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2:37 AM
4 hours later…
6:17 AM
Buenos dias I'm late where is everyone
And why are you not a squirrel yet
I want that Anirisu
Actually sounds like a real name too
6:39 AM
Everything is a real name if you're brave enough.
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' pleberinos!
@Squirrelkiller Bringing the kid to the kita
@Hozuki Don't tell Musk
@Squirrelintraining Kinda good excuse actually. Wifey working on the thesis?
@Squirrelkiller Wifey finshed thesis and now needs to do one last 10 page essay and then finito.
Hey, I have found this code in the Math class of dotnet: public static double Pow(double x, double y); Can I see the code which calculates this because in the Math class there are only such methods without anything in it
6:52 AM
@Steven2105 You can find the sourcode for .net core on github
There you can look into the Math class.
@Squirrelintraining Okay, thx. So it can't be looked up in Visual Studio?
it can if you load the symbols
and f11 it
Pretty sure F12 is default
PRetty shure F13 is the one you are looking for.
6:55 AM
Pretty sure they wrote sure as shure in the olden times
pretty sure sure just meant safe back in the ancient times
some layout had F24
without shift
@Steven2105 Misha seemed to ahve the answer.
But generally speaking, when you reference a libary you can't F11 into it unless you have the symbols.
Okay, thank yall
Drop by anytime you want and tell your friends about this awesome chat!
@J.Doe I summon thou, when can thou return?
7:02 AM
Invalid command! Did you mean: shutdown, brandon, cuntbag? Try help for a list of available commands.
Or what was it?
hol' up
this is the worst thing i've seen this week
7:03 AM
Invalid command! Did you mean: shutdown, moonowl, destroy? Try help for a list of available commands.
Wow I never heard of terbium
Jack, countdown
Ow pretty soon actually (in DoeDays)
Didnt seen him already few months
7:06 AM
I think there's an M.Doe here sometimes
Also JDoe lurks sometimes, without being able to interact
90 days
I'm so hyped
@Squirrelkiller He used to, havn't seen him in ages.
I wonder if he's going to enter with the same message after his last ban timer 2 years ago
Probs. sth. about what happend in Beirut yesterday.
7:20 AM
lebanon is pretty cool, pretty sad state of affairs
jpeg so bad, it's almost anime
What even happened?
I see the explosion all over reddit, but haven't read about what actually happened yet.
not sure what happened, they claims might be a chemical explosion after a small firecrackers fire
the massive shockwave destroyed entire city
saw a vid of a dude walking on the street 5 blocks away from filming it
@Squirrelkiller Not quite clear.
Check thge Berufschulfruppe in TG
7:34 AM
that shockwave was so cool, it was powerful enough to become visible
imagine going about your day and then this
We had a discussion abvout that yesterday
@nyconing Not really.
Rickl0rd posted those angles yesterdsay
7:54 AM
@Squirrelintraining Like I bother to read anything when there are 150 messages in the last hour
Hey hey kids
8:10 AM
2 frames at the moment
ahoy mateys
Ahoy Captain O7
So how do I make ".+" in glob?
Or [/\?]
8:25 AM
God dammit
we have this piece of software that detects any vulnerabilities on our machines
and doesn't allow us to access internal systems if anything is off with our machines
it was fine yesterday
and is now kicking off about various things i have installed that need to be updated
in order to fix said things, i'm gunna have to sit here for like an hour upgrading shit
It's a good job i don't specifically need any of these tools to be a specific version for things, because i'd be screwed
@Squirrelkiller use regex
How do I make a JS regexp including a variable? Like, in C# I'd just concatenate the variable into the string. In JS, the Regexp is not in a string but like /pa[tte]rn/ ?
@Squirrelkiller xD
@CaptainSquirrel nice paid doin nuddin
@CaptainSquirrel Sounds awful.
Why is there software scanning your machines anyway
Enforcing of a whitelist kinda stuff probably?
Technically we also have a whitelist and may only install software on that
And the machines get scanned, but usually nobody cares. Only if the machine has like 2 bluescreens a week and you call IT, you will get to hear "you shouldn't have x and y installed, get rid of it. When the bluescreens continue, we gonna reimage your machine because x and y probably broke something.".
8:40 AM
Nobody is allowed to scan my machine!
can I scan your machine?
What's next? They turn on your webcam to see if you are "actually working"?
@Squirrelkiller you can instantiate the RegExp class and pass string onto it
Except the machine provided to you by your employer under specific circumsdtances
!~> new RegExp('.*', 'g')
8:42 AM
<!>Too many characters in character literal
lol what
@Wietbot evaljs (new RegExp('.*', 'g')).test('hahahaha')
javax.script.ScriptException(TypeError: new RegExp(".*", "g").match is not a function in <eval> at line number 1)
!~> new RegExp(".*", "g")
8:43 AM
<!>The type or namespace name 'RegExp' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)
the 2nd argument is the flag
Ah I see
Anyway, !~> is C# eval so ' are for characters
now throw the glob shit
glob shite
nyc doesn't support js :(
8:45 AM
Are you sure?
