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4:00 PM
@mikeTheLiar Which planet is Kendall's mom?
@Sippy Uranus
Good lord!
Why do you guys joke about his mom?
How did that get started?
4:01 PM
@Amy @rlemon probably
actually it was probably me
What would your mom say if she found out?
"Im a planet"
@Amy i have one datagrid with buttons inside generated by me but doesnt appear all the buttons some are hidden or cutted by half so they dont appear all i just wanna make buttons to scroll down the grid because this will be used in a touchscreen
bad things
4:02 PM
@AndréMarques i think i understand now. the buttons are in the grid
@Amy Kendall started it
Then we got brutal
@amy yes
Now he doesn't do it anymore. Often.
Dad got diagnosed with cancer, sitting in the hospital
4:03 PM
@SteveG fuck that's heavy.
Heavier than Kendall's mom.
@SteveG i'm sorry
internet hugs
@SteveG legit? :(
Well that's shitty.
@SteveG Sorry dude
4:04 PM
@SteveG I'm really sorry. =( Here's hopes.
why is SSRS such garbage?
Because MSFT made it
i just want to have a group header that isn't part of a stupid table
^ @SteveG me ^
4:07 PM
sorry. my mistake. tablix
is @amy their?
No she's there
their what?
i mean there sorry
not their
they're sorry
4:10 PM
i was not a great student at english
Me neither and it's my native language
English, where lead and read rhyme, and so do read and lead, but read and lead don't rhyme and neither do read and lead.
@AndréMarques that makes you an honorary American. congrats!
if you get an A in English they force you to emigrate to England
@mikeTheLiar my brain crash when i read what you said o.o
@MichaelEdenfield thanks xD
@AndréMarques read and lead can both be different words - one set pronounced red and led and another set pronounced reed and leed
4:15 PM
@mikeTheLiar as opposed to that other English, where worcester and booster sound the same...
@AndréMarques You're not the only one. It took me a minute to figure what the hell mike was saying.
@MichaelEdenfield Woostershir
@mikeTheLiar hmm xD
@Sidney kkk xD
!!define read
@mikeTheLiar read (obsolete) To think, believe; to consider (that).
4:17 PM
@MichaelEdenfield Featherstonehaugh
are you fucking kidding me Cap
I need coffee
I also like Beauchamp.
which is, clearly and intuitively, "beechum"
(Limmonster more or less)
More accurately Limmonstah
don't mock people with thpeech impedimenth
to all thupid put all panini in your athol
4:24 PM
I need a second pair of eyes
It's pronounced Ey-Thole for the record
@StevenLiekens where do you want them installed?
on the sides
I want 360 degree vision
@StevenLiekens Turn around
boom 360 degree vision
So you're a prey animal then
Ah yes, a rabbit. Clearly prey
prey don't wear suits
4:42 PM
can someone tell how to make 2 buttons to scroll a datagrid view
dataGridView1.HorizontalScrollingOffset = dataGridView1.HorizontalScrollingOffset + 10;
i have tried this but it gives me error
I don't think I understand the question
To all stupid put all entering in your @mikeTheLiar
i have a datagridview with some content and i have to buttons the up button and down button and when i click the the datagrid will scroll up or down
@Darth_Wardy my body is ready
im using windows forms
4:45 PM
pure temple with visitation rights
Why not just use the built in scrollbars?
@Darth_Wardy "pure" hahaha
i need the buttons because the program will be used in a touchscreen
@mikeTheLiar put all death star rays in your @mikeTheLiar hole
I still fail to see what's wrong with the built in scrollbars.
And Winforms? Touchscreen? BAHAHAHAHA you poor thing
its hard to see the reality when you are blind to the force
4:51 PM
dude do you know how to do it?
Yes Lord Wadyr
hey guys please vote for this if you think it's a good idea github.com/aspnet/Tooling/issues/460
So, I keep hearing win forms is terrible, and also that wpf is terrible. Are both equally terrible, or is there a clear winner at being terrible?
Q: How do I programmatically scroll a winforms datagridview control?

Isaac BolingerI'm implementing some drag drop features in one my controls inheriting from a datagridview. Basically I'm dragging a row from somewhere in the DGV and dropping it somewhere else, reordering the rows. I've run into a problem though. If the DGV is too large such that there's a scrollbar, how can I ...

