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7:00 PM
@Failsafe that worked
@mikeTheLiar hehe sorry. Are you still there?
I wasn't but I am again
I use this inside my BAL
if (...&&...||)
Nah, you're going to want to change the return type of the method and return true;
if (Form.checkIfExists) {
buttonname.Visible = false;
7:12 PM
return; will just stop running the method
i've been editing the wrong file for an hour and wondering why my changes weren't taking effect.
i wonder if this is what Chuck felt like everytime Lucy pulled the ball away
And I would probably just do something like button.Visible = !Form.checkIfExists()
morning kids
7:14 PM
Oh I guess it is morning in Seattle
hi codeman
I mean, I did get into work at 11am, but yes it is still technically morning
@Codeman that's time zone-ist
IIRC you're in CA, @codeman?
@Amy Washington.
7:15 PM
btn.Visible = !Form...;
So not strictly Seattle but somewhere in that general vicinity
error says No overload for method ... @mikeTheLiar :)
oh right, its travis who's in CA
@Codeman damn west coasters
having the last word on what time it is
we're a few hours ahead of them. just think of them as running behind.
7:16 PM
not everyone can be as fast as us
@mark what's the signature of the method you're calling? I.e., the method that contains all of the data access logic
the method "checkIfExists' @mikeTheLiar
takes 0 argument. What do you mean by that?
So the method takes no arguments but when you attempt to call it with no arguments you're getting a "no valid overload" error? Can you copy the entire error text?
sure thing. here @mikeTheLiar
Error 7 No overload for method 'checkIfExists' takes 0 arguments
@Amy The West Coast is well represented, where are you?
7:20 PM
@mark Well there's something very wrong here then.
i'm in middle TN
@tweray that serverside rendering
@Failsafe it's cool right
@Amy Oh, nice. We used to have JLott from TN.
@mikeTheLiar Check the return type
7:21 PM
eventually i want to make my way toward the west coast.
@tweray i gotta try out that ASP ng2 package
@Amy Where about?
Yeah i see @mikeTheLiar
TN is too conservative for my tastes. dunno @greg, i like WA and OR
let us go back in my checkIfExists.
7:21 PM
@Amy I'm in OR.
@mark can you post the actual signature of the checkIfExists method?
@mikeTheLiar If the entire statement is just a method all then, there you have a case of ambiguity
CA is a big state, imo, too big to be effectively managed.
public void checkIfExists(BELPayrollDetails belpayroll) {
SqlCommand check = new SqlCommand();
check.Connection = dbcon.getcon();
check.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
check.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM tbl_payroll";
SqlDataReader drCheck = check.ExecuteReader();
while (drCheck.HasRows == true)
if (drCheck["PayrollFrom"].ToString() == belpayroll.PayrollFrom && drCheck["PayrollTo"].ToString() == belpayroll.PayrollTo && drCheck["PayrollDate"].ToString() == belpayroll.PayrollDate && drCheck["EmpID"].ToString() == belpayroll.EmpID)
My wife and I are aiming to move out to the West Coast at some point in the not too distant future
7:22 PM
Format your text
@mikeTheLiar there you have it. :)
And I just wanted the signature but the void return type is wrong
You need to change that to bool
@mikeTheLiar No
@Amy Yeah, I lived in Nor-Cal for a long time. Too many issues with government there.
@Failsafe i got a feeling that's why vNext is back and forth, they might be cranking around about if they should just throw out the asp.net mvc concept all together and adapt the ng2 server side render + webapi + .net core
7:23 PM
And instead of return; you want to either return true; or return false;
The method is returning void
@MoonOwl22 we've been going at this for a while
Right now I'll be happy if we can get his code to compile
I see
It started with him wanting to pass a reference to a Winforms button into his data access layer
i'll never be happy, not until ponies rule all of the earth.
7:24 PM
@Amy I'm assuming you were thinking Seattle or Portland?
i've been to both. beautiful cities.
Yeah, except Seattle traffic is horrible.
last time I was in Seattle, it was raining for a solid month.
7:25 PM
@mikeTheLiar :) Error 8 Since 'BALayer.BALPayrollDetails.checkIfExists(BELayer.BELPayrollDetails)' returns void, a return keyword must not be followed by an object expression
