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I once saw a computer mouse whose packaging advertised "anti-spawn-camping protection" or something similar. Still no idea what that actually entails.
My best guess: a hotkey that simulates rapid x-direction mouse movement so you can make your character turn 180 degrees very quickly
My mouse has about 13 buttons. I've re-bound 4 that sit on my thumb to be Ctrl/Alt/Shift/Tab.
Insanely useful.
Being able to Alt+Tab with your thumb? Pretty much makes you a God.
I had the razer naga for a long time until it finally died. 19 buttons and a scroll wheel, yes please. That was back when I played WoW for ~30 hours a day.
you too?
oh man
I called it quits when the day/night cycle went twice in one sitting.
6:11 PM
I realized I really needed to stop
Oh, heh, yeah. I got crazy obsessed right around Cata's launch. I played since a couple months before BC.
Cata launched right before the summer where I moved away from home and didn't know anyone where I was, so yeah, all day was just WoW.
I was big into end game PvE.
I just liked questing. I just went from one quest to the other. Loot hoarding
Unrelated to this, what's the price of solid computer in yours country ?
Slightly more than a liquid computer.
lol, solid by ram,graphics,cpu
i think liquid computer would be much more expensive if it existed :)
6:20 PM
at the time I bought my gaming PC, it cost me roughly 1200$ (Canadian)
it was pretty high end at the time
what's the specs
oh they are garbage now
this was in 2010
i5, 8GB RAM, GTX 560 128MB
@Kevin thx 4 the help
I paid ~$700 for my desktop when I first got it, but I've done ~$600 in upgrades in the past 10 years or so.
i don't really know what you people consider garbage, yeah , at here it's more than a decent computer
6:21 PM
linear math makes my head hurt
with specs you outlined
Mine's about the same specs.
garbage with respect to gaming
what do you posses now may i ask :D
I'm a moron
I don't know why I said 128MB :
for gaming a 1GB videocard won't get you far if you are looking to push the visuals
6:23 PM
i know
well i have i3,6gb ddr3,2gb nvidia inside laptop, it's really bad for gaming, but i mean, in our country who has computer with 8gb ram, i5 processor he's the boss :D
My work machine, the one I'm on now, is i5 4690, 8GB RAM, Radeon HD 6870 1GB.
my work laptop is a macbook air with 8GB RAM, i7
are macbooks a bit overpriced ?
This was actually a custom build I did ~6 months ago.
If you look at the raw tech specs, yes. The build quality on them is fantastic though. Plus, they end up lasting much longer.
6:27 PM
I'm having a hard time saying yes to it being overpriced.
I've got a current gen Air that my freelance gig provided me to work on, and it's my first experience with a mac laptop. It's much nicer than I imagined.
I want to say yes...but I feel like there are so many other competing products out there that are as much or more expensive
however...those competing products are starting to have better hardware
the dell xps is an impressive machine
i like dell hardware
that's what i meant :)
@idjaw If you only look at the hardware, you can find a comparable laptop for significantly less money. That discounts the rest of the machine though, screen, case, keyboard, etc.
And I say this as someone who used to complain about how expensive Apple was. ;)
@Morgan'Venti'Thrappuccino Have Windows-based laptops reduced their prices with SSD to compete more with Apple. I haven't looked at prices recently.
6:29 PM
@idjaw Sure, if you're willing to go off-brand.
ah, places like newegg?
And yeah, in our region apple phones are not so popular
@idjaw Yeah. Plus, you're not going to be getting Crucial/Intel/Kingston. You're buying OCZ, or some manufacturer I've never even heard of.
i don't say dell isn't expensive ( i have low specs one) i just say they are endurable and have good hardware
Honestly, up until the whole Superfish debacle, I would've recommended Lenovo. Now I don't know who to recommend.
6:33 PM
Do you agree that Acer is really low quality ?
i like lenovo, just haven't heard of superfish debacle
I don't have an opinion about them one way or the other.
They installed spyware on a bunch of laptops and then shipped them out.
have to share this for any possible Smashing Pumpkin (when they were awesome) fans here.
holy nostalgia
And it wasn't just the standard ads, etc. It was baked into the BIOS, if I remember correctly.
@idjaw Ooooo, nice.
6:35 PM
man this is really taking me back.
