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12:00 AM
@Rizier123 I never realized that the difference between freezing and boiling in Fahrenheit was 180* (or half a circle)
@TinyGiant Still weird that they start at 32 :p
Yeah, shoulda been 42
They probably shifted
12:18 AM
@Rizier123 Fahrenheit was based on an alcohol thermometer with some more arbitrary values. F just took it and multipled the numbers and fit it to fit body temperature he found under his wife's armpit
Just as arbitrary as feet
12:32 AM
Is there somehow a way to get rid of questions about print/return? It's astounding the amount of questions I see that complain about "it doesn't display if I use return"
Where's a good dupe?
12:49 AM
@PraveenKumar str.split(", ").map{|ss|ss.split("-").reduce{|a, b|a..b}}.flat_map(&:to_ary)
@JanDvorak Which language?
> Once more you tell me program with HTML, I'll murder you with my mind!
LoL. :D
OK, not even to_ary works. {|nr|[*nr]} then
@PraveenKumar You don't program in HTML, because HTML isn't a programming language
12:53 AM
You don't program in HTML, but HTML can program you.
<mind blown></mind>
@AndrewLi Malformed XML Exception
@PraveenKumar UnknownExceptionException
Too Broad as well?
@AndrewLi MasterExceptionMotherOfGodExceptionException
12:56 AM
@PraveenKumar TooMuchMemoryStackOverflowExceptionError
@PraveenKumar TooMuchRecursionException
@AndrewLi Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo
Clean up on aisle 41570, please
@AndrewLi Dood, what I wrote is a perfectly valid English! Yours is Gibberish.
12:59 AM
@PraveenKumar yours was a grammatically correct piece of gibberish
Too many
@AndrewLi ExceptionThrown
Now you're just repeating yourself
@PraveenKumar ThrownExceptionException
@JanDvorak RepeatableRepeatThrowableExceptionException
@AndrewLi RepeatableRepeatThrowableExceptionException
@JanDvorak No. I meant Buffalo from Buffalo that are intimidated by buffalo from Buffalo intimidate buffalo from Buffalo.
1:02 AM
See? Gibberish.
@JanDvorak :/
@FOX9000 1.5 to 1.14 seems like a downgrade to me
I found out how to shoot yourself in the foot with JavaScript:
> The only consistent implementation of a gun object that you can find is RubberBandGun, and your completely covered in armor, yet somehow when you try to multiply RubberBandGun with the string "Please don't shoot", your foot explodes.
cc @JAL @JanDvorak
1:14 AM
Don't multiply objects by strings, except when both can pretend they are numbers
I was going to go with array, but the specific string was funnier IMO
1:41 AM
@Machavity Shog Nein'd
1:59 AM
@TinyGiant Yeah, I saw. Is a bummer
2 hours later…
4:09 AM
Haha, well I'm all ears
Hmm, I don't know much C++ syntax to fully understand :/
Ah, haha shows what I know
:P "I know nothing"
What you're doing does vaguely make sense though. I googled a "union" and it sounds very much like the Either monad in Haskell.
There will need to be some kind of function which just handles the "which" part
Which you have with call_result
It's a data type which can hold one data type or the other (referred to as "left" and "right")
Haskell is a functional programming language. I mostly just learned it because it has lots of interesting design patterns which I can try to use in other more useful programming languages.
Lol when I say "functional" I'm referring to the design paradigm which predated OOP
Yeah, I think so
Rough draft of A Drastic Change To Close Voting. Please provide your opinions and revisions.
5:08 AM
Hmm, that's really interesting. I'm trying to imagine what kind of arguments people might have against it. Do you think most users skip the link to the help center in the close reason?
@TinyGiant IMO, it sounds like a good idea. Just that I would keep 3 cv's per close reason instead of 5, as people might disagree on closure reasons as you said in the cons and that would instead increase the cv queue even more
I agree that it would be nice if the user could see what everyone voted.
> Consensus is required to close a question, this means that it may take more users to close a question if users disagree on whether or not the question fits the criteria for a given close reason.
@TinyGiant ^ That seems problematic.
@4castle I think users have a hard time applying close reasons to their own questions unless they are applied for them, rose colored glasses and all.
