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12:02 AM
@10Rep it's a bad question - better that it just gets removed from the site, then the answer being NAA or not becomes moot
@10Rep This post will Roomba in 10 days. I've left a brief comment (without links), since the answerer seems somewhat familiar with the site. But I did not flag the Answer.
Yeah, me neither.
I think the question will get deleted, why flag?
That would be flag farming :)
@10Rep given that Roomba will take 10 days, you'd still risk the flag being declined in the meantime...
Well.. if it was a spam answer then removing it early is probably a good idea. But I generally leave borderline NAA Answers be. Sometimes I also leave NAAs be if I can see the post will Roomba.
@10Rep Soon enough your flag count will be high and you'll be more concerned with your accuracy than with the actual total count :D
@Scratte I am sorta worried already... also the reason why I don't mod flag anymore :)
12:10 AM
@10Rep Custom moderator flags does have to be raised for good reasons, yes. Flagging post for closure in the Triage queue is a lot less risky :) Though that queue has another set of risks :D
@Scratte I don't do triage anymore, and I've never raised a mod flag in that queue. One time however I mod flagged a question from suggested edits... it got approved.
I have 757 reviews in that queue with no failed audits ;)
@10Rep Why would you raise a moderator flag from a queue? Except for in Late Answers when noticing the same user posting the same similar Answer on multiple posts..
@Scratte I saw a user vandalising a lot of posts. So I raised one.
@10Rep Oh, OK. That makes sense.
A better solution (if you ever get to review suggested edits) would be to reject the edit with a custom message. But I didn't know about that.
12:22 AM
@10Rep I don't edit :) So.. I don't think that queue is for me.
@Scratte It's a great queue :p mostly a reject-fest
@Scratte Oh yeah, I forgot about your rejected edit...
@Nick Another good reason to not do it then :) Kind of like the close vote queue. I hear it only takes 10 seconds to make a call there.. I've been doing Triage averaging 5 minutes per post, including skipped ones.
I've recently stopped reviewing in it... hit 6,000 and was happy with the round number
@Scratte I sometimes stare at posts for a few minutes in CV queue before I skip them. Others I close vote as soon as I see them because they're obviously awful.
12:27 AM
@Nick Ahh.. good idea. I had a plan to stop reviewing Late Answers at 1000. Then I went to check something in it and noticed a bad Answer and decided to comment on it and passed the audit! So now I have 1001 reviews in that gueue.. grrrr.
@Scratte I hate round numbers for some reason... so ill stop reviewing edits when I hit 9999 :)
Funny.. I'm at 999 in Triage now. Are you saying I should stop?
Doesn't take more than 10 seconds to identify that questions about car stereos are off-topic, for instance. And I do use Samuel's script to save me a few clicks :-)
I'm at 8001 CV reviews now :-)
I've definitely gotten a bit tired of it and have been a lot less consistent about consistently doing them all.
@Scratte You need to do 9000 more reviews ;D
@RyanM I just read that post, and I'm pretty sure it took me about a minute :(
12:30 AM
@Scratte yeah, actually re-reading it I may have picked the wrong reason. It actually needs details or clarity.
@10Rep Never going to happen :D
so...bad example, maybe I should have taken longer to review it :-)
@Scratte At least go for 1457 reviews in the triage queue... that's not rounded enough :)
I can say that it's going to be one of these: 999, 1000 or 1001. I keep getting disputed flags in that queue and it's a little irritating.
I also do not think I should be doing more reviews that I have reputation :D
@Scratte Disputed flags from triage? sounds like you're doing it correctly
12:35 AM
Disputed flags suck... they're like getting 95% on a test :)
@Nick I know. Some times I look at the review and there's 3 "Looks OK", 2 "Requires editing" and my only unsalvageable on it. And the result from First Posts is "No actions needed". And the post is obviously not OK and I put a comment on it saying exactly why it's not OK and 6 users ignored my comment.. and I wonder..
^ non-reproducible
not @Scratte, the SD report!
