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12:06 AM
it's not an acronym
or a very stupid one
12:23 AM
why is there no Int24
@StevenLiekens Why would there be?
12:39 AM
converting between characters and ints for three-byte characters
1) That's a remarkably specific use case 2) what's a three-byte character?
you know what a multibyte encoding is?
okay then suppose I invented my own character set that assigns characters to 0x000000 through 0xFFFFFF
and wrote classes derived from System.Text.Encoding and all that
what's bothering me is that there is nothing in the framework that converts an Int32 to a byte array with length 3 if the number would fit in that array
I was gonna try this:
byte[] bytes;
int number = 0xFFFFFF;
if (number <= byte.MaxValue)
    bytes = BitConverter.GetBytes((byte)number);
else if (number <= short.MaxValue)
    bytes = BitConverter.GetBytes((short)number);
else if (number <= Int24.MaxValue)
    bytes = BitConverter.GetBytes((Int24)number);
    bytes = BitConverter.GetBytes(number);
but then I realized there is no Int24 :(
1:20 AM
1:39 AM
has anyone used Regasm.exe to register DLLs here?
2:15 AM
@F4z have user regsvr32 all the time
So it's the .Net version of Regsvr to wrap registerd COM libs
10 hours later…
11:48 AM
@StevenLiekens what a neat little utility!!
neh it's ugly and stupid
but it's the best I could do
did you write that site?
oh you mean dotnetfiddle?
no lol
that's made by someone much smarter than me
@StevenLiekens yeh lol
i love it
always need something like that for small snippets
entechsolutions.com made dotnetfiddle
11:51 AM
does anyone know of a lib in .Net for making phone calls ... im toying with the idea of streaming data down a call
I'm curious to see if i could fly a drone from my home pc with it
could be better if it was a windows phone thing actually ... then i could wifi in to my mobile and have that make the call
then optionally control the drone from my mobile
if i was to get up from my pc
2 hours later…
2:11 PM
why our chat is always down?:(
so sad
2:31 PM
@Slashy i haven't been having that problem
hello, any one have an idea how to fix this error ?
Error 1 A field in the dataset ‘DataSet1’ has the name ‘14:00-15:40’. Field names must be CLS-compliant identifiers. C:\Users\bb\documents\visual studio 2012\Projects\ProjetVb2\ProjetVb2\Report1.rdlc ProjetVb2
2:53 PM
anyone know what i did wrong in the hlsl code ...
probably a big ask in here (unless you guys are in to GPU stuff)
3:14 PM
Hello, i need an example when to use specificly a for loop. Anyone an Idea?
as opposed to ?
for loops are for iteration over a collection of items
so are foreach loops
you might use a for loop when you want to write back to the collection you are iterating over
for example ..
foreach(var foo in collection)
    foo = bar;
is invalid
but using a for loop
for(int i = 0; i < collection.Count; i++)
    collection[i] = bar;
is valid
@ConsoleArgonaut does that answer your question?
Hi all!
yo @Jamaxack ... sup
3:29 PM
I have like in pic gridview
sorry for column name(language)
I need the total of last column
I can go by each row and calculate total
but the items of grid is List<T>
and when I change the some cell value it will not change
I can not implement Observable collection there
var total = gridItems.Sum(i => i.WhateverThatNameIs);
because of I'm using telerik ORM and it will generate the collection type List<T>
this a telerik grid huh
so it'll be something like ...
no this is mahapps grid
but this grid's Items sourse is binding to List<T>
javascript: var total = JSLINQ(grid.dataSource.dataItems()).Sum(function(i) { return i.WhateverThatColumnNameIs });
i love jslinq :)
ok use the previous one
3:35 PM
@Wardy is my question is clear?
you want the total after summing up all the values in a specific column
Does this Q&A apply when it comes to the latest NuGet ( -- stackoverflow.com/questions/18376313/…
@Wardy Yap
@Jamaxack var total = gridItems.Sum(i => i.WhateverThatNameIs);
thats what you need
@m-y depends on your environment
i tend to have a package folder relative to the solution (i beliee thats the default)
so it really depends on where your solution file is
Windows 10, Visual Studio 2015, NuGet, TFS Online -- basically I hate having every solution/project create it's own folder, I want one folder for every single NuGet.
