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12:05 AM
I think this is relevant
12:31 AM
@RyanM you're the android expert, how would you close this one?.
12:53 AM
@bad_coder No MCVE, needs code as text.
On top of which, even with the code, that description is inscrutable: "if its I click in home it will show" needs details or clarity on what on earth that means
I'm pretty sure that the quality filter would've rejected that question if they hadn't posted the code as images instead of text.
1:35 AM
Is this not a link-only answer? stackoverflow.com/a/63171499/5764553
@AndrewMyers Deal with the question.
@Braiam You mean VTC? I have less than 3k...
@AndrewMyers Well, flag it then :)
But I meant that the question has more important problems, and some times looking at the question helps determining why an answer is of that quality is posted.
1:54 AM
What's up with this question?
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica Well, he's asking about a related issue of that other question.
I don't understand the griping about their account being deleted. Is there something I'm missing there? Is this trolling?
Assume ignorance, before malice ;)
Yeah, I'm just a bit confused by it... based on the OP's comment I feel like there's some kind of trolling somewhere that I'm not seeing.
Ignore the nucked account, evaluate the question by what it is: asking about a related issue where the answer was "run background thread" but he doesn't know how to apply said solution.
1:58 AM
Yeah, I'd say it's overly broad and lacking research effort, you'd basically have to write a complete tutorial to be able to answer it
Probably not trolling though
That comment isn't helpful @EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica :(
Fair enough, I'll delete
3 hours later…
Shouldn't this be a comment instead? Flagged as NAA but my flag was declined
Is this a valid edit?
@AlonEitan Not really but the question itself is at fault. Saying "visit this and find the error" isn't allowed - removing the link also doesn't help.
Thanks, rejected for not improving
5:25 AM
@oguzismail No, it proposes a potential cause of the problem. I've edited it to clarify that.
The ones that really should be comments are the people who suggest inane guesses like clearing caches or restarting on questions where it's far from clear that would help
(also, I have it on good authority that most moderators rarely convert answers to comments)
I love it when people say "moderators rarely do x". Whatever "x" is, it's always the opposite of what I do.
@CodyGray I did say "most" deliberately, as I know you do it frequently :-) also, you were my good authority there, so if you say I'm wrong, then I'm definitely wrong
No, you're probably right
It is more common than moderators editing comments, but less common than moderators suspending users.
6:07 AM
moderators rarely do handstands
I tried to make it better, but I'm not willing to copy the error from the image.
@rene the live video feed is still up?
@10Rep Don't copy code from external links, please. See Edits that add OP's code from 3rd party site where the license is unavailable for why.
Oops, sorry
I'll undo it
6:12 AM
Thanks! I was gonna just hit rollback but you fixed a bunch of other stuff too and I didn't want to remove that...
Hmm, too bad. I was hoping for a lower price this time around.
I flipped the image so you don't need to be an owl to see it, and I put the code back
No, but you need to be a woodpecker to see the code.
@CodyGray Is there a youtube live?
Posts that do not follow the "question-answer" format should be flagged for closing? I added a comment to the OP telling how it should be structured. The post I am talking about
@Cleptus yeah, I would close as unclear.
Could flag as "Unclear what you are asking" because it is self-answered. But it is in fact clear, only poorly structured
6:51 AM
This android Question was edited an removed from the close vote queue. But is it not a typo?
BTW, if I downvoted this, would it be roomba'd at the end of the week?
@Scratte [javascript] [java] [android-studio] ಠ_ಠ
@oguzismail 30 days, since it's a duplicate
(yes, it's a typo)
@RyanM Yes :) I noticed.. but why? the edit to remove it from the close vote queue? I suspect the editor doesn't know.
6:55 AM
@ChristopherMoore heads up: editing a post directly from close vote review removes it from review, so it should only be used if you can fix every issue with a post (though you can edit it outside of the queue without this happening).
Ohh.. editor is pingable :)
@Scratte 30 days after its score becomes <0?
Yep! easy problem to solve :-) I've made the same mistake previously until I was corrected here...
@oguzismail Hmm.. I do not think so. I think after the post is 30 days old on a friday night, but has been -1 for at least 48 hours
@RyanM I can't flag it again though.. such magic only works once.
The same question lacks a lot of other detail and houses some information in an off-site repository. Not good.