As it is I tend to think 5 votes is more than needed most of the time.
5:12 AM
@AshishAhuja I was thinking the same thing, but left it at five because that's what it currently is. all of the exact numbers are up for debate. cc@AlexanderO'Mara
Could we just display all of the closure reasons in the yellow box like we do with dupe targets?
@NobodyNada The big part here is that closure statuses can be invoked and revoked independently of each other.
Someone mind starring that link so it doesn't fade into the abyss?
@TinyGiant starred now, but can't you just pin it?
5:16 AM
@AshishAhuja It's not really a pinnable item though. I could abuse the system and star it myself, but I'd rather not assume too much.
ah ok then. I thought as this is a cv review room it might be appropriate to pin it
Yeah, but it is a personal feature request that is not currently endorsed by the room regulars or room owners. I'm not going to pin it because I have a stake in it, but the other RO's can if they feel differently.
I've mentioned it in the RO room for discussion there as well.
Two things that seems out of place in the proposal to me are items #5 & 6. They seem like they almost deserve a separate discussion/feature request.
I think they do as well, but I included them in the feature request because I know that would be the first argument against the proposal, as such they are required for the proposal.
5:25 AM
Will the title be changed before posting on Meta?
If someone proposes a better title
That's the most fitting title I could think of.
Hmm, well a suggestion I would make is that there are still 5 close votes, and each person gets 1 close vote, but we can tag more than one reason for our 1 vote.
Really the whole proposal is a community thing, I'll probably end up submitting it as CW, and linking to the original document for reference.
How about "Make separate close reasons count as separate closures" or something
5:28 AM
> Each user with a reputation score greater than three thousand (?) should be allowed one close and reopen vote per closure reason, both of which can be revoked before the closure status is changed.
"Allow questions to be closed for multiple reasons"
@Nobody I don't think that either of those truly encapsulate the entire proposal.
@4castle You get one close vote per close reason for the life of the question.
So you can vote to close for every reason in the book all at once, or you can vote for one reason now, then another once the question is edited.
I'm not sure if having one close-vote per close reason is necessary. How would it affect my 50-CV-votes per day?
5:32 AM
You would be able to cast close votes on 50 questions per day
Basically you would not be limited to the number of questions you can put on hold in a day, you are instead given the ability to give as much applicable guidance as possible to 50 question askers every day.
Would re-opening have a similar system then? The question would have to rid itself of all the closure reasons individually?
What if we could vote against closure reasons? For example, if several users are abusing "Too broad."
@NobodyNada I think I would take it up with the specific user
How do dupe-hammering/binding mod votes fit in?
5:41 AM
@4castle yes
@NobodyNada You would vote for the correct reason, then reopen vote against the incorrect reason once it has been invoked
@NobodyNada The same as they did before, they are binding votes so they immediately invoke a closure status for the given reason.
sounds reasonable
@NobodyNada Once this has happened X times in recent history, proposal #6 kicks in.
Basically if the community has reached a consensus repeatedly that you don't know what you're doing, then you get to take a brake
5:45 AM
That would require the question have not been edited between the time you cast your vote, and the time it is reopened, unless the question is closed again for the same reason without being edited.
Night \o
Call that status "disputed" and if 50% (?) or more of your closures or reopens in the past week are disputed, then you get to take a break until that is no longer so (sliding window)
@NobodyNada Night o/
I think the main issue with this feature-request is going to be that it's a drastic change, and many people will probably not see enough need for it.
5:48 AM
@AshishAhuja I don't have enough domain specific knowledge to say for sure, it looks like it could go both ways depending on the complexity of the task
@TinyGiant I'll leave it then. I don't have enough knowledge either so I asked
@4castle I realized and hopefully addressed that in the proposal.
Though that does deserve to be it's own point in the cons list.
The only significant Pro which I see in the Pros list is the first one. #3 doesn't seem like a new benefit over the current system. #4 doesn't seem too important either.
