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5:11 PM
@AaronHall I have some meta post on the issue, it's complicated matters, lets put it this way SE want's users to be nice (are not very tollerante), summer of love etc, meta crowd is more tough, my personal view is that if comment is of no use for other people, no information useful for future users, it can go. (to chatty, obsolete, non constructive who cares)
and this is the FAQ
Hey @Olaf, you here? I have a C question
How do you make an array of structs that have FAMs?
@QPaysTaxes You can't declare an array of incomplete type.Just ask yourself: how is the compiler supposed to know the size of an element?
Yeah, that's what I thought
But my IDE wasn't giving me errors, and there're a bunch of other things that would make it not compile anyway
(because I noticed the problem in the middle of fixing something else)
If that's about your string module: that's would be an opaque type anyway (<- incomplete type), so you can only create pointers to them, never define such an object,, nor have an array of it.
No, this is about something else
I'm writing a hashmap and FAMs, if they could be in arrays, would have made it a little simpler
5:24 PM
@QPaysTaxes Sure you don't declare an array of pointers?
@Olaf That's what I'm using now; before, it was something like struct Foo { other stuff; Bucket foo[]; }, where Bucket had a FAM
@Steve You have a comment there that links back to the same question...
@QPaysTaxes The hashmap itself would normally be an array of fixed size structs or just pointers. And the entries are typically allocated dynamically, which would work with FAMs
Hm, it might work then
I'll get it working with malloc, which I'm more familiar with, then play around
@QPaysTaxes Bucket is a FAM:-)
5:27 PM
@Olaf Bucket has a FAM, foo is a FAM.
Either that or "finite array member" doesn't refer to the member itself.
@NisseEngström yeah I made a mess there. Replaced with the right dupe.
@QPaysTaxes "Has a FAM" would imply it could contain other types, too. But that's not possible. (btw. it is redundant, the pure declaration and being the last in a struct implies it is a FAM).
I think you're misunderstanding me.
Bucket has a FAM means that Bucket, at the end, contains something like stuff bar[];
foo, being the array member which is finite but indeterminate in size, is the FAM.
Foo also has a FAM.
@QPaysTaxes No: Bucket is not a FAM, but any other type (sorry, I had Bucket as the name of the member in mind - that happens if you don't read properly). And it cannot "have" a FAM either (which would imply it is a struct which includes a FAM, which is no possible for reason I stated above).
Ok, got it. That's the part you asked about.
@Olaf Oh, that makes sense. I don't quite get what you mean by "it could contain other types", though -- it's perfectly valid to have a struct { int hi; char bar[]; }.
5:33 PM
@QPaysTaxes Yes, but that cannot be member of another array (be it a FAM or a normal array) - directly or indirectly. Sorry, I'm a bit distracted here.
@Olaf Oh, yeah, I see what you mean
As I wrote: just ask yourself "can the compiler determine the size of the type at compile-time or not. That's basically what makes the difference between complete and incomplete types.
This is an answer, right? It's in the LQPQ.
Aaand it's gone. :)
Yeah. :-(
5:36 PM
@NisseEngström Was it removed? . . . Oh
I would say that's NAA though. It's a joke, not an answer.
@NisseEngström Waring a suit is restful? Can't be a true programmer.
@Olaf Right, that's what was confusing me :)
@QPaysTaxes I'm a bit irritated about your compiler not generating an error message here. Without checking the standard, I'd say it is a constraint violation, after all it cannot generate the code for pointer arithmetics when indexing such an array.
@Olaf The compiler might have. My IDE didn't.
I didn't try the compiler, because it'd have failed before getting to that file.
5:41 PM
@QPaysTaxes Why would the IDE complain at all? Sorry, I don't see the connection.
@Olaf ...Because it shows compile errors, normally.
IDE != text editor
@QPaysTaxes Erm, so it is the compiler which complains. That's what I wrote (the IDE just showing the compiler messages does not count as "the IDE complains"). Still strange if the IDE filters these particular messages.
@QPaysTaxes I know what an IDE is - that's the electricat interface of old ATA-HDDs with parallel interface, right?
@Olaf No, you're misunderstanding. It detects compiler errors -- maybe through the compiler -- and then separately from the compiler output, without me having to actually compile it, it shows the errors on screen
@SmokeDetector ''for me this is really help'' -__-
@Olaf Can I pretend I know what that is?
5:44 PM
@QPaysTaxes You can wikipedia it ... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parallel_ATA
That's what I meant
I already did :P
Kids .... don't even know the most recent history :-)
Googling is the new knowing
@QPaysTaxes Not really. Just finding does not mean you know. And being able to recall such things without it is actually quite good. It shows your brain can associate quite well.
@Olaf sigh [to audience] Try to make a joke and it flies right over the old man's head, am I right?
If you'll excuse me, I'm apparently in a sitcom now
5:50 PM
@QPaysTaxes Jokes are a cultural and age-dependent thing ;-) Recall what I wrote some days ago about having to concentrate on the language. And I'm still distracted. That's why I'm afk now ...
@Olaf I know :) Cya!
6:06 PM
Quick formatting question; if I see text without spaces, that's a function's name in the code or something, does it need to be enclosed in backticks or not?
I vote yes.
For instance, something like 'OwinEnvironmentService' and 'SignInMessage'
@Tunaki Well I vote no.
who cares about you anyway, you should use backticks yes
@Tunaki You're very helpful. I don't know what I would've done without you
Thanks, that'll be 3 chocolatines
6:10 PM
@Tunaki now now Tunaki(s) let's keep it civil. lets practive self love
I'm confused
@HovercraftFullOfEels join the club
There's a confused club? Can I join?
Hey! That's a one-box
6:14 PM
@JanDvorak Sirens
@JanDvorak that's one box indeed.
