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12:05 AM
@Dharman Would probably get a flag sooner or later. I'll just make it go away now...
12:33 AM
Does anyone understand this question? Have I accidently changed its meaning? stackoverflow.com/q/64465353/1839439
"(Looks like I can't post this as a comment. I need a "50 reputation.) Someone mark me as reputable [...]" - best NAA I've seen so far :')
@Dharman I don't think you should have edited out the "I am using laravel" as I suspect it might make the question more intelligible to an SME but, not being one, I have no idea what the question means.
I suspect it lacks a lot of details
Laravel is a tag, so that should be good...
It's also in the title
I can't make any sense of it, maybe they're using a regex and the match is $1? But PHP doesn't do match groups that way... Maybe it's a different format they're having issues with? It's very unclear.
@Dharman yeah, but I don't think it hurts to preface the question with it. Otherwise you read the whole question, then the tags, and only then do you realise you can't answer it.
12:40 AM
Maybe, but either way I doubt it would make it a good question
@Nick such as by putting it in the title, where it already is? :-)
@RyanM What, you actually read the titles??? :)
Sometimes that's the only place they put the question! :-)
That's where the question is... and the body... and the tags... and sometimes also code
Code doesn't fit in the title, that's what comments are for.
For reference: I normally agree that mentioning a framework only in the tags is often less than optimal. But if it's already in the title and tags, then adding it again to the body is usually repetitive.
12:45 AM
@RyanM yeah, I missed it in the title. Tunnel vision today...
2 hours later…
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica whyyyyy are people upvoting the answer consisting entirely of text copied from an external site...
3 hours later…
6:39 AM
@AmitJoshi I think the "how do I identify it" part of the question, and the non-notepad++ answer actually have some value
6:55 AM
If we focus on "how do I identify it" part then question becomes "how to identify carriage return?" which seems bit meaningless. At the end of the day, OP is still asking for tool to "identify" carriage return because notepad does not show it up.
About the answer: It is only first part of the answer which discusses about delimiters; but then, it is not actually answering the question. Also, this is fundamental point in HL7 and discussed in many answers both very old and newer.
@AmitJoshi fair enough. I haven't seen enough other answers to know that.
7:21 AM
"Can antone help me please :( ?"
@JeanneDark who is this antone person??? I know antony... :)
:( I hoped someone in here would know
7:36 AM
Hey! That's a mistake I would make. Ytpo's all around..
7:48 AM
Waffles for everyone :D
That's a lot of Antonys waffles :)
Can't we have donuts instead? I've run out of maple syrup...
You don't need maple syrup for waffles, they're already very sweet :)
@Scratte and more sugar is a problem because??? :)
@Nick It kills you faster.. ;) Please stay around for longer :)
8:01 AM
Is this comment rude? Natty picked it up... I marked it as not constuctive and haven't flagged it... just want to confirm...
@Yatin you'd have to be a pain in the arse to complain about that... :)
@Yatin the last word is slightly risqué but I would not flag it as rude
ok thank you
@Scratte I'll come back to haunt you! :)
@Nick Not possible.. I enjoy rain and especially lightning and thunder :)
8:03 AM
@Scratte never ate waffles but that is off-topic :D
@Scratte me too. Nothing like watching a good storm go through...
@Yatin Left a comment. I chose my words with care ;)
@Nick There are some places where there's a storm every 3 days on average. If I win the lottery, I will move there :)
@Scratte as long as there's lot of sunshine between them...
Is this NAA? The last phrase has me confused :/
@Nick I don't know about that. I expect so, since they're usually around tropical areas. But I care more for the moon ;)
@Yatin I was about to ask if it's a question, but Nick ninja'd me..
8:10 AM
@Yatin yes, it is NAA. they're just saying they expected their code to work (but it didn't)
Thanks :)
@Scratte the trouble with tropical areas though is they're frequently cloudy
@Nick I don't mind that at all.. I've come to like it more than sunshine and clear skies.
@Scratte but then you can't see the moon...
8:15 AM
@Nick I see it just fine shining through the mushroom :)
Lots of NAAs in Late Answers today
8:34 AM
@Adriaan done
9:40 AM
This question is spam, isn't it?