@Sidney who says WPF is terrible?
already tried what is in their all gives me error
4:53 PM
Winforms is way worse than WPF
What error?
WPF was created because Microsoft looked upon Winforms, their first triumph, and realized for the first time the horror they unleashed upon the unsuspecting world.
@AndréMarques Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, debugging?
@AndréMarques could you be any more specific?
4:54 PM
what error
You may need one of these:
Webforms was created because Microsoft Winforms spawned a legion of Winforms developers, and Microsoft wanted them to start doing web development
an unhandled exception of type 'System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException' occurred in System.Windows.Forms.dll

Additional information: O argumento especificado estava fora do intervalo de valores válidos.
my code: dataGridView1.FirstDisplayedScrollingRowIndex = dataGridView1.RowCount + 1;
@MichaelEdenfield that's_what_she_said.jpg
thats for the up button
4:55 PM
"O argumento especificado estava fora do intervalo de valores válidos." can we get a translation?
Is that Portuguese?
I'm gonna bet "an argument was specified that is outside the valid interval" or some such
@MichaelEdenfield that's what I'm guessing as well
@mikeTheLiar Nvm, I got confused with the acronym soup. Amy said "WCF" is terrible a few hours ago.
uh, you tried setting the row index to the number of rows plus 1
> Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.
4:56 PM
of course that's out of range
an unhandled exception of type 'System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException' occurred in System.Windows.Forms.dll

Additional information: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.
@AndréMarques and what does this error mean to you?
dont know what it means
2 mins ago, by André Marques
my code: dataGridView1.FirstDisplayedScrollingRowIndex = dataGridView1.RowCount + 1;
Of course you are
.FirstDisplayedScrollingRowIndex = dataGridView1.RowCount + 1; the problem should be obvious
4:58 PM
how do i do it then?
Do what, exactly?
I get the feeling you don't want to understand why you're getting this error.
@AndréMarques did you actually read the question that I linked?
im not understanding nothing
6 mins ago, by André Marques
already tried what is in their all gives me error
Very important distinction - what you are showing us is not what is in that question
4:59 PM
does anyone use appveyor?
@AndréMarques oh, lets start with this. What, in your opinion, is the FirstDisplayedScrollingRowIndex property for?
@AndréMarques think about this line of code:

`.FirstDisplayedScrollingRowIndex = dataGridView1.RowCount + 1;`

You are setting the first displayed index to a value exceeding the number of rows in the grid
how do you think you'd fix it?
FirstDisplayedScrollingRowIndex = the first row?
@AndréMarques close enough. and what are you setting it's value to?
5:01 PM
to rows that doesnt appear
dataGridView1.RowCount + 1 is a number.
i need to count the rows that are displayed?
you are setting the value of the "first row" to a number that is bigger than all of the rows in your dataset.
> você está definindo o valor da " primeira linha " para um número que é maior do que todas as linhas em seu conjunto de dados
5:03 PM
@AndréMarques have you checked out Stack Overflow em Português?
I believe the language barrier is too high. Trump must have built it.
@Amy but then he tried to build too high and got an index out of range exception
he got an WallOutOfRangeException
@AndréMarques the error you are getting is explained on MSDN:
> ArgumentOutOfRangeException
The specified value when setting this property is less than 0 or greater than the number of rows in the control minus 1.
@AndréMarques and, as explained in the question that @mikeTheLiar linked to, which you said you've done:
> You've gotta make sure to check that the numbers don't go out of bounds though.
5:08 PM
thats my form
@AndréMarques what are we supposed to take away from that?
@StevenLiekens no but it looks interesting
@AndréMarques that's irrelevant
looks like a Go board
i understand that my value is bigger than the rows that i have in my datagridview
@AndréMarques You're getting an ArguementOutOfRangeException. To break this down

"OutOfRange" - Ok, so this specified that there probably is a valid range of values. It can be from 1-2, 1-50, or even 1-1,000,000,000,000.

