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1:01 PM
do close votes get reset on an edit? (I remember something like this from puzzling)
@JGreenwell Not that I'm aware.
@idjaw Is that lisp?
But closed questions do get put in the review queue on edit.
@poke That question is so bad that it might or might not be.
1:06 PM
Morning cabbage.
Say I have M=3 different systems that generate data points that are spread across two dimensions, I want to find instances where events data points for different systems are in close proximity to each other. It's not a standard k-clustering problem as my k could be 100s (i.e. lots of times when the data points happen to be close together). I'm going to sit here and speak into the ether until I come up with an idea or someone else suggests something.
I basically want to identify all of these little occurrences, when my data points happen to coincide.
@JGreenwell are you editing? :D
no, I don't like to edit questions which are likely to be closed
It doesn't hurt to edit questions before they are closed. At least it will go down in a pretty dress.
@JGreenwell SOD issues I mean
1:12 PM
have email/chat conversation with advisor going right now, so no :)
@Ffisegydd played doom last night. i really like the part in which view spoiler
That is the best part.
@tristan it gets better then you view spoiler
I still haven't finished it, got caught up with moving.
Should not have clicked on those....was really looking forward to those plot twists
You're lucky I'm at work and didn't feel like doing some XSS.
1:26 PM
@Ffisegydd oh god, yeah. i did 7/8 of the secrets on one map and got an upper level weapon earluy
(typo, but don't want to make another ping sound at you)
Yeah I've got most of the weapons now.
i'm 2.5 hours in, map 3
@tristan is doom a fun demon-face-shooter?
Whoa, spoilers.
1:27 PM
@idjaw oh god yes.
but seriously, way to spoil it, jerk
And yeah it's great. It's exactly what you'd expect it to be - gratuitous violence and metal.
Not much story, you literally open with no explanation and are shooting things within 10 seconds.
when you shoot the machine gun, the game plays a little swell of industrial metal sound
it's fucking glorious
@Ffisegydd That's perfect.
1:28 PM
at one point, this screen acts like a modal and starts giving you story, and your character rips it off its stand and throws it against the wall
It'll also be pretty quiet with just ambient music, then all of a sudden the beat will start and the metal will go mental, and you know it's about to hit the fan.
thus ending the cutscene
it's fucking amazing
that 1060 needs to happen soon.
I play it fine on my 670.
1:29 PM
I have a 560
it just doesn't cut it anymore
i like how "code of conduct" gets top billing after install. in that code of conduct, it tells you not to use mean or offensive words at others, and not to depict violence on their forums. less than 30 seconds later, my character had put his thumb through a skull
Reminds me of Portal 2, where at some points you get flung really far through the air and it overlays this twitchy kind of instrument perfectly synced with the ordinary background music
temp-rbrb. Making my to work
Yahoo might have been breached.
1:31 PM
And they do something similar with the tractor beam thing. Kind of a neat trick to harmonize in-world sound effects with out-of-world music.
i got a little confused when you already put dunning-kruggerand in the acronym, as i didn't think my plugin did that
okay, that's done
@tristan :P
1:34 PM
and there is no good way to look up reviews (or flags)
@tristan doesn't? How about British Telecom (DK)?
^ It only does simple s/bitcoin/dunning-kruggerand/gi
also: last two plagiarism flags from scikit if anyone wants to delete them (can't flag and delete while just deleting means no mod notice....or SE employee notice I guess)
I know dunning-kreuger but what
1:36 PM
dunning-kruger + krugerrand
I've got an authentication problem. I want to write a userscript that talks to the rabbit server, allowing trusted users to execute commands. But how can I verify that only trusted users are using the userscript?
Trust system.
Keeping in mind that the source code of the client and server will be available on the rabbit github.
@Kevin Is it a chrome or FF extension?
I wonder if it's even possible within the limitations of userscripts.
1:37 PM
@tristan I'll be developing it in FF but if at all possible I want it to be compatible in chrome
@mikeTheLiar print returns None
@mikeTheLiar thanks for a screenshot of text
^ What causes the [None, None, None, None] in this situation?
Uh... client ssl certs? :P
1:38 PM
@JGreenwell Done(ish?)
@Ffisegydd thanks
Also using map to print stuff is terrible.
I'm not saying it's good code
It's just an example
@tristan thanks for the snark before letting me actually ask my question
1:39 PM
In fact using map for any kind of non-pure side-effect is a bad idea.
Also? RFCs are quite nice
@mikeTheLiar no problem, friendo!
To be fair, you did open with a screenshot of text, which could be interpreted as quite rude.
