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12:00 AM
@Tunaki I have a slightly different version of that:
> TODO Fix this once I have time
@4castle Yeah advanced topic in a deeply hidden class...
Eek sounds like both
12:17 AM
@Olaf You know how I just said no project settings changed? Well, I just created a new project (with the same code but new project files; all hail Git) and it works perfectly. Investigating...
@QPaysTaxes Yes I do. Maybe I'm not that dumb as I look?
@Olaf "You know how..." is a rhetorical question that provides context, rather than actually asking if you know.
@QPaysTaxes ... and I very well understood that phrase (btw: it is not exactly a rethorical question, but serves are a reference to a former conversation). Read my comment in the whole context: me recommending to check settings and you insisting they were not the problem. A good start when searching for such bugs is 1) to read the message 2) examine what changed. I'd check where the shell is installed in both environments. Sounds like the tool-paths are not updated for an existing project.
Oh, I thought you were confused at the phrase. Maybe you're not as dumb as you look :)
And yeah, I read the message, that's why I did it in the command line -- to confirm that it was CLion somehow breaking things.
Oookay there's a lot of stuff that I really don't want to go through
So I'm just gonna delete the question, consider it resolved, and consider CLion broken to hell.
12:47 AM
@BhargavRao That's a pretty garbage question. If that is the same person, we can't use either as dupe...Can't you just close them no mcve/unclear?
1:45 AM
My math teacher is using C-like syntax for matrix indexing but it's not zero-indexed and this is driving me crazy
@Enzokie Can you close a question as just "off topic"?
@fire alive
@sock location
oh, yeah right
@AshishAhuja I'm running at Ashish/Mac.
(sorry, just came here to see if it started here as it normally does not come here. Nobody's fire died so I booted a back up copy)
Installing update...
@AshishAhuja You've still got to profile pictures in the tab completion list
1:58 AM
@QPaysTaxes heh, I'll make a meta about it when I get time or if you want you can make it. Can you give me a pic?
@AshishAhuja Sure, gimme a sec
and now, fire crashed because on my comp autoupdate does not work.. sigh
going to do a manual git pull
(totally unrelated: 1 upvote away from 20 here!)
2:06 AM
Installing update...
Update failed!
@FireAlarm yes dear, I know
@sock kill
@AshishAhuja You need the Owner privilege to run that command.
.. I'll run it in the dev room then ..
@QPaysTaxes blatantly off topic, typed it using phone ;)
@Enzokie That's not a close reason, and after a life of being indoctrinated by the media, I can't think for myself, so you need to tell me how to close it
(only mostly a joke!)
2:13 AM
At first I think its unclear since he did not mentioned what specific ISP it is and what kind site he has, but that results to some sort of Customer Related question itself. @QPaysTaxes
@Enzokie ....my point is that you need to write a custom close reason so I can choose it
@QPaysTaxes "blatantly off-topic" is a close reason available to <3k users instead of the custom reason..
I mean it should be (Customer Service question - off topic). Sorry for that
@AshishAhuja Ohhh
I forgot that they don't get to write their own comments
waves slightly higher rep in the air like it matters
@fire threshold
2:15 AM
@AshishAhuja The threshold for this room is 45 (higher thresholds report more posts).
@fire set threshold 35
@AshishAhuja You need the Filter privilege to run that command.
> higher thresholds report more posts
I don't think that word means what you think it means, then
crap. I can't run that command in any other room as I need to change the threshold in this room
You have access to FireAlarm's source and memory. Nothing is stopping you from giving yourself the Filter privilege.
2:17 AM
@QPaysTaxes I know. The RO's of this room wanted less reports so we set the threshold to 35 in this room
@QPaysTaxes I can easily use the console user but it'll give me privs in all the rooms which may cause a crash. I think I'll just edit the file..
