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12:00 PM
I didn't say that I can understand and remember everything I read.
@misha130 when mr5 reads stuff, it all goes to /dev/null
it was the default implementation of StringReader...
for example. I'm reading that rn
man it's like...I don't think I read enough, but I've still gotten through almost 20 books this year lol
but that's cause I kinda have to
12:02 PM
I got through 1 book in the past 20 years
and I thought that was impressive
was it your yellowpages?
it was the dictionary
storyline was a bit "meh", but in general quite well written
oh books. farthest book I have ever read was 5cm thicc
12:03 PM
maybe it could be improved by some illustrations
hey bro I know a book on the web with a great storyline you can read for free!
@Wietlol urban dictionary?
no, the dutch "green book"
what is the number of lines of code after which I should probably break a function
because it is getting large
@Wietlol thanks
a function's size is not related to lines of code
it is based on the abstraction layer
a function should describe an entire single layer of abstraction of a single responsibility
if that rule is satisfied, that function has the perfect size
12:12 PM
I never understood what single layer of abstraction meant
Like a lot of things can come under a single layer of abstraction
read a file,
write to file
copy a file
all is a single layer right?
stupidly tries to look in own source code to find something which I hate so much that I wouldn't even dare to write it in the first place
@Shad probably
so, how would that function look like?
when you talk to me, is it like talking to an idiot?
say, copyFile
lol what the hell
someone would make the abstraction to the supreme level: ClassThatWrites, ClassThatReads, ClassThatCopies
12:13 PM
I assume everyone is an idiot :D
copyFile yes
what about the gateway? a tree of ifs that decides whether the request wants to copy/move/delete/write etc? @Shad
for mr5 lol
@misha130 ask @Wietlol
I am just learning...
12:14 PM
well no it was a question that was supposed to make you think
@Freerey lol
I think misha is trying to teach you :)
what mr5 said
I said the right thing shad
12:16 PM
why is it an empty audio file
why is an empty audio file spawning in the middle of nowhere?
what is up with imgur's downvote culture?
I post a simple picture of me playing MW with the title "I should be in bed" and it has 5 upvotes, 4 downvotes
they might actually be worse than reddit
what's that, a game?
12:28 PM
p3k "the game" "you just lost it"
"ThE GaMe" "yOu jUsT LoSt iT"
p3k mimi "the game" "you just lost it"
where is that trending?
12:29 PM
UK Apparently
p3k mimi "E A SPORTS" "IT'S IN THE GAME"
anyone remember "EA Sports BIG"?
I'll give you two guesses which game I got that from
I only remember the E.A Sports It's in the game
I'll just tell it: it was SSX 3, which was released during the "xtreme sports" craze
12:35 PM
Am at work and the memes make me look unserious!
you need to adjust your browser window size then
you came to the wrong neighborhood brother
this is meme site
come on this is basic stuff
what are you ? a rookie ?
12:38 PM
p3k mimi "you thought I'm gone" "but I'm still here DIO"
I expected this...
it certainly will look a lot more professional with dfafgs gsgsdgvs on your screen
perhaps. this image will make it more professional because it's related to programming:
that is why I send the sdafdsaf sadf asdf asf
Gives me a professional screen. :D
12:43 PM
just tab away..? o3o
or the big brain solution just open inspect and physically delete the elements
and hit refresh
Wietbot is the only SO user capable of spamming
it's a spam bot then
@mw509 oh
now I understand
12:47 PM
before I go down the bldg.
p3k mimi me "acting professional."
Ok I didnt mean to say that offensively. If anyone is, am sorry
It just feels good to have a code room while working
nice to meet you all
@mw509 I'm just messing with you lol. It's okay.
I think we need to give mw the regular introduction!
where's dat list of rules??
Chat rules:
1. when in doubt, assume Wietlol is wrong
2. when Wietlol is wrong, keep in mind Wietlol might still actually be correct
3. when it turns out Wietlol is correct, write "I am an idiot" in chat, completely out of context
4. when someone writes "I am an idiot" in chat, completely out of context, you star it
you mean this list of rules?
12:50 PM
I am an idiot
Save me!!!
5: when Wietlol is right, assume Wietlol is wrong.
this one is older, but might be more correct
> when in doubt, dont take Wietlol seriously
when Wietlol is serious, doubt yourself
1. call yourself an idiot
2. get starred
3. ????
4. profit
What would be weird is if one of you is my boss
so we view Wietlol the same way a neurotic wife views her husband?
12:53 PM
you re fired !
Stop pissing about and get back to work!
I'm gonna wreck your lab if you keep yelling at me
hey new guy read my story pl0x autorisedomain.com
@mw509 hi its me ur boss
@CaptainObvious I've heard your country already developed a working vaccine for covid
