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12:20 AM
@StephenKennedy If it was tallied at the moment, it would be 38. It will be 39, once I award a bounty. There was one I'd intended to award once I got to 20k, but forgot to do so until recently reminded.
how do you know your score? meta link?
@Nkosi there's a SEDE that can calculate it, that much I know
I can find the link if anyone wants it
you got a link?
12:26 AM
"Too many queries are running, you may only run 2 queries at a time"
I didn't click that button before. SEDE, please!
yep just got that same error
are you logged in?
I never needed to login before
no. i when through the captcha
12:28 AM
try logging in, maybe they treat anons as 1 user?
ok worked when i logged in
Striking a solid 14 .___________.
@geisterfurz007 I was expecting a divide by zero exception :P
got a 38 ( checking to see where i fell short) OCD an all.
I will steal so many stars and you won't be able to do anything against it, Steve.
12:31 AM
@geisterfurz007 we'll call it a truce now buddy and go back to baiting Zoe, if that's ok with you? :)
ok 4/6 in participation badges. ha
Sounds reasonable!
see proof that we can get along as long as we have some one else to blame
@Nkosi It's Denys Séguret's fault.
12:42 AM
can moderators see who starred comments in chat?
Not every mod. But I had it once that we had regular star parties in Java and Taryn looked it up.
@geisterfurz007 I'm not familar with Taryn. Are they staff?
@StephenKennedy SO DBA
Formerly known as bluefeet
Oh bluefeet
and DBA, well presumably they can look anything up :)
1:07 AM
So @Zoe and @Machavity are placing their hats in the ring for moderator election; so who else from the CV reviewers room is going to join them?
@HovercraftFullOfEels Why not you Mr Eels?
@StephenKennedy: I would need more ability to commit time, and a greater reserve of patience, two things which I'm in short supply at the moment :) How about Mr. @StephenKennedy?
@HovercraftFullOfEels If you think I'd be a worthy candidate then I'd be beyond flattered, but I'd be on a hiding to nothing. I have little recognition on meta and a low candidate score. I'm supporting Machavity, Zoe and Jean.
(and any other high calibre candidate from the room who decides to stand but hasn't yet nominated. As someone said on election chat, Rene only needs to write "Rene" in the nomination box and he'll be elected :) And of course we haven't heard from @Makyen yet :))
curses over semantic UI
@geisterfurz007 hmm?
1:21 AM
I am working on a webapp and I don't understand Semantic UI's sticky :/
1:38 AM
@StephenKennedy Looks like it's 39 now. Either the description of the badge changed (unlikely) or I misread it (although I thought I double checked). The investor badge is awarded for offering a bounty, not awarding it. Interestingly, I received no notification of the badge being awarded (i.e. it's not in my list of notifications, not that I just missed the notification).
@StephenKennedy I'm starting a write-in campaign for @KenWhite for moderator
He would shake things up in a good way
@Makyen Sorry, I have a bit of a headache so am a bear of little brain today. Why are you not on 40 - what's missing? And have you decided whether to stand or not?
The "candidate score" is more like a minimum requirement, and surely doesn't have to be 40. Any reasonably high score, say 35, should be adequate evidence of enough input to qualify. The real qualities that matter are how the candidate handles divisive encounters.
@HovercraftFullOfEels Oh no I'm not suggesting Makyen must be on 40 to stand. I'm enquiring as to what the missing point is.
@HovercraftFullOfEels And to add to the above, I think the candidate score is ridiculous and should be dropped.
@StephenKennedy I'm missing sportsmanship, which, at best, is a long way away for me. The vast majority of my answers are in low-traffic tags, where having more than one answer is quite rare. While I'm happy to upvote someone else's answer on a question I've answered (and I consider it important to do so when their answer is good), I can't upvote what doesn't exist.
1:51 AM
@Makyen Oh goodness, we discussed that at most some hours ago. I'm sorry.
@StephenKennedy np. I'd assumed you just missed my earlier message.
@Makyen You should have made the safer assumption that I'm an idiot :)
@StephenKennedy Aren't we all, from time to time. :-)
@Makyen What's the saying, "to err is to be human"? Something along those lines anyway
@StephenKennedy Yep, exactly.