@AshishAhuja No, it's the fact that raising the threshold should decrease the number of posts. It's really unintuitive otherwise.
heh, it's implemented like this so we left it. The C version had it like you are saying, but the Swift version is different. Doesn't make much difference IMO
bbiab, changing fire's files
@fire kill
@AshishAhuja You need the Owner privilege to run that command.
@fire privileges
@AshishAhuja You have the Owner privilege.
2:22 AM
@fire set threshold 35
@AshishAhuja You need the Filter privilege to run that command.
(I'll go to the dev room, hold on)
> Luckily this question wasn't written in internet [...] --- some user on meta
I palmheadfacedesked so hard
@fire privileges
@AshishAhuja You have the Filter privilege.
2:25 AM
@fire set threshold 35
@AshishAhuja The threshold for this room has been set to 35 (higher thresholds report more posts).
FYI, I'm going to go afk for few hours in like 35-40 mins. I'll leave fire running as Nobody's fire died.
if anything breaks, just ping me
@AshishAhuja I'm broke, should I ping you? :P
2:47 AM
@AshishAhuja My day/night cycle is broken, please send teh fixez
you're still awake @Kyll? isn't it pretty late?
also I need to reboot xcode so going to stop fire for few minutes.
@AshishAhuja It's 03:48, it is up to you if you define that as late or not :P
it's pretty late for me..
I normally wake up around 7AM and sleep at around 11PM
...I just added a function to my .bashrc so I can quickly and easily send myself emails while SSHed into that particular server.
I'm either doing something very wrong or very right.
@QPaysTaxes fyi, your email is present there
2:52 AM
@rene Please no. Check out vivaldi or use chrome, but don't use IE, PLEASE!
@AshishAhuja Really? I had no idea that the thing I posted to show that I wrote a function to email myself contains my email :P
But yeah, IDC. My school has good spam filters.
And it was present on the resume I asked people to review a little while back, too
@QPaysTaxes I did see your resume, and you replaced the email with some text IIRC
your wish though
@AshishAhuja After a little while, yeah
At first, my email was up there for all to see.
You raise a good point, though
2:56 AM
fire's back
3:09 AM
I was considering leaving my window open to let my room air out a little.
3:20 AM
@Fire location
@NobodyNada I'm running on Ashish/Mac.
3:31 AM
Dear legal team, I need a set of well reasoned and potentially sourced opinions on the proper usage of the "Not Constructive" flag.
Is this a diamond request of a personal one? Just to know who I should check this with
I lost my diamond hat behind the couch, so... let's just say informal.
@Kyll get back to slack small smelly mammal!! whip whip :D
3:35 AM
@AaronHall Very well then. I'll double-check with other ROs, and if everything goes well we'll poll our regulars and see how it goes
AttributeError: module 'os' has no attribute 'lutime'
Why Python?!?!?!?
I'm disappointed, I would have thought you'd already have the memo typed up and ready to go.
I have. I need to double-check whether I can send it or not.
Also you're lucky to find someone at that time, you'd better ask between 10 and 23 UTC. Most of the time we ROs are all sleeping right now
@AaronHall ikr, they're so slack :D
I should be sleeping since 6 hours
@AaronHall Now that I think about it, @PetterFriberg would be a nice person to ask about this, particularly in the context of Queen's Heat Detector (see SOBotics). We've had quite some discussions and debates over this a few months ago.
3:42 AM
@Kyll we never sleep kyll
Oh hey, gunr making me lie again
you're interrupting my and nathan's game of civ :)
Just putting my view out there:
As a mod who regularly handles flags, I don't like seeing "gee thanks" being flagged as Not Constructive. Flag it as "too chatty" and a mod will get it. But I'm a bit stuck on process, and an improper NC flag will make me decline the flag and then flag it properly.
I guess you could get semantic about it. A "gee thanks" is "not constructive". It doesn't advance the knowledge or understanding of the post.
I'd say it's more NC than "too chatty"
Too chatty is making a tangent to the actual topic
3:52 AM
"not constructive" has a strongly negative connotation and the system looks at it that way too.