3:38 PM
@m-y then put all your solution files in the same folder
tfs is designed so that you are supposed to have a very few solutions in a tfs project (typically)
I usually put all my solution files in the root of the tfs project
@Wardy: I structured my folders as X:\Source\{Solution Name}\..., and I was hoping I could point all packages to X:\NuGet\Packages\...
then root/packages would contain all my nuget stuff
then you'll have to edit your solution and project files manually
you're changing the default convention
@Wardy: My main concern was if the answer applies to the latest version of NuGet because I don't even see any nuget folders in any of my solution/project folders.
@m-y possibly because you are using nuget package restore
you don't need any packages in tfs
they get downloaded when needed to the clients local copy of the repo
thats the whole point to nuget
@Wardy: Right, I don't actually want any packages to be located in TFS, but on the client side I also don't want 30 copies of the same nuget package all over the place even during restoration.
3:43 PM
then like i said, unless all your solutions are in the same folder folder you will have to manually edit every project file to override the default convention
by default packages from nuget go to "%solutiondir%/packages"
I think that's something they addressed in aspnet5
at least I don't see any package folders in my aspnet5 projects
I guess they put them somewhere in my appdata folder
but uhm
ideally you should have your solution file and your packages folder in the root of the repository
4:05 PM
@StevenLiekens nothing to addres is there? ... that's just how it works
not anymore is what I'm saying
in the new project system
it's different
ah that whole json file based stuff
not looked at that yet
im scared of it ... microsoft had to go and change everything again ... sheesh
the link that I posted explains how packages are stored in the new project system
@Wardy: I found a post that talks about a nuget config option to exclude packages from checking into source control by default, so that's good. But, the downside is that you say if I want to point all packages to a single folder somewhere else (based on my folder hierarchy) that I will have to manually edit all of the sln and csproj files. This makes sense for the existing files due to references, but isn't there a config option to prevent this going forward?
Basically, is there a nuget.config option that I can say "for all new solutions/projects look here instead?"
in my experience changing the packages location causes a much bigger headache than having duplicate packages on the client
4:11 PM
so just leave it be as %solutiondir%/packages then is the best advice. Ok, I guess.
if you really want to then you can set up symbolic links for the packages folder to a shared location
then you don't have to touch the csproj files
or the nuget.config
@m-y this isn't about tfs at all
its about where the project should look for nuget packages
@m-y i wasn't aware this was possible
sounds if it was me though i would edit the templates so when i create a new folder the template it copies in to the new project folder was how i wanted it
@StevenLiekens now that sound better
Azure takes 2 seconds to serve a static 300kb (gzipped) js file - any idea what might cause that?
Thanks @Wardy. This was helpful.
so you can move your packages folder to a new location and then create a symbolic link to it
mklink /D packages X:\packages
I tried it and it seems to work just fine
4:23 PM
@m-y np
@StevenLiekens what happens on get latest?
or when a new dev joins the project
i hate fiddly stuff like that
but it works for sure :)
4:40 PM
Anyone here using DNX?
4:55 PM
I did that one day a month ago
not really ready a month ago
@Wardy nothing changes for other dev machines
@TomW some experience but not much
I don't have anything in particular to ask, just wondering how you found it, any pitfalls etc
Was wondering though, does it still have the notion of assemblies or does it load code completely differently?
