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12:01 AM
@Nick No, I sought clarification on this recently, and the FAQ was updated. See Rule 15 bullet 4. I'm pretty sure I'm adhering to the spirit of that, but I'd be happy to ask for a ruling from an RO.
@cigien I hadn't read the updated FAQ, but to me your comment still looks like an implicit "I'd like this post reopened". My 2c only, it's up to an RO to make the final decision.
@Nick Yeah, I see your point. Obviously, I have an opinion, but whether it's "really seeking input and [is] not just a disguised request" is up to the ROs on a case by case basis. And I do want to know if that question has been correctly closed. Just yesterday I would have closed it, but then Makyen replied with the comment I linked to, so I'm not sure.
BTW, how does one ping an RO actually? I mean this is not urgent, but if I wanted to?
12:24 AM
@cigien I've edited the question into something less likely to get closed again (although I suspect there's a dupe out there somewhere, I'm not SME enough to find it) and also voted to reopen.
@cigien click on the info link (above the people in the room) and then click on the access tab, that will show you all the room owners. You can then ping them with @<ro-name>
@Nick Thanks for the edit, that improves the post a lot. I did look for a dupe, and nothing obvious popped up. There is this asking the same question, except they want a fix for their code, it's not a "how to do x" question.
@Nick Right, thanks, that helps. I was mostly wondering if there was a way to notify any RO who happens to be in the room, as opposed to a specific RO?
@cigien actually, on the general tab of info it shows you the ROs in the order in which they posted most recently. So in that case it would be Machavity
@Nick Oh, I didn't know that, thanks so much :)
@Machavity Can I get a ruling on this? It's about the new wording that was added to the FAQ. 15.4 to be precise.
@Nick Aren't most regex questions typos? ;)
12:40 AM
@cigien :)
@cigien You have a very valid point
@klutt Sorry, which comment are you responding to?
@cigien mouseover @klutt comment and it will highlight what it is a reply to
@Nick Huh, you're right. Why doesn't it have a left arrow next to it then?
@cigien clicking the left arrow will take you to the message it's a reply to, it's most useful when that message is no longer on-screen
12:49 AM
@Nick Right, but there doesn't seem to be a left arrow on klutt's comment at all...
@cigien Ah, I hadn't noticed, that's because they typed @cigien rather than hitting the reply arrow. So then it highlights the closest message you made, which isn't necessarily the one they were replying to. So you did need to ask to clarify...
@Nick Ah, ok, I thought the wine was getting to me ;) They probably meant the regex joke anyway :) Thanks for clarifying.
I think lack of coffee is getting to me...
@cigien It looks like a legit way to ask about the status of the question. Discloses and asks for opinions. As long as you stay above board with it, it should be fine
@Machavity Ok, sounds good. Thanks for checking :)
@Makyen Do you mind taking a look at this question I answered? I'm trying to figure out the "how to do x" advice you gave yesterday, and I'm not sure if this qualifies or not.
2:13 AM
Does anyone see a reason for having the tag?
2:24 AM
@ChristopherMoore You'll need a Meta post either way
@Machavity Yeah I guess. Was trying to get some preliminary feedback to see if there was something obvious I was missing.
@cigien My first look at this was that it appeared the OP is asking for us to write the entire program for them, but that's really not the case. All the associated code that's in the question which is doing input and output makes the question appear to be asking for more than it really is. The edits that have already been made make it more clear, but the question could use considerable trimming to get it down to a much simpler and clear question.
Down to something like: "How determine if one string contains only the characters in another string? How do I create a function like bool containsOnly(string testString, string acceptableLetters){}, which returns a bool indicating if the testString consists only of characters in acceptableLetters?" That could be the complete question, although also including test input and output would be good.
The simplicity of your answer makes it clear the root issue is not too broad. However, I view it as unfortunate that the question has answers, because that basically makes it, at best, quite difficult, to pare the question down to the short, simple version which would be useful to future visitors.
Part of the issue is that the OP is combining their Tester to be both where the check is supposed to be written and where they are doing output. With a test as simple as what you show, that would be OK in an actual program, but it's bad for focusing the question on the actual question.
