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12:02 AM
This is the first time I've seen a -1 question requiring more than 3 del votes stackoverflow.com/q/1350679
Might it be due to the community wiki status?
Ah. That +26 upvotes single-word answer.
By a community organizer no less
Yeah the number of delete votes takes the max of the question and all answers into account
oops gold hammer didn't work due to missing js tag stackoverflow.com/q/42465350 :(
At least the roomba will get it now
yeah, either way would be deleted
12:17 AM
I don't think the roomba will get questions closed as a duplicate
12:48 AM
Holy crap. Just spent 40 minutes on an answer that's long and wordy o_o
1:23 AM
@AndrewLi hey, congrats on 10k :) Now you can help with these stackoverflow.com/tools?tab=Close&daterange=last2days
@SotiriosDelimanolis 3 reopens... eww
@SamuelLiew thanks!
@cricket_007 Need to reject that edit too
2 hours later…
3:19 AM
@BhargavRao they smell beautiful :D
Darned it
\o @Yvette
Is your daughter better?
@NobodyNada Yvette has a daughter?
Jan 9 at 23:23, by Yvette Colomb
@Kyll I was up until 4am with my daughter at the hospital
@Kyll hi my small furry mammal dressed in human clothing
3:22 AM
@NobodyNada thanks for remembering! She is much better infection and pain wise, but her hearing is not good :/
Is she expected to recover?
@NobodyNada I hope so
that's good
Anyone with the roomba-dating userscript?
yes it is
3:36 AM
I was replying to @NobodyNada soz
No problem
I don't know about this one
Me neither
I went with fp
Ugh my super long answer turned out to be a duplicate!
3:41 AM
it's showing an example of what the Op wanted
Link doesn't answer the question in any way. Plus no affiliation.
@AndrewLi don't fret, there's plenty of dups and not always easy to find
@Tushar it does, it demonstrates what the Op wants
@YvetteColomb Well, at least I got +5 for it. Added a bit more info than the dupe
@AndrewLi Then you might want to generalize the answer and move it to the dup-target. That way more people can benefit from the answer (and you get more rep).
3:44 AM
Can you move answers?
@AndrewLi dupes are not bac in and of themselves it's when there's 100 dupes of the same thing it's bad. When there's a few dupes of one thing it can be good. Personally I like dupes, as one may not give me the answer and a few dupes later i find an answer that suits
As in mods moving em?
@AndrewLi no let it be
Just hope maybe the OP can see it an accept or comment
@AndrewLi You could ask a mod, but I think that may only be possible with a question merge. When I've felt it appropriate for my own answers, I've normally copy & pasted the text, provided a back-link and, eventually, deleted the original on the dup.
3:47 AM
@Makyen I dunno. If I do post on another post, I'll usually add more info.
@Makyen yep and question merges are not always easy to get
@AndrewLi That would be the part I called "generalize". If I expect it to end up being a dup target, I will usually spend more time on the answer so it is applicable to many circumstances.
@Makyen agree
@YvetteColomb I've never asked for a merge. I've always just done a copy, paste, delete the answer on the dup (when possible) process. I loose any rep on the dup, but the answer is available on the primary dup-target. Obviously, if my answer is not better, in my opinion, or provides more information, than ones that exist on the dup-target, then I don't bother moving it. I just add the dup-target to my list of questions to use as a dup-target and move on.
3:55 AM
yep, I think I asked for a question merge once O>O
I don't like deleting duplicates that have multiple decent answers. With programming we all learn in different ways and sometimes how something may be explained will click with one person and not the other. Or there may be so many points to it, that one answer will catch that point
@YvetteColomb Yeah, I don't like it either. Deleting duplicates should only be done if they provide negative value (e.g. clutter up search results) without providing even the benefit of having unique terms or phrases for which people might search. The search fodder issue is why the 365 day Roomba has a requirement that the # views must be < 1.5 * the question's age in days.
