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12:05 AM
@Dharman Why does anything need to be done about it?
It's not on-topic, is it?
@Dharman Isn't SQL on topic?
Most server related problems aren't on topic, but SQL servers are definitely allowed.
@Machavity Three of them!
But this is not about SQL
It's not even tagged SQL
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio All those periods are just to bypass the 30-character minimum on posts. We consider that to be "rude/abusive" flaggable, since "What" is in no shape or form an answer.
12:08 AM
@Dharman It's about SQL servers, which is on topic.
I give up with this kubernates questions. I can never tell if it is on-topic or not
In my opinion it is off-topic to me as a programmer
@Dharman I'm confused. If you think it's off-topic, then the thing you can do about the question is vote to close it as off-topic. Clearly you weren't convinced it was off-topic, or you wouldn't have asked about it.
Yeah, honestly, I don't know to what extent Kubernetes questions are on-topic here, either.
But it looks like there's some code, which is a good sign.
I wanted to migrate it or close as off-topic but I could do neither since there was a bounty
Oh, I see. I came 11 hours later, when there was no bounty. :-)
Laziness pays off again.
It's borderline to me. I can be swayed either way. The only reason I wanted to migrate was because it looked like a good question but off-topic here IMHO
If you think it can stay here, I am fine.
12:18 AM
@Dharman Docker is on topic. I had to come around to that one too, but Shog9 said it
Surely not everything Docker-related
The mere mention of Docker doesn't make your question on-topic.
Do we have a Docker site? That'd be neat. We could shunt all those borderline questions off...
Closest would be DevOps.SE
10k folks: is there a useful deleted answer here saying that it's a bug? stackoverflow.com/questions/62893083/…
There was a link to this in a meta post that I've now misplaced in a browser tab somewhere.
@RyanM: no deleted answer to be seen
No deleted answers. Not even a lot of deleted comments either
12:25 AM
Ooooh, I don't have the "sees deleted comments" superpower!
oh it's because Cody is a ninja and/or I was very slow
@RyanM: yes, history shows it was undeleted 23 min ago
@HovercraftFullOfEels It's not as cool as it sounds :P
@CodyGray Why leave the signature?
12:27 AM
@Machavity: you didn't see me running for moderator in the recent election ;)
@Dharman IMHO it is relevant to the answer: it provides the poster's authority as a reliable source of the information in the post
@HovercraftFullOfEels I just figured the hovercraft was in the shop ;)
12:45 AM
@KenWhite OP has edited
@RyanM Just saw that - they messaged me. Give me a second, will ya? :-)
Can a RO or mod remove chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/50215222#50215222? The question has been edited.
@KenWhite Haha, sorry, just saw it myself :-)
1 message moved to SOCVR /dev/null, by request
1:07 AM
@HovercraftFullOfEels Questions asking people to take surveys are spam
@RyanM: ah, OK. spam them
@KenWhite I don't think this is an offsite resource request. It's asking for how Flutter implements that type, with a plausible explanation of why looking through the source the usual way didn't find it.
@RyanM It's asking where in the Github repo they should be looking for the source code. Clearly an answer to that question would most likely require a link, wouldn't it?
@KenWhite My general guide for these is When is a resource request on-topic?
Which basically suggests that if there's an objectively correct answer to the question, it's on-topic
In this particular case, the path within the repo and some text explanation would also answer it
Put another way: it's not asking for a recommendation for an off-site resource, it's asking where a particular resource is located.
@RyanM See the third comment to the accepted answer to that question. (There are only three comments.)
1:22 AM
I think this over-fixates on the mention of "GitHub" in the question. I could answer that question (if I knew the answer) with zero links, though I'd probably add one to allow it to be viewed by someone without a checkout of the source code.
An answer with just a link would be terrible, but the question doesn't require that.
It's possible I could answer that, but honestly I find the Dart/C++ bindings quite confusing...
also GitHub search is terrible, so I'd probably have to check it out...
1 hour later…
2 hours later…
5:06 AM
I don't understand what this html Question is asking. What does "minimize html dom" mean?
