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1:22 AM
So I posted an answer and someone commented on it pointing out something I missed. I quickly fixed my post and flagged their comment as no longer needed. The flag was validated and comment deleted. Now the commentator has commented again asking why I deleted their comment. Any advice what to do? Flagging as unnedded is likely to backfire. Is there a meta about this I can link maybe?
@Chipster: Ignore it and move on
Unless their comment is rude or unkind
1:46 AM
@HovercraftFullOfEels I'd rather educate the user.
2:19 AM
@Chipster Well, I see three options: A) Ignore it. B) Tell them that deleting their comment was not personal. Explain accurately and truthfully what happened and what you did, or did not do, and why, along with how your actions and the moderator's actions were in keeping with how the site normally works/is intended to work. or C) Raise a custom moderator flag explaining the situation and asking a moderator to handle it/explain it to the user.
Personally, I'd choose B, then if that went sideways, I'd go with C.
@Makyen Thank you. I appreciate your help. I think that comment has now been deleted already (likely by a moderator), but I'll keep that in mind if they decide to comment again, or for future reference if I run into a similar situation.
3:12 AM
12 messages moved to SOCVR /dev/null, by request
@Makyen Yes, that was it. Thank you.
@RyanM I rarely am, even when what I say sounds utterly absurd.
3:31 AM
@DavidBuck Yes, raise a mod flag. Especially if the OP has vandalized the answer and/or replaced it with a mere stub because they can't delete it. That's worse for everyone than just removing it. Be sure to explain in the mod flag why you are mod-flagging it.
@Chipster Education is rarely successful. Just flag the new comment for deletion. Or do what Makyen says, but that's more work.
2 hours later…
5:16 AM
Anyone has a better dupe target for this? It basically asks how do I fix floating-point arithmetic in Python?, there are many related questions (not closed as a dupe) and the answer is always use Decimal library
@oguzismail there is stackoverflow.com/questions/11522933/… but I kind of like the one you chose
5:43 AM
@oguzismail I went on a bit of a hammering spree, maybe check in a couple of days if some of those would be suitable for delv-pls
(sorry for the ping; just linking for context)
5:55 AM
Out of curiosity: how many spam flags nuke a post?
@VLAZ five normally
SmokeDetector supplies three when it scores high enough to autoflag
Thank you. I was curious, because when flagging as spam the post seems to be deleted at different counts of downvotes. I know the spam flag automatically casts a downvote, but people can still cast another DV. So I couldn't get an accurate feel for what the number was. Sometimes a post would disappear at -7 other times at -10, for example.
a lot of users just downvote and don't know that they can or should flag
I used to routinely downvote and flag and sometimes still do, especially if the post seems to be hanging around for longer than a few minutes
@tripleee It's 6, not 5. There are a few sites on which it is 3 (e.g. most recently, The Workplace was changed to 3 red flags to nuke).
6:10 AM
@Makyen oh yeah, thanks, I stand corrected, I was just looking for an authoritative source for this
@Shree thanks, you were right
@Makyen Wow, they must get a log of red-flaggable content, if they need to expedite the process.
@VLAZ the problem is more that they don't have enough traffic and thus not enough flaggers to wait for six
@VLAZ They recently had a very persistent troll, and not really enough users flagging.
@tripleee I will if I have time, thanks
Oh... I'm not sure which is the worse problem to have, to be honest. But I'm glad they god something for their issues, at least.
1 hour later…
7:35 AM
I see a mod is on a spree ...
Some of those are . So I guess it's just status updates all around. I guess 6-8 weeks passed and we're getting the responses.
7:51 AM
@DavidBuck I suggest you to mention that it received a new answer (reported by SD and since deleted), because the question is rather old and cv-pls requests need recent activity (last 6 months). This way people know why and that it's a valid cv-pls request. The OP's self-answer about the libraries they found makes it further clear it's a recommendation question.
@JeanneDark It does say "Active: Today" at the top, so the evidence of recent activity is clear. I should probably have ticked the NATO box, though.
@MrUpsidown That is really strange, the first was well received and answered, with accepted answer. Why the that reiteration?
@Vega sorry I don't get what you mean here
@VLAZ I think Bhargav took up moderation again, which is a good thing.
If I'd known slapping tags on everything is what you all wanted, I could have been doing that all this time. :-p
@Vega One is from 2011. Maybe that's the difference.
