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12:22 AM
@Bassem Check the SQLAGENT.OUT file in <SQL Instance directory>\Log
@Bassem Also check if the directories are coorect in your registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL12.MSSQLSERVER\SQLServerAgent
hey all
how do you promote yourself or your services online (specifically, on social media) if you don't know anybody?
12:41 AM
At a previous exam, they got the following question:

How much information is received by a photo camera with 100 × 100 pixels that can only
be black or white?

Why shouldn't this be 100*100*2?
@ErwinOkken because a bit carries two states
0=black, 1=white
so 100*100
Man I'm so stupid ;_;
no, you were tired
12:43 AM
All these questions about complex sensors, genetic algorithms, I failed them all but they are so easy ;-D
computer science way hahaha if you choose another career, you won't be satisfied
Artificial Intelligence it is! I indeed would kill myself if I can't do this kind of work.. :P
@Darek And if they would ask the same question but then for a full-color camera? (e.g: 24bits)

Is * 3 then still not valid?
so for 100x100 B&W you need 10kbits, which is roughly 1.25kB. for a "full color" 24 bits per pixel, you need 3 bytes, thus 30kB.
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1:53 AM
interesting interview
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4:03 AM
hi, can someone give me a hand with this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/34734082/…
4:39 AM
Can Lync recording be controlled programmatically?
4:52 AM
@Amy thanks, but is silverlight something necessary?
Silverlight was abandoned by MS. I don't think it'll be necessary for anything.
6:20 AM
Did you know that air is so addictive, that withdrawal very quickly leads to death? Most succumb within just a few minutes to withdrawal symptoms.
> 1) What is Water?
Water, W, Hot Ice, Liquid Crystal... all these "street" terms refer to the same substance, known chemically as H20. Water is a highly addictive and toxic chemical, which in its natural state is completely odorless, tasteless, and clear.
An old internet gem, back from the nineties: psychoactive.com/h2o.html
if you ask people "are you in favor of your children drinking dihydrogen monoxide in their tap water?" some people will say "no!"
You know what also contains the hydrogen and oxygen in your water? ROCKET FUEL!
tell me more!
6:40 AM
hello guys
can anybody help me with this question:
Q: Linq query giving inappropriate output

LearningI have two transaction tables named as ParentTransaction and ChildTransaction in which TransactionId of ParentTransaction will act as foreign to ChildTransaction of TransactionId. Now what i want to do is i want to get all those TransactionId of ParentTransaction whose payamount is not completed...

Hello, guys. My VS went mad all of a sudden. My solution totally freezes when I try to make any action after a few minutes of not taking any action. It started yesterday and I can't find the reason. And before that it was all fine. When I open solution I can work with it, but if I leave it opened for like 3 minutes and then try to edit, it just freezes...
is the solution on your local hard drive?
Connected to TFS tho.
disable all your extensions
see if it persists.
6:45 AM
Will try.
it might have been an update
What makes you think extensions might be the cause?
Experienced something similar?
does anyone know about XMPP
please help me regarding this:
Q: groupchat file transfer like skype in c#

Software_developeri am developing windows chat application in c#.net using XMPP of agsXMPP library,for which i need to transfer files to group which could be downloaded by group members simultaneously,like Skype.in XMPP there is outbound data transfer for this,but it uses URL,because of which file first needs to b...

