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8:00 PM
I do sometimes wonder if we should have done [for x in range(3) x] instead, or maybe [for x in range(3) yield x]. I'm not sure putting the "output" at the head is really that much of a readability win.
I'd prefer it the other way around
Check out the license plate on Bobby Table's car: forums.xkcd.com/viewtopic.php?p=4378311#p4378311
@wim: ah, good ol' reverse-world hemaj. I remember that Q.
@DSM Makes sense. I assume you'd leave any if clauses after the fors and before the x.
8:03 PM
One thing I liked about Jonathan Blow's work on Jai is how he wanted to minimize the syntax overhead of "growing" functionality, e.g.
                                 { ... } // Anonymous code block
                       [capture] { ... } // Captured code block
     (i: int) -> float [capture] { ... } // Anonymous function
f :: (i: int) -> float [capture] { ... } // Named local function
f :: (i: int) -> float [capture] { ... } // Named global function
So in DSMScript I'd like the difference between comprehensions and actual loops to be minimal.
On that note, it'd be nice if list comps also supported while for early bailout. But I guess it's easy enough to just use a gen exp instead and use takewhile, etc.
@DSM The local function & global function are identical.
@PM2Ring: yeah, just like in Python. :-)
Ah, ok.
@AndrasDeak the loop order, or the dupe hammering? :P
The former :P
8:17 PM
I think Pythons listcomps might already look too little like the associated for loops. You want to fully invert them? Blek! DSMScript.consultants.remove("Andras")
I'll just start AndrasScript which is really just 3.7.0 with no updates
Time for us all to reconsider Forth.
@piRSquared: are you drunk on pi? (Context, for those with sufficient rep.)
Ha, caught within grace period
@DSM I severely dislike reverse Polish notation, but the fact that it's basically a stack finally made it clear to me
I love RPN, but it does take my brain a few minutes to shift into & out of RPN mode. When I quickly swap between a RPN and an infix language I can get a bit dizzy. :)
I haven't touched Forth since the early 1980s, but I keep my RPN skills up by writing in PostScript every now & then.
@JonClements he is mind-bogglingly good and appears to show that savant-level skills can be learned, which is totally unacceptable because it raises the bar for me :P
@Kevin quick dodge, I'll let you off :P
8:35 PM
@DSM yArP!hiccup
stack exchange decided Martijn's badge was tired and overworked, so used gold instead.
With a diamond
Actually, that explanation helped a lot. Image was too small to see what was going on
yeah not sure why it got shrunk like that
8:38 PM
@DSM more accurately, I went for FGITW and shot myself in the face.
maybe there a max width
It's not unusual to see Martijn hammer stuff with his gold Unicode badge.
onebox sizes vary. Click and open for full size
I wonder how it chooses the badge to display
Alphabet perhaps?
8:39 PM
or..most recently earned? rarest?
@wim what answer would make you the happiest?
@wim probably not
@piRSquared display them all
My guess is that if it has a choice it uses the badge with the lowest score, since that's probably the most specific one.
8:39 PM
I suspect arbitrary but post-specific order
We could check the Mjölnir meta
I bet he is the only guy with list-comprehension gold
don't see that tag often
8:55 PM
wow fortran really cleaned up
that has more votes than any of Martijn's answers
9:46 PM
any guidelines for using python dataclasses over a standard class
10:06 PM
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