You can't take it back now
Although I'm pretty sure @Scratte is too :)
Heh.. I'm dying here :D
12:43 AM
@Scratte Sorta the reason why I don't do triage anymore.... too much confusion. Occasionally I'll do 1 or 2 reviews, if the queue has like 1000's of posts, but that's it :)
@10Rep I can't remember it ever having 1000 posts.. :) But I just made my 1000th review there and I think that's a fine number. I'll leave time to give me the shiny prize :D
@Scratte Well, it was an overexageration. Right now Triage has like 156 posts, so I might do 2 or 3 reviews. Congrats on the steward badge :)
@10Rep No. Remove the link, it still says "You have to use translate and set it to -50%"
I thought that was referring to the legnth of the link, but ok. It isn't NAA.
@KenWhite it is a typo but not the one the code would suggest, the (pretty much unreadable) error points to the actual typo
12:52 AM
@10Rep Oh.. No. That's referring to a CSS thingy.. :)
I didn't look closely at the link... I probably should, in retrospect :)
@Nick You're right. There are multiple errors. See the additional comment (I removed mine, as the other one more correctly identifies the issue).
Oops! That other comment is yours. :-)
@KenWhite :D
Yep, wasn't mine :p
I wonder why MySQL errors never tell what exactly the issue is. It's kind of strange for something in 2020.
1:01 AM
@Scratte Sure it does, even in that one above, it says it's a syntax error and it says where it is
@Nick lol!.. I got one saying syntax error near )..something.
That's not very descriptive, in my opinion.
1:18 AM
@Scratte you should try javascript :p. When something is wrong it just returns a blank white screen.
1:29 AM
Heh. I was reviewing late answers, and I saw a question. Thinking it was an answer, I clicked "flag" and then clicked the middle option, and momentarily got confused when it loaded me close reasons :D. Then I realized it was a question.
1:42 AM
@AdrianMole what about Brazillians :D ?
@Dharman where did you learn about that :D ?
They're from Brazil and many speak Portuguese.
@AdrianMole please that a minute and enlighten me, what was that all about?
There was a very strange post, now deleted. It was in Portuguese, was upvoted and had a reopen vote. So we summoned the Power of SOCVR and sent it back to "Where the nuts come from."
@AdrianMole LOL loved that quote. How did you ever think of that?
1:55 AM
@AdrianMole Anyway, thanks for answering :)
2:18 AM
@Yatin other than the spurious ? (possibly left over from a translation), yes, it looks like an answer.
3:05 AM
Congratulations @Scratte on your Steward badge in Triage!
3:36 AM
The following four Smoke Detector reports are subtle spam that has already been custom-flagged for moderators, no additional flags needed:
Already custom flagged these ^
4:06 AM
@RyanM these seem like genuine answers
@Yatin They all promote the service that the author worked for without disclosing that affiliation
@Yatin I disagree. They all are linking to a particular service provider.
(there's more detail in the "MS" link about the affiliation)
the last one is a pretty decent answer and could probably be edited to add disclosure if someone wanted to do that
hm... yeah you are right... I am still pretty bad at spotting subtle spam
4:24 AM
@RyanM Pretty convoluted path to find the answer in which they disclosed their affiliation. How did you do it?
So there I was, trying to write a regex to catch spammers advertising bulk SMS services. I was doing some searches across the network to see which keywords were used in non-spam posts about bulk SMS.
First I found this PHP question and thought "surely there's spam here," but lo there was not. Then I kept looking and noticed some others that seemed a bit off. I opened up their profile to check their other answers to see if they also promoted the same service, and they did.
I would describe the answers section of that PHP question as a barely-rules-compliant dumpster fire, though.
@RyanM damn! I was hoping it was something mere mortals could do! :)
And once I noticed something was up, I checked the company's GitHub repos, noticed multiple SMS.to integration libraries, then went to SMS.to's website to see if there was an affiliation there.
4:39 AM
Great effort.
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re that SD report: argh, could you please at least recommend remotely up-to-date versions of our libraries in your spam?! that's years out of date!
This spam pattern is particularly infuriating because it consists entirely of answers that are the sort of throw-it-against-the-wall-and-see-if-it-sticks guesses the [android] tag gets constantly :-p
@DanielWiddis Thank you :)
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10:40 AM
@RyanM Deletions will continue until quality improves :D
@Braiam I wish I could flag every answer that randomly suggests Invalidate Caches/Restart as spam ;-)
11:23 AM
^^ (SD report) "Important for people" to flag as spam
11:46 AM
Anyone see a semblance of an answer in this? stackoverflow.com/a/64368255/7508700
It does appear to have roughly the correct words in roughly the correct order
Presumably they mean "i'm surprised no other answer has suggested this, try this:"
I do admit though it is a little hard to parse
12:07 PM
@JohnDvorak It makes a bit more sense having had some lunch and come back to read it again.