@Makyen totally agree
4:17 AM
@AndrewLi I've just put up the beta version of my fork of Roomba Forecaster. It checks for all Roomba tasks; tells you when the question will be deleted, or why it will not be deleted, by Roomba.
@Yvette ^
Anyone is welcome to try it. I would appreciate feedback as to any problems, or what might be improved.
@NobodyNada ?
roomba userscript
oh wait, that was Andrew looking for it
@YvetteColomb Nobody pinged you. You can go back to what you were doing
4:20 AM
@Machavity lol
4:33 AM
@Makyen Thanks!
Me too
5:07 AM
Dear close vote reviewers, is this on topic here on SO?
This looks like a server config question to me. Closevoted.
I did that and got rejected
Define "rejected"
I flagged and my flag is disputed
Sorry, used wrong word
The review queues aren't perfect. That's why this room exists.
5:12 AM
Is the "disputed" automatically triggered when the other reviewers in the queue do not act likewise? As opposed to being rejected by a mod
Mods can't even dispute flags except spam/offensive
Pardon me, I didn't mean a mod, I mean the flag is put into another queue that evaluates if the flag is helpful or not
@iled yes it is
@iled what did you flag it as?
@YvetteColomb the first one I marked as off topic (network). The second as "unclear what you're asking"
the second just appeared now as "too broad" by Abdul Khan
5:15 AM
A closevote flag tosses the question into a closevote review queue. Most of the time the post spends some time there, then drops out because of age. Not sure what happens to flags if a question times out.
@iled I don't know why they were declined sorry. I think they are both off topic and voted to close them. Though there's always variation in what people regard as off topic. I recommend you write this in a meta question
I appreciate your reply. I won't do that, I guess I'd get the same answer as you are giving: it should be closed, for some reason the reviewers didn't think so and/or it got overlooked. It is not a very critic case that I will open a question in meta. Sorry, I am not arguing against you, I appreciate that you looked into this
@iled you are not arguing, you are very polite. I'm happy to help. Please visit again
5:20 AM
:| )
Is it actually ok to come here and question about declined close flags?
question or ask for another look, I mean
If you don't know if something should be closed, feel free to ask
Sounds good, thank you!
If you want us to close a question, that's also an option, but do read the FAQ
Yes, I do, I've read several meta posts as well. Sometimes it is still not clear, or I thought it was and then it got rejected, like these examples now
5:27 AM
@JanDvorak If the question expires from the close-vote review queue, the flag is marked as "aged away".
Even if there has been a leave open review on that question?
5:42 AM
@JanDvorak Hmmm, I have 2 close flags that ended up "disputed". Both questions are now deleted. One was closed by close-vote less than 3 hours after I flagged it, so I don't know why it was considered disputed. The other was deleted by Rommba after 30 days, as I had also downvoted. I have about 150 close-flags of assorted types that "aged away" from prior to having 3k rep. I would consider it very unlikely that all of them got no "leave open" review queue responses.
@Makyen I think I have read somewhere a situation like yours, probably on meta. Can't remember exactly, maybe it happened to me as well. Your flag may have been disputed because it was the wrong reason. Or maybe the reviewers overlooked...
5:57 AM
@iled I don't know. It was closed, by close-vote, 2 hours 55 minutes after I flagged it and deleted by Roomba 10 days later. The close reason was the same as the reason I flagged it: too broad.
6:14 AM
\o all
> . . . has approved 1419 edit suggestions and rejected 4 edit suggestions and improved 54 edit suggestions
When your edit sits in the queue long enough, robo-reviewers happen to approve it. -__-
"You can't please everyone" is always a good lesson to learn:
Isn't pasting the permalink to a comment supposed to make a pretty little quote box? 3:
only if the comment exists
@TigerhawkT3 Not if the comment is deleted
Perhaps the comment's deletion breaks it, yeah.
That was quite prompt. A couple days ago a similar comment stayed up for over half an hour.
@TigerhawkT3 What was it about anyway?
Was it something like ''eff you close voters''?
