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12:22 AM
@HovercraftFullOfEels also needs to have edit request rejected. It does not improve the question
12:37 AM
@HovercraftFullOfEels Not sure about the comment on that one! Funny, though.
@AdrianMole It is very funny (to me)
I forgot to mention that it was an SD report
I bet Robert was a great Moderator ... before my time, unfortunately.
@AdrianMole: he was
He still makes some fantastic contributions, though, especially on Meta.
1:02 AM
^ Actually, my custom reason isn't quite correct, but it's still way off topic.
@AdrianMole looks spam to me
Maybe - was thinking of a mod flag. But closure and deletion by the Community is possible.
... or a Lurking Moderator could weigh in?
1:39 AM
hey, presidential debate live on youtube this will be fun.
Well, "fun" might not be the adjective I'd use ;)
@cigien Fake fun?
Fun so long as I'm not remotely sober :) I'm getting there...
Oh, I see, "fake" fun. Very droll :)
Can we flag the whole debate as Rude/Abusive?
I'm torn between that and VLQ.
1:50 AM
Now I'm trying to think of a flag that wouldn't apply. Hmm...
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica hahaha, brilliant :D
Wait a minute, 10 million people lost their health insurance due to COVID :O
I couldn't bring myself to watch, I'm reading a research paper instead. The paper's good, using traffic analysis to study brain signals. It's quite interesting, actually.
It's even live on the BBC!
1:53 AM
@AdrianMole I heard the BBC 'been loosing quality...
@bad_coder Yeah, and I read that awhile back a bunch of doctors got laid off because people were so afraid of the pandemic that they stopped going to the doctor for other stuff. The irony...
Didn't stop me I guess, I still got my knee surgery. Apparently I like contact sports better than they like me.
Presidential Debate
Strong argument by one candidate:"they're past the the point we can tell'em: <pee pee pee>"
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica yep, I've been lucky, never had a sports injury.
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica You're from Chicago...A friend of mine has family there, sometimes that friend sends me pictures when in town.
2:09 AM
Yeah, I like it, it's a great place to live
2:19 AM
"dog whistle size of a fog horn" what does that mean?
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica I checked your literature and hermeneutics profile, we like some of the same topics.
So are the SD reports spam? 4 3 year old posts all linking to the same offsite resource...
make that 6 although some are more recent (2019)
@Nick waaaaay more than 4, I'm dumping them in Charcoal
@RyanM cool, I won't bother doing anything with them then.
Sounds good. Basically, some of the reasoning involves user targeting, but many of them were posted the same day as the linked article.
2:41 AM
I'm extremely tempted to flag this answer as very low quality (stackoverflow.com/questions/64492333/…). Would you guys agree?
2:55 AM
@Spectric that flag will definitely be declined if a mod sees it (which they will, because it's not eligible to be deleted by the LQP queue). the definition of NAA/VLQ on Stack Overflow is very strict.
@Nick Final count: there were 15 of them network-wide. Now there are 3...and decreasing :-)
3:56 AM
Comment of the day: "Can u write the program I'm trying to write?" What do you even say to that?
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica ..."check back in 6-8 weeks"?
The canonical "What have you tried?" :D
4:11 AM
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica I sure can, let me send you my rates...
both the question and answer are spam
5:08 AM
@RyanM it seems to be describing the benefits of beauty products with "gallbladder stone surgery" for some reason so I called spam on it...
5:19 AM
@Yatin yeah, "nonsense" is also often R/A, which was what I put
@RyanM a good result. now only 20 million questions left to clean up :)
@Nick but at least most of them probably aren't spam...I do take a certain pleasure in destroying years of a spammer's work, because they made one post too many and got the whole lot of them caught :-)
that one was relatively crafty...lots of accounts, including different names, and posting slowly
@RyanM it was a good catch. I was being a bit facetious in my reply...
5:34 AM
oh I know :-) I was rambling. And maybe gloating a little.
6:08 AM
2 hours later…
7:41 AM
@AndrasDeak \o good morning Andras :D
Does adding fluff like that count as R/A?