@Morgan'Venti'Thrappuccino i'd never buy from them again if they've done it
Oh also, I forgot about that part, it broke HTTPS for anyone using the machine. :D
Because f*!@ you, how dare you buy our computers.
mmmm cold-smoked horse <3
cbg @Ilja
what do you think about aes encryption ?
@MarkoMackic a friendly reminder that "I" is capitalized and there are no spaces before punctuation
since you've been making this mistake all morning
There haven't been any good questions at all today. One of those days.
cbg @AnttiHaapala
there are spaces before punctuation if you end a sentence with a url
@davidism ok. I'll try to be more careful :)
6:56 PM
@idjaw I answered an ok flask one earlier, but then it turned out the op hadn't described their problem properly.
When I'm typing i don't really look at capitalization of my letters ?
@davidism that sounds very familiar. Today's trend :)
grammar nazis are annoying as hell
@wim you forgot to end your sentence with a period.
thanks for the feedback
@MarkoMackic I don't really care about most grammar, but those two things really jump out. Take your time, we'll still be here when you've written your message. :)
7:01 PM
Sentences with URLs preceding punctuation do not have a space between the URL and the punctuation. Stack Overflow chat parses the URLs intelligently and deduces that the . does not belong there. And should it fail, one should use the proper mark-up ([]())
I know :)
we need a bot here that would throw
>>> what_have i
  File "<chat message>", line 1
    what have i
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
how does the bot properly detect it's not a typo: i gloo
*go back to work idjaw*
I weep every time someone suggests using default string representations of python objects as serialization stackoverflow.com/questions/36341436/…
7:23 PM
@AndrasDeak what're you up to ?
let's talk about Python or cats or something
@MarkoMackic nothing much
I'd like to eat python
Nice turn :) @davidism
7:25 PM
@MarkoMackic I am serious though, please put in effort.
faster than me
I had a revelation during the mid-term I supervised a few hours ago
but now I forgot what it was about:S
it was groundbreaking
through, though, thought, so hard to understand for non english people
7:28 PM
it's not
we from bosnia are special squad :D
I just bought a book about reverse engineering for some odd reason
@davidism that coming in the mail...doesn't look right:P
This guy does crazy science stuff, it's pretty cool. He's excavating an abandoned mine to turn into a Mars mission simulation.
Apparently he's one of the final candidates for the Mars One selection.
7:31 PM
> These will be used when I build a fusion reactor
Well - you weren't wrong about it being an odd day :p
How's the stealthy crime fighting @JonClements
If I told you - it wouldn't be stealthy would it? :p
7:37 PM
You've already admitted too much with just that quip.
@davidism oh well... anyway - we got more kicks lined up for today? :p
I volunteer as tribute. (not really I'm scared)
@Programmer Watch your grammar! Your sentence is missing some important punctuation!
Do we have a lottery to see who goes first?
7:43 PM
I didn't expect so many real kicking machines when I image searched "kicking machine".
@davidism it's an important aspect of life
I think that one is from an MTV show.
@idjaw We tried it - but no one actually bought any tickets - strange that...
odd. Looks legit to me.
7:45 PM
Grrr, it's way too nice out to be stuck in this office. Send help.
I'm going to have to wait until later to play unikong, it doesn't work on my tiny laptop screen.
I've got a loaner until my new one comes in.
@Morgan'Venti'Thrappuccino Weather report says rain for 48 hours. :)
@idjaw Eh, it's not supposed to start til 3am or so.
Well, it's already overcast here :p
It's a tiny bit cloudy, but nice and warm.
7:50 PM
It's dark here:(
Dark and rainy. Supposed to let up a little tomorrow and then snow on the weekend.
April fools! Right?
wt rong? i dont gettit :D
I'm pregnant! Oh wait...too early.
I'm back
7:56 PM
hey @wim
I disagree with your order of meta->coming back
I would've done it the other way around
I disagree with the kicks as well, but that's another matter
Which way around?
I just came back because someone asked for transcript
ah, I see
carry on, then:)
but it looks like davidism trashed the messages already
I thought you wanted to discuss the matter
7:58 PM
yeah, I realize now
I'm pretty clear of what happened here :)
@wim Someone now sees that it's not available. :/
The messages are right there in the other "trash" room, right? You can just click the link and look at them. I have no desire to get involved in the debate, but the records are there.
almost nothing on SO goes away for good
8:02 PM
Roger, thanks. Hmm. Maybe someone should make a chat-un-trasher to reconstruct original transcripts by following migration links.
@AndrasDeak Just like drunk stories.