2:48 AM
BTW: The question repeatedly saying "word" rather than "string" implies that there's going to be a check that the string actually contains only one word, which doesn't appear to be part of the existing code, nor what the Op is really asking for.
3:06 AM
@Makyen Thanks for the feedback. I've edited the question into a form that I think is useful (while keeping the intent of the original question). Could you check again? No rush. There's probably room for improvement, but I think this addresses your points. Also, both answers can be updated with minimal effort.
3:48 AM
So, uh, the VTC Queue is now smaller than the Reopen Queue. I think that's progress!
@Chipster I had to go and look to see it for myself! Definitely a first for me...
Certainly feels like the first time that's happened in a while.
@cigien It's definitely an improvement for the question. However, if you make substantial changes to the question which impact how well the answers fit with the question, then you should also edit the answers to match the new version of the question (e.g. in this case, to reformat them so they provide the bool ContainsOnly() which the question is asking for).
When doing so, I suggest leaving a comment on any answers which are not yours explaining that you made substantial changes/improvements to the question to provide clarity and focus, and you are editing their answer to match the edited question. I usually tell them that I've made a good faith effort to both match their answer to the question as it now is and maintain their intent, but that they should look it over to make sure it's still what they were wanting to say.
4:04 AM
Done. If the other answerer wants the question edited back to the original form, I'll do that, but I don't suspect it will be an issue.
4:18 AM
Thanks a ton @Makyen , that was very instructive :)
@cigien np. Thanks for fixing up the question and answers. It definitely is much better now.
@cigien Hmmm... As I look at putting what the OP wants as output into a format of ContainsOnly("Coin", "CODING") //returns true and ContainsOnly("COP", "CODING") //returns false, I notice that the OP is asking for case insensitivity. Maybe it should also show a wrapper ContainsOnlyCaseInsensitive().
That assumes the easiest way to handle that is to just change both strings to lowercase (or uppercase) only.
@Makyen No, that's a typo I introduced in the edit. See the revision history, OP wants uppercase only. (Edited).
Ahhh... good catch.
Hypothetically, if OP did want mixed case, would it be acceptable to change that with the goal of making a "useful" question. Or is that not ok?
4:36 AM
@cigien That's going to depend on what the OP actually asks for. If they are clear that they are asking for something else, then no. If their question is not clear and it appears within the intent of the question, then reformulating it such that it's both within the OP's intent and a better question for future visitors, then that's OK.
There's considerably more leeway in adjusting questions prior to there being any answers, because once there are answers, the answers need to not be invalidated or even reduced in how well they match the question.
@Makyen Ok, I think I understand. I can change what they say, so long as I don't change what they mean :) It's clearer to me now, but I'm sure there will be corner cases where I'll need help. Thanks again, I appreciate it :)
@cigien np. I'm glad I was able to help. Yeah, if there just weren't so many corner cases, things would be a lot easier. :) OTOH, they would be a lot less interesting. :)
@Makyen Indeed :) Ok, good night :)
Good night. Get some good sleep. :)
5:44 AM
Is this question considered a typo?
@Yatin if not a typo, it was definitely a dupe of something...
What is this answer trying to convey? I am at total loss
@Yatin it's boilerplate copy/paste from one of the help panes
Yeah but why? What possessed them to do that
beginners move in mysterious ways, but I'm guessing they are experimenting with the site. This is common enough that I've seen a nearly identical post just a few days ago
maybe one of the bots should look for this text
5:57 AM
Does anyone know a good meta post to give to a new user who is getting angry about downvotes?
@Yatin meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/357436/… is commonly linked because that's what they usually end up arguing
Thank you :)
@tripleee actually Smoke Detector did report this
@Yatin someone just upvoted it!
I was actually surprised myself!
I was thinking why my downvote disappeared
6:40 AM
@tripleee should be a flag-pls r/a
will additional rude flags matter?
@tripleee the more the merrier - the answer will get deleted automatically with enough of them so it doesn't require 10k+ users
Well that's bizarre... a replica watch post that wasn't in Vietnamese...
7:09 AM
@Yatin consider submitting it here: gemsfromstackexchange.tumblr.com maybe blurring the usercard.
