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3:22 AM
I have a table saved a tree data
now I want to get the all children of one node
3:41 AM
Hey guys, anyone tried STJ before?
1 hour later…
4:54 AM
you guys have any idea what language Power BI was writte nin?
written in*
5:36 AM
Buenos dias
So just now, Windows decided I don't have permission to start Outlook
6:05 AM
Sup fellow coders and filthy rodents
still coding nice of you to ask
@Squirrel.Downy list.add(parent[0].child[0]); list.add(parent[0].child[0].childOfChild[0].childOfChildOfChild[0]....);
be nice to yourself and use a recursive solution
6:21 AM
Does SQL do recursion?
hey y'all
p3k mimimized
That was suprisingly fitting. Almost planned. Damn.
6:37 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' neglecterinos!
That was a relly good mimifrom patrick
@Cleptus ??!!
@Squirrelkiller No, not nativly.
@DuckLing I'm try to find some O(n) algorithm of scan tree
I expect recursion to be O(n), can't think of a reason why it would be worse
6:42 AM
I'm not sure I understand
Pretty sure recursion is O(n)
EF cant do recursin AFAIK
SQL can but it's complicated.
Each time the tree has one more node, the recursion does exactly one more read
That's O(n)
uh... recursion is not O(n^2)?
I guess you could build something using recursion and a loop, that would make it O(n^2). But alone, recursion is O(n).
6:50 AM
p3k mimi
//lol, recursion may can be O(1)
int Sum(int[] nums, int start, int sum)
    if(start>=nums.Length) return sum;
    if (start < 2) return Sum(nums, start+1, sum+nums[start]);
    for(int i=start;i<nums.Length;i++)
    return Sum(nums, nums.Length, sum);
ctrl+k to format please
What ninjcode is dis?
I haven't got a coffee yet, what does that do?
6:53 AM
@Squirrel.Downy a better usecase for recursion is the fibonacci sequence IIRC.
Man they made me code that on a whiteboard for my apprenticeship interview
I'd be like "wadafaq is a fibonacci"
They did ask me if I knew how fibonacci worked
Well did you?
First when they told me the task, then again when I was in the middle and fucked something up
yes, I did
was nervous as hell though
6:56 AM
I can imagine
luv u 2
Luv the go+ you gave me
My woman is calling me an addict now.
lol of course
Your pouch is gonna be full of pokemon so fast now
FYI they are full atmn
I have to trade dratinis to make mor room
Damn so many dratinis o.O
7:11 AM
yeah got like 50+ atm on both accoutns :D
7:25 AM
So I just got forwarded the...
safe to say recursion is recursive
7:58 AM
SQL recursion is ass
just sayin
@Hozuki You have to make shorter titles for you youtube videos. The titels are so long, they get cut off.
Probably needs more clickbait too
@Squirrelkiller Hmmm. The recommended limit was 60 characters, so it should be good. Where does it get cut off?
@CaptainObvious The latest one was very clickbaity :D
8:06 AM
You can always add more bait
Unless of course you do indeed end your titles with ...
Mmmm. Maybe. I'll have to look at a right balance. The problem is that... titles weigh heavily for YT search
Titles aren't hashtag-lists bruh
If you're reviewing Season 1 do you have to say specifically season one? Why not just do "Shoudl you watch <show>? My anime...
Or S1
8:08 AM
@CaptainObvious Good point.
That too
Bear in mind longer titles tend to show up in search results I think
Can't you stuff the tag list into the description or something?
Yeah yeah you can, but apparently, they weight differently.
Titles influence ranking far more than tags.
Yeah it's stupid lol
8:13 AM
Tis i
the cap-i-tan
the one who spent 2 hours trying to get blazor to work yesterday
Ahoy Captain O7
Also i can't decide if i should use blazor or react for my frontend on this new project
Obviously Blazor
8:14 AM
I'd go for React.
Everyone knows JS frontends, it's time to get to know a C# frontend
Well this is the thing you see
I don't have alot of exp with react
apart from adding and changing a few bits here and there
and everyone and their mother requires it now, so it wouldn't be the worst idea in the world to try it out
i also like the idea of not having to use javascript at all
however, trying to read about reactjs & identityserver is proving difficult lmao
not really many docs that explain stuff that i can find
But Blazor
why use blazor at all ever?
please someone give me one reason
It's native and not javascript
8:21 AM
also don't use reactjs with identityserver. Probably opt out to razor pages with identity server
React w/ TypeScript = <3
aye ^
@CaptainSquirrel use vue
though I've been writing angular for 5 years now I think react is tons better
But in all honesty, I'd go blaz0r
8:22 AM
yeah, i'd likely be using typescript if i went the react route
as i said, i like the idea of using blazor because no JS is best JS
somehow blazor reminds me of js without writing js
Can't you use React together with Blazor? :p
i think that defeats the whole point lmao
blazor is meant to be your front-end framework
@Squirrelintraining fibonacci with recursion is pretty bad imho
at least the common implementations
You still need to manage states and re-renders and whatnot, does Blazor provide all that?