6:26 AM
@M.A.R. Someone thought that my attempt at closing a duplicate, subsequent acquiescence to the masses' wishes, and answer made me "utter scum." 👍
@TigerhawkT3 utter scum? That's not bad
All close voters are utter scum, except those that aren't.
Well that's a relief. I thought I was doing it wrong.
Hmm, now I wonder what the worst insult a person said to me was
Prolly ''bad chemist''
On the plus side, I have Bad Religion stuck in my head now.
@M.A.R. They can say whatever else they want, but if they question your competency as a chemist, you're going to deck that Klingon, right? :P Don't worry, I won't tell Kirk.
1 hour later…
7:42 AM
@Rizier123 20k+
Good morning \o
@BhargavRao \o
7:55 AM
8:16 AM
^ Code works just fine, OP is confusing arrays with objects.
8:37 AM
Hiya o/
@Tunaki Code
9:46 AM
spam edit
heya kayess o/
hiya 2na \o
good evening
good morning Yvette :)
can't you see the day has just started :p
hmmm not from here
10:11 AM
Hey all, I have a question: is it considered "proper" to stick around after dupehammering something to give people the opportunity to argue against the closure?
@TigerhawkT3 I try to stick around yes, for that reason. And also to spot whether someone reopened...
Approximately what percentage of the time do their arguments convince you that your closure was incorrect?
About 1%.
That's not a very encouraging percentage.
:35853965 sourceforge.net pattern matching???
10:18 AM
@TigerhawkT3 Yeah but I hate to see things reopened by others behind my back
Can't you not do much about that, even if you know about it?
That depends, there are others Java hammers here that can voice their opinion about the closure.
Ah, the cavalry.
Do you have some sort of cutoff point where you stop responding to a hammered question's notifications?
What is going on today with "I just post a single line of code" questions: stackoverflow.com/q/42483269 , stackoverflow.com/q/42483074 ?!
Ah, It's a normal day
10:33 AM
Whoa! They're showing some code!
@TigerhawkT3 Yeah, after 2/3 comments, I'm out.
@Tunaki Sounds like a reasonable threshold.
11:23 AM
wierdy spam? stackoverflow.com/a/42484534/1743880. Has rep, probably blame question instead
11:40 AM
@Tunaki Bad question, bad answer. Does that answer qualify as NAA?
@Tunaki CVed the question: not about programming.
Is this answer any good now? It's still a software rec answer in essentio, but edited to be rather extensive I'd say
@Adriaan The problem seems to be the question, if that is the correct answer, question probably too broad or a request for off-site resources...
@PetterFriberg yea, my idea exactly.
answerer did edit it properly though Id say
@Adriaan The question asks for off-site resources in a subsentence.
11:50 AM
@Olaf works as well. I went too broad yesterday
@Adriaan yeah that's not flag worthy
The grandsons will be happy with that print out
If they're really 88 years old, they're not at fault.
@PetterFriberg Ugh.
Do you know how hard it is to keep track of all the new stuff happening when you've got eight decades of memories piled up, and the new ones don't stick too well?
I mean it is NAA, but we should leave a helpful comment, just in case it's no troll.
11:54 AM
Yeah it's better to make a printout
Then again, dafuq.
"Telstra White pages",
@Seth it's probably a troll, so better to not leave comment.. let it die away in LQPqueue
That isn't mentioned anywhere in the question.
Yes, sometimes it's difficult to remember which service they're using at this particular second, out of dozens they're signed up for.
@TigerhawkT3 I'm not that old, but I sometimes get the impression we "oldtimers" do quite well compared to what what I see from many people way younger. Maybe the old style of learning was not that bad at all.
11:59 AM
as long as we can do printout's we are ok
Mh, I think that current generations lack patience and focus.
Most people cannot go on with their task for even 5 minutes without having to look at their phone.
And they lose focus as soon as something takes longer than expected.
@Seth Can you repeat that? I was checking my mail ... cough - yes, that's the point.
@Olaf Losing one's memory and ability to focus makes a world of difference, and it can happen pretty quickly.
I tutor an 87-year-old, originally with Windows 10 (he upgraded accidentally and felt lost).