6:27 AM
7:27 AM
@oguzismail no the best way to treat spam is flagging it and not try to fix it. In this way the post will be removed more swiftly
@oguzismail see Should spam posts be edited? (tl;dr don't edit spam)
7:38 AM
Okay, thanks guys
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio it's spam (trying to sell curtains!)
@Nick @ I don't understand the message if it is spam. Flagged it already as VLQ.
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio I just ran it though google translate...
8:07 AM
8:45 AM
Should I mod mod-flag the fourth self-duplicate question, or I just dup-hammer and move on?
I would definitely mod-flag it
Yeah, four is about 3 too many...
Okay, thank you @AlonEitan and @Nick :)
What for? :p
8:53 AM
Would anyone consider "Don't do what you're doing, use an online service instead?" to be an answer or a patronising NAA? stackoverflow.com/a/63276136
In this particular case I would go with just NAA
Meh, it could be an honest attempt at an answer although a particularly unhelpful one, I'd say DV and move on
@Nick You just changed the avatar! :)
9:16 AM
@Dharman Per usual, what @RyanM said. :-) Not only is it useful and relevant to lend authority to the answer, the guy's name isn't even in his SO user name, so it would be harmful to remove it, much as it bothered me to leave a signature.
@DavidBuck "Don't do what you're doing, use an online service instead" would be a valid answer. That's... an order of magnitude better than what is said in the actual answer you linked.
Would it? I'd expect an answer to have to show how to use that service... and which one.
@JohnDvorak Yes, it should say which one. How to use it is optional, but does make the answer better.
@Vega I changed it about a day ago - I guess your cache just got refreshed!
@Vega or perhaps it's the two Nicks that's the problem... :-)
9:36 AM
We need another Nick. Maybe I'll try to be the third. I can be the QuestionNick :) Or will I be an AnswerNick?
Just in the nick of time, Nick will get a new nick, nicked from someone who is in the nick and has a large nick on his wrist. Then, he'll tell us all to get nicked.
9:48 AM
@Scratte QANick or Q&|ANick
Sounds like Quality Assurance.. :D
10:23 AM
Why am I able to search and find deleted answers?
@Dharman caching maybe?
Okay, I can confirm you'll find deleted answers
that is off.
@Scratte for science what does this search return for you.
maybe it is only broken for > 10K users
10:39 AM
@rene Tried if from incognito - I can see the answer
Okay, that is not good
(But only in the search results)
@Dharman you post a bug?
okay, so it is the same for everyone. Thanks
10:51 AM
Yes, sorry about the delayed response. I was discussing voting on meta :D
Is this question too broad?
@Scratte that can take 6 to 8 ... ;)
@Scratte Since you're on record as never planning to post questions or answers on Meta again, that means you were leaving a bunch of noisy comments on my Meta site about voting... :-(
@JeanneDark I'd say off-topic, since it doesn't appear to be about actually programming in R. It might also be too broad, which is why I'm not migrating it elsewhere.
@JeanneDark can't really tell but that comment under the question should be an edit.
I don't have a button for that, @rene
10:56 AM
Thank you!
@CodyGray np, we put it on the to-do list of @Makyen ....
Is pinging mods a RO privilege now? :-p
@CodyGray I left 4.. I took it to chat. "Why you think me bad user?" :)
But.. I did leave about 4 (read: FOUR) hours of chat transcript for you ;D
..hmm.. on inspection I think it was only three hours. from 9:18 to 12:32
@Scratte Just came across your older cousin. He took it upon himself to post on Meta for you.
@bad_coder Yes. I've seen that avatar :) I like it :) It's so.. human :)
11:06 AM
@Scratte have you considered a boat tie?
@bad_coder I have considered a transparent avatar, removing the white. Just to make me disappear in dark mode :)
Remember the old days of icons and cursors, where you could have both transparent pixels and inverted pixels?
That would be neat.
I have no idea how a pixel can be both transparent and inverted at the same time :(
@Scratte Not the same pixel, and not at the same time.