@Amy You just reminded me about a custom extension I installed. I removed it and now it seems that the problem disappeared.
Does it mean that the extension is built or installed incorrectly?
well, it has a defect.
6:56 AM
@Denver Quite likely. Is it an extension you wrote or have the code for? Try attaching a debugger to VS itself to see if it throws exceptions.
i won't speculate as to the nature or cause of that defect.
Meh, it just adds an item template to generate an empty c# class. Yeah, I developed it. And it works fine. I could not even imagine of such a side effect like random freezes, heh.
Well, thanks. It was quite a fast answer. Will try to detect the defect in the extension now.
@Denver "Disable the extensions" is the tried and true test.
When in doubt, shut it all down.
Yeah, that's a nice solution. ^^
7:22 AM
Damn, getting desperate.. Paid for some dating site.. Jeeeeez
It's pretty bad when you didn't get along with your classmates at Uni and now working for a company where the collegues lives about 1 ½ hour away.. No people to hang out with :|
7:37 AM
not eharmony, i hope?
some of those paid sites are frauds.
7:57 AM
@JakobMillah Tell me if I can find on this site a funny cute girl, who likes programming, gaming, travelling, cooking, music and sports.
Good morning.
@JakobMillah What's wrong with that?
MessageBox.Show(String.Format("{0}", uitkomst.ToString()): "{0.00}";
How do I make this work so it rounds to 2 decimals after ,?
You already wrote it, {0.00}
Doesn't work though
If you put it in the format it should
8:14 AM
try {#.##}
MessageBox.Show(String.Format("{0:0.00}", uitkomst.ToString()), "Gemiddelde");
Whichever number it gives that decimals. So 5 = 0 decimals. 4.5958 = 4 decimals. I need it to be 2 at all times
@Amy Throws unhandledException
String.Format("{0:#.##}", uitkomst.ToString())
@Amy That shouldn't work, since it can't format a string.
Ah, just noticed that was in the original.
@MaartenWachters When you're calling ToString, you're already turning your double to a string. So the formatting string does nothing.
you're right
String.Format("{0:#.##}", uitkomst)
8:22 AM
@MaartenWachters That's why string.Format receives objects.
MessageBox.Show(uitkomst.ToString("0.##")); this worked
But I cant for exaple a 5 > 5.00
that'll work too.
But if I insert 5.0939 it'll limit to 2
you can use the F format
uitkomst.ToString("F") // 5.09
uitkomst.ToString("F4") // 5.0939
actually that's a lie
it would probably return 5,09 or 5,0939 with your region settings
8:31 AM
I think N2 adds the thousands separator.
9:14 AM
g'day everyone
9:39 AM
Good day, could i please get help with this Question stackoverflow.com/questions/34740105/…
@scheien Hello, that error is gone. Simply I had to use id (parameter) instead of user.UserId. Thanks for your help.
I've to implement user authentication and authorization in my application. I'm pretty certain on how to do the authorization part but I've no idea how to do secure user authentication
I have a question, since I came from Web Forms to MVC, I remember in Web Forms we could have multiple Button events on the same page, how is that possible in MVC (I know there is no events in MVC) to have a second button under the same controller to do something different?
Example: I've got a Edit User page where I can update Identity users info. Some users might get locked-out so I want to add a button where I can click and Unlock them or even Reset their password.
@SteffenWinkler You just need a way to set and check permissions.
9:50 AM
@RoelvanUden that's the part I'm clear about (authorization)
but secure authentication?
@SteffenWinkler Oh, right, so a secure way to store passwords then?
storage should be fine Iguess (encrypt and in the database it goes)
Just POST user/password over HTTPS (with a good cipher) and hash with a strong one-way hash, salt, iterations, etc.
what I do not know is how to actually, securely transmit user and password information over the network
this is not HTTP
it's a server/client c# application
Then SSL over TCP, it's the same thing as HTTPS
9:52 AM
okay. But still, I can't just sent user/password info
You have to use a secure way of storing passwords which is actually not saving the password at all..
Sure you can. Once you've set up a secure connection, there is no reason why you can't.
@Tumelo hash, yes.
@RoelvanUden ever heared about MITM?
@SteffenWinkler That's why you have SSL >_<'
The whole certificate system is a way to mitigate that.
MITM is nearly the only vector that helps against SSL/TLS
9:53 AM
You can't MITM a properly secured channel.
See, it's easy, you just need to establish SSL, handshake, and verify the certificate on both ends.
yeah and if someone is in that connection during the handshake?
They can't be.
Let me find you a video, one sec.
Hey guys
I have a question about EF 6 and detached Entities
If I get a tcpdump of a router that sits between server and client, someone with enough knowledge and time should be able to read everything
Watch that. It's the basics of public key cryptography. You're right that this is vulnerable to MITM, but that's where certificates come in.
I have an item of type Foobar
and it includes an ICollection<Person>
If I add a new Person to my Item, how can I update the EF context in detached scenario?
the new Person doesn't have an itemID releation by default
@GrayFox I don't see how the entity is detached. It's unchanged, surely?