Now I spend most of our sessions reminding him of his passwords to various services.
@TigerhawkT3 Yes, but my point is that it is not only something happening to olders, but to an increasing degree to youngers. And that is not a matter of physical degradation.
I personally use a sheet of paper to keep track of passwords. Just to be on the safe side.
Despite being young (22). :)
12:04 PM
@PetterFriberg he, one of the comments points to "Code Gold". I first thought it to be spam instead of a typo
@TigerhawkT3 Why not use a password-generator? They are safe and just one phrase to remember. Or use passphrases for each site, especially for old people way easier to remember.
@Olaf Difficult to keep track of multiple passwords nonetheless I guess :/
@Seth Not really. Old people normally have a lot of sentences in memory no one else knows about.
He has several multi-page documents with his passwords. I've been considering a password manager for him for a few weeks, but I have a few concerns. 1. it'll just be one more password to remember, 2. what if he forgets this meta-password? 3. will it work reliably across a variety of platforms, for all services he uses? 4. even if it's all ideal, it'll be a hassle to set up, as some services he uses rely on just not logging out ever.
@Olaf Associating those with multiple services is what makes it difficult.
@TigerhawkT3 What'd be bad about having a sheet of paper with all the passwords written on it?
12:09 PM
For example, he has email set up on his computer and his tablet. One day he sees that his computer can't access email because of a wrong password. So he has to update it... but he can't remember what it was, so he resets it and regains access.
The next session, he tells me email doesn't work on his tablet. Well, what's the password? It's this right here... wait, that was the old one... where'd I put the new one... so we reset it again.
@Seth Hmm, why does that Stenkelfeld episode with the senior at the bank trying to remember his password come into mind?
And, the next time, guess what somehow happened to email on his computer.
@Seth That's why a generator is useful. And as safe as different passwords.
@Olaf What the heck is Stenkelfeld :( ...
@Seth He has several such documents, and all of them are several pages long, and he can't update each one every time something changes, so their accuracy ends up drifting over time.
12:11 PM
@Seth Seriously? You really missed something to ROFL: de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stenkelfeld (sorry, no English version)
It's gotten to the point where I know some of his passwords now, and I hate it, but I don't see any practical alternative other than a master password service that I have concerns about.
@TigerhawkT3 Does not sound like a problem memorising, but organisation of stuff. Good passwords need not be changed every month.
It's both.
@TigerhawkT3 Several?! >_<
@TigerhawkT3 Don't use an online service for that! How about an app on his phone or the PC.
12:14 PM
He writes everything down... and then forgets where he put the paper, or that he wrote it at all.
@Olaf Worth checking it out? :D
The app would need to work on W10 desktop, Kindle FireOS, and iOS - those are the devices he uses. I'm just really leery of entering passwords into anywhere but the service they go with.
@TigerhawkT3 Sounds like something which either started way earlier in his life or an indicator for dementia. Either way: it is not normal fading by age.
@TigerhawkT3 LastPass?
@TigerhawkT3 Get a password manager -> Put the PW for the PM on a PostIt note & stick it to the monitor? ô.ô
12:17 PM
@Olaf It's the latter than I'm worried about. I've been working with him for a little over a year, and in that time I've noticed more than a moderate change.
@Seth Unless you are the type going into the cellar for laughing: absolutely. If you are: take them with you into the cellar.
@Olaf I'm german, so.... cellar it is.
I like my cellar :)
@TigerhawkT3 He should see a doctor then. But of course that's no guarantee he can help. Anyway, my point was actually the younger generation. I sometimes have the impression dementia starts nowadays right after puberty (or even with it, but that might be a different cause).
@MadaraUchiha Not the first recommendation for LastPass I've gotten lately, and probably won't be the last. I'll probably start looking into this sort of thing, if only to find out whether I want to try it.
