world
I think the ideology nonsense is really just a distraction
*rubbed off
However, no one could really care what their religion was. What people want is oil. Without oil, it's just a bunch of angry Muslims fighting over the Gaza strip. I just hope Lebanon and Israel do not end up being completely swallowed.
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The only way to guard against Islam is by doing what happened with Christianity and Judaism: Taming the interpretation of the scriptures
@SteveG on the case today
3:28 AM
Hi all
3:52 AM
Hello guys
can anybody help me to understand this linq query please
A: Linq query giving inappropriate output

Vadim MartynovI'm not sure that != is a best value. Here is a solution with > check and grouping: var expectedValue = context.ChildTransaction .GroupBy(t => t.TransactionId, (key, group) => new { TransactionId = key, Deposit = group.Sum(e => e.Deposit) }) .Join(cont...

This query can be read in a declare manner like next requirement:

1) Group collection of child transactions by TransactionId and for each group retrieve an anonymous type object with fields TransactionId = grouping key (== TransactionId) and Deposit which is sum of Deposits for rows with same TransactionId.
2) Join set from part 1 to the the table PaerntTransaction by TransactionId field. For each joined pair retrieve an anonymous type object with fields Transaction == transaction from ParentTransactions table and Deposit which is deposit from part 1 set which is sum of Deposits with the s
Copy/paste - Sip!
@SteveG:i havent understand his explaination that is why i have ask for help here
couldn't make it anymore clear if i wanted to
3:59 AM
What step do you not understand?
most importantly this line: .GroupBy(t => t.TransactionId, (key, group) => new { TransactionId = key, Deposit = group.Sum(e => e.Deposit) })
.GroupBy(t => t.TransactionId, (key, group) => new { TransactionId = key, Deposit = group.Sum(e => e.Deposit) })
.Join(context.ParentTransaction, grouped => grouped.TransactionId, transaction => transaction.TransactionId, (group, transaction) => new { Transaction = transaction, group.Deposit })
so the Guts
Whats up with the explanation @Learning that does walk the code.
4:19 AM
that group by and join part are lil hard to understand
as i am not that good with linq group by so
ya, so the first part he is making a Group
t => t.TransactionId, (key, group) what does this mean?
.GroupBy(t => t.TransactionId, (key, group)
Making an anonymous type using the Id as the Key and grouping them, Sum as the other property of each Grouped Key
I got interesting question here, I have list of some objects in place that I dont have access, but I have one of list object, can I some how dispose or do remove object and it should be also get removed from my list, because of after disposing or removing object it is not exists, I way I'm thinking is, in object I have property IsExcluded and on geter of List I'm checking if object is excluded or not, if it is exlude I'm removing from list
Is there any way removing object should remove it self from list?
4:35 AM
@Jamaxack looking to remove an item from a list?
@juanvan yep
This list is in memory, but you can't access it at runtime?
@juanvan can you explain more detail please?
no need to ping ;-)
am asking more then anything
Have a list of some objects in a place you don't have access; But one list of objects you want to dispose.
@juanvan I have list of objects, I want to remove one object from that list
I have object, but don't have access to list
I have list of (A,B,C), but I dont have access to this list
I have that B object from list
I need some think like B.RemoveItSelfFromList()
4:41 AM
want to use reflection
If this is a List<T>
@juanvan yep
you can use reflection to .Remove(Object)
here is how to add
you want to remove
Never did it in a demo, so not too sure
@Jamaxack don't do that, or coding police will come and beat you
@torvin lol
4:44 AM
@torvin do you have some idea?
that way coding police will not beat
Don't use reflection?
fix your design, don't use reflection to just make a quick and dirty hack
Would reflection work if he could Not get access to that list
Reflection always works. But that's not the point :)
I'll meke event RemoveItFromList and when I'm adding objects to list I will subscribe to that event and when I want to remove that obejct I'll fire RemoveItFromList event, that way My list will remove this object
@torvin,@juanvan what do you think?
4:52 AM
Events are usually triggers, Say this happened - are you subscribing the property to the event?
this is definitely better than reflection
make an event when .Remove was called
@juanvan on property is checked as romeve I'' fire event
Seems like it, wonder if it works
Q: How to handle add to list event?

tomaszsI have a list like this: List<Controls> list = new List<Controls> How to handle adding new position to this list? When I do: myObject.myList.Add(new Control()); I would like to do something like this in my object: myList.AddingEvent += HandleAddingEvent And then in my HandleAddingEvent ...