@CodyGray Ah.. One mystery gone. Now.. I think I'll have to research "inverted" pixel.
11:16 AM
@rene No, sorry. Busy
@Scratte It inverts the color of whatever it is positioned over.
Just like the I-beam cursor in Windows: all of its pixels are inverted pixels.
@CodyGray Oh.. that's even more simple than I thought. I was also getting a lot of "alien invasion" hits, which is a little strange :D
Alien invasion? Yeah, not sure what kind of cursors they'll use.
Maybe a point-and-click-laser to de-terraform and invert..
11:32 AM
Hmm.. so now I landed on a site all about cursors. And I'm not sure if I should pick "rainbow heart tail normal select.ani" or "Penguin Doing Belly Sit Ups normal select.ani"
@CodyGray Bad copy'n'paste :) Here's the rainbow heart tail normal select.ani
@Scratte I see you went straight to the "All Mixed Up" cursor set.
@CodyGray Obviously :D When I can do bad from the very beginning, why put it off? :)
Clearly, you need this as your regular cursor.
Who doesn't want their mouse cursor trailed by pixelated purple flames?
11:41 AM
@CodyGray It so happens that this one was intended to be in the list of 4.. :D However.. I think I may go for orange goople normal select.ani
@Dharman no problem, I took the honor: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/400332/… if you don't mind.
@KenWhite Was there something that you wanted merged or needed assistance with? (cc @RyanM)
"goople" is not an English word
@CodyGray Google people, or people at Google.
@snakecharmerb Remove the latest paragraph, and it’s no longer a tool request, but a question asking if the given block is decodable without any more information.
11:54 AM
Agreed that removing the last paragraph makes it not a tool request, but it doesn't make it on-topic. It's still not about programming. That's why I chose that as the close reason.
@CodyGray Programatically recognizing the encoding, and then decoding it? Math instead, perhaps? Too broad?
These blue boxes really are very uninformative.
Yes, developing an algorithm that will recognize a given encoding and decode it would be far too broad...
This is related to programming, but would it be a better fit on SU?
@CodyGray Oki.
@Andreas I don't think so. It's more likely that a good answer will come from SO.
As the view count is now, it’s more likely to just get Roombaed.
@desertnaut That was on-topic at the time it was asked, wasn’t it?
12:09 PM
not sure (I think no), but in any case, it is not today
No, of course not.
Why are neural networks considered off-topic?
On-topic on AI.
@JohnDvorak they are not, if the question is a coding one
if not, there are at least three (3) other SE sites appropriate for non-coding questions - Stats, Data Science, and AI
12:11 PM
@JohnDvorak Is not that they are off topic, is that those questions aren't about a software development problem.
@CodyGray What to with an ugly question as that in terms of flagging? I'm not sure if VLQ is fitting.
that's roughly what I said - non-coding questions
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio That is a short question.
If you are asking "how to implement expectation-maximization for image recognition on tensorflow?" that would be a poorly researched question, but off topic (I expect TF documentation having an example of this).
@Andreas even without the last para, it would still amount to "guess the encoding scheme with no context", so would still be unclear I think.
12:15 PM
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio Closing is sufficient. As far as VLQ, that's a mixed bag. I'd happily accept a VLQ flag on that question, but I'm not sure about other mods. Probably half-and-half.
If you are asking "What algo should I use for image recognition?" you haven't reached yet the software development aspect of the problem, you are just at the project design step.
@CodyGray Sorry I missed your Q last night. I was watching a movie, and then crashed. Didn't see the ping til now. Ryan and I were discussing the possibility of merging meta.stackoverflow.com/q/255745/62576 and meta.stackoverflow.com/q/274576/62576 (which is not really a dupe), so that the pricing topicality was mentioned in the first post, which is a FAQ.
@CodyGray: I mentioned your name because you had just done something recently with two posts related to images of code that resulted in meta.stackoverflow.com/q/285551.