"I did not see the solution yet (to simply disable the native language support upon installation of gvim).

Thus, I did a custom installation.

Tested successfully with gvim82.exe under Windows 7."
@Yatin is "I did a custom installation" an answer, though? It's a bit like "I solved it by solving it"
I doubt a future reader will get anything useful out of it
@Yatin I'm not sure if I'd risk an NAA flag on it though. I've already got a risky NAA flag in the pipeline for an answer to a question about how to do something in Puppeteer that ends " I don't know how to do that in puppeteer.. but hopefully there are resources available for that."
12:22 PM
@DavidBuck I won't flag it just yet. David Buck has left a comment and I am tracking the answer for updates. If I feel like the answerer isn't responsive then I might flag it (after maybe editing it once).
@Yatin My interpretation is "No one has yet suggested disabling the native language support upon installation of gvim (i.e., doing a custom installation). I tested this approach successfully with gvim82.exe under Windows 7."
@RyanM yeah that actually makes more sense...
@RyanM I'm not a Vim user (or likely to be) but given the complexity of all of the other solutions "do a custom installation" with no further details, seems unhelpful (unless everyone else has missed something that's very obvious).
@DavidBuck In fairness "just reinstall vim with a configuration that doesn't have any languages except the ones you want" is not exactly straightforward
@RyanM It's a shame "Needs details or clarity" isn't a closure reason for answers.
12:30 PM
Now I'm curious boots up Windows Sandbox
@DavidBuck okay, turns out changing your windows display language doesn't work within the sandbox and it's annoying (requires sign-out) to do in for-real Windows. Mine is set to English, so I can't test it. That said, it does indeed look like disabling that option in setup would lead to your Vim being permanently stuck in English, which is what the OP requested.
@RyanM At least it is an answer. Even if it wasn't immediately apparent. Is the option fairly obvious without any further explanation?
@DavidBuck I'm feeling charitable, go check the answer now :-)
@RyanM Yay. Clarity has been achieved. If that's your downvote @JohnDvorak, you might want to retrieve your 1 rep.
1:06 PM
@Yatin No, I commented below this non-answer.
Seems odd that Smokey has just reported a different answer to one posted at the same time, which seems much lower quality stackoverflow.com/a/64372745/7508700
Is there a way to see why a user was blacklisted?
@Yatin click the "MS" link at the beginning of SmokeDetector's message
at the bottom of the page that opens you'll see information in a code block about why they were blacklisted
2:05 PM
Any suggestions as to how best to handle this one? stackoverflow.com/q/64371236/10871073
@AdrianMole I went with a custom reason; completely off-topic anyway
@tripleee Agreed. Just thought it maybe worthy of some kind of flag?
And force a mod to read the whole post?
... make them work for their money ... yeah!
@Dharman Good spot! (See - I knew there would be somebody here to help!)
Well spotted, when you open the edit window you see how they tried to add the link (but failed). Scroll down the post
2:14 PM
@Smokey It's not a URL, it's "Gibberish!"
2:45 PM
Latest bizarre variation of "Thanks in advance" ... I will be great foul. :-)
There's no way I am going to catch this with regex
@AdrianMole Oh, no... Now I found 'I will be great for me , thanks in advance.' , 'i will be great full', etc... stackoverflow.com/search?q=%22I+will+be+great%22
@Vega Well, so long as we're all full of grates, then that's cool!
I will be great if someone helps me out
2:53 PM
@AdrianMole Wonder if they'll ever come to know what they actually said :)
Maybe at Thanksgiving or Christmas, they'll get a "big chicken" for dinner?
But of course there's no way to catch everything. I can think of "I'll be > happy to get As to my Q"
Are there not other meanings of "foul"? :)
👁️ will 🐝 >full
@Dharman Is that a canon?
2:59 PM
Canon? It means I will be grateful.
@DontKnowMuchButGettingBetter Possible repost of closed question: Tower of Hanoi Iterative Function using Stacks - JAVA
@Dharman Hmm.. what is the name of that emoji?
@SecretAgentMan great pick up!