Guys how do I get to access method attributes from a webservice that only gives me the methods to call on and not the individual attributes
9:58 AM
Roel can we go in a chat room where I can post some code
I don't want to disturb the other guys
A paste bin will do. I'm not that keen on opening more tabs while I should be working ;-)
@Tumelo What do you mean by attributes?
@RoelvanUden ah, thank you. Couldn't watch the video but read the german wikipedia article. Yes that'd be secure against MITM.
@Tumelo From the question you linked to earlier, it looks like you're using a webservice proxy class that was generated by VS. It wouldn't have anything except the methods, since that's what is exposed by the WS.
@SteffenWinkler That's how HTTPS works, too. We'd be in trouble if it was MITM'able.
10:02 AM
@RoelvanUden If I don't go line 11 - 17 the update ends with an exception....
@GrayFox Are you sure you're aware of how you normally deal with EF?
@RoelvanUden I am in a detachted scenario
I'm still not sure how you'd got there.
need to convert string date to date
string dateTime = "01/08/2008 14:50:50.42";
DateTime dt = Convert.ToDateTime(dateTime);
Console.WriteLine("Year: {0}, Month: {1}, Day: {2}, Hour: {3}, Minute: {4}, Second: {5}, Millisecond: {6}",
dt.Year, dt.Month, dt.Day, dt.Hour, dt.Minute, dt.Second, dt.Millisecond);
10:09 AM
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan what i mean is, the different fields i cant submit to then pdfReportResultProcess for example.. how do i get to a point where it lets me post to those nodes of the wsdl
@Tumelo Do you mean the method arguments?
@Jamaxack thanks bud... ;)
Hey everyone. Would like to ask if there is pattern for logging everything in background thread.
Log.Write("Hello world"); is what I do using Microsoft Enterprise logging lib.
I just don't want logging to have any effect on my main thread. Let it be in background.
@AccountUnknown or you can do
string dateTime = "2016-01-12 12:00:00";
DateTime dt = DateTime.ParseExact(dateTime, "yyyy-MM-dd", System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture);
@ShishirKushwaha Sure, put it into a queue that does off-thread processing.
10:19 AM
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan yes
Shonky EF :(
@RoelvanUden Yes, Using Task and forget the thread status would in this situation.
@RoelvanUden My question is, is there any well recognized design pattern for this ?
@ShishirKushwaha Run a Task, creating a BlockingCollection, put log lines into the collection, let the task flush it to file. Don't create more than one task
I have no idea what patterns there are, I don't care.
@Tumelo And is the problem with the code (it doesn't compile) or just with Visual Studio's intellisense?
@RoelvanUden Agree ! Maybe I could start task factory in my Log extension method internally. This would save me from repeating Thread creation again and again. Anyways, thanks !
10:29 AM
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan i would like to know how to post the GUID for example on the client side as i cant seem to be able to call the method and then get to the point where i call the arguments
10:43 AM
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan do u get what i mean??
@Tumelo Not quite.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan what i need to do is post to a certain field that ReportRequestServiceClient consumes and then gives me a response based on the input, so i need a way of posting that variable to the service as the normal way that i know doesnt seem to work and hence this chat
What doesn't work? Does it not compile? Does it throw an exception when you pass it the GUID?
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan please have a look at the link i posted earlier, problem is that i cant seem to be able to call the arguments of all the methods
10:58 AM
@Tumelo You say intellisense marks it as red. But does the compiler accept the parameters?
Intellisense can make mistakes. The compiler is who you need to satisfy.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan well it compliles but the method name gets underlined and error refers to the method
@Tumelo Do you have ReSharper by chance?
11:17 AM
No I don't, let me restart the solution quick
11:33 AM
are there any xamarin users in here?
Why do I need to add all columns I want in group by as well as in select
How else would you expect to group without losing data?
How could it group if there's scope for ambiguity
I want the sum and rest of data, is partition by only choice I have >
@Mathematics the rest of what data?
so wait, what's the problem?
11:39 AM
does anyone know why System.Drawing.Graphics is documented in the xamarin api but it doesn't let me use it?
the column must be an aggregate if it isn't included in the group by.
@KendallFrey oh rest of data doesn't makes sense in the example I provided, let me find a better example
@user3499284 "Doesn't let me use it" ?
using System.Drawing.Graphics; graphics underlined red.
while there is documentation
@user3499284 Graphics is class, not a namespace.
11:42 AM
Are you missing a reference?
using System.Drawing;
public sealed class Graphics : MarshalByRefObject, IDeviceContext
how would i be able to use the Graphics class?
follow the documentation
like a normal class
It's more like I have students    (Student1 and Student2)