@KenWhite No worries. I didn't actually notice your message until much later, and only pinged about it a few hours ago. Regarding the merge: meh. I'm not too sure about that. The answer makes specific reference to hypothetical questions in that question, which would be confusing if it were migrated to the FAQ, which also contains hypothetical questions. I'm also not convinced that the answer is really worth going through any heroic measures to edit and migrate.
If you think the canonical FAQ needs more discussion about pricing questions, just add it in. That's why it's CW.
@CodyGray OK. Thanks for taking a look at it. :-)
12:35 PM
@Yunnosch historical game from Bayern yesterday.
What game? Handball? Eishockey? I am not sure what you mean by "Bayern". ;-)
@Yunnosch I think he means the game "Schafskopf". Quite popular there.
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio That is a plausible assumption... But why yesterday?
@snakecharmerb It should start with a magic number, but again, yes, that makes it poorly researched.
1:00 PM
@bad_coder Hey! You interrupted my five-in-a-row.
mhm... Maybe I’ve posted enough cv-plses now.
I see someone is having questions about filesystems :D
Going through two tags. [diskspace] didn’t have that many off-topic ones, but [disk-partitioning] almost only has off-topic ones.
@Andreas That smells like Meta post...
1:04 PM
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio Maybe, maybe.
Not now.
I also have a flag to make, for repeatedly reopening off-topic questions, likely to harvest reputation from answering them.
Yeah, a burnination request shall be made.
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio What makes you say that?
@bad_coder My interpretation of this post of yours.
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio why did you interpret that?
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio Eyh! Surprise! I found an on-topic disk partitioning question! stackoverflow.com/questions/55864856/… Such a question would be damaged by a burnination.
@bad_coder I thought "historical" would be more rely on the sense of "historical" than the sense "great".
1:14 PM
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio «Historical» is widely used in sports to describe something great.
@Andreas Yeah, I know. I knew it from some annoying TV spots of Sky's pay tv and news. But in this moment, just my interpretation was different.
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio translate that word you said.
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio What does this word you said: "Schafskopf" mean?
Germain ain’t that hard.
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio ahhh ok, haven't played that in a while.
1:25 PM
@Andreas Did you considered to use the cv-pls request generator user script? Because your "5 in a row" are not very distinctive in the chat room. Each request has the same close reason.
@Andreas xD
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio Oh, no. Another hit at me for not having a userscript manager.
Out of curiosity, which flag/close reason you people use for "write a code for me" questions?
@Kulfy needs more focus
Hmm. I used needs clarity.
@Andreas I guess you used old term :)
1:40 PM
@Kulfy I like that.
@Andreas Yes. True that.
@Kulfy You should format your requests as [ tag:cv-pls ] Reason <link>
@Andreas Do you use any script for that?
No, I don’t have a userscript manager.
Others do.
@Andreas And that while keeping the 4:1 ratio of reacting to them? Hard work.
1:48 PM
@Kulfy Depends, are they expecting a full library, or just what capabilities the language/library/framework have for solving a problem?
@Yunnosch I’m a hard worker. ;) Though not so hard when 99% of all posts in a tag are off-topic.
@Braiam They merely "threw" a problem statement for some contest.
@Andreas Okay.
@Kulfy "This question, as most which give a strong impression of being a blind homework dump, lacks focus on the specific programming problem you encountered while trying this yourself. See meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/334822/… for a good way to improve it." Similar for "Code pleasse" which does not smell of homework, but most do.
Fun fact. Queen has been modified to accept that as polite and not report it. :-)
> other questions along the lines of "plz send teh codez" may be closed as "too broad".
@Yunnosch Thanks for that meta question :)
@Kulfy "Too broad" does not exist anymore. It is now "lacks focus".
1:56 PM
@Yunnosch "Needs more focus", I'd say. I'm an active user on another SE site :)
@Kulfy Yes, that is the precise wording. I now remember that I shortened it to "lacks" in order to have some space for additional helpful commenting if need be.
I often hit the comment length limit down to 4-10 characters...
2:23 PM
I put my age as my parents told me to, they said it is so people are not too technical when answering. My Dad has also said I must show him each post before posting it. — user14032941 1 min ago
Should we tell the OP to not put them in the post anyway? Or something else like "I'm a beginner" etc.?