So, something is out of range, that being of course the argument you are passing in. To put this into perspective, imagine there is a street with five houses on it. What would you say if I asked you go deliver a letter to the sixth house? You'd probably look at me like I'm crazy. In this example, you are the program.
@AndréMarques but why are you trying to use that value then?
5:10 PM
Is steve ok?
Or radio silence?
i hope his dad is okay
My dad got diagnosed in 2001
probably not
i know that feel
lung cancer took my grandpa in 1995.
technology probably improved since 2001 though
funny story: 9/11 blocked the radiation from getting to the cancer center here
5:12 PM
I'm lucky, I've got all four grandparents, and one great-grandfather left
@KendallFrey i dont know really how to do it
@Sidney ok but imagine im in that street there are 5 houses i can only see 2 of them u say me to deliver in 5th house , but since i cant see it i cant deliver in the 5th house , now in the program how do it that
I'm all outta grandparents
i should add that my dad didnt die
When I was born, I had 6 great-grandparents
5:13 PM
It's a rough time. My dad passed about this time last year from cancer. There were compounding factors there though. It's rough having that shadow hanging over you.
@AndréMarques would you please just read the linked question jfc
@AndréMarques You say deliver to the 5th house. What you're trying to do is deliver to the 7th house, which doesn't exist.
As bad as it sounds, I actually kinda hope my mom dies soon. She's been mentally checked out for a while now.
@mikeTheLiar i will read
i dont know how we can explain the issue any better.
5:14 PM
Thank you
@mikeTheLiar No result found
I can't spell at all.
Wernicke–Korsakoff syndrome (WKS) is the combined presence of Wernicke's encephalopathy (WE) and Korsakoff's syndrome. Due to the close relationship between these two disorders, people with both are usually diagnosed with WKS, as a single syndrome. It is due to thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency, which can cause a range of disorders including beriberi, Wernicke's encephalopathy, and Korsakoff's psychosis. These disorders may manifest together or separately. WKS is usually secondary to alcohol abuse. It mainly causes vision changes, ataxia and impaired memory. Wernicke's encephalopathy and WKS is...
2 messages moved to Trash can
I wish every platform used Android's emotes. I feel they much more accurately portray how I feel when I use them. Only place I can see them now is Slack :(
@CuddleBunny maybe I'm misunderstanding it, but aren't emotes standardized? Like, if you send an unhappy face in from android->iphone, iphone will also see an unhappy face because it's actually a unicode character?
@Sidney I mean the way they're rendered on Android and in Slack set to use Android emotes: core0.staticworld.net/images/article/2013/11/…
5:25 PM
Ohhh, gotcha.
for some reason their blobiness feels more expressive
Guys if i start in first row and i increment until the maximum of rows am i thinking wrong?
@AndréMarques probably
what are you trying to do?
I have a datagrid which is filled with buttons but some doesnt just appear so i want to do 2 buttons which will scroll up and down the grid
okay, and?
why don't you use the built-in scroll bar anyway?
5:31 PM
you're recycling previously-asked questions.
I had to explain BizTalk to some near-novices today
@KendallFrey i cant
@AndréMarques Try replacing

.FirstDisplayedScrollingRowIndex = dataGridView1.RowCount + 1;


.FirstDisplayedScrollingRowIndex = 1;

and just see what happens. If it works in any sense of the work, try using

.FirstDisplayedScrollingRowIndex = 2;

and take note of how it behaves differently.
@Sidney OK bro let me try it
@Amy thanks for the assist
@KendallFrey he says "because it's going to be running on a touch screen"
5:42 PM
@TomW Yea how did that go
Did they quit
Is it possible to get \n characters in a MatchCollection directly returned by regex? I'm matching any number of any character (including newline) except { and } that are between { and }. The matches work, but text between {} split across multiple lines isn't including the \n between them.
The regex: @"{([^{}]|(\r\n|\r|\n))*}" which successfully matches { followed by any number of characters that may include newline but not curly brackets, followed by }.
Trying to match {this\ntext\nacross\nmultiple\nlines} gives {thistextacrossmultiplelines}
@JoshuaLamusga Are you sure you're not dealing with \r\n ? nvm
How do you figure that?
that's impossible
@Failsafe fu :p
5:44 PM
are you sure it's not just displaying wrong?
I think I look smart
@KendallFrey I'm using Visual Studio to debug and stare at the result of the variable. It's the actual value. I'm just wondering how to get newline to show up in the matches.
also note that your |(\r\n|\r|\n) is redundant and useless
simplify to @"{[^{}]*}"
do you get the same problem?
I know. I had the version you just posted already. I chose to post the longer version out of superstition. (I'm not great with Regex and I wanted to rule out any weirdness there, in case it did something.)
5:47 PM
regex is a difficult mistress.
A dominatrix.
You do not spank regex, regex spanks you.
Kendall may seem like he's in control, but in reality he just enjoys the spanking.
in JavaScript, Oct 16 '15 at 15:11, by Kendall Frey
I can do goatse
i could have done without that.
5:50 PM
@JoshuaLamusga one of two possibilities. The original string doesn't contain newlines, or the output string contains newlines but isn't displaying them.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
It's impossible for a regex to match a non-contiguous substring
Original string: {now
all of this at once}
Must have newlines to display as such in notepad++ (it's read from file).
String variables in Visual Studio show \n characters when you look at them. I've been working with it in this very project, so I know it does so.
I'm not sure what you mean by a non-contiguous substring @KendallFrey
And I have to go to class before I'm late, but I'll read any responses. Thanks!
easy way to check to see if the result contains newlines: call String.replace on the result to exchange the newline characters with an X.
@JoshuaLamusga i.e. a subsequence, rather than a substring
5:55 PM
if your output contains X's, you had newlines.
Is there an easier way to merge two Chrome windows other than manually moving all tabs from one window to the other?
you can move all of them at once
Use the force!
TIL you can select multiple tabs in Chrome. Neat
click the leftmost tab you want to move, hold shift, click the rightmost tab you want to move. then drag the tabs over
5:57 PM
there are browser extensions to merge browser windows too, but i've never used them
Wow... I will never use chrome the same way.

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