I was under the impression that all comment flags (besides spam/rude) would be counted the same way
Well they're not.
ah, well that's news to me.
so use NC for "rude lite" or "borderline rude, don't feel right flagging as outright rude."
hum, ok, I can see that.
unfortunately, I'm off to bed.
3:57 AM
That's fine, I'll allow it, good night.
4:29 AM
@AaronHall I seem to remember some kind of statement from some kind of floaty head which said, "first there was only one comment flag, then we added others to guide users" or something like that. This may be what gunr is thinking about
@AaronHall If at all possible we'd need to know some of those inner workings to flag appropriately (like we do with garbage posts)
Anyway, off to bed now. Bonne nuit!
I'm just a practical mod, trying to hand out some practical advice. I hope it helps improve our signal to noise ratio. Cheers! :)
@Fire aliuve
@Fire alive
@Fire alive
@Ashish sorry; bug in my boot script
@Fire location
@NobodyNada I'm running on NobodyNada's Raspberry Pi.
5:37 AM
@AaronHall I disagree. I do understand that comments like "thank you a lot" are too chatty, but they are not constructive as well. I have 2600+ helpful comment flags and most of them are not constructive on comments like these. IMHO, if a comment can be flagged using two flags which are completely correct on the comment (like NC is correct on a thanks comment), either of them are correct and should be marked helpful.
I also found a meta.SE answer by @MadaraUchiha who's also a mod on SO right now which completely agrees with my stance: meta.stackexchange.com/a/186310/314466
TL;DR, both NC and TC flags on comments like "thanks" should be correct IMHO
> Not Constructive should be flagged to any comment which has 0 value for the discussion.
6:04 AM
@AaronHall decline all thank you flags
@LearnHowToBeTransparent ?
thank you comments are constructive and not chatty
@LearnHowToBeTransparent that's wrong.
@FelixSFD you have privs in Charcoal..
6:22 AM
@FelixSFD not resource request IMO. Might be TB (I'm not voting for that though). It does have some answers which actually provide code instead of a link to a tool or something. Though as I'm not experienced in those tags I can't be sure
> I wanted to see if someone can advise a Plugin which can be useful to me.
that doesn't necessarily mean it's resource request. If it can be edited to become better, that'll be preferred. Even I use to think the same, but then even I was pointed out. Hold on, lemme see if I can find that transcript
(but do note that I might be wrong)
@AshishAhuja well. The question was intended as a resource request, but maybe we can reword the question, since there are code-answers?
@FelixSFD yeah, that's what I would prefer. I didn't reword as I am not experienced in the tags
Dec 24 '16 at 11:37, by Kyll
@AshishAhuja Seems fine, could be edited though. "How to detect when a user turns their phone into silent mode?" seems alright.
^ even though it applies for TB, it's mostly the same thing
okay. I'll try to edit the question
@AshishAhuja I've reworded the question and removed everything about finding a plugin. Feel free to roll-back my edit, if I changed too much. If my edit was okay, you can delete my cv request
6:41 AM
@FireAlarm: I agree.
7:04 AM
@FelixSFD seems to be good! I can't trash your cv request though, I'm not an RO here.
@felix do you want your request to be trashed?
@AshishAhuja yes
ok, I'll ping an RO
@kyll or @tuna or whoever sees it first: could you trash this request by @felix?
@felix fyi, I just made a small edit to the post again
2 hours later…
9:23 AM
@Rizier123 posted this from IE, just to give you the shivers
1 hour later…
10:29 AM
slow sunday ...
that tag should probably go
10:49 AM
Thanks @tuna and @sot, I closed it as No MCVE
11:00 AM
@JanDvorak casted some close votes ...
1 message moved to SOCVR Sanitarium (cc@Felix)
kali-linux is unkillable
@Tunaki ?
The question could still be closed, shouldn't it?
Well it's still in the CV queue.
11:30 AM
Are any links in this answer working for anyone? stackoverflow.com/a/19323978/4099593
Are they linking to... adf.ly?