@StevenLiekens can you check in a symlink to tfs?
visual studio tooling isn't great
@Wardy no you can't
but you're not supposed to check in your packages folder anyhow
that's what package restore is for
so a new dev cant just get the branch and it all work the same on all dev machines
4:58 PM
that's a potential headache waiting to happen
no they can because visual studio recreates the packages folder
and downloads all dependencies from nuget.org
it should be fine ... but if it can go wrong in this world the cahnces are its me it'll go wrong for
the only way I can think of is if you move the packages folder to a different drive than your project, and the drive letter becomes unavailable
@Wardy that's the point of packages. You have to download them, sure. But 'working the same for everyone' is one of the goals of package management, AFAIK
protip: If you use multiple solutions you can redirect the packages folder location and share one folder across multiple solutions instead of the damn thing creating N copies of everything
That was one thing I found weird/annoying about DNX. It apparently copies the whole framework, or possibly just the bits you reference, but that ends up being quite large, and what's more it does it in your user folder
It's in my GAC. Why would I want another copy
5:05 PM
what's in your GAC is not what they upload to nuget
@TomW ok having it in the GAC kinda defeats the purpose of needing it in a package too
you'd either do one or the other
I can accept that run anywhere requires it being able to do its thing on machines that have no notion of a GAC e.g. OSX and Linux
But I do have a GAC, and that's how assembly loading works for me. So I don't see why it does it
they did that so you can deploy a specific .NET version with your app instead of installing it machine-wide for all apps
this DNX sounds like a real headache
it is :)
it took me 3 whole days to wrap my head around the most basic concepts
5:09 PM
Well, learning things is normal
But finding the motivation to learn it in slow time before I have a desperate work-related need to know it, is difficult
Is predictive programming a good idea
Wat. My doctor misspelled their own address on their letterhead.
I now have layers of generic classes building on top of each other
@MoonOwl22 im getting that way with my web stack
i broke it out in to layers then used DI to build the dependency stack
It seems this project will never end because it appears what started off as an abstraction of application protocols is becoming a protocol for networked players in turn-based games
And it's all implicit.
5:15 PM
sounds evil
Well, it's waking up with an idea and adding it to your project
Finding somewhere it will fit
I don't even know what I have now because the users are interfaces
And some of the method signatures on the contract are generic methods
I didn't document why they had to be generic methods and now I'm lost
oh dear
surely used a reasonably well thought out naming convention though right?
I mean my web stack stuff has generics in the interface but its pretty easy to get your head round
void CreateTcpServerClientPair<T>();
If you see this what would you think
thats a badly named interface
I have no idea what T is from that
You see
5:22 PM
or what it should be
Lesson: Code sober
lol ... for sure
do you have an implementation of that method?
what does it do?
I don't
I was just writing generic interfaces
I don't know why
then rewrite the interfaces
easy enough to do if you don't have an implementation yet
I am starting again with a new goal
and not shifting goalposts
5:29 PM
sounds like a better idea that trying to battle through what you had
5:46 PM
rules were made to be broken. goalposts were made to be moved.
unfortunately that thinking makes for broken / incompletable projects
broken projects were made to be fixed.
in this case broken means undeliverable
which is perfect for government contracts
lol been there
and for that reason i no longer work in gov
they never actually finish anything
5:48 PM
funny thing is
i ignored my boss and finished what i was asked to do
then got told there was no more dev work left
so i could work in first line support
so i quit of course
gov management personnel use unfinishable objectives as a means to justify their jobs
without said bullshit they would be out of work and actually have to work for a living
I actually told him that on my way out the door
a few years ago dad worked as the director of title and registration for tennessee. he said there was a kid in every meeting who had veto power over anything he did if it cost money. dad complained he couldn't effectively do his job when a kid half his age would say "no" and kill any project, without appeal.
as you can imagine that down well
@Amy thats just retarded
but normal for gov
5:52 PM
the governor fired him a year or so later for not doing his job. which is more infuriating given that dad couldn't fire one of his employees when she never showed up for work.
imo, dad didn't know how to play politics.
