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1:56 AM
2:16 AM
I knew the first packet, but I had to cheat on what to reply with.
it was one of the very few things that stuck with me from networking class
2 hours later…
4:21 AM
Friends , how to show the individual strings (eg: [email protected] to askar and [email protected]) in this program
with open('testfile', 'r+') as f:
print f.readlines()[-5:]
with open('testfile', 'a+') as f:
f.write('[email protected]\n')
means split it and show separately
5:07 AM
@Anes have you read the python tutorial in completion?
and if I may ask, is there any reason why you're using Python 2 instead of Python 3.
yes so get the answer too thanks @AnttiHaapala
also it is unclear what you're asking. Also your paste is a bit long here
@Anes also, indentation is somewhat important to the python code, now I cannot know whether the second with statement is around the first with statement.
ok i will consider in future sir
@idjaw RST
cgb @AnttiHaapala
5:34 AM
cbg cbg
hello people
what's up ?
@MarkoMackic there shouldn't be a space between up and ?...
5:49 AM
Yeah, don't start with it please. :D
I won't kick you, but I am very mad at you if you make davidism kick you again, because I get an audible bell. Then I come here to see who called me, only to find out that it was you being kicked out of the room again.
I still think it's stupidity if you can agree. There are many here that aren't native English speakers, and me and davidism talked about that yesterday, and we agreed it's not for a kick. But surely I'll try not to mistake often.
I am pretty sure even in your native language, whichever it is of those in B-H, there is no space before ? or other punctuation.
6:16 AM
Friends, How to create a hidden file using python ?
@Anes no space between python and ? :P
and the answer is platform-dependent
i am using ubuntu
in Linux any file whose name starts with . is considered "hidden"
6:27 AM
Video of the Day // Awesome music, brilliant motions and characters, what else can we ask for an animation?
Is that Rick Astley?
Hmm. Nope.
@AnttiHaapala I ask how to create a hidden file if one with that name did not exist ?
@Anes so combine the answers to: a) how to create a file, with b) how to create a file with a name that does not exist.
if you can do neither, there is not much I can do to help you.
1 hour later…
7:57 AM
8:19 AM
almost got a review failure on this:
8:35 AM
out of delvs :D
need to teach newbs that they do not get rep by answering to blatant typo questions
missing space between def and __init__ is what @TigerhawkT3 is saying. — Antti Haapala 7 mins ago
^ or tying to say ;P
1 hour later…
9:56 AM
I wanted to know say you creating something like skype in python. You have a remote server for forwarding connections. What architecture would be ideal? Would you create a new thread for every communication?
Am I going to get kicked out for not pronouncing right here ?
@Mathematics no-no, you might get kicked for leaving extraneous whitespace before punctuation:P
Q: Chat room owner abuses powers - any recourse?

wimThere is a room owner in the Python chat room who kicks members out of chat for fairly trivial reasons. The last one I witnessed was him kicking a member out for not using correct punctuation, a user had put an extra space character between a word and a question mark. Apparently he was "warne...

@AnttiHaapala you should teach that to high-reps as well
10:01 AM
@AndrasDeak they didn't learn it in 60k
never too late:P
never too late but it is diminishing returns
that user "lost" 1/4 of their rep.
yeah, I know:(
anw, you cannot see that: can you spot the syntax error: def__init__(self):
10:08 AM
I downvoted :D
out of delvs today
stupid me
Not agreed on your sen
Tence antii
anyways cbg to all
@MarkoMackic try again please:P
(it's Antti. And if it's a name, it's not just being a pedant, it's being courteous)
@AndrasDeak and it is your name, well almost.
see you later, don't beat each other to death
@AnttiHaapala I'm not sure...
nevermind, wikid it
10:14 AM
nope, andras is andreas
you're right of course
antti is short for antero
and antero < andreas:)
good to know, thanks
rhubarb for now
(though of course my name is not Antero for real)
Sory Antti I was typing it out of cache, without refreshing, I'll come back when I'm on computer, it's hard to type on phone
10:20 AM
and hard to write I properly.
you need swype
10:35 AM
cbg, all, bugrit
cbg @holdenweb
though of course I cannot agree with this because the week starts with Sunday
I'm not sure what to do with this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/36049072/… The OP self-hammered to my proposed dupe target. But then we realised his code has two problems: 1) not assigning the return of .replace, and 2) using eval instead of exec.
The 1st problem is covered by my dupe target, the 2nd problem is covered by the link to Antti's excellent answer. But now, 2 weeks later, the OP wants the question to be re-opened. My feeling is that it should just be left as it is.