@BhargavRao all ad.fly smells spammy
Hmm, Okie, then I'll remove them
@BhargavRao this doesn't look good: shorten urls and earn money
you can replace the links
11:34 AM
I edited them out
But that guy is definitely spamming in the middle
ktlam.hk and check the username :/
> Last seen Dec 1 '13 at 4:31
and 1 post
Meh, only one answer, so tis fine
12:04 PM
I woke up at 0600 today
I was out of bed at 0610
And I started being productive at 0630
So you lost 30 minutes
12:33 PM
@Tunaki No, I spent them getting breakfast
@AshishAhuja He doesn't say to flag "thank you" - he does say to flag things that "add 0 value to the discussion" - this is a phrase with strong negative connotations as well. If you want your flags accepted by me, you'll flag "thank-yous" and other complimentary comments as "too chatty" and use "Not constructive" for negatively toned statements that don't add value and that aren't clearly "Rude."
@AaronHall Yeah that's what I'm doing as well. With the Heat Detector project, a lot of those are getting picked up, and when they're not outright rude, I usually flag them not constructive
I leave "too chatty" for the "who downvoted me?" or "hey what's the weather over there"
@AaronHall I once flagged a 'thank you' as too chatty and it was declined. I don't remember which site it was, it wasn't SO, but it was a populated site and since then I'm not sure if I should flag them or not.
@Tunaki What is the weather over there?
@Tunaki What about "what are the anonymous downvotes for?"
12:40 PM
@Adriaan Cloudy :(
Soon to have a shower I think.
@gunr2171 same. @AaronHall what your telling some of us is news. I think there needs to be a featured meta post on that. As far as I'm concerned as an active user on the site. If my NC flags start to be declined I wouldn't be happy. It's like we're punished for doing what we think is the right thing and that really is not the way to approach it as a mod. I think you need to educate the community first.
signal and noise, folks - try to prioritize your flagging - clean up stuff that gets hundreds of views per day/week. Get helpful info into the answers and flag the comments down to 0.
@Tunaki you only shower when it's cloudy?
@AaronHall another first time I'm hearing this. I'm not sure the way you are approaching this is helpful ttytt
12:43 PM
The typical Dutch day I suppose :) (goes from very cloudy to raining to quite beautiful blue sky, and back to raining)
@YvetteColomb Time to yell till testimony?
It's quite warm here.
It's warmer than other days here
@M.A.R. I don't know what that means
@Tunaki depends on the rain content. If it's beer, definitely Dutch
12:44 PM
@YvetteColomb Well I don't know what 'ttytt' means, so we're even
@M.A.R. are you going to tell you what you mean?
ttytt == to tell you the truth
@YvetteColomb Ahh
@YvetteColomb It was just a ridiculous proposal for what ''ttytt'' would mean
@BhargavRao ifttiaii
12:46 PM
@M.A.R. oh I didn't see that
@M.A.R. Why do people make weird acronyms?
why are people weird
They're fun shibboleths. :)
@BhargavRao Because ifttiaii, as I said
and afk
look another one
12:47 PM
@BhargavRao t.m.t.q.w.y.p.w.t.
Handling flags is easier. I'm out
to make typing quicker what's your problem with that lol
@BhargavRao that one was a joke.
@YvetteColomb I bet you name all your methods like you're writing in C
@QPaysTaxes DoIUnderstandWhatYouAreSaying()
12:49 PM
@SmokeDetector can I just edit out the link? Looks like a signature
NAA and spam!
My favorite two things
@YvetteColomb See, if you were using Ruby, that'd be do_i_understand_what_youre_saying? and it'd be nice and readable
@QPaysTaxes well if I was using java it'd be doIUnderstandWhatYouAreSaying(). So what language was I using? guess and you get a jellybean
@YvetteColomb C#?
@YvetteColomb Aussie slang.
12:53 PM
@QPaysTaxes yep :D
@YvetteColomb Yay, imaginary jellybeans! Perfect for a mythical creature.