@user202729 It seems as if they misunderstand the site concept.
SO is not a helpdesk. Therefore, the asker’s age is completely irrelevant.
@Braiam *in the post. In the profile page is okay.
That’s why I have a problem with «I’m a beginner» too, though it is a problem if the asker doesn’t understand the answer.
Well... as they're under a certain age - they're not even supposed to have an account and if known then SO is obliged to remove it... so I've contacted the CM team to let 'em know... so wouldn't worry about further interaction with that user in terms of advice now
Let who know? The OP or the CM team?
2:30 PM
Community managers.
Op said that their dad reads the post before it's posted. Not sure about the comments.
Maybe I should retract my suggested edit, then. Is that even possible?
@Andreas Not sure. Perhaps you can edit to the original post.
@user202729 The reason why I said not include age anywhere is for the same reason Jon contacted SE.
@Braiam ... fine...
2:32 PM
@user202729 Actually; I think I’ll just leave it up to the CMs. If the question stays, my edit isn’t damaging it.
Okay... I just recently know about that. <https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/320658/can-we-do-anything-better-about-users-under-13/320755#320755>
@Andreas I've posted a reject vote on it. You've added a tag to the title, so I'd have rejected it anyway...
@DavidBuck I’ve what? I didn’t add any tag. I didn’t edit the title either.
@Andreas Perhaps that's because of the un-edit. (i.e., you edited from version 6)
@Andreas I think you must have posted an edit around the same time as Double-beep - they removed it so it just makes it look like you added it back
2:35 PM
@DavidBuck It’s because Double-Beep edited the question before I completed my edit.
I sometimes hate the editing system.
@Andreas There's a mechanism to stop your edit if there's a pending one -- but in this case the edit page doesn't store which revision you're editing from.
Perhaps somebody suggested that already.
I changed my suggested edit to include the same title as the one Double-Beep set.
- and the edit description is now also irrelevant, because Double-Beep also removed the age. 🙄
@user202729 I’m on mobile. Not the easiest platform to work on.
2:41 PM
Conclusion: it's a better idea to silently tell OP to delete the age and don't tell any moderator?
Have the ROs considered adding a bot that runs the completed/expired requests removing script with a fixed interval?
@user202729 Some reputation harvesting should be allowed.
@Andreas I don't get it.
@user202729 +2 reputation for every approved edit.
> You don't have to do anything. Users and moderators are not legally responsible for underage users and are under no obligation to report them to us. If out of concern you would like to report it, send us a report via our contact form and we will take action.
@user202729 If I had noticed this. I would have replied with a comment linking to the particular part of the Terms of Service that's about age. I'd also include the information that Braiam mentioned about personal stuff.
@user202729 Welcome to Stack Overflow. We do not have consensus on politics ;)
@user202729 Really? You can’t collect e-mail addresses from people under the age of 16 where GDPR applies? That can’t be correct.
@Andreas Why not?
@Scratte Isn't it written in that post? Otherwise why wouldn't they be allowed to register an account?
@Scratte A: it’s stupid, B: it’s unrealistic, C: I believe most businesses and governmental services collecting e-mail addresses are breaking GDPR, then.
@user202729 I do not think I ever had to give information as to my age when I registered this account. Just my email.. and verifying the email.
@Scratte It's written in the ToS.
The guy had good humor: "check image below please to see it clearly...."
@bad_coder « check image below please to see it clearly....»
@user202729 Yes. I am not 15 years old. But I did not have to actually tell Stack my birthday.
2:57 PM
@bad_coder s/code/error message/
@Andreas not much room for doubt, except he didn't capture the whole screen and include a wide angle of the room...
@bad_coder The crazy thing is when not even posting screenshots. Instead awful pics made by a smartphone.
@Andreas I do not know about those. I don't think they do in Denmark, but I'm not sure.
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio the other day a guy filmed his screen and posted...that was good.
2:59 PM
@Machavity Norwegian authorities are breaking GDPR then.
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