6:59 AM
@Scratte Okay, thanks
7:17 AM
Checking to verify something - I saw question where the poster has some code which eventually gets the correct result but that's too long. It times out when executed. The question asker wanted a faster way to do it. There was a comment redirecting them to Code Review but I disagree with this, since the code currently exhibits a problem and needs that fixed which is an SO issue. Am I correct in this call?
7:29 AM
@VLAZ These are very tricky. Depends on who you ask. Some go a little extreme if your ask me. Faster on what architecture? How much faster is actually faster? ..the list is longer and I can't remember all the stuff they want. To me, it's more obvious. Less slow :) Or runs in fewer cycles.
@VLAZ Yes, you are correct. Furthermore, even if the question would be on-topic at Code Review, optimization problems like that are still on-topic for SO, and thus should not be migrated elsewhere.
Yes, often these types of questions are underspecified. That doesn't change which site they belong on, though, and certainly doesn't mean they should be migrated elsewhere.
@Scratte It takes more than 12 seconds on a specific coding challenge website. The idea is to optimise to under this amount. Yes, it's hard to pin down the architecture and environment but we can suggest faster algorithms.
@CodyGray thank you. I wanted to make sure I'm not out of line with my thinking here. CR is suggested a lot but it's not actually applicable in many cases, I find.
@VLAZ That's the trouble. So if you ask me, such Question are fine. But you may find the Question closed if the "other group" finds it.
I definitely vote to close questions that say "how do I make this better" and has a dump of code. Better how? Faster? Shorter? Often times the speed improvements are negligible. Without a goal to work towards "better" is vague and unhelpful. "My code runs X time, I want it under that" is actionable.
@VLAZ Correct. 90% of times that CR is suggested, the suggestion is wrong. The reasons why it's wrong vary, but not the conclusion.
I don't understand why everyone wants to shunt off optimization questions. They are among the most interesting.
7:35 AM
@CodyGray Yes. That and how-to-Questions :)
Well.. and debug Questions where the error is in the title! So when I get the same error, I can search and find it :)
How-to questions are not only more interesting, but they are probably the most useful type of question that could possibly be asked here in terms of reference Q&A.
Yes, but often they are closed :( For lacking code :(
Don't even get me started. That soapbox is starting to become worn. The side walls are breaking down.
I can make you a wooden box.. the soap can help to keep the wood in a better condition for longer :)
7:53 AM
I was thinking this SQL-Server Question should be migrated. Should I post it here?
I like it when magic hattens :)
Should I replace the with in questions? Because R's grep function really have nothing to do with the UNIX utility named grep.
> Use this tag only if your question relates to programming using grep or grep-based APIs.
If one uses a close vote on a post that is deleted the same day, is the close vote given back?
Seems like a reasonable policy to me, so I'd say yes.
@Scratte I don't think close votes are ever given back.
@CodyGray OK. Thanks. Only up/down then, I assume.
8:26 AM
@CodyGray So, grep-based API means a function that does something similar to grep in that it uses regular expressions? Oh
@oguzismail Uh, no, that doesn't seem like a valid conclusion to me.
@CodyGray Well, regex is a core library in R that provides the grep function as well as several others. I thought the regex tag would be descriptive enough
I'm very confused. I think we are in agreement that the tag is not appropriate unless you're actually using grep and/or the grep APIs, so it is not clear to me what you are trying to argue.
I thought you meant No, you shouldn't by that quote
Sorry if that was unclear. It's a quote from the tag wiki. It seems to suggest that the tag should only be used for questions about the grep tool and/or its APIs. That would argue strongly against using the tag for R questions, unless they are actually shelling out to grep.
This is not my subject-matter expertise, so I can't make specific recommendations, but that's how I read the tag wiki excerpt, and it seems like a sensible policy to me.
If the R implementation of grep has nothing whatsoever to do with the Linux utility, then it might make sense to create a tag or something like that (whatever the R standard library actually calls the function(s)).
9:33 AM
almost feels like the weekend
Whoa, CV queue is below 4k...
@RyanM is it a small number?
I'm not sure I've seen it below 4k this year
9:53 AM
I've been here long enough to have seen the queue above 100K ...
@CodyGray It was unclear because I didn't really understand what's meant by grep-based API, R's grep and grepl does similar things to UNIX grep in the language's context, but they do not depend on the utility itself, they are not implemented using it. There already is a tag for R's function which has ~500 questions, and there are ~500 other questions tagged both and .