@cigien it depends who you ask. It's a hotly contested question :-)
there is at least one moderator who would have nuked the post already if they'd seen it
but others might decline that flag
Oh, that's annoying :( I'll definitely avoid flagging then.
It got deleted by a mod :p
1 hour later…
9:24 AM
Is this answer NAA? Or is this even spam? (see username and github link, don't disclose affiliation)
Technically spam, but assume good faith for now
Ok, thanks! I flagged it as NAA
10:16 AM
This isn't "NAA" but it appears to be a garbage answer. Is it reasonable just to post a del-pls in here? stackoverflow.com/a/64487326
@DavidBuck sure
11:16 AM
Q: Burninate [model]

Ian Kemphttps://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/model Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? Is it unambiguous? It's a meta tag that is incredibly vague and as such, used willy-nilly pretty much everywhere (there are currently almost 19k questions with this tag applie...

Q: Burninate [multiple-models]

Ian Kemphttps://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/multiple-models Another meta tag with a grand total of 90 questions across multiple knowledge domains, and no usage guidance. Not even going to bother going through the burninate request checklist, as it's pretty obvious that this one should be gone ASAP.

11:41 AM
What's a good close reason for this? stackoverflow.com/q/62959498
@DavidBuck I'm not sure it should be closed.
@Scratte Does it add value?
@DavidBuck To anyone else wanting to know, yes :) I do not know this technology.
I would expect it to be borderline asking for official resource or rather if the resource exists. So I'm not sure that it's not OK.
@Scratte I know you tend to err of the side of keeping things open, but, as a general rule, my feeling is that questions that can only be asked by people evading the built in quality checks are, on average, going to be of limited value. I'll let it go, though.
@DavidBuck asking for an off-site resource / maybe even customer support.
11:54 AM
@DavidBuck I agree that circumventing the rules are not a good hint at all. Though I think it sometimes is a little too restrictive on short Questions. So I tend to ignore that and look at what's left.
@rene it is not exactly recommendation request
that is not what I said, right?
Isn't "off-site resource" and "recommendation request" the same?
Not in my book, no.
@rene the exact close reason under "seeking recommendations" is "This question is likely to lead to opinion-based answers."
11:56 AM
^ that. If it doesn't lead to spammy answers, then I think it's not meant to be covered by that reason.
don't think it is applicable here
Fine with that. I'm not going to retract my close vote.
Morning to you from my afternoon.
12:14 PM
Another shady looking answer. I went with NAA and it seems to be their first post, but compare username and github link.
@JeanneDark You flag, I comment ;)
@Scratte Are you afraid to flag? ;)
Always, but I didn't in this case since you already did :) Though I will admit I do sometimes cheat and raise my flag count even if I know there's already an NAA flag on a post.
12:34 PM
Are there any C folks active at present?
PHP is very similar to C, maybe I can help?
There's a content dispute on this question. if you look at the comments and revisions, the OP made edits they say clarified things, but others say changed the meaning. I'm no SME there
So did they change the meaning? I can't tell
@Machavity I don't see how they would have changed the meaning, but that second part is completely unnecessary. If they have a follow up question then they should ask a new one.
@Machavity I'm not a c-person at all. But this is what I'm seeing: They're asking a question that includes a datatype. This datatype is automatically promoted to an int which I'm seeing is answered by several users. Now they've change the datatype in the Question. The new datatype will not be promoted to an int. So my take is that it did invalidate some Answers.
I think you may want to ask @NathanOliver though. There may be some overlap on datatypes with c++.
12:50 PM
@Machavity I have okayish C knowledge.
@Scratte what makes you think it won't just be promoted to a larger integer type?
@Nick It has to end somewhere
"Thanks for reading me." what does that even mean? I suppose it is the new "Thanks for advance"
@Nick this "@ysap In that case there's no promotion. So given uint32_t a, b; and uint64_t c, in the expression (a + b) + c, The addition of a+b is done with type uint32_t, then the result is converted to uint64_t before being added to c" <-- my bolding.