Big chickens are no match for advance tanks.
Eye or Bee?
3:01 PM
@Dharman That second one is a bee? :)
I see that it is. It doesn't look like one in my system. It looks like a canon or maybe a rabbit..
3:17 PM
Is this closable? stackoverflow.com/q/63137960/1839439 It seems unclear to me
@Dharman it's unclear, while I appreciate the edit to reduce the noise, I don't think it's salvageable. Should get closed (and probably deleted)
I am thinking the same thing
Still unclear to me but I'm no expert on those tags.
How did this go unnoticed? stackoverflow.com/a/61660187/1839439
@Dharman Did you mod-flag that already?
3:24 PM
No, I flagged as NAA
If you think this deserves a mod flag can you do it?
But, other than the anti-Baum rant, it's the same NAA as previously posted by that user.
@Dharman Our Intergalactic Moderator beat me to it!
@Dharman Looks like spam, from the user name and the link name.
I don't think it's spam. It's a link to their official documentation. They do that very often.
They have their support guys use this account and they treat SO as a support ticket system
3:32 PM
But they haven't disclosed their affiliation in their post. Isn't that required?
Their name is "HERE Developer Support" :) Just ask them to edit it in and see what happens.
I mean you have to be reasonable. They are not promoting their product. The question is about HERE API so a link to the documentation is reasonable.
The question is does it qualify as an answer or just a link?
@Scratte Ok, thanks for doing that. Looks like a declined flag for me :( Oh, well, so it goes.
@cigien You can retract flags..
@Scratte Oh, right of course. Just did that, phew :) Thanks.
3:37 PM
@Dharman They added the image, which I would see as a quote. And a link to support it as reference. So.. I'm not seeing an NAA there. (Not trying to imply it's a great Answer though :-)
@Scratte Maybe we should have a NAGA flag ;)
@cigien Just remember: 5 declined flags on the same day and you lose 10,000 reputation points!
... hehe
@cigien We do. It looks like this.. orange means it's active :D
@Scratte Ouch, that's harsh. I DV if it's not a useful answer. If it's not a great answer, I just don't vote.
What's the best course of action when a user (gold-badger) closes the same (I mean it, the same) question when they're not the first who answers, and then answering it when they feel they can gain rep (not once but twice)? I am fed up by this rep-war on
3:43 PM
@cigien Afaik, it's a joke
@cigien I usually downvote if it's at zero and I think it's bad. I hardly ever vote if it's already at -1. I can't help if someone else votes after I did though..
@Braiam this is a no joke room
@M-- This may be connected to a conversation we had in here some months back, with a very high rep. R user. But, whatever, if you think there's a pattern, and that it's abuse of the dupe-hammer, then you should probably raise it on Meta.
@rene Downvote all of rene's answers!
@M-- I think you should flag it. I know that the R tag has this problem as I have seen this many times. Moderators have talked with them in the past IIRC and if they continue to abuse their privileges this way maybe they need a longer time out to spend more time reading guidelines.
@AdrianMole you need your daily allotment of votes then. But I admit without being targeted a lot of it can go.
3:47 PM
Meh - IIRC, even mods only get 40 up/down votes per day.
@M-- Can you put that under a ul element. I can't process it.
@M-- the same question as what other question?
@M-- I don't understand. How can they answer it if they closed it?
I would also downvote answers that I have seen before which do not add anything new. Repeating the same information again and again is usually not useful. However, judge their usefulness as a whole, because sometimes duplicates are good sign posts
Is this multi-posting just a new user not understanding how we work?
3:53 PM
I don't consider the status of a post either. I'll upvote a closed Question if I find it useful.
@SecretAgentMan You shouldn't edit a post where someone has linked to an identical post. The script will not be able to identify them. It runs between 2 and 3 UTC and deletes all identical Answers by the same user.
OK, I elaborate... The same question has been asked multiple times (by different users). It's as simple as how can I convert 1Apr2020 to a date object. That user has closed one of them a year ago, answered one 3 months ago, and now answered another one today. Both answers are exactly the same. Does it make sense now? @Braiam @TylerH @Scratte
@M-- If that is the order, then it sounds like they might have just changed their mind about whether they're duplicates
but nothing is stopping you from commenting that it's a duplicate and flagging/close voting the questions as such
I have cast like 75 down votes since yesterday and I still haven't gotten this supposed downvote survey thing yet -_-
@M-- If the Answers are the same (as in almost identical with only a character or so in difference), you can flag that for a moderator to delete.