So, I really don't know what would be the best approach to this. I thought getting rid of the grep tag from the latter group and adding instead would solve the problem, but I'm not sure now. Thanks for clarification and sharing your opinion though
10:14 AM
sorry for the junk edit which triggered SD
@tripleee as this is NAA, shouldn't you delete your first comment of Aug 2016?
let's just delete the whole train wreck
we just did ;)
10:32 AM
@tripleee Is telling about a NRE, could be flagged as dupplicated of "What is a NRE?", but does not fit either in "stackoverflow en español", it lacks info, does not say where the NRE is raised
@Cleptus huh? did you respond to the wrong post?
Guess I replied the wrong one, it is now in graveyard, was talking about this one
Smells like spam, but could be legit question
@Cleptus The one I linked to?
Anyway, opinion based
10:40 AM
Maybe you’re right, but I don’t have any evidence of it. What’s more suspicious, is how that user has so much reputation. Anyway; no moderation of users in here.
@Andreas Indeed, with no evidence of spam we can only evaluate the post itself. I have voted it for closing as opinion based
@Cleptus The user has their location set to Beijing. The GitHub user behind that repository has a Chinese name. That could just be a coincidence.
Just a thought, but when a post that has a score of >2 is deleted after 60 days of creation, the deletion does not reduce any reputation gains. So one cannot directly calculate any users reputation from their visible posts.
the user has several answers from 2013 with tens of net upvotes
6000 reputation from posts deleted at an average of 100 upvoted requires 60 deleted questions.
10:52 AM
they have many posts which are not deleted; I don't see why you need to speculate about deleted questions
@tripleee 3 answers with total upvotes below 60, so a maximum of 600 reputation from that.
@tripleee indeed, their existing posts do not sum up to their rep by a wide margin
oh yeah you're right, nvm
Should I make a custom flag?
not sure about that
10:56 AM
I do not think there is material for a custom flag. If they've deleted their own posts, the system let them.
So.. the only thing one could flag for is other users unreasonably deleting their fabulous posts :)
Continuing here, as further discussion of this is likely to violate the room rules.
11:23 AM
@desertnaut i
@E_net4isbeingtargeted thanks
some @TylerH has responded there! :) stackoverflow.com/a/60010054/4685471
11:37 AM
@desertnaut not me, for once :-)
Interesting that he lives only an hour away from me though
@desertnaut wonder if I should leave a comment under that answer to confuse everyone involved :-D
12:28 PM
You must do it
12:58 PM
another NAA on stackoverflow.com/questions/13159337/…; would it make sense to protect the question?
(I have a hard time remembering whether it's protect or lock or ... something else; but not allowing low-rep users to post answers would have prevented this incident at least)
@tripleee That happens automatically by the system. I believe we're not suppose to do it manually.
@tripleee yeah protect it...
About protection. This is the chat message I remember by CodyGray. Basically: Don't.
@Scratte Oh, good to know. And I always wondered what the privilege is intended for...
1:11 PM
That is useless I agree, but it does not much harm and can avoid further naa..
@PetterFriberg I suppose. But it doesn't take a lot of them to happen automatically.
I agree, just a few more naa... but well if someone likes to protect then those can be avoided...
Protect works best only on popular questions where people are drive-by answering it with 1 rep accounts. Cody is right that the value is limited, but where there's a pattern, it's useful
It's an edge case tho. Most questions don't need it
@PetterFriberg NAA's from someone like me will not be caught by it, nor by the queue though. All the ones we're talking about will be in the queues.
@rene @AdrianMole I thought it was a suggestion to rename the moderators to "Snark Maidens". I would be down.
1:14 PM
Yeah I think there is a stupid 10 rep rule.. for example that question can't be protected anymore, the user who left NAA got upvoted some where else... :)
@tripleee FWIW no 1-rep answers have been made. Protect wouldn't have stopped any NAAs. Not sure it would change anything there but up to you
1:26 PM
@RyanM I wonder if that's legitimate because the close-vote queue is actually being processed and questions are getting closed, or if it's just an illusion because a script suddenly ran that invalidated all the older questions. Sometimes the scripts get stuck...