1:58 AM
@HovercraftFullOfEels Flattering, but I'm not eligible. I got suspended for a day (although a mod lifted it after about 4 hours) for some "not welcoming' comments, so I couldn't pass the "no suspension in the last year" requirement. :-)
@Makyen I think you would be a terrific mod. Having said that, having such a knowledgeable and wise user on our side of the fence is quite a luxury.
@KenWhite: I think that we need a little less "filter" and a little more gritty reality, but that's just me
@HovercraftFullOfEels Jean can provide that
(and I think you)
@HovercraftFullOfEels I agree, but that's what got me suspended. :-)
2:03 AM
@StephenKennedy: I didn't see Jean's name in the candidate list
@HovercraftFullOfEels It's not there yet, but he's running
Are any current moderators retiring?
@HovercraftFullOfEels That's unknown, and presumed to be 'no' as there are only 2 spots, but Bhargav hinted at some behind the scenes controversy that he couldn't expand on... so, quite frankly I have no idea
@StephenKennedy Thank you.
@HovercraftFullOfEels I've assumed that the answer to that is "yes". There are really only two reasons for there to be moderator elections: A) Flags are not being handled rapidly enough, and B) there are, or will be, vacancies compared to the current number of active moderators. We know that the flag queue is basically at zero and flags are being handled in record fast times, across the board. That just leaves (B).
Although, it might just be "hiatus", rather than "retire". There's no public information at this time.
2:26 AM
Almost as secretive as the workings of our Congress
@HovercraftFullOfEels Not even close. Congress leaks like a sieve. If it's to their personal advantage, our congress critters will spill the beans on almost anything.
What is the policy on deleting/not deleting old, off topic questions that haven't been touched in years? If it's not causing trouble should we just let it be?
@GBlodgett Well, they have to be closed first. As for doing a cv-pls, there needs to be some type of activity that brings it in front of people. If there's not, then feel free to just drop a CV on it and hope that it gets handled in the queue, but a cv-pls in here wouldn't be appropriate. If it's already closed, we're a bit more lenient on del-pls requests, because we don't get as many of them, but even with those, there should, ideally, be some reason to be getting rid of it quickly.
@Makyen Ok thanks. I think I'll just drop a delete vote and let it go to the recent delete votes part on moderation tools.
2:43 AM
@GBlodgett That sounds like a good plan. OTOH, if it's something you're keeping track of and it doesn't get traction, then a del-pls might be warranted, particularly when posted near the end of the UTC day, allowing people to burn-off their unused delete-votes. It also helps if it's obviously bad without any redeeming merits (i.e. an easy choice).
@Makyen Ok thanks for the advice
2:57 AM
@Jean-FrançoisFabre IIRC you mentioned you are away from home, but are you in another continent? It must be, what, 4am in France?
@StephenKennedy He's finally got his hat in the ring ;)
@Machavity Didn't anybody tell him Shog was so impressed with the first 2 he ended the election right there?!
3:12 AM
@NathanOliver you running again? You'd be a great mod. I kinda took it for granted you'd run again.
3:38 AM
Just see 3 active member of SOCVR participate on election . Good luck for them.
\o Shree how you doing?
o/ Fine @StephenKennedy
@Shree There's a chat room for the election, fyi
(I don't mean you shouldn't have posted here btw, I mean come on over to the election room and join the debate! :))
:) Sure I will.
5:21 AM
SD reported question was abt html and surely a duplicate, if anyone wants to search for one stackoverflow.com/q/54995790/397817
2 hours later…
7:03 AM
@Machavity :), better that then discussion about dv/if ratio...
Morning all \o
And sure enough, I woke up to see I've reached 5555 rep \o/
7:21 AM
@YvetteColomb @StephenKennedy thanks for the public support. Much appreciated.
@MichaelDodd the devil awaits in 1111 points.
@Jean-FrançoisFabre And then a heavenly milestone in 2222 points :)
the real milestone being in 4445 points :)
Ah, the revelation of the true horror of Stack Overflow :)
You have no idea.
7:43 AM
I'm seeing people commenting "you downvote a lot" - isn't the up/down vote ratio secret now?