@rene I am so happy that this place exists :)
@vestland the answers seem to suggest it's a programming question (how to use plotly or other packages to achieve something)
I gave that question an edit
7:42 AM
there should be a "needs more punctuation" option too
@Chipster I'm not so sure that is a good sign. That means a lot of Question were just moved from one queue to the other queue. I speculate some of those should have never been closed.
7:56 AM
hmmm, looks like clicking "reopen" again does not let me retract my reopen vote
8:29 AM
... that looks a lot more like spam after seeing the user profile :')
yep, reported at charcoal
9:36 AM
^ I can't even properly understand that question
@Yatin I think the answer is countable infinity. Cardinality of the natural numbers ;)
I was thinking the same thing. I think this was just a shower though OP had and decided to ask it anyway
How many lines of code must there be to program any conceivable program?
The answer is subjective at best. And completely useless to future readers I might add
"exact number of lines of codes that can be used in all existing python software or in all future software" is a bit open ended. One can also add no-ops lines :)
The more I look at this post, the more I think it may have been created by a bot.
9:56 AM
@Scratte I agree with tripleee's comment. It seems like a google-translated post :/
oh come on :(
@Yatin Whether isn't translated or not doesn't change that the Question is not only unanswerable in general, but doesn't fit here. I doubt that any proper wording would make any difference.
@Yatin Ask a new Question? On that ???? Answer? :) I guess this is why I do not like the canned comments :)
@Scratte ������ to be exact :)
^ reminds me of hitting the old CRT TVs to get them to work xD
@Yatin I found talking gently to the TV did it.
10:09 AM
Are "I have the same issue" comments worth of "No longer needed" flag?
@Yatin If that's their whole content then I doubt they were ever needed
@Yatin Yes, unless they help to clarify the question in some way
Ok, thank you. Yeah that is the entire content of the comment
Is this on-topic?
@Yatin I would say "needs details or clarity"
SharePoint's tag info says "Use this tag for programming questions which may involve SharePoint" I am not sure if this is a programming question.... the answer also doesn't have any code... I am not sure :/
10:20 AM
@Yatin there is a sharepoint.se I expect it would fit there. It is unclear how they use that meta column in code, nor does the answer.
hm... I guess I will go with "needs details or clarity" as tripleee said
Is the plain text "out the remote profile solution" enough for this to be an Answer?
Check for what? I am not an azure guy but imho should be flagged as link-only
10:36 AM
@Scratte missed a word there. Sometimes I see Answers with "Use class.method()" instead of "yourclass.othermethod()".. so I panic when seeing those :D
@Scratte I think so. Not a particularly useful one, but an answer.
I see panicking has its benefits :)
You can google words in the question and "remote profile solution" and get to the link in the answer. So it might even be valid.
Thank you :) I'll leave it then :)
10:55 AM
@JeanneDark needs an edit rejected, too
@JeanneDark Ugh, again?
I closed one as a dupe and the other as too broad. This one fortunately qualifies as a dupe
@Zoe Good to see you making good use of that gold badge! :)
yeah, I really like it ^^
Congrats! Happy to have more Android gold-badgers around...maybe one day I'll get there too :-)
I'm 𝜋/10 of the way there
Didn't even get there intentionally ^^" Haven't answered or even used Android in a couple years, but having hundreds of answers helps a bit :')
11:07 AM
@RyanM You got point for trying to use trigonometry there ;)
11:25 AM
Is this part answer/part question?
Is this an answer?
@Scratte you can edit the contents answer into the question... and flag this one as NAA
@Yatin doesn't look like to me
@Scratte Well.. that settles that :)
@Scratte The other one is the same. Part of the question.
@Yatin I'm never doing that again.. the NAA will be removed much faster than the edit suggestion will be handled, and users there will have no idea what that edit even is. And if a moderator uses their "Add Answer into Question" you get a rejected edit.
11:27 AM
@Scratte better if a 2k+ does it
The non-latin link SD report appears to be a dupe
^ c++
I really think there is come contest out there to get the lowest score on a post within a certain timeframe.
