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12:02 AM
in we generally close typos like mismatched parentheses and del-vote when someone has answered them (blocking roomba)
is it acceptable to ask for close and del votes for such questions here?
@wim Don't take my word for it, but almost any moderation type activity is on-topic here. The only thing not moderated here are users.
Ummm, do you want to close vote it or delete vote it? You only include 1 of those tags.
I don't see the delete option (yet) because it's not closed
The would have to be a separate request.
12:20 AM
@wim you only need to request for posts which are within one downvote of being eligible for deletion (see the FAQ rule 11). Note by the same rule you cannot request for posts which require more than one downvote to be eligible. For this post I've added the downvote and cast a VTD.
@wim Things generally get closed in the Python tag? That’s new to me.
I should clarify that by saying the post must be closed already to be eligible for deletion. Prior to that you can only request
12:54 AM
iOS devs should get their popcorn ready. There will be drama in the appstore.
I have started to react a bit to those questions where they want to convert a snippet to another language
Those questions feels kind of pointless, why not just write a spec of what you want the function to do?
In most cases, it's not like anyone else would benefit from such a question.
One counterargument could be that they don't know what the function does, but if you don't know that, how could you use it?
@HovercraftFullOfEels I think the OP in that answer is asking for a link to the code to be shared via SO, and the GitHub link is to a sample implementation (the one in the GIF) rather than a place to deposit the code. Still a terrible answer, still spam, but not that particular rules violation.
...well, ex-answer now, which sort of moots that point.
@RyanM: he's asking that the OP share his complete code with him in an outside library. This is a violation of the TOS
Perhaps I'm misunderstanding: what ToS does asking for a link to code violate?
A link obviously isn't going to fix the question, as questions must be self-contained, but it would seem that asking for a link that would allow you to help them clarify the question would be fine. More effort than I wish to put in to extract information from askers, but seems fine ToS-wise.
1:18 AM
@KenWhite FWIW despite the fact that it's marked as duplicate, I think Are questions on prices or support of developer services on topic? is a better post for those issues. Otherwise it's too easy to say "but pricing isn't customer support, it's objective facts!"
@RyanM Thanks. I hadn't seen that post. I'll make note of it for future use.
(I agree with the closure, though. I just spent the time typing that message instead of voting to close, and got beaten to it.)
@RyanM BTW, I just visited the link you provided, and that post is closed as a duplicate of the original customer service-related link I used. :-)
@KenWhite Hence "FWIW despite the fact that it's marked as duplicate" :-) I just don't think it's a great duplicate.
The answer on the pricing/support one is quite good, and more directly addresses why they are off-topic customer support questions.
1:26 AM
@RyanM: There's yet another similar post linked in the comments to the pricing question.
@KenWhite I think that's just the canonical customer-support one with the link text set to an old name
@RyanM: Maybe a moderator could merge the pricing related post and the customer service-related posts into a single cohesive poss. It's a FAQ tagged question. @CodyGray recently did that with a couple of Why not post code images questions.
That might be doable. It might also be possible (easier?) to edit the pricing/support post into something more like "Are questions on prices or support of developer services considered off-topic customer-service questions?"
2:10 AM
@Andreas Yes. A lot!
3:23 AM
@wim That’s not what I see.
3:48 AM
24 messages (representing a special investigation that has run its course) were moved to SOCVR /dev/null
@ChristopherMoore Really? Is that too broad? I’d say it’s within the scope had it been in the Cocoa field. Though, it’s not a well written question.
@Andreas I voted to close as "needs details or clarity," because I have no idea what that question actually means. What is a "carousel effect"? What does it mean "to transition with a list of containers"? Are they trying to do an animation or an interactive carousel? The title/description sounds like an animation, but never explains how said animation should work. It may well be focused, but the question is completely unclear.
@RyanM mhm, yeah.
@eyllanesc On Android I dupe those to a "how to programmatically add views to views" canonical. Anything like that for PyQt?
I don't think the question is inherently off-topic, but I find it hard to believe it hasn't been asked yet.