@StephenKennedy your ratio:
all time 	  	by type 	  	month 	  	week 	  	day
1,343 	up 		5,164 	question 		16 		8 		1
5,469 	down 		1,648 	answer
and I'm not even a moderator :)
@Jean-FrançoisFabre from where?
your profile (activity tab)
and I've been rumbled. The 'D' does indeed stand for downvoter
Time to upvote anything at random to keep my upvote ratio up :)
7:49 AM
@Jean-FrançoisFabre That's the spirit!
oh blimey, I obviously don't scroll down far :) I thought vote count on public profile was just in the box at the top :)
@StephenKennedy I must say I was as surprised as you. I rarely examine other profiles that far. But that's good information. An high upvote ratio would be also not slightly suspicious. Downvotes are useful (specially on week-end homework questions)
Some will, I believe certain people may even track that to determine the downvote's whereabouts.
8:08 AM
@StephenKennedy I really don't get the argument for that, if you're following a tag which attracts a lot of low quality noise (e.g. ) then it's a given you're going to have a high down/up ratio
That's it: make real time snapshot of DV count of every user each 2 minutes, and check who downvoted you ...
Some people think that moderators should probably have a more balanced ratio for some reason.
tbh the focus on downvotes, close votes and two particular candidates seemed like more of an anti-SOCVR rant than anything coherent
Yup, SOCVR isn't that popular with people who ask & answer bad questions. But why?
@MichaelDodd I generally upvote when I'm using SO for work. When I'm moderating, then almost by definition I'm mostly seeing carp that demands a downvote or at best no vote at all.
8:12 AM
And as the answer to my question "isn't that ratio" secret? is no, then I would suggest it should be.
Also I encourage beginners with good posts sometimes. Maybe I wouldn't have upvoted if the user had 400k+
@StephenKennedy then write a meta post about it... wait. Don't.
@Jean-FrançoisFabre Yeah, no
Those are just statistics. I'd say that if you have 100 upvotes and 20000 downvotes there's a problem. Same if you have 100 downvotes and 20000 upvotes.
Some may argue the latter is okay, it's forgiving nature while the former is not okay.
But Stackoverflow isn't Disneyland.
8:16 AM
Yeah far from it
Maybe even opposite
In an election, forgive me for saying this, but high-rep/regulars in SO are an "elite" but they don't have that much weight compared to the low-rep users who have the right to vote.
A lot of low-rep users don't understand the downvoting and see it as punishment.
That said, the positive or negative comments by high-rep users or moderators under a nomination certainly make a difference (thanks again Yvette & Stephen & others!)
Indeed a lot of voters will have done no moderation at all. Many will just look at the candidate score. Some may well be swayed by comments about those nasty downvotes. Some will be from the GMTC brigade. . But, that's democracy. It's an imperfect system but the best we've got :)
8:27 AM
@StephenKennedy and you need 150 something to vote. If SO wants "elite" elections, they just have to raise the minimum rep. But they're not going to do that.
I second that. Today user spammed this link several times...
@Jean-FrançoisFabre @tripleee Spam link in this report has been edited out, may want to reconsider your flags in case it goes to manual review
Too late, disupted
@MichaelDodd I didn't flag as spam, just advised the guy to remove the link
@MichaelDodd thanks for the ping still
that last one is clearly spam.
@Machavity we'd need some insight for php dupe meta question if you're available meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/380901/…
8:57 AM
so should we edit the spammy link or flag again ? stackoverflow.com/a/54197117/6451573 (note that the user was suspended)
@Jean-FrançoisFabre If they're suspended then a mod's made their decision. Tempted to leave a flag to clear up comments, but no further action needed IMO
TBN: That has a "my other post"
If there's anybody here that supports Zoe's candidature could they please look at her answer to #11 and give constructive feedback to her on it? She asked me but I'm too tired to do the job properly.
@MichaelDodd okay, edited out spam link. Looks that the answer isn't very good either, but not an expert.
@StephenKennedy are you sure feedback in comments is appropriate? or in this chatroom? I'll ping instead. Less "visible".
not in comments, no
9:10 AM
@Zoe I read your answer to Q11, per request of Stephen who asked for feedback on it. Your answer is too long for that point. Also, you should focus on things you cannot currently do. I don't think a moderator should spend their time editing posts for instance.
Also: "I can't monitor all chatrooms at a time". Sure noone can, but no need to tell "I'm weak" to everyone.
and if you're willing to help her out, as a candidate yourself, that speaks volumes abt your character :) good man!
