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1:03 AM
Have a doubt. If somebody takes an existing answer and modifies it slightly to make it an answer, is it flag worthy as in here stackoverflow.com/questions/62735493/…
@akrun Is the previous state better than the later state? If no, then does the flag still applies?
original answer (rbind(0, 0, 0, c(4, 8, 12, 16, 20))) was slightly modified
@Braiam I think the intention is to get some points. But, it should have been better to notify the original answer as a comment
e.g. rbind(matrix(0,nrow=3,ncol=5), c(4,8,12,16,20)) made this complicated and then suggest that it is a better answer
Eh, if it improved the answer, then it's ok in my books.
@Braiam it is made worse
1:28 AM
Roll back then?
@Braiam I think you got confused. It is not the same author. Somebody else took the answer, changed slightly and then posted an answer
@akrun Ah, then downvote? It's obvious that it's not better than preexisting answers.
2:05 AM
@Braiam Another post where the same person uses an existing answer and make a small change stackoverflow.com/questions/62735963/…
2:43 AM
Yay, Linux didn't avoid the proverbial storm around words.
2:59 AM
@Dharman Thanks, I do work hard...
2 hours later…
5:10 AM
@Makyen I've sent you a message, if you could see that I'd appreciate it :)
1 hour later…
6:39 AM
I’m curious if anyone had any insight regarding a rejected flag. The flag was on a review comment regarding a link-only answer, but the author had subsequently updated their answer so I flagged it as No longer needed. Any idea why it was rejected? It seems like a pretty obvious case for that flag?
(The original review comment by Chris was completely appropriate when it was made. It just doesn’t seem to provide any further value now that the answer has been fixed, and passed subsequent review.)
@JeremyCaney I blame a misclick. I would raise a custom flag, explaining the comment is obsolete now that the answer has been edited. Maybe the answer was still in the queue when the mod handled it and they considered it to be too early to be deleted.
this is the timeline: stackoverflow.com/posts/62731063/timeline not sure when your flag was declined?
6:55 AM
Likely not a misclick, but rather a mod reviewing the comment flags in isolation, without looking at the post.
We get a fair number of flags on "possible duplicate" and automatic comments from review. Most of them are false positives, and we don't delete these comments.
This one actually was obsolete, because the answer was edited and the original comment no longer applied, but I doubt the moderator who saw the flag noticed that.
I've deleted it now, so no reason to re-flag. Just giving you an explanation of what probably happened.
Using NLN is the correct flag. If it does get declined, and you feel that decline is erroneous, just re-flag with a custom comment flag, explaining why it is no longer needed.
@JeremyCaney ^^ (cc @rene)
that is sound advice.
@CodyGray That makes sense, and I appreciate the background. I’ll follow that advice should this ever happen again. Any reason for me to be concerned about the declined flag on my record?
@karel that is old and not active. We have this rule that posts need to have been active in the last 6 to 8 months. That one is more in the 6 to 8 years range ...
@JeremyCaney No, for two reasons: (1) a small number of declined flags really don't matter, and (2) there's nothing that can be done about it either way. :-)
@rene Don't sound so surprised :-p
Heh, I only try to encourage people ...
7:08 AM
@CodyGray Ha! Good to know. I almost never get rejected flags—thanks to some useful advice you, Rene, and Scratte gave me a few months ago—so I won’t worry about it. I appreciate your time, as always.
@JeremyCaney Absolutely; no worries. Far too many people obsess over a handful of declined flags. It's only a problem when you're having a large number of flags declined.
Argh!.. Feature-request: Put a button to lock a review, so that one doesn't waste ones time by losing it to another reviewer while trying to properly review a post.
I thought that reviews implicitly locked for a certain period of time while someone was looking at them.
@rene I think that makes you a very good candidate :)
@CodyGray In my case, I’m especially jumpy after a few back-to-back review suspensions back in March. I’ve done a lot of reading since and believe I’ve learned from my mistakes. But it has definitely gotten me in the habit of scrutinizing any failed audits or rejected flags. I’ll be sure not to fret as much over these occasional declined flags.
7:21 AM
@CodyGray It does. But not enough time for me :( I spent 15 min on a review apparently.. I wold have liked to have a button that goes green (it's locked), yellow (about to be unlocked) <-- click to make green again, and red (unlocked) <-- someone elses now.
