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12:09 AM
Ahoy. I posted an answer that contained a few lines of code decompiled with ilspy from a microsoft assembly. Then I realized this assembly is not part of ".net core" which was open-sourced. I panicked and removed most of it. Should I delete the whole answer or should I not worry?
@1.618 You're goin'a jaaaaaaaail.
i've done it before without issue
fear the pony
when msft find you
you gonna be deaded
12:17 AM
they will do nothing.
bill gates gonna come to yo house
n be like yo
wat u doin
seems like suing people doesn't really fit with their new image
and i'll be what up
@1.618 i'd ask on meta
this might already have been asked, too.
12:18 AM
I did a search on meta and nothing came up
so I'll ask on there -- thanks
1:04 AM
whats this crazy drama that i missed lmao
I've dispatched the Satya bots
prepare for assimilation
SO uses C# for their chat software so I was able to backhack your identity and discover your computer's IP address
1:24 AM
i have an anti-backtrace firewall in place.
I never had an issue with the regex thing earlier this morning. Duly noted: Visual Studio doesn't display \n characters in strings in array variables, but does in non-array variables. Strange!
sometimes visualizers play tricks on our eyes
I think I'll be a little less assumptive in the future :)
1:44 AM
4:05 AM
3 hours later…
7:26 AM
@Codeman Sounds like a highly realistic plot from a great B movie.
Good friday.
So I was going to just pull some fresh data from a production backup to use as testdata, until I saw that the backup set was 6GB. Not downloading that over a 20Mbit inet connection.
Good friday :)
Happy Friday!
Happy friday!
The weather... Ohhh boy
7:39 AM
It's awesome!
From yesterday. Looking to be as good today
That's cool man.
Where's that place?
That, 5min ago.
@JakobMillah That is pretty sweet
Cool :D
7:57 AM
@mark Jönköping, Sweden :) 1km from my apartment

@scheien Norway in a nutshell haha. Trees, trees, trees! :D
Like sweden :>
and denmark
...Like Sweden ;)
Denmark got a bit more fields though.. Very plain
I do miss the fjords. None of them here in the south :(
and the mountains. Only "hills" here.
True, although those hills look pretty sweeteroni
Did you try Overwatch yesterday?
8:01 AM
I did, it's ok. Nice "go-to" game
I liked it
It runs really well
Mostly because the high pvp factor
teamplay + skills = win
Indeed. I have yet to play with friends though. They had a bug the first day which meant that we couldn't play together
and it doesnt have the general dota, hots, lol factor / view
8:02 AM
So will have to see how much it matters
yeah, it didnt see my friendslist
whats your battletag?
Indeed. It's pretty casual, which I like. I like the different heroes, although I don't have many personal favorites
I tried a few, but fell back to the soldier
Mine's the sniper
I really hate the tank heroes...
the one with the shield is pretty weird
Dunno how the shield thing works yet
8:07 AM
Or...not hate.. Dislike
The wall you mean?
Or ape?
Transparentish blue/red
With a hammer?
Not sure which one you mena :P
Not sure if there are more than 1 who has some sort of shield.
8:10 AM
At least 3 got shields "or bubbles" :)
That one is the strongest for sure, in my opinion
@scheien There is
Then you have the girl that sucks a**.... Monkey is pretty bad as well
Reinhardt is the most fun
Monkey isn't bad at all.
The damage sucks
Neither does the girl
Nah yuo just suck lol
The girl is disgustingly op
8:10 AM
@Sippy: you play much?
@Sippy gimme battletag!
Yeah was up way too late playing last night
I'm a sad Mercy player xD
Then it just doesn't fit my style... I am way used to playing snipers etc
8:11 AM
Nah me neither
Well monkey does
Cos I'm a really hyper aggressive player
Sniper doesn't suit me at all
@JakobMillah Do you need a tent?
@scheien uhhh hold on
:o Me no understando :<
I'm just fed up with the new csgo ranks
snipers always tend to camp
8:12 AM
hi i made this simplest exe for converting image from svg to png using magick.net but it takes 20-32 seconds how can i make it faster?
this is my code
static void Main(string[] args)
string immagineSVG = args[0];
string immaginePNG = args[1];