@PetterFriberg Protecting without a clear and compelling reason to do so is harmful, as it prevents new users from answering the question. If we wanted that to be the default, the system could have been designed accordingly, but it wasn't. New users aren't supposed to be blocked from contributing. Questions should only be protected when you can prove that leaving them unprotected is doing more harm than protecting them would, and the system already automatically protects in those cases.
@CodyGray Yeah surely you should follow stackoverflow.com/help/privileges/protect-questions, which is how the system was designed... Anyway if you see multiple NAA's by non <10 rep user... and then finally a NAA by a <10 rep user arrive, you can just as well protected the question if it already have good answers... (The case of triplee). If you don't agree you can post a feature request to remove the privilege :)
I'm not in favor of removing privileges. I'm in favor of trusting users to wield them appropriately. And educating them when necessary.
I have not seen much misuse of that priv and I fully agree that it's fairly useless, but in the case of the question we where looking at, I can't see how it's wrong to use the privilege. (it's not auto protected because many of NAA is from user with <10 rep)
I think the chance of a few more NAA answers from <10 rep is far greater then the hope of a great answer that can compete with present answers.
something like 99.99999% vs 0.000001%
1:42 PM
You know what they say about statistics
Are there any historical stats about the CV queue? Like for example: number of posts in the queue over time, or percentage of posts handled over time, etc.
@MarcoBonelli yes, I have those, but the app that colected them died 6 to 8 months ago. I can try to kick that thing to make it behave again.
@rene what's that, you're volunteering to rewrite Closey from the ground up, too? :-P
Do it in bash @rene
2:22 PM
@rene oh no :( is that an open source project?
@Braiam No, jQuery of course
@janw jQuery powered Bourne Shell
I think that exist...
@MarcoBonelli this is live but not working, this is the code
@rene thanks
2:52 PM
Not really sure what to do about this self-answered non-Question. They're asking to correct documentation somewhere off-site.
@Scratte For questions like that you can use a custom message like we are not customer support for website x
Oh. I did go to their website. I do not think they agree with that :D
Not if you don't have close-vote privileges. Then you just raise a "blatantly off-topic" flag.
I did, but as far as I understand, the queues are priority queues what work in a LIFO manner. So if it doesn't get any votes the first day or so, it's unlikely to get to the front of the queue.
@Scratte Afaik, is more random than that.
3:00 PM
Perhaps the priority is also calculated based on creation date.
It also uses activity, like a post with 2 CV's is more likely to show up in the queue then a post that has a single flag, even if the flag happened before the other post was voted to be closed.
and a new close vote brings it near the front of the queue
Ahh.. yes, ok. So no votes and no traffic is not likely to get closed in the queue compared to high traffic and pending votes.
yeah. It's more a priority queue then regular queue
3:04 PM
@Scratte Yes, that's a different problem, though. You seemed to be confused about what to do. What needs to be done is closing it. A [cv-pls] here would also be appropriate.
@Scratte if it even makes it in the queue: meta.stackexchange.com/a/267848/158100 ...
@CodyGray I was confused as it could potentially be edited to take the answer out and put that into an answer. But I wasn't sure if it was worth it.
@Scratte There wasn't an answer. It was a request to change documentation in order to fix a typo.
@TylerH a comment there would be a satanically brilliant idea :D
@CodyGray Yes, but it could have been a "I'm doing this as per the documention... what am I doing wrong?"
3:07 PM
@Scratte I think this still is the canonical answer: meta.stackexchange.com/a/199912/158100
@rene Nr 4 is doing my head in.. :)
yeah ...
I don't get it. Does it just say that a post cannot be in the close vote queue more than once per vote/flag?
@Scratte Read it as two separated conditions.
If there's a review task already create by the above, don't create it :)
@Braiam Not sure.. If I flag a post, it'll go in.. then it'll be invalidated in the close vote queue (if it doesn't get votes), but my flag is still active. So, does that mean that it cannot be pushed into the queue again as long as my flag is active? Since there is a review task that is newer than my pending flag.
3:18 PM
That has nothing to do with invalidating flags, just if the system needs to create a new review task.
Review tasks are created because flags, but they aren't affected by them.
"oldest pending vote or the oldest flag that is either active or was completed by the addition of a pending vote" <-- this is my flag.
But it won't be invalidated by that logic.
Then the post goes into the queue. It doesn't get any votes there, and it leave the queue after 4 days. Now.. it will say invalidated on the timeline of the post for the queue. That's how I know it's out of the queue. But.. my flag is still active. And my flag will be active for 14 days.