@TylerH Did you get the other recent survey? Where you were asked about colour and gender?
@TylerH No! As I said, questions are very much the same (not similar). And the answers are the same too (loading the same library in both, run the same function in both, and run the second function on the output of that, which guess what, it's the same function in both answers again). There's no way one can say they are not. I wish I could share them here so you could see for yourselves.
@Scratte yeah, I mod flagged and linked to the other two threads, thanks
@M-- Just be sure to have been very clear in your flag :) Also about which post you think should be deleted.
4:06 PM
@Scratte no
maybe I have it blocked, who knows
@TylerH I got the other one, so I'm sure to not get the downvote one. I just thought maybe you didn't know.
4:23 PM
@M-- You can flag them as duplicate. There's nothing that prevents you doing so.
@Braiam questions? I closed them as dupe. Answers? Imagine 100+ answers daily where 10% of them are on duplicated/closed questions. It grants mod action.
Ok, I initially didn't like downvoting NAAs, but this is starting to get quite satisfying.
Heh.. 86 Low Quality Posts in the queue. I had a feeling someone was slacking :D
@MarcoBonelli I really don't like that. It's so messy
@MarcoBonelli Imagine if you got +2 when it got removed...
@10Rep That would be bad in my opinion. User could organize to delete answers. They're already doing other kinds of vote fraud. Adding opportunities is just going to add to the mess.
4:30 PM
@Scratte Only for NAA/RA/Spam answers, not delete voted answer. But there is room for abuse :(
@Scratte how is it messy? All -1s and +1s get ordered at the bottom of the log, it's quite organized tbh.
@10Rep Also, you didn't actually earn the reputation by adding something useful. You just removed something not useful. I think you're not thinking of the potential. I, you can someone else decides to gain a little reputation. So we go off flagging posts as NAA and then delete them with our votes. (yeah, it requires more reputation than we have, but it's perfectly possible)
Also.. imagine the flood of NAA flags for things that aren't even NAAs, just on the off change of gaining a little reputation. I don't see that working out well for anyone.
Not only that, people can create sock puppets to write spam answers, and then flag them as such with the main account to get reputation.
@MarcoBonelli For the net 0 reputation of that day, 132 lines is a little excessive.
@10Rep one can only dream about it... :')
4:35 PM
@10Rep You actually only need 6 users that go around and flag the same posts as Spam.. target already deleted user that don't complain or users that haven't been active lately.
@M-- I know R tag is big but consider what we do in mysqli tag. It's a much smaller tag, but we try to take care of every question. We edit, retag, and vote on every new and active question. Gold-badgers maintain the duplicates and close as many as possible. We downvote most of the new questions that are posted there.
If anyone tries to answer them we review the answers and we either try to improve them (comment with improvements or edit ourselves) or we downvote. 20k+ then vote to delete such answers. We delete vote really bad questions or the ones that didn't rooma. If someone posts an an
I think there's a good reason why you cannot ear reputation unless you add something useful. Curating done for the wrong reasons is not a good path.
@MarcoBonelli It is a little disappointing when you see +10 thinking you got an upvote but it turns out moderator deleted 10 NAAs
This is NAA/Link only, right? stackoverflow.com/a/64375784/12708583
4:41 PM
It was accepted, so I wanted to be sure.
@10Rep But accepted by the OP (indicated by the blue colour around answerer's avatar).
That's a thing? New to me :)
@Dharman you see that? I never see +N notifications for that kind of stuff. It's kind of strange, reputation seems to just get re-added silently for me.
Yeah, I get as long as the difference between my current rep and the last time I checked is positive. There are no notifications for loss of reputation
If you lose rep. (say get -3 for downvotes) and then they get deleted (so you get your +3 back), you won't get a green bubble. You only get that for nett positive changes. So, if you downvote an answer and then, a bit later, somebody upvotes one of yours, you'll see a "+9" green bubble.
4:50 PM
@AdrianMole That isn't my experience. When I downvote a NAA, and then it gets deleted, I usually get a +1 if there is an event in between.
@AdrianMole yep, that's what happens for me. I always see +N-M where M is downvotes I did earlier.