using (MagickImage immagine = new MagickImage(immagineSVG))
I was sent to the bottom (silver1), because of inactivity.
@scheien Sippy #2695
@scheien Ohh, you mean like that :P Depending one what game mode I am playing. If I am playing defender on the wagon mode, I usually take a spot
@scheien l00l0l0l
my smurf is silver elite
It's actually a lot harder there than I thought it'd be
And it takes forever to rank up
8:14 AM
Before the ranks changed I smurfed down to silver and no one could kill me
Oh man this svg to png discussion again... :P
I'm silver elite now, after many hours battling my way through hell
@JakobMillah YES AGAIN
Is Mike Vinyl also Markus Werner? xD
I've been player Soldier 76 a lot
8:15 AM
Cos his utility is ridiculous
@MikeVinyl Are you converting in debugger mode?
@Sippy yeah, Im running around with usp silencer and just fucking around, just to have some fun. :p
in release mode
who's Markus Werner?
the stupid guy
8:15 AM
@Sippy Indeed
heal and 100% hitrate
and the spray is wacked
@MikeVinyl Kappa

I don't know dude regarding the converter.. It all depends on your cpu, image sizes and what not
and the method itself might be bad?
is the simplest mode to convert it into png
from url
@scheien , @Sippy I like the tech support guy. Kinetic one
8:17 AM
@JakobMillah Dunno all the heroes yet
@JakobMillah that's cool view! :D
@AndréMarques take a moment pls
@mark Thanks! Ye I really like where I live right now. Great view from living room
It's the Friday!
8:19 AM
@AndréMarques I don't really understand your question. You want to control the scrolling using your buttons? I guess you have activated scrolling in the properties for the dataview?
@Squiggle Sure is!
@JakobMillah can we see a glimpse. :D
@Squiggle mmmmmm, and we like it!
@JakobMillah yes i want to control the scrolling using my buttons, this will be for touchscreen pc
@AndréMarques But if you have touchscreen.. Why buttons? They could just scroll the gridview itself?
@scheien It feels like summer, i'm the only one in the office and I have my music playing out loud :D
8:21 AM
@Squiggle oh, I like those days!
@AndréMarques msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/… looks like the best solution - scrolling to specific rows by setting this property
@JakobMillah but i cant do that :/ this program is to the company where i am in traineeship
I'm WFH today, so music flows here too
@mark Not any really great pictures unfortunately :o
@Squiggle already tried that it doesnt work
8:23 AM
@JakobMillah is it sunset there? Anyway, that's still cool view
That's a fantastic view
@mark I was standing at the furthest dock from here on the first picture. Where the land like "merges"
@Squiggle this is my question in stack stackoverflow.com/questions/37067336/…
@mark Ye, sunset during autumn. Sunset now will fall more to the left
I'll see if I can snap a shot today :)
Phone camera = no justice though..
8:25 AM
@JakobMillah oh I see man. Haha that's still cool. Haha really? no justice sometimes. haha I admit
there isn't performance
for my function
@JakobMillah awesome place..
@Dinesh_Dini You are welcome to live here ;)
@JakobMillah country?
@Dinesh_Dini Sweden
8:29 AM
Oh that's interesting country.
Place where stephen hawking and other famous persons were born.
Exact location on first pic
:O what ever work i will die to live in this place..
Huskvarna, huh. That where the lawnmowers and motorcycles and stuff are from?
8:30 AM
Isn't he English? P:
@TomW Indeed :)
Husqvarna AB on the map
Oh sorry, I was thinking England. haha
my mistake. Haha
thanks for the help but it still doesnt work i will investigate more
bra ställe att besöka
Sweden still do have Ikea, Volvo, Spotity etc
I am currently looking at it @AndréMarques ..Got curious myself
Gaming company DICe
Then we have nothing
8:33 AM
You have Zlatan
Ohh, I forgot the biggest one
@JakobMillah uhh lucio?
green guy?
@JakobMillah hahaha :D
8:34 AM
Lucio? :o
Zlatan is disappointed at me.. :/
I prefer mercy for support
Cos of her rez and stupid damage buff
oh you're talking about overwatch again? :>
Ohh ye haha
@JakobMillah Sandvik, @JohanLarsson works for them. High-tech machining, big player or so I gather
I got confused xD
8:35 AM
@JakobMillah i just found the problem now i inserted this code to see how many rows my grid has (code:int row = dataGridView1.RowCount;
MessageBox.Show(row+"");) and it displays me 0
@TomW How could I forget that one!
@TomW Oh that's cool ;o I'm just a pleb
@AndréMarques That sounds like a different problem
@JakobMillah how can my datagrid that has values i mean buttons inside how can i have 0 rows
@Sippy I was thinking of Zenyatta. He only put "hot" for healing. Then I can focus dmgf
8:38 AM
what does "code:int" do exactly? ;o
@JakobMillah forget the "code:" its just int row = dataGridView1.RowCount;
@AndréMarques Alright, was just curious . Never seen it before :P