but do the remove
@juanvan thanks, I'll check
5:07 AM
@Jamaxack here is a working console demo
That was much cleaner, is like an extension method, but with more back end
5:32 AM
@juanvan by the way pastiebin is handy to quick demo
5:59 AM
6:16 AM
can anybody help me with this question:stackoverflow.com/questions/34737072/…
although i have accepted that answer but that query is not working under one criteria
i have updated question with sample input and i have posted comments on the answer too
so if anybody could help me please
6:38 AM
Perhaps you should unaccept the answer and clarify that it doesn't work for you.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan:Yeah i havent looked at that scenario.Could you please look at the query and suggest me something which can make it work?
@Learning Do you have actual foreign keys that are available as navigation properties on the entities?
Or is this not EF?
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan:This is linqtosql
not entity framework
6:56 AM
This seems to work with Linq to Objects:
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan:But my table and model is not according to that of what you have created
I copied it from your question.
wait let me send you my ParentTransaction model
and child transaction model
There, I changed the names to fit your question. It's just names.
public partial class ParentTransaction
private int Transactionid;
private System.Nullable<decimal> PayAmount

public partial class ChildTransaction
private int Childid;
private int Transactionid;
private System.Nullable<decimal> DepositAmount
i just have this only
7:05 AM
Ok, so other than being decimal? (which still works, I've updated the fiddle), what's the difference?
Also, as partial classes, it's possible there's more code in Linq To Sql-generated files.
Wait, why are they all private?
this are all autogenerated code
this are automatically created bt .net when creating linsqtosql file
send me your updated fiddle
7:28 AM
Looking for code that enumerates properties/values of an object for debugging purposes
something similar to console.table in the webkit developer tools window...or at least close to it...
@deostroll Reflection?
foreach (var prop in myObject.GetType().GetProperties())
      var value = prop.GetValue(myObject);
someone familiar with PRISM here?
(the MVVM thingi, not the NSA thingi)
7:50 AM
posted on January 13, 2016 by Scott Hanselman

I was reminded by a friend to explore WallabyJS this week. I had looked at WallabyJS a while back when it was less mature but I hadn't installed a more recent version. WOW. It's coming along nicely and is super-powerful. You should check it out if you write JavaScript. It's also super fast, for these reasons: Wallaby.js is insanely fast, because it only executes tests affected by your code ch

@SteffenWinkler Sure. Parts of it, anyway.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan ah, great. I'm trying to build the base for a MVVM application. I'm currently writing the database adapter and I want it to be a module so that my Models can easily use that one or others (for example a MSSQL db adapter instead of this MySQL adapter)
as far as I understand PRISM, I've to implement the IModule interface but that type is defined in Prism.Mef and if I try to install it via nuget, it wants to install Prism.Wpf...which I really don't want in my db adapter
now I think I'm missing something here
also for some reason nearly every prism howto only mentions the Shell, the bootstrapper, the view and the viewmodel
but never the model and the database adapter
8:10 AM
Good morning.
PRISM is a WPF MVVM framework. DB adapters aren't really part of the scope for that.
It's not an end-to-end application framework.
You can probably bend it so you can use its MEF integration to dynamically load data access DLLs, but it's not really what it's designed for.
It doesn't address the model and onwards because that's outside the purview of MVVM.
> It's not an end-to-end application framework.

well that's kind of useless then, isn't it.
in WPF, Nov 4 '15 at 12:44, by Avner Shahar-Kashtan
MVVM aims to separate the concerns of the user-interactions (view), user-interaction logic (view model) and the data that is interacted upon (model).
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan I'm clear about MVVM. I thought that a Framework like PRISM would extend it so that you could build a full-stack application
but apparently it doesn't. It just adds stuff to 'aid' in constructing the MVVM part.
8:25 AM
Like CaliburnMicro or MvvmLight.
Because WPF's out of the box MVVM support is very basic.
yeah but Prism seems to force me to build full-stack modules all while not providing an up to date documentation
You can pick and choose. Most PRISM apps I've build in recent years used some of their infrastructure (Unity/MEF integration, EventAggregator) without using others (Regions/Control injection).
Some projects, all I used it for was an implemenetation of ViewModelBase and the EventAggregator.
8:51 AM
Anyone configured SSL for a WCF client connected to a self-hosted OWIN Web Api server?
It keeps complaining my certificate is invalid, even though I told it explicitly not to valdiate certificates.
9:12 AM
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan that sounds like solve-it-and-write-a-blog-post territory
OK. I'm here....
The old SQL LINQ is : SELECT DISTINCT MIN(nomeFileVeicolo) AS nomeFileVeicolo, porte, body, nomeBody, numModello, modelloDa,modelloA,specie
FROM DataBaseCar
GROUP BY Class_ID,idMarca, nomeModello, porte, body, nomeBody, numModello, modelloDa,modelloA,specie
HAVING (Class_ID = 1) AND (idMarca = '6') AND (nomeModello = '2-Serie') AND (specie = 'CAR') ORDER BY modelloDa DESC
i've tried to converting in linq but i'm stuck
var veicoli = from db in contestoDB.DataBaseCar
group db by new {db.Class_ID, db.idMarca, db.nomeModello, db.porte, db.body, db.nomeBody, db.numeroModello, db.modelloDa, db.modelloA, db.specie} into g
where g.Single().Class_ID == 1
where g.Single().idmarca== marca
where g.Single().nomeModello== modello
where g.Single().specie== tipo
orderby db.