@JeanneDark I'd say so, yes
What a strange notice on the meta question about errors in foreign languages.
I already flagged as spam
@Scratte Always looks like this in case of a score >99
@JeanneDark If a question spends more time bragging about a website, tool, product, company, or whatever than it focuses on the question, it's spam the vast majority of the time.
or answer for that matter
@Zoe Thanks! I thought so, too
9:49 AM
@JeanneDark No, the label was added by Cody (meta.stackoverflow.com/posts/402216/revisions), probably to encourage detailed and argumentative answers over (hyperbolic and not possible because of content length requirements, but) simply "yes" or "no"
@Scratte I think it's partly the standard Host Question notice, i.e. don't add an answer unless you're adding something new (and referenced in the case of meta), and partly because the question attempts to clarify policy, thus a broadly accepted solution with references is preferred
Automatic labels are added by Community (ref. bounties for an instance)
... or spam, but you probably haven't seen that since you're under 10k ^^"
@Zoe Sorry, I didn't even look at the question. I thought the yellow box on the main page was meant.
Oh ^^"
That's separate again - that's triggered by some algorithm, but 99+ score isn't required. The requirements for a meta post being hot aren't that strict
@JeanneDark Ahh.. no :) I meant the notice on the post itself :)
9:53 AM
@Zoe Sorry for causing more confusion. I meant that there's no space between the score and the title.
Also.. the post made "Hot meta posts" quite early after it was posted before it had even a score of 50, if I remember correctly :)
@Scratte Well, you didn't want to ask the question fearing it wouldn't be well-received ;)
@JeanneDark Yes. I noticed that too.. HTML and CSS is so hard to get right.. or something :D
oh ^^"
That's a general issue when score goes above any expected value. Happened when some post hit four digits of downvotes as well IIRC
@JeanneDark That is not entirely accurate. I do not care so much for the reception. Getting -12 or -48 on meta is not a problem for me. What I do care about are bad edits.. and due to my latest 3 posts on meta getting what I think are bad edits turning my words into something I'd never say, I refrain from posting on meta.
9:57 AM
@Scratte Ok, thanks for clarifying.
I've also had to turn an upvote on a post into a downvote after someone other than author edited the post. Which I think is unfortunate. I've come to look in the edit history more and more too, since I am interested in what the author wanted to say, not what an editor wanted to say.
10:29 AM
@TomerShetah I don't think that's a close reason as such, much as we'd like to see fewer RTFM questions
Do we only get to fill out the DV Survey once? Or am I going to be able to flood the survey results with my radical ideas? ;)
Only once indeed.
@mickmackusa You will only be invited to it once (if you dismiss or accept the survey), so I would guess yes
It's OK, the only legitimate reason to downvote is to become a victim of harassment from askers.
10:41 AM
@TomerShetah that is a reason to DV, not a reason to close.
So we only need one survey response.
Then I am happy that I took the time to craft a wordy response on my only shot.
@TomerShetah I'm going to move this out, per FAQ #28. You are welcome to re-post a request for that question, but please use an actual close reason.
@mickmackusa DV as in Delete Vote?
10:58 AM
@Scratte Dice Vote
@Scratte downvote in this context
You can't delvote questions unless they're closed, and no closure reason means you can't delete, ergo downvote
Dolce Vita
I find it confusing when DV is used for different things in here.
Definitely Volatile
@Zoe I don't think that's how it goes. There are plenty of requests that are removed because they're not feasible due to the score. Saying DV on a post just because it cannot be delete voted, doesn't mean someone didn't mean delete vote. Also, not eveyone know that a post has to be closed to be deleted.
11:01 AM
@Scratte If something is a delvote reason on a question, it by extension has to be a CV reason
It not being a CV reason means it cannot be a delvote reason
Since DV means downvote and delvote, and it cannot be delvote, it has to be downvote.
So your basic argument is that because one can infer through a series of logic what must have been meant by "DV" then there's no reason to type the extra 3 letters despite it removing any doubt?
@Zoe there's a mod-deleted answer by the same user with the same content and a comment identifying the source
By that logic there's no need to use V.. it's all voting. So then we can use use D, U, D, U, R and C.