@Yatin The logic is the same though :) Even for some other programming languages, like Java
@Yatin speaking of which, @Scratte why don't you suggest a few edits? You are sooo close to reaching 2k :)
@Yatin I'll see if I can find a link to that and close it as a duplicate ;)
Found one conversation :)
11:42 AM
@Scratte hm... interesting take 🤔
I didn't know that room existed :)
@AStopher I would say link-only... I don't think this should be tagged del-pls
@Yatin It's not very active :) It's used for whatever.. :) We didn't limit it to just user scripts.
@Scratte So it is more or less the Ministry?
@Yatin I suppose :) Though I'm not sure the Ministry would be happy with long messages with code.
@Scratte The ministry has rules? ;)
@Yatin Yes! Their prime and only directive is "hats must be worn at all times"
11:53 AM
@Yatin Not sure.. the hat thing is a bit of a puzzle, since I've never worn one in there :)
@Scratte should I flag this message for moderator intervention? xD
@Yatin :) There is a question mark out there with a hat on.. I can't remember the user name though.
@Scratte Gasp! We must call for a public shaming! :P
@Scratte Here we go.. a link to a link to a proper hat :)
@Scratte look at me too I am also a "proper hat" :)
12:04 PM
@Yatin But you're not a question :D
I am a Victorian gentleman to be precise
@Yatin You close questions with your pinky raised?
@Machavity Flag, yes. Can't close just yet :)
12:08 PM
@NathanOliver Good morning!
12:21 PM
Is this answer subtle spam? The first part just says: "you could use the other answer but that's not as good as..." and then plugs their own product (albeit with full disclosure). Or is it just NAA (as it doesn't give any 'example' of their better solution - just a link)?
Yep, that's spam
The tell there is the utm_source. That's a way to track links in Google Analytics
@Machavity So the 'disclosure' isn't a saving grace?
@AdrianMole Disclosure is a fig leaf. We don't want promotion on SO, but we don't want people to not mention useful things either so we give you a small out
Fair enough.
The other problem is all their answers mention the same site
12:27 PM
... my Spider Sense was definitely tingling there, but I had sufficient doubt to bring the issue here.
Glad I didn't review that one
hehe - I skipped, BTW.
1:00 PM
@JeanneDark yep, I find that one unclear as well. Didn't you VTC?
@mickmackusa I don't have the rep to vote to close, I can only flag
Ah, okay.
1:32 PM
@Yatin The typo seems to not be the OP's problem. The request should be trashed.
Q: Should we burninate the [flutter-widget] tag?

Christopher MooreThe tag flutter-widget has more than 200 questions with no usage guidance or tag wiki. The questions associated with this tag are generally no worse than any flutter question without it, but it appears to me that its primary usage is to fill out the tag list on questions. 1. Does it describe the ...

@eyllanesc OP deleted it :)
2:12 PM
Seems more like an advertisement than a legit question. I would probably flag as spam
"Exists only to promote a product or service, does not disclose the author's affiliation."
Should this be closed? Seems "opinion-based", or "seeking recommendations", I'm not sure.
@Yatin @rene please trash this request
@cigien thank you :)
3:03 PM
@JeanneDark Sorry - didn't check before posting the same thing.
Think an NAA flag will work on this? It's not an answer, but it might look like one... stackoverflow.com/a/64538129
3:25 PM
@DavidBuck I wouldn't risk it.
@DavidBuck I had no idea if that answered anything, so I'll assume it requires an expert.. hence, not NAA-able :)
@Scratte That's what I thought. It just says "I used your code with completely made up data and it looks OK to me", which doesn't answer why the OP is not getting the output they want with their data.
I left a comment to allow the answerer to extrapolate
There is some precedent for people answering with 'actually I get your expected output' or 'I can't reproduce it, I get this as expected:' etc.
but those questions usually should just be closed as no-repro
If this question is different, then the answer being discussed probably should be a comment instead, but we won't know for sure until they respond to give a bit more info
@martinclayton are you requesting a reopen-pls here or just commenting for anyone's interest?
@DavidBuck Yes, it could also be a "Not reproducible, see this.."