@Scratte Did you stop to make a sandwich?
@CodyGray No such command 'sandwich'.
@CodyGray No. I searched for Oracle documentation on a datatype (10 minutes). Then I tried to run their code (5 minutes). Then I wrote a explanation for things the poster should improve on their post, and that their Question is lacking particular details..
@Scratte this happens to me too on occasion—and especially for late answers on chatty threads where I check to see if the same answer has been given. (I don’t flag repeats unless they’re obviously plagiarized, but I do like to remind contributors to review existing answers before submitting a new one in that case.)
@JeremyCaney Yes, always when I check to see and compare with other answers and/or search for plagiarized originals, do I hit this limit. Now.. I'm selfish, and just hit Skip :( The system shouldn't make people selfish like that.
7:34 AM
@Scratte I certainly skip them as well if I’m short on time, and there are a lot of existing answers. As an aside, that’s one of the few contributions that really get under my skin. I am sympathetic to new contributors posting questions or comments as answers, and try to give constructive feedback so they can learn the ropes and better understand Stack Overflow. But leaving answers with the same guidance as, especially, an accepted answer, but with less care and detail feels exceptionally lazy.
@JeremyCaney What do you mean by "But leaving answers with the same guidance as, especially, an accepted answer"? A reviewer ansering the Question in a comment?
1 hour later…
8:38 AM
Is this an Answer?
@Scratte Oh, no, I just mean contributors posting answers that provide the same basic answer as the accepted answer, but with far less detail.
@JeremyCaney Oh. I think I used to just comment on those. Depending on the user, their Answer sometimes just went missing.
If they provide an identical subset of another answer, I think I flagged them NAA too.
@Scratte As for your above question, I have trouble with those types of answers, too. Where it’s a question, combined with a suggestion. I normally skip those, but am also curious what the guidance is.
@JeremyCaney They drive me nuts, to be honest. Half a question / half an answer :) I think some users just edit out the question part.
But then I saw the Question. Isn't that too broad and opinion based?
9:07 AM
There's noway to undo an edit and take a Question out of the re-open for a reset, right?
@Scratte No
Even if you edit out the question part, you're left with an extremely low-quality guess.
I noticed the Question went missing. I'm guessing magic happened :)
Does the "Please avoid extended discussions in comments. Would you like to automatically move this discussion to chat?" make for an auto-flag, or does one have to comment after seeing that to invoke the flag?
9:41 AM
@Scratte The auto-flag is for 25 or more comments. It's unrelated to the prompt that appears.
9:59 AM
@bad_coder What feedback are you looking for?
(We don't answer questions here - we curate them. It does look to be too brief to be on-topic though, if that is what you are getting at.)
@halfer I would guess that's a duplicate for sure...I came across the answer on the VLQ...Someone knowing may want to DV for the Roomba, or mark as duplicate, or both...
10:34 AM
What's the policy on transcribing code, like in this edit?
^ never mind..
11:20 AM
^ s/class/method
11:37 AM
@HovercraftFullOfEels Are you sure? Even though it technically has no MVCE, it's been answered and is findable. Are you sure it cannot be useful?
It also requires 20k+ rep still.
@JohnDvorak: the issue for me is that the OP seems to have testable code in a link, but still declines to post it in the question, degrading the quality and utility of the question
@HovercraftFullOfEels Presumably someone else than the OP making the edit would be legally dubious?
@JohnDvorak If the author refuses to edit their post and it needs to have added code to be on topic, then I can't see how to salvage it.
I feel the OP might be possible to convince with words though.
11:45 AM
Seeing the score, I'm thinking it's unlikely.
How much of this score is the result of HFOH's assessment of the situation here though? ;)
HFOH? :)
(what's the preferred short version?)
@JohnDvorak Tim :p
Ohh.. I though that would have been HFOE ;) But I cannot say, since I'm late to the party. I noticed that two different users have asked them to include the code.
11:48 AM
Wouldn't that be ... confusing to onlookers? :P
Oh... right. Eels, not heels. Sorry.
@JohnDvorak no more than stuff about swallows? :p
But in all un-seriousness, it's a disservice to the username to shorten it. I just @-mention them and remove the @ after the tab-completion and voilá: HovercraftFullOfEels :)
I'll be honest here. I've never actually watched Monty Python.
