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2:56 AM
these RSS jokes are so nerdy
3:27 AM
oh, is there any way to make me can split simple json object fields to be paramenters of asp.net core action?
json: { "id":1, "name":"downy" }
public object MyAction(int id, string name) ...
class MyObj {public int id {get;set;} public string name{get;set;}}
public object MyAction([FromBody]MyObj jsonData)...
no way?
1 hour later…
4:45 AM
@c0dem0nkey xkcd.com
Ben Popper on August 04, 2020
From the Samy Worm to Wanna Cry, we chat about a decade worth of security snafus.
5:04 AM
posted on July 30, 2020 by Scott Hanselman

OpenSSH has shipped in Windows for 5 years now, so that's cool. You can do lots of things! How to use Windows 10's built-in OpenSSH to automatically SSH into a remote Linux machine How to SSH into a Windows 10 Machine from Linux OR Windows OR anywhere But often folks want to SSH not into their Windows 10 machine, but rather, into WSL2 running within/behind their Windows 10 machine. While WS

5:40 AM
posted on August 04, 2020 by Scott Hanselman

This is an interesting blog post on How to SSH into WSL2 on Windows 10 from an external machine. Read it. Know how it works. Learn it. AND DO NOT DO IT BECAUSE IT'S TOO COMPLEX. DO NOT DO THIS. It's fine. It works. But it's baroque. You're forwarding ports into a little VM'ed local subnet, you're dealing with WSL2 IP addresses changing, you'll have to keep your VM running, and you're generall

6:40 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' neglecterinos!
I lik ehow Jack had chosen the same image 3 times
Buenas dias
buenos noches
Goede morgen allemaal!
6:55 AM
sup nerds
@nyconing sup
7:44 AM
YouTube: "The story of a village heavily affected by COVID-19"
Me: That's literally the next town over bruh.
Last weekend police had to disolve 500 people that were having party in the street with no social distancing, they had masks but did not use them... The city hall had canceled the city anual holyday, but the dont give a fuck
And it was not the next town over, it was the town I live at. I am afraid on what could happen if those assholes keep behaving like that
Hope they all got fined
The fined two people
7:59 AM
whew I was living 6 months in nyc during the top of the pandemic
i am like a pandemic veteran and you guys are on about 2k infected people
One person fined for not wearing the mask and insulting the agents, other one was fined for throwing objetcs at the agents
@misha130 not much difference if you get the per-capita data:

thing is NYC is a population of 8 million and it had the majority of cases between march and june
of around 10k cases per day or so
it had 33% of cases with its 8 million in a country of 350 million
Do you see the spanish second wave? Now guess when they ended the confinament
I cant figure out the dates in the chart to be honest
@Hozuki bruh which town?
8:13 AM
on the point where the government thinks its stabilized and wont raise much
it's bery clean there
envy so much
- from your neighbor country, ph
Yeh yeh yeh I live in the Dutch countryside :-)
Super clean, friendly people, literally nothing to do at all
(Also, cheap!)
do you have similar looking house?
cheap is relative. what cheap for you is I need to earn the rest of my life.
It depends on the neighborhood. Each neighborhood looks different, but houses in one neighborhood look alike.
@mr5 I got my 3-story home with garage, 2 parking slots driveway, and garden for 225K euro. Not that expensive compared to cities ;-)
You can easily pay 600-900K for an apartment there.
8:19 AM
@misha130 On June 21
@Hozuki :o
how long did you save up for that?
a mortgage maybe?
Yeah, I have a mortgage.
I lived at my parents when I was working for a few years and used that together with a mortgage.
In the city where I live an apartment with two bedrooms is close to 25k €
@Cleptus 25K? Not more? Or is that a typo :P
8:22 AM
@Cleptus monthly?
lol no
The mortage, depends on how lucky you were dealing with the banks
Try getting a decent apartment in Eindhoven (Closest city for me). Pff 300-400K easily for something decent. 200K for a crappy one.
Amsterdam? hahahaha good luck :3
@Cleptus Yeah, but mortgage rates have been extremely low for a few years.
So it shouldn't be too much right now
would you even want to live in amsterdam?
Yeah, where I live the mortage is half the price of what dudes are renting for
8:25 AM
Yeah same here.
@misha130 I don't know. I hate Amsterdam
dont you have in subsidies on the mortage interest for first home owners and some sort of gov help
I assume
250k euro is steep
There are subsidies, here at least, for first-time owners that quality in appropriate regions. Usually that takes the form of a sum of mortgage that doesn't need to be paid for a few years.
I didn't get any because I bought a house that exceeded the price.
What is the minimum salary in Netherlands?
€ 1.680,00 per month.
(before tax)
That is really nice
8:29 AM
dang. my salary is 3x below your minimum xD
and tax would be?
That's 1.547,67 after tax. Do keep in mind that living costs would be much higher.
minimum wage has a tax?
Yeah, it's not much, but it's there. As you go up in income, the tax increases.
All salaries have tax in Europe AFAIK
Usually the higher your salary is, the higher the tax is
We go up to like 43% tax I think
Or 46%
8:32 AM
Yeah. Basically the income is divided into "boxes". Random numbers, but imagine:
Box 1: 5% up to 10K
Box 2: 15% up to 20K
Box 3: 40% up to 30K
Then you pay just 5% over your first 10K, 15% of the remaining of 20K etc.
(I don't know the real numbers)
outside of europe I think most min wage don't have taxes but I am sure there are benefits that other countries dont offer
I have a colleague who, through some special work and getting a huge bonus for winning a company hackathon and getting the related product to prod in time, got a gros salary of ~9k€ last month. Showed me his account - he got 5k€ net.
@Squirrelkiller I'm guessing your tax is 46%?
I mean it's still a huge bonus - but damn that was high taxes
@Squirrelkiller wat
8:34 AM
Nah I'm somewhere in the thirties
Jesus €225k is cheap?
everything is cheap from a Netherlanders perspective.
why am I not born there. what have I done?
Captain, is your Firefox still scrolling like crazy? :-P
Told u!
No idea, it was only my one at home that was doing it
My work one is totally fine
Seriously when we visited the netherlands we got toast/cheese from a supermarket so we could ear without going bankrupt
8:36 AM
@mr5 Oh, no, the most common complaint people have here is that "EVERYTHING SO EXPENSIVE TAXES BAD"
@mr5 dont you have an advantage of having an international job while living in a low currency valued country?
Taxes are bad, until they notice the taxes are used to give useful public services
Dumb people are dumb anywhere, they don't notice how it works.
Just complain
@misha130 nope. I think an outsourced job means the salary is scaled relatively or I'm just too unlucky with my decision making.
a salary shouldn't be scaled relatively
8:38 AM
Our tax bands are a little better.
Band 1 is £0 - £12.5k, which pays 0%
Band 2 is £12.5k - £50k which pays 20%
Band 3 is £50k to £150k which pays 40%. If you're lucky enough to earn over that,
Band 4 is £150k and up, which pays 45%
it is just more effort after all but there should be opportunities
A relative has access to both private and public provided health here in Spain. She went to private health provider to check for a possible dissease, was said it was negative. Three months later public health system checks her, they do detect the desease and gave her appointment to 4 additional checks.
But remember, cost of living is pretty absurd for many people:
- 800-1000 rent
- 120-200 electricity/gas
- 10-20 water
- 20 car tax
- 60 internet
- 40 house insurance
- 40 car insurance
- 120 health insurance
That's without any food costs etc. 1500 wasted.
Haha imagine paying car tax
So, at least in Spain, taxes are well used
8:40 AM
health insurance 120e is really cheap yo
Electric cars pay more taxes than internal combustion cars here :D
Yo wtf
in israel I pay 300$ a month for health
in usa I paid 250$ for private
why do you pay for health?
8:41 AM
@misha130 Whoaaaah. It's ~150 for full coverage here.
@Hozuki Internet about the same, all other expenses in Spain are half what you pay
do you have a monthly hospital visits?
But poor people that basic of basic coverage of ~90-120
well the 300$ I meant the health tax
@mr5 Fuck no! They do not limit how many times you can use public services
8:42 AM
@CaptainObvious In the Netherlands, car taxes depend on car weight. Lower weight cars pay less than heavier cars, because of the "damage they do to roads". Electric cars are... VERY VERY HEAVY. It's a point of discussion at the moment. Honestly, all vehicle laws in NL are fucking retarded.
But they do not cover dental
My "health insruance" comes out of my taxes 🤣
I only have yearly visit in hospital. I won't visit unless required by my employer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
actually i pay 200$ in taxes and a 100$ in full coverage
@CaptainObvious How does that work?
@mr5 I'm not familiar with this concept. Why do you have to visit the hospital if there's nothing wrong with you?
8:44 AM