Yeah - if you've 'cleared' your rep. history.
@Dharman right, thanks for the motivation; once in a while one would get frustrated.
Can we have, alongside the reputation league, a frustration league? I think some of the regulars in here would be quite high up that one!
I like leagues.
4:55 PM
Why don't we have an off-topic close reason "it's not about programming"?
@Dharman Isn't that the "Blatantly Off-Topic" reason?
There's a flag reason, but not a close reason
It seems to be the most commonly chosen reason
I believe there is a custom close reason, no?
@Dharman sorry to bug you again, but do you know why this doesn't work anymore? data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/1309162/…
lol, sorry I modified it when I was playing with it
5:00 PM
@Dharman When higher reputation uses flaunt their toys, low reputation users sees this :)
@M-- I am not sure why the fork button works in such mysterious ways but here you go: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/1309162/…
@Dharman oh... thanks!!!
Yeah I just added a clause for the tag name
@Scratte Get rep, mate!
@Dharman How to get 10k?
Sorry.. I'm busy attending to other number parts of my profile :)
5:05 PM
@10Rep Post some answers and avoid asking questions
Answering isn't my thing because the python tag is full of junk. "Please debug my calculator!" "Why isn't my for loop working?". I can't do it :)
Actually someone once posted an Answer with 7 words "Simply restarting Visual Studio worked for me." and got over 900 upvotes on it.
I wish moderation privileges would not be tied to reputation...
5:08 PM
@Dharman I think it should be tied to number of flags, votes, etc.
To be able to close duplicates you have to answer a number of them yourself first.
@Dharman Technically you have to have 200 Answers. You can have -1 score on 199 or them and 1199 on the last one :) I also think you could have all 200 of them on the same Question :D
I flagged a post with a swear word as R/A. The swear word has been removed, and the flag is appearing as "disputed". What should I do? Retract my flag?
@cigien Too late for that
But "disputed" is neutral
@cigien It's already been handled.
At least it hasn't been declined
5:21 PM
@cigien Your flag is active while it's "pending" only. Have you installed the user script that tracks your flagging statistics and make you paranoid for life? :)
@Scratte the two are completely unrelated so ruling a user out for the 2nd one based on getting/completing the first one would be nonsense
@Scratte No, I'm just trying to figure out how flagging works (I've been finding it difficult to get it right). In this case, I saw the edit that removed it, and then looked at my flags to see what's up. It seems strange that I could be declined the flag if the question was edited after the fact.
@10Rep it is deleted, most of all, now :-)
Huh, 20 seconds to delete an NAA on Thursday.... not bad.
5:27 PM
@10Rep Deleted by OP
@TylerH I didn't make the rules.. See Downvotes Survey launching Oct 15 "we will exclude users who have received an invitation to take the Site Satisfaction Survey within the last 90 day"
@snakecharmerb four upvotes on that... clearly someone getting office mates to "help out"
@Scratte "site satisfaction survey" is not at all what you described
@Dharman That's a good edit... I would have approved. It puts code in a code fence, so it's good, right?
@Dharman probably a good idea
5:32 PM
@TylerH Oh. I'm sorry. What was that called then? The recent one.
@10Rep Are you serious or sarcastic?
@Scratte you referred to it as "the one where they ask your color and gender"
that's... not descriptive as a "site satisfaction" survey
I would have probably removed the italics around Spring boot, but other than that, I'm serious. I'm new to suggested edits, so I don't know. :)
@Dharman I assume serious; remember 10 Rep is relatively new to Stack Overflow :-)
@10Rep suggested edits should attempt to fix all problems, but aside from that, when a post requires action from OP to salvage (in the case of a foreign language post, for example), users should not suggest edits on those posts
@10Rep I think the idea is that edits should strive to fix all possible problems with a post. Since the post is in spanish, and cannot be fixed easily, editing is not the correct action to take.
5:34 PM
@TylerH Right. That's what I remember from it. It also asked me other stuff that was related to being satisfied. But I kind of lost it when they asked me my nationality, my colour, my preference for pink toiletpaper (no, they didn't.. but..), my gender and other things unrelated to me being at Stack Overflow. And no, it's not descriptive, but also not appropriate for the survey.
I was looking at it relative to the edit... didn't realise the post matters as well.
