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7:03 PM
The guy in this video pronounces guid "gwid" and for some reason it makes me want to stab my eardrums out
he is just missing oo
my boss says "gwid"
I say gwid
7:04 PM
@Amy How many years did you get for that murder
I think I do that last one @Amy
@Failsafe none, i got away scott-free
dam son
i aint your son
Dam son? Like a beaver kit?
7:05 PM
I also generally only hear this in my own head because I don't get to talk to anyone about guids, or JSON, or linq, or Azure, or any of that in person
... or anyone elses son
I say gee you eye dee but I also recognize that I'm weird in that respect
@MikeAsdf GUIV?
wish they wouldn't encourage people to webforms: blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/webdev/2016/04/29/… :(
7:05 PM
Goo-id I can handle. Gwid I can't.
why is it so hard to say the letters lol
it doesn't need to be shorter
@Sippy it's not, that's what I do
"Hey Bill did you check if the column of GLOBALLY UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION VALUES is indexed? Even on SQLite, where GLOBALLY UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION VALUESare stored as byte arrays, you can still index a column of type GLOBALLY UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION VALUE"
People who say gooey and gooid and all that shit
7:06 PM
@Sippy It does
@Sippy because 4 syllables is longer than 1 syllable.
I just annoy them by saying puhp for PHP and shit like that
It takes very minimally more time and effort to say G U I D
Then again I'm the weird one who say Yurl instead of you are ell
@Sippy my dad always called WPF "pfft" for fun
7:07 PM
Or simply "id"
@Sippy twice as many syllables man, not good
fuck syllables
I love syllables
ess cue ell vs sequel, go
sequel can suck my arse
I'm in an environment where everyone uses "gwid" verbally anyway, I'm just getting on the trolly
7:08 PM
Now people who say "heighth" can fuck right off
I say Sequel Server but I say ess cue ell command
@MikeAsdf oh god
I work with a guy that says acrossed
@Amy ass-cactus xD
"WWW is the only abbreviation that is three times longer than the thing it stands for"
7:09 PM
Let me ax you a question - do you want to go get some expresso?
And fuck people who say "slash" instead of "backslash", because in that case the syllable holds an important bit of information
@TravisJ no
7:10 PM
What about deque? I can never figure out how to say that one
PM> Install-Package Swashbuckle -Pre
Install-Package : A task was canceled.
At line:1 char:16
+ Install-Package <<<< Swashbuckle -Pre
+ CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Install-Package], Exception
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : NuGetCmdletUnhandledException,NuGet.PackageManagement.PowerShellCmdlets.InstallPackageCommand
looks like lingerie
What the fuck is happening
@mikeTheLiar "deck"
nuget why u do dis
7:10 PM
@Failsafe - needs a version number?
@mikeTheLiar you mean dequeue?
@TravisJ nuget isnt working for me for some reaosn
!!wiki deque
7:11 PM
@KendallFrey that's what I usually go with but I've also here "de-queue" and "deek" (that guy is crazy)
is someone clearing stars?
In computer science, a double-ended queue (dequeue, often abbreviated to deque, pronounced deck) is an abstract data type that generalizes a queue, for which elements can be added to or removed from either the front (head) or back (tail). It is also often called a head-tail linked list, though properly this refers to a specific data structure implementation (see below). == Naming conventions == Deque is sometimes written dequeue, but this use is generally deprecated in technical literature or technical writing because dequeue is also a verb meaning "to remove from a queue". Nevertheless, several...
cant search, cant list installed packages
cant use PMC commands
i dont understand
@Amy I don't think so?
I don't think so either
7:12 PM
@KendallFrey thanks for the assist
hello, is there anyone who worhed with open street maps ? I need version which can skip ferry trips and show only road distance OR there will be ferry tag in route details
@user5671675 You'll need a programmer for that
hello maggots
programmers have been extinct for a thousand years, @sippy
@user5671675 This room is for the C# brand of cheese
extra sharp aged reserve
7:15 PM
@Nathvi Bye pleb
well map is part of my C# project :0
@Amy Then I'd say he's shit outta luck
@user5671675 probably too specific for any of us to have experiential knowledge
@Sippy did you get triggered
7:16 PM
@Nathvi This Is A Safe Space
I just did get triggered.
We need you to respect the maggot-kin among us
I don't think anyone has ever responded positively to being called maggot lol
omg guys, I'm just joking. nuuur
Maggots is what one soldier calls a group of pleb soldiers under his command.
7:16 PM
Usually jokes are funny, just sayin
ok ty for any help i will look for answers in another rooms o/
@Nathvi jokes are not allowed in this space
Yeeeessss, @Amy has started saying pleb!
We are not pleb soldiers.
@user5671675 good luck
7:17 PM
This is NP Hard space
I'm NP Hard
but its tough cookie :)
Neil Patrick Hard?
7:17 PM
dammit sippy
I wanted to make a NPH joke
@user5671675 Sorry that is a very specific problem on an API i don't think any of us have worked with
but if i would not ask I could never no your answers :P
As an aside, anyone who considers themselves to be maggot-kin, please seek professional help
7:18 PM
have nice evening guys o/
@user5671675 Peace, good luck in your quest
@user5671675 Good luck young coder
May you find the path of the programmer.
I think I finally got RC2 to work
RC2 of what
.NET core
7:20 PM
@Failsafe lol. Capital 2
I thought you meant EC2
what's RC2?
I tried doing some web api with that but i was super confused right off the bat
release candidate 2
Raging C# 2: Electric Buggaloo.
7:22 PM
Nuclear Buggalo
are you sure it was RC2?
because RC2 is not easy to get and visual studio doesn't like it at all
shows me red squiggles everywhere even though my code compiles
Are you talking to me?
Oh I wasn't using RC2 probaly
this was a month or 2 ago
nuget is driving me up the fucking wall
tell it to turn around
7:29 PM
@Failsafe You have a wall just for that?
@KendallFrey you don't have a wall for fucking?
uh no
in Canada we use the walls to keep snow and bears out
What about wild fires? Too soon?
Save me VS Enterprise Update 2, you're my only hope...
7:42 PM
I was given the task of simplifying the current process of retrieving of data from a database that is accessible using an ODBC connection.

