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12:13 AM
ugh...meta-heuristics - I hate dealing with that level of abstraction
why do people think (and actually ask me) if Python is either a better version of Perl or the same concept
@Ralf17 what is your question?
cause if it is *should I learn to use LaTex for academic CS and Math papers the answer IMHO is yes; it will save you headaches but a fuller answer is:
Q: What are the advantages or disadvantages of using LaTeX for writing scientific publications

Paul HiemstraWhat are objective advantages or disadvantages of using the markup language LaTeX instead of a WYSIWYG word processor like MS Word or LibreOffice Writer? Please use objective arguments to prevent a flame war...

12:48 AM
@JGreenwell Nice thread. I'm required to submit a tex file, anyway. I'm going to start writing the paper again. I will approach this entire thing like it's a test of perseverance. 50 pages more to go, okay.
SA not too hard start with traveling salesman, move to temp of metal, then something...something underwear and make money ;)
There is a latex stackexchange that can be uber helpful when you get stuck or can't figure something out
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3:01 AM
So... apparently you didn't bother trying this, right? Because I just did from collections import Counter; c = Counter; for num in range(5000000): c[num] += 42 (actually I used randint but I can't be bothered to press backspace) and it uses less than 1GB of RAM. Not only that, but I thought well maybe strings just take up way more memory, so I did the same thing but with c[str(num)] = randint(1, 1000000), and Mac's activity monitor reports 1.17GB. So, you didn't actually try it, did you? — Wayne Werner 17 secs ago
artichoke tomato paste
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
20 GB is a big text file?
I guess for some people. I wouldn't consider it big to process for Python, unless I had to store the whole thing in RAM
One of my first "yeah, Python is gooooood" because it solved someone else's real-world problem was using it to split a 15GB sql log into several more manageable chunks - like 150kline files, I think
is good feeling
I also wrapped that app up using py2exe or something and provided command line args, so you could just say split.ext <sometextfile> 30000 and it would split it up in to 30kline files
btw. if I have 4 mil unique values for what is suppose to be a standard identifier (KN in his case) in a 20GB file (or almost any file) - I would have pointed and laughed at whoever asked me to analyze it
granted, either he was giving a flippant response or didn't know what you meant by "Unique values".....which is also not a good thing but in a different way
3:15 AM
cbg, all.
hey @davidism if you get a chance please take a look at my PR for the docs in flask. untitaker pinged you on it. i know your busy tho :P
3:43 AM
@tristan this is disappointing and wrong. women do not have the same status as men in america. look at women in tech. look at the gender pay gap. go ahead, try to tear me apart.
I think the key word in his statement was legal
4:04 AM
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5:11 AM
late late late over here
1 hour later…
6:12 AM
cbd is like vampire .it awakes when it's the night in my time zone
6:29 AM
when I want to define a constant value as a member variable of a class, should I initialize it in my constructor or outside/
If it is a class variable and it's constant you should set it in the class body
so you mean it should be outside the init() ?
but in the class?
6:48 AM
class A:
    constant_class_variable = 'constant_value'
ok. Why not in the constructor though?
and should I always put double underscores for everything that i dont want accesible?
@Kamal do some research on the difference between instance and class variables.
You can also find lots of Q+A/documentation on the use of double-underscore "hiding"
so pycharm for individual users is twice cheaper than for organizations. What prevents organizations from buying the products as individual user?
@khajvah nothing.
other than the legal contract you enter.
check with your lawyers, not a random internet chat room.
@khajvah the fact that you do not get proper vat invoice for your co
+ @MartijnPieters ^
7:03 AM
@AnttiHaapala I saw. :-)
though, it is still a shitty deal for small co's
cheaper yet often to pay some more money for the employees to buy their own licenses :D
@khajvah also the new monthly deal rocks
I have been cleaning up this one crappy PHP program
@AnttiHaapala which one?
PHPstorm is always paid... no community edition
@khajvah you can buy licenses by month now
oh I didn't know it didn't exist
so I pay 8ish € for each month that I am head-desking,
7:05 AM
I would settle with IntelliJ
and when I am done with this sh*t, I do not pay any longer.
