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12:19 AM
@JamieLester sure there are 2 ways to do linq pending on what you want to do, or feel comfortable doing
@Evorage why not test for something you create on startup before the init?
4 hours later…
4:03 AM
i have a noob question
how do i populate a model inside another model?
coz for straightforward classes i can new StudentName { Name = "val", Number = 123}
but what if student name has Guardians class public class Guardians { public string mother {get;set; public string father {get;set;} }
something like that
1 hour later…
5:11 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' neglecterinos!
5:59 AM
public class StudentName
    public string Name { get; set; }
    public int Number { get; set; }
    public Guardians Parents { get; set; }
public class Guardians
    public string mother { get; set; }
    public string father { get; set; }
What's problem?
Capital First Letter @Squirrel.Downy
Mozza Fazza needs to be BIG
dpaste.com/2SQ5WKJ Can someone help me read that stream= in an async way and also execute that python script in async way?
6:33 AM
You could use ironpython @VisheshMangla
Q: Integration of python in C# Application

XeunI have the following problem: I got an old application which is written in python. This application allows the user to specify small python steps which will be executed, python steps are basically small python scripts, I call them steps because the execution of this application involves other ste...

Ironpython is for basic stuff. Here lots of python packages are being used inside
the project was a django project but the client has a asp.net server and I was said to not install python. Tellng how I 'm doing it without actually installing python is a little bit difficult to explain.
Hi. Can someone please answer my question please. stackoverflow.com/questions/62908414/…
I have one API, that needs to be called through proxy
6:49 AM
I think @c0dem0nkey is talking about initialisers
var student = new StudenName {
	Name = "Luke",
	Guardians = new Gaurdian[] {
		new Gaurdian { Name = "Padme" },
		new Gaurdian { Name = "Anakin" }
@hollystyles Error: Gaurdian is misspelled.
It's that kind of architecture that leads to the Banana => Gorilla => Jungle problem.
Yeah Gaurdian should be Guardian
Q: How to call external api in c# using proxy

JohnI have one API which needs to be called through proxy. They have provided proxy url and the port number. I need to pass the value to the API through these proxy. How do I achieve it? Request Parameter to the API is below. { “reqdata”: "some data" “msgid”: "0" } URL of API:- "xxxxx"; Proxy addr...

Any solution?
You should provide more info in your question, you are asked in the comments to describe its behavior
@mr5 wat an epic fite
7:02 AM
I am not getting the results. AM I doing it right way?
I dont know how to use proxy in api
@John You say you're not getting any result. Is apiURL the whole URL? When you say no result is it empty string or null? You know you are explicitly returning null at the end of your function?
@mr5 dotka event is here
Nope. Its not returning anything. They are saying its not hitting the api url. So I think I am doing wrong. Please suggest
"Its not returning anything"... You mean the `result` variable is `null`or your function does not return anything? If the later, it makes sense.

var response = await client.PostAsJsonAsync(apiURL, obj);
string result = response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync().Result;
return null;
Its not hitting API url
7:09 AM
I think you are not posting to the full URL. You need to step through in the debugger, and you probably need perhaps a tool like fiddler so you can see your POST request going out and inspect it. Without a specific error and access to your environment it's very difficult to help with this kind of situation. You are essentially doing the right thing with HttpClient, so your problem is with URL or POST data or a firewall rule somewhere on the network.
var request = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(apiURL);
request.Proxy = new WebProxy(MyProxyHostaddress , MyProxyPort);
request.Method = "POST";
request.ContentType = "application/json";
request.Accept = "application/json";

RequestClass obj = new RequestClass();

obj.reqdata= "some string";
obj.msgid = "0";
string json = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(obj);
var client = new HttpClient();
client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Accept.Add(new MediaTypeWithQualityHeaderValue("application/json"));