8:25 AM
i think so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@Squirrelkiller do this be the true?
If you have to use JS, use Vue, it's the only one I've managed to even slightly get my head around
But better still, just use Blazor
you can probably install rx.net @Hozuki
or some other state management
Mmm I like how mobx w/ react makes it magical.
the lack of a decent state management is probably a sign blazor is still a young frontend thing
The complexity in large front-ends is always in state management :D
(Which for anyone reading, React has a problem with too! Unless you use a state management library to help you out!)
8:31 AM
@Hozuki ask @Squirrelkiller he's our blazor guru
i feel like writing a library for blazor that does this properly
That's pretty shite.
Probably want the MVVM pattern in there.
8:55 AM
Hello again
So I've added strong names to my projects, and now when trying to launch app I get runtime exception - something about previous version of my DAL.dll (, current one == current app version ==
I've checked references in projects, they all seem to be correct
I get this log from Exception:
=== Pre-bind state information ===
LOG: DisplayName = MyProject.DAL, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null
LOG: Appbase = ~ProjectPath/bin/Debug/
LOG: Initial PrivatePath = NULL
Calling assembly : EntityFramework, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089.
LOG: This bind starts in default load context.
LOG: Using application configuration file: ~ProjectPath\bin\Debug\MyApp.exe.Config
LOG: Using host configuration file:
Can anyone make some sense out of it? I don't understand what's happening.
oh gross
I used the scaffolding feature on this asp.net core project for the identity pages
and its made codebehinds 🤮🤮🤮
Sorry me neither.
But seems like it's trying to download a libraby but the name doesn't match what he expectred?
9:18 AM
@CaptainSquirrel Yes still gotta manage state. Re-renders should work automatically when you change data used by a certain element.
ELI5: state
I'm sure someone in here would love it
aka, ME
bool LoggedIn;
Player CurrentPlayer;
string BearerToken;
Stuff like that
List<Team> Teams;
If you want to show and manage a list of teams, the list has to be somewhere
so with react then
why would i use redux
That stuff usually is stateless in the backend, since it works functional. Request in, processing, repsonse out, done.
instead of using the state stuff that comes with react
9:23 AM
Why not continue to have a stateless backend?
Download list of teams to the client, keep it on the client
When you want to do something with it, say "i'm updating <team> with <x>"
Backend is still stateless, but not the frontend
All this web bollocks confuses me
Of course the list stays on the client, the client needs to know what to display
So are you saying the server needs to care what's happening on the client?
Why are browsers sometimes so stupid T_T
9:32 AM
Nah server doesnt care
@CaptainObvious No, no, but a UI needs to have "state". The state is literally what it's displaying to you.
Cuz somebody needs to take in the spot of IE roel.
Request goes "give me teams", server gets teams and sends them to the client. Server can shut down now.
8 mins ago, by Squirrelkiller
Backend is still stateless, but not the frontend
@CaptainObvious In web world, we generally disconnect view from state. Like in MVVM, you have a view component and a viewModel component. We do the exact same thing in web 9/10 times. That's the state.
Then when state changes, the view needs to re-render with the changed state.
9:34 AM
In here, state is made of cookies, list of people in the room, room description, the fact that someone is a room owner, messages on the star board...
So the state is just the var teams[]; in the js?
The core of the issue is obvious - I've added strong name, and now .NET is much more vigilant to version mismatch and correct public key tokens.
But from the look of it, call for my DAL assembly comes from Entity Framework? I don't get why and where this outdated raference originates from
ye ye ye in essence
omg why is it so overcomplicated
Have you never built anything frontend? Not even winforms/wpf?
Those have state too
9:35 AM
fuck js, fuck web, give me backend or give me death
I feel you lee.
Yeah I've done loads of desktop stuff, but desktop works
Buuuut then again, don't we all enjoy a little challenge?
I don't have to actively rerender shit
@CaptainObvious Desktop with WPF = exact same
ViewModel changes? WPF re-renders for ya!