I'm sure glob is shit
I should remove the evaljs command and replace it with evalnode...
evaljs is more of a java-javascript combination 😄
how would you describe node?
is it a framework?
it is a runtime environment
assuming you mean node-js
btw... mr5, do you want to be my experiment subject?
8:59 AM
@Hozuki something something corporate
i think its just an added security measure
Reading NinjaCode sure is fun
but it does mean i'm currently just sat here updating atm lmao
> btw... mr5, do you want to be my experiment subject?
mr5 has fled the battle!
9:26 AM
Hi, I'm look for a simple example of rest WCF using JWT with identity store localy (using EF for example). I can do Rest WCF But I can't wrap my head around the JWT.
@Wietlol autopsy me?
one hour later
i'm still not done updating
Im just lost in every documentation using Core, Azure AD, WIF, etc.
Apparently i need to update my firefox above 78.0
my firefox is on 79.0....
firefox is only good in Mac
the windows version is shite
9:35 AM
Firefox is great
It's just that the Captain's machine with whatever scanning tool is shite
i rechecked and all is good now
idk why it was doing that lmao
@mr5 I made a thing and I need someone else to use it :D
then I can write a thing to tell people how to use it as well
how do I use it?
@Wietbot use the thing
I have no clue what you meant right there. You can use the listCommands command to see all my commands.
basically, when you write emotes (like how slack emotes work) for example 😂 or 😄 Wietbot will replace them with the respective unicode emojis
9:45 AM
@Wietbot Do the thing
I have no clue what you meant right there. You can use the listCommands command to see all my commands.
what you need to do is host an application and allow Wietbot to actually do it
@Wietbot :ok_hand:
Wietbot cant just edit messages of random people
he does not have that much authority
I thought he'd just send the actual emoji then
Specify "replace them" plz
9:47 AM
watch closely: 😄
^ that
Only your messages?
the bot looks at the message, checks if it can actually edit them, then process them by replacing the emote codes
messages of all users that have given Wietbot the authority to edit their messages
Why can it edit your messages?
...that is something you can do?
indirectly, yes :D
Ah I see
9:50 AM
in simple terms, you host an application (on AWS) that logs in and edits the messages
and you give Wietbot the authority to invoke the functions from that application
what I need to find out is how the trust roles work and build a cloud formation script to generate said roles and environment
then you can just run the script and it will generate the service
but considering I ran my own integration services on the same environment, I dont need said trust roles
so for me, it works better 😂
ironically, this is done explicitly via the user integration module... which currently only has my own services
Wietbot itself is not included there
@Wietbot evalnode ":joy:"
wont replace it
@Wietlol :joy:
oh... I do need to rethink something...
@Wietbot evalnode " 😂 "
@Wietlol :joy:
@Wietlol 😂
perhaps I will exclude messages that start with @Wietbot
can someone remind me what are edges in a graph?
the actual nodes?
oh never mind
9:57 AM
the lines between nodes?
I assume
i cant believe I am doing djikstra algorithms for work
shortest path one?
also, if anyone has an idea on how to efficiently process the emotes in a message, I am happy to accept suggestions
currently, they must be surrounded by spaces or be at the beginning or end of the message
such as 😂 or 😄
but a message like ":joy:" wouldnt work then
Looks fine not working ":joy:"
Because looks like you want to quote actual emoji
But it would be desirable parsing " :emoi:[.,]"
Otherwise this would not work: This is an :emoji:.
10:09 AM
ye, but it isnt regex that processes it
keep in mind, it doesnt have to be surrounded by colons
currently, it is not yet included, but I do want to include codes like :) and :D
😄 and 😂 respectively
and considering the amount of known emotes, I cant really just do an intuitive approach
for the time being, I split the string (message) by spaces, then process each "word" and replace them if that "word" is a known emote code
I could try to see how fast a full string processing would be using a Trie, which could replace everything even when written next to each other like :joy::joy
but there is still no way of escaping
1 hour later…
11:25 AM
nooooo not my porn
11:34 AM
hey wiet
@Wietlol I'm back. Sorry was bz
is that an API?
@Wietlol ahh I see
would you call the feature "cancer generator"? bcoz, in 9gag, those emojis are called cancer 😂😂😂
well.. I cant do anything else
@Wietlol so, I would need to create a set of functions as well as inject your script to my end?
I can only send unicode emotes
nope, just create the set of functions
how would you invoke it?
are mods allowed to edit other user's messages? if so, that I think is much better.
as soon as I upgraded my RAM from 8gb to 24gb, suddenly all apps are demanding more RAM!