8:17 AM
@MrUpsidown I am sorry, I was rhetorical. I wanted to express my surprise for that duplicate question. Was wondering why the OP would post the self-duplicate of a well received first post. Usually the self-duplcates are after a question is closed/heavily downvoted. It wasn't the case here.
@Scratte You are right, that could be a motif
@Vega But.. it's not the same poster :)
Oh, no, my dyslexia hit again.. :(
@Vega Not to worry. I had to check twice. Similar avatar, almost same colour :)
Should this be flagged to migrate to security.stackexchange.com? It's obviously a hot question but it's also off-topic here (as verified by 3 failed attempts to reopen).
@DavidBuck I'm not very familiar with Security.SE but it at least seems like a candidate. Perhaps somebody more familiar with that stack can weight in.
@DavidBuck Seems good idea, but if it's 'hot', then someone will post it again here on SO?
@Vega I don't know, but it's probably more valuable as an open question on Information Security than a closed one on SO
9:16 AM
@DavidBuck I'm guessing they would simply close it as a duplicate; I found a related post by quick search but perhaps Sec would still be a better home for it
It wasn't a security Question when it was asked. They didn't know what was going on.
One could argue that it's the Question that determines if it's on-topic, not the Answers
@Scratte True, but it wasn't a software development question then, either.
nothing immediately on Server Fault
@DavidBuck Not sure. Some strange errors can be cause by some other known part. Like a trigger getting errors due to another trigger. So when the Question is asked, someone immediately knows that there's another trigger one needs to look for.
all things counted, maybe a closed question on Stack Overflow is more valuable than a vague question on a lower-traffic site
9:23 AM
Is this question a good fit? It's rather old but was just edited and I'm somewhat surprised by its score of +6.
@tripleee Except that by being closed, we're blocking people from answering it (if there is more to be added).
@JeanneDark I went with "needs more focus" and a downvote
9:49 AM
@desertnaut You've linked to a tag...
@desertnaut while I'm sure there are many problematic questions in that tag, I'm not sure that's what you meant to link...
thanks, stby...
@rene Please purge MrDownside conversation above. It's targetting a user and breaking the room rules
^ belongs on Server Fault or Super User I guess
10:45 AM
Is this on-topic? I think we do algos here, but it feels like set theory to me, and I wonder if it would be better on Mathematics: stackoverflow.com/questions/61612689/…
@halfer or maybe CS theory
@halfer or Computer Science maybe?
@tripleee Ooh good shout
@desertnaut Thanks, I will add a comment
11:09 AM
11:21 AM
Hope ya'll don't hate me for mentioning the room in meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/399993/…
There are 39 finetunning posts left, so this should be quick work.
(and yes, I cheated, bringing the tag down from 54 posts, but it's a typo as well as a meta tag, so, you know..)
sends lots of hate ... wait ....
Then let's get to work
Yeah, you can also seed posts for the cvq by flagging them. Some of us can then filter in the CVQ as well
*imagines rene filtering queues through his rhizome*
@MartijnPieters technically speaking you needed to go through the full burnination process as it was 54 at the start ;) I leave it to @CodyGray to lecture you on that ...
11:53 AM
Is it by design that I cannot remove upvotes from comments, after the page has reloaded?
(I still was within the 60sec un-upvote grace period)
I never tried but I expect yes, by design
I have noticed the warning if one wants to retract an tiny-vote on a comment that it's not possible to re-vote.
You can leave a comment to explain your upvote is a misclick ...
lol! Maybe you'll get tiny-votes on that.. :)
11:57 AM
@rene Not sure what the Dutch word for "snark" is! But, some years ago, frequent flyers had the habit of calling KLM stewardesses Snork Maidens. Never did really understand why.
@AdrianMole is this a subtle hint that I should not schoffeer the mods?
Not really all that subtle.
Point taken.
@AdrianMole Interesting. In the US, there was a short lived 80s cartoon names The Snorks. Doesn't seem related, tho
12:06 PM
@MartijnPieters so, do you request something specific from us here?
@desertnaut points to sticky star post
he wants you to fix the typo by retagging all those questions with
I thought it was
@Machavity sorry, don't get what you mean
@desertnaut I guess it's been a year or so since we last did a burn
12:09 PM
But, for clarity, should we be removing the tag or renaming it to a correctly-spelt version?