3:32 PM
@martinclayton if requesting a reopen-pls, please state that (e.g. we recommend writing [tag:reopen-pls] at the beginning of your message so we know exactly what you mean
Ohh.. sorry, I see that was already addressed.
@TylerH - thanks
3:59 PM
Would you consider stackoverflow.com/a/64538367/2359227 as NAA?
@TomerShetah I tend to not consider it an NAA. It may be of low quality but it appears to try to answer the question (even without the link).
@TomerShetah I would not. There's enough there IMHO for it to count. Down vote and delete votes would be OK in my book though.
It does clue in the question as a likely duplicate as well
Looks like Sam's progress in the CV "Hall of Fame" has left @TylerH in the shade, and he now has @rene in his distant but blurry sights!
... cheating, if you ask me.
@AdrianMole I have no worries .... yet
4:06 PM
Well - he only has to do as much again as he already has, and you'll be bumped out of the #4 spot!
Does a list of thing that doesn't work sort of provide an answer? reference
@AdrianMole never!!
Bets on for a Christmas Pudding?
@AdrianMole So.. you're going to send one, if you lose the bet? :)
4:11 PM
@Scratte We'll negotiate the details once we know who is the sender and who the receiver!
Is there something called "mysqlo"? I just saw an Answer asking about it, but google doesn't seem to know about it.
@Scratte it is the newest version of mysqli
a half dozen or so iterations newer
@AdrianMole Maybe I should tell you that "Christmas Pudding" seems to be an English thing. At least the one with the brick of a dark cake you doze in booze :) I'd be surprised if it can be bought in the Nederlands.
@TylerH Are you pulling my leg?
@Scratte yes
@Scratte I'm sure there is something that can be purchased in the Netherlands that I would find acceptable: Diamonds, Tulips, Coffee?
4:15 PM
mysqlo is almost certainly a typo of mysqli, considering mysqlo doesn't exist and the o key is right next to the i key on keyboards
although theoretically someone could add mysqlo if it stood for mysql 'optimized' or mysql 'omega' or something, e.g. the last time anyone will ever modify that command to improve it
@TylerH Thanks :) I assume I come off as very gullible :)
@AdrianMole Don't ask for the black tulip.. you'll lose even if you win ;)
I just reinstalled my Windows. I lost my userscripts. It looks like Stack Overflow is broken
At least most of it is on GitHub so now I need to find it.
@Dharman Modding is worse. The tooling is often barebones so Userscripts are all but necessary
I know it doesn't help now, but at least with Tampermonkey you can export the user scripts so you can have a "backup file" for them that you can use to at least get you to a good staging point. Also, if you know you are going to do it, you can export before you blow windows away.
4:50 PM
The worst part is that it didn't fix the problem. My ethernet port is still not working. I am reduced to WiFi
My suggestion is backing up the Chrome/Firefox profile. It requires spelunking through your Users directory, but it reduces it to copy/pasta and you get to keep history/prefs/etc
Chrome is synching almost everything but not the userscripts.
@Dharman by not working, does it not show up, or just you plug something into it but it doesn't detect the network?
Oh hey, there is a Cloud export for TM. TIL
I plug something into it but it doesn't detect the network
4:55 PM
I assume you have windows 10?
Can you go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections?
I can
Will you? ;)
I did :D should I click something there
4:57 PM
What do you have listed in there? Do you see your ethernet adapter?
Yes, I have 3: Bluetooth, Ethernet and WiFi
Do you have a cable plugged into the ethernet port right now?
It says Cable is unplugged but the yellow light is blinking and the orange one is on
The cable is plugged in from both ends
You might have a bad cable. Have you tested that?
I tried with anothe cable too
5:00 PM
Orange should blink, green should be on.
if all else fails, I'd like to recommend a superior operating system, also known as Linux.
... unless you're green/yellow/orange colour blind.
@Dharman In Network Connections, right click on the ethernet adapter, click properties, click the configure button under the name in the window that just opened. In the device status section of the window that clicking the button opens up, what does it have there?
This device is working properly.
Have you tried turning it off and back on again?