They have marks for 2 subjects,

Name            Subject                Marks
Student1      English                    50
Student1      Maths                    10
Student2      English                   80
Student2      Maths                    5

I want

Name            TotalMarks
Student1          10000
Student2          10000
11:43 AM
i made a graph drawing class in a windows forms application
"You can obtain a Graphics object by calling the Control.CreateGraphics method on an object that inherits from Control, or by handling a control's Control.Paint event and accessing the PaintEventArgs.Graphics property of the PaintEventArgs class. You can also create a Graphics object from an image by using the Graphics.FromImage(Image) method."
@KendallFrey above is what I want and I don't think it will work with group by
A: SQL Server: Difference between PARTITION BY and GROUP BY

Arunprasanth KVWe can take a simple example we have a table named TableA with the following values . id firstname lastname Mark ------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 arun prasanth 40 2 ann ...

basically the exact example
@KendallFrey surprisingly I read it, but I couldn't understand it, which is why I started testing it thinking might help me understand better
although what you said seems like a normal group by would work
11:45 AM
But your example isn't exactly clear
Just trying to make up what am doing, let me see if it works in my scenario as well, working on a complex example
@Squiggle so i cant make a new Graphics object like this: Graphics g;
Fantastic. If your configuration database imports the ISO country codes list without sanitising it, it turns out you can let your users declare that they were born in NATO
that doesn't make a new object in any situation in C# ever
@TomW future-proof it, allow free text input
someday someone's gonna be born off this planet
11:48 AM
@user3499284 I'm not a xamarin expert - I'm only going by what's in the documentation.
Class    Name            Subject               Marks
  x      Student1      English                  50
  x      Student1      Maths                    10
  x      Student2      English                  80
  x      Student2      Maths                    5