We should remove it, as it is a meta tag.
@Machavity not what I asked. Is there anything (even implicitly) requested from us (SOCVR), here, now?
@NathanOliver that's a good option
12:12 PM
There is. We've been asked to help burninate the tag as it's a clear typo. So retag good questions and close the bad ones
@desertnaut presumably meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/399993/… has some information
now, that is clear
If this were a burnination then meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/323121/… would apply I think
@Machavity Are we allowed to 'break the room rules' (no recent activity) for cv-pls requests in this case?
12:15 PM
This one seems like an easy CV "not reproducible", OP includes solution in question: How to fine-tune a loaded model in keras?
@AdrianMole In this case, there shouldn't be a need to. We have a far better tool: The CV queue. Seed bad questions in
This question (SD report) seems to be a honeypot for links to external tools: stackoverflow.com/questions/43753805/…
I already flagged two NAAs, and I am not sure about the top-voted answer either
@janw It's not. They want to know how to do something with the API. And there's an answer that actually covers how to do just that
@Machavity Yes, that one looks valid
If they ask for tools or general questions, close those. If they are legit programming questions otherwise, flag the answers
12:23 PM
@Machavity There will no doubt be at least a few in the reopen queue - where I removed the tag from already closed questions. (Maybe I goofed - dunno?) But I've emptied today's cup for the reopen queue.
Ok :)
And magically all the bad answers disappeared
@DavidBuck Did you flag it? It's on its way to be reopened and I also think it would be more suitable there.
If people run out of questions tagged with to edit, they can move onto questions that mention finetunning instead.
@Dharman I did. It's already been through 4 reopen reviews and been left closed 4 times, so there's definitely a concerted effort to reopen it.
@AndrasDeak too blurry for me
12:27 PM
And we ran out of
And the tag is no more! It's gone to meet its Maker; talking to the Choir Invisible.
@DavidBuck just don't forget not to tag those questions with
yeah, we made it
Viva los Vigilantes!
@DavidBuck All gone...
12:52 PM
@Dharman declined - At this point, migration would be counter-productive
@Nick You could go on forever with this. 6 questions include fintuning, 69 questions include fine-tunning...
I guess the same people use those as search terms so maybe they're useful as they are...
@Vega But "fine tuning" is correct, is not?
@AdrianMole I've seen some questions that use the concept correctly, but are very questionable questions for the site.
Apparently we should be lucky that there were only 50-odd fine-tunning posts. There are nearly 2500 posts about parameter tunning, performance tunning, but thankfully no more tunning tags.
Are there automated methods to burninate tags? The tag seems completely pointless to be as it contains a complete mishmash of posts and , , , , (not sure why that doesn't follow the format), etc. already exist.
@DavidBuck Only devs has access to those tools.
Unlike our friend though, it has over 10000 questions about rotating all of the above, motors and anything else that rotates.
1:22 PM
Am I wrong about this question? To me it appears to be broad and unclear and possibly a recommendation question. It also has rather broad tags so may not be programming related. But I'm not an expert on Single Sign On, so I might be missing something.
No. That seems quote broad indeed. And very closed
Thank you!
seems like "Seeking recommendations for books, tools, software libraries, and more" to me
@DavidBuck technically ,yes. A CM can nuke tags, but if cleaning is needed, they insist there is some process followed: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/324070/…
@rene Community Managers don't have access to those tools, only devs :/
1:28 PM
We're still used to Shog9 and his Dev/CM hybrid role. Even mods still find out that's Dev only when the CMs tell us so
@DavidArenburg do know that we have a rule here that we don't ping mods unless you continue an ongoing conversation. Next time leave out that @[any mod] and you're fine. Thanks ;)
@rene I had a suspicion someone going to bark at me regarding some rule I didn't know about...
Yes, don't you love predictability ;)
A barking flower. How novel
I don't think Martjin reads all the messages around here, so I doubt he would see it.
1:31 PM
@DavidArenburg I would start a Meta on the subject. A mod flag would probably just get declined
OK then, I had a feeling it would go that path, so thank but no thank you all..
@DavidBuck That sounds like a great candidate for a Meta post requesting cleanup, if there isn't one already...
There's no burninates on it at least
@TylerH Who would actually cleanup a tag with 10000 questions, though?