@Scratte No, but that wasn't your original argument either
@Zoe What is your interpretation of my initial argument? :)
11:06 AM
We have common abbreviations for the vote types... cv - close vote, dv - down vote, delv - delete vote, we can assume that the common, well known meaning was used unless there's some reason to actually think otherwise
You didn't have one - it was a question, I answered, and you argued against it with something I didn't mention in the first place
@Nick I do not think so. I've seen a lot of DV used for delete vote.
> unless there's some reason to actually think otherwise
@Zoe Oh.. I see.
Context is key
11:08 AM
I suppose I'm trying to ask for 3 extra letters then. Or just one at least.
@Scratte That's likely since only requests to delete vote are permissible in this room.
@JeanneDark Hah! You just made my case :D
Requests to downvote aren't allowed, yes, but saying "downvote and move on" is perfectly allowed. Even happens in comments on main
We also don't have a , we have , and , there's no reason to ever be confused
I think the argument was that in here the DV is often used as "delete vote" too.
@Nick I am not confused by the tags used for requests.
11:10 AM
yeah, but still context-dependent
^^, I have never seen anywhere that DV was ambiguous
"Should we DV that [recently closed question]" when asked by someone with deletion privileges will the vast majority of the time refer to delvoting
I agree that context is key. If it's a request, it's delete vote. But in general discussions it's more likely to mean downvote (especially since you need high rep to be able to delete vote).
Even low-rep users can refer to delvoting as DV, but again, context
11:12 AM
Even then, I don't think I've seen anyone use DV for delete vote, because they just say "delete" /shrug
@Nick If you need it, I'll find some.. :)
Btw, I use "del-pls" in case of requests as it's also done in the FAQ.
@JeanneDark "The individual searches, which do work without the URRS, are del-pls, delv-pls, delete-pls, reopen-pls, re-open-pls, undel-pls, undelete-pls, and undelv-pls.]"
There's more FAQ ;)
I just stick with one format
Yeah, personally I like delv-pls
11:14 AM
del-pls is clearly the superior tag :p
I wonder what would happen if one was to use deletevote-please :)
Won't anyone think of the clean up script
just automate tag adding, true factorio style
Oh.. you mean the next step deletevote-pretty-please will confuse the script?
11:16 AM
Factorio circuit networks are turing-complete, so when are you recreating the script there, @Nick? :P
Shush you
nah :p
I am not sure, would you consider this off-topic? stackoverflow.com/q/64443570/2359227
@Adriaan I was just about to post that!
@Nick Dunno how many chat rooms you're active in, but do you have any idea how confusing this is?
11:26 AM
@TomerShetah Looks fine
@Nick yup - I'm in more than one so I get to see my ghost posting in other rooms too :)
Apart from using incorrectly (it's about the software), is this question suitable? I think it's close to recommendation.
@JeanneDark I think it is too
@HovercraftFullOfEels why oh why did someone upvote that question?
@Nick Suitable or recommendation?
11:29 AM
Suitable for an x-pls
@JeanneDark sorry, recommendation
already closed, sorry
By Nick, Nick and Nick ...
@Nick we're not really supposed to discuss voting here
11:30 AM
@rene We shall have to decide whether to make you an honorary Nick...
and in fact, my comment on the question is probably a little over the line (sorry)
@HovercraftFullOfEels it was a rhetorical question...
We shall confer and get back to you on the status of your application
@HovercraftFullOfEels I think your comment was pretty much right on the money.
@Nick even so, rhetorical or not... and "on the money" != site appropriate, but I've never been too good at being politically correct
11:32 AM
@HovercraftFullOfEels isn't PC a 4 letter word?
or is that inappropriate too? :)
""on the money" != site appropriate" ?
I go to these questions and think "I don't recall VTC'ing this"
@Nick Ah, as in the fact it was on the money does not mean it's site appropriate, not that the term "on the money" is not site appropriate, that makes a lot more sense...
How did you reply to your own message?
11:39 AM
To link them together
How, not why
Get the message ID of the message you want to reply to (for example from the permalink), then prefix your message replying to it with :<messageid>
@Braiam When you reply, a id is generated for the message you are replying. Just put there the id of your own message. That also allows a message to be replied into its own message. Recursion!