> Enjoy
productive php
Jetbrains are cool
you can write twice as much unnecessary lines of PHP in half the time.
pycharm doesn't work :(
purchased all products pack for 250 USD. a couple weeks ago. still can't let it go.
7:11 AM
Oopsy... changed my Python 3.4.0 to 3.4.4 and juts noticed it's broken a lot of system tools... terrific
@khajvah also, you can found a new company
and get 50 % off... now that's a good deal.
@JonClements binary (in)compatibility?
Looks something like that: ImportError: No module named '_sysconfigdata_m'
Bit weird as I'm sure I did an altinstall so the system one should have been left alone
so, c extension module not found
@JonClements i do code in vm. I make snapshot before doing upgrade./ it's so fucking convenient. and I quickly can revert back system.
7:31 AM
@AnttiHaapala Looks like ctypes is borked in general
7:52 AM
Wow - who'd have thought - a 16-core 64gb ram server with 2tb SSD is somewhat faster at data crunching than my laptop
5 minutes before a demo someone decides to restart our server, gin anyone?
@Ffisegydd why not... no point smashing a bottle that's still got gin in it over their head :)
8:11 AM
@JonClements odd
@Ffisegydd Reminds me of those countless “during presentation, Windows decided to run an update without notice”
I kinda like JavaScript's way of passing functions around
@poke presentation mode FTW
And cbg
8:30 AM
@RobertGrant Apparently, Windows 10 is stronger than that
If you turn on presentation mode it just sees it as a challenge
@tristan with that joke, I think it's time to launch your dev-heavy brand of humour into the standup comedy circuit
9:28 AM
Just to note - I should have the last datadump from SO (for the Python related tags) loaded into postgres by this evening - so if anyone wants a login to play with it - I can open up a port and give a username/password for access if someone wants to play or use that as part of data analysis testing
9:43 AM
@Ffisegydd like,
@Ffisegydd always happens here: "why did you restart the server now that we're having a demo"
... "and why didn't you tell that you're demoing it right now?"
@JonClements Nice, I'm slowly looking at loading it into the Neo4j graph database, but struggling for time. Do you have any code for extracting the required (i.e. python-related) stuff from xml? If so, can I steal? Then I can just add my Neo4j driver code onto it.
@AnttiHaapala Turns out it just blue screened :P
@Ffisegydd well, you can have the code that loads the XML and adjust it, or I can do you a Python specific dump in whatever format that's good for you and then you can download that if that's easier?
@Ffisegydd wouldn't some JSON be easier for neo4j ?
I need to decide why I don't like wtforms and why I want to use deform, or do I?
@JonClements The dump would be good, if possible. Not sure on data structure. I'll be loading it via Python probably as using Cypher queries will try and do something silly like load it all in one, rather than stream.
@Ffisegydd okay... let's touch base on it later and work it out :)
9:52 AM
Don't consultant at me.
I want nothing to do with touching your bases.
10:03 AM
morning cabbage
@Withnail morning
wow... votes are trickling in for another great answer badge... another month or so should do it - yay
I'm generally pleased when I get a couple of votes. :P
10:30 AM
It's always nice to be appreciated :)
11:00 AM
This Python Group is so much more professional than C++ Lounge.
really? That sounds like a pretty low bar. :D
C++ Lounge isn't supposed to be professional
Hey Antti!
I was extremely frustrated when someone today started topic about dating and relationships in that group
11:01 AM
why would you be frustrated?
Yeah you've really not been long enough then :P
I think we speak about Python maybe 20% of the time.
@khajvah because I didn't get laid for a while :D
I used to visit lounge every day. It's a place to have fun
> for a while
that's cute
too much information.
@ProblemSlover on this evidence, I'm assuming that the person who started that topic in the lounge was you
11:11 AM
@RobertGrant o_O.
@khajvah "fun"... yeah...
cbg, all
@holdenweb how goes the day Steve?
Could be worse. Tense time on the fundraising front, but nothing I can do to affect that outcome. And you?