Good point, I'll fix it. Thanks btw ^^
"focus on things you cannot currently do" bcos you don't have the tools yet
you're too good :)
some of your recent replies Zoe look a bit confused and rushed to me, unlike the one I cited in the election room which was excellent
9:15 AM
It's not easy to answer all those questions + post the nomination. I find that extremely stressful. I think there's some FFGITW effect to get the proper nomination as fast as possible. For instance, candidating at the last minute is probably silently frowned upon.
"I downvoted a lot more than I upvote. Mainly because the posts I stumble over are either closeable or stuff I'm not technically competent enough to vote on" - sounds like you downvote stuff you don't understand, which I'm sure isn't true.
@Zoe be honest, but not too honest. The standard is to be self-forgiving, so if you admit a flaw, it's seen as "the tree behind the forest" by some. It's unnecessary to insist on flaws, some will do that for you.
Encountered this sort-of troll answer in NAA review: Laravel 5 form request validation returning forbidden error. Not sure what to do (delete through review, flag rude, leave be?) Anyone experienced in PHP that has an opinion on this?
Delete through review.
9:28 AM
@JohnDvorak Has 2 looks OK on it though :( as far as I can tell, that answer would disable identity verification and introduce a substantial security issue, seems like trolling to me but doesn't really fit NAA review.
OK, let's try this:
Oh, ofc forgot we can just go that way :)
9:44 AM
@Shree Only the last sentence in that question implies a potential resource request. It would be much better to just edit that short sentence out, leaving a "how-to" question. (now done)
@Makyen I missed that. Thanks for edit. I retract that flag. Can you dump that request please.
1 message moved to SOCVR /dev/null, by request
@Shree np. Thanks for taking another look.
10:18 AM
I need some help. Should this question be flagged as it is not a programming question? If yes then please flag it because my flags are over.
@Gourav It's a borderline one but I'm tempted towards no as it's to do with the installation of a development tool, which is on topic as per Shog9
Others here may disagree though
Thanks @MichaelDodd
@Gourav Not sure I agree it's not a programming question as the emulator is being used in conjunction with Android Studio, which is a programming tool (ninjad^); but it seems rather low value as the way to install a program which needs admin right is to acquire admin rights. Best not flag imho.
10:34 AM
Any reason why the self promotion comment was removed from SOCVR? github.com/SO-Close-Vote-Reviewers/auto-comments/pull/55/…
@SurajRao looks like a mistake, though I guess only the submitter can really say
@SurajRao I'm not sure. I did not review the submission. There are a few that were removed for which I have, and sometimes use, similar ones from my personal set.
@double-beep People are wondering about some of the changes you proposed/made to the auto-comments. Could you please address @SurajRao's question (above).
10:50 AM
We should declare a close-vote strike! No more cv-pls, close voting until @rene is going to be a mod candidate! : D
@kayess :|
Operation Bring Back The Focus!
This really isn't the right time for a close vote strike, I say. We seem to have some pretty nice candidates already.
There are only going to be two mods though, right? We will already have way too qualified people losing that election :(
I'd much rather go on strike in the event of another case of extreme curator demonization.
10:56 AM
2 hours later…
1:48 PM
Luca teh great train collider :\
2:05 PM
Of the 22 messages that I can see right now, 10 of them are waves...
can someone tell SmokeDetector that ffffffffffffffff is 64 bit for -1 ?
^ was very tempted to reply "sd ffffffffffffffff"
@SurajRao I think that the current comment for spam is good enough, isn't it? That's why I removed this and other similar comments from spam.
@Makyen can you be a little bit more specific?
2:27 PM
@SurajRao That commit is interesting, in the Language Please comment it replaces $SITENAME$ with Stack Overflow
@double-beep was looking for the comment for this answer stackoverflow.com/a/54996067/4826457 seems like someone flagged as spam
@SurajRao cannot see the answer. <10k rep
@double-beep Er, you removed a lot of comments actually. Some of them I use... I have to go but I'll review this in detail later
2:46 PM
@MichaelDodd nice rep you've got there
@Adriaan ty. Only 1111 until I get a devilish rep
I think I have the argument here.
@Adriaan And just as you say that, I get +10. Bye bye nice rep
2:59 PM
@Adriaan That sounds like the opening line of a mafia warning. It would be a real shame if something were to happen to it.