The quickest way I've found to do it is to drag the down arrow on the left of the message into the reply box, then delete everything but the last number.
@Nick even sneakier! I like it!
And I just got my green "1" button :)
How to reply to your own message in chat in 3 steps: 1. Copy the link, 2. Paste the link and 3. Manipulate the message
11:47 AM
@Scratte Nice! But you can combine steps 1 & 2 by abusing drag-and-drop on the down arrow itself :-)
@RyanM I had no idea!.. Wonder how Windows snip works on that.. :)
'Night all
@Scratte I think I'll need a fancier tool to show the actual steps on that. Besides, once a Room Owner cleans up the messages, I'll be sitting right there as an upgrade step :)
Hi, i want to post more items in my Q or A here : stackoverflow.com/questions/64180191 . But i have reached 30K max capacity . So, please allow me to create one more answer, so i can add more items in that.
11:55 AM
@RyanM Ahh.. yes, of course. But does Windows come with an animated giffer for recording screen actions? :)
@Scratte I'm not sure; I'm using a third-party tool (ShareX) to do it
@atErik didn't you notice that this was alrady closed as being unsuitable for Stack Overflow? I don't think we want you to be able to do that. In fact I have submitted a delete vote to further discourage this
@RyanM I expected as much. I remember trying to work out whether to install one, but didn't really trust any of the options.
@Scratte I decided that the open-source one is probably trustworthy, especially with the option to install a portable version without administrative rights
@RyanM I like portable :)
12:02 PM
@atErik this looks like something you could do a PhD in, not a Stack Overflow Q&A pair
I like rights.
I flagged this answer as NAA as it merely points out a typo in the other answer. It seems there is a typo, as they have '@/plugins/vue-dragscroll.js` with backtick at the end instead of single quotation mark. I can't directly edit.
@JeanneDark done
12:20 PM
@E_net4hasmanyfriends Two rights don't make a wrong.
I like rice too
12:32 PM
@AdrianMole Great!
@AdrianMole True, but three rights make a left. :)
It's deletion worthy at the bare minimum
@Makyen Let's leave politics for the Ministry!
@AdrianMole How about music albums then? :P
12:39 PM
@AdrianMole pretty sure that was a GIS commentary, not political one. Cityscape navigation.
^ also flagged for offensive user name
or errr um I mean it might not be offensive at all but I'm guessing in this case the OP changed it for trollish reasons
Maybe they're just British and happy?
Yeah, I'm not inclined to reset that. It's not overtly rude. Possibly a poor attempt at trolling but not worth the hassle
I didn't say "don't revert"
I do agree though
@JohnDvorak As a Brit... this makes literally no sense to me :p
12:47 PM
> (dated, possibly archaic) Happy, joyful, and lively.
I thought it was mainly UK
Definitely archaic, maybe they're just old and happy :)
@JohnDvorak are you calling the Brits dated and archaic?!!?11
> (of a dog's tail) Upright or curved over the back.
@Nick you are clearly 300 years younger than the Brits JohnDvorak knows
12:50 PM
Apparently, and the United States isn't even 250 years old, so they won't be aware of the old definition :D
I don't understand how three rights make a left.. I though it only made a reverse. So if I need to go back 100 meters on a one way street, I can do it by making three rights or three lefts. And one more to actually get back onto the street.
@JohnDvorak The term has changed over the last 50 years. In the US it still was a synonym for happy as recently as the 60s
1:14 PM
@Dharman Non-english fall under unclear btw. Custom reasons work too though, but unclear is also accepted
yesterday, by Dharman
@πάνταῥεῖ It can either be custom close reason or needs details. Both are ok
Oct 15 at 18:14, by SecretAgentMan
@Dharman FYI Custom flag works, but there's already a consensus for handling non-English content: https://meta.stackoverflow.com/a/297680/8239061
2:34 PM
@AmitJoshi it's at 0 score now, so it'll roomba tomorrow.
2:58 PM
Does one user bossing another around make for harassment?
@bad_coder That's too broad a question to give a definitive answer. All you can get from that is "It depends"
@bad_coder need more info, but probably not 'harassment' unless it's prolonged. It is probably still flaggable as unfriendly though
hard to say for sure without knowing at least the content of the comment
(assuming it's a comment)
@DavidBuck thank you both @TylerH for your answer, thumbs up.