@khajvah you need a sober person for that though:P
Me too, I do not agree with davidism because it's childish from him, but I don't think we should argue if that can be settled the easy way :)
thx for the link, I added the transcript on meta
@MarkoMackic yup
8:03 PM
where is @davidism now anyway he's gone all quiet??
I didn't know this started!
he's been quiet before you posted on meta, don't be paranoid
He doesn't seem like the kind to not make a comment:P
@wim I don't think meta is the right place to discuss these issues. The correct thing to do is discuss with other room owners
agreed ^
8:05 PM
it's a failing of stack exchange chat if one room owner can enforce their whims onto others
They opened the room and they imposed their rules
What's that package website that everyone recommends to download things like pandas from?
for something like a ban, there should be consensus between the currently active room owners
If you feel like an owner is abusing those rules, talk to other owners. I don't see how moderators have anything to do with it
8:06 PM
@khajvah not mods, just community
@clickhere pip?
the meta question is about stack exchange chat, not about this particular instance
@clickhere I'm gonna guess you're on windows - Gohlke's prebuilt site.
@wim fair enough.
@khajvah the grammer is not in the rules if you read carefully and it says pretty straight "be nice and respectful to others" what I think he obviously broke.. but anyways, if we can make it here, we don't have to panic :)
8:08 PM
While nobody asked me, the whole thing has been blown out of proportion from both sides
there, I said it: everybody's stupid:P
Alright, this has been fascinating. Until next time!
@JRichardSnape, ah yes! ty
8:10 PM
@clickhere np
@idjaw Fascinating development. And not yet April 1.
@JRichardSnape Someone just sent me a picture of our local Tesla dealership. Long line up as well.
They're great cars. I'd love one.
Elon is trolling guys
Yeah, if I get rich, the first thing I'm buying is a Tesla.
I would not say no to a model 3
8:14 PM
And I'm not a car guy at all, I just think they're super cool.
Having been in a Tesla, I'd have to say he's doing a very involved setup if he's trolling.
@wim Strange... it reads more as a specific incident post - certainly not as generic as it might well be :)
0-60mph in under four seconds
Just FWIW @davidism I'm playing Devil's advocate in that thread because I think it needs to be said with respect to the abstract description of the situation, but I assume there's significant missing context in your specific case.
obviously a specific incident brought the feature to my attention
8:16 PM
And I'll never get over the amazingness that is the car getting faster via an OTA update.
Slightly terrifying, sure. But mostly amazing.
It's concerned about specific situation, that can be applied to every situation alike :) but anyways I hope we solved this? Do you agree?
@davidism why would you kick a guy out for incorrect grammar? is there something in the rules about correct grammar? the guy was not even native english speaker, I didn't see him write anything rude ..
@MarkoMackic no we haven't
you're still putting whitespace before your question marks...
@Morgan'Venti'Thrappuccino Just as long as a bad update can't shut you down in the middle of the motorway (freeway)
Now ok?
8:17 PM
@JRichardSnape Yeah, that's the slightly terrifying part.
I really do this even in my lang, that's why it confuses me :)
@MarkoMackic yeah I think it's OK now:P
just to be clear: is it correct that way in your native language?
I think we're gonna be fine. Smiles and hugs all round.
@AndrasDeak I was wondering that too. Super hard habit to break, I imagine.
Yeah, it's correct both ways :) we do not care for spacing, as long as there is a space.
8:20 PM
I think I don't understand the room owner thing properly
SO is so dramatic today
@JonClements is room owner but he doesn't have italic name , why?
@wim I'm guessing the blue supersedes it.
Or not in case of punctiation
8:22 PM
@wim He used to be italic, but now he's just blue.
it can be like? like ? like ? it doesn't matter just the third looks awful, but still correct :)
it should be blue and italic
it should
I suggest a feature request on meta
@AndrasDeak Already been one :)
8:24 PM
of course mods have both power and authority above ROs, so it doesn't really matter
@Morgan'Venti'Thrappuccino that is hilarious!
more like matter of courtesy
@idjaw windows <3 ubuntu has been so strong all week that I'm starting to suspect that it might not be just for April Fools
@idjaw I was amused. :D
wait it's Martian Peters birthday?