Just before i left my previous job i proposed a better core architecture and I was told it was way too far ahead of what we did now thus unachievable
I am half way through implementing the same hting in my new job
@Amy that was his biggest failing
in gov its all about politics and nothing about talent
I used to work with a guy that achieved literally nothing every day
but he knew how to play the politics game
so he was of course the office star
I actually called him on his bullshit one meeting over core design of a key part of a new system
he literally just run out of the room
all because I asked "so which of these approaches do you think is best and why?"
so far out of his depth he just crashed
6:16 PM
I don't think I've ever worked with anyone literally incapable of doing the job
A few thickoes though
Ha (some maybe NSFW content)
oh, it's sunday. Whatever then
I have concluded: building everything from scratch is fun
until it's not
i have too much to do to build everything from scratch
6:31 PM
i'd rather just get it done
holy shit. there's a broom and dust pan on amazon for $300
it must be the best dust pan ever
7:05 PM
@Amy don't we all but there comes a point when the system must do something that years of hacks on top of poorly written legacy code has to be replaced
and its a good opportunity to build something based on better business processes
I have also found that doing old stuff in new technologies often doesn't take that long because some of the longer code portions are now just handled by frameworks or packages
What are the chances some old stuff was written so damn well, you won't need to replace it
haha ... good joke
when did that ever happen in the history of programming?
Isn't there some pretty old code in the Linux source tree that's off-limits
probably ... but that doesn't mean its well written or that it hasn't been touched for years
ok lets take the practical approach here ... lets say i was writing a calculator
an add function can pretty much only be done one way
so once its written
no point in changing it
but business applications are not like that
business processes change pretty much all the time
Ok. In that case, enterprise development is off-limits for me
7:16 PM
oh? ... why do you say that?
Think about Windows from 1.0 to 10. Do you agree there is code that is still intact?
I want to work on such projects - where I know once you solve a problem, you've solved it for the next thirty years
i don't know for sure but I would say that at least 90% of it has likely been changed or replaced at some point
I can't think of a single problem that fits that description
But this was over a 30 year period
I can think of one
maybe solved for 10 years but then replaced
Not replaced
7:20 PM
Modified and extended
if gaming is a solved problem why are people still building game engines?
I mean actual games
I'm comparing the products that's shipped to the users
I didn't mean gaming is a solved problem
7:22 PM
you mean the fact that companies like EA can take a game put a few new textures in it and sell it again for a year at top AA prices?
I meant an actual game is a solved problem when it meets the demand
That is the kind of development I'd like to get into
that problem is solved for that purpose, that particular product
Yep that's what I'm saying
but if you worked for a game dev company you'd solve that problem then in 5 years time be asked to solve it again
but better
so the solution you came up with today won't last 30 years
You said business processes are always changing and for a particular product (in bespoke environments) that means you'll always be in perpetual beta
7:24 PM
games are exactly the same
thats why so many ship incomplete
I know there are programs we use today that are still unmodify
stuff like that is ultra rare ... problems don't just stay solved for 30+ years in programming
They normally don't
as technology moves on there are inevitably better ways to do something
progress is the problem
you can't solve that
you just go with it
back when i was junior developer content management was considered a solved problem
it still is today
but still people are writing content management systems
How much of TeX was rewritten?
7:27 PM
why ... because the old ones are not very smart ... they solve the problem but make life hard for the user by the standard set in todays technology
what problem does TeX solve?
how many other solutions to that problem are there?
Well, not that many actually because it was so well-written
isn't that basically why we have fonts today?
that basically changes with every new display tech step that comes along unless i missed something?
How about when you want to typeset formulae
TeX is still very popular for this
isn't that like saying ... there's only 1 way to add 2 numbers together?
I'm not saying the problem was solved completely but that the solution to this day still carries a significant amount of its original code
Imagine if Windows was rewritten from the ground up with every release
Consider the complexity of Windows
7:34 PM
probably ... but with a lot of fixes applied to it since it was written no doubt
I wouldn't know without actually seeing the history
Not "fixes" but additions
(The original) Tex is probably one of the few known bug-free programs
I think you're missing the point ... the problem has been resolved again and again since
the whole planet isn't using it are they?