@mark, that error is telling you precisely what the problem is. change the return type of the function to bool
You have to change the return type
@tweray you really think they'd abandon razor?
not very soon, but eventually
yes I have. return true. :( and still I have the error persists.
7:26 PM
Comment out that method and rewrite it correctly
The return type in the method signature
they can maintain the two way route for a while, but they seems to be willing to retreat on view rendering side and leave google deal with it
@mark, the function declaration is something like public void <functionname>..... Change the return type of the function from void to bool.
public void checkIfExists(BELPayrollDetails belpayroll) {
need to become
here's my method naming
7:28 PM
public bool checkIfExists(BELPayrollDetails belpayroll) {
public void checkIfExists(BELPayrollDetails belpayroll) {}
ahhh... :)
I see. wait let me try it fellas :)
when you think about that, it's actually going to create a lot convinience for .net core, since all view related stuff can be abandoned
Please allow him to learn the concept
public bool checkIfExists(BELPayrollDetails belpayroll) {...}
: not all code paths return a value.
it says.
7:30 PM
Now refactor your method
Make sure all code paths return a value
if (drCheck["PayrollFrom"].ToString() == belpayroll.PayrollFrom && drCheck["PayrollTo"].ToString() == belpayroll.PayrollTo && drCheck["PayrollDate"].ToString() == belpayroll.PayrollDate && drCheck["EmpID"].ToString() == belpayroll.EmpID) {
But that's where your problem
Error 8 An object of a type convertible to 'bool' is required
You are returning void where you need to return either true or false
when I use return only.
Ahhh... I see.
7:32 PM
But make sure you return what you need to be returning
bool checkE = true;
if(){ return checkE }
and I have still error that says... not all code paths return a value.
Because what happens if that if condition is never satisfied?
well the if condition might not be true
Walk through the code with pen/paper if it helps
7:35 PM
So you need to return something
Go through each step of the method sequentially
On a piece of paper
Make yourself the computer of your method
And follow all possible code paths
Im trying to fill a listbox with enum values, how can i set the display memeber to the enum descriptions?
Oh... So guys, you mean the bool method that you are saying and what I actually written now is correct. but I have to walkthrough right?
because its not true? am I right? :)
Just walkthrough it on a piece of paper
Print out the method onto a paper
Switch off your display
You will see what is wrong
really. Do I have to actually do that? :_(
Sometimes it helps
Same thing with rubber-duck debugging. Explain what your method does to a rubber duck.
7:40 PM
@mark YES
Hahaha maybe I can try it using paint. :D
Usually just going through it with the intent of explaining your code will allow you to have a different perspective on it, and find things you might have missed
@mark NO
Also, turn off your monitor.
Well, thank you guys. :)
7:41 PM
If you sit and stare at the screen for too long, you're going to keep seeing only what you want to see.
Print it out and read it through.
Actually, before you do any of that go take a quick walk. Don't think about the code for a couple minutes
Listen to some David Bowie
And thank God he released Blackstar before he passed on
You have to untangle your brain a bit.
And it wasn't a posthumous project
usually I am someone's rubber duck
7:42 PM
@MoonOwl22 Right?
Yeah... I think I have to rest myself. I actually having bad experiences this past week due to some love thing.. hehe
been there done that
@mark I'm 110% serious about taking a walk btw
during my last breakup, I couldn't concentrate on code for a week
Honestly, I can't think in a right way. It messed me a lot thinking of old memories. hehe
7:43 PM
Yeah! Posthumous projects piss me off
Guys I am deleting entries from the db something like this DbContext.Schools.Remove(schoolToBeDeleted);
This works fine
Yeah, I didn't break up. Well, she never tell me why she acted like that. She is different now. You know.
But how can I remove entries from a table that is not mapped in my entries
that feeling she doesn't want to talk to you anymore.
well, I have to focus now on the real thing. "career"
The real thing is certainly not reality TV
7:44 PM
I cant do Context.Schools