4:12 AM
@RyanM I don't understand you, could you explain your question in more detail.
@eyllanesc Whenever someone asks a variant on "how do I add a new UI element whenever the user does something," I vote to close as a duplicate of How to Programmatically Add Views to Views. I don't think these how-to questions are inherently too broad, but they're asked constantly, so they're duplicates.
Or in other words: I'm not sure it needs more focus, but I'd happily vote Duplicate if I knew a good dupe target.
@RyanM My analysis in the particular case is that the OP has a basic objective that he does not indicate clearly, although in the first part he points out something clear: Add a new QLabel every time the user presses a button based on a dictionary, in the second part says: "Or is there another way that doesn't use text label that I should use?" which does not have a logic, so for me the OP has not shown any attempt and also has an XY problem.
That's fair. I think it's not bad enough for me to VTC personally, but I can understand your reasoning.
4:29 AM
Quick question about /dev/null. Those never really disappear, do they?
@RyanM I'm wondering why this SD answer that you posted a comment to, you didn't flag as spam? I'm not an SME, but the code looks boilerplate with no real relevance to OPs question and none whatsoever to the actual (accepted) answer.
@Nick I have no real knowledge of the subject matter, so I skimmed it and it looked substantive. I have no idea if it's at all correct. I did schedule a revisit to flag it if they don't fix it in a day or so, but it looks more like a misguided user than spam that needs nuking.
(to be honest, I had not read the question or the other answers. I have now, and I am still equally unsure if it's a potentially useful answer.)
@RyanM Looks like @CodyGray sorted it...
Aha :-) Since we've apparently got Cody's ear eye, how should we handle these? Flag immediately, or scold, see if they fix, and flag if they don't? And what sort of flag?
This could also be asked in the form of a meta post
I haven't even started reading the transcript in here, y'all. I only came across that because someone raised a spam flag on it.
4:40 AM
@CodyGray the last few messages will suffice for this one. I was of two minds about raising a flag but when I went back to do so you deleted it as I was re-reading...
I think that was a pretty clear-cut case of undisclosed self-promotion. A spam flag is valid.
In my personal judgment, it wasn't something that I wanted to bring down the full force of spam penalties upon the user for, though, so I just deleted the answer. I also sent the user a message. But none of that is anything that flaggers need to worry about. That's just moderators doin' mod stuff.
@CodyGray I take from that that we should try to avoid casting six spam flags on such posts, but that one is fine, even immediately.
(can be a concern when there are a lot of people reading the reports)
(Thus allowing moderators the option to exercise their discretion whether to delete with a red flag or not)
I really hate telling users to try to adapt their flagging in these types of ways, so I'm going to say no.
4:45 AM
Can moderators reverse a spam penalty in that sort of situation?
We may or may not be getting a new feature that will allow red flags on posts to persist after the post's deletion, which will ensure that a mod sees them.
@Nick Yes. Spam/abusive penalties can always be reversed, even decades later. :-)
OK; I guess that argues for flagging posts like that then.
I prefer flagging based on what the flag description says.
Undisclosed self-promotion is spam.
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica did you mean ?
@Nick No, it's a comment. He wanted it flagged.
They self-deleted the comment EJoshuaS was originally referring to, so the link provided was perhaps confusing, as nothing highlighted orange. Although there was another comment there that was clearly NLN ("Is this a homework?"), but you're too late to flag that one.
4:50 AM
Ah... it's really hard to tell when the entire question and comments fit in the browser window
Perhaps we can put 'comment' next to flag-pls tag next time?
Can you remove my question please
Meh, "no longer needed" is obviously a comment flag...
@Vega generally one should not flag-pls for NLN, because more flags don't remove them faster...or am I getting the rules for comment flags mixed up with non-red post flags?
@Nick If I do that, none of the conversation will make sense... :-(
4:53 AM
Ah well, just delete it all! :-)
I think I'm turning into Dharman!
I agree, no need, as they are not urgent. I have seen seen confusing situations when the comment was A/R
@Nick You're still too monochrome.