1:01 PM
maybe working
Gotta test
Which will take until september
meanwhile I got people in my country saying Bill Gates is trying to kill us all
Gates is one of us, so how can I be mad?
Just the fact that you all say you are means you are not cause am looking at him now and his reaction is nothing like he is here
meanwhile we are building a wall to prevent immigrants from the USA
and we make the USA pay for it
I think mexico is trying to get rid of the US at this point
is C# like an american language for politics?
1:06 PM
microsoft IS pretty american to be fair
in the USA, everything is a language for politics
@misha130 ironic because a lot of people are angry at how many Indian people work for Ms now
are they? well ok then
I would maybe pay attention to what they have to say if those same people weren't also racist
1:10 PM
oh yeah and Americans are unironically voting Kanye West for president now
that guy will do anything for attention
Kanye West
like cmon isn't it enough he hasn't made any good music since the early 2000s?
my favorite worst nightmare was ok
I only know him because of meme. I don't know any of his music.
he made the song "Stronger" in 2007...which is just a rap remix of Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
1:16 PM
king crimson remix was better imo
4 year old bug, discovered and squashed today
what was it?
payments werent made
a 1 in roughly 3700 occurances issue where a order which was meant to be shipped as 1st class was being shipped as first class but then recorded as being sent 2nd
Only came up as an issue because a system which replaces how the data is recorded is running concurrently and that is written correctly
So it actually tagged them correctly in the first place, and then comparing the values showed on average 1 order per day was being counted in the wrong group in the older system
1:39 PM
Get on this level of consistency
is it possible to have nested Enums?
@CaptainObvious looks like when client launch a crazy promotion start at 12am
Wait I think I can do soemthing for that
5 points for anyone who can guess when the working day starts
That project isn't even running on .net core
Unlike the first one
client launching an important crazy promotion at 12am, me at 23:59 like:
@nyconing military and american time format
1:52 PM
"military" you mean correct?
which one?
23:59 is the correct format
12 hour time is wrong
in malaysia we use am pm too as well
In malaysia you are wrong
yeah, you ware right, i should born in japan or thailand
not the heck malaysia
1:57 PM
we all earthlings
look, we learned both format in primary school, use both of it, and, either which format looks normal to our
same here
it gets very confusing when looking at expiration date of products when I'm doing groceries
@nyconing why Thailand though?
2:16 PM
i like their language and culture
and i like technology and lifestyle quality, of japan
I wish we have that too
every neighboring asian countries are rich in culture except us. We are just pacific islanders anyway.
i love that if you call yourself an idiot youre essentially guaranteed to get on the star board
if you search Indonesia in Google > Images, most results are image of their map. Why is that?
2:20 PM
@nyconing and I like beings
How did I get a -4 and then a +10 from the same answer?^^
2 downvotes, 1 upvote
different days
Makes sense
philippine have rich literature and arts
2:25 PM
ex Brittish empire: 12 hour notation
normal people: 24 hour notation
nyconing: "client launching an important crazy promotion at 12am, me at 23:59 like"
what things should be italic and what should be in bold?
rant in bold
joke in italic
if it's an italian word, it definitely needs to be italicize
2:26 PM
rant in bold
joke in italic
"Another school of thought is that italic should be used for mild emphasis, and bold for strong emphasis."
rant makes sense haha
whenever you talk to Neil, you need to italize your sentences or he will not understand you.
... pizza
.. pizza
. pizza
look, it is the tower of pizza
2:28 PM
also, use italic to denote Jargons?
pizza with pineapple
pizza with banana
I should teach Wietbot how to build a tower of pizza
everyone will love it!
hmm... I made a function to "recover" from error cases, but it always throws an exception
ah, it was to recover information hidden in the exception
2:41 PM
I use monospace for jargons
jargon in monospace
thank you, google
ok, which of you squirrels was this?
Well that's a grey one so it's none of ours
@Wietlol Cus' harry
3:00 PM
why am i being dragged into you pissing yourself
3:22 PM
aw man
oh but ok remember that cat I got a few weeks ago and then returned?
he got a new owner, and then that same person returned him to the shelter and he's been there for a month and 4 days now
Why is Kotlin using Obj-C libraries?
p3k mimi dart
@mr5 it literally says there Kotlin/Native
wut. how did it became undefined
3:38 PM
@mr5 Because kotlin is garbage
@Wietlol ^
Also I thought Objective-c was dead and replaced by Swift
posted on July 16, 2020 by ericlippert