5:08 PM
hmm. I'm kind of out of troubleshooting steps. Next advice would by trying to plug a different computer into the same setup and see if it connects. If it does, your ethernet port might be physically broken somehow. If it doesn't, then it's the thing the cable is plugged into or the cables themselves. If you have a spare ethernet adapter you could put into the machine, you can see if that works as well.
@Dharman if you open a cmd prompt and run ipconfig /all do you have DHCP/DNS entries for your wired connection?
It says DHCP is enabled but no valus are present
that is something you want to fix.
@Scratte That's certainly a fair point. My point I guess is that since we are technically a room targeted at the VTC Queue (though we've expanded over time to most moderation tasks), it's good to see that the queue is shrinking to historically low levels.
Technically the record low is 0 :P
5:15 PM
@Dharman It means that no DHCP server is present on that wired network or it refuses to hand you an IP address. I sometimes "hack" that by borrowing an IP address + 1 and gateway from a working machine, just to see if only DHCP is broken.
@Chipster Even if that means we lose some pearls?
@rene Also it can happen that all addresses for leasing were already taken
@Scratte Well no. We should fix the Reopen Queue problem that seems to be increasing too. It's just that the Reopen Queue used to hover around 500 or so. It's only trippled. The Close Queue by comparison used to be stable in the thousands.
@Dharman ipconfig/renew[:all] may work
@Chipster I don't think it's fixable by closing all the posts though. I even see re-open-able posts go right through the reopen queue with 3 leave closed. It's as if users are conditions to just close everything.
5:20 PM
No operation can be performed on Ethernet while it has its media disconnected.
@Dharman Check the device manager. See if it detects your network adapter.
The adapter is getting detected, but not the cable
reboot the router?
Also, @Dharman you can do /flushdns
@Dharman Mmm... restart the device?
5:21 PM
I did all of this many times
Dang it, I joined Super User Close Vote Reviewers by mistake
^ :D
@Dharman Windows 10 makes it difficult to actually reset and do a hard power cycle. Telling it to power off doesn't actually shut the machine all the way down and perform a hard reboot, unless you've changed the default settings. In fact, selecting "shut down" does less of a reboot than "restart" For a one-off, I'll normally select "restart", then wait for the BIOS to indicate that it's loading and then hard-kill the power.
Over the last week I encountered a situation where it was necessary to hard reboot one such machine, not just "restart" in order to get a WiFi driver un-fubared.
Ok, so we are still in a possible hardware/firmware/software problem. This is fun :D
@Machavity this is an emergency! Nothing gets deleted until @Dharman is fully up and running again.
5:22 PM
@Machavity Is that what they call a "Party pooper"? :)
@Dharman The router or your system?
ok then let me do a full reboot from the power network
@Braiam both
Did you try to disable and enable the device?
If it doesn't work, then we try linux. It works every time, 95% of the time.
@Scratte Hmm maybe. That certainly would be a problem. But I don't think that is one that we alone could fix. We have very little control over what individual users do, and certainly couldn't un-condition them.
5:24 PM
@Makyen isn't it amazing how far IT has come?
@Braiam It never works for me though. I always get some weird error that takes forever to work out. And if it's out of space, it just pick whatever error message it finds.. never saying "I'm out of space"..
Also, have you run a troubleshooter? I've found Windows' troubleshooters to help in times like this, particularly when wi-fi connections are screwy.
@Makyen I wonder if that's a feature of UEFI
@Chipster My Windows troubleshooter recommended to install Debian instead. Since then, I've never had the need to run the troubleshooter again :D
"feature" ...
5:27 PM
@Makyen I think you just won the internet
@Braiam lol. I prefer Ubuntu myself, though I don't think I've used Debian enough to compare the two properly.
It's working again now
"Have you tried turning it off and on" the true and tested solution to all problems.
@Dharman's old network card.
5:29 PM
Now that it's working, we can ban everyone for off-topic discussions! \o/
@Dharman We'll send you an survey shortly so you can evaluate our service and share your experience with our helpdesk. It will only take you 6 to 8 hours to complete. Tanks on Advantage.
Thank you so much everyone, Makyen in particular
@Braiam Sometimes I hate Windows.
@Dharman The story of everything in SOCVR :D
shutdown /t 0 /s is the only sure way to make Windows to shut down, other than unplugging the cable/battery.