10:52 AM
@PM2Ring shouldn't be reopened
especially since the code hasn't been fixed
to cover the dupe problem
just delv
or dv
I see that Anes is still writing incoherent questions, and not indenting his code, even after I warned him about both of those things yesterday. :sigh:
@PM2Ring and
4 hours ago, by Anes
@AnttiHaapala I ask how to create a hidden file if one with that name did not exist ?
@AnttiHaapala Forget about that, what about Summer Time? Will that calendar do away with that archaic holdover from the industrial revolution?
I hope so
Can help someone help in what an architecture of voip app in python should be at the remote server? Say you have multiple voice over connections on the same server.
10:54 AM
so what do we have now, postindustrial devolution?
@AnttiHaapala That's reasonably clear, but this isn't:
6 hours ago, by Anes
yes so get the answer too thanks @AnttiHaapala
it is a request for me to answer I guess...
I suppose so.
I interpreted it as such, so, I was about to swing my boot :D
hello everyone
i'm still having issues with pycharm
11:01 AM
It's a new financial year so we have a fresh kick quota. @davidism managed to finish the rest of the quota off for us yesterday.
i'm trying to start it as another user (different from the user that installed it) so i can edit some files (permission issues)
but when i switch to that user and try to start it i'm getting an exception
any ideas?
@danidee none.
But then you've not given us much detail :( what exception, for example?
What is your code trying to do?
Obviously, English isn't Anes' first language, and I realise that things relating to etiquette can be tricky when they don't work the same in your mother tongue. But I wish he'd try a bit harder to make requests rather than demands.
@Ffisegydd :) I'm curious to see how he responds to that Meta question...
11:03 AM
Also, an UI exception occurred on attempt to show above message:
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class sun.awt.X11GraphicsEnvironment
He's read it IIRC. I think he decided not to answer and just let it go, he's spoken to both wim and Marco separately in private rooms.
perhaps davidism too needs an appendectomy
@danidee we can't really debug your IDE issues, even when the IDE is a Python IDE. Sounds like something you should bring up with JetBrains support.
i think i know where the problem lies :)
i think
11:05 AM
@Ffisegydd Fair enough.
Good luck then :P
@danidee you should perhaps install it to that user as well...
my user can't even start nautilus from the command line....
because you sudoed in an X session
the other one does not know the X authority
@AnttiHaapala oh...forgot that that means i don't know where the problem is
11:07 AM
so you did su anotheruser, followed by pycharm?
@AnttiHaapala do you mean sudo su - pycharm ?
I asked: what did you use to switch to another user?
and since then have been speculating
yes i used sudo su - theuser
so make sure a) echo $XAUTHORITY prints a path to your .Xauthority; then
b) if this is your private computer, just chmod it so that other users can read it.
woah...Fixed...thanks @AnttiHaapala
11:17 AM
def cxs(val):
        f = float(val)
    except (ValueError, TypeError):
        val = ''
        i = int(f)
        val = i if i == f else f
        return str(val)
well, now everyone could steal your clipboard contents and take screenshots of the adu programming websites you're visiting.
Wow - I don't remember writing that - what was I thinking!?
disregard that
How to find the total no of lines in a text file using Python ? In Ubuntu
11:18 AM
@danidee another option would be to get both users into a shared supplementary group, then grant permissions to that group only
@AnttiHaapala 13 is also a prime number, you can't divide it by anything, and 13/3 is infinite. The nice thing about 12 months is that 12 can be divided by 2, 3, and 4
Which is probably even more annoying than the current system
@Anes just open the files call readlines and count the number of elements in the list
Q: how to count the total number of lines in a text file using python

user2794146For example if my text file is: blue green yellow black Here there are four lines and now I want to get the result as four. How can I do that?

@Carpetsmoker so end to quarterly capitalism as well!
@danidee Not great if the file's 100gb - that's probably not going to fit into a list in memory so you can take its length :)
11:20 AM
my solution would be to mmap, then.
yeah...but what would you be doing with a 100gb TEXT file in the first place :)
biggest text file i've seen was a little over 4gb....useful text file
@AnttiHaapala Let the revolution begin !!
@danidee Well... 40/50gb+ in DB dumps isn't uncommon :p
this makes me think that we need the consume itertool
how nice would it be to write:
from itertools import consume
nlines = consume(file)
@Carpetsmoker Sure. But I think that's a reasonable price to pay for uniform month sizes. FWIW, in solar-lunar calendars (those that attempt to be in sync both with the seasons and the phases of the Moon) you get 13 months in a leap year and 12 months in a regular year.