The comment was gone and the request was pointing to the post, which wasn't A/R
@RyanM Where these types of comments often end up and are the most irritating are answers. Someone posts a generally good answer that gets a downvote or two, and boom, here we are forever having a noisy discussion in the comments section underneath it.
I agree that most of the annoying comments you're talking about, like "Can anyone help?" are on questions and that problem tends to solve itself.
@RyanM This is a bug... Makyen and I want to fix it. If you'll lend us some free time, that would probably help.
@LalKrishna Last activity on that was 3 years ago
5:01 AM
@RyanM Ah, I have one of those: "We use submodules. You must clone the repository with --recurse-submodules."
@LalKrishna To clarify oguz ismail's comment, please see the "recent activity" requirement here. You should also review the formatting requirements here
@CodyGray I'll let you know if I find any spare free time...do you have a plan to get it fixed, or just bug SO employees until they fix it?
@RyanM Why do you use the conjunction "or"? Doesn't the latter option count as a "plan"? In all seriousness, Catija can edit the reasons in the blue banner, and she's agreed to help us. She tends to be very agreeable, even before getting out the sharp stick, and this is an easy fix. We just have to compose what we want to say. Then, we have to spend 6-8 weeks trying to shorten it...
thanks for pointing it out. @RyanM
5:14 AM
@RyanM Believe it or not, we actually already got one improved/fixed (at least for a first-round), but people didn't really notice. :)
@CodyGray RE: "Then, we have to spend 6-8 weeks trying to shorten it..." Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, from Blaise Pascal: "I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time."
@Makyen My prediction that they would notice within hours was quite wrong. I'm still surprised at how no one seemed to notice.
@DanielWiddis Wasn't it Mark Twain who said that?
@CodyGray Me too. I'd figured it would be fairly quick, but I haven't seen anyone comment about the change. On the other hand, most of the people here mostly see questions prior to the question being closed...
@Vega Like @DanielWiddis, I've generally heard it attributed to Blaise Pascal. I'm not sure which is correct.
5:20 AM
Is it the one that says "This question does not appear to be about programming within the scope defined in the help center."? I noticed it changed size, but assumed it was due to a new userscript ^^;
Uh, no. We can't really change the sizes.
Just the copy.
5:32 AM
@CodyGray This site seems to conclusively point to Pascal (although quoted in French).
@oguzismail It guesses that my spoken English dialect is (1) Singaporean, (2) American (Standard), or (3) Canadian. Its top three guesses for my native language are: (1) Vietnamese, (2) Chinese, or (3) English. Not really very good guesses...
@CodyGray Err, rather, I assumed the copy had become shorter, thus resulting in a smaller box.
@RyanM You thought Makyen or I had something to do with making the copy shorter?
5:48 AM
@CodyGray ...touché.
@10Rep You don't really know why that question (or any other question) got downvoted. I edited and rephrased with the intent of reopening before noticing that it was actually closed as a duplicate.
Ugh, my kingdom for the ability to vote to close as duplicate of two questions.
so many people asking how to do X from a button press
"Does this answer your question? how to do X" "No I want to do it from a button" "[incoherent internal screaming]"
6:04 AM
@RyanM If your kingdom possessed a gold tag badge, you would be able to do this.
@RyanM I think if you have close-voted something as a duplicate to the same post more than 100 times you should be able to dupe-hammer to that specific post.
Like, I'm pretty sure I've earned the "NullPointerException" dupe-hammer by now. Except curation ability is not awarded based on curation tasks, alas.
6:40 AM
@DanielWiddis Yes, that is a funny thing. Curation abilities are awarded faster if one doesn't curate ;)
7:31 AM
@CodyGray Is this better?
You're a thunderstorm! With a rainbow :)
@Scratte and the partially obscured moonrise in the background
@Nick I thought that was the suns reflection on a less dense part of the cloud :)
7:47 AM
@CodyGray Dumb test, it's obvious you speak a couple Polynesian languages natively...
8:07 AM
@Scratte No, I took the photo right around sunset in mid-winter.