@DavidBuck Devs. With a proper burninate request, we run through and clean up the tag as best as we can. [ibm] took a couple of months and we got maybe 25% of the tag. Then a Dev bulk removed the tag
1:41 PM
To me, looks pretty meta (it has a usage guidance: "Closest is being the nearest to a number, object, quantity etc."), applied to 496 questions. But I guess it doesn't cause enough harm to warrant a burninate request.
@DavidBuck We have a whole room to coordinate that effort, which takes a community, for what it's worth
which is part of why it requires community approval; that will hopefully drum up relevant/interested parties to help
Of course, there are a lot more attractive fish tags to fry first. 10k is a lot, it's true
@TylerH That's probably true. It seems completlely pointless as-is, but I don't think it counts as 'causing harm'
2:11 PM
Hi! Sorry, everyone, I didn't mean to leave so little context. I had name-dropped the SOCVR as a place someone might get help with off-topic posts if they wanted to tackle removing the tag from the remaining 39 posts.
Thank you so much for stepping up and getting the tag cleared!
@DavidArenburg I do see messages that ping me directly after I just have been in the room. That specific answer was removed for moderation issues. Sorry, I can't go into details.
Does this look like spam? I spam flagged but it was declined. I'm confused.
@MartijnPieters Yes I know you are, this is why I pinged you. But I was told not to ping you (while simultaneously my message was removed), so this is why I said that you probably won't see the message if I won't ping you directly. Thanks for the clarification and being helpful (I hope I didn't break another rule in a meanwhile).
@DavidArenburg you did break the room rule, which exists to avoid pings like that as mods often come in here for other business and not for general support requests.
@MarcoBonelli I don't see any indication that the OP is affiliated with the project or has participated in promoting it in the past, but I'm lazy and on mobile
@tripleee it's their GH repo, and they did not disclose it when linking, plus it's also unrelated to the question
2:17 PM
A question on Meta would have been better for that, or a flag on the post.
@MartijnPieters Yeah, I'm very sorry for not carefully studying the lengthy rules, I'll try hard not to cause any additional discompfort
@MarcoBonelli single undisclosed affiliation still deserves the benefit of doubt, but sorry for missing that
Yeah it's more because of the fact that it doesn't have much to do with the post that I've flagged it
Unwarranted link-only answer to author owned GH page, feels like spam to me.
@DavidArenburg I'm to blame for the lengthy rules. I like them a lot.
I really don't have time to read them though, so I'll just won't post here anymore cause I don't want to break any more rules. So many thanks for the help and see you around
2:32 PM
@MarcoBonelli I declined it. Yes, it's their repo, but it also looks relevant to the topic. I'm a bit less inclined to spam people linking their own repo
The catch has to be someone repeatedly linking. If you have a pattern, that's very different
FWIW, they deleted their own answer
@Machavity yeah saw that. One could probably argue that it did not "exist only to promote a product or service" I guess.
@MarcoBonelli Red flags carry a hefty penalty too. When in doubt, NAA will get it removed as well
@ChristopherMoore The OP has just added code to their post and has explained what result they were trying to achieve and what result they were getting.
@DavidBuck Okay thanks I retracted my vote.
@Machavity Can you move this to SOCVR /dev/null ?
@ChristopherMoore Done
OP asks a question, than edits in the answer. How should this be handled? Should I ask him to post an answer instead?
@DavidArenburg Don't take it too personally. I'm not sure what rules you've bumped into, but mostly the rules have been developed by consensus, and when people post to Meta asking whether they should be changed, the community tends to disagree. The posting rules on the main site are, I would say, the reason why everyone wants to come here, and why quality is maintained here in a way that does not happen on other websites.
OP asks a question, than edits in the answer. How should this be handled? Should I ask him to post an answer instead?
@oguzismail You can always post it for them as Community Wiki, then delete it from the question, then ask them if they'd like to copy the answer and repost it under their own account (nearly no-one ever does repost it for themselves).
I tend to prefix CW answers with a prefix of (Posted solution on behalf of the question author in order to move it to the answer space.). That makes it clearer what my posting role is.
No close votes left after ? ;)
4:11 PM
And gone again
The tag will show in the list until the tag cleanup script runs
@oguzismail Yes, I would ask OP to self-answer and give them an opportunity to do so, if the content is valuable to keep on the site. Or close-as-typo. I don't know enough about the subject to know which of those options is better.