I want

Class    Name            TotalMarks
  x     Student1          60
  x     Student2          85
okay this is what exactly I want
I want to add class X as well, it's common for all students
I want to show it in the result
@KendallFrey but hopefully not in such a short timeframe that they can fill in a form before ISO recognises their nationality :)
but if I use it with group by.... then group by won't work
@Squiggle alright, thanks i'll see if i can get it to work.
Although this is an international standards organisation. And 3 year olds can use iPads.
11:49 AM
@KendallFrey now I figured out he problem - mentioned it above
@TomW @KendallFrey Jus sanguinis would probably apply in those cases.
The subject of birth aboard aircraft and ships is one with a long history in public international law. The law on the subject is complex, because various states apply differing principles of nationality, namely jus soli and jus sanguinis, to varying degrees and with varying qualifications. == Historical background == Prior to the 1961 Convention, quite a number of states expressly provided, in their laws, that births and deaths aboard an aircraft registered to that state are considered to have occurred on national territory, and thus the nationality laws of that territory apply. One such was §...
also that ^
also countries != nationalities
What's the definition of nationality?
Hey, whenever I mark an entity to EntityState.Deleted, the entity is deleted immedately before calling SaveChanges(). Which ends up with in InvalidOperationException "Collection was modified . Enumeration operation may not be executed"
12:11 PM
@KendallFrey Basically "citizen of a given state"
but you can have disputed states, conflict zones, and states change over time.
British nationality law as it pertains to Hong Kong has been unusual ever since Hong Kong became a British colony in 1842. From its beginning as a sparsely populated trading port to today's cosmopolitan international financial centre of over seven million people, the territory has attracted refugees, immigrants and expatriates alike searching for a new life. Citizenship matters were complicated by the fact that British nationality law treated those born in Hong Kong as British subjects (although they did not enjoy full rights and citizenship), while the People's Republic of China (PRC) did not...
for example
Who here loves F#?
@ReedCopsey may I trouble you for something that's not selfish and even kind of important with regards to F# and cancellation tokens?
I still can't read F# so, nope, don't love it.
@Squiggle yeah, I doubt anyone has ever correctly implemented a way of correctly identifying 'parents' nationality' for example when people's parents might be quite old and born in a country that doesn't exist anymore
I want someone to argue the case for F# style cancellation in esdiscuss or even just explain how it works.
Yet simultaneously barring it if it's known the country doesn't exist anymore
12:22 PM
@RoelvanUden install this in your brain implant nuget.org/packages/FSharp.Compiler.Service
Even organisations that consider that quite or very important.
@StevenLiekens If it would work
Even more so when for example the user knows their father is 95 and knows he was born in Transvaal, but The System says Transvaal didn't exist anymore. What do you do when your model contradicts the user's believed facts?
why yes, I have been known to overengineer things. How could you tell?
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan and @RoelvanUden Thank you guys as i got that solution working..
@BenjaminGruenbaum I like F# but no clue about cancellation
12:35 PM
not sure how can I do left joins in entity framework
left joins? why?
12:57 PM
@Mathematics: Check out DefaultIfEmpty()
good morning, i slept naturally about 14 hours yesterday, is that common? am i dying?
I want to be able to sleep that long
1:04 PM
@tweray Yes, you are dying. As are we all, slowly, slowly, dying.
(They call that "age" at times)
not that slow
Dahala Khagrabari (#51) was an Indian enclave belonging to the District of Cooch Behar in the State of West Bengal. This was a piece of India within Bangladesh, within India, within Bangladesh. It was one of the smallest—7,000 square metres (1.7 acres)—of the Indo-Bangladesh enclaves, albeit not the smallest of the 106 Indian exclaves inside Bangladesh and 92 Bangladeshi exclaves inside India. It was the only third-order enclave in the world until 1 August 2015, when it was ceded to Bangladesh. == OverviewEdit == Dahala Khagrabari (#51) was completely encircled by the Bangladeshi village ...
Geography is fucking weird
Indian enclave inside a Bangladeshi enclave inside an Indian enclave inside Bangladesh.
well, if my history isn't that bad, i believe it's all you briton's fault
"Yo dawg, I herd you laiked enclaves, so we put an enclave, in your enclave, in your enclave, dawg"?
In Soviet Russia, Motherland live in you
1:08 PM
@tweray actually yeah, that one's our fault.
basically the whole india colony and small countries in 18-19th century was in purposely screwed in mess so they can conflict with each other rather than unite and oppose the empire
@Denver If I find a girl like that.. She is mine haha!
@RoelvanUden I don't know.. I feel like there's a huge gap when it comes to finding friends and love these days.. If you don't have some already to hang out and meet new with? What do you do? Go alone to the bar and start chatting with groups? Seems a bit awkward hehe
It's not as simple as that, and I doubt that was the intention
@JakobMillah I'm aware. I have very little friends, don't go out to drink, and essentially spend time at home watching movies, gaming and programming. It's not a great way to meet people, so I don't know dating sites are a bad idea. Albeit, in my case, I tried 3 so far and none actually made me meet anyone, ..
1:15 PM
:( these guys wrote a user control whose elements are only visible when they have an event handler attached to them
@RoelvanUden haha same boat :P
@JakobMillah House parties. Dinner parties. Game evenings. Just find any excuse to hang out with anyone you know - and if you don't know anyone, use Facebook or meetup to locate groups of similar interests :)
Meetup.com - I think people still use it
@Squiggle house parties with who? Dinner and gaming with... who? :P
Actually making an app for this matter.. To spoil a little bit..
1:17 PM
@JakobMillah half my friends from back home came from tech usergroups
my friends range from at home to across the country
currently I'm blessed with a hypersocial fiancee
mine are spread out AF too..
You are spoiled man.. SPOILED!
I've seen 2 girls lately:
1st one was fantastic in a lot of ways.. But the most insecure and unstable.. She had to find herself..