8:17 AM
@Nick It also makes for a better nick of nicks when referring to both Nicks. StormyNick versus FoxyNick :)
@Scratte :-)
8:46 AM
@JeanneDark they translated. Is it better now?
@Adriaan I'm not sure, I'm not an expert on kivy (I don't know if it contains the necessary information, is not maybe rather general hardware software), the title has also not been translated.
9:00 AM
@tripleee edit needs another reject vote
This question is not primarily opinion-based (the answer it receives also strongly suggests it is)?
@JeanneDark "is there any suggestion(..)" should've been Needs Focus IMO, but reopening just to close as that is a bit pointless I'd say
@Adriaan But the title is POB "Is it good to use flutter or react native to build vr mobile app?"
@Adriaan It was closed as asking for framework recommendations, which is the "suggestion" that it was requesting
So, leave it closed is the consensus? What's the problem then?
9:07 AM
There's a lot of overlap between that close reason and the POB close reason (the "recommendation" close reason even lists "This question is likely to lead to opinion-based answers." as why it's off-topic)
the main problem is that the closed reason box might contain misleading guidance for this specific case, but adding a comment to correct that should be enough
but the text here is fine, it says "We don’t allow questions seeking recommendations for books, tools, software libraries, and more. You can edit the question so it can be answered with facts and citations."
It seems to have multiple problems with the title being POB and the rest needing more focus and recommendation (closely related to POB: "This question is likely to lead to opinion-based answers."). And the answer with "None in my opinion.", "...but that is just my bias.", "...you would be better off..."
Should we flag non English answers as VLQ?
@ArghyaSadhu Yes.
9:26 AM
What would be the reason to close this post?
@bad_coder I would vote for lack of mcve
@Cleptus one of the answers already basically says this. In fact it directly says that MCVE is missing and that the answerer couldn't reproduce the issue. So, that answer should have likely been a comment.
Is there anything I can do about this question? stackoverflow.com/q/63217356/1839439
9:48 AM
Plus link-only answer
10:04 AM
@Cleptus Yeah, the OP is asking a debug question that takes advantage of the other MCVE. He simply states textually that 1 class is different.
@bad_coder If the related question was closed/delted, this question would be no useful at all. The MCVE of the other should be moved/copied into the new question
10:27 AM
@Cleptus you're right I hadn't thought of that.
@halfer this comment got me thinking. Apparently a lot of people have tried this, including quite well written codes, but no built-in function. Interestingly stuff as datenum(2019,1,67) goes to 8th March without problem, even though January doesn't have 67 days obviously ;)
@Adriaan Ah yes, I think I have seen that "wrap around" in other languages. Interesting.
@halfer The idea is presumably that MATLAB's default date format is "decimal days since 00 JAN 0000". I e.g. use it a lot because I deal with time series of ~7 years. I am not interested in the exact date, but am in relative time differences (2 hours, 2 days or 2 months?) It's very useful then to just define days as "days since start of mission", counting up to 1800 without problem
10:58 AM
@oguzismail admitting to answering dupes? Why not delete those answers + flag for closure as duplicate?
@Adriaan too much work, but I'll do if I have time
But, what do you mean by flag for closure as duplicate? Can we ask a mod to close a question as duplicate?
@oguzismail No, I mean to vote to close yourself (wasn't aware that you had the rep, hence my mention of flag rather than vote)
No, you can do only in exceptional situations where you can't do this yourself.
Well I don't have the tag badge, and the tag is really low traffic. My close vote may just age away. I thought we could ask mods to close a question as duplicate and delete our accepted answer
@oguzismail we can close with 3 people nowadays, so a simple cv-pls in this room would suffice in most cases
11:10 AM
@Adriaan I don't think it's appropriate for me to make a request on a post with which I'm affiliated
@oguzismail fair point, that is indeed the case.
Anyways, I'll try to get rid of some of my answers to dupes. They might bite me in the future :D
11:23 AM
Do we mod flag posts where a user replies to their own post using a sock?
@DavidBuck Yes. All sockpuppetry should be reported.