since that table is a bridge table and its not mapped right now in my context
hehe @MoonOwl22 :) She is just my friend but she know I have feelings on her so that is it. She doesn't want / interested to talk to me anymore </3
Serenade her
Thank you guys! I really wanted to open it up.
@Obviously if it's not mapped you're not going to be able to do it with EF
@tweray this new ASP looks 100% different than anything i've used previously
7:45 PM
@mikeTheLiar that is what i think
they literally changed everything
but was just wondering if there is a magic way to do it or something
Hehe hold up. I will focus here now.
@mikeTheLiar That reads more like "Obviously, if it's not mapped you're not going to be able to do it with EF"
7:46 PM
So you're either going to have to just using ADO.NET or a sp or something
@MoonOwl22 well, obviously
can i do a stored procedure inline
yeah will do that
@Failsafe What was the first shock for you?
7:47 PM
@Failsafe that's the point, any previous SPA still have certain gap vs server side rendering, and this one just fills all those gap and also keep all advantages of client side SPA, that's why i believe it's the way to go
@MoonOwl22 the stack is completely new now
i have to relearn everything again
vNext is pretty nice
@Obviously if you have an entity that's not mapped you can look into this: stackoverflow.com/questions/20901419/…
But if your application is completely ignorant of the tables you're going to either have to do it manually or with an sp
@Failsafe Which is fine
The changes on the surface look like they are good
you can take pretty much any existing non proprietary stack
and put it in a asp solution
7:48 PM
Dude, don't be That Guy. You know, "I don't see why I should have to learn new stuff when MVC/webforms/VB6/COBOL/assembler/pen and paper works just fine" Guy.
I never said that
I just said I had to relearn everything
It's not something you should complain about
You should want to learn something new
im not complaining?
I'm just pushing your buttons :)
@TomW but those are the only real programmers: pbm.com/~lindahl/mel.html
7:50 PM
Has anyone used OmniSharp before?
Hmm. No but it looks interesting
@tweray are there any more videos like this?
i stay away from things called "Omni-____"
I want to ditch Visual Studio
Oh, wait - it's bundled with VS Code? Then I guess I have used it
7:52 PM
I want to see what else is there
No it's not
But you can bundle it with Code
@Failsafe it's only recently released on the previous mvp annual session, so it's pretty much still in dev mode and not ready to meet public, but i would assume after conferences starts next year, there will be more detail about it viewable in public
Hi, I'm trying to make a easy rx.net example. would this work?                Observable.Create<Person>(observer =>
                    for (var i = 0; i < 100; i++)
                        var name = i.ToString();
                        observer.OnNext(new Person {Name = name, Adressen = new AdressenService().GetAdressen(name)});
                    return Disposable.Empty;
I love Visual Studio but sometimes I miss the feeling of typing code in a cleaner text editor
@tweray but mvc6 RC1 is this year...
no, mvc6 is still a different animal, imo, mvc5 and mvc6 are more like water testing for .net core, the real monster should be coming after ng2 enter beta or general released
but i believe the webapi in mvc6 is pretty much in complete stage, probably not going to be too much major change
7:56 PM
Reading acceptance requirements - not sure if they don't make sense because of missing domain knowledge or bad requirements
besides folder structure is webapi any different?
there's no front end code it's all c#
@mikeTheLiar I can solve this one for you.
@Failsafe depends on if you are comparing to webapi2, or mvc5, basically key words are: middleware, single controller, built-in DI, .net core. so it's mostly not something can be seem from a outside view, but more of a lot house keeping stuff to evolve the stack
They're acceptance requirements. Therefore, they don't make sense.
comparing to webapi2
I dont use razor anymore really
8:00 PM
We are moving from loosely coupled to uncoupled development
You code stuff in such a manner that it eventually learns the API
middleware -> api and stateless request become first class citizen
built-in DI -> less messy code
.net core -> multi platform