...so I'll feed them to the first gryphon I see.
I love how a mod comes in here, has a discussion with everyone and when I ping him saying I don't like what he's doing he ignores me
@YvetteColomb ...You realize that the message you replied to was stating that he was leaving, right?
you realise he came back into the room and made a comment to someone else
12:58 PM
I don't know what you're seeing, but no he didn't.
@QPaysTaxes other mod
Err, @QPaysTaxes, I'm the only mod here
@Adriaan Oh, Aaron
@QPaysTaxes err yes see here
@YvetteColomb A declined flag is not a punishment. However, the system brings posts with NC flags to our attention, and when you flag a "gee thanks" as NC, you create noise and redundant work for us.
12:59 PM
beside @BhargavRao is my online son :D
@YvetteColomb Did you read the message you replied to? It's pretty obvious that I thought you meant Bhargav :P
@AaronHall but "too chatty" gets your attention as well no? You do delete those.
@QPaysTaxes yes, but it's so much fun to beat you with a big stick cos you made a mistake and you don't do that often!!! :P
@YvetteColomb You clearly haven't ever watched me code
@Adriaan Yes - one time attention - not redundant.
1:01 PM
@AaronHall ok I'm writing a meta post will link it in here and you can write an answer to that. I think that is the best thing to do. thanks for replying
Pro-tip: Don't flag a username as offensive unless it's really offensive.
@BhargavRao that a reference to my flag of last week?
That one was helpful, but no changes on the username/profile.
Nope, Got one just now
The username was "dick", there are 230 such users on stack overflow.
well, that's short for "William" for some reason. English is weird.
1:13 PM
yep :D
@rene is it worthwhile pinning that ^^
what do you guys think of the post? Is it clear?
I'm dealing with something else first, give me 6 to 8 minutes
@rene it's totally non-urgent
1:30 PM
I went POB there ^
the body describes the title
@rene In Soviet Russia, body describes title!
@Adriaan yeh I saw that, it kinda falls into a number of close reasons hey
@Adriaan I think both you and me are not in Russia, nor is this ru.so
@rene You'd be surprised; the Russian National anthem speaks of "The great land from ocean to ocean"
1:36 PM
There is a difference between what they want and reality
@rene whose reality? :D
I hope theirs, unless you believe that your OV-Studentenkaart brings you in Moscow.
what OV-card? I'm old :(
@Adriaan you mean Richard? lol
@AaronHall William as well no?
1:40 PM
Not really to my knowledge - William is shortened to Will or Bill, though.
And to point out the really absurd, "Jack" used to be the diminutive form of "John"...
And we call a co-worker with a Chinese name "Steve" as a kind of official nick-name, and my boss has the habit of calling him "Steven".
Chinese have the habit anyhow to invent some kind of easily pronounceable name for Westerners in my experience
@rene As in, you should throw rocks at anyone who uses IE, right?
Also, morning o/
@MadaraUchiha I love rocks!
Quickly fires up IE
@Adriaan Here, catch
such pretty, much wow!
2:07 PM
@MadaraUchiha I'm curious to see your take on the recent MSE question I posted, you posted an answer to a linked question.
@YvetteColomb Link?
@YvetteColomb I actually don't have a particularly strong opinion.
Unless we're talking about a custom flag, I (personally) hardly even look at the contents of the flag.
With comments, there are only two possibilities: Either the comment is delete worthy, or the flag is declined. There's no middle ground (i.e. I can't approve the flag and not delete the comment)
@MadaraUchiha but what about what Aaron was saying about deleting the not constructive flags and how they create noise for mods?
@AaronHall I still disagree. I digged up some more into meta posts to see if I was wrong, and it turns out I'm not (do note that I'm not saying the TC comments are wrong, just saying the NC should not be decline on thank you comments). I found a post which is for "thank you" comments, and another SO mod replies that he is fine with both the TC and NC comments. Are you saying that this is wrong?
