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7:03 PM
Yep, also looks like it's currently "no repro"/lacks MCVE but OP is still updating the question so I'll just wait or let someone else address it after a while
Sounds good.
oh right, bad as in not on-topic, not bad as in naughty
you can propose an FR to have two distinct bad keywords lists: the bad list and the naughty list ....
@rene just in time for Christmas...
7:19 PM
@rene The bad, the ugly ... What was the 3rd one again? :-D
@πάνταῥεῖ the blurry
@TylerH No @rene bashing pls! XD
They've gone rare here already ...
"to go rare" is to reverse the state of "cookedness"? :)
Man, that linux tag. I think I need to bring it up on meta at some point.
7:25 PM
Kali is worse :P
@Chipster Shhh! I'm still writing my Debian one :D
@Chipster Heh. Am I too busy flagging stuff? ;)
@Braiam lol.
@tink I'm not sure what you mean.
7:30 PM
@TylerH Btw: I think "offensive" is used to describe naughty words.
7:42 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ I don't think that's too broad question. What exactly is broad about it?
@Chipster The explanation what exactly a regex library is (in terms of functionality). But that doesn't matter, it's a bloody homework dump.
@πάνταῥεῖ The way I read it it's not asking for an explanation of what a regex library is. It is asking if any of those specific headers are part of a regex library. Those are two slightly different things.
> in c++ things are a bit different so it would be nice if someone explain it to me
Heh, found someone using my JSFiddle code in a wild Stack Overflow question
Weird way to find out that I am famous...
@Chipster You are not seriously expecting, to someone repeat the documentation here as a cite, do you?
@πάνταῥεῖ That part of the question might be a bit broad, but it might be able to be edited out. There's still the question of "Is any of the following a class from regex library and what is a regex library?`" That part isn't too broad and is simple to answer.
@Chipster " but it might be able to be edited out" Nope, such edit would go against the OPs intend.
Vote to reopen if you disagree ...
@πάνταῥεῖ I'm not sure I understand what you mean. I've re-read it a couple times. Maybe it's the coma throwing me off.
What do you all think about this latest SD report? It looks spammy, and immediately after posting was up-voted, on an old question -- very suspicious. Looks like spam, smells like it,... ya think?
Now two up-votes -- ???? strange
for a low-quality link-only answer
@Chipster I see your point. I cv'ed as needs details/clarity because it's unclear to me what exactly the OP is confused by, or asking for that matter. I know that "to me it's not really an acceptable c++ question" is not a good reason, but that did partly motivate my close vote.
7:54 PM
@HovercraftFullOfEels I just commented about that in Charcoal HQ - really strange behavior. Very spammy-looking, but I don't see any undisclosed affiliation (Solution Mediatech doesn't appear to be related). Overall, really weird.
@HovercraftFullOfEels It's spam certainly. Links to a commercial tool. The nick Mediatech Solution also sounds suspicious in that context. I flagged as spam.
@HovercraftFullOfEels Definitely weird. Could be spam, but I can't link it directly to spam. But I'm not super experienced with spam.
@πάνταῥεῖ: but not only that, whoever up-voted it must be sock-puppet accounts
@HovercraftFullOfEels Probably
Worth flagging for Mod investigation probably.
Is "How to install Red hat Enterprise Linux on Windows WSL" on topic here?
7:57 PM
@Scratte Superuser
@cigien Yeah, I don't think it's a good question. I just disagreed with the reason given here. That seems like a better reason to close it to me.
cc @πάνταῥεῖ ^^
@Chipster I mentioned it's a homework dump. The close reason doesn't matter much, but what matters is to get rid of such crap quickly.
@πάνταῥεῖ IMHO, homework questions aren't an immediate reason for closure. It kind of depends on the question and how it's worded. With that said, I think you make a fair point on that front.
@Chipster Kind of these ones are.
No research efforts, dumping the question(s) ...
