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8:00 PM
@BhargavRao heh.. afaik flags get cleared when the post is edited?
Only VLQs, Not NAAs
good to know
I've got a few declined flags due to such cases, So I kinda take extra care :)
@BhargavRao half of my declined flags (2 of 4) are on posts that were later closed/locked
@BhargavRao ... and now you get your revenge!
8:11 PM
@Kyll Yup :p
should I care about flags that are aged away?
They are a good indicator that you need to get 3k rep asap.
Apart from that, nope.
I can only advance as fast as the questions let me. :)
my first cv-pls tag
8:26 PM
@BhargavRao If you have time do you want to chime in here why you converted that answer to a comment?
That wasn't an answer to the question at all. Something similar to this case meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/339301/why-was-this-deleted
That's .. not the same ...
Hmm, Kinda confused now.
I'm writing an answer ..
You might want to respond when I have posted that
It's kinda late here, I'll respond as soon as I get up tomo. Sorry for the delay.
8:37 PM
did you handle that based on a flag @BhargavRao
And if there's anything that I need to act immediately, ping me.
@rene Yep, I've never deleted anything which hasn't been flagged.
I handle it, you get some sleep @BhargavRao
(Including my own answers).
Thanks. :)
@rene, undeleted that post. (Just in case it becomes a bad audit for another user)
Cya, \o
hey folks
2 hours later…
11:01 PM
@MikelF yep, I think there is an innate need for human beings to 'war' or be territorial and it requires frontal lobe effort to overcome that urge. The anonymity possibly gives more people the opportunity to show aggression.
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