Same here in web-world.
State changes? React re-renders for you!
See what I'm getting at :P
9:36 AM
You don't have to actively rerender stuff either, at least with Blazor or Angular. Not sure what Hozuki is smoking to be manually re-rendering anything.
I never said I manually re-render anything.
What what you're saying it
Blazor is the answer
But in every UI situation, you split view from state and when state changes, the view needs to be informed.
> You still need to manage states and re-renders and whatnot
I've already give it a little go, it's not that bad but it's stiull quite foreign
9:37 AM
However that works, that MUST happen. In WPF you have the propertychanged event
In mobx it's auto-magic
In WinForms it's lulwut there is no state/view separation
I like WPF. I've managed to wrangle it so WPF and I are best friends
Blazor gives me just enough taste of backend with C# and all as to make me comfortable in the frontend
Winforms can go eat a spiky dick
@Hozuki Not with that attitude
Also what Lee said
ye ye if you understand WPF and bindings you understand web UIs too.
it's the exact same fuckin thing
9:39 AM
I've been jamming WPF into any winforms projects for any major improvements
(only easier)
WPF is ezpz
I dislike having to write property change events
@Squirrelkiller i'm guessing there's a way to alter a components state from its parent
Well Blazor uses HTML for the view markup, so very much info there already
9:40 AM
Just subclass your WPF viewmodels from a class which already has the event done
Don't you still need to write your setters to launch the event?
@Hozuki :lol:
So instead of implementing INotifyPropertyChanged on everything, use something else
@CaptainSquirrel If you build it like that, sure. e.g. my page gets a list of teams. Each team gets shoved into a card that is supposed to display the team. When the team is updated from the top, the card has to update.
That is true
9:42 AM
Not sure if that works right now, but if it doesn't, the page just goes StateHasChanged(); and the cards re-render. Although I removed that call from some pages recently as I realized my mistake was somewhere else and I didn't even need to manually re-render.
I like React/mobx because I don't have to do anything to let the UI know when state changed. I just change the state and magic ensues.
There's probably a way to make the magic ensue with the WPF but I don't know what it is
I have a class called Property. This class overwrites getter and setter. I use it like Property<string> Name = "Dude", and it basically gets/sets the data from/to the Context. This is in a SignalR hub, so every piece of state I want to store, I gotta store in the context object.
Same should work with properties of a viewmodel, but I'm not entirely sure how you would make it return the actual type trivially.
10:31 AM
Ok, so apparently, I get DLL mismatch exception on a step:
2 hours later…
12:48 PM
2 hours
Trying to fix a critical bug 1h before code freeze
Meaning, in 1 hour we either fixed it, finish this release, and go live on tuesday...or we tell our customers we go live later.
3D modelling our warehouse and future plans
p3k mimi "my new medicine makes it hard to get out of bed" "lol"
@Squirrelkiller surely that should be the latter
12:56 PM
btw forgot to tell y'all..got the graphics card: an MSI RTX 2060 Super
@Squirrelkiller mkay
Sound harsh
I'll probably swap it out for something better in a year lol
p3k mimi lol
I'm still on my 1070
12:57 PM
@PatrickStar I love you ♥
Jack, shutup PatrickStar
I don't understand mate
@ i lOvE YoU ♥
jAcK, sHuTuP
fuck you
....Come Again?
12:57 PM
Jack, tell PatrickStar shutup
He's F A S T
@PatrickStar Shut It!
jAcK, tElL sHuTuP
Is that even English?
12:58 PM
@ sHuT It!
I'm glad that it omits its own name when it does the response
Don't frigg with the bots to mush aye?
Jack, tell SquirrelInTraining shutup
12:58 PM
@SquirrelInTraining Shut It!
@CaptainSquirrel one of my friends told me I hsoulda waited for the 30- series
is that even confirmed yet? we've been on 20- for awhile
That would have been a good idea tbh
i think the 30- series is due soon
@CaptainPatrickStarSquirrel screw you
@CaPtAiNsQuIrReL ScReW YoU
<Patrick was kicked> Seems reasonable
12:59 PM
> PatrickStar has been kicked from C# at 2020-08-06 12:59:25Z by Captain Squirrel and cannot return for 1 minute.
I'm sorry what was that @PatrickStar? I can't hear you OVER THE SOUND OF MY BOOT IN YOUR ASS KICKING YOU OUT THE DOOR
then screw it; I'm getting the 30 series after about a year or when it comes out...whichever comes last
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