var response = await client.PostAsJsonAsync(apiURL, obj);
I feel something wrong here in the code
proxy is not passes to the request
@John Exactly, you are not passing the host address and port to client, only the apiURL. I think you need to concatenate them together to make a FULL URL.
7:39 AM
How are people able to manage families?
I can't even manage myself
define manage...
good morning
Also how do you deal with client calls?
I am shy af
good morning!
manage means take care, balance out everything
@ntohl changed pic? :p
oh. Does anyone balance out their family?
yep. I didn't like last one.
but I liked it!
it was cute <3
lol, I mean between professional work and family
Easy if you are not your own boss. After punch out, shutdown the laptop and say to the laptop "fuck you, see you tomorrow!"
Be carefull family does not think you are squizofrenic
7:46 AM
anyway. It's a melting pot. Most of your precious things that you thought important fades away. Many bad habits fades away also. For example. You constantly get the feedback, that if you doesn't speak up, noone understands what you feel. So shyness might go away, or you'll gain experience what it's like to have distance in a relationship.
@bradbury9 I am newbie at a company and working from home
If a task is given and it is expected to be done in a given time frame I am afraid of exceeding it
taking care of a toddler is pretty simple. You'll be tired af anyway. So basic instincts will fire up. If it's smells bad, you'll change the diper.
I am around 25 now but still like a 10 year old at heart and sometimes mind :P
@ntohl woh, I have no idea how would that be like, managing a toddler haha
@nyconing How are you? :)
@Shad Usually companies do know newcomers do have a learning curve. You should not worry about it.
7:51 AM
idk, I am scared of dissappointing them
thanks :)
If you take too much time in simple tasks, they will let you know.
My biggest fear is not standing to a responsibility given
in future
It is normal taking more time when arriving at a new company
maybe managing a project single handedly
now that is something I am most scared of
@nyconing yep. That's me. 🡸🡸 low punch classic
7:53 AM
@Shad good... but project deadline approaching
all the best
I thought big people can deal with it well
Is it just me or can dotnet tool install not work at all if any of your nuget sources (regardless if they have the tool or not) require authentication (like Devops artifacts)
Because I have to do this shit to get the tool install to work on my machine
(and then the swagger json output)
8:12 AM
a colleague of mine cannot work with nuget when he is not authorized at one of the sources, which is our private nuget source
in that case, nuget cannot guarantee that the correct packages are loaded
so it sort of makes sense... but still is ridiculous af
But it works for normal nuget packages
Just not tools
It's fine, now it's time to see if I can call java in the post build
well... he is using mac... which I obviously blame for it :D
why would you call java in a .net build process?
@Wietlol seems reasonable. Not authorized in the nuget -> cannot install packages
well... more accurately: Not authorized in 1 private source containing only a few packages, which you are not using at the moment -> cannot install normal packages from sources that do work
oh yea, that is why I stick with dotnet 2.1 and 3.1
Yeha but I'm using .net 5
Also lightshot's upload is snot stack friendly it appears
8:23 AM
is .net 5 really different?
Nothing I've noticed really development wise
But the actual runtime has been getting some major performance improvements
8:45 AM
Ah piss
also important ;)
That error was coming up because the latest version of the swashbuckle cli tools rely on .netcoreapp3.0
not even 3.1
I can use 2.1 tho
(and before you ask, no, the update to add 3.0 support was done just over a month ago)
Anybody want's join us?> the squirrels party!
8:49 AM
I've been fending off squirrels since longer thna you've been alive boi
9:08 AM
who are you mr new Squirrel?
you guys are complete now. Same picture with 4 different rotations.
@Squirrel.Downy @CaptainSquirrel @Squirrelintraining @Squirrelkiller
Looks like one more member of the infestation
except SIT is having a different image
he edited it
but same image
9:29 AM
Great. More squirrels.
wow, looks like .net core 3 has a bug in entity framework and you cannot do `List.Contains(p.columnName)`. No longer translates it. Fixed in 3.1 tho