@DavidBuck Maybe, but I think it's VLQ at least.
3:06 PM
Yep, I VLQ flagged
looks like a file URL
but can't be sure without more information
I really can't tell if it attempts to answer the question or not, but if it is an answer, it could certainly be a lot more helpful.
1 hour later…
@Dharman looks like the edit war is over. RIP.
lol, ohh the pettiness again
4:37 PM
@DavidBuck What lead to this?
@Dharman I was hoping someone who can see deleted messages could explain, as all of the undeleted answers/comments are from 7 years ago
It's the only activity on that question in the past 7 years
@Dharman No clue who that rant is aimed at, then. It's the poster's only answer and they only joined today so it doesn't even look like it's spilled over from anything else.
They never joined, they don't have an account
5:05 PM
:50753889 Rooms look so similar, huh? :)
I need to sleep :D
Sleep is so underrated. You get to live a lifetime in 5 minutes when you sleep sometimes :)
Yep agree 100% with that... I can't get enough of it :)
@Yatin Slow down. I see you are in SOBotics all day long.
@Dharman Ik... it is a bit of an addiction nowadays
Is this a spam answer? Is it NAA?
@PaulRoub It's not in the review queue
@Dharman Ah. I retracted my flag -- wonder if that kills it? Nevermind, I guess.
yes, if yours was the only flag then yes
@Yatin Spam should not be delete voted but spam flagged
@JeanneDark wait, what does "deleted-voted" mean?
5:56 PM
Users with over 20000 reputation can vote to delete answers that are negatively scoring.
@Yatin I'll explain it in the Ministry, if you want :)
@Dharman You've made the 171st highest scored Answer on meta. It's just awesome :)
My highest scoring post on the Stack Network is a quick answer on a meta question. Great!
6:11 PM
Look at it this way: You've help to make policy :) But if it's any consolation, my highest scored posts are also on meta. In fact.. I'd have close votes if they gave any reputation, so I'm happy they're not on main.
My highest scoring answer is asking "why?"
My highest scoring answer is basically sys.argv[1:]
My second and third highest-scoring answers are meta posts, though.
6:31 PM
Should the comment in the code in this answer be edited? I like the comment, but I'm not sure if the * makes it ok :p
@cigien Nobody cared in 7 years... why poke the hornet nest?
Would/should that be edited out if it were posted today?
If nobody cared, probably not.
@cigien I expect the * is meant to replace "li"
6:37 PM
Just to clarify, if the * were replaced by the character that usually goes there, that would be edited yes?
@cigien You mean if the word was spelled out as "flick"? :D
I would expect that it would be replaced in either form once someone with editing privileged and given a such.. flick.. noticed :)
@Scratte Haha, no, if it was replaced by u. Actually I find the whole PC thing tricky to navigate. It's never been clear to me how replacing part of a swear word with * makes it more acceptable :p
@cigien I think it's a US thing. Like their use of beeps when one is perfectly able to know what is being said. I believe they are now also putting a small blur or sticker over the mouth in tv-shows which makes me want to scream the words out load due to my annoyance with the "feature".. (Yes, my neighbor thinks I have a mental illness)
Hmm.. so PC does not mean Program Counter?
@Scratte No, that's exactly what it means ;)
?.. Are the two sentences related? I mean the one with the PC and the one following.
6:49 PM
@Scratte Oh sorry, I thought you were joking :p Political Correctness.
Thanks :) I wasn't.. though it is funny :)
My take on it is: If it really bothers you, then edit it. Since it's not pertinent to the post itself. But then you're of course faced with the puzzle of what to replace it with. If you don't have any issues and are not offended personally, then you have the option to just leave it.
However.. I would not advice you to include such in your own posts :)
I just don't understand why there's no 3 on the func(), but I also do not remember much of c and I don't think I've ever touched c++
Oh, I'm not remotely offended, I was just wondering what SO's take on it is. I do like consistency where possible. And no, I wouldn't add that to a post. I prefer the simpler // oops, compiles myself :)
@Scratte Oh, nice catch, it's nothing to do with c, it's just a typo. And fwiw, I highly recommend c++ :)
@cigien Stack Inc does not appreciate it. See Are expletives (cursing, swear words or vulgar language) allowed on SE sites? Q*Bert? but there is no requirement for you to enforce it for them.