Currently the process is Connect to VPN -> Use MS Access to use Linked Tables -> Query Linked tables to Make a Local Table with the Selected Data -> Index ID Column or create PKs -> Add Additional Fields -> Combine All Local Tables into one Big Main Table -> export File as an Access 2003 file -> Import into SQL Server Table
Is there any reason I cant just use SQL server to directly interface with an ODBC from the start? does SQL server not work well with them or something?
you can connect to sql server using odbc
but IIRC its configurable in sql server whether it accepts odbc connections.
@Amy ODBC is one of the 9 circles of hell
@Michael holy shit that sounds awful
7:44 PM
But I think what I want is to connect to this odbc connection
from SQL server
my first job was at a place that used odbc for everything
@mikeTheLiar -.- I know
This might get me banned
But have you looked into an SSIS package
SSIS is made for that sort of thing, ETL
Don't do it
tackles @Failsafe
7:45 PM
Don't you fucking dare
stop it you monster
SSIS can do this, but its a nightmare to work with and Failsafe should feel bad for suggesting it
@Michael When SSIS works, it's great. When it doesn't work, it's terrible. It frequently doesn't work.
7:46 PM
@Amy I've used it the correct way before
extraction, transformation, and load
its actually pretty decent
managers love SSIS because it has nice looking whitepapers. developers hate SSIS because they have to use it
just dont put everything in a fucking script task
sounds like what I need lol
7:46 PM
Feb 22 at 16:38, by mikeTheLiar
I recently spent six hours trying to get something to work in SSIS until eventually I just said "fuck it, I'll do it in C#" and I was done in an hour.
SSIS isn't that hard lol
it's just very bloated
its like trying to design an edmx in visual studio
used SSIS back when it was called DTS. yep, i'm as old as dirt
Bloated, obtuse errors, impossible to diff
but once you know the tricks its ezpz
How did you discover SSIS ETF packages?
Ive never even heard of it
7:48 PM
Permissions might kill you on the SSIS stuff. You have to get the SQL Agent stuff just right
@Michael I used to work with idiots
Sounds about right
@Michael SSIS is like Winforms for data transformation
@mikeTheLiar Woah hold on there cowboy
Tell me I'm wrong
You're wrong
7:50 PM
lol well it would be perfect an option if I knew as much about it as winforms
@Failsafe in this Safe Space no one is wrong
its definitely VB6
Being wrong is triggering
hahaha fucking lol
Honestly SSIS is worth if you will be using it large scale, i.e. you have a lot of ETL processes
7:52 PM
There needs to be a major turnaround in ETL offerings from Microsoft, we've suffered with this bullshit for far too long. I propose a brand new application suite, which is the same as SSIS but using JSON.
the reports it generates save you a lot of time
Is there any negatives sides of only using following commando when updating datagridview and db? It's working but wanted to ask. this.tableAdapterManager.UpdateAll(this.logbookDB);
@Failsafe you just got flagged again, please stop swearing
That's the new Microsoft.
Q: Are my issues with SSIS justified?

John BubriskiI've only been using SSIS briefly, but I find that my complaints are numerous. Here are my current issues: In order for a package to store a password, you need to encrypt it. Even if the package is part of a larger solution, you need to supply a password anytime to open any of the encrypted p...