Also, could you provide me a meta post or some kind of reference supporting what you're saying?
2:13 PM
with the comments @QPaysTaxes the op does write "I myself got solution for this..Which will also helpful for others who are interested to create Flashlight Android Application. "
@YvetteColomb ...which would also be true if he'd gotten it from that site, rather than having written what's on that site.
@AshishAhuja please write an answer! I'd love to see this discussed, as what Aaron is seeing and what we are experiencing are two different things
@QPaysTaxes ?
@YvetteColomb The answer, as written, doesn't make it clear that the linked content was written by the same person as the answer. It makes it clear only that a solution, reproduced in part in the answer, is available there.
That would be plenty if the content wasn't his. Since it (most likely) is, there needs to be an explicit note that it's written by him, rather than something that I interpreted at first as meaning "I came across the solution here"
@YvetteColomb ok, will do.
2:15 PM
@AshishAhuja thanks :D
@QPaysTaxes I read it that it was the Op's, but I may have been too lenient
@YvetteColomb You might have been influenced by the Smokey post :)
I've gotten into the habit of not reading the reason until after I read the post. Makes for a marginally less biased review.
@QPaysTaxes ok I edited the post. As the OP has poor English skills and after all, it's a blog, not asking for money at this point. They signed up 27 days ago, so took a while to post. They may end up a valuable contributor
@YvetteColomb Sure, but if they're gonna do that, they should know how to avoid getting their account deleted for spam.
Which is what that was, until you made it... marginally more clear, at least.
@QPaysTaxes please come here chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/11540/charcoal-hq I can't keep up with the dual discussion :D
2:21 PM
@YvetteColomb Meh, I edited it to fix the grammar issues you missed and make it outright, glaringly obvious.
@QPaysTaxes tx Q
another thing @Qpa the blog entry is really only used as a code sample developandroidskills.blogspot.com.au/2017/02/… written today. So the Op went off and solved it and came back with a link of the full code. I honestly think they're ok. I'm really hard on spammers.
@YvetteColomb The point isn't that it's almost nothing. The point is that it's to their blog, and they didn't say anything. If they just wanted to provide a code sample, they'd have used Pastebin or the Java equivalent of coliru (if there is one).
Also, that blog is formatted really, really badly.
so typical, I told you you're always right! @QPaysTaxes :D
2:32 PM
2 hours ago, by QPaysTaxes
@YvetteColomb You clearly haven't ever watched me code
@QPaysTaxes nope, don't spoil the illusion! :D
2:45 PM
@YvetteColomb there ya go: meta.stackexchange.com/a/291559/314466
@AshishAhuja awesome thanks :)
let's see what kind of response I get..
OK, just finished planning out the next two or three weeks of work for myself.
@AshishAhuja if Aaron hadn't posted in here, many of us would not have known of the changes, let along the wider community
@KhalidHussain I would think that at least the module that they are trying to install is missing, so yeah mvce could work
@rene thank you
@KhalidHussain it looks like you can run it without parameters but then it does module load for the app.
Objective C Expert: is it NAA? Objective C TCP Socket
@KhalidHussain Doesn't seem to be. It answers the question.
Whether or not it's correct is irrelevant to NAA flags.
3:36 PM
@QPaysTaxes Citing strictly from the flag-reason for NAA: "This was posted as an answer, but it does not attempt to answer the question. It should possibly be an edit, a comment, another question, or deleted altogether." - To me it is a comment -> NAA
@Olaf To cite strictly from the flag reason:
> This was posted as an answer, but it does not attempt to answer the question.
It does attempt to answer the question, it just phrases it poorly.
@QPaysTaxes So VLQ?
@Olaf No, that's for posts which are so bad they can't even be edited into shape. Just DV if you think it's bad/wrong.
Anyway, I gotta buckle down and get to work.
3:51 PM
@QPaysTaxes The differences are way too subtle ...
4:04 PM
Hi all o/
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