I was just reading that RFC yesterday too. Are you also in the boat of hating all existing mail clients so you're making your own?
oh, I'm going to add that as an example
1:39 PM
@mikeTheLiar We do what we can here ;)
@KevinMGranger Yes, yes I am ;)
that meaning the 5 topics completely plagiarized on scikit
It's not so much that I hate alpine...
I wonder if it would be easier to have a control panel on sopython.com rather than userscripts?
but I've discovered some flaws that are problematic
Then you can limit it to logged in ROs.
Could have part of the screen showing the current chat, then a large red button that kicks idjaw for being Canadian.
1:41 PM
namely, it's been giving me some funky problems when it comes to my work/outlook365 role, where it won't set the from account to actually send through the work email >:(
Some of the features we've got in mind will probably only be used if they're really convenient to access. Like "user notes". Nobody wants to navigate through 2-3 pages just to see someone's rap sheet.
Ugh, I want it for work email too but that requires figuring out doing kerberos with imap in python ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@Ffisegydd Apparently it needs to be blue
Can the userscript just reuse whatever auth mechanism you're using for the sopython web site?
@KevinMGranger I'm so glad we have office365 now. We were using exchange and I had to use davmail for connecting. So gross, so slow.
1:43 PM
I don't know. I didn't have any part in sopython's development. (other than begging for the spoiler page)
I wonder if you could have a login button on the userscript that takes you to sopython.com, then you authenticate yourself there and it saves some kind of authentication token locally that is used in further requests for the userscript.
Eventually they'll move my account over to the new gmail system so i can just use that... but I apparently have to wait :/
Tristan's rap sheet:
- door hinge / orange kind of rhyme
- talk about money?
-  TODO: get sick beats
- develop bad blood with fizzy for rivalry sales
- TODO: listen to taylor swift's bad blood again
@tristan If you'd ended that with a YAML joke I'd have been so proud.
1:44 PM
@Ffisegydd I was thinking that too, but userscripts are client side, so unless SO exposes some "yeah that token is totally valid for that user" on action, a malicious butthead could just skip that check
@Ffisegydd I considered it.
@Kevin if there's no token in local storage, pop up a box asking for a token. I'll implement token authentication on the server.
@KevinMGranger I wish they'd use google apps for business. Apparently we used to, then we were acquired so they stopped and started using exchange, and now we were acquired again and now we're using office365, which is better, because at least IMAP access :)
That way you don't store any credentials in the code.
@tristan, do you work with UDP sockets at all? I am wondering why I can connect to (static IP) on TCP but not UDP... do you know?
1:46 PM
@corvid is listening to UDP?
There's some FOSS mail program that has a humorous paragraph ranting about exchange quirks in the comments somewhere, let me see if i can find it
@corvid Do you even connect with UDP? I thought you just kind of... send packets...
yeah, you just send packets; there's no session, but i suspect that's not what he's stuck with
There are plenty of exchange "quirks"
@WayneWerner yeah not connect, but send packets, and it refuses to do it on UDP but it's fine on TCP. Also, the address after connecting is different, what's the deal with that?
1:48 PM
Don't expect me to implement an oauth or openid provider though, that would be crazy.
kevin is tcp: he sends thoughtful messages and responds to replies. i'm udp: i just spew content and if people are listening, all the better. do you think platypodes make jokes about duck face in their selfies?
@corvid what is ?
An IP address.
you don't really connect on UDP, you just vomit packets
1:49 PM
happy kevin m?
I think that it's a static IP resolution that I set up on my mac
At a bare minimum, we could get away with this protocol: the user emails the sopython team and asks for a token. We generate a hard-to-guess GUID, associate it to the user's chat id in the server, and email it to him. The user enters that token into his userscript and can use it indefinitely to talk to the server.
ps i have ur ip address and ur doomed now.
1338 hacks starting on
1:50 PM
That's not the worst idea, as long as you also implement a revocation mechanism
todo: buy netblock that contains
Yeah, revocation should be as simple as deleting their token/userid from the database.
Or having a "suspended" column or whatever.
@corvid find the interface that it's associated with and tcpdump on it. if you can receive tcp packets on that interface, make sure that udp packets are making it there
i suspect this is a firewall/not listening/some other non-application thing
@Kevin yep, basically what I had in mind
1:52 PM
Ok, cool.
If you automate the system then auto-revocation after N days would be sensible too. So you have to re-apply for your key after a certain period of time maybe. You'd also white-list the application procedure so only known actors can get guids.
Definitely auto-revocate after periods of non-use.
What's the consequence if compromised? What does having access to this rabbit give you?
Depends on the user.