I haven't seen it either. I'm blissfully ignorant and under the impression that the username is just really inventive and took a long time in it's creative process ;)
Just Tim seems fine :)
11:53 AM
It probably is, just not inventive of the bearer but of the referent ;)
@JohnDvorak Checking the timeline, it already got -6 before it was mentioned here.
lol! I thought their avatar was a picture of themself.. :)
@JohnDvorak Slippery, snake-like fish-infested boat that doesn't quite fly properly.
Q: Burninate [data-processing]

janwThe data-processing tag currently has 613 questions over a wide range of topics, e.g. How to smooth a curve in the right way? Ways to read only select columns from a file into R? (A happy medium between `read.table` and `scan`?) Lua vs Embedded Lisp and potential other candidates. for set based ...

12:15 PM
Question: if I follow a post, then the post gets deleted (say, by OP), edited while deleted, and then undeleted, would I get an notification?
I know editing deleted posts doesn't produce notifications, and I think undeleting itself doesn't. I wonder if undeleting an edited post does, however.
@VLAZ I think.. no one knows this. Not even the developers :D
@VLAZ could always try it? :p (although my guess is most likely not...)
@JonClements Hmm, yes. I'd need a volunteer, however.
I don't mind delete a post, editing it, and undeleing it.
12:19 PM
Cool, can you post in the sandbox thread?
The what?
Does follow work on meta? (I was just going to pick any one of my answers)
@Scratte it's this one
and follow does work on Meta
@VLAZ It's that doing the post a disservice? I don't have a snippet
12:24 PM
I'm not aware of another sandbox. Well, there is one on MSE, if you wish
My aim is for you (or anybody) to post something, I follow it, and we see what happens if it's deleted -> edited -> undeleted.
Or I can post, that's also fine
I've got a few answers I can temporarily delete, edit, then undelete on main...
@JonClements thanks, I followed that
okay... so deleted/waited a little bit/edited/waited a little bit/undeleted...
I got a notification!
/me faints with shock...
12:32 PM
Good, thank you for your participation :)
I tend to follow posts I downvote with the hopes they get better. I was wondering if I was missing notifications for some of those.
Well...turns out I didn't miss anything - they are just not being updated almost ever...
which is a little disappointing, but hey, a feature actually works! :p
@JonClements Furthermore, they've fixed the bug that prevented unfollowing a deleted post. Where will it all end?
It's almost like a miracle... maybe I should go find some posts about it to click the prayer button on... :p
Are they still there?
Is what still there? It's not a thing... it doesn't exist... it's just a bad dream... lalalalalala lalalalalal... :p
12:58 PM
@JonClements I've found that uBlock is an effective dream catcher.. :)
@Vega wow... nearly 11 years old - how'd you happen across that one?
It was SD report. But, but... you just deleted the answer
The mod plays innocent. That is a new one .... ;)
Well played, I believed :)
Oh weird... not sure how that happened... I generally end up closing questions with answers like that while I'm there... must be the after effects of fainting when finding out the follow feature did something that was expected :p
1:10 PM
Do you still wiggle your tail while fainted?
How would I know!?
Oh.. I see. No friends, huh? Sorry :)
@Scratte why you make puppy sad
my awesome cuteness is obviously too much for some people to handle... what can I say... it's both a blessing and a curse... cough cough cough cough cough
We should put in a Feature Request for a "Friends with..." something or other on SO. Like they have on FarceBook. {runs away hastily...}
1:18 PM
@Mithical they're still picking on me... tell 'em off some more :p
I would, but I've come to the conclusion that I'm not actually very imposing and that me telling people off is not very effective
Yes.. that was really bad. I've hidden bones in the yard.. if you want, you can go and dig them up :)
@Mithical hey... it's the thought that counts I guess!
@Scratte thanks, but think I'm okay... there's plenty of bones under the patio from people that were mean to me to play with later...
@Mithical Not true :) I just tried to make puppy feel better.. even if it didn't work. And I may find some of my own bones under that patio
aha, wonderful... I think
1:23 PM
@Scratte nah... don't worry - you're perfectly safe... I'm out of room until I extend the patio... :p
What about a baby-pool for you to play in with a hose that you can snap at too? :)
now you're talking... bring it on!!!!!!
...a sprinkler that moves back and forth and goes on an off for extra surprise? :)
awww... happy puppy...
Ooo... < 30 hours for nominations...