/* marca , tipo, modello input parameters!! */
but i'm stuck!
9:29 AM
@Squiggle Yeah. :(
I'm navigating between the half dozen or so people who've solved it for their specific cases and written blog posts.
Right now my server is returning 503 NOT AVAILABLE for some reason/.
GROUP BY is taking the best piss out of me
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan :(
@Mathematics set theory is awesome. Don't knock it :P
9:52 AM
oh man,

group by id, sum total marks

but I also want className which is common for all records in the query
10:08 AM
@Mathematics where is className in your query or data?
MAX(className) might work. It's a bit of a hack.
...and we got SSL working.
Mostly by ignoring a step that was in everybody else's blog posts.
question about MVVM: If I've data class (let's say a class called 'Address') that has to be known by my database adapter (conversion object2relational), would it be okay to put that class in a seperate project (maybe 'Data_Basic') so that it can be referenced by my model, viewmodel and db adapter?
10:27 AM
Hello, guys. Yesterday I asked here about solution for my problem, which is random VS2015 freezes. Amy suggested me turning off all the extensions. I did and all seemed well, but only seemed. After a while the problem appeared again. I even tried starting VS with /SafeMode parameter, but it still freezes.
Freezing appears when I try to edit a freshly opened file after not touching VS for some time (1-2 minutes). I edit some .cs file in solution, place cursor somewhere, hit spacebar, for example, and it goes into "loading" state without responding to any action. It happens on different solut
Shall I just reinstall it?
Hello guys
i have one fields in my table name as date
one fields?
there are lots of fields but consider date only as of now
and in that field i want to store current system date and time but problem is date is perfect but problem is only with time
2016-01-13 12:00 am
it is always taking like this but i want system exact time
what code are you using to fetch the current time?
10:35 AM
any idea on how to fix the height of datetimepicker in WF ??
@Learning is this a table in your SQL Server database? What is the data type?
C# datetime format and databse date time format is not the same maybe
@Squiggle:It is datetime in sqlserver table
actually i have one datepicker in which i have set current date ok
i am doing like this:var a=datepicker1.SelectedDate;
@SteffenWinkler Yeah, that's a common practice. Putting your DataModel classes in a DataModel project.
10:39 AM
now how to i append current time in variable a and make completet current datetime
Hi All

While login to a page i am facing this issue

Column 'mailid' does not belong to table Table.. but i have used mailid in my table.. but it showing this problem...can you give me the reason for the same?
@Learning Your user is selecting a date, and you need to append the current time? Why so?
yeah because i have a table in which i am storing transaction for particular account
This is my table structure:
also any selected Date should be in the format` dd-MM-yyyy 00:00:00`, so you should just be able to .Add(DateTime.Now.TimeOfDay)
see this question in which i have define my table structure
A: Linq query giving inappropriate output

Vadim MartynovI'm not sure that != is a best value. Here is a solution with > check and grouping: var expectedValue = context.ChildTransaction .GroupBy(t => t.TransactionId, (key, group) => new { TransactionId = key, Deposit = group.Sum(e => e.Deposit) }) .Join(cont...