11:26 AM
@Carpetsmoker Let’s just revolutionize maths too! 13 is now dividable by 4.
@poke That's too hard. It'd be a lot easier to adjust the motion of the Earth so that there's exactly 360 days per year. :)
Nope - we need a calendar system named after high-rep SO users where they earned a gold badge of some sort :)
Stuff like: "24 after Martijn's Python3.x" - what could go wrong?
Let’s just scrap days.
That gets rid of timezones too
There is one big reason why we cannot change the number of days in a month though: The knuckle mnemonic!
I don’t want a new hand?!
@poke it is enough to just cut your fingers so that you do not have knuckles anymore.
11:35 AM
Don't you have toes?
I can’t take out my feet any time I forget how many days a month has!
I just answered that "RO power abuse" meta post, but apparently "don't step on a RO's toes, then complain on meta" is an unpopular opinion. I was wondering what you python guys think about my point of view (link)
@Cerbrus I'm just surprised it's still getting answers :)
I saw it pop up on meta, and thought it required a answer that doesn't focus on whether or not a punctuation kick is justified.
As far as I can tell, the OP is complaining because he got kicked
@Cerbrus I don't like how it seems to imply that a room owner can apparently demand anything − no matter how silly − and us mere mortals have to obey every whim
11:42 AM
@Carpetsmoker: That's not really what I'm implying
I'm saying: if you disagree with a RO, don't go "violating" the rule you disagree with, while "discussing" it.
Then you'd just be provoking the RO
It's not a rule. Not as far as I know. It's one room owner's whim.
It's something an RO enforces
Something someone disagrees with
Besides, consider trying to type English (in the context of a chatroom) and not capitalizing I, or adding a space before all punctuation. That would be hard for you and me, because we're so used to doing it different. In some languages it's very common to use a space before punctuation.
Capitalization wasn't the issue
spaces before punctuation .
Which no language out there does, afaik.
French does
11:45 AM
But the french are silly, they don't count ;-)
And it's not like there's an "official English", established by a committee. There are only style guides, conventions, and preferences. Adding a space is as good English as any other style guide.
Still, my point is, if you disagree with an RO's actions, discuss it without provoking the RO like that. That's all there is to it.
(This is also different from many other languages)
As a general point, that's not a bad point, but in this specific case, the room owner was clearly out-of-line IMHO
Doesn't matter
The other person got kicked for reason X
Then wim provoked the RO by doing exactly the same
What'd he expect?
@Carpetsmoker oh, committeed English would be great:P Just like C++
11:48 AM
@Carpetsmoker It’s not a rule, but it’s common sense to avoid additional provocation if you are in a situation where a person has shown certain behavior. Imagine you are in a bar, and there is some guy Bob hitting another guy Chuck because Chuck insulted Bob’s mother. You now don’t go to Bob and say “it’s not right to hit Chuck because of this, because your mom is fat like a whale”.
Which is probably a very natural and common thing to do for Wim, as it is for millions of people. Randomly trying to write in a different style is hard because muscle memory etc.
@poke This.
@Carpetsmoker He started writing like that after the other guy got kicked.
The entire thing sounds like victim blaming to me
Yea, I may not be PC
11:50 AM
@Cerbrus That's called Civil disobedience :p
When has that ever worked out
or being a d*ck :D
^ Or the RO being childish.
But all this getting o/t here I guess.
11:52 AM
@AndrasDeak \o
A Python SO meta chat is needed!
@kayess hey
Personally, while I agree with davidism that it's nice to use correct punctuation, capitalisation, grammar, and spelling, even in Chat, I also think that he can be overly strict about it, and that kicking someone for it is excessive. However, when someone does it repeatedly just to provoke him, then that does deserve a kicking.
@Carpetsmoker That room is right over here.
@poke heh:D
@kayess for the record, civil disobedience explicitly poses the risk of backlash, both legal and personal
people have been jailed and beaten for being civilly disobedient
11:56 AM
@AndrasDeak In South Africa?
it's an honourable concept, but not without risk at all
@kayess Please consider that there are multiple ROs here, and if one (or more) of the ROs gets out of line we have our own lines of communication to address that.
And maybe the name Gandhi rings a bell:P
In Hungary as well, you can display civil disobedience, then be jailed and fined for it. Nothing you can do, it's the risk you take.
@PM2Ring I follow you.
@PM2Ring So if a room owner is provoked every time someone says a particular word, for example interviewer or MacBeth, or uses words a room owner doesn't like because they're too tinny, then these people "deserve a kicking" as they don't follow the room owner's "rules"?