@desertnaut Unfortunately I noticed he has a space between first and last name whereas I do not. Suddenly it's much less diabolical :-(
So now there's a situation where there's a close vote task newer than my active flag.
There's no mentioning if the close vote task has to be active or not.
In a way it makes sense. Why push it in again due to another flag, when the active flag that originally pushed in didn't get any votes in the close vote task?
If I had a meta.se account I'd ask for clarification though :)
3:26 PM
@Scratte It was active, but there were no reviewers to handle it.
@Braiam Right. So.. does it mean that as long as my flag is active, there's noway to push the Question into the queue again?
@Scratte I don't read that from the conditions. If a new flag is raised and the post doesn't have active flags it would be readded to the queue
Ahh.. but there is 10 days between the post going out of the close vote queue and my flag ages away.
That would be an emergent property of the system.
Well.. we did do a test once with RyanM close voting a Question after it has left the queue while my flag was still active. If I remember correctly, no new close vote queue was visible on the timeline. Even after another 4-5 days.
I can try to find the post, but I suspect Roomba ate it :(
3:33 PM
@Scratte If your flag aged away, it would allow it to enter the system.
@Braiam Or I retract it.
So even if you put a close vote on a Question that needs closing, my pending flag will prevent it from going in. Unless you pick the exact same close reason, making my flag helpful and your close vote newer than the previous task.
@Scratte Any close vote makes any close flag helpful ;)
No, it doesn't. It has to be the same reason.
We may not agree in the reason to close it, but the system understand that we both agree that it should be closed.
@Scratte [citation needed]
@Braiam I don't need to cite anything. I see it all the time :)
I have a pending flag on this. I picked a site-specific reason. Try putting a vote on it for "Opinion based".
3:41 PM
Does the flag dialog for < 3k users include an option to flag for closure?
> The simplest solution here would be to make a single Do Not Close review decline a flag, just as a single Close review marks it helpful.
@MarcoBonelli All options under "needs improvement" are flags for closure :)
Observation doesn't match documentation meta.stackexchange.com/a/209640/213575
@Braiam We've talked about this before in here.
@Scratte yes, I was wondering if <3k users see that.
3:42 PM
If it doesn't, then we need a bug should be raised.
@MarcoBonelli Yes.
Nice, ty.
@Braiam No. It's there in a meta somewhere. I remember reading about it.
@Braiam And here is the previous discussion
Is there a way to see which reasons were given by the single close-voters to close a question?
I assume CodyGray's investigations into the flags of a particular post is citation enough :)
@CodyGray That seems like a bug, because the system previously marked as helpful any flag (even custom ones) with a close vote, and was refactored to only mark as helpful close flags with a close vote
3:53 PM
@Braiam We don't have custom flags for closure now. We only have one called "Blatantly off-topic"
@Scratte I know. The behavior I was describing was because custom flags were also handled with close flags.
When it was refactored, only close flags would be handled by close votes.
Well.. I often have to wait until a post is closed for my flag to be marked helpful. If I pick "No MCVE" and all the close voters go with "Needs details or clarity" then I just wait.
@Braiam That makes sense. I would want to custom moderator flag to be marked helpful just because a Question is closed.
@Scratte "I wouldn't want*"?
@Braiam Yes. Thank you. I forgot the "not" :)
4:05 PM
@MarcoBonelli Hmm.. they "see it" as such. The dialog does not mention "close" or "closure" at all.
@MarcoBonelli I do not think one can see what reason other users picked.
Hmmm.. yeah I think that's only possible for reviews (i.e. if you manage to find the review associated with that post)
@Scratte another missing "not": They do NOT "see" that the flag is for closure.
Okay, that's what I thought.
I can disable my user scripts and CSS changes and post images of the dialogs, if you want to see them.
@Scratte oh, I didn't even notice you are <3k. Yes, that'd be helpful! Thank you.
4:17 PM
@MarcoBonelli There are 4 layers: flag, needs improvement, A community-specific reason and This question belongs on another site in the Stack Exchange network. The title is the action that brings up the particular dialog.
DAMMIT I want that "Blatantly off-topic" flag so bad.
@MarcoBonelli You can just write that, no? :)
Yeah but it's not well categorized at that point. It's just a custom close reason (which I also see <3k users do not have apparently).