11:19 AM
@JonClements well, it is fun sometimes
I had a pleasant surprise when I logged in today. I guess this question must've hit the Hot Network Questions list. It's nice to get the upvotes, but it seems a bit silly to get that many. :) So to make it a little more worthy I decided to add some timeit code to my existing answer.
11:36 AM
Shouldn't your example using the hard-code constant have the operands the other way around? i.e. not n % 232792560 == 0 but 232792560 % n == 0
And similarly just above that
@user6426692 I'm sure you've been told about the room rules - why are you pinging members for no reason?
@holdenweb No, that wouldn't work. If n==a*232792560 for any positive integer a then n is divisible by all the numbers from 1 to 20. But 232792560 % (a*232792560) == 232792560, not 0. But FWIW I almost wrote the test as lcm20 % n myself when I was first writing up that answer, so I know where you're coming from. :)
But n % 232792560 == n for all n < 232792560
Or am I suffering from brainfade?
Oops "But 232792560 % (a*232792560) == 232792560, not 0. Unless a==1
@holdenweb That's true, but if n < 232792560 then n will not be divisible by all the numbers from 1 to 20.
True - thanks. I see the Q has now been put on hold as off-topic ... :(
11:53 AM
It only needs one more vote to re-open it. I don't think it's fair to consider it as a code review question (andit certainly would be off-topic for Code Review in its current form).
I consider the OP's code as executable pseudocode. The OP is clearly asking for a more compact / Pythonic way to perform those multiple tests, and the answers (like yours) showing him how to do that with an all / any gen exp is exactly what he needs. My answer is essentially saying "You have an XY problem. You don't need all those tests, you can do this instead".
Ta. I just added a comment (similar to my previous post) explaining why I voted to re-open. Hopefully it won't get closed again. :)
@PM2Ring who knows? The community is quite fickle about using their votes
Song of the day: Freddie Mercury's Born To Love You
12:08 PM
why poor moon /:
Understood. And that's why I posted that comment arguing that it's not really a Code Review request. The OP knew their ought to be a better way, but if you don't know about all /any it's a bit hard to ask questions about them. :) I guess the response to that is "Well, the OP should RTFM and then they'd know about all / any". But if OPs were fully conversant with the docs 90%+ of the questions on SO wouldn't exist. :)
@PM2Ring That just makes it better. I would've upvoted a second time if I could :P
When it comes to that question, I don't really think that it could be argued that one could RTFM to get any kind of answer to the question. At least I'm not aware of anywhere in the manual that it talks about LCMs in that way
@WayneWerner Thanks, Wayne. :) I originally intended to post that timeit stuff as a separate Community Wiki answer, but by the time I was ready to post, the question was closed. And I can't be bothered moving it now that it's been re-opened.
@WayneWerner Sure, you need to know a bit of maths to get the LCM short cuts. But using all / any on a generator expression is a pretty standard Python idiom for chaining multiple related tests, and if you know about any / all then (IMHO) it's pretty obvious that they can be used to condense the OP's code.
12:15 PM
> “This simply shows that every company can achieve their moon-shot,” said Jain.
hurr hurr hurr
@PM2Ring Yeah - that part I did get at first glance :)
@WayneWerner :)
Ooh, Terry got an "unrecognized event type" exception overnight. It happened somewhere between "Morning!" and the next message.
@Kevin presumably the "1 hour later"
And you mean to say you've not wrapped the entire code base in a massive try:...except: pass!?
Nope :-P
it's clearly not battle-tested code.
12:28 PM
But it's strange, there was a "two hours later..." message a bit before then, and it doesn't look like that caused an Exception.
@Kevin Only the one? I guess it wasn't the "One hour later" stuff then.
Did you store the event type number?
Nope. I guess I better change that.
Damn. Kevinned. I guess that's always on the cards when replying to Kevin when he's in stream-of-consciousness mode. :)
12:32 PM
Ok, the next time it fails, it will show the entire event structure. That should give some clues.
Man... looking at the cpython source almost makes me miss writing some C code
@Kevin want a almost ready made rabbit?
db structure, permissions and events?
Pfft. Using pre-existing code is for amateurs. Kevin roles his computer from scratch for every new code build.