We already have a communication medium that only ROs can use, so if the userscript is going to be RO-only, then application is dead simple
Log on to slack, say "hey Kevin gimme a token", wait one week for me to log on and check my pings, profit
Is rabbit going to be an RO?
1:55 PM
Is it possible to have private rooms on SO chat? If so, you could put all ROs in the chat, have the extension check for the presence of text in that room and send it
@KevinMGranger The most destructive powers would be unstarring and moving messages to the rotating knives.
Technically, SO admins or whoever would then have access
I am hungry of questions
i don't know how great an idea that is
It's probably not
1:56 PM
@Mehari what's up?
No, definitely not. I just like being hackish sometimes
@Ffisegydd Yeah, so we can make him do star curation etc.
Is he/she/they/it going to be kicking?
If we implement the somewhat controversial "ban mode" feature, yes
if username == 'tristan': kick(username)
1:58 PM
@Ffisegydd kicking and screaming
@tristan am good, I need to boost my rep . . . and am looking for a way
I don't think any of the features I came up with require RO actions, although they need to be owner to see kicked events and probably some other info.
@Mehari answer and ask good questions on stackoverflow.com
@Kevin would that just be repeated kicking?
SO corp seems to be sliding into "be nice to our profit stre^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H new users plz or else"
1:59 PM
Essentially yes
yeah dude! I have no questions and there are no good questions to answer
@Mehari well, unfortunately, that's your answer. look for good questions, they exist.
I'm really against a ban mode.
These ones require RO rights:
issue 10, ban mode
issue 8, unstar less popular messages
What about a "shared hallucination" ban mode? Anyone who opts in and uses the extension will have that user added to their ignore list temporarily. That way they're not fully banned
2:01 PM
@Mehari There are always questions to answer
Maybe they're not easy, but they're rewarding
quite literally, they have bounties
@Ffisegydd Yeah I want to have a nice long conversation about it before anyone implements anything related to it.
it's easier to ask for forgiveness
and in your current position, you could double or triple your rep with a couple of days of research and answering
and i love chaos
GUYS GUYS, I almost used a GOTO just a few minutes ago.
2:02 PM
in what language?
aint nothing wrong with a GOTO
I was actually half-way happy to finally have a situation in which I need a goto, before I realized that I don’t need it after all :(
@Mehari stackoverflow.com/q/38558212/344286 looks pretty interesting. A bunch of google searches and creative thinking could probably produce a nice answer with some code samples
@poke That's what I've discovered about most of the non-mainstream things I've tried. "Oh cool, I can use <esoteric tool> to solve this problem! Orrr.... I could just use a loop. Right."
rbrb, crepe time!
@poke .. you took me back to the eighties... when we used BASIC and so many GOTO's ... lol
2:05 PM
That question looks too broad to me
Top 5 reasons GOTO is like NoSQL.  You won't believe #2!
TODO: Start buzzfeed variant for people that have figured out breathing through their noses
2:07 PM
TODO: Patent fizzybuzz, an NP-hard variant of fizzbuzz.
OMG 17 C++ Templates That Thought They Were PolyMorphic
Or a facebook-video-oriented news outlet, NowSelf
@corvid Well, 23 is the Telnet port, and you're supposed to use "a reliable connection-oriented transport" with Telnet, but it's so old that it predates TCP. See Wikipedia. I know that doesn't answer your question, but it may be relevant: eg, your OS knows that Telnet normally uses TCP, so it's blocking UDP </wild_guess>. IME, it's best to avoid using the ports under 1024 (aka the well-known ports) unless you're using them for their standard purpose.
According to the well-known-ports article for wikipedia, udp is okay for telnet. Are you actually doing telnet, though?
Also, using ports under 1024 is totally fine if you're trying to avoid a regular user rebinding attack, but really the true solution for that is selinux
@PM2Ring Hm, this is probably a dumb question, but why does it happen that if I run a connect on that port, and then I check the address of the socket, it's something different, such as 5104 or something?
2:11 PM
post code
The port is different or the whole IP?
Ae you on the same subnet, and is this at home or at work? I really doubt a consumer router is going to be firewalling within the subnet
I wouldn't be surprised by that.
making crepes and and chatting, nothing can go wrong with this, right?
Ξ /tmp → cat corvid_udp.py
#!/usr/bin/env python
import SocketServer

class CorvUDP(SocketServer.BaseRequestHandler):
def handle(self):
data = self.request[0].strip()
socket = self.request[1]
print("Data %s; Client %s" % (data, self.client_address[0]))
socket.sendto('got it', self.client_address)

if __name__ == "__main__":
H, P = "", 23
s = SocketServer.UDPServer((H, P), CorvUDP)
Ξ /tmp → sudo ./corvid_udp.py
Ξ ~ → echo -n 'hello world' | nc -u -w1 23
got it
2:17 PM
unless i did something weird, OS X isn't filtering by proto to well known ports
people that play console games: which controller is better for games like grand theft auto, PS4 or XBox one? it's going to be connected to a gaming pc
@tristan I use Xbox and much prefer it (on PC)
Plus nice indentation there.