5:02 PM
thoughts on stackoverflow.com/questions/3965547/…? It got a NATO today, doesn't seem on-topic to me by today's standards. "Why doesn't X language have N feature from Y language?"
5:14 PM
With all this moderator activity, raising an NAA that gets to sit there for more than 5 minutes, makes one wonder if it's not NAA :D
@halfer That's too much work for me, I did as @DanielWiddis suggested. Thanks both
@Scratte if it's not NAA and mods are active, hopefully they'll decline the flag :-)
@TylerH I have one. It's NAA.. :) But it was meant to be a joke :)
@TylerH let's also pester that high rep user for answering that type of questions ...
@rene I think I will write in my blog complaining about him...
5:16 PM
good call, consider Twitter as well
Or is a Tweet what you call blog today?
I heard editing the post always makes happy faces.
@Scratte They are getting slower again. Last saturday an NAA flag took around 30 seconds to be handled ;)
@rene Don't be so unwelcoming! He might be new to SO and not know what constitutes a good question worth answering. Show him this blog post first to teach him.
@janw Maybe they've taken pity on all those Low Quality Posts reviewers that only have 996 reviews. Given them a small opportunity to make the badge now :)
5:22 PM
@rene The way I've seen some people use it, the answer is sometimes "yes".
5:33 PM
It is not worth spending valuable time on a coherent thought for a reflection by mankind if that blurs the borders and doesn't fit in 140 ch
5:59 PM
@rene Are we talking about Meta or is this still Twitter? :P
Aren't they one and the same?
Points to @rene for actually making the message 140 characters long.
@TylerH main < meta < twitter
@Scratte NAA and VLQ flags don't enter the moderator queue for the first hour after being raised. This is in order to give time for the community to handle the flag in the normal review queues. Moderators can choose to go around this and see recently raised NAA and VLQ flags, but that's going to depend on the moderator and the current state of the mod-flag queue.
Just as an FYI, the mod queue has been hovering around empty for a few days, so it's much more likely mods would look at recent NAAs. When there's a lot of flags, not so much
6:20 PM
Why are there so many questions on the reopen queue?
@Machavity I was wondering why the NAA queue was feeling emptier than usual.
6:41 PM
@Makyen Yes, I know. But some moderators are going this :) So when my flag is 5 minutes old, I'm wondering what's up :D My flag was not 1 hour old when the Answer was deleted by moderator :)
6:58 PM
@Scratte I remember those times. You go through a spurt of flags handled in 60 mins or less, then when a flag hangs out a week, you're like "Mods are slacking. I should complain on Meta".
@Georgy what's missing from the MCVE here?
In want of a SO lobby I'm back here again :) Hope you don't mind asking meta questions here once again. I've got a question that's more of philosophical / best-practise than pure technical nature. Looking at https://stackoverflow.com/help/on-topic I guess you could argue the following two criteria are at least partially met:
- software tools commonly used by programmers; and is
- a practical, answerable problem that is unique to software development

Would you say such a question is suitable for SO?
@Machavity Now, you're all: "Reviewers are slacking. We need more incentives"? :)
7:08 PM
@Anticom Meta is actually a good place for meta questions, for what it's worth. If your question is about best practices, though, it's probably not on-topic on Stack Overflow.
@TylerH I'm always struggling to decide whether a question is meta or not :/
Unless you can ask in a way that is about specific advantages you want to utilize or specific shortcomings you need to avoid.
@Anticom "is X question on topic for this site" is about as meta as it gets
It really depends on how you structure the question. Asking questions is a gamble. The topic primarily has to be of value for future readers and reasonably scoped. There's always some degree of opinions.
@TylerH well but that's not my question in the first place :D I just like to be mindful about what question to put there to keep things organized
Okay I'll write up my question, post it and give it to you. If you review experts think it's too meta for SO i'll take it down myself again. Deal?
@Anticom Er... what is your question, then? What you asked here is "would you say this question is suitable for SO", which is basically the same thing as "is this question on topic"
7:11 PM
@TylerH But that question is just a consequence of my original question. "Is question X on topic" is no tthe question i wanted to ask on SO is what i was trying to say :)
I think you might be misunderstanding us. Instead of asking here in chat if a specific question is okay for Stack Overflow, ask the Meta community (post a question about it to meta.stackoverflow.com), instead.