@JonClements Yeah, although work has gotten busy enough that I won't be able to seriously toy around with anything for a while
s/work/gif making/
12:43 PM
Guys, serious question: on a scale from 1 to 10 how cool/likeable the name vaultah is? 1 being super lame, 10 being super awesome
0 is valid too :D honest answers are appreciated, I'm thinking about changing it
What about negative numbers?
How are we supposed to coming up with a rating for something like that? 7
It's the 7 phenomenon
Well compared to Ffisegydd it's definitely more pronounceable
It meets my basic criteria of "distinguishes you from everyone else" and "I can spell it on the first try". 8.5.
12:45 PM
I think vaultah is a particularly cool name for people from Poland.
If you want to break into the 9+ range, you'd have to come up with an incredible pun or something.
Or be a vampire called Walter.
Yes but only if he commits to the pole vaulter life style. And discusses it frequently in here.
12:47 PM
remembers a Scooby Doo episode where Fred became an olympic pole vaulter
realises he needs to get out more
or the soul vaultah
@WayneWerner Glad someone scored the setup ;)
gfd I'm tired
A truly 9 worthy pun would be computer or Python related.
Especially if it was in a Monty Python skit
> horse action figure
12:50 PM
In that case the package should be "polevaultah" montypython.net/scripts/contradict.php
fwiw vault in vaultah originally meant "jump", as in parkour movement en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vault_%28urban_movement%29
Thank you all for your responses!
well, the meaning was probably obvious
Better than my screename, which just stems from misanthropy. Viz. youtube.com/watch?v=j5EmCKbWS6c
I've been meaning to change mine.
I don't normally consider myself to be a Beyoncé fan, but this clip is excellent. From the movie Cadillac Records, Beyoncé portraying Etta James, performing her soul-blues classic I'd Rather Go Blind. There's a little bit of dialogue before the song starts, but please don't fast-forward past it because it sets the context.
I should implement logging for Terry so I can inspect these name change events.
It's not often that I have a program that runs for more than fifteen minutes, so up until this point just writing everything to stdout was fine.
1:06 PM
Embrace the logging module.
It's worth the time, especially if you log to file as well as console.
Instructions unclear, pinned under a log.
It's heavy and splintery. Call a lumberjack.
wait? we're more professional than C++....this cannot be allowed to stand! silly walk
Log? it does more than that.
@wgwz okay, i won't tear you apart, but i will disagree with your knee jerk reaction. the "gender pay gap" for earnings in same field, same years experience, same title is closer to 3-7%, which has been explained in federal reports as the difference in negotiation. as for women in tech, that's personal choices. what do you want a government to do about the personal choices of its population?
meh, difference between de facto and de jure equality imo. And 'personal choices' re women in tech ignores a myriad of societal contributing factors, choices aren't made in perfect isolation.
1:12 PM
@Withnail such as what?
what legal and formal, political barriers exist for women in america?
wasn't there a meta post on that subject....I swear I remember a meta
even where the presupposed conclusion is that "more women need to be in tech"
A: Diminishing Numbers of Women in Programming and the SO Experience

paul23Now this might be better a comment - but I feel one particular point in your edit quite faulty: To address people who do not agree with the word diminishing. If you click on one of the links I provided or do a google search, it is a fact that the numbers of women in the field are diminishing....

I didn't say there were. That's my point.
1:14 PM
that, that meta is a garbage fire
Women have, on the face of it, all the same rights and protections as men. The lived experience is generally suboptimal.
so is this though; the subject just tends to be
@Withnail Sorry that I misunderstood you, but please explain how the lived experience is suboptimal?
I honestly can't tell if you're trolling here.
1:16 PM
If anything, in my experience, because we're just dealing in the business of anecdotes (because otherwise pesky truths come in and end this discussion), companies are more likely to take a chance on a woman than a man if qualifications aren't entirely what they're expecting.
I am 0% trolling.
suspicious face I bet that's what a troll would say. ;)
Maybe it's because I've lived in the nicer parts of America, but I flatly abhor the "omg how can you say women can achieve the same" reaction.