3:13 PM
is there anything I can do to improve this question? or Will I need delete it or flag to close? What should I do with it? stackoverflow.com/questions/38568996/…
@NathanOliver I'm watching c++ tag now, but I fear that I'm not going to be able to answer most questions. Even the duplicates look super-technical 😀 Good old C++ 03 :)
@AmadeuAntunes As long as it has a bounty, you can't close/delete it. Doesn't seem like a bad question to me, but I'm unclear as to why you think the answer doesn't contain enough detail
@ErikA A can acept the answer but like it is my wost question I would like to convert it in a better question and also get the best answer to it, I 'm try get away of ban questions
@Jean-FrançoisFabre The language has changed a lot since then. C++11 made life so much better and 14 and 17 have just continued the trend. Of lot of the stuff is syntactic sugar but rvalue reference, move semantic, perfect forwarding, and lambdas are real game changers. If you've been away for a while it might be good to get a book about the new stuff and forget about the old way of doing things, unless you need to support a legacy code base.
TBH I've started using C++11 which is an absolute "must use". But I don't even master the 2011 standard... And my project could use C++20 since I'm the main architect of that one, but fortunately, I chose not to. Using xcode and clang++ on Macintosh... Let's remain prudent.
Problem is I don't really need C++20 for the things I'm doing. And I have colleagues that are beginners in C++, so let's keep it "simple"
3:23 PM
@Jean-FrançoisFabre Isn't newer better?
@NathanOliver remember my question about std::array you answered some time ago ? Guess what: didn't compile on damn macintosh xcode crap.
It worked after upgrading xcode though.
@Zoe, not necessarily. Compilers sometimes take their time implementing the standard. For instance, it will take MSVC++ a thousand years to properly implement C++11 :)
@AmadeuAntunes Well, adding a bounty saying the answer is insufficient is a strange way to go about achieving that goal, since your question doesn't explain why the answer is insufficient. People could downvote because they don't understand that. You've already made a substantial improvement by adding an attempt, but unfortunately reverting these votes is hard
@Jean-FrançoisFabre Izi pizi, use a decent compiler instead ;)
@ErikA I can just acept so the answer
@Jean-FrançoisFabre If you can pick a standard you might want to go with C++17. It has everything 11 has but offers some very important fixes and makes a lot of generic programming a lot easier.
3:26 PM
@Zoe on macintosh ? Well you cannot avoid clang++ and darn xcode if you want to go iOS
C++17 looks nice. Now I have books to read...
@ErikA I just trying to get unban from asking many months trying it and this is my last question that I still have negative votes
@Jean-FrançoisFabre I prefer Clang
clang is good, but you have to use the latest versions. You cannot control what apple decides to integrate to xcode.
I like clang. They do a pretty good job with there error messages.
@Jean-FrançoisFabre And I'm not sure any compiler supports C++20 properly at this stage. C++17 is almost properly supported by everyone (except for the filesystem part that still requires an additional support library).
3:28 PM
Better errors, no Microsoft...
clang is better at warnings, true.
@Jean-FrançoisFabre clang is more than decent, catches far more things properly than gcc (not even talking about the sanitizers)
Clang also seems to optimize better.
but clang is super-hard to install on windows when you're on a non-online server, because it relies on MSVC++ for the linker & libs... sucks.
And I'm on windows. So no sanitizer.
But I don't need a sanitizer, I'm super trained spotting errors from non-MCVE questions.
I just use MSVS on windows. I really like the debugger.
3:30 PM
I used that in 1999 and it was already very good. Well, standard library support was broken beyond repair, that said.
You couldn't even use std::map because it didn't compile.
It's much better now. I believe they were actually the first to be fully C++17 complaint.
@NathanOliver +1000000
Love the IDE and the compiler is far more C++17 compliant (same for the standard library) than libstdc++ and libc++.
Just try to see if you can use auto_ptr with VS2017 C++17 mode. And then do the same with clang and gcc.
@NathanOliver "C++17 complaint". That typo means a lot.
What I find funny with MS is one of their library maintainers(maybe the haed, not sure) initials are STL.
And they have Herb Sutter as well!
3:36 PM
Microsoft are improving, that's for sure. Opensourcing stuff and all. Maybe we'll live in a better computer world soon.
They also have a lot of money, but nowadays I have the impression that they don't waste it on crap, but support proper technologies. I'm sure that the rising of Linux kicked their butt and they had to react.