I don't know.. It's weird.
@AndréMarques try to use forloop
euromtb.com <--- Currently European Championship @ the spot where third picture was taken
Right above my apartment, on the mountain :) Though of taking a look today
8:46 AM
@JakobMillah in the question i posted the method to fill grid dont know if it its wrong?
@mark what u mean?
@JakobMillah I hate Zenyatta but I've seen people play him really effectively
Ahm @AndréMarques your question wasn't clear.
All the heroes on that game are pretty balanced tbh
@AndréMarques As I can see, you are never really adding any rows.. myDataGrid.Rows.Add.. Might be that it actually don't contain rows
@Sippy They are, but fit different roles. When playing alone, a tank is not the way to go.. IMO. You'll need a healer
@mark wasnt clear? what do u mean?

@JakobMillah but how do i adapt my code to add rows :s
8:49 AM
People like Roadhog have enough utility to be really effective alone as long as you play it right
Even Reinhardt does
You have to adapt your playstyle to each game anyway
True. It all depends on what heroes your other team players has, and how they play them.
@AndréMarques I get a bit confused by the Spanish. But you are getting data from a database? Why not add it to a DataSet and then create rows from the dataset?
I like the part that you can switch heroes whenever you want.
@Sippy Indeed. Also really depends on what game mode.

Bastion is one I really like as well.. Pretty OPiOP
pretty what
8:52 AM
@scheien Ye, it makes it possible to affect the game fast
Bastion is quite OP yeah
@Sippy Overpowered
I love buffing Bastion with Mercy lol
all da killz
But ye, he is really strong. Really high dmg and accuracy, Self healing and strong ultimate
his ultimate is annoying af
Minding your own bidniss when suddently a tank rolls round the corner and oneshots you
8:54 AM
hehe yeah
But ye, Widowmaker is my favorite. Wallhack and snipe down healers and other squishy
I mostly hate Junkrat's ult
Stupid wheel of death
fuck that guy
buffing him is ridiculous as well
PHarah and Hanzo are nice as well
neither of them suit me
8:54 AM
Never played junkrat yet
but yeah they're great
all the heroes are good :P
they are. And it's nice, since we are all different and have different styles
Pretty cool
@JakobMillah because the data is names of employees and that form is a login form when you touch in a button of the screen u are choosing that employee to login into program thats why the datagrid is filled with buttons (im portuguese)
Playing Torbjörn can be nice :D Get all dem kills with turrets
Does all hits count for the same? e.g. headshot vs bodyshot?
8:58 AM

But lets say you get all the data of the employees from the database. Add them to a dataset. For each row in the dataset -> add a cell in the grid. Should be rather easy!

Sorry! I want to go to portugal. Might get the chance to actually learn som portuguese :)
@scheien Nope. High damage difference

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