@10Rep Edits are supposed to improve a post. In this case there was no improvement whatsoever. The question is still off-topic. Additionally you should not be approving edits on off-topic questions unless such edits actually make it on-topic. With posts which are not asked in English you should not make edits at all. They need to be deleted or translated by OP.
@10Rep Yep, when in doubt (even if not in doubt), assume that for any moderation action (including edits or reviewing), you should consider the full context of the post, question, or post-question thread.
I don't think flagging such appprovers makes sense though, both of them seem to relatively new (like me). Maybe just ping them in a chatroom explaining the situation.
@Scratte ...my political preferences, which brands I enjoy the most. What company I work for... They're looking for marketable user data under the guise of demographic inclusion, IMO
5:37 PM
@10Rep I can't do it as a non-mod. However, mods can talk to them instead of suspending.
@code11 I don't remember them asking for that, but I could be misremembering, since I lost it when they wanted to know my preference for pink toiletpaper..
@Scratte But, surely, it is vital to know how gender, ethnicity, creed and political/sexual orientation influence how and why people downvote?
Would you like to know my shoe size as well?
@Scratte sorry I was being sarcastic
Does that depend on your downvote rate?
5:39 PM
Yes, tight shoes make me upset and I tend to downvote more.
... it has been shown that users with big feet vote more than those with smaller feet.
I am perfectly comfortable publicly stating that my shoe size is 10.5 in US sizes. I can further relate that I often downvote. I think the correlation is the other way.
@AdrianMole That survey is only for bad assumptions like "75% of developers identify as Male!" It's for social media hype.
My shoe size is 9, and I downvote questions a lot.
@AdrianMole lol!. You mean they should ensure it's the same users answering both and correlate the results? :D
"99% of our users identify as human"
5:41 PM
Ooh - I was going to add a silly link but then noticed that there are 34 users called "BigFoot" (or some case-variation of that). :-)
Hey there are quite a few bots on SO. Thats roboexclusionary.
Quick question on Comments: Should the comments on this question now be marked as "No Longer Needed"? stackoverflow.com/q/64374602/12892553
100% of programmers have access to a computer.
I don't wear shoes. They make it harder to climb.
@Dharman I'm that 1%!.. :)
@Nimantha Comments should always be marked as No longer needed unless they are needed. So instead of asking yourself should I flag this comment, ask yourself do I benefit from keeping it around?
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@10Rep Oh real programmers use something a bit different
I feel bad for people who have to code a multiplayer game on a cat.
Thanks - that makes sense
@10Rep They actually don't.. I remember someone in the third word teaching how to use Microsoft word to people in a class room using just drawings of the user interface. The drawings were awesome though.
@AdrianMole Very related :). Tanks do advance.
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@TylerH Yeah there were three when I reported it - seemed a lot for such an obviously LQ/OT question :shrugs:
Strange thing: I haven't got that downvote survey yet... I filled in the developer survey, does that matter?
When spam and rude/abusive (R/A) flags get to a moderator, the moderator can change their state from:
⠀⠀⠀•⠀pending -> helpful (with or without a text response; done manually or automatically when the post is deleted, but not when the post is deleted by the post author)
⠀⠀⠀•⠀pending -> declined (with or without a text response; done manually)
⠀⠀⠀•⠀pending -> disputed (no text response from the moderator possible)
⠀⠀⠀•⠀helpful -> disputed (retains any response text given when marked helpful)
⠀⠀⠀•⠀declined -> disputed (retains any response text given when declined)
@10Rep Why does it need to be closed?
@10Rep Scratte just above mentioned that users who filled out the satisfaction survey will be excluded from the downvote survey
6:05 PM
@cigien So, your flag was changed to "disputed", because once the offensive wording was removed, there was no reason to retain any of the negative effects of the flag. If it had been marked "helpful", then there would have still been a -1 to the post's score and additional spam or R/A flags might be added to delete the posts. You didn't deserve to have any negative effects from a "declined" flag, because the post was, reasonably, considered R/A when you flagged. That leaves "disputed".
Why is it only 500 surveys? Is this like winning a lottery? I downvoted more posts in the past 7 days than this.
Can a retracted flag ever end up being disputed? I had an R/A flag that I could've sworn I retracted (after editing the post) end up disputed.
@Dharman they probably don't want to get overloaded with data they don't want
aka pre-emptive bias
With 500 surveys this will still be biased. I don't think this is a large enough sample.