@Scratte I think you linked the user instead of the comment
@Scratte Unless int is larger than uint32_t right?
12:53 PM
@Yatin Thanks :)
Geez, how many pings? You know it pings every time you edit right? :p
I can do it again, Nick.. there's still time ;P
@Machavity Alright, the updated the example showing that if they use a 32 bit wide type it doesn't do the same thing as a 16 bit type. IMHO that could just be edited out as it's basically an answer, and answers don't belong in questions. That would get rid of any "answer invalidation".
@Dharman From my understanding of the comment int isn't bigger than uint64_t
@NathanOliver Do you rollback or edit out? I've noticed they changed the code too.
@Scratte This is in c++: int :-2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647 and unsigned __int32: 0 to 4,294,967,295
12:59 PM
I'd just remove the entire update section. It's not needed as it just confirms the answers are correct, which is what the checkmark is for.
@Yatin Well, no, it's not, the size of int is architecture (and implementation) dependant, the standard only defines minimum size
(which is 16 bit)
@Yatin That is 32 bits. 64 bit can hold larger numbers, no? :) So if you add a 32 bit int to a 64 bit int, you promote the 32 bit first, right? :)
Which is the whole point in fixed width integer types, to guarantee a given size for portability
Thanks folks
1:04 PM
@Nick Thank you. I did not know a c int was dependent on architecture.
@Scratte You won't find a 64 bit int on a 16 bit machine ;)
@Scratte All built in data types are architecture dependent in C and C++. That's part of what makes the languages so portable. A 128 bit char is just as possible as an 8 bit one as far as the language cares.
The intel C++ compiler supports up to (at least) 512 bit integers (although it'll obviously not be standard, and not an int)
I certainly wouldn't promote someone if they started taking up twice as much space. I value efficiency, personally.
But if you did promote them, they would be entitled to a bigger office, is not?
1:11 PM
@NathanOliver So.. a datatype named 16bitInt isn't always 16bit?
@AdrianMole No, actually I think people get offices that are way too big when they start getting promoted
@Scratte "built in"
I just see people who have offices bigger than entire living rooms and I'm like what do you even need all that space for? It's all empty space
@Scratte int16_t isn't actually a built in type. It's a library type that may or may not exist. The built in types like char, int, long long all just have minimum range requirements. As long as they can satisfy that, they can be any size.
@TylerH They dance Tango during breaks.
1:12 PM
Give people 4 walls and a door and they don't need much beyond 8x8 to be productive. Ideally a window, too. If they are a manager, maybe 10x10 or 12x12 for additional hard copy file storage.
@NathanOliver Oh! Thanks. That's neat :)
@TylerH Don't they need at least an extra chair, so they can talk to someone privately in their office?
I almost gave myself a heart attack! I flagged a post NAA 43 minutes ago and I noticed the post wasn't deleted, so I thought I had another declined flag. It's still pending, but my blood pressure is still up :D
If you add an extra chair, and that doesn't fit in the office, then the chairs will overflow, and the office will thus have no chair.
@AdrianMole Or a large supply of anti-chairs
1:18 PM
@Scratte you can easily fit a second chair or even a 3rd one in an 8x8 space alongside the main user's corner desk and chair
Or just have smaller chairs?
This answer is NAA, isn't it?
@TylerH 8x8?, I would consider 8ft by 8ft uncomfortably small for 3 chairs and the main users desk and chair
1:19 PM
My workspace at work is an 8x8 cubicle with ~7ft-high walls (the top foot is glass) and can fit 2 chairs in additional to mine no problem. All our cubicles have a second chair for whenever a manager or someone else needs to come by and chat/work with us for a bit
@Nick to be clear it's 3 chairs including the main user's desk and chair, not in addition to
Ah, gotcha, still.... uncomfortably close imo
There's not much room for getting up and walking around but you're not there to mingle, you're there to sit and work. If you need a bigger space, go to a meeting room (or meet virtually)
8 ft is that like less than 3 meters? And why does it have to have the same with as length?