12:02 PM
@AndrasDeak I hope it's clear that you are just generalising things with that. If the disobedience isn't confronting with BTK/PTK it's completely legal. There are tons of sources to proove this: mek.oszk.hu/11400/11426/11426.pdf for one. But I guess we should really just move on from this subject. :p
As I've stated earlier, I'll state again: this whole issue has been blown out of proportion by both sides
@kayess doing something legal is not considered civil disobedience:P You have to defy some sort of legal imperative to show disobedience. But IANAL:PP, I could be wrong
In case of you have server for voice-over chat applications between clients. Would you start a separate thread for each channel? Does that make sense?
@Carpetsmoker I did say that I thought davidism's initial response was excessive. But yes, if someone deliberately provokes any other participant then they deserve a kicking for being impolite.
that ^
I was about to kick wim as well :D
12:05 PM
1. Marko should've made a bigger effort to understand what's bugging davidism
2. davidism shouldn't have kicked Marko
3. wim shouldn't have antagonised davidism on purpose
4. wim shouldn't have tried to "solve" this issue on meta, because it's not about a solution, but about pitchforks
end of story
@PM2Ring So Davidism is wrong for insisting on punctuation, but he's also correct for banning people because they don't follow his "rules" on punctuation ...?
@Carpetsmoker Conversely, if someone is hyper-sensitive to stuff that's likely to occur in normal polite discourse, then they need to grow a thicker skin.
after this, everybody is just trying to conjure up a shitstorm as large as possible, without any foundation
I mean come on:
(As an aside, power plays like this are the main reason why I've been very reluctant to chat since the IRC days waaay back in the nineties. Apparently the situation hasn't changed at all in twenty years. You probably won't see me in an SO chat room anytime soon.) — Frédéric Hamidi 16 mins ago
To quote someone as wise as myself:
16 hours ago, by Andras Deak
there, I said it: everybody's stupid:P
Hahaha Andras
@Carpetsmoker He didn't ban anyone. He initially gave dustin a minimal "time out" kick. But dustin kept doing it, and that counts as deliberate provocation, as far as I'm concerned. Either that, or he's just too stupid to realise what he was doing. OTOH, wim was certainly being deliberately provocative.
12:11 PM
gotta go, see you later
I'll read the next 3 new meta answers when I'm back:P
Perhaps wim did that as an action of civil disobedience as a reaction to what he perceived as unfair treatment. I can relate to that. OTOH, this Chat room isn't a democracy: the ROs here are a bunch of (hopefully) benevolent dictators. :)
And hence the meta, RO abusing powers
@PM2Ring Well, I find that a very strange reasoning… Room owner insisting on idiosyncratic "rules" is wrong, but not obeying these "rules" is provocative and kicking people for these same "rules" is okay… Anyway, lets move on to something else as this hardly seems like some sort of great problem, just a minor incident…
the bigger problem is that the reasonable folks aren't too keen in joining the sopython room now that wim and others have been whining on meta
since it's an abuse from the point of view of a democracy
@AnttiHaapala actual reasonable folks should still
but there shouldn't be many of those, looking at the votes of Cerbrus's answer
he's explained the situation quite clearly
to no avail
12:14 PM
Maybe we should discuss this stuff at our next official room meeting. Everyone is welcome to attend and to express their opinions (in an orderly, respectful fashion) but of course ROs do have the final say.
Anyway, I think we've probably discussed this topic enough for the moment, and we should get back to talking about Python. Or calendars. :)
@PM2Ring yeah, after all this room is not about democracy or even meritocracy but cronyism ;)
@Cerbrus, how are your punctuation skills in Mandarin or Russian ? — Jaco 8 mins ago
Totally relevant xD
Once again, I'm not defending that first kick. The RO could've handled it better as well. But if you're fined by a cop and you disagree, you don't jump on the grass and tell the cop he's wrong, even if he is. You appeal it through official channels. In this case, a discussion with other ROs would've sufficed. — Cerbrus 2 mins ago
@Cerbrus they don't have a space before , in Russian... Chinese OTOH does not even necessarily use spaces.
If possible, can anyone suggest an answer to the question I posted.
@AnttiHaapala: chinese characters are more like words any way
12:19 PM
Is fat32 still the best option to use for sharing data between linux & windows?
in any case, asking about 2 languages one of which does not use space before , and other which does not even always use , or spaces...
then which of them makes you type extra spaces :d
It's just the french being silly with extra spaces
@Cerbrus SCSI?
12:24 PM
@paul23 It depends. Linux has been able to read & write NTFS for years. But FAT32 is handy if you're transferring stuff via Flash drive.