Anyway thanks for the screenshots.
@MarcoBonelli No. We have the "Blatantly off-topic" instead of a custom one :)
@Scratte That view should be a nightmare :D
4:20 PM
@Braiam I made some CSS changes.. the last 3 are horribly huge. And the button is on the wrong side. And there's no colour on the remaining flags.. and no ellipsis.
@Scratte Yep, that's basically it.
@Scratte I meant SE server side code
@Braiam I have no idea about that :)
4:47 PM
Oh no, now I am getting haunted by that "take our short survey" banner too...
@janw I solved that ages ago with uBlock: stackoverflow.com###announcement-banner
@MarcoBonelli Thank you! That works well. Now it's gone...forever
What is the survey about?
@Scratte It is the usual site satisfaction survey. Do you feel welcome, are there things that you don't like, ...
Unfortunately, the banner keeps appearing even after completing the survey...
5:09 PM
@janw Oh. I don't think I got that one. Maybe they knew not to ask me :D
Unless it was the survey that also asked all kinds of personal questions like gender and who I identify myself as.. and there were no options for saber-tooth squirrel!
Is there an answer in this google-cloud-sql Answer?
@Scratte No, it just uses exclamation marks instead of question marks
@TylerH Thanks :)
5:29 PM
I find this a little strange.
Not at all. it's right in line with how it's supposed to work. I considered similar language on my project.
Really? Do they then have people to answer Questions here? Or do they hope the community will do it for them?
They have their engineers monitoring the tag and answering the questions here.
Ok then :)
5:37 PM
as long as they are on-topic. "How do i use the API to X"
It's annoying that they don't have a space in the name, though
It's getting bug reports though now.
close those as off-topic, though. and yeah, the language should be more clear.
maybe if we had someone here who worked for the parent company of LinkedIn they could yell at them. sideeye
But.. that's why I'm confused about it. It's saying to post anything about the API here. And now some user is getting a bug that they say weren't there last week.
Link them to this post
If they are sure it's a bug. If not, maybe they are using the API wrong.
5:40 PM
@DanielWiddis But what is this user then suppose to do?
what's the link to the bug question?
Heh. If I post it here it'll be closed before I post it :)
If it is a question about "how do I use the API" and "is this a bug?" I'd leave it, that's valid. If it's "this is definitely a bug" then they need to find the LinkedIN bug tracker wherever it lives
@DanielWiddis I found How to report a bug in the LinkedIn API? Look at the Question and Answer dates :D
There ya go. Dupe target, maybe? :)
5:48 PM
Oops.. :)
The solution to bug reporting is to not write buggy software to begin with. ;)
@DanielWiddis That just shows that before investing in interfacing with any API, once should probably find out how easy/difficult it is to report a bug.
7:11 PM
@AdrianMole I see you found the linkedIn post. I got sloppy and lost it.
Yep - I was thinking about using your comment as a custom close reason, but just went with "general computing" in the end.
Oh. I'm sure they'll only cry for a month :)
7:28 PM
Do we do anything with well-meaning answers that spill over into two posts due to the character limit?
And another review suspension! Should I just stop altogether? This audit is not a particularly good answer, but it is the right answer to the question!
@AndrasDeak You can leave a comment suggesting they pare it down... it's highly unlikely they really need so much content that they need to split the answer into two posts if the second is just a continuation of the first.
Additionally, if such a long answer is warranted, the question is most likely "too broad", because it apparently requires a blog post to address
It's a rare case where the question is not too broad (maybe a bit opinionated, looking for "pretty" git log graphs), but the answerer has been on a roll with their solution :P
@AdrianMole that's a really bad audit IMHO. Yes, the answer is not great, but it is at least an answer.
7:34 PM
Guess I'll just comment, thanks
@AndrasDeak I just looked at it, it's not too long for 1 post...
or let you do it :P
it didn't seem too long to me, but I didn't bother to check their source
perhaps their first answer that's too long is stackoverflow.com/questions/1057564/pretty-git-branch-graphs/…
so they had 3 answers
Ah, OK, it's a two-part second answer. That explains the 2 updates in my bookmark tab. I know about the original answer, it's one of few late answers on such a high-profile question that I didn't downvote and suggest to delete.
anyway, I'm sure it was the one you linked to; they were posted one after the other, and they each reference each other
7:38 PM
perhaps they got confused with their first question which might have been too long to expand with these...