so yes, as a consumer you may probably won't feel anything different, but as developer/maintainer it do make life easier
i should go to build again this year
i really don't want to spend another $3k on it though
well, problem for build on me is always that whenever i try to get a ticket it's already sold out
i order within like
5 minutes
if i can get the page to load
last year was hard because it sold out in about 20 minutes
I love the summary for `Math.Pow`

// Summary:
// Returns a specified number raised to the specified power.
8:15 PM
@mikeTheLiar I think I understand now... hehe but I still get my error in the winform side.
Or rather, I should specify that they don't actually tell you which param is which
btn_save.Visible = !balpayrolldetails.checkIfExists(); error says - No overload for method 'checkIfExists' takes 0 arguments.
The logic I've used in the checkIfExists is, bool = true. If exists, then return false. and in the end return true.
I have realised something
I don't need DI Frameworks
I am fine doing DI without any frameworks at all
No XML configuration files
shit, with entity framework i built a data access class to handle CRUD, but how would I update? The context wouldnt know about any changes the user made:

    public static class ContactDataAccess
        public static int InsertContact(Contact c)
            Database.SetInitializer(new NullDatabaseInitializer<LitTrackContext>());

            using(LitTrackContext context = new LitTrackContext())
                return context.SaveChanges();
does anyone use Visual studio onlines ALM for building and deploying?
8:24 PM
@FrankVisaggio I work at Visual Studio Online. Maybe I can help? :)
so i am a bit new using this i can build a .net 4.5 project and deploy it to an azure website fine
deploying to an azure vm is where i have issues
i think i have 2 issues im just reading it a bit to verbalize it correctly
##[error]C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft\VisualStudio\v14.0\Windows Azure Tools\2.8\Microsoft.WindowsAzure.targets(3003,5): Error MSB4044: The "CSPack" task was not given a value for the required parameter "ServiceDefinitionFile"
chasing that one down currently
i think i have that one fixed currently
"/p:OutputPath=bin\" in "MSBuild Arguments" f
@Michael unless you're specifically setting up the mapping with AsNoTracking it should know about updates
@Codeman my second question is why do i need to specify a storage account for a deployment to an azure cloud service?
@FrankVisaggio have you googled either of these questions?
the first one I did and i think i have it waiting for the build to finish
Q: The "CSPack" task was not given a value for the required parameter "ServiceDefinitionFile"

Javito HertfyHi I am doing a PoC over the new Visual Studio Online build system, I managed to setup a build and run the unit tests for my project but when I try to build the ccproj in order to deploy it in Azure I get this error: [error]C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft\VisualStudio\v12.0\Windows Azur...

8:31 PM
ok - the second one I think you can find for yourself ;) the first one, let me see
did you look at your msbuild steps in your deployment file? do you know how to do that?
I'm going to lunch - take a look at that, I'll help when I get back
!!afk lunch
sounds good thanks a bunch
@mikeTheLiar So I have a form, user enters data about a Contact object. When they click submit Contact.SaveChanges() method, which passes the Contact object to the DataAccess UpdateContact() method. The context isnt instantiated until the data context method
story time
apparently im always the next in line to get called about shit not working
when other people are out
so i get called after listening to coworkers phones ringing for about 30 minutes
@Failsafe that's called "having responsibility" - scary, huh?
hey @Codeman where would i find the deployment file?
8:34 PM
@Codeman I think it's because i literally show up next in the list b/c that's how the website sorts our group
@Failsafe Codeman is afk: lunch
@FrankVisaggio I'm not sure, probably in your root directory of your project?
@CapricaSix shut your dumb mouth
8:35 PM
@Failsafe ok so I intended to go to lunch, but my coworker is finishing an email
i get a call, dude was like "hey can you look into this thing for me"
and i said sure, ill get back to you
as soon as i hung up the phone i said "i have no idea wtf he was talking about"
my coworker said he is impressed with my skill in pretending to care
so i got that going for me
anyone know of a SFW disc mounting software?
i was gonna use daemon tools lite
but i havent used it in years and idk if it's shit now
8:46 PM
who would have guess it take 3hrs to report back 150k url requests
BY SFW i mean something not riddled with BS, something thin
and with good reviews
Deamon Tools
need an older version tho
yea that's what i thought
is it shitty now?
need to pay for lite now?
@tweray @mikeTheLiar
8:48 PM
4355_0068 is the version you want
Hahaha I only need to focus and I got the right answer :D thank you guys for the motivations and tips :) God bless guys! +
@tweray @mikeTheLiar :D
oldversion.com has it
@mikeTheLiar So I can update with a seperate data access class if I use context.Entry(c).State = EntityState.Modified;

Is this okay?
oldversion is blocked by my firewall
i've tried that before
fuck it i'll just dl it at home and thumbdrive it here
and do it tomorrow
i like this new .NET cli
they got going on

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