Obviously you should not be asking a meta question on SO itself
@Scratte I could always ban a few people. That should gin up activity on Meta at least :P
@Machavity There's no shortage of reviewers you can suspends for actual reasons though :)
@TylerH Don't get me wrong but IMHO it wouldn't help if I asked whether a given question is good to go for SO on meta every single time, would it?
@Anticom No, it wouldn't, because there's an expectation that you'll learn fairly well after one or two times
I guess I should ask, you've taken the site tour and read the help center pages on the subject, right?
stackoverflow.com/tour and stackoverflow.com/help/on-topic provide a fairly good reference for the subject
7:14 PM
Samuel clears the bad reviewers out of Triage every day. I did review ban someone a few days ago, but only because of a mod flag
@TylerH yes I did, I've even quoted the on-topic help page :)
aside from that, you can do a search for questions tagged with k8s or whatever subject you're curious about, with some of the keywords that you would use in your question. If there are a lot of questions that aren't closed, then you're more likely to be safe asking the question
If there are a substantial number of questions that are closed, it's best to ask about it on Meta (or just ask on Quora/Reddit instead)
@Machavity But Samuel only looks at Triage. There are some pretty bad ones in First Posts too.
@Scratte Mod flag em. We don't have time to trawl the queues looking for bad reviews. But it either needs to be egregious (i.e. they approved a spam edit) or a pattern.
@Machavity trawl*
7:18 PM
@TylerH Brain fart there. Thanks
@Machavity Actually, I just looked it up for good measure, and apparently trolling is a thing too (not in a flame-y way) english.stackexchange.com/questions/122627/…
@Machavity Hmm.. I'm not inclined to get a declined flag.
But of course it looks like a dubious source... what is this stack exchange place, anyway? :-P
@DavidBuck I do that. I just put them in there. No risk of a declined flag :)
7:31 PM
Question asking us if we know how a site works should be closed with which reason?
7:50 PM
@oguzismail ?
41 mins ago, by Anticom
Okay I'll write up my question, post it and give it to you. If you review experts think it's too meta for SO i'll take it down myself again. Deal?
@Anticom Ooh, I didn't see that.
@oguzismail No problem :) I'm happy enough that you guys are taking the time to deal with me
Should this be deleted or reopened? It was certainly closed due to multiple language tags, and I'm not sure whether R folks would close it if it didn't have awk tag.
@oguzismail why you think was a reason for closing?
8:05 PM
@Anticom It's fine here. There's also DevOps.SE if you don't get an answer here
@Machavity Thanks for the assessment and also for the heads-up
Okay so I'd like to give something back for the support. I currently got access to Triage, First Posts and Late Answers queues. However I rarely ever looked into them. Is there any way to do a couple of "pair-reviews" of some sort? I'd like to get some assistance to gain some insights into the decision making process when it comes to reviewing questions / answers in those queues.
@Anticom If you haven't seen this already, here's thorough guidance for each review queue. I'd recommend picking a queue, reading the guidance, and just jumping right in -- you can always skip and/or ask here if you're unsure about a review
@Anticom Oh, and consider this fair warning on Triage
@Anticom I posted three documents that helped me here
8:18 PM
H&I has been so dry recently, I thought everyone had been scared off Triage
@desertnaut If a question is tagged awk, is non-trivial and boring, and doesn't include any awk code in it, it is most likely to be closed. Even though it's on-topic and answerable
@NobodyNada any recommendations on what queue to start? Or are they all equal difficulty to get right?
@DavidBuck Or they finally learned what Requires Editing actually means
@Anticom I haven't been in any of those queues for quite some time so I'm not sure, sorry. Someone else in the room might have an answer for you though
I'd start with First Posts. It always has something, and you can help spot bad questions. Remember, you can flag things for closure even without 3k privs
8:21 PM
@Anticom Late Answers are easiest.. but read the meta posts about "Not an Answer" flagging. Which are also mentioned in the same conversation as the other link I gave you. I find Questions to be more tricky than Answers.
@Machavity Definitely not that (as if!). Still immediate CVs coming in, just very few overall.
Flag volume is off overall as well
Maybe all the reviewers are just on holiday :)
Or they got the fear of the declined flag. It could be another virus..