Pros #1 and 2 seem the same to me
6:05 AM
Guys, how to deal with this? I gave some good explanation here, he thanked and deleted the question, even before doing anything. Perfect Vamp? stackoverflow.com/q/41518161
@PraveenKumar Hmm, I don't think the question is worth undeleting, but that was rather rude of them
@4castle #3 is to address the main problem statement:
> ...and—if that problem is fixed, and the question is reopened—the question will still fit the criteria for other close reasons. Additionally, users may not vote to reopen a question because it is still not allowable for another reason, and they don't want to risk leaving it open between closure statuses, thus leaving the question in a state of limbo where the user has fixed the problem that was preventing them from receiving answers, but their question is still closed for that reason.
@4castle :(
@PraveenKumar screenshot?
6:07 AM
Screeny @PraveenKumar ?
@AndrewLi Eh?
I really need to get to 10k soon
@PraveenKumar screenshot :)
Got it got it...
Doing it..
@PraveenKumar Carpet Puller
@AndrewLi @AshishAhuja
6:11 AM
ok thx
@AndrewLi question is there below
The question screenshot is below the answer screenshot
@AndrewLi See below.
@4castle #4 is minor, but the idea is to get closers more into the improvement process as opposed to the close vote and walk away mentality.
Two images they are.
Ugh. Mobile makes me blind
No undelete imo
6:12 AM
@AndrewLi Even desktops are the same.
@AndrewLi Confusing. Undelete or not?
Do not undelete
The image is the size of the mobile screen so I didn't think to scroll down :P
@TinyGiant Well the "limbo" also has the pro of not allowing answers until all the problems are fixed
6:14 AM
@4castle #1 and #2 are similar but not the same thing. One is that it informs the user of all of the problems with their post, and the other is that it shows new users that some questions are more off-topic than others.
@4castle But, during that limbo, the asker is less likely to be informed of the rest of the problems, and it takes a lot longer to make the post on-topic than it would otherwise.
Again the whole idea is predicated upon getting people more involved in the improvement of questions.
@TinyGiant I think you should replace #3 with that statement that it will make re-opening happen faster
But three is double edged because of "...and—if that problem is fixed, and the question is reopened—the question will still fit the criteria for other close reasons."
@TinyGiant Eeek I don't think that actually happens very much though. At least for me, I never vote to reopen unless everything is fixed
The "limbo" tends to always be what happens (unless someone made a bad reopen vote)
Though I always leave a comment if there are still things that need fixing
6:24 AM
If the question is closed as off-topic for a reason that is no longer applicable, I currently will vote to reopen it. I try to keep track of these questions and vote to close for the next applicable reason when I can, but that is harder than it sounds.
@4castle I don't have any data to say whether you are correct or not there.
@AlexanderO'Mara ninja'd
@TinyGiant Ah, yeah I've never considered doing that before. I'll have to see what guidance there is for when to reopen
@4castle Many users don't want to leave comments for various reasons, but would close vote. This would eliminate the need for extra comments.
6:30 AM
@4castle Personally, I feel that it is hugely inappropriate for a question to be closed for an inappropriate reason. Many users doing the close voting don't think that the close reason used matters at all, "just get crap closed". To me that is a disservice to not only the user, but the whole internet. Just because something is currently crap, doesn't mean it needs to stay that way.
@4castle I disagree with shog on that one. At one point I did agree, but if we're going to be strict on askers, then we need to be strict on ourselves.
@PraveenKumar attempt to reply
@PraveenKumar I think so, it makes it ambiguous which line the comment is meant for now
Reject please! :D
This is LoL. had 72 edit suggestions approved, and 27 edit suggestions rejected
6:37 AM
Nice xD
@TinyGiant Done.
@TinyGiant I think that's everything I had to say about the post. It's ready for meta in my eyes anyway
6:53 AM
@4castle Awesome, if you think there are any outstanding issues that you think should still be changed, feel free to submit an issue for each.
@TinyGiant Well, I disagree on some stuff still, but those things were against your wishes so I don't want to change it
@4castle Well, to document it, if you don't mind, make an issue for the most important ones, then we can flesh them out individually.
I'm going to do some mock ups of what it might look like.
6:59 AM
Mockups of posting an issue?
Odd. Why doesn't my action show in the review summary when I choose "Reject and Edit"?
No, mockups of what concurrent closure statuses would look like.
