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10:08 PM
@Machavity lol
10:19 PM
How do you guys handle the feeling of "Oh god! Not this question again? There are millions of duplicates!!!"
@klutt I look inwards and say to myself "I was new too once". Be nice, find a duplicate or move on and let someone else be nice.
@Scratte Yeah, I have no intention of not being nice, haha :D
It's more of a feeling that I want to find a solution to the root of the problem
@klutt You mean you want to educate the world on how to use the Scanner object in Java? :D
@Scratte Lol :D
Funny thing about that one is that I've tried many times to find a canonical. But I do not think there is one..
10:26 PM
@Scratte No it's more like that I think that if we take C for example, then teaching someone to enable warnings and searching the warning text is probably at least ten times more valuable knowledge to OP than the actual answer to whatever question they have :D
@Scratte Give a man a fish, teach a man to fish etc
Look, I get it. Just using lmgtfy can be a bit rude, but for beginners it's often not pure lazyness that is the problem
The problem is that they have not learned how awesome it is to google the exact warning message
Because anyone who have posted a question with that particular warning message is very likely to have your particular problem
@klutt Have you considered that even if one does google the exact error message, the solution may be too confusing to someone who doesn't have the big picture?
@Scratte Yes of course. That may be the case. I'm not trying to bash anyone here. It's just that it is such a great knowledge to have that I wish I had when I started coding.
@Scratte I love the "how to debug small programs" blog post. I have started on something similar, but more aimed at C specifically but it's not done yet so I never link it. github.com/klutt/debug-small-c-programs/blob/master/README.md
I have posted the rubber duck debugging advice a few times already. I also tell users to start small and only add a little code at a time and test to make sure each bit works. It seems to me to be a typical beginner thing to start off with 150 lines of code and then watch it crash :)
@klutt You have a typo at the end "don't als tag"
@Scratte Haha, thanks
10:41 PM
I think there are some similarities with How to debug small programs by Eric Lippert
@Scratte "Some"? :D
That article is basically the reason I wrote mine
I just wanted to include more C specific things
@klutt If it's a simple NullPointerException or an index-out-of-bounds exception, I downvote the question and close-vote it, as I feel those have not made any attempt at figuring out what the problem actually is and aren't useful to others. Otherwise, I try to find a duplicate. Worst case, I just skip over it.
@Scratte I even mention that very article in my text :) "This document is heavily inspired from the blog post "How to debug small programs" which is amazing, but this document only focuses on C"
There's one particular common one that I understand people not being able to find, where Android Studio shows the wrong file contents...that's hard to find the right keywords for.
@RyanM I also suggest the duplicate :) I assume they just don't know how to look for the issue.
@klutt Oops.. I didn't read all of it, sorry :(
10:44 PM
No worries ;)
Consider changing to "RTFM (Read the fabulous manual)"
@Scratte I should maybe start linking those as a comment, but I would rather not have the question closed as the n-thousandth duplicate of the NPE question, as it makes it harder to delete, and they all get answers if they're not closed quickly.
I tried linking my explanation of how to debug them, but it got more downvotes, so I stopped /shrug
@RyanM I noticed.. they really do. I don't understand it though.
@Scratte because they're easy to answer. foo is null, figure out why.
is the line not in the provided code? no problem! just get vaguer: Your Foo object that you're calling bar on is null, figure out why
Ahh.. yes, of course. "i+1 is bigger than length when i is length.".. now gimme my green tick ;D
10:47 PM
they almost all lack some part of the MCVE, so they're usually closable for that reason.
I really don't like that accepted answers always gets on top
I have stopped accepting answers for that reason
Yeah, it shouldn't do that. There are some very incorrect accepted answers.
@RyanM You have abandoned trying to write a meta post about making your post a canonical?
@Scratte I think I need to rewrite it a bit based on the helpful feedback from the folks in this room. I haven't gotten around to doing that yet, though, and I'd want to try the approach of rewriting it first and submitting to the reopen queue (which I can do whenever I want, because I can cast a reopen vote on it).
@klutt Oh.. that's a shame. If you're a good judge then there's no reason you shouldn't do it.
10:50 PM
@Scratte I don't think one single person should be the judge that decides what answer gets pinned. I upvote them though.
or maybe just re-ask a sufficiently changed clearer version. Not sure.
If accepted answers did not get pinned, then I would use the function
@klutt But.. you can just accept whatever post is already on the top then ;)
@Scratte Hahahaha, nah. What if some comes with an awesome answer later? Should I change then?
@RyanM Naah.. just edit it and ask meta to help polish it to become a usable canonical. If they all hate it, then at least you can delete it knowing you did what you could.
@klutt There are no rules saying you can't do that. It even says you can change your mind any time you want to.
10:54 PM
@klutt Just read your proto-answer. Nice. Just one minor correction: The past tense of "catch" is "caught".
@AdrianMole Hasn't one catched an exception in a try-catch? ;-)
No - one has caught the exception.
Same as the first block: it has been tried and not tryed.
But if it's a try, can it then not be try'ed?
10:56 PM
@Scratte Yes I could do that, but I don't really want to feel the responsability to do that. IMO, the way it is now, the benefits of accepting answers does not upweigh the drawbacks.
@klutt Fortunately it also says you don't have to accept any Answer at all :)
@Scratte Which is exactly what I have chosen to do ;)
@AdrianMole Thanks. I corrected it now. Have not really done anything with it in a while. I'm pretty satisfied with the content, but I feel it's too long. Maybe I'll rewrite it with short summaries and then links to how to get deeper into a specific topic. But I often find it hard to remove stuff. I'm very bad at killing my darlings.
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