8:03 PM
I don't know a lot about python, but I'm guessing that "import pandas as pd" makes pd an alias. Would that be correct? Is there an option to just write "import pandas" and then one has to use pandas everywhere instead of of pd?
@πάνταῥεῖ No research is usually a reason for down-voting, not closure.
@πάνταῥεῖ Actually, I recently discovered that lack of research effort is not a CV reason, but should be down-voted instead :p
@Scratte If I remember Python correctly, that is correct.
@Scratte Yes
8:05 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ I know, right :p Found that odd myself.
@Chipster Thanks.
So I came across this python Answer, which seems to be saying their answer is different than the one it links to. But I'm failing to see how. I'm also failing to see how the edit makes a difference.
That is what the as clause does. You could use import pandas as somethingelseentirely and have to use somethingelseentirely everywhere instead. Obviously, people usually make it something shorter as a shortcut.
@Scratte np
@Chipster I'm obviously always different, so I'd make the alias 60 characters long :)
@cigien I well know it's not a closure reason, but might well contribute for too broad.
8:08 PM
@Chipster Follow up question: Is there an option to use both the library and the alias? If I got lazy and didn't want to use my 60 character one :)
@πάνταῥεῖ Yes, there's certainly a correlation there. I have seen completely un-researched questions that are very clear, and useful, though.
Rare cases, yes.
@Scratte Eh, yeah. That looks like the same thing. It's very possible that the answerer didn't know you needed to import Pandas, which the linked one doesn't explicitly say.
Especially rare from October til February
8:10 PM
@cigien You are correct about this. Also, asking a Question that Answers by citing documentation is not wrong.. this is a difference of opinion.
@Scratte Are you saying could you do import pandas and than later import pandas as pd? I think so, but my Python is a bit rusty.
@Scratte The edit makes it work. You can't alias it to pd and then refer to it as Pandas. Just noticed the answer above it contains a 'TD;LR', which is new...
@DavidBuck Ok. So you say the Answer is fine. It's not contained in the other Answer. It's an actual adaptation? :)
@Scratte No. It's basically identical
Oh. I didn't see the edit history. That makes a lot more sense. Yeah, the edit has fixed the answer. But it is pretty much identical.
8:12 PM
@DavidBuck Ok. So.. what next? :)
@Scratte I can only guess that they needed to change the code because of the way they'd previously imported Pandas. Literally no-one just does import pandas, so it's a bit odd that the original answer does this. It is ever so slightly different but contains information that won't be of use to 99.9% of possible readers.
@Scratte I'd just written a reply!
@DavidBuck I'm sorry.. :) I realized my brain had a malfunction here.. df is not pd ;)
So bottom line: It's not strictly copying anything, but it's also not very useful. So 20K delete votes or regular voting are the only options, unless I just leave it and let time handle it :)
@Scratte I'm happy to add a comment
8:23 PM
@DavidBuck Please do. You're the python expert :) I'm just the text-comparer ;)
@Scratte isn't that all Python is good for? Text comparisons?
*innocent whistle*
So.. my brain is running.. python? :O
@TylerH Perl or GT*O
Oh, wait, comparisons? Mmm...
Both Python and R are a pleasure to use compared to Cobol, where I first got paid to program. At least it's not gobbledy-php
I must admit I like the whole indentation is code too.. so I think the next language of choice of mine will be python.
8:33 PM
@DavidBuck but cobol programmers have job security :-P
@TylerH But it's soooooooo laborious to code in. Plus, when I was doing it, coding was done on the mainframe so it was the equivalent of developing in Notepad
I do that.. with Java :)
Oops.. again. I need coffee..
@Scratte Isn't that made clear by the opening sentence of their corresponding answer?