7:05 PM
@cigien Konrad Rudolph is allowed to write such comments ;-) He's a well known feckin' expert.
I was just about to mentioned that there is not supposed to be any difference in how to handle the issue no matter who wrote the post :)
@πάνταῥεῖ Except for the typo on that post ;)
If you want someone do to something, anything.. I'll put a comment on it.
Unless our own all time editor goes for it ;)
@Scratte Oh, who's that?
@Scratte C'mon Rudolph Konrad wrote it and LRIO reviewed?
Two SO veterans truly.
7:12 PM
@cigien Check out that cute cat on the top row :)
@πάνταῥεῖ I think a 6 month suspension for both seems appropriate, at least for overlooking the typo ;) But seriously, the more respected they are, higher are the standards they should be held to, right?
@πάνταῥεῖ Personally I'm not bothered at all. I'd mostly also comment to note the typo, since that kind of bothers me a little bit.
I think we should suspend all mods.
@Scratte I see, phew, that's a lot of edits. And here I am, slowly building up to getting the "copy editor" badge :)
@Dharman Not sure that is sufficient. I think we should take the site down until that typo is fixed.
7:17 PM
Just taking down SO might not cut it. I think all of SE should be taken down till that's fixed ;)
@cigien Everyone always going for whatever they feel, they're lacking.. I'm at 21 edits. It's a nice number :)
OMG!.. Your helpful flag count is a multiple of 2 :) Stop flagging now ;)
Hey, that's true. I wasn't sure what was so special about that, then realized you meant power :)
Yes.. That is what I meant. I like it when people can read my mind :D
7:37 PM
@Scratte I'd not seen the editor league before. Surprised to discover I'm as high as page 6 of 3182
@DavidBuck I'm not surprised. Have you noticed that all your stats are higher than your reputation?
@Scratte Ha, no. It has occurred to me I should spend more time answering. I might park my FP and LA reviewing for a while when I get to nice round numbers.
So.. you're going for 10,000 on all three? :D
@Scratte Not that round, except flags.
Just came across this post in the reopen queue (I voted to leave closed, BTW). I noticed it already has 2 delete votes to its name and was wondering: Does it have lasting value (and thus be locked)? Or should I (or we) contribute to its downfall. I can't see that it's doing any real harm but it could certainly do with a bit of cosmetic editing. Just looking for opinions, really.
@AdrianMole It's seen an average of 4.5 views a day for over 10 years, so yes, I think it need a lock.
It was linked to this Q which I also locked. They look like old school "opinion about software" pieces that we no longer allow
@Machavity But you didn't fix the bad grandma before you locked it! ;-(
8:32 PM
@AdrianMole Grammar cleaned up. I can't do anything about Grandma
Thanks in retrospect.
@AdrianMole You're welcome in advance
@Machavity Are your tanks retreating?
@AdrianMole Your tanks are advantageous.
My tanks are in a dance.
8:55 PM
@AdrianMole =D
@AdrianMole New suffix for all my answers: Happy coding? Nope, this helps.
@Machavity thanks for the locks, I'm with @Scratte on this, we should avoid deleting former useful content. Part of SO history...
@AdrianMole But.. are they in a Abbots Bromley Horn Dance? And if so, who's the fool? :)
lesson #6 gazillion in "dont trust the end user". Got an issue where someone was reporting painful lag in program responsiveness. They said they'd restarted the computer a couple times and it still persisted. I checked the computer myself and it was last restarted 244 days ago -_-
bless their hearts
9:07 PM
Well: 244 days is something of a lag, is not?
I told them to call me again in 8 months if it's being slow again
somewhat tongue-in-cheek
9:25 PM
Maybe they had the problem on another computer? Which they had restarted..
Nah, the software only runs on one computer
they probably were thinking restarting the program or just turning off the monitor
@TylerH Reminds me of a developer once that refused to turn off their monitor when leaving as they "didn't want to lose any work they had done"..
9:43 PM
@TylerH Did they complain that you removed their front-loading cupholder?
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