7:52 PM
@Sippy how do you see flags and I don't?
@Sippy You are breaching my safe space
Look man
If you're gonna talk about VB6
did one of you jabrones seriously report me for defending SSIS
You can leave
Sipy pls
7:53 PM
I still support VB6 apps
Does someone have something against Failsafe? I feel like he doesn't swear any more than I do, and probably less
@Sippy how do you feel now
@Failsafe me too.
I feel superior
I only have to deal with VB.NET
7:54 PM
I support ColdFusion as well
how does that make you feel
CF8 not CF10
I support a COBOL package from 1968
are you puking yet
@Failsafe an elegant weapon, from a more civilised age.
I'm trying to find the comic and failing but essentially it's Scotty on the Enterprise reading "Teach Yourself COBOL in 24 hours" and the caption is something like "legacy never dies"
Everything I google about ODBC and Sql Server seems to suggest that It only goes SQL Server -> ODBC
Instead of SQL Server connecting to ODBC
ODBC is the DSN for sql server
a provider
it's been a while since i worked with odbc
I know absolutely nothing about this
7:58 PM
@Michael If the mod hadn't banned my anal comment i would've linked it to you
But it seems like I am able to use Access as a front end to access the ODBC Datastore
because it applies now
But If im able to use Access as a Front end.. why cant SQL Server MGT Studio act as my front end?
children are children
do you have any other tautologies for us?
8:02 PM
anybody work in material handling?
I'm sure I'll come up with some later.
@Nathvi Like, handling of nuclear waste and high explosives?
@Amy Amy's first rule of the tautology club is Amy's first rule of the tautology club
I wonder how much of the internet is references to XKCD.
i liked it better as "thee", @mikeTheLiar
it said its my rule.
8:04 PM
@Sidney, nah like managing logistics.
@Nathvi Bummer =(
MAybe someday I'll work with nuclear shit @Sidney
If your shit is nuclear you need to change your diet
wise words
8:13 PM
s/is nuclear/is not nuclear
except you
8:17 PM
you're okay
because you're my skooma dealer
skooma e'rry day
speaking of...
slips Amy bottle
slips @mikeTheLiar coin
8:18 PM
May you walk clop on warm sands
Hi :)
Why this works
<ContentControl Content="{Binding Friends_VM}" Width="600" Margin="0,0,0,0.4"/>
one is correct and the other isn't?
The binding doesn't work? The style doesn't work? What's broken?
Show me on the doll where it hurts
8:24 PM
The binding is working in the first
the second I want to do inside the menuitem but its not working
Full code:
     <DockPanel Margin="0,0,0,0">
                    <ColumnDefinition Width="Auto" MaxWidth="200"/>
                <Image Grid.Column="1" x:Name="userImage" Source="/Resources/Images/profileImage.png" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Margin="10,10,0,0" VerticalAlignment="Top" Height="161" Width="180" />
                <Label Grid.Column="1" x:Name="labelName" Content="NameHere" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Margin="10.4,171,0,0" VerticalAlignment="Top" RenderTransformOrigin="0.536,1.344" Height=
@mikeTheLiar That didn't make much sense. Maybe you meant: mcve, sscce
The last ContentControl is binding. But the content control inside the MenuItem is not working.
@mikeTheLiar Please provide a short, self contained, compilable example: sscce.org
@mikeTheLiar sorry.
8:26 PM
No problem but it's a lot easier to find problems in smaller examples
also building a sscce usually rubber ducks you into solving your own problem
<DockPanel Margin="0,0,0,0">
                    <ColumnDefinition Width="Auto" MaxWidth="200"/>
                                <StackPanel Margin="0,202,-1.6,0" VerticalAlignment="Top" Height="258">

                    <MenuItem Style="{DynamicResource MyMenuItem}" Header="Home" x:Name="Home">
                        <ContentControl Content="{Binding Friends_VM}"  />
Format your code - hit Ctrl+K before sending and see the faq
@Codeman ooh that's a useful command
8:27 PM
use bots to tell people what to do
!!tell juanvan panini
wait you are too fast answering, this chatbox message space is really tiny :/
ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵗᶦᶰʸ﹖
8:29 PM
The problem is really why inside the MenuItem I can't put a ContentControl binding to a view
@Amy almost xD
Alright all I'm off. Get to go to a work party at my wife's company and meet all of her coworkers, yay
have fun
bring us some cake
or else
bring us some coworkers
8:30 PM
If the cake isn't a lie I will
or else
Cow orkers
tell them how much panini is in here they will come
mah panini brings all the cows to the yard
if you press it, the panini will come
8:32 PM
giggity giggity goo
8:42 PM
Someone can help me
understanding why is not working?
because if I put only the content control is working perfectly
we need a MCVE
ready to go home
not me I am fixes someones' mistakes today going to be an extra 3hrs :-<
8:59 PM
How's life?
pretty epic

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