@Hozuki That's quite retarded yes. EVs aren't even that much heavier than non-cheapo standard cars. My old car weight 1.6T (Diesel Opel Insignia), my current one is 1.4T
Have you not heard of the NHS?
Ohhh, yeah, of course. I just thought it was still paid by insurances.
If not, the TLDR is it's free at the point of use.
Long live the NHS. It's honestly the best britain system.
Nah it's publicly funded by taxes
Even prescriptions are free*
@Hozuki ah not really visit but it's one of the requirements when you're applying for a job? We have an annual physical examination but doctors do visit our office instead.
8:46 AM
@mr5 Oh, we don't have anything like that. Employers are not even allowed to ask much about your health. Just the "have you been unable to work for an extended period of time in the last year"
@CaptainObvious Medications are free also or only prescriptions?
thinking of how to smuggle myself in the netherlands
@Cleptus What's the difference?
whats with the neterslands
@c0dem0nkey dude, it's the paradise country. let's move there.
8:47 AM
They're retarded. They decided it's a good plan to build a wall in the sea and then pump the sea out of it
In Spain you go to a pharmacy without a prescription and you are charged full price. But the doctors do not charge for giving you a prescription
what makes it so
Hahahahha no no no definitely not
my job for today is basically copy pasting for 3 hours. this is programming nowadays
@CaptainObvious we also built a wall to stop the wind from affecting ships floating through a narrow river...
and we also built a wall to cancel out the majority of the sound from aircraft engines around schiphol airport to avoid angry citizen around it
we have ze greatest walls in history
our walls laugh at China
8:49 AM
We're amazing at water-walls.
You guys really like saying fuck you to water
Water is your little bitch
Hey, China is hiring the Netherlands for all their massive waterwork projects and walls :
@Cleptus I mean if you go to a pharmacy with no prescription obviously it's not free, but if you have a prescription then is free*
should i hear laughing now
8:52 AM
By free*, if you're an adult with a well paying enough job and not disabled, you (usually) have to pay a fixed amount of £9.15 to get your prescription.
and this is our Schiphol sound wall
yes... it is horizontal
did you took from a helicopter?
I googled it
Officially the prescription charge is not a payment for the prescription, but a "contribution" to the NHS
omfg. I thought combing the word helicopter + chopper is a good idea.
8:54 AM
Didn't Tom Scott do a video on that @Wietlol?
dang it mr5, I didnt just get to the chopper 5 minutes ago just to take this picture
@Hozuki ye, Tom Scott teaches me more about my country than college did :D
@Wietlol idk, I just think everything is accessible in eu :D
@Wietlol Haha yeah he does.
and then of course, we have the water wall
8:56 AM
@CaptainObvious In Spain it is more complex, with a prescription if it is generic thing you pay less than branded stuff. And some collectives do have special discount (basically older people and cronical sick ones)
are those tesla coils?
and it has a gate (not sure if it has more than one actually)
luckily for us, the water hasnt learned how to use a siege tower yet
wietlol enjoying the chopper too much. get down there and do programming already.
ok :(
8:58 AM
you sure do like your walls
it does lead to interesting subjects
I think the Netherlands will deport some water to Mars soon, it will help with the sea level and at that point, Mars is basically G E K O L O N I S E E R D
Mars will be ours!
Mars Trading Company Let's Go!
The spices will be ours. But we'll never use them!
9:06 AM
The Pokemon Company Pokemon Let's Go!
we dont need the spices, we just enslave the martians
obviously, it was their idea ;)
is wietlol from the neantherdals as well?
9:08 AM
I am from Russia
@Wietlol no comrade, WE are from russia
conscript reporting
yes comrade
do neanderthals emerged from the netherlands?
We still have them here.
9:10 AM
nice to know :)
> Neanderthals are an extinct species or subspecies of archaic humans who lived in Eurasia until about 40,000 years ago.
- Wikipedia
Wikipedia is wrong... that was shocking
There's a reason that neanderthal is an anagram of netherland
but considering they use a relative term for time period, their intelligence must not have been the greatest in the first place
imagine if you had to edit all the Neanderthals articles in about 1 thousand years just to update that number from 40,000 to 41,000
I should get back to coding... shouldnt I? :D
no. get on ya chopper and get more aerial views of the neanderthals
all squirrels are still sleeping hmm
found an ad in gmaps
9:19 AM
Explain yer absence
that still doens't look right. How the fuck do you spell that word
I just didn't tab into chat is all
and i've been doing this content stuff so
trying not to fuck anything up
I saw that GTA V! ha!
content stuff
9:44 AM
@nyconing I don't get it
find his hidden bag!
9:58 AM
Still blank.
my screenshot blank? discord problem
pano.bb24 blank? pano problem
10:32 AM
Hi all
So, I added strong names to my assemblies.. And now app won't load and throws a bunch of exceptions.
Q: why do I get assembly loading errors from my own assemblies from same solution?
This AdMob is very inconsistent ugh. I can't even...
Maybe the assemblies did not load? Did the references point to the project or to the compiled DLL's?
I'm getting [Could not load file or assembly <assembly> or one of its dependencies. The located assembly's manifest definition does not match the assembly reference.]
Well the error is fairly descriptive
Your reference does not match the signed assembly
10:44 AM
The assembly you're trying to load doesn't match the one it's expecting
remove it and add it
That's the thing with strong naming. Versions and signatures have to match otherwise it jsut dies
You could avoid that error if you did not add the references to DLL's but to the projects
Or consume packages from nuget
Oh. Seems one third-party DLLs I'm using doesn't have a strong name.
10:51 AM
Usually the error that comes up in that instance is "A strong name is required"
11:11 AM
11:35 AM
Seems like some assembly is referencing earlier version of my DAL.dll, but all references in projects point to correct version of it.
If DAL is in the same solution, you should use a ProjectReference, meaning you point it to the .csproj file instead of a dll.
DAL is project in my solution, I walked through other projects and everywhere they are referencing to it as a project, with correct verion (which is global app version, But for some reason when I start the app I get error mentioning previous version (

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