@HovercraftFullOfEels oy! don't do that too often or I have to kick you.
Plop everyonez!
@SmokeDetector huh? posted long ago, answer's been closed almost a month
6:25 PM
@Adriaan One answer was edited 3 mins ago.
@BaummitAugen ah right, I see
@Kyll \o
plop @kyll
BTW I just noticed how lonely ''Ask Question'' looks like without all the other buttons. D:
"Ask Question" button be like, "Why have ya'll forsaken me"
6:30 PM
Oops, @cricket_007 already posted about this question.
6:40 PM
Please take a few moments to read-up and discuss Comment flags on MSE which is a follow up on a discussion that started here.
@HovercraftFullOfEels Yeah, but seemed clear to me
@rene So TL;DR; flag as too chatty, unless I missed something?
@M.A.R. no, use the appropriate flag.
too chatty works for me 99,99999%, Not constructive never works for me
@M.A.R. Think of the flags of a level from 1 to 5, going from least disruptive to most disruptive
6:51 PM
@Tunaki I'm always cranked up to 11.
The higher you do, the less likely it is to be warranted, but you live on the edge or you don't
@Adriaan Nah, I mean a comment that says nothing other ''thankz you''
@M.A.R. that indeed you should flag as TC
@M.A.R. That's offensive to the English language.
@Tunaki That includes half of SO
I'm eight edit approvals away from being able to downvote . . . >:)
6:54 PM
... and love the privilege in the process.
That was supposed to be an s
but I like it this way
My take, When flagged, I'll delete the comments if it's warranted. If it raises an additional flag, I'm ready to handle that too.
Like a train of flags
@cricket_007: I don't understand the underlying rationale for the incorrect attempt though
@ThomasWeller yes?
7:12 PM
@rene Materializes
@BhargavRao That post wasn't vandalized, see revision history.
Yep, deleted the comment
The OP must be wondering, "How high are mods here"
@BhargavRao Nah. Bet you an ice cream they didn't even notice it
@BhargavRao Wait, you mod sober?
7:22 PM
@Machavity Yeah.
in Python, Nov 23 '16 at 20:49, by Bhargav Rao
I became a mod, so no more drinking :D ......"Don't drink and moderate"
@BhargavRao Flag declined "I can't close the unicorn with a spoon"
Oh, That's when I'm on something worse than alcohol
On a horse
rene watch out BR will turn you into smoke
Oh yes, I totally love snorting horses
7:25 PM
Good thing we have SD so that won't go unnoticed at least.
@BaummitAugen No, that's @Cerbrus
@Cerbrus Uh, it's unexplainable how the normal modding conversation lead to this
7:49 PM
@BhargavRao You mean @Yvette?
@Kyll Err, Nope. I've got my own horse farm.
8:08 PM
fed to Mice
8:20 PM
@BhargavRao very nice I wish I had one
Well, Tunas can only own a sea horse farm. Sorry @tuna
I bet you can snore those as well.
@BhargavRao If they don't end up canned and eaten
@PetterFriberg I'll get back to you with the measurements on tuna snoring.
On a level of weirdness, this room is fairly high. Is there a world record we can take on?
everyone looks left and right to spot who's the weirdest, forgetting to talk
8:35 PM
naaa we are all looking at the fish
@PetterFriberg "not an actual answer"?
Thanks Adriaan for stepping up and raising the weirdness bar.
You could be our subject matter expert
It's a bit of a grey area. I'm not sure my adequately coloured matter is capable of thinking on such a profound level.
8:49 PM
@Tunaki I'm looking left and right for this memory leak
Did you look below and above?
9:02 PM
and the leg?
Dammit the memory leak was caused by a typo
I had & instead of *
9:18 PM
The leak was caused by using C in the first place.
waffles. It's weight loss.
The leak was caused by programming in the first place.
@FireAlarm TB/POB
9:36 PM
My code works perfectly, as far as I can tell
But my debug print function is broken
I wish this title belonged to a question on Worldbuilding. — Jan Dvorak 11 secs ago
...I typo'd i for j.
In two separate places.
I think my code works
I wrote it in one go, without testing it at all
Oh wait no there's one bug
10:01 PM
I'm watching a livestream and someone just said this
I don't get it.
@Tunaki If you only have luck, and not skill, and you try to fly an airplane, you aren't going to get very far.
As in you'll crash and burn before going very much distance.
Unless you push the button and let the computer fly the plane for you ;)
@Tunaki I don't think most training planes have autopilot.
10:29 PM
Bye all. o/
10:43 PM
Food for thought: scaling a dragon could mean either climbing its body, or removing its scales.
or resizing an image of it
11:08 PM
@ThomasWard You doubt me?
11:35 PM
@4castle that answer is awful
I thought w3schools wasn't so bad anymore?
> The questions that you've asked are way too much and SO community doesn't take interest in the question if OP doesn't make a fight in solving questions.
After running that through my Google Translate Fixer, that says good things about the poster.
@NobodyNada never heard of that news
Well, I did, and the result of my research was "it still sucks"
Unrelated, there's something to be said for the bravery of parents whose son is in the hospital and, when they get there to see him, concentrate on the fact that he's GCS15 and breathing, rather than the fact that he's in extremely critical condition.
Sounds like the parents of a BMX rider
11:39 PM
Ski patrollers, actually
One's a doctor and paramedic, the other's a trauma nurse
what happened?
Someone fell asleep at the wheel, woke up to the sound of other cars accelerating, and hit the gas without looking
He hit someone and dragged them across the intersection
The person who got hit is the son of the parents I was talking about
oh, dear!
If you wanna help with medical costs, they set up a GoFundMe
do you know them?
11:44 PM
Yeah, I patrol with them and their son
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