@Kevin everything needs more logging ;)
Note: this is in response to @wgwz's statement here
1:18 PM
A/Cs keep going out around here cause of record heat :\ (seriously gets any hotter and I'll have to grab laptop and code outside today to avoid the heat)
"Fewer women choose to go into tech and hard sciences. Women earn less in the same industry, if you don't look at years-in-industry and like-for-like titles. How can you not want your government to interfere?"
Yeah, I backtracked through the convo quickly. I mean, broadly I'd agree with him. 'Icky statements in the past' are important a) when you're gunning to be POTUS, and b) when they're consistent with the garbage verbiage you're coming out with now.
Wait, what? How does Hillary being a criminal and some comments from a spray tanned clown enter this conversation?
'choose' - choices are constructed by the expectations of those around you (and those around them) - they're not made in glorious isolation.
Pause while I check soemthing.
That's deploying emotional and anecdotal flares to distract from core problems in an argument.
1:23 PM
@Withnail Ugh. So you want legislation to fix shitty parenting?
That original discussion/comment was triggered by trump though, no? That was what led wzwg onto that bit?
@Withnail No no no. I will never come to the aid of Trump.
My thing is that the garbage clown can say stupid, inflammatory, ignorant garbage, but it honestly doesn't matter as long as he doesn't get his shit ideas codified.
High five to that.
And, this issue sets me off, because then people use it to emotionally polarize and distract from actual arguments.
1:25 PM
I don't think parenting's responsible for the entirety of kids' choices either. :) Women don't/aren't/didn't enter tech because (until the last 5 years, and arguably less so now) they've consistently been told, mostly implicitly, and sometimes explicitly that they can't/shouldn't do STEM subjects (in the UK and the US, I'm less familiar with other countries)
@Withnail by who
statements like that put us on a ghost hunt for something some idiot kid may have said to another.
But the thing is, it's not just what the individual kid(s) say - why are they saying that? Who's said that to them? And you have layers upon layers of this stuff that needs unpicked.
I grew up in the American northeast in the 90s, and there was a consistent, steady narrative that we need to get more women into STEM.
did you link the N.dG. Tyson video yet ? .D
1:27 PM
Great! I can safely say there wasn't the same in Scotland in the 1990s.
@Withnail And you'd say this means women don't have the same status as men in america?
and: you go to PyCon.fi, 3 % women, go to PyCon.se, more like 50 % :D
Ye-e-e-s, in the broadest sense.
(That's a cautious yes sound, I don't think that translates well in text.)
Go to PyCon US, and if you're a woman, you were personally encouraged to take part, and, if you're perceived to be under-represented, paid less or nothing for the ticket.
anw, the NdGT vid is good to watch, if you haven't seen it
1:30 PM
Re: consistent steady narrative, it's great if the Secretary of the Department of Education (or whoever) issues a proclamation "We should get more girls in tech", but how effectively does that trickle down from on high to the sort of people that actually influence the typical girl's choices? Think peers, parents, and teachers. I feel like such a proclamation would only affect the last category.
That's cool, and when you do go, like when my wife goes to conferences, she gets asked "Oh, are you in marketing for company X?" /anecdata
Little Timmy in fifth grade doesn't read press releases from deptOfEducation.gov.
also, when does it go to far?
like here we had a "tech summer school" but it was only open to woman teachers and girls -> ignores a big part of the population that could have benefited
I'm trying to make my thoughts on this more succinct, but trading in feelings while intentionally skirting statistics and formal policy weakens the ability to address any existing problems.
granted, I don't blame them (I know who organized it) that is where the funding was so better that then nothing
1:35 PM
What statistics would you like that you feel are missing, out of interest?
"skirting statistics" does not mean missing
To be fair, neither of you have provided any statistics :P
Both of you are using anecdata (great word)
Haha, it's always a good idea to flag anecdata.