@Adriaan not really; if you are not using multiple accounts to do things you could not do with a single account, you are allowed to have secondary accounts
Oh well, I've flagged it now
RO - Can you please remove this request? OP added MCVE
but answering your own question in a way where it's not obvious is probably at the very least suspicious
11:25 AM
@tripleee hum, most things you "can't do with a single account" amount to sockpuppetry.
@Adriaan I have a secondary account for testing; this is completely above board
@Scratte And despite all of those choices, it's closed for Details and Clarity
@Adriaan Not really. If I want to go about with less privileges, I create an account. I can imagine being >10K is a pain..
11:27 AM
@AlonEitan you're lucky I saw it. Don't hesitate to include an @-ping to an RO from the active list
@DavidBuck Well.. that is irony, it's it :D
@rene NP :) Will do
@DavidBuck The reason to flag it is that they are interacting. Two accounts from the same user should not interact. Answering doesn't directly lead to voting violations, but I think it's "too close for comfort".
@Scratte That makes sense. It's in the lap of the mods, now.
~5 people reached says the profile
11:50 AM
^ at least it's just one line :D
@RyanM @Andreas Thanks for the help. I appreciate it
12:43 PM
@Braiam that question was about bash, stop removing relevant tags.
@Adriaan That’s not too broad.
As a gold tag badge holder, can one edit a question to add the irrelevant tag one has a gold badge in, then close it, then edit it out again, or will it end up in the reopen queue, then?
@Andreas No; if you as a badge holder add the tag, you're vote won't be binding. You can still vote to close as a duplicate (iirc), but it will be counted as a normal vote
@Adriaan Ok.
12:59 PM
@Andreas @Adriaan It's not about programming
That makes sense. I wondered about that. If one could do it, it would be easy to abuse. I know that it's possible the other way around though. One can remove the tag, and be powerless :D
Thank you. Sorry, I know this room isn't quite meant for that, but nobody was capable in Charcoal at the moment.
Ah, well. Del-votes work too I suppose.
@Vega Eh, what?
@Adriaan yes, exactly like that
This was edited to no longer be a tool rec, but it sounds very broad (ant unattempted) to me
1:07 PM
@Vega I fail to see how it’s not related to programming.
What is the policy of asking users to provide code for "reproducible examples" on an offsite resource?
@Scratte What do you mean - the asker already has an MCVE offsite and you want this brought in, or asking them to provide MCVE offsite?
@VLAZ Asking to provide the MCVE offsite. Like here
@Scratte I see. The policy is "it's frowned upon" generally.
We want the code that reproduces the issue on site. If it cannot be done via a snippet, then it might be OK to show an offsite resource that demonstrates the issue but it should be an addition, not mandatory to understand the question.
1:21 PM
That SD count as spam?
@DavidBuck I'd say yes.
Good. That's how I flagged it
@DavidBuck Spam for sure.
@VLAZ Thanks. Lets see what happens then :)
Anyone would consider this as "Needs details or clarity"?
1:26 PM
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio I'd call it needs focus, it's too broad even for needs details...
@oguzismail sorry, I understood that as making make to fall into background. Technically it's a shell question.
Also, stop generalizing @oguzismail I recommend you to stop.
@Nick Hmm. That's interesting. Isn't the NMF more for cases when multiple things might be asked for? I see here the direction in which it wants to go but need more details to validate the problem.
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio it seems to me that there are potentially multiple ways to both define and solve the problem, which makes it too broad for me. Maybe my concept is wrong...
@Nick I guess we have reached the overlap. :-)
1:39 PM
@oguzismail Quick item of feedback: your wording to Braiam just now was quite rude, in term of how a native English speaker would understand it. In general, it is better to make things in terms of suggestions or requests; if you phrase something such that it is understood to be an order, it won't be received all that well.
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio even if you don't think it's too broad, it definitely needs details.
Plus, we try to collaborate with each other in here :=)
@halfer Nah, it's ok. My problem is that somehow I gained a fame that I'm "removing all the tags" when actually is "removing non-useful ones" and I would really like users not to continue with the labeling as it undermines many premises I use to evaluate tagging.