7:49 PM
And when I said question I meant answer...
@AdrianMole Can you go to the bad review room and explain, please :)
@AndrasDeak I've seen a very very good answer once that was split in two though. Due to character limits. But it wasn't at SO. Some sister site.
even the branch prediction answer fits in one post, and that's a biggie
@Scratte I sure can! Or maybe a Meta post? Don't want to do both.
@AdrianMole Whichever you feel more comfortable with. And please, if your suspension is liftet, can you just open up the posts on another window? :)
@Scratte Which posts are you talking about?
7:59 PM
@AdrianMole Review posts :)
You mean my review history?
No.. :)
@Scratte OK, I see what you mean - see my post in Sam's Bad Review Room. (I read the question very thoroughly.)
Yeah - I often do open reviews like that. In this case, I didn't - just read the post in the review window.
8:12 PM
@AdrianMole +1, terrible audit...there are a bunch of those going around. this meta post has another one, IMO
I got a few upvotes and no one telling me why I'm wrong, so I assume people generally agree with me here :-p
@RyanM I agree there have been some poor audits lately. I've seen some very 'borderline' cases in Reopen, even today. Posts that were closed only a few days ago and have a -3 score are being used as "Bad" audits (i.e. should be left closed).
8:44 PM
Is the the list of keywords that cause a comment to get auto-removed when flagged once known?
@MarcoBonelli I don't believe there is an exhaustive public one
But it's probably just curse words.
The list grows significantly once you change the criteria to that + some other criteria
"thank you" and some other variations are also in there for sure
"thanks" variants have a max length
Makes sense
I guess the criteria is not publicly known to not be abused
otherwise you'd be removing "thanks, that works. by the way, how do you frobnicate the widgets in parallel?"
8:48 PM
I think "frobnicate" would kick in as a zappable word.
@MarcoBonelli Yeah, I've certainly seen at least one person who's wanted to take what I would describe as a ...less-than-careful... approach to automated comment removal, which knowing that rule would enable.
(this is, to be clear, not a subtle shot at Dharman's bot-aided comment flagging, which is careful and has an audit log/various checks)
@RyanM yep, exactly what I was thinking.
@MarcoBonelli well, certain things like "thank you" will not auto-delete if there are more contents, for example. If you want a list of words where that word simply being in the comment is all it takes to auto-delete the comment, then such a list will be very short
think "highly offensive four-letter words" short
Even comments that start with +1, which are the most susceptible to auto-deletion, can stick around beyond 1 flag if they are long enough or have code in them
"upvote" and "accept" also activate.
8:51 PM
@MarcoBonelli This is exactly the reason, you are right. It's the same reason other exact criteria or thresholds are not publicized (like when serial upvoting is rolled back or detected, etc)
I once saw an "advanced flagging" user script, anybody remember where it could be?
I think Shog has stated that (other than "accept"-type stuff) the list is largely words that should never appear in a legitimate comment - for instance, garden-variety profanity is not on this list because "this is f***ing amazing, it runs 3x as fast as it did before!" is a legitimate comment, if slightly unprofessional. Think, like, racial slurs.
I think the only possible legitimate use of racial slurs in a comment is on a post asking for help filtering out racial slurs from text :-p
@RyanM Obviously I'm not going to test it, but I think any occurrence of the f-bomb does qualify for auto-deletion.
from what I recall
@TylerH Ah, good to know - I may be recalling incorrectly.
@TylerH I got a couple of not-so-short comments auto-removed for that, so I think you might be onto something...
9:21 PM
Can one post stuff about problems with VirtualBox on Super User?
@Scratte general computer hw and sw, seems fine to me.
Oh! I just realized that one can ask networking Questions on Super User :)
9:37 PM
Or Server Fault. Or Network Engineering (if it's pro-grade stuff)
@Machavity What, you mean my $70 6ft HDMI cable from BestBuy isn't professional grade?!
@TylerH pssh Real pros would buy the $110 Monster Cable with gold plated fiber optics and a butler to install it
dang I forgot the brand name
also, that's a cheap butler
He installs and leaves. Oh, wait, that's Geek Squad valet service. Dang Corona
I see this post an an NAA. Any risk of a declined flag on this?
9:49 PM
No. It's a clear thank-you post
Yay :)
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