No, but you don't understand. My feelings ARE statistics, because I feel like they are.
actually I am not sure what you all are talking about and what is your view point :D
1:37 PM
it means misquoted or misrepresented (though Fizzy is right)
anyhow here, there are next to no women in programming.
compared to STEM in general.
oh, regional statistics are fun
which reminds me of some work to do, rbrb for now
@Antti let me bring you up to speed: @Withnail is a dangerously socialist fool who thinks that everything can be fixed, @tristan is a brutal misogynist who thinks women are good for nothing more than pumping out sons.
I've had one woman colleague in programming and she was a Brit.
@Ffisegydd and they're even fucking rubbish at that
1:38 PM
@Ffisegydd hey, @Withnail is right ;)
I might get that on a tshirt
50% success rate!
I have to learn ruby in rails today
1:40 PM
Shit, I didn't realise he was still doing stuff
@corvid try Ruby on Rails first
@Withnail Yeah, it's hit or miss, but it's cool that he's still at it.
'job choices' klaxon
nope, in rails, it's a new exciting framework
1:40 PM
Semantic burn.
@Withnail So your point of view is that there's a societal barrier or dampening effect on women going into technical training?
I'd agree with that (my agreement is based on anecdata)
BTW, if misogyny is inherited, it is going to become extinct :D
If we're scoping it to the parts of the world that don't have shitty ideas about gender/race, I'd, to some degree, be willing to agree with that.
Yeah, that's pretty much it. And they're actually much harder to break down, hence the knotty nature of it. I guess it boils down to - I don't believe that choices are made in isolation as a rational actor. Even in our nice, 'civilised' bit of the world, there's still some shitty idea undercurrents happening. They're hard.
1:42 PM
If we open it up to islamic countries, there are so many barriers for women to succeed that "well, if they're not made to feel encouraged" isn't even on the radar
@tristan true...
I think it's getting better though, I just don't know why it's getting better, i.e. whether it's just that we're getting more used to the idea in general, or whether specific ideas/programs are having an effect.
shrug, not just islamic countries. Lots of places outwith that Northern, Western quadrant of the world.
it is like "No need to make Python better, because PHP is shit."
@Withnail Oh god just take the win where you can get it
1:44 PM
hahaha sorry. backs out while the living room is only moderately ablaze
yes, when you think about it, the united states, with duplicate laws on gender pay equality, is like afghanistan, where you can get stoned to death for being raped
trigger warning: religious intolerance
@tristan what's wrong with your computer :D
The problem with islam, as an arab who used to be muslim, some long time ago, is that it conditions individuals to adopt a fear-greed survival mechanism
@AnttiHaapala oh, there's something wrong with my computer now? #computershaming
1:47 PM
Most times, fanatics are so because they can process informations only through getting scared, or getting promised out of this world benefits
@randomhopeful Exactly. And you can use that stuff to control a population.
@randomhopeful what does it mean to stop being a muslim in this case
@tristan Yes, especially when this population is almost illiterate
@AnttiHaapala Well becoming an atheist for my case, since bullies should pick on someone their own size and god is bigger than while of us
@randomhopeful I mean, that's not just an islamic thing. Lots of the bible are on population control, paying taxes, and basic "how not to get sick and/or please stop murdering each other"
1:49 PM
all of us*
Isn't apostasy particularly dangerous for muslims? broad question
@tristan Yes ! Islam just borrowed from ancient religions. And it's the new hot thing (relatively speaking)
@Withnail Yeah, absolutely. But my region isn't that uptight. I, also, don't roam the streets screaming my atheism.
@Withnail If you're still in a country with religion directly in control, yes.
ah, good points
1:54 PM
Finally I can forget about cooking
lol Your website says : " Everything your body needs. " That's a dangerous statement.
Is that a Soylent competitor?
Because I only trust Soylent for my chemically engineered balanced diet
Tristan's Nutrient Sludge: PM Formula
It's whiskey and rib slurry
@randomhopeful :D
1:57 PM
oh wait...Tristan and I did this bit already
@tristan Sounds perfect to me
Jun 11 at 22:25, by idjaw
You need soylent
oh ya. ugh think of all the calories we burned talking about this again. we could be writing ruby to sell ads on the internet with that time.
I had to take another soylent shot with the calories I burned from that aggressive typing.
I gotta keep my numbers up

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