@Dharman I agree. I only have reputation in moderation.
6:10 PM
@Makyen That's reassuring, and makes sense. Thanks for the detailed response.
I attribute it to a lack of understanding of how community moderation works and how much throughput it can handle. Keep in mind the OP of that meta question is new to that position. They're probably more silo'ed than we expect. As someone pointed out, analytics alone can probably answer most of their questions.
@Scratte Not sure what you're referring to, but I appreciate the feedback. I'll work to make sure I don't do that in the future. And thanks for letting me know about that script. I was unaware.
@RyanM Yes, I just tested on one of my own flags: self-removed spam and R/A flags are changed to disputed when a moderator disputes the spam and R/A flags on a post. A moderator disputing spam and R/A flags on a post is an all-or-nothing action. All spam and R/A flags which exist on the post when the dispute is executed are changed to disputed.
I am usually more surprised by upvotes than downvotes. For example 5 upvotes on my recent answer. I don't know why people upvoted that so much, but I am glad they found it useful.
Fascinating. I'm surprised that a self-retracted flag is still considered attached to the post. Thanks for the info!
6:14 PM
@Dharman FYI Custom flag works, but there's already a consensus for handling non-English content: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/297680/8239061
@TylerH Awww :( I really wanted to take the survey. I wonder why it's like that.
@SecretAgentMan huh? I have no idea what you meant.
@Dharman Did you look at what I replied to? (click the little left arrow at the start of my chat)
You replied to my cv-pls request
Why would I need to flag that? It doesn't deserve moderator attention.
@SecretAgentMan I think it's a custom close reason, not a custom flag.
6:19 PM
@Dharman Agreed no mod flag for those. I think we are violently agreeing here.
@10Rep Yup, yup
The only difference in my close request and the meta post you linked to is different grammar. The meta post suggested "it is not English." and I used "it is not in English"
@SecretAgentMan I think it was the post refereed to here, but none of us can check, since we need more reputation :D
Being a non-native speaker I have no idea which grammar is more correct
@Dharman My mistake...and your grammar wasn't it. I use "Unclear" you used "Custom"
@Dharman I think we're good...was just trying to be helpful and I probably misread things. I know you're a moderating powerhouse and I had friendly intentions.
I wonder why privileges don't come from number of flags. 2k to see deleted posts.
6:23 PM
@SecretAgentMan No problem. If there's anything I can improve I appreciate. In this situation, I completely didn't understand what you were talking about.
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica The only tag on that question explicitly says that using that tag is off-topic :) I've never seen that before.
@cigien Yep - there have been proposals to remove it, but it's never happened yet.
@10Rep Homework dump is not a reason for closure. Homework questions are on-topic as long as they describe a programming problem
6:39 PM
@Dharman However it needs Details, no? I saw a meta post talking about how if it doesn't have any example showing what they have done, then it should be closed.
But I am not sure if the closure was correct.
Then the reason is it needs details
@10Rep Can an RO please bin that request? For two reasons: 1. It's already been closed, and 2. the reason is incorrect.
@10Rep This doesn't correspond to the guidelines AFAIK, MCVE is only needed for debugging. And an abstract description of the problem is considered enough if the description itself is focused and on-topic.
But it needs to be closed: it's not focused enough.
Nobody can just copy and paste their homework and expect an answer if it's on-topic.
The FAQ does actually give "Custom: Homework without attempt" as a close reason, but I'd normally vote Needs Focus on unattempted homework.
Meta is also pretty clear that homework without a 'good faith attempt' can expect to be 'booed off stage' (probably not the best wording for non-native English speakers)...
6:55 PM
@DavidBuck Both the FAQ and the Mera post both presuppose the given description is in itself not a sufficient attempt already, but formulating the problem can be a sufficient attempt allowing for an objective answer. (Also the meta post, and faq, start by saying they are not official policy.)
@DavidBuck There are many counter-examples that went on to be highly successful, e.g. How can I pair socks from a pile efficiently?
@bad_coder That question was asked 7 years ago, and things were different then. Plus, that question include a lot more detail (what they tried, what they're asking, etc.).
Nowadays that would be closed as Needs More Focus because it include 3 questions in one.
@bad_coder Define highly successful. That question has been through 17 close reviews and was closed 5 times...
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