Because that's what the example given was, 8x8
1:22 PM
@Scratte cubicles, by their nature and name, tend to be equal width and length
the root word is cube
Say that to most public toilets...
But.. a manager needs a chair on both sides of the desk, so they can look at your record on a screen without you knowing what they're looking at.. :) Does your cubicle allow for that, @TylerH?
@Scratte Like I said above, a manager can have additional space like 10x10 or 12x12
@Scratte I imagine not, it's a corner desk
Next time I'm in the office I will try to measure the actual size of my work space
1:24 PM
Ok.. but no Tango then? :D
In the meantime, let me try to find a stock photo of something similar tom ine
@Scratte tango?
this is similar but not quite the same i.pinimg.com/originals/80/6c/f3/…
I like how this conversation went from build in c-types to a manageable amount of chairs in TylerH's cubicle :D
I wonder if we ever go back to an office
1:26 PM
My office is re-opening, I need to send an email to reception by COB monday to say whether or not I want to go in
@TylerH Nice. One can even sit on the floor under the desk and have a lot of extra storage space.
@Dharman I'm sure we will
only way we wouldn't is if quarantine/social distancing requirements were kept up for like over 5 years straight, probably 10
this is probably the closest I'll find. It's pretty close, except it's the very top section of mine that is glass rather than the middle sections i.pinimg.com/originals/fd/93/48/…
@Nick No, Tango
and most of the cubicles don't have doors. Only project managers have doors (on account of them basically just being on the phone all day), but they're mostly vestigial...
@TylerH I essentially have that in the office, only with a slightly larger space,... and no walls
1:30 PM
@Nick open concept?
At my office they don't have walls. Made it much easier to fit in a lot more desks. Made it impossible to go back on ones chair at the same time as the one behind :D
@Scratte I bet it gets pretty drafty
Isn't that why they have adjustable height, so that you could slide onto them sideways?
@TylerH As in? When the windows are open? Or as in.. sorry, I had cabbage yesterday?
@Scratte well you said no walls...
so I imagine wind from outside comes in a lot
1:33 PM
@TylerH Ahh.. between the "cubicles". I assumed that was implied :)
I'm just being silly :-)
No walls -> people on the bottom floors need strong necks and can't leave?
@JohnDvorak No, it's so only one gets to sit at any one time.. either me or the one behind me.
@TylerH Yep, but not nearly as crowded as Scratte's office by the sounds of it, we have a fair bit of room :), we have about 4,500sqft for 25-30 odd of us
@JohnDvorak I think those are not walls. I think you thinking of floors and ceilings :)
1:36 PM
no, no, no, the floors and ceilings are still there. They have been made a bit lighter but you can only go so far before they start breaking under the weight.
@JohnDvorak I think they invented pillars :)
pillars are just really short walls.
Touché :)
2:11 PM
Is that really an NAA? Sure it's not great, but it does stand as an attempt at an answer by itself without the link.
@code11 It is saying the problem is "with WSL". That doesn't really answer the question/solve OP's problem. Do we turn it off? On? Change certain WSL settings? The answerer says "you need [to change] additional settings" but doesn't say what those settings are or what values to set them to.
All the value is gained by clicking through to the link, which means it's a link-only answer, and therefore NAA.
Even worse, it's a self-answer by OP, so we know OP knows what settings need changing and the values to set them to... it's akin to the old DenverCoder9 comic
That is certainly true. Especially because the user is a new contributor, I suppose this also provides an opportunity to inform them on the site rules.
Indeed; that's why I left a comment :-)
Also, wait a second. OP says that they ran into this problem when they were running a simple program. But didn't include that program in the question. The question doesn't even have enough detail...
2:18 PM
Is the question itself MRE?
I didn't look closely at the question
it's quite possible the question has separate issues
Ah, its an environment context problem, not a coding one according to this likely duplicate
3:19 PM
@code11 nice find. looks like it could apply
3:51 PM
^^^ Nice title :)
how 2 fix diz
plz halp with coden
"Define the universe and give two examples" I need help with this question. URGENT!!!