@Braiam np
1:54 PM
@Mogsdad GYAAAH A letter that thinks it's a cat!
Or is it a cat hiding in a letter?
Or, since it's a cat, does it care?
wow a wild Mogsdad appears
Wow, a Room Owner I have never seen before.
Sup @Mogsdad did you went to a gunr meeting and lost yourself?
2:14 PM
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio What was the recent activity there? Why close it now?
@Dharman Is recent activity important? As it is still opinion-based, I think it would be best to getting it closed.
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio Yes, see socvr.org/faq#GEfM-cv-pls-not-a-habit
Same with your other cv-pls. We can't be spending time on old questions if there's plenty of new ones that need to be closed
This room has an explicit rule and we don't allow cv-pls for old posts. It only applies to cv-pls
@Mogsdad CC since you are the most recent RO here :D
@Dharman Okay, thanks. But should all of the four criterion match to a question to be ed? Because regarding the last criteria, this would imply that we couldn't do close vote requests for tags like or or at all.
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio no , it is an "OR"
software engineers ...
2:27 PM
though if you do find an AND, let us know!
The key here is "... in time". As I said yesterday, quite often questions are closed by regulars in the tag quickly enough. Wait a couple of hours to see if you need to involve people in this room or if the question is closed organically.
But why then not an old question when it is an OR connection and it fits one of the other criteria?
I am not sure, but I have been scolded by Makyen before...
It's like that monkey ladder experiment. I don't know, but I was told not to do this, so now I warn others
I mean, we don't need even moderator action in here which could waste their time. The only waste of time I guess is the throw into the graveyard.
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio The 6 months.. is an AND. The rest are OR's ;)
2:32 PM
that is probably correct
I asked the mirror on the wall.. and it told me that an edit may be coming to the FAQ :D
This throws other questions on the desk. Like "Why not give more people the ability to clean up their mess on their own?" - Sorry, just have to ask.
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio I don't understand..
@halfer Okay. He seems to have understood why I have such a tone with him though.
@Scratte I propose a for an elder post and place it into the graveyard on my own without needing the action from room owners or mods when the post is closed to place it there.
2:41 PM
@Braiam That's true. But I understand that it was rude of me to say it here like that, I'll try to be more civil next time
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio You mean you want to place it in the graveyard instead of placing it here? (Unless you're a Room Owner, you can't move a message)
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio the rule exist so we keep focus on new stuff. Older stuff can go in the review queue if you like. It is not the work to move messages, it is the focus we like this room to have within its operational capacity. If we managed to bring the CVQ to 0 and can't find post to close within the 6 months period we will lift such arbitrary limits.
@CodyGray in response to your comment on the GitHub issue I linked the worksheet that I think gives some more context here
3:04 PM
@Scratte No, I don't want to place it in the graveyard in the first place. When the request was succesful (the post has been closed), let the one who proposed it or at least someone with according privileges move it into the graveyard on their own without the need of a room owner/moderator. - "(Unless you're a Room Owner, you can't move a message)" My thought was maybe to make a change here but I guess it's kind of revolutionary request which goes against the wall very quickly.
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio "let the one who proposed it or at least someone with according privileges move it into the graveyard" we already do this
ROs are the people who have "according privileges"
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio That would mean a change to the way Stack chat works. You can't do anything to any of your messages after the 2 minute window. You can't even delete it :) If you're a Room Owner, you can only move a message out. If you're a moderator.. you've got the power :) But I do not think a change would come. It would mean I'd be able to move my own messages around, and hmm.. what could possibly go wrong? :D
It would be dangerous to allow all users to move chat messages from one room to another. It'd be like letting anyone access anyone else's bank account and transfer money on their own.
I do agree with you, @RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio, that in general some more rich features around chat would be great.
However, chat is that space no one talks about on the dev team, it seems. The previous CEO thought chat was stupid and didn't want devs spending any dev time on it.
While I don't know if the new CEO shares those feelings, I doubt anything will change WRT dev-time, because chat definitely doesn't bring in any revenue for the company.