8:28 PM
Happy Birthday @MartijnPieters
oh, happy birthday indeed!:)
I wonder if he is doing birthday things, or still hunting questions on stack lmao
honestly that guy is amazing, he has some answer about really obscure language details within seconds and usually it's right
@wim Knowing Martijn - probably both at the same time :p
My bet is that he developed an AI to do both
some genius AI
@khajvah he is the AI
8:33 PM
he's becoming the Jon Skeet of the python tag
TBH I really wonder what a well trained NN could do answering questions here; there's a massive corpus and a lot of repetition already.
Deepmind AlphaSO
@wim "becoming" - umm... think he's a fair bit further on than that :p
@tzaman it should also be taught the art of closevoting
In honor of his birthday.

Martian Pieters...

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@wim Who's Jon SKeet?
8:35 PM
he's the Martian Peters of the C# tag
oh damn 855k+ reputation guy
@MartijnPieters happy bday :)
that only 854k more than mine
Q: Jon Skeet Facts

Bill the LizardI'm looking for Chuck Norris Facts style answers. In case anyone is curious, this question was inspired by Jon's own comment to this question. EDIT: If you're into cryptography, you may enjoy these facts. Now with official sanction from the powers that be!

Martijn logging in: "Oh dammit, 54 pings..."
8:36 PM
He should be thankful on so many people wishing him well :)
Are we gonna talk about cats now?
I am poor at cat talk. However, the stage is yours. Experience indicates that cute kittens find a welcoming home here.
Wow. It's not python, but I've just noticed a line of code in what I'm using:
giold(1:lmmaxg,ic,li) = giold(1:lmmaxg,ic,li)
I'm sorry to admit that I'm responsible for that
@MarkoMackic - What kind of cats ?
@AndrasDeak Well, first do no harm...
8:45 PM
How about. Turkish, Vans. ?
@khajvah I disagree with that premise but as a historical FYI, none of the current room owners opened the room. This room happens to have been originally created by Stack Exchange employee Balpha. The current RO team was also initially started by Balpha, after the room was misused and neglected by previous owners.
I don't mind.
They are an interesting breed actually :)
You have one?
8:46 PM
I like Maine Coons
The GF and I are hoping to get a Maine Coon soon.
They get pretty big apparently
@JeremyBanks Hard topic. If you decide to regulate the big rooms, you will have to regulate small ones too and I wouldn't like that to happen.
yeah 1 m long is really long.
@JeremyBanks - I agree with your historical outlook of the rooms.
8:49 PM
Anyone heard of myth that cat can jump 4 m up from a single place?
@JeremyBanks - These aren't private stomping groups. They are publicly shared resources owned by Stack Overflow.
I think, it's better how it is now. Yes, some owners can obuse their powers but other owners will stop him/her. If nobody cares any more, only then something should be done.
or someone seen it live?
@MarkoMackic - I guess it depends on the cat.
@Morgan'Venti'Thrappuccino Have you considered a dachshund instead? ;)
8:50 PM
I mean any cat? Come on 4m? isn't that too tall for a cat?
@MarkoMackic - Cat is kind of a vague word though. The species is massive.
I know, Let's round up to domestic cats
Probably wouldn't find one in that population.
I think too, but there're some people in my circles that claim they've seen it.
@TravisJ well "cat" like this, as you're saying "species", is Felis Catus
8:53 PM
When you say 4m up, do you mean their paw reached something 4m up, or do you mean that their foot was 4m off the ground
they have fairly similar physical capabilities
except for muchkins:P
4 m off the ground
Yeah that seems impossible
Agree on that! :)
Some of the domestic wild cat breeds can jump pretty high though. I don't think you would find one with the back foot past 2m at all
8:55 PM
I go away for a few hours to play some bloody video games and it all kicks off !
@Ffisegydd I see what you did there:P
may be the front foot, you look at it's highest point in the air :)
@Ffisegydd - I tried to send you an invite .
@Ffisegydd I was thinking it was a shame you weren't around to pour oil on troubled waters ;)
@MarkoMackic - right
8:57 PM
@JRichardSnape Hey now Sonny Jim, Davidism explained to people that one of the other ROs pulled him aside and said "Dude.", well that was me, so pipe down.
@Ffisegydd *davidism
@Ffisegydd pipes
Are you piping downwards?
I will not reveal the angle of my pipe.
8:58 PM
I'd pipe in every general direction
Afraid of peer review eh? Proper academic.
I pipe in your general direction
FWIW I noted the RO's who were around at T-0.
So parallel piping then ?
8:59 PM
I'm always around.

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