Questions closed as a typo/no repro should roomba even they have an accepted answer/multiple answers, I think.
@Machavity (1) This universe. (2) The other one.
@AdrianMole That's only half an Answer..
4:06 PM
Questions should roomba even with accepted answers
Even if the answer is a good one?
@Dharman I would only agree if additional limits were put on that, like "question newer than 1 week" or something, and "question score at 1 or less"
@TylerH I do not agree with that. I think it would get abused.
otherwise all questions that ever get closed would get deleted
and not all of them should be
unless they have positively scoring posts
4:08 PM
@Scratte I don't think so
@Dharman I'd say 2 or greater to account for upvotes from OP
@TylerH I think voting is already abused to enable Roomba. So if it can get abused, it will.
@TylerH Most of these post are from users that cannot upvote.
Is "Roombabuse" a word?
I've seen typo questions that have useful answers (illustrating the underlying issue, and whatnot). Do we want those to be roomba'ed?
@AdrianMole I think it's Roombuse :)
4:10 PM
@cigien No :) I don't :)
Anyway, Roomba has to leave something for @Dharman to delete!
@Dharman Lets first ignore comments then work from there.
But.. what about all my answers in comment? :D
flag flag flag
Hehe.. :) You're not the comment flagger anymore. You have new friends.
4:19 PM
@Scratte not a very good argument. Everything is able to be abused. Therefore we should do nothing.
@TylerH Yes. I do that a lot :)
But no. Almost every discussion about changes to the way things work also discusses abuse.
@Scratte I still am. The display name can't hold all my well earned titles.
@E_net4hasfewfriends You know the title I have for you.. :)
@Scratte I am well reminded, thank you.
Is this question suitable for SO? I thought it needed debugging details.
4:34 PM
@Scratte it is Vinyl Friday: nporadio2.nl/live
@JeanneDark Dupe
@Zoe Thanks! The famous NullPointerException canonical. Have to keep them in mind
That too, but not entirely. Volley has a separate canonical
The vast majority of NPE questions on Java/Android are dupes of that one major NPE canonical though
@rene Thank you :) I forgot
Ohh man, I'll hit 333 days of consecutive logins tonight. When I reach 365 it's a self-imposed 30 day logout.
4:45 PM
You'll miss winterbash then ... No hats for you ...
@rene AArrrgghhh !!....
I thought they said that last year's Winterbash was the last one ... or do "they" say that every year?
@rene This year masks may be more appropriate
@AdrianMole they say it every year, I sure!..
I like hats.
4:47 PM
@JeanneDark the only inappropriate hat was that communist one right!?
@Scratte what is cool is that Wout is in his home studio. Didn't notice earlier.
@JeanneDark oh, good idea!
@bad_coder I don't know. I didn't participate last year
@JeanneDark mask?! appropriate?! I'm lost here, what am I missing?
@bad_coder Covid-19
@JeanneDark oohhh!!! I'm slow, that's just me.
4:51 PM
@rene Yes, I can see the colours of the vinyl is changing :D
Heh: Response to a Q being closed and suggesting to "include desired behaviour " was Desired Behavior: have it not look like crap.
@AdrianMole Sometimes OPs are compliant. Witnessed such a case today. OP had picture of code. Commenter told them to not post pictures of code, so they removed the picture...
Hehe - Maybe it's time (again) for the Powers-that-Be to review some of the Closed Box Messages?
@AdrianMole HAHAHA that's excellent :D
@AdrianMole It's not wrong
5:00 PM
Feel free to contribute to (or finish) its Reopen Queue Review.
@DavidBuck Yeah like, the wording is borderline but we've gotta admit the guy did a good job stating the desired behavior. Very succinct.
@bad_coder I would do the same but gotta get to 10000 flags first. Passed 365 consecutive the weekend before last. Will have to stop in December once Advent of Code kicks off.
@DavidBuck I was thinking about trying advent of code, but I probably won't have time this year. I wanted to end the year on the leader board of editors but probably won't achieve that either.