Yes, I just wanted to explain it to you @Scratte. I know myself, that it isn't a real feature request. But why not talk about how things are done and potentially could be improved. My point is when the graveyard dump is such great topic then give more the ability to help.
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio I like talking about improvements, so no complaints from me :)
@TylerH I'm not sure you are right about that. I think it's just not very obvious that it helps. All the robots are using chat and spam is certainly handled using the chat-feature.
3:21 PM
@TylerH Yes, I think so too. Chat should also be considered to be improved. Maybe the 85 million dollar will make a change? I don't know and don't really think so unfortunately. But well, let's see.
@Scratte folks are able to use chat to help keep the site clean but keeping the site clean doesn't generate revenue
@TylerH How about if there was no one to clean the site? Would that have no impact on revenue?
ad impressions, investments from VC, paying customers using Teams or SO Enterprise, and recruiters paying to use SO Jobs are what generate revenue
@Scratte I think it would have minimal impact, especially at this point. But impact on revenue is not what I said
@oguzismail Thanks for responding to feedback 👍
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio It would be great if SO would open source a lot of their code base
then folks could just submit PRs to implement a lot of the userscripts that have been made to improve functionality, etc.
3:25 PM
@TylerH I know what you meant. I just don't think it looks at the bigger picture. The value of the site is correlated to it's use and that is related to it's reputation.. which is related to the cleanness and quality. Remember Nokia? :)
@Mogsdad M for meow? 🐈
@Scratte I have an AACSB-accredited degree in business administration; you don't have to tell me about soft value :-)
@TylerH I had never heard of that before. I can't compete with that. But I had a nokia :D
Has anyone using uBO addon noticed a big block of space suddenly on question pages below the announcements/HMP block?
i.stack.imgur.com/cqHzI.png linked questions should be here but they are pushed way down
no repro
3:34 PM
looks like there is a <div class=js-sidebar-zone"> with min-height: 735px; declared inline here for some reason
if I click in that area, the style disappears
but only if I turn off uBO
A/B test?
weird though since it's just an empty div
@Braiam I think it was something very like that! Attended a meeting, got a couple of action items, started them... BOOM, two years, gone.
Likely it wouldn't be empty if you didn't have uBO
@Dharman I'm not touching RO things, since I've been out of touch for so long.
3:39 PM
@Mogsdad \o/
@JohnDvorak it's still empty when I turn off uBO and refresh
@TylerH Right back at ya, Tyler!
it doesn't go away even with Violentmonkey, Stylus, and uBO all disabled
but I can easily add a 'display: none' style to it using Stylus in the meantime all the same
Any other browser extension?
@RiggsFolly Give OP the ability to edit their question. The question is asked 4 minutes ago.
3:44 PM
@Mogsdad We have a mod who actually does cleanup btw. So if you ever feel the need to bin stuff, feel free ;)
@JohnDvorak Nope
Well, a couple but none that would affect SO
I have a w3schools-hider for google searches and a shell execution add-on for lansweeper which is a network scanner we have at work
which reminds me, I need to check up on that w3schools-hider... it hasn't been working for like 2 years...
@TylerH I'm seeing it too :(
might be easier to roll your own uBO zapper rule
Just me or the hot meta question isn't rotating enough?
It rotates fast enough for me. A WB question that I answered is off the list already, after only two or three days.
3:52 PM
@JohnDvorak Don't want to zap it with uBO because that's harder to find/remember for me. I have far less stuff in my Stylus styles and it's also safer/easier to turn off styling to test a problem than to turn off ad/tracker blocking, even temporarily :-)
But yes, that would be effective as well
What is the intention of someone posting "WHAT ................................." as answer?
Best case it's a rhetorical question
ah, those dots were literal
poor man's unclear closevote?
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio Well, it still beats "Because...". I always hated that answer as a kid
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio most likely petulant humor
3:57 PM
@Machavity Yes, indeed. :-)
Is this off-topic for being SF on-topic?