2nd.. Mother to a 5 year old son. Smoking :|... She has met only alcoholics and drug addicts all her life and ye.. She is prett rough.. Kind and pretty, but.. Roguh
I am like... too nice haah
I got no moar GRILLS to swipe on Tinder... WHAT TO DO!? :|
!!youtube Banana boat song
@JakobMillah move country and reinvent yourself
1:23 PM
@JakobMillah: I tend to go to pubs and drink beer and talk to random people. I find that funny.
@Squiggle Ye, planning to in a couple of years actually. But I figured I had to work in Sweden a couple of years first to get the experience
@scheien Alone? Hmm :/ I don't drink so it's a little weird speaking with drunkies.. I actually planned doing it upcoming weekend. We'll see!
yeah. I don't go out that often though
Cool. Don't know if people do it in Sweden.. I think it might a bit weird. you usually meet up in gang
same in norway actually, and it doesnt always work, since people are generally afraid to talk to strangers
ye.. That is pretty weird. Funny how something like Tinder has completely changed that.. 10 min on tinder and it's like you know eachother
1:27 PM
but I do it whenever we go on business trips. Works well in other european countries :)
Cool (Y) :)
I had spoken to this 2nd woman 2 days before new years. Met her and hang out with her on new years. Got to meet her friend then she brought us to a great party with fantastic people :P So it happens sometimes..
I am too social for my own good though.. I go crazy
hey guys given this
PDFReportService.ReportRequestServiceClient client = new PDFReportService.ReportRequestServiceClient();

client.RequestReportLink(null, null, null, null, TextBox1.Text);
how would i go about handling the Soap response after submitting
@Tumelo this is with an 'Add Service Reference' to an external SOAP service, right?
normally a call would return a response. Do you have documentation for the API you're integrating with?
yes it is..
and i have documentation.. the response there is laid out as a soap response that has the arguments that i am looking to use\
@JakobMillah: you still hang out with those guys or?
1:32 PM
but i cant pass the result into string@Squiggle
What does 'can't' mean?
@scheien hmm... Yesterday was the first day me and the woman didn't communicate for a whole day so I don't know.. I think it might grow a little bit stiff between us :P But I might contact the guys we hang out with during new years. Met some cool theater folks there
Actually, what does 'pass the result into string' mean?
when i try pass the result to string it comes out blank after i convert the result to string
What does 'pass the result to string' mean?
1:34 PM
Tom you and your scary questions.. you freak out people!
I mean when i try to take the response and convert it into string ...\
Have you tried using a tool to check if you actually receive right values etc? I remember using Wizdler "plugin for chrome" when working with WSDL.. Was a freakin awesome tool
Do you mean cast?
@Tumelo but... isn't the response an object? like a RequestReportLikeResponse object or something?
you can @await in razor now
1:37 PM
@Tumelo share the code snippet where you're fetching the response and trying to stringify it
@Failsafe very interesitng!
@Tumelo yeah, the reason you can't cast it to string is that it isn't a string
I've just looked at the WSDL. The response should be of type RequestReportLinkResponse which has one property called RequestReportLinkResult
Or maybe the proxy hides the outer type and just shows you _Result, I'm not sure
But anyway, it's not a string
@Squiggle here is the snippet
PDFReportService.ReportRequestServiceClient client = new PDFReportService.ReportRequestServiceClient();

string result = Convert.ToString(client.RequestReportLink(null, null, null, null, TextBox1.Text));
yeah that really won't work
See what @TomW said. Use the result of the response object.
also read more about Types and conversion in C#
@Squiggle and @TomW how do u suggest i get the response as i cant access the response methods from my side ias i have been trying
The code you have does get the response
1:44 PM
var response = client.RequestReportLink(yadda yadda)
yes it does.. its a matter of passing it to the div tag when am done saving it to the obj.. casue i tried that and the div tag didnt want to take the obj
@Tumelo I strongly suggest you understand why your Convert.ToString approach didn't work
@Squiggle i will read up on it
@JakobMillah theater folks are usually awesome :)
@scheien Ye these were amazing.. The feeling entering the apartment with all these theater folks and musicians. A lot of warmth :D They invited me to join the theater since I joined in on their theater talk that evening and enjoyed it... So I probably will :P
1:59 PM
asp5 rc1 shipped?

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