@bad_coder Do you have a handy link for that page? I know it's been posted in here a while ago, but if you have it handy it will save me the bother...
5:20 PM
Is it ok to ping a regular in this room, if they're not in the room currently?
Is this question off-topic?
@cigien As long as you're not trying to start a fight, or get a mod to do something mod related, sure
@Yatin yes
@rene thank you
@cigien I ping Bhavar whenever I find a good deal on games :D
5:22 PM
@cigien Re what Macha said about pinging mods, see the FAQ
@cigien There are the room rules and also individuals. If you ping rene every hour, you may find yourself getting into trouble :)
Get blurred ...
@Machavity Ok, I'm not trying to start a fight, of course, but I want to ask a user if they would consider doing something slightly differently. I'll just ask, and if I get it wrong, I'll learn from that.
This answer is NAA, isn't it? Just a bit surprised by the comment suggesting to add more details.
I always wondered how new profanities were "invented" :)
5:27 PM
@rene :)
@JeanneDark That is a very strange comment on a question in the Answer box indeed.
@Yatin :D
@Scratte Now you've got the opportunity to post your comment (I already flagged and take the risk)
@JeanneDark Done :) I also edited it :)
@πάνταῥεῖ You mis-hammered this question with this. Could you leave a comment on posts you hammer with that dupe target? Otherwise it takes 3 users to reopen, instead of just pinging you so you could do it yourself (which I'm sure you would have done in this case). Thanks :)
5:31 PM
@Yatin I've saved it now.. In case I feel dizzy some day and need to update my avatar :)
@rene Ah, consider me warned ;)
@cigien Personally, I think that so-called canonical is used far too often as a dupe target. In a broad sense, one could use it for almost any question about non-working code.
@AdrianMole I can't speak about other tags, but at some point recently I went through all the c++ questions over the prior 3-4 week-ish period closed as a dupe of that, and apart from 2 or 3 that I reopened, they were ok (in that the questions should have been closed, though maybe up to a quarter of them should have been closed as dupes of other questions.)
That question is a useful canonical, and I've given it some thought, but I'm not sure how to avoid overuse of it.
@cigien That's the point! Although that could justifiably be used as the dupe target, in many (if not most) cases, there is likely a better dupe.
I've also seen it used (in comments) in a rather condescending way, on numerous occasions.
5:47 PM
@AdrianMole Hmm, are you suggesting an Alexandrian approach, and simply disallowing that as a dupe target? Obviously, that wouldn't apply to questions tagged with [debugging]. I wonder if the platform would allow that.
@cigien I don't think the system can do that. It would be up to gold-hammers in each tag to edit the dupe target, I guess. (I can't do that yet so I'm not sure about how that would work, and how much of a burden it would be on friendly curators.)
... looking to get a C++ Mjolnir as a Christmas Present from the Stack! ;-)
6:05 PM
@AdrianMole Heh.. nice of Stack to be so generous to allow you to add so much content to their product that you've worked yourself to a shiny tag :D
@AdrianMole It's not the burden per se, it's the bias to not really bother double checking a gold-hammer decision that's more of an issue. I'm definitely guilty of that myself :(
@AdrianMole You're not far off at all. Getting it by Christmas seems very reasonable. Good luck, more gold-hammers are always welcome :)
Is this NAA? (One could equally well advise that cutting the power supply will also stop the build process!)
Not sure you are right about that. If it's a laptop it keeps on going :)
^ wait if the OP admits that it is an exact duplicate then shouldn't it be closed as duplicate...
^^^ Yes, definitely.
6:12 PM
@Yatin Not sure - different versions of Visual Studio have different soultions, quite often.
But OP says it's an exact dupe, so...?
They edited in the duplicate an hour after they asked it back in 2010.
Also, the question that it is a duplicate of has a rant in it about it not being a duplicate. Can someone edit that out please... The suggested edit queue is full
@Yatin Done.
Yeah - that is weird. But the story gets stranger when you look at the date: It's a 10-year old post, so VS2010 was the latest release at the time of posting. I'm close-voting it.