10:50 AM
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan ah, thank you
so now i want to fetch all transaction from cchildtransaction with latest transaction and if more than one tarnsaction have same date then i will do order by on time then
I hope you are clear of what i am saying
Not entirely clear!
have you seen my talble structure?
in ChildTransaction table i have one more field too that is date
Got my pooint?
so you need a MAX to get the latest, right?
rather than ordering
Set theory, baby!
i want to fetch all transaction from childtransaction with latest date and if two date are same then by latest time
10:56 AM
How is it possible to check whether the Checkbox is selected in MVC/Controller?
Hi Guys, just a quick one. THere was this briliant Question / Answer i saw like a year and a half ago that explained into detail how to use Stored Procedures in C#, different types of executes (query, non-query, etc) would anyone happen to have the link to the Q ?
11:11 AM
@ИвоНедев stackoverflow.com/… Search, order by popularity, Use the advanced search tips.
I don't know the question you're referring to, but the SO search functionality is pretty good
Hello Guys
I have a Query regaring Adaptive Payments in Paypal
Q: Adaptive Payments giving Exception on Web Server in c#

yashI am working on Delayed Chained Payments Module in Adaptive Payments in Paypal. I am Using AdaptivePaymentsCoreSdk for it and it is working fine on LocalHost as well as one web Server. All working is going Fine. But when I Deploy my application on another Server than On Service.Pay I am Getting a...

11:35 AM
@yash do you have a proxy configured on your server? Something is interrupting the connection.
I have No Idea about this
either that or PayPal's service is crashing and closing the connection abruptly for some reason
Same Code is working perfectly on other server
are these servers identical?
no these are not
11:40 AM
so it's either something you're sending, or the servers are not exactly identical.
You could enable tracing in the config - msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms733025(v=vs.110).aspx
that should log more details of what's going wrong, and doesn't require any code changes :)
I'll comment on the question
12:08 PM
blog.jetbrains.com/dotnet/2016/01/13/project-rider-a-csharp-ide JetBrains are releasing a cross-platform C# IDE with ReSharper functionality
@Squiggle Oh wow that IS interesting
isn't it?
Release date somewhere around August
I have a EF graph, what's the difference between,



@Squiggle If it's in the same price range as ReSharper itself, it's a very nice way to develop on non-Windows.
12:18 PM
@Mathematics the former probably won't compile?
@Squiggle it does
Your model may be weird.
@RoelvanUden agreed. I'm an OSX user at home, so I'm totally stoked
@RoelvanUden how is it weird, please explain
@Squiggle I would be pretty stoked if it runs on Debian. :)
Then I can finally kiss goodbye to all Windows machines, except the gaming rig
12:20 PM
@Mathematics context.ObjectLevel1 is a DbSet<T>, which probably doesn't have a property called ObjectLevel2, right?
Ooh! and Robot Wars is being rebooted by BBC2! broadcastnow.co.uk/news/robot-wars-rebooted-by-bbc2/…
@Squiggle it's a navigational property
indeed, but the code example you use is wrong


would this makes any more sense ?
feh. I understand you, I'm just being pedantic.
@Squiggle sorry, I forget to mention I have few "Where" conditions
12:24 PM
@Squiggle so yes you are right there


context.ChildLevel2.Where(c => c.ParentID = 1234)
context.ChildLevel2.Where(c => c.Parent.ParentID == 1234)
would be more accurate
they should return the same object, and may even construct the same SQL query.
I'm not much of a fan of navigating 'up' a tree in EF
unfortunately it's giving me wrong results but not sure it's my Where clauses or something else

I now disabled proxy and lazy loading and only going to use context.ChildLevel2.Where(c => c.Parent.ParentID == 1234) instead
I prefer accessing via only a few aggregate roots and interacting that way
lunch. bbiab.
12:44 PM
@Squiggle aww yeah!
howmuch rep do u need to make a chatroom
500 i think
not sure
pe wpew pew pew pew
im not much of a fan
1:01 PM
@Squiggle I model my structure to disallow navigating 'up' a tree in EF :)
Otherwise it'll be very hard to cleanly separate set modifiers (e.g. permissions/search) too.
1:15 PM
@RoelvanUden precisely
1:31 PM
@RoelvanUden is that what considered best practices ?
@Mathematics Not sure. I consider it best because it enables you to easily apply entity filtering and have the ensure that you can't simply navigate up the tree to find entities you were not allowed to see in the first place.
@RoelvanUden so your child entities won't going to have parent entity as navigation property or collection
Indeed. The parent can navigate to children, but not the other way around.
what u think about lazy loading
and proxies
do you keep them disabled
I keep proxies enabled because they make change tracking more efficient.
I disable lazy loading.
1:39 PM
@Jamaxack saw that it had a run, but did not add the lib to test it.
1:51 PM
@RoelvanUden ah right, makes sense, unfortunately I am working in stateless environment (asp.net web forms) so proxies would be of no use to me
I'm pretty sure you have proxies confused.
also WebForms is by design not stateless

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