9:45 AM
Just an FYI for anyone who managed any Windows DNS, this dropped yesterday:
TLDR a DNS server vulnerability which is remotely exploitable, (realteively) simple to perform, no priviligies required, which can grant domain admin privileges to a partiicular user
Official patch is available, it's not discovered in the wild yet but it's entirely possible
That is serious shit
Yeah, it's got a CVSS base score of 10
That's literally the highest score it can be
Remote + popular service + admin privileges granted
9:48 AM
Confirmed proof of concept has been given to Mr Microsoft too
Oh, if the update can't be applied immediately, there is a workaround available which is just a lil registry tweak and restart the DNS server service and it's all good
this is beyond my understanding :(
what is Windows DNS?
Microsoft's implementation of DNS protocol
I mean I have seen the name
the internet guy using it
when setting up internet
oh that's understandable :)
So all the Microsoft DNS servers are vulnerable
It is what translates www.google.com to an actual IP address
so my ISP uses it?
or my Windows PC?
9:56 AM
Your ISP provider gives you an IP address
your Windows PC does query DNS servers and asked them "What is the IP address of www.stackoverflow.com?"
And those servers if they are Windows Server machines, could have a big problem
Understandable! :D
umm so Google have it's own implementation of DNS?
9:59 AM
There are many DNS server implementations
Has their own DNS servers, the operative system of those servers could be Linux/Windows/unix, etc
a chromebook would not be using Windows server DNS?
But only the Windows one is vulnerable to this exploit
got it
thank you :)
It could be. Depends on what server it's told to connect to
Either way, clients are entirely unaffected
10:01 AM
TodayIlearned <3
home users should have no problem, but corporate IT guys would be not happy at all
It's fine, I've just patched our two DNS servers so is all good
WHERE DNSImplementation != Windows
^just add this check :P
@bradbury9 yes I have seen Windows Server machines
all apps are deployed there and the server(machine) keeps running all day
eg windows server 2012...etc
10:36 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' pleberinos!
I can do that 2 times a day now
10:52 AM
dpaste.com/2HD418J#line-1 can someone tell what will be the type of the return output?
11:07 AM
Meeting in 15 min... Time to start shaving my face, if I dont coworkers would be impressed
3 days beard
11:24 AM
c# is tougher than python and asp is tougher than django totally stuck
Python is garbage
but it has the best packages out of all language that I have used
well can you plz correct my first line there?
I just need a return type there.
oops it's empty
oh wait, no
something with View
I am returning a file object if result.status was success otherwise a simple message
have you tried looking at the examples of that web framework?
if it is just a normal function, perhaps ContentResult
11:30 AM
I have seeing stackoverflow answers , razor pages and the microsoft docs from yesterday
I 'm still learning the framework
normally, you would use a return type of the thing you want to return
but stuff like asp.net mvc has some special stuff going on with views
I think my application is asp core
and then there is ofcourse async... and IEnumerable generators, which are exceptions
I want it async but maybe I will do it once it works for sync version
the razor page shows an example with OnPostAsync and uses Redirect
not what I want
I know just the very basics of c# and nothing else
not this? public class IndexModel<ContentResult> : PageModel
11:37 AM
damn, I m being an idiot, I needed to put return type for the "OnPost" function
yes but now it's a problem
if statement uses a new FileStreamResult but else if uses ` ContentResult`
this was the actual problem
what are the supertypes of ContentResult?
Sorry, I started asp.net 2 days before only. I don't know much about these objects
I 'm trying something seeing what they respond and understanding the behaviour
you can use your IDE to navigate to the source of those types
no, just in the IDE
for me, it is [ctrl]+[left-click] or [middle-click]
clicking on the name "ContentResult"
not sure what the keybindings are for vscode tho
I am not even sure what they are for my own IDE because I use a customized key map
11:44 AM
hmm, ok. I 'm trying the debugger.
but how do you debug asp.net application, the code will only run when a request will be made. I havent ever been able to use vscode for debugging django too
surprisingly it works withh asp.net. It opened up my browser for me. Thanks
12:06 PM
Mcdonalds are not going to do well after corona is finished
are they using Y2020.Covid; ?
I wonder how corona is doing right now
the beer brand
Wasn't it doing great?
was it ?
It was AFAIK
12:11 PM
that doesnt look good at all
"Corona beer stops production"
@Hans1984 hammer time!
@Hans1984 "because the Mexican government has shuttered non-essential businesses."
the exact same article could be for Amstel or Heineken
it wouldnt be a good idea to sell a beer with that name anyway
they probably just rename it
"Corona's coincidental name with the virus hasn't dented sales. Constellation said sales of its beer brands grew 8.9% for the first three months of this year, with Modelo and Corona being its top sellers."
"Sales accelerated in the first three weeks of March"
12:15 PM
first three months of the year corona wasnt even a topic
except in china
"Beer and other alcohol are rising in sales this month as Americans are being forced to hunker down in light of the coronavirus."
@Shad you forgot @ProfessorSquirrel
I suppose Corona beer hasn't been affected
oh the Base class! :P
the initial point... :P
How do I know I am ready for a responsibility?
@Squirrelintraining his profile pic rotation matches with whose?
that other guy is fake that means
12:18 PM
@Shad you dont
^ that's deep :o
no, it isnt
it's like dealing with uncertainty then
It might do okay initially
@Wietlol are you accepting freelance work?
12:21 PM
But after not having mcdonalds for months
Hvaing it again isn't that good
@mr5 nope
I have something in Kotlin
you don't like extra $$?
12:22 PM
@mr5 you can't afford me :D
mic drop
I am not saying I can I'm just curious if you're interested.
@Shad I think he was mike
Yeah it was mike all along
in JavaScript, Feb 12 '18 at 22:05, by Professor Squirrel
user image
> last message 30d ago
@MikeTheLiar you deaded?
12:27 PM
well shit
@mr5 I suppose I would... based on how much money :D
I could use more time...
but I could also use more money
Time = constant
but what do you need to do?
unless you decide to micromanage, watch videos at speed greater than 1x
I usually watch at 2x
until you meet someone who speaks fast
then I lower it to like 1.5x
until you meet someone who speaks fast... with gaps
then I quit
12:33 PM
you are awesome
Rap of God...
let's try listening it at 2x xD
that would be a nice training.
@mr5 what do you need to do?

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