6:16 PM
@cigien thank you :)
I think we should also edit out the "UPDATE Exact duplicate of" part before closing it
^ Yes.. Unless it's done by one of the close voters :)
@Scratte Oh, how come? I've edited out fluff from posts that I've VTCed before. Is that not ok?
Is this spam? Brand-new user, no disclosure, and not especially relevant ... I'm 85% and open to movement.
@cigien If you close vote and then edit, you can be sure that your edit will not push it into the reopen queue. If you edit and mean to close vote, but it gets close while you edit it, you're not a close voter, and the edit pushes it into the queue :)
In that case, I think it's probably best to leave in the OP's admission that it's a duplicate.
6:21 PM
@Scratte Aah so I should only edit after I VTC?
@Yatin also, un-filled the queue a bit.
@cigien Yes, that is preferred if you don't want to risk it :)
^ "Username similar to website in answer" no it isn't. The username here is Server Worlds and there it is Akhil :/
@Yatin serverworlds.net
ooh boy I didn't look at that :) cool
6:23 PM
@Scratte Ok, that makes sense, thanks.
If on the other hand there is a pending edit, and you want the edit to be accepted, but you also want the post to get closed, you should accept it before closing (but only if you're the last "acceptor"). Since then the edit happened before the post was closed. Unless the edit makes the post fine, but then you don't want to close vote it anyway :)
@Yatin as a tip, it's in the text block displayed under the list of reasons, or you can ask Smokey for it with "why"
Makyen had an in depth monologue about it. Let me see if I can find it :)
@RyanM Yep I should have checked it
@Scratte That would be very helpful. e.g. I didn't know I could see if another user has already approved an edit, and I'm the last one.
@AdrianMole Looks like spam to me.
6:27 PM
You convinced me.
@cigien When you click the edit(1), doesn't it take you a review?
waffle :-)
{more biscuits}
@Scratte Yes, and if I approve it, it either gets approved, or I get a message saying "Still needs approval from another user...". Maybe I just missed where it says how many users have already approved?
@cigien Right. No, you didn't miss anything.. I use tricks to find out.
6:30 PM
@cigien The only way I've found to do this is to open the review in a private browsing window
^ that.. or another browser entirely. Like Edge :)
but Firefox has my extensions and Edge doesn't :-)
Oh dear, that sounds like too much effort for that particular end result :(
Someone has probably written a userscript to do this, but I don't know offhand
What we really need is a user-script that finds other user-scripts :p
6:33 PM
@cigien Ctrl+L, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Shift+(N|P), Ctrl+V, Enter :-)
errr, that does presuppose that you're in the review page, though
If you're on a question, middle clicking the edit link will open that in a new tab, and I'm maybe not selling this as easy.
so I guess right clicking the edit link and opening in private window is probably the fastest if you're on a question
@cigien Wait.. I always use separate browsers. One for links and one for Stack. Just in case..
Ok, maybe I'll give that a shot. Honestly, wanting to approve an edit on a post that I want to close, doesn't happen all that often.
@RyanM You mean these option when right clicking? Note it doesn't work if one is already in private mode :)
@cigien There is one message here by Makyen, that also explain editing while having close voted or close-flagged, VLQ, spam, or R/A flagged also doesn't make the post go into the queue. But I remember a meta post about it.
6:52 PM
@AdrianMole adventofcode.com just googled it, but this was the site I saw from users in the Python chat room. They've held a leader board among themselves in past years.
@cigien Found the "close-vote then edit" message from Makyen, that also has a nice link to the meta post :)
@Scratte That's very helpful, thank you :)
I guess the "hack" is to "Approve and edit" or "Improve Edit". Not sure what it's called, as I don't venture into the queue :) If you don't want to check that you're the last approver.
7:47 PM
@Scratte Improving an Edit will apply it automatically via the Community user and then apply your improvement on top of that
Likewise Reject and Edit will automatically reject the edit via the Community user and then apply your improvement on top of that
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