@Jean-FrançoisFabre only for professional computer architecture (webservers, HPCs etc) right? Linux in the consumer market is still barely anything
Very true. Me might even see them move Windows to Linux.
@Adriaan a lot of newbies have Linux issues here. Yes, mainstream remains Windows.
@NathanOliver "move Windows to Linux"? How exactly?
@Malt Make the GUI "Windows", but run it on a linux kernal.
3:46 PM
@NathanOliver And what would that achieve?
You'd use an OS that isn't horrible.
@Malt Most people love/are familiar with windows GUI. That wouldn't make a difference for the end user. But for the developper it would, greatly.
Everyone has a *Nix system but also have a nice front end that the majority of people are comfortable with.
@Jean-FrançoisFabre @NathanOliver That's what WSL is for
3:49 PM
that's the second time Google Rickrolls me with World Surf League when I search for WSL :)
WSL isn't perfect though. Plus, with a move to linux, they'll get a lot more people working on kernal development.
It's time that Microsoft get a real OS underneath, true. Windows is broken from the start. The strong point is driver support, though, and plugnplay.
And also clippy
@NathanOliver Sure, WSL is far from perfect. But it's aimed exactly at the "problem of developers". And even so, it's just because developers are used to Linux, mostly from Uni, not because it's objectively better for every use case.

I'm a Linux geek myself, but I really don't think people should overestimate Linux or underestimate Microsoft technologies. There are benefits to both. Just look at the latest "Major Linux Problems on the Desktop, 2018 edition" (https://itvision.altervista.org/why.linux.is.not.ready.for.the.desktop.current.html). There are a lot of things Linux does right, and
Morena /o
3:58 PM
@Adriaan tbh I don't really see anything else that can be improved there other than minor grammatical fixes (but not my specialist area), I'd be inclined to accept
@Jean-FrançoisFabre You should tell that to Torvald's teacher :p I don't think Windows kernel is that bad compared to Linux, the NT line is far better designed than the old ones.
@MichaelDodd not kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ?
oh right. Let's avoid repeating K or S. It's better for democracy.
4:14 PM
@MichaelDodd heh
4:42 PM
I think that creating a bot which would test if first question word is "write" would have great results for homework dumps. Seriously.
Can I suggest that idea somewhere? sobotics?
@Jean-FrançoisFabre I would go over to Charcoal. That's where the botheads hang out.
thanks for the link Robert
@Jean-FrançoisFabre yw
@RobertColumbia I though that was Colorado ;)
Request sent to Charcoal.
4:57 PM
cc @BhargavRao sounds like something Natty could do actually...?
Especially as it's SO specific
thanks. You're the experts. I thought that it was a quickwin situtation.
SO-specific I didn't think of that but true.
@Jean-FrançoisFabre just creating a bot to search for posts starting with write is quite useless. More words should be used to make it more helpful.
That's what I meant.
I don't know your bot strategy. I thought that it could be an added rule, not a bot by itself :)
@CalvT you read my mind!
@Jean-FrançoisFabre I don't see any bot which can be modified.
Natty checks for answers only.
okay... Anyway, those questions are often quickly downvoted & closed, rarely answered, so it's not a vital feature. Let's see if the future changes that.
5:15 PM
@RiggsFolly this has already got 2 del-votes? People should generally leave some time to the OPs to edit their question(s).
@double-beep There is really no salvaging it. Better for them to try and ask again or to edit while deleted and then flag to get it undeleted. Right now it is just a down vote attractor.
That would've been a very valuable thing to leave as a comment for OP before deleting it...
I really don't feel like putting in the brain power to make it CoC friendly.
Didn't see the question so can't comment on del votes, but in terms of closing it's long been agreed(?), that you should Always vote to close immediately
@NathanOliver how you wrote it here was CoC-friendly...
@double-beep it is not a request for off-site resources
5:28 PM
@TylerH but in any event it's too broad - it's a "can someone help me" question.
W3C markup validation is a tool commonly used by programmers. It's perfectly within scope; asking "does X tool have the ability to perform Y function?" is not too broad.
the clearly-defined answer saying "no" should make that apparent
@RobertColumbia Whoops, right enough, ah well, can't revote after retracting so will leave it. I initially read it as asking for another tool that simply did the same thing for a full website
@NickA no problem. I VTC'd as too broad. Let's let it finish the cycle in peace. At the end of the day a CV is a CV.