What are you, a PHP developer?
blah. it ripped out my indentation and i didn't noticed
i do use tabs when i'm at home :)
@Ffisegydd Appreciated. I kind of like how i can just paw the ps4, and the multitouch pad in the center is cool, but the bumper triggers look pretty weak
2:22 PM
I use the Xbox 360 one. Some say the dualshock controllers are more comfortable.
i stopped by 2 stores to compare the two in person, but the stores are still pushing rockband garbage, so i could only try the xbox 1 controller
seems okay, but i'm suspicious of analog joysticks
The controller settings are usually setup for Xbox controllers so you don't have to adjust settings.
That's true
Seems like there's some well made software that makes it easy to overcome that
@corvid o...kay
@corvid Wait, I'm confused. I thought you were a bird. Now you tell me you're a cat?
I don't know what to believe.
well, swap out the for in mine, and the software is known to work
which leaves it down to "networking and firewall"
@MorganThrapp Believe in Fizzy.
2:27 PM
if that box is multihomed, server.address(); could be the issue, but i have 0 interest in debugging node for fun
Jul 29 at 18:38, by Kevin
@Ffisegydd Page 1 of my employee's manual is a full-size image of your avatar and the text DO NOT TRUST HIS LIES
Apr 1 at 17:19, by Ffisegydd
Believe in Fizzy.
When a user changes his/her name or avatar, does he/she need to leave the room and re-enter it for the change to be visible to others? Or is it the others that need to leave and re-enter? Or some third option I haven't thought of?
SO will refresh it without a user leaving.
I think it's implemented by turning the user on and off again, like me on a date night
2:29 PM
oh hi
We want rabbit to track such changes and I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to do without polling every user every N seconds
feed me your music for the day fellow snakes. I need something new
@Kevin It probably comes across the websocket
@Ffisegydd Yeah, k-means clustering is crap when you can't specify even a rough value for k. You might be able to do something with a Self-organizing map, aka Kohonen network. FWIW, the NeuQuant colour quantization algorithm uses a 1D Kohonen network & does a rather good job.
I don't know much about Kohonen networks, but I have played with NeuQuant a little bit. I was playing around with a few other clustering techniques for colour quantization a few months ago, but I can't remember the details at the moment, and I can't look them up right now because I'm on a Chromebook, not my usual machine.
2:32 PM
@PM2 ta. I left the problem for a while because I was stumped and so waiting for inspiration to strike, but I'll look into those.
It's an interesting problem that seems like it should be simple.
@WayneWerner Possibly, although it's not 100% clear what message would be sent. I'm looking at the list of known message types and the only one that approximately fits is "user settings chagned". Oops, I should probably fix that typo.
@Kevin if you're listening for everything, why not try it yourself? (or with some dummy account)
@idjaw tweedmusic.com I just went and saw them last night, fun electronic jam band.
They did a great cover of Pink Floyd's Young Lust.
Yeah I eventually will. I just wanted to ask in here first to see if I could reverse-engineer it without doing much actual work.
Gin festival this weekend in town, @Morgan you're invited.
2:35 PM
@Ffisegydd My god that sounds amazing.
@MorganThrapp Thanks! :)
@idjaw No problem, let me know how you like them.
@JGreenwell they don't. Close votes and edits are independent. However, the first edit to a post [on hold] puts it into the reopen queue. Subsequent edits don't do that; nor edits to [closed] questions. This is why suggested edits to newly closed crap should be rejected.
a flavored vodka festival seems like a dangerous idea
teleportation party?
2:44 PM
@AndrasDeak source for "edit to [closed] doesn't put it in review but [on hold] does"? I wasn't aware there was a distinction.
@davidism Andreas means that the 1st edit to a closed question puts it into the review queue, and that includes approving an edit to a closed post that was suggested before the post was closed.
@davidism that's the point of [on hold]
I'll try to find a source
Huh, thought it was just a visual difference.
FWIW, I wrote about this recently on so Meta:
A: Is it useful to edit a question I will vote to close?

PM 2Ringtl; dr: Don't edit a question after it's closed. And don't cast the final close vote on a question that has a pending edit requiring approval: clear that pending edit first. If a bad question is on the verge of being closed but it has a pending edit requiring approval then it's a good idea to...