When last we left off we had representations for 0-quads — a single bit — 1-quads — four bits in a row — and 2-quads — a wrapper data structure around an unsigned short that could extract single cells or … Continue reading →

@Feeds shut up
Swift can interpret Obj-C libraries
It seems Obj-C will not be out anytime soon.
The same as C
3:41 PM
omg this is horrific
But maybe it'll work
@CaptainObvious how dareth thee?!
it was my line
Hopefully azure devops is doing it shit now
My project has post-build steps which generate a completely new project and build it
It's like csproj inbreeding
is post-build still pre-deploy?
My adding swashbuckle and automatically creating a client liobrary will be easy story
It's working now :D
Swift with SDL2 (SDL2_image, SDL2_ttf, SOIL2)
3:59 PM
Eugh I hate waiting like 4 minutes for a build
all that pain
how do you handle?
I'm about to go home anyway
I'm just waiting. C'mon azure. give mt the T I C K
Oh this is fun
Part of why my pipeline takes so long
I need 2 seperate versions of dotnet, neither of which are on the build agents by default
Hi everyone...
Trying something thing with Tuple type.
4:03 PM
if (TryParse(stringToParse, out result))
  // do something with result
bye! :)
@IROEGBU use cntrl + k
Ah... Thanks
How to change that to return Tuple instead of bool
result is tuple?
I don't get you
Nope, currently result is Dictionary.
4:07 PM
it's your own method TryParse
Yes, it's mine. I want to change it to return tuple and use one value as if condition.
change the signature of your TryParse?
@mr5 so he will be returning 2 values then right?
result and the return type
TryParse(string, out (typeA, typeB) tuple)
it will only return 1 value which is bool
I'll need to do an assignment before checking the condition in the if, no?
4:09 PM
if you change the return type of TryParse()
then yes
that is usually the case when using a method with a prefix of Try*
I want to do (bool, Dictionary<string, string>) TryParse(string input) and then use the bool in the if condition
sure do it?
you said you want tuple?
@Shad Yeah... I'll have to assign to another variable. I want to avoid that
4:15 PM
you could also make an inline out syntax
TryParse(inputString, out var result)
So, I have ifs and I want to TryParse many times
I don't understand the problem.
I think the out var works. I don't think I can achieve what I want with tuples.
if (TryParse(stringToParse, out result)) { ... }
else if (TryParse2(stringToParse, out result)) { ... }
else { throw }
what mr5 said
TryParse(string, out (typeA, typeB) tuple)
This is what I have... Was just thinking, maybe there's a to use tuples instead of returning bools
4:21 PM
you don't any want assignments and you don't want return bools
Yeah... Assignment will make it complicated to chain the ifs that way.
I'll just continue with out var, it works - there's no need for tuples.
Heyyy everyone!
Can anyone point me out to some good Hangfire documentation that can detail how can I make it work concurrently among different servers?
@Shad in go you can do something like if result, err := TryParse(stringToParse); err != false { .. }
I thought there was a way to do that with tuples in C#
Let's say I have server1 and server2 running the same code. I want to schedule a job so that only one of them executes it.
1 hour later…
5:36 PM
SSD with that perf pfft
unzipping is different
5:51 PM
Hi,  I'm using this :

            private static extern bool RegisterHotKey(IntPtr hWnd, int id, uint fsModifiers, uint vk);

            private static extern bool UnregisterHotKey(IntPtr hWnd, int id);
to make KeyPress in my computer
but is there a way to send these Keyboard inputs inside a specific application ?
currently it send them on whatever place the current windows focus is on.
but I want to for example open Chrome while Firefox is in background and the code send the keyboard input to firefox.
6:31 PM
Well found a bunch of examples already asked, will try them and hopefully some work :D
WoW, /facepalm

that IntPtr hWnd in my code is already able to choose window... that's what I get for only copy pasting examples and using in my code without learning them all first.
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