@Andreas something being on-topic on another site doesn't inherently make it off-topic here, for what it's worth.
@Andreas Considering that SF topic is orthogonal to programming in most cases, I would say that if you find a question that you are sure that is on topic on ServerFault, it's more likely to be off topic on SO.
@TylerH Are you also getting the "Love this site?" box?
Looking at the question, I don't think it's on-topic at ServerFault because I don't think they allow database recommendations or broad 'what solution should I use to fix this issue' questions, which is essentially what that question is.
@Scratte not currently
4:03 PM
If you construct that question to ask "how to use read-only replicas to scale out in Azure" I doubt they would reject it.
@TylerH Flag —> needs improvement —> a community-specific reason —> About professional server- or networking-related infrastructure administration (This question is more likely to get an answer on Server Fault)
Asking if the post qualifies for that close/flag reason.
Oh; there are more messages to me. Let me read those.
@Braiam I don’t use/read SF, so I can never say with certainty that something’s on-topic there.
@TylerH Thanks. It's gone for me already :D
@TylerH @Braiam Ok? Should it be closed on SO?
@Andreas It's on topic?
4:11 PM
@Braiam Ehm, ok...
4:24 PM
@Scratte seems gone for me as well
nothing like a good Meta question to wake up the devs...
4:45 PM
@RobertSsupportsMonicaCellio disagree. It's a silly question, but it's perfectly answerable as the answer demonstrates.
@MattB. "to the programs that executed on the compiler previously"
Yes, they're confused. So they ask a question.
Not a valid close reason.
Perhaps it could be marked as a duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/1422729/…
6:07 PM
6:20 PM
6:42 PM
If you have some free minutes please help in retagging go, gin and go-gin questions.
@rene Edited some but got bored quickly, don't you guys have a userscript for that?
Not anymore
It left with Shog
And, what's for? It seems to be the same thing.
I haven't checked yet but I tell you I get drunk ...
6:56 PM
@rene What's mixed on the parm?
@oguzismail The post says to edit the posts for other things while one is on them. That's not really possible with a script.
@Scratte One of us had too much gin, what does this mean?
@Scratte to be fair userscripts have come a long way; I mean there is the script that a lot of people use to edit posts for grammar and stuff
a script could certainly edit the post tags and then add that post to a list to follow-up on manually later, too
@oguzismail I just read the post that rene linked to. I assumed rephrasing of some of the those posts, grammer, title, structure also needed a little tonic :)
@TylerH I was under the impression that one was to edit just once to avoid bumping the same post twice.
@oguzismail It means if you are going to edit the post, don't just remove the tag. Also check for grammar/spelling issues or other things like fluff that can be removed, additional tag problems, etc. In other words, make each edit a complete edit
@Scratte ideally, yes. I'm just speaking suppositionally here
7:04 PM
@Scratte cc @TylerH Why would anyone waste their time with that? Most of those questions are buried deep in the history's dustbin. No one's ever gonna see them
@oguzismail Because it's the rule and we want to do things nicely here on Stack Overflow. Also, once you edit them, they're on the front page, not in any dustbin anymore
Oops :)
I don't see anything not-nice in just making a tag edit and leaving the rest, but, if that's the rule...
@oguzismail the rule for any edit is always try to make the most complete edit possible
edits for tag cleanups are still edits, so they fall under that rule
you're bringing old stuff to the surface on top of that, so it's doubly important that they get a 'fresh coat of paint' so to speak
@TylerH By that you mean tag edits bumps the post too? I doubt that
@oguzismail tag-only edits do bump questions. The only thing tag edits don't do is give you credit for the tag edit badges IIRC
@TylerH if you mean edit badges, yeah
@rene Oh, I see
7:36 PM
That's some freehand "circle" around active.. it looks like a man diving with one leg out of the pond :D
Heads up, SD dump inc. Will be spamming out immediately
@Scratte petal got stuck and didn't want to redo ...
7:54 PM
One of the unexpected skills I've picked up since getting involved with reviewing on SO, is that I now have the ability to instantly recognise Portuguese.
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