What is your point then
which means there isn't just 1 solution to that and that's it .. problem solved
the world resolves the problem for the context in which it will be used
Well, I never denied that
7:36 PM
for example
one common way to generate a mesh is using the marching cubes algorithm
What I denied is that it is impossible for a system to carry legacy code through the decades
I solved that already and have a cpu based mesh generator
now im solving that same problem to get meshing done on my gpu
Yeah a change has occurred but how much of Win32 has been rewritten?
I wrote code 15 years ago I consider to be bug free and havent touched it since
7:38 PM
don't use it though
I have sine written other things that solve the problem in a better way
maybe they are easier to debug, maybe they fit a new architecture better
maybe the new version makes better use of the underlying hardware
maybe i wrote something in c++ and I wanted to do the same thing in c#
I guess my point if anyhting is that a solved problem is not really ever just solved in programming
someon at some point will come along and say ... lets do this bigger solution this way, so you'll need to rewrite that perfectly good block of code in something else
@Wardy Why would you have to rewrite it in C# when could call the C++ code from C#
I agree
because the boss said so
maybe he has some strange idea that this is good because he now made some stupid company policy that we no longer use c++ in anyhting
I don't know
What I disagree with is that it is impossible for a system to contain legacy code from at least a decade that still runs which neither the desire, time nor energy to replace
7:42 PM
that's the sort of thing that happens though
@MoonOwl22 No what i meant was its virtually impossible these days to solve a problem for such a long period of time and have that code not be looked at for 30 years
financial systems for example are well known for not wanting to change
its risk and where money is involved risk is bad
but not touching that block of code for 30 years means you run the risk of losing the knowledge internally of how it works
as a company can you afford to do that?
probably not
people that don't write code think differently too .. but I can't recall ever looking at a block of code I wrote more than 2 years ago and thinking ... thats awesome and there's not 1 thing I would do to improve that
i would question the learning ability of anyone who could say that they wouldnt change a thing
or maybe they just don't give a shit (that happens)
But I thought I read something about code not being modifiable and only being extensible
not sure what you read but these days its the reason why we build everything against interfaces, so either side can change and the other doesn't have to
allows us to modularise our replacement of functionality over time
8:00 PM
Hey guys
anyone ever did work with encryption?
@Kovu Ask Kendall
@KendallFrey Hey made :)
@Kovu i setup a single sign on server last week
configured it to generated encrypted tokens but the code wasn't mine that does the encryption
I want to build a Threema API in C#, normal sending works perfect but the E2E Encryption is like hell for me
This is done with NaPl, ever heard of it?
8:05 PM
this is the java code, open source, works fine when I work with it in Java
static public int crypto_secretbox_nopad(byte[] c, int coffset, byte[] m, int moffset, long mlen, byte[] n, byte[] k)
/* variant of crypto_secretbox that doesn't require 32 zero bytes before m and doesn't output
* 16 zero bytes before c */
byte[] c0 = new byte[32];

xsalsa20.crypto_stream_xor_skip32(c0, c, coffset+16, m, moffset, mlen, n, k);
poly1305.crypto_onetimeauth(c, coffset, c, coffset+16, mlen, c0);

return 0;
But there is no c# API given that has the code allready...
you brought java to a c# chat ... lol
I found this,, seems exaclty what I am looking for but in fact no idea how to use it
8:47 PM
Q: Some Unicode characters not appearing

F4zI'm trying to replicate (not an exact replica) the CharMap program from windows in my program for inserting and adding symbols. Problem is that the symbols would work on a machine with Windows 7, 8 10 but some symbols wouldn't show on Windows XP. Windows XP Windows 7, 8, 10 I'm currently ...

Okay I just did it
The encryption was correct from the first second on... Threema just add a prebyte which is nowhere documented...
I hate them
if I just had this prebyte added before, I would have saved 10 hours
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