I'll take that as a yes
@DavidBuck Yes, yes.. I'm not sure I am fit to operate a computer today :)
@SmokeDetector coffee scratte
8:47 PM
@Scratte Should have learned Python when SO was young. You could ask questions like this and earn 100k rep from it stackoverflow.com/questions/231767/…
!!/coffee scratte
@Chipster brews a cup of Macchiato for @scratte
There we go. Had to look up the command again :D
@DavidBuck I'm more of a type to answer a What is the difference between 'git pull' and 'git fetch'? type post ;)
@Chipster Thank you.. I think I'll make a non-virtual one now :)
9:51 PM
@JeanneDark It was a reference to me
@Georgy I am wondering if we have a canonical, language agnostic dupe for that. C and C++ beginners also ask that from time to time.
10:12 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ We have, the problem is that askers >= 1 :D
@Braiam And low voted questions each time, I know :P
A post just got deleted on meta, but I don't understand how. It had an upvoted Answer and only one delete vote.
@Scratte 20k
@Machavity ? Just one of those deletes the entire post?
@Scratte 3x 20k users voted to delete the question
@Machavity OK. That's a shame.. it wasn't stellar, but it had a nice rant :) And probably not bad as a duplicate for similar ones.
10:51 PM
@Scratte It's now been undeleted ... by a dodgy snarky moderator! :-)
@AdrianMole That was unexpected.. :)
Seems like your chat messages are being 'monitored'?
Mods are a plague ;-)
@Scratte Nobody expects the glasses inquisition!
10:54 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ Is that the official, collective noun for moderators?
No thats horde :-P
I can put up with the fear and surprise when we also get the ruthless efficiency
@Mach Did my answers about that no repro question become helpful yesterday?
@πάνταῥεῖ Yes. Appreciate it
11:06 PM
Q: Burninate [php]

user7437719PHP as a scripting language is on its way out. You know it, I know it, and everyone knows it. Each year it is increasingly going out of fashion and losing members of its user base in favor of more modern solutions. Pretty soon, it will become obsolete and you will be forced to get rid of the tag....

@AdrianMole That's like a full time job :O
Whaaaaaa ... I really thought that burnination feed was a practical joke. But it ain't.
@RyanM That was quite a tug-of-war
@AdrianMole 14 minutes for the .. :)
11:19 PM
Yep! The Mod-bot nuked it.
@AdrianMole trolling at its best
@AdrianMole Wait.. a bot deleted it?
A mod who some have 'accused' of having bot-like characteristics.
Ahh.. OK. Well, I won't argue ;)
@DavidBuck Yeah, odd one there...not even the sort of blatant destroy-the-question vandalism you sometimes see, but vandalism nonetheless.
11:21 PM
I'm surprised that Machavity was beaten to it ... PHP is his top tag!
Twice today, I put a little NAA-flag on a post, a polite comment.. and author changed the post into an actual Answer :)
I didn't want to just delete it. It wasn't gonna fly on Meta and letting it sink a bit in the downvotes sends a message
^ I didn't even vote on that..
@Burnination-Feed I am doing this, but it's taking time. Don't hurry me
@Machavity Yeah. But I think it was getting 'ripe' for some fruity comments.
11:23 PM
@DavidBuck I often follow questions that are vandalized once to see if they do it again later...sometimes they're sneaky and wait a few days :-)
@RyanM I have a few of those, although history tells me that users usually don't do it again if they, rather than the question, get a day or 30 to cool down.
In all seriousness I don't know where they are getting their information from. Soon PHP 8 will be released and it doesn't look like PHP is becoming obsolete, on the contrary, it gains more features making it more versatile.
@Dharman I read it as trolling. PHP isn't dead and once some of these legacy systems go away from the Internet at large, I think PHP will be seen as a more mature language
@DavidBuck Yeah, in this case the original vandalism was minor-seeming enough to not warrant any mod flags, so no mandatory cooldown occurred.
Yeah I'm 96.3% sure it was trolling
@Scratte result!
11:35 PM
@desertnaut Have you seen this Meta post already? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/402366/…
11:56 PM
@Dharman no I had not. you think I need to do something?
Up to you. I just informed you since you might be interested
@Dharman thanks for the heads-up, but no, not really
there is a general issue with the "needs focus" close reason, but we cannot resolve it in such a context
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