@NisseEngström That's standard, there was something about it somewhere. Looking.
Nope, can't seem to find it right now.
7:21 AM
@TinyGiant FDSC userscript please? :)
That's on charcoal somewhere.
Thanks... :)
7:34 AM
FDSC didn't work! @TinyGiant The latest version broke?
@PraveenKumar I have no idea, I haven't contributed to it (IIRC a small portion of the code was adapted from one of my scripts). You would have to ask someone in charcoal. IIRC art of code and angussidney were working on it.
@TinyGiant Okay...
Any errors in the console?
@PraveenKumar did you authenticate your MS account with FDSC?
@AshishAhuja The UserScript itself didn't work.
7:37 AM
for the US to work, you need to authenticate
Yesterday I was using 1.9, now this is updated version. 9 hours ago.
I know I know... Nothing's getting displayed.
are you waiting for the page to load completely?
it is working perfectly for me
what browser?
I'm on FF
I'm going to watch some netflix and go to bed. If you need me in the next hour or so, just ping.
7:43 AM
@TinyGiant what are you watching
@TinyGiant cya!
@approxiblue rosewood
@TinyGiant made a reply, but don't let me distract you :)
@4castle replied
8:58 AM
What just happened?
9:20 AM
@PraveenKumar I don'think new users will get this joke stackoverflow.com/questions/41518448/…
@rene That's really not a joke. First he's doing it wrong. Secondly, using jQuery makes his life easier.
Seriously? Didn't we decide that we don't need jQuery anymore now that JavaScript is moving in a standardized way? If we didn't I'll bring it up for the room meeting: ban jQuery and delete all answers that suggest it.
Oh... Sorry didn't know that. Thanks for letting me now.
Yea, I didn't know that. Bring it up in the next room meeting.
I have it in my calendar @rene...
9:36 AM
VanillaJS rulez
Maybe I should post on Meta to have the javascript tag renamed to vanilla-js
9:55 AM
Looks spammy to me.
@rene LoL.
@PraveenKumar checking, hold on ...
Yeah, 4 TPs and we nuked a user the other day that posted 10 links to the same website.
OK, following that
Here is the discussion, but that user has been nuked
10:12 AM
@rene I think we actually burnt a while ago, someone was trying to create it
the horror! Elitists! Meta mob!
Yes, you may
I'll decline it
@rene +1
Plop Tuna
Why was my NAA flag on this answer declined?
10:27 AM
Rhetorical answer?
I clicked. Dangit.
11:16 AM
Hiya \o
2 hours later…
@Tunaki: Could you look at stackoverflow.com/questions/41519771/…, too. I'm not sure, because OP is not posting some relevant code. Thanks.
@dur Probably the same dupe yes... will wait for OP to post the code
1:16 PM
1:59 PM
The cv-pls backlog is pretty long. Please invest some votes in it (or ping a RO if you think something has to be trashed now). You can use this helpful UserScript to speed things up.
@Kyll, What's the room policy on cv-pls's where the requester has deleted their answer?
@BhargavRao I don't think there's a specific policy in place. We'd treat each case like this on its own. I'm not sure if the "no cv-pls on Qs you have answered" rule applies here.
2:14 PM
@BhargavRao When we discussed this in the backroom we decided to not cover all corner cases. Personally I think those should be allowed. I see myself out.
Gotcha. Thanks.
I'll visit the requests page tonight, Lots of backlog in the mod queue at the moment.
Heh, let some for the mortals too!
@Kyll That seems useful, thanks. How do I use it though? I installed it in Firefox with Greasemonkey (which is the correct way to do it I think?) The description mentions it should add a button, but I don't see an added button?
Manually going to http://chat.stackoverflow.com/search?q=tagged%2Fcv-pls&Room=41570&page=*&pagesi‌​ze=50&sort=newest seems to do something though
But it lists questions that are already closed? Is that supposed to happen?
@Carpetsmoker did you refresh? F5? reload? the chatroom page?
2:19 PM
you don't see that button? i.sstatic.net/lLdjK.png
Ah, it's supposed to be there. I assumed it was in the top-right corner
Messages that are already closed have no info, this is a feature? i.sstatic.net/JnK5V.png
@Carpetsmoker we're still devs, we don't know a thing about UX
@Carpetsmoker yeah, I just moved 10 out of the transcript but as always it is caching
Okay, thanks.