I guess I can say, the apps "lifestyle" has improved xD
11:44 AM
@mr5 I dont think so
@mr5 you give me the arns (aws resource numbers) which I use to identify your functions
Some comments in this answer are really funny
paste that in your browser's console
@Wietlol wat? do I need AWS account then?
@mr5 apps are less likely to ask for ram cleanups
@mr5 yep
it wont cost you anything... I think
the bot now costs 2 cents per month because of some weird service I use
11:48 AM
iirc, AWS discriminates and they won't let me create a developer account.
why not?
oh wait. I do have actually an account. I forgot where I got stuck on to before.
how do I create those set of functions in AWS?
lambda? step functions?
the easiest way is to do it by serverless
that is da way I use
the difficult part is the trust role, I am not sure how that one is supposed to work
I mean... I know how it is supposed to work, but I dont know how to set that up
oh yeah. I remember. I can't proceed with confirmation of my mobile number.
they wouldn't let me proceed further.
you dont have a mobile phone?
11:58 AM
I do. The server is always returning an error.
guh trying to retrieve a list from a dictionary
@Freerey .Values
12:02 PM
here's what I have, actually
to me, the WC3 Refunded was a worse announcement
I made a Dictionary<int, List<string>> and I wanna get the list out and go through it by int key
Blizzard has plummeted, their entire goodwill is broken.
so if I have a key of 362, I wanna enter that key and get the list related to it
afaik, they dont even have any members of the original team
@Freerey you mean... dict[key] ?
12:04 PM
List<string> stringsFor362 = listDict[362];
crap sorry yes dict[key]
omg I put in the wrong list type xD
thx killer
Happy to help
@Wietbot evalcsharp new Dictionary<Int32, List<String>>().ComputeIfAbsent(324, () => new List<String>())
Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Scripting.CompilationErrorException((1,35): error CS1003: Syntax error, ',' expected)
in other news: lol I got an ad for Dominos, who is once again asking for a .NET developer
imagine putting Dominos on your resume when you have a bachelor's in science, but it's actually not a job you had in high school
12:06 PM
@Wietbot ok
I have no clue what you meant right there. You can use the listCommands command to see all my commands.
@Wietlol Dictionary<Int32, List<String>() should be Dictionary<Int32, List<String>>()
doesnt look like a shiba yet
Doesn't look like anything to me
12:12 PM
@Hans1984 dang it hansuru
I am working on that
I need Wietbot to listen to all messages
after that, Wietbot needs a feature to listen for one boxes
currently, I made it to listen to all messages, tested it with the emotes
Stoopid Hoomans
now, I need to (first finish the emotes stuff) add a listener to find the one boxes and invoke an edit just before the edit time runs out to un-one-box the messages
only after that will I make wietbot send images and stuff
12:19 PM
"hooman" is dog speak
@Hans1984 (Human with a rifle next to him) Are you sure?
@Wietlol I can't find my issue ticket with AWS. They don't give a shit with our country unfortunately.
@Wietlol Hey a hamburger is a hamburger
I remember that
p3k dota ceeeb
12:57 PM
The UK currently has nice weather... Some thing doesn't seem right
@MyDaftQuestions u from uk?
Haaans we germanz are in trouble
theere are 3 island monkeys here again
12:58 PM
get ze flammenwerfer!
Quick techy question - I'm seeing a few contradicting posts on SO about JWT - Any one got experience with them? If so, how do you pass it via the Authentication header? If you're not supposed to store it in local storage, only in a HTTPOnly Cookie that can't be access via javascript
anyone know how to pass a type via AJAX call to .net controller?
long story short -> I have a generic method that needs calling via AJAX
@MyDaftQuestions Sorry no Idea, I am a just a squirrel in training after all :/
says the duck
1:04 PM

Schnell schnell
it has one itself!
i found a solution, quack
Image not found
1:06 PM
> unauthorized
that sthe one i wanted to post:
user image
its dangerous
keep those in mind when tickling me with a sausage
Ze duck has ze fire
1:28 PM
has anyone encountered error "The emulator exited unexpectedly. Please check the emulator"
on vs mac
1:49 PM
did you check the emulator?
1 hour later…
2:51 PM
"when tf did we get an emulator"
Seeing u guys
have a nice day off wörk
Yesterday was my birthday.
I was kind of sick and had been for a few days. :(
now I want roast chicken
@Wietlol how do you stop AS from underlining variable names?
2:56 PM
@mr5 hammer time!
f u p 3 k
@Hypersapien that sucks
I ve been feeling sick for months
somedays its less
soar throat, ichy nose, sweating
basically since last december
sure is a weird year
but hey I've re-installed dishonored 1
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