5:36 PM
@Machavity Not directly. It's a Windows 10 "feature", intended to make powering on faster (i.e. make people think Windows is faster than it really is). It's beneficial for most people, most of the time. It just is a real pain in the rear for troubleshooting, because it's not doing what people assume is meant by their selection of "Shut down". In Windows 10, if you're wanting to reboot, you should select "restart". If you're wanting a hard reboot, then I suggest the process I described above.
@Dharman I'm glad to hear it's working again. I'm happy I was able to help.
@Makyen do you have a source for this? I have not seen this behavior at all since I've used Windows 10. Shutdown has always done a shutdown. Of course, if you have updates pending, depending on your settings it may install the updates first.
@TylerH Shut down turns the computer off, but it doesn't actually "stop all teh thingz". It's almost like hibernation: howtogeek.com/349114/…
@TylerH Search for "Windows 10 fast startup". You can disable it and make Windows 10 actually fully shut down and reboot when you "shutdown", but for most people "fast startup" is actually beneficial, most of the time.
That's really good to know. I'm gonna have to remember that.
@NathanOliver It's funny that hybrid shutdown is still around considering that SSD are common place and how difficult is to do full hibernation.
Of the things I believe Apple is superior, their resume from reboot is one of them.
5:51 PM
Still too many old PC's out there without SSD's so it's worth it for MS.
Hopefully when MS moves windows over to using a linux back end it'll get better
My wife needed more storage this weekend and I found an external magnetic drive fairly cheap. They're starting to die, but we've not crossed the rubicon of flash < magnetic yet
@NathanOliver There are friends of mine that believe that will never happen :D
I still prefer reel-to-reel storage ;)
psh. Punch cards FTW.
5:53 PM
@Makyen I'd be fine with it, if they added a selection in the start menu power list that was something like "Fully shut down". The real problem, IMO, is that they changed what "shutdown" means/does in the power menu and don't provide any explanation in the menu that it's not doing what is expected by a simple reading of the text.
There's a point where storage space vs information storage makes no sense for most of these. The other trade is about write/read speed.
@Machavity BTW, the cost of the writer are very prohibitive.
@Makyen ah, you mean fast startup
6:28 PM
Looks like typo, probably wanted to write "whole"
Yeah, I'm thinking that's a fp.
/me wondering what kind of keyboard has R next to L
@MarcoBonelli I do those types of typos all the time. While I think of the next word to write, I accidentally punch in a letter that's in the next work (read: word. No, it wasn't on purpose :-) instead of the word I'm typing.. also, l is on the 4th finger to the right on the right hand, and r on the 4th finger on the left hand, no?
6:44 PM
Does stack snippets allow you to use enable Bootstrap into the environment like it does jQuery and things like that?
I was looking and didn't see it, but I know there are more experienced people here than I am who might know.
@MarcoBonelli Freudian, perhaps? Early 2000s someone at work spotted a job board ad, that I assume was supposed to say "Data Warehouse Manager", but didn't, which was astonishingly up for a week before if was finally spotted.
They noticed only during the interview?
@Chipster yes, you just have to link to a CDN version of it
@JeanneDark I didn't ask what search terms they were using...
6:51 PM
@Chipster click the "Add an external library" button and paste in https://stackpath.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/4.5.2/css/bootstrap.min.css
do it again for any additional files you need to include, like the JS files for Bootstrap, for example
@DavidBuck amazing :')
@TylerH Awesome. Thank you. I'm not super familiar with using Bootstrap. It's just I decided to edit a question that had Bootstrap in the question and put its code into a snippet, but wasn't sure how to do Bootstrap since I'm unfamiliar with it. So I'm not sure if I need to add any js files to it.
@Chipster probably not. but I can take a look for you if you link the Q here
@DavidBuck Walehouse Managel? =D
Thanks for the help, though. That's certainly a start. I don't think the OP is messing with js, so it may not be necessary.
6:56 PM
Bootstrap's JS files are for interactivity. If OP's just trying to get styles/layout, then only the CSS library is needed
@TylerH It was in MS. Here it is.
Oh okay. Then I think js probably isn't needed here.
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