2:23 PM
Is "dublicated" a word in any language? I see so many comments where the users have written dublicate instead of duplicate.
I guess it makes phonetically sense for speakers of certain languages, hence the misspelling. It's like "standart" and similar misspellings.
Ah, That makes sense.
@BhargavRao maybe confused with dubbing?
That might be another possibility too.
2:47 PM
@BhargavRao It might be in Petter's dictionary :)
3:09 PM
Wow. If you have a post with "jshide: true" code snippets, and it gets downvoted to - 3, all traces of the code snippets dissappear completely from the page. Unbelievable.
4:20 PM
@Gothdo Wasn't me, but I agree with keeping it. Could easily be reworded to "You need to insert your LiveEngage Tag in the body." without losing any meaning.
@Undo Any chance you look for a (likely) deleted answer for me?
I answered a question a while ago but I can't find it.
@SotiriosDelimanolis Search with deleted:1, you'll find it :)
4:26 PM
@BhargavRao No, that's for mods
@MadaraUchiha Nope, 10k users can do that
It was implemented quite recently.
Wait, really?
Is it just for questions?
it was on another account
will restrict it to questions
oh, well that makes it more difficult ;)
@MadaraUchiha Not able to find it ATM, But 10k users can search their own deleted content using deleted:1.
When it was first implemented, you were supposed to only be able to search for your own deleted content, but that check was broken so you were allowed to search for anyone's deleted posts. That was eventually fixed.
5:04 PM
What is next? Where did 98.46095072889200849886037758551538 come from?
@BhargavRao Confirmed, it works.
Has been working for a long time as well. More than a year probably.
With some context it could be something but I expect it to be off-topic here anyway.
It is a random number between 0 and 100.
Apparently I shared a link to an m.SE post on social media that got five clicks today. I didn't realize that SO chat counted.
5:21 PM
O. M. G. ... I've been searching for "Exists only to promote a product or service" on the help centers of SO and SE, and in m.SO and m.SE posts for two days... It's in the flag description. facedesk
5:56 PM
May I reask a similar question if I think I'll offer a better answer?
Hey o/
@AndrewLi Why not just answer the original question?
@NobodyNada It's from '13 and it's teeny bit different. The other answer is already +16 and accepted
@AndrewLi What's the Q and the proposed answer?
@AndrewLi As long as you point out upfront the difference (and that the answer really isn't the same), sure why not.
@Tunaki ok then
The answers are mostly the same except I want to do a better job explaining. Should I edit the old answer instead?
Sounds like it could be another, more general answer then, but without the need of a new question
My Python is pretty low though, so I can't do better :D
6:20 PM
@AndrewLi DSM has answered that post. You can find them in the Python room, where they're an RO.
6:31 PM
@BhargavRao That's a great comment! Do you want to add that to our auto-comments?
@NobodyNada Hey, it was created by you. :p
it was?
in SOBotics, Nov 30 '16 at 20:40, by NobodyNada
@BhargavRao you can copy-and-paste: **Moderator Note:** Please do not vandalize your posts. Once you've posted a question, it belongs to the Stack Overflow community at large (under the CC-by-SA license). If you would like to disassociate this post from your account, see [What is the proper route for a disassociation request?](http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/323395/what-is-the-proper-rout‌​e-for-a-dissociation-request)
ha, oh yeah :p
I just revised it though; you wrote the original comment :)
Co-Creator :D
7:57 PM
@FOX9000 Reject and edited
8:16 PM
Ah, a reject by a mod is unilateral
weird, I remember it wasn't
8:31 PM
@SotiriosDelimanolis Ah I had another dupe for those
Wait until after Andy maybe reopens it.
Yeah :) but I need to find it anyway
It's linked in here, sure of it... bah
@Tunaki You should try searching chat, I hear chat search is really useful
I found stackoverflow.com/questions/18525159/… but it wasn't this one. Still good tho
^ more spam
8:49 PM
Now i have to go through my downvotes to refund one for this more deserving post
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