@CalvT Nat monitors answers only. FireAlarm can.
@BhargavRao good idea. But we need first to ping the owner.
6:15 PM
@E_net4 flag comment?
@double-beep Yes, the comment.
Report it in SOBotics. There is the Queen Bot.
OK, I think I managed.
6:31 PM
@BhargavRao I love that you returned "Gibberish" here. Made my day. github.com/SOBotics/Natty/blob/master/src/main/java/in/…
originally, how is the username of a deleted user who was an OP of a question? I think it has changed.
but I am not really sure
AFAIK, it started as plain out nothing, then moved on to anon, then user<uid>
@JeremyHarris heh, glad that you liked it
@Zoe meant how it was highlighted.
@double-beep Question OP has a blue-ish frame around the username on answers and comments, in addition to the question itself. If the user is removed, there's no profile link
7:11 PM
anyone know a way to nest a bullet point on SO?
nvm, figured it out
@NathanOliver The correct answer is "Use markdown"
@Machavity Weird. I just used jQuery's indent_bullet ;)
I think this needs manual move to graveyard.
(cc @Machavity)
@Machavity you mean you don't just indent everything a million spaces til it looks right? :-P
@Vickel the question has a bounty - questions with a bounty cannot be closed
@Vickel It has an open bounty that has to be dealt with first. If you want it closed, mod flag it to get them to withdraw the bounty
Sniped with the rest of the explanation, but that ^
@Machavity I've seen it right after i clicked
7:38 PM
@Swordfish you looks more like a gold fish :)
@Swordfish unfriendly comment on that one, just cv and dv
@PetterFriberg i actually really misread contest for dentist ^^
@Jean-FrançoisFabre more SOBotics then Characoal (they do spam), feel free to join and dev a bot... but if you like me to be honest finding "bad posts" to close is easy, finding close voters to review not so easy. I can ping you every 5min for possibile duplicates in python.. but after 2 days you have already had enough
@Swordfish I know your feeling.. but don't let it drag you down.. better to ignore and just moderate the content
@PetterFriberg thanks for trying to cheer my up!! <3
but i'd never let anyone even attemt to drag me down
always keeps me up!
7:52 PM
Ooh you rick rolled me... darn..
@PetterFriberg i just sat here waitin for You to come back
@PetterFriberg Thank You!!! You put a smile in my face :)
I'm instead still contemplating revenge :)
@PetterFriberg good luck!
Q: This tag is at the [core] of much confusion

Gert Arnoldcore It is used for a couple of things, the most common nowadays being an addition to .net and related tags —like asp.net— indicating the core version of these technologies. But also with a wide variety of other tags, Java, javascript, C, core dumps, power shell, CPU cores, and more. Does it ...

@PetterFriberg And thus, Rickbot was born. Long may he roll...
7:57 PM
I need to be sneaky with Gold fish... still contemplating
@PetterFriberg don't call me goldfish
@PetterFriberg i am a much more dangerous animal
@Swordfish with that avatars you will have to live with if, specially after Rick rolling me!!
@PetterFriberg rickrolling you was worth it.
@PetterFriberg how long did you watch it? just curious ;) ^^
@Swordfish not long (2s), but long enough to go darn
@PetterFriberg thank You!!
@PetterFriberg You seem to be a really nice guy trying to cheer people up.
8:06 PM
Still not the best rickroll ever (you know it is because Rick Astley himself said so)
@Machavity it was good enough for @PetterFriberg
@Swordfish Baah, SO to me is fun and it should be for everybody (it's our free time).
@PetterFriberg it's YOUR free time You choose spending watchin Rick.
it's my favorite
1 hour later…
1 hour later…
10:25 PM
I wonder how much money Rick has made from Rickrolls? I mean, he must get a small royalty or something when his song is played?
@StephenKennedy I think they had a documentary about it some time ago.
@Nkosi grrrr, very well played
10:43 PM
10:55 PM
@Jean-FrançoisFabre @CalvT, sorry ... today's a busy day IRL ... so not able to follow up properly ... can you drop an issue here github.com/SOBotics/Nursery/issues? We'll see what we can do, thanks for your ideas!
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