@Olaf Oh, I'm not worried about the young people. They "forget" things like homework but have an amazing recollection of everything they actually care about. :P
@TigerhawkT3 According to a lot of studies, there is a growing tendency of younger people to memorise much less, not being able to see connections and lack of abstractions beyond the level of icons vs. words (where they indeed are much better than the older generations). But I'm not worried about that generation per-se; it is the second-next generation I fear for, when we oldies are gone and can't fix things anymore.
12:27 PM
@Olaf Gatorade. It's what plants crave.
And one thing which becomes better with age is associations: considering you are well experienced and have yuite some background, you find patterns much easier. (which also leads to depressions for seeing how much history is repeating)
@Olaf History is always repeating, but we gradually get better, too.
That's what most people miss.
Today is the best time to live pretty much everywhere around the world, out of any other time in history.
Maybe the high end of the bell curve will be able to compensate for the apparently decreasing average, e.g. Grammarly.
Basic spelling.
"I want to learn to read good and do other things good too." → "I wish to achieve a high level of literacy while acquiring a variety of other valuable skills."
12:32 PM
@MadaraUchiha I'm not sure. The 20th century was one of the worst in human history. Maybe less local conflicts, but the more mass-killing due to "enhanced" techniques. The 21st started with things messed up at local scales world-wide and freedom being massively reduced in all countries - mostly due to "enhanced" techniques.
ABC weapons :')
Once the next WW takes place, earth will be left without humans.
@Seth Eher Infowar weapons
@Olaf Which will - inevitably - lead to physical conflicts.
I honestly hate the very idea of Grammarly. It's Auto-Tune for the written word.
Which, as they go on, will - inevitably - lead to higher & higher levels of conflicts.
Thus resulting in a war where no laws exist, and every weapon is to be used. => Everyone dies.
@TigerhawkT3 What's "Grammarly"? ô.o
12:36 PM
@TigerhawkT3 What's Grammarly?
It's like autocorrect, only it also handles, grammar, style, word choice, etc.
@Seth See? history repeating. Patterns: it is the same shXX as in the past, just with other "tools". IRL-OOP
The use case I see in the first five seconds of their ads before I hit the Skip button is writing "very important" in an email and having Grammarly recommend "critical" instead.
@TigerhawkT3 Urch!
12:40 PM
@Olaf Meh, the baseline is repeating. The weapons are getting more advanced. One day someone will construct a bomb massive enough to desintegrate earth itself. Just a matter of time...
@TigerhawkT3 =/ ...
I mean I like the idea of programs suited to the needs of the population...
But why the heck do we have a need for that in the first place?
@TigerhawkT3 Why learn to write what you want yourself if there is something writing it thinks you want. Next stage would be the user can't read what was written. Then were're back at the medival age or even the antique where only certain people could read/write and not be verified. That's in-line with letting other's think for oneself.
What makes me most uncomfortable about it is that it makes me question the distinction between skill and trivia.
@Seth It's the same as the old joke: "After finding answers to all our questions, we don't feel less confused. Just at a higher level."
@TigerhawkT3 And it generates even more communication noise. Facebook, Twitter etc. already raised noise to a new level.
I bet there are at least a dozen different variations of "Schwarzenegger" that Google would recognize. How important is it, really, that everyone memorize how to spell it properly?
But then I think of Auto-Tune and Katy Perry and I am no longer uncertain.
Good morning o/
This post is still alive. Will Roomba get it?
12:52 PM
yes, it will
unless they accept their answer, so I'm throwing a delete vote anyway
Okay, thanks
@JanDvorak check now, still too broad for you I think.
Yes. Should I not think of it as too broad?
1:07 PM
Idk. Afk.
Is this unclear or too broad? stackoverflow.com/questions/42486630/…
1:44 PM
I have a serious problem with Twitch. Can anyone help? The video resolution is 1280 px horizontally, but the display resolution is only 1278 px.
I only have 5 downvotes left for today :'-(
@JanDvorak I haven't used any :(
You mean you have 5 votes left, which may be spent as upvotes or downvotes, depending on the quality of content you see. :P
Like I said, I have 5 downvotes left to spent today. I wouldn't waste them upvoting content.