Guidelines for reviewing First Posts says in Common reasons to edit at the end "Explain our normal procedures to them." Without ever mentioning what the "normal procedures" are (or linking to another resource explaining those)
I guess it's editing the question upon request via comment instead of replying with yet another comment but it's not 100% clear on that
The things that will get you into trouble in editing are 1. Changing code 2. Changing meaning
8:35 PM
I usually ask them to edit their Question with the clarification, if they put the clarification in a comment.
@Machavity 3. changing UK spelling/grammar to US spelling/grammar
As far as procedures, we do keep some canned comments for that reason
@TylerH Your behaviour is most intolerable, sir!
Where's @Nick when you need him to grouse about that? :P
I hope grouse as a verb means "dance around oblivious to your surroundings in a hormone-induced frenzy". I will not look it up.
@TylerH I keep telling people to check the Help Centre just to tease spelling pedants :=)
8:42 PM
@AndrasDeak I dunno. They say strange things in the UK so I'm going with "sounds legit" there
I do say, old chap
Well, that's just not cricket! Tally ho chaps, let's all join the rest of the rugger buggers in the bar! Last one there's a rotten egg!
{doffs top hat, walks off with briefcase}
Reminds me of the scene in National Treasure 2 when Nicholas Cage just says a bunch of dumb British phrases to annoy the Buckingham Palace security staff in order to get locked up.
8:46 PM
Heh, I need to see that now.
Right, I'm off for lashings and lashings of ginger beer.
Sounds good to me
@TylerH It doesn't include "desired behavior" for instance. Currently, it's just some code without any description of what it is supposed to do or what the expected output is. Then there is no "shortest code necessary to reproduce the problem". OP hasn't done their homework of debugging the code. IMHO, there is nothing useful to save there.
@Georgy Isn't the desired behavior in any "how do I fix this error" question simply... not getting that error anymore?
I feel that's strongly implied, at least.
@TylerH Then "don't run this code" would be a valid answer.
No code - no bugs!
8:51 PM
Ok jumped into my first question in "First Posts" queue and already have a question about it: I can see that it has been edited already but it still contains "Ok now I gonna show you some code that can help". https://stackoverflow.com/review/first-posts/26848753
Would you edit this again as well or would you leave it as-is?
I'd remove that sentence and change up the wording but since it has been edited already maybe I'm being too strict?
@Georgy Sure, but it wouldn't be helpful and would likely get downvoted :-)
Implicit in any question posted about getting an error is the question "how do I fix this error". Sometimes people don't explicitly say it and users will get a bit cheeky and leave comments like "sounds good. so what's your question?" But... it's still clear what the desired outcome there.
@Anticom It sort of depends on opinion. I would not edit small things since I'm <2K. All your edits must go through the sugggested edits queue.
@Anticom I also do not review a post if I'm not familiar with the technology.
Now I don't write Python so I obviously have to defer to Python SMEs about whether it's a reproducible bit of code. seems to be complete enough to provide an answer, though, judging from the 2 answers.
@Anticom If it takes longer than 10 seconds to decide I just skip it.
But anyway, thanks for responding. If others come along and see it/agree, that's great :-) Just wanted to see if I could see what your perspective was on it
8:57 PM
@Scratte Did I understand that correctly that every edit I do gets queued in an edit queue where mods etc. have to approve that edit?
And basically what you're saying is you don't want to put much more load on other people for such tiny edits?
@Anticom Yes. No edit you do will be immediate, unless it's your own posts.
@TylerH as a python SME: I think it's borderline. The code seems like it can be copy-pasted, and the offending line is specified, but the error message is paraphrased and we tend to demand a proper, complete traceback with debugging problems involving errors.
that being said the question seems answerable, even if OP should just learn to debug small pieces of code
@oguzismail I get your point but since it's my first question I'm properly reviewing I want to get things straight so I don't get into bad habbits and that almost by definition will take longer than 10 seconds every time
@Anticom Some user will put in a very small edit, and still get it approved. But I do not think it's a good idea unless everything on the post has been dealt with. There are some meta posts about how to edit, if you want more reading material :)
@AndrasDeak What's a SME?
8:59 PM
@oguzismail subject-matter expert
@TylerH Well, in the current state I don't see this post to be useful to anyone except the OP and I don't see how it could be improved. So, I just picked the most fitting reason, so that eventually we could get rid of it.
it could be "too localized" but that's not a valid close reason anymore
@Scratte so the verdict there is not to suggest an edit there (?)
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