Are there also rules about which space to use? Sometimes I like to use an extra-wide space or a thin space.
exFAT is the new hotness.
@PM2Ring Hmm so could go ntfs for my external harddrive (2TB). When I used linux 8 years ago it could only read from ntfs, not write to. (Or well it could, but then it was unreadable by windows xp).
I think one can use wikipedia to check what is the contemporary writing standard for a foreign language. Paraphrasing Obi-Wan Kenobi, "Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia. You will never find a more wretched hive of Grammar Nazis and pedantry."
but now rbrb.
irc is so much more helpful, no one answers here . :/
12:27 PM
@paul23 Sure. FWIW, I'm currently using Puppy Linux to create a partition image of my Dad's dying Windows XP HD, and I'm saving the image file to an NTFS partition.
@AbhishekBhatia Well, your question was rather vague, and you posted it in the middle of a highly important and critical discussion about spaces.
Thanks for the reply!! What part lacks info., please tell.
Just when just about every operating system has a stable FAT32 implementation, Microsoft releases a new (patented) FAT version...
@Carpetsmoker important: xkcd.com/541
@paul23 Yeah, that was fun. But even back then you could do limited writes, eg if you didn't change the file length. :) Of course, that's rarely practical.
12:29 PM
ok that wasn't supposed to get inlined...
@Carpetsmoker Space widths are mostly used for typographic purposes, for example you would use a thinner space when separating a number and a unit than you would use for separating words. But space widths don’t matter that much.
I had lots of fun with spacing widths for my thesis.
@paul23 To prevent images (or other links) getting "one-boxed" like that, you just need to add some plain text to the post.
@PM2Ring forgot :P
cbg! :)
12:34 PM
On the topic of spaces, an old text-only fourm I used to frequent had no PM facility. So one of the regulars would encrypt snide comments in ASCII encoded as binary. At first he used single and double quotes as the bits, but when that became too obvious he switched to using \x20 and \xA0. The forum displayed each post in a HTML table, so the spaces got formatted out by the browser, but they were preserved in the HTML source.
I can’t deal with this crap today…
Wait, what,you need to disable JavaScript to view that site?
Looks like it
That's something ... new...
Is it a tinfoil hat "JS is dangerous" site?
12:36 PM
It's April 1, duh
I’m really not in the mood for this…
Oh right
More information: There a client frontend(desktop application) written in python. The client logins to the server which written in python(flask). Now the client start a voice room and other users can connect to it.
Mixed grill for lunch? I'm done for the rest of the afternoon.
12:38 PM
Earlier, I used threads on the client-side. I started one to receive data, one to accept solution and one to send.
Using sockets only^^
@idjaw …
@Ffisegydd land animals, sea animals, both? details, man, details!
@poke I feel your pain. I can't stand it either.
@Anes I must ask you where're you from?
Apparently people lost jobs over gmail's April fools joke.
But port-forwarding is a problem and thus, I want to add an intermidate server with open-ports. What does an architecture in look like at the server end in this case?
12:39 PM
@idjaw Steak, gammon, chicken, pork sausage, eggs, onion rings, chips, mustard.
"gammon" if you don't know is basically "ham"
I seem to recall some transatlantic confusion.
My ISP is blocking me from port forwarding, I really hate it..
Anyone used ngrok to bypass NAT?
@MarkoMackic what's that? I have upnp so far with no success :/
@AbhishekBhatia a piece of open source software written in go, I think it works like tcp/udp tunnel..
Google it :)
It was free at the time I was using it
Slack just told me I look nice today. Thanks Slack. You know how to make me feel good about myself.
12:47 PM
@idjaw Sorry to tell you but that was also an April’s Fool.
:( I went from one extreme of happiness to sadness in less than two minutes.
Sorry, that was also an April’s Fool. You are great, as always.
oh you!
Are there typically April Fool shenanigans on SO that I should expect?
12:51 PM
@idjaw No - of course not. whistles innocently
unikong is already there
I'm....I'm currently playing unikong....
@idjaw I wonder if it's April fools at least once a week on Stack Overflow...
Only on Thursday's apparently
Wow, was yesterday weird.
I posted this yeaterday, but worth another one because it's just ridiculous. Because it actually isn't an april fools joke
morning everyone
12:58 PM
what's the point of creating threads in threads?
it looks like a spider and has built-in game accelerator!!
@idjaw I'd like to see a filter that translates all keywords in Java and JavaScript code blocks into Bahasa Indonesia. :)
@idjaw even if I don't know what it means, it sounds cool :D

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