Sorry, I'm kinda merging closed & on-hold into one category there...
@MorganThrapp dude. Amazing. This is exactly what I wanted to listen to.
@idjaw Awesome. :D Yeah, I was really digging them last night.
> What does it mean for a question to be on hold?

If a question has been closed, then for the first 5 days, it is marked as “on hold” rather than “closed”. This is meant to convey that the question requires improvement and may be reopened if improved. During this period, if the question is edited by the ---asker--- (now by anyone), it will be added to the reopen queue. Other than this, there is no functional difference between “on hold” and “closed”.
Interesting, it's not just a visual difference.
@Ffisegydd Admit it. You love me.
3:01 PM
> All the answers on stake overflow are for py 2.7 and I need for Py 3.0 please.
Apparently he/she prefers the stake over garlic.
@PM2 managed to solve my issue without needing to go down the ML route, which is good as ML would have been overkill for this problem.
@idjaw How did you know!?
Oh, good.
Where's Van Helsing?
Don't you mean Buffy?
3:05 PM
Buff Helsing?
Van Huffy?
@Ffisegydd You passed the hate threshold. Beyond that space is only love. It's OK to let those feelings in Fizzpop.
I think Buffy Van Helsing works.
I would watch the hell out of that
@Programmer Interesting that a vampire can choose the appropriate treatment
3:12 PM
@idjaw Another genre-transcending track from the Tedeschi Trucks Band: Laugh About It
Tedeschi Trucks Band - The Storm - Mountain Jam 2014
Today I am listening to Star Trek TOS Ambient Engine Noise Idling for 24 hrs. I no longer remember why.
You're like a baby that likes white noise due to remembering it from the womb.
I decided to troll slack by typing a single letter in each channel I'm in just so it keeps saying I'm typing something. I wonder if it disappears after a while.
hop to the slack that doesn't exist and we can test this
@Kevin we've been listening to that for years, on occasion:D
used to be one of the missus' favourite tracks in exam periods
3:24 PM
It's just like my fanfiction where it's night shift on the bridge and I'm night first mate to night commander Data.
there you go
@Kevin Try something with a little more substance: Tangerine Dream: Phaedra (1974)
If it's raining on the Enterprise, something has gone seriously wrong.
@Kevin good plots require tension and conflict
3:28 PM
Last week there was a big storm and I was like "nice, I can do the Fragrance of Dark Coffee plus rain combo but with authentic rain" and then I thought "maybe I could find some authentic jazz too" but I don't know enough about jazz to effectively search for the kind that would be appropriate in a sleepy Seattle cafe circa 1950 so in the end I gave up entirely.
I thought about asking the chat room, which I estimate contains at least three jazz enthusiasts, but I couldn't be bothered.
@tristan I just did not type something in the thing that doesn't exist.
@Kevin In a sentimental mood - Duke Ellington and John Coltrane
@idjaw press a button in a PM to me and i'll check in 10 minutes
@tristan No, you nailed it.
3:32 PM
@tristan yep done
@idjaw weird, not even showing the "is typing"
@PM2Ring Nice. Saving this for the next rainstorm.
where the dubstep remix
coltrane didn't even know how to do sick drops. what a music noob
@tristan someone just confirmed with me that it disappears after a few seconds of inactivity of not writing more
troll ineffective. That's good.
3:33 PM
user script
Coltrane could do sick drops, he was just building up anticipation. For forty years.
my neighbor has had a carpentry crew running saws during the day for weeks. right outside my window.
i could have built a whole new house for him by now
3:34 PM
@tristan I know that feeling. The guys shoveling dirt off of the roof into the alley three feet from my window started shoveling again.
It's made all the worse because for one blessed week I knew silence.
yeah, i was (insert something cool here that's not playing competitive counterstrike) and it was really distracting
everything is a lesson and i've learned to not hire anyone for hourly positions, unless the job requires a warm body to be physically there.
lesson learned, please go away now
hover over their shoulder and mouth breathe
or just pick up every scrap of wood and say "hey, guy. hey! i've got wood"
3:37 PM
heh heh. You said wood.
I've got wood for sheep!
Ahhhh, Catan.
I thought that was a Welsh thing
Greetings @Lafada :-)
@Lafada the answer to your question is that Python has a preference for EAFP (it's Easier to Ask for Forgiveness than Permission), rather that LBYL (Look Before You Leap!)
re: your question, in generally I tend to go along with the "it's better to ask forgiveness than permission" rule of thumb, but in this case, your try/except block is asking forgiveness for an action which serves no other purpose than check the length of the array ... so I'd go with the explicit if check instead.
typically the preferred way is to just try the thing you want to do

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