2:26 PM
This answer is more-or-less the worked out version of my comment, but it has all kinds of syntax errors. Is it appreciated if I write my own answer, which would be almost the same, but without syntax errors?
@Adriaan Yes.
@MadaraUchiha THanks. Added my answer.
Mod said Yes, so I answered.
3 mins ago, by Madara Uchiha
@Adriaan Yes.
A RO will want to trash my previous two messages. Mixed up chatrooms, sorry
2:45 PM
@Adriaan ô,ô
3:03 PM
hey gunr
3:15 PM
2 weeks until Daylight Savings Monday, the least productive day in the US
yo jal
@JAL \o
Morning, did you play any more Factorio over the weekend?
no. some tf2 but otherwise light on games
3:16 PM
nathan is also gone until wednesday
more interviews?
yep, round 2
nice, good for him
I'll try to be available more this week, maybe tonight? I think I only have plans wednesday night for now
rides in on a jet ski (owo)/
3:18 PM
sure, that works
also, jet skis work
This weather is terrifying.
I'll allow it.
@JAL error: not a spearrel
3:19 PM
I forgot I have something around 8, but I should be free after that.
I may not have any room rights, but I MOVE TO ALLOW IT.
I won't allow anything.
I'll injunct your motion to allow it
But since I don't allow anything, how could I allow not to allow anything?
You have 4 hours for your essay.
This person on the guns subreddit was giving out free essays for donations to a human trafficking charity.
3:22 PM
Bloody hell, afk for 10 minutes and more messages are posted than in the last hour.
gunr arrived, all hell broke loose
yep, that's SOCVR: quiet for a while then spikes of activity
also, I'm awesome. always the correct explanation
Involving heavy machinery.
@gunr2171 how was your weekend? Have any meetings?
@gunr2171 it would be interesting if we could get a graph on that.
3:23 PM
relaxing, no
brb making
I have a graph about when people are demanding graph
@AshishAhuja "Ask and you shall receive."
@Tunaki Pics or didn't happen
afk for today, ping me if someone actually makes a graph about that. No idea how to do that though
We actually have the tools to do it :)
3:25 PM
Today is a fresh new week.
I wish there were a light southwestern style salad I could get.
Mexican Caesar doesn't have salsa though :(
looks for the nearest California Tortilla
A cat eating salad?
@MadaraUchiha thanks for making me think on that answer. My head's wizzing now after that N-dimensional permutation trick :P
@AshishAhuja You can simply check the activity of the chatroom in the overview I think ô.ô
@SmokeDetector just removed all fluff no?
3:27 PM
Is... is it spam?
@BhargavRao Yoouuuu!
I mean it fully discloses its identity.
@Tunaki Cats eat gras
@Compass It actually answers.
I'm... I'm fine with this. Cruddy question, but decent answer owo
3:28 PM
@Adriaan agree
@gunr2171 done.
I mean, you're talking to a cat who wears a piece of toast as headgear.
@gunr2171 We need references
I've done this before
3:41 PM
@gunr2171 Insufficient proof provided for the conjecture
: (
Where did your nose go?
: D
@M.A.R. I don't nose
3:45 PM
productivity: all-time low
110 helpful flags until my score is 1337
BR, you know what to do....
There's tuna for that, gunr
3:47 PM
I was summonned?
I swear it wasn't me
I wish I could tick a box in my user prefs to always show a user's activity page by default when I visit their profile
inb4 someone says "userscript", which Tyler will say "I don't use those"
I have a ticked a box labelled "Full surveillance on TylerH, every room, evvery movement". It works better.
@Tunaki which nostril of my nose is my finger in right now?
Trick question, your hands are on the keyboard.
3:52 PM
@Tunaki false, I use my toes to type
Citation needed.
I may watch the wrong feed then. I'll blame Kyll and his surveillance package.
@JAL @Machavity Meta question about a Swift question meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/344639/… you voted POB
@Tunaki thanks, taking a look now
I dunno, that could be a fake video.
CGI these days.
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