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12:17 AM
in Ye Olde Hat Shoppe on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 15 mins ago, by Rand al'Thor
@AndrewLi From hatting fun to hating fun in the space of a minute.
12:38 AM
> The world is richer when you turn enemies into friends, but that's not the same as you being richer
3 hours later…
3:44 AM
@PraveenKumar \o
4 hours later…
7:26 AM
7:57 AM
Do we have any SQL wizards here
Morning \o
@Magisch shoot
@SmokeDetector rollback war starting
@kayess I figured it out just now
It's ms access's ridiculous parentheses requirements
@Adriaan he actually answered his own question ...
@Glorfindel I don't get it in that case. Why doesn't he simply delete the thing?
8:08 AM
Because he doesn't know that's possible?
@Glorfindel dropped him a comment on the answer
@Adriaan yeah, me too under the question. He can't miss it now :)
Should we delete this self Q/A? One line, no question, closed as unclear
@Adriaan Roomba
@MadaraUchiha oh right, I always forget about that. If he happens to accept his own answer before it roomba's, will it still be roomba'd?
@Glorfindel he self-deleted
8:26 AM
ms access ridiculous
can't even inner join without weird parentheses
So apparently you can tell amazon echo (alexa) devices to order stuff and it will
And there was a TV Program reporting about it where the presenter said "Alexa ordered me a Dollhouse" and it caused echo devices of listeners to actually order the dollhouse
9:01 AM
Hey y'all
How's it close-votin'
Tis gone rogue
4 pages now
I won't say this again, but I missed you and your bureaucracy.
9:22 AM
@M.A.R. We all know you did
Plop =D
Oh, and the childish choo choo trains and plopping.
Forgot about that
9:40 AM
I can't wait for this movie.
I just can't wait.
Which one?
@M.A.R. Ain't it looking like a piece of joy
Not for me
@Tunaki Still not using the auto-report US?
I generally like movies that ain't look like a piece of joy :(
You should definitely watch ''Fences''
I haven't watched it but I know it's fun to watch.
@Kyll I don't even have a SD account
Metasmoke I mean
9:52 AM
@Tunaki It would be useful though, you're a very active flagger
He isn't
He stopped flagging -_-
Yeah, long time didn't flag anything
Why hast thou forsaken us, Tuna?
He's become busy. He's a pom star, So he's got loads of other stuff.
Too many things in parallel. Didn't answer a thing for a long time as well.
10:02 AM
Don't worry, we still like you.
@BhargavRao :D
@BhargavRao pom star rofl
11:02 AM
Is this POB? Last sentence "What is a reliable way of finding a textfile in the same directory as my classdef in a Compiler-packaged program using relative paths?"
That last sentence doesn't seem to indicate a POB
You could argue for unclear / define "reliable", though
11:38 AM
@Adriaan What about just editing to "How to find..."?
@Kyll it seems he found that location already, just thinks it illogical/doesn't know hwy it's there
12:03 PM
@SmokeDetector "Egyptian and u: D brain and God My son lived my Jish" NAA or rude?
translate: مصري وش :D دماغ والله يابني عاش يا وجش
(from Arabic) E:D u Brain and God son lived, I am wearing yellow
@BhargavRao mine was Google translate. Still makes no sense whatsoever :D
Dunno which translate SE uses though :/
How long until someone breaks it again?
@QPaysTaxes Try wiki: something.
12:12 PM
@BhargavRao awesome
That's a mod only privilege
I think there are more like those, But not sure
The translate: tool was leaked out here meta.stackexchange.com/questions/240795/…
(Or perhaps somewhere else)
12:40 PM
@FelschR I voted to undelete. You could try to expand a bit by showing how to use the library. Some sample code.
We need a mod there
@Tunaki already flagged that
Sorry, was looking somewhere else at that moment.
12:59 PM
Cat on keyboard whistles innocently
Ok, now the real question. I know people who do not have the rep to cast close votes can still close their own question as dupe after someone else has cast a vote to close as duplicate (maybe also a flag works??). However, does someone else always have to initiate the process or is there a way for an OP who discovered they posted a duplicate to just close by themselves? Memory is fuzzy here.
Wat, You clicked Enter instead of "K", That's a weird keyboard that you have
@Louis If the user is 3k+, they can initiate it themselves. (I've done it)
@BhargavRao I'm talking about someone who cannot cast close votes.
Argh, Then I dunno
1:06 PM
@BhargavRao Louis is a SPIDER
Damn, I never saw that coming
@Tunaki thanks for the advice. I'll try to edit it soon.
@BhargavRao no, 250 rep is enough
at that rep you can vote to close your own questions
@FelschR Great!
@Louis I'd prefer he would just delete it.
1:20 PM
@Olaf You did get your wish.
@Louis I never "wish". You know that saying: "be careful what you wish, it might become true".
@Olaf reason?
See the close-reason. AFAIK it will not roomba. (removed the other request because of that).
Maybe it was a good idea to show users with delete-privilege if a question will roomba or not.
1:55 PM
@Magisch If you say his name three times in chat, it summons him
Sh . . . shog
@M.A.R. You forgot the 9
Aww, nothing happened
Maybe I forgot to swing the wand
@FelschR that is now undeleted. Please follow up on the advice given by @Tunaki
2:05 PM
@JacobGray doesn't look like it
i.e. looks like an answer
Well, it's really an extension of the comments on the other answer
2:41 PM
@Louis someone else has to flag or vote to close as a dupe
@TylerH Thanks
2:47 PM
but if they have 250 rep they can vote to close their own questions
without needing someone else to initiate it
I'm not sure if that is a unilateral close or not
@gunr2171 hm?
I'm saying that I disagree with that cv-pls request
That's 3 questions in 1
I'm trying to go through the backlog
2:50 PM
@Cerbrus It can be boiled down to "why isn't this working and how can I fix it?" which is pretty standard here
No need to. It's closed now, because you disagreed :-D
"I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because someone disagreed."
Streissand effect
You guys are going to give me Insomnia, because of the amount of sleep I'm going to lose over this problem.
2:53 PM
The whole point of the room is to make you go mad gunr. It is succeeding bit by bit.
so, it was a trap all the way from the beginning?!?! NOOOOO!!!
I trusted you rene!!!
Never trust Rene. He's a flower. Haven't you seen Undertale?
to be fair I didn't VTC as too broad
Seen played, haven't played myself. Roommate could not get past the Sans fight.
@gunr2171 I guess you could say that fight was... without success
2:55 PM
@gunr2171 The one at the beginning, or the one ... later on, if you take a certain path?
The Sans boss fight if you do the genocide run
Yep, that one's brutal
morning jal
@Tunaki Can you replace dupes here?
3:03 PM
btw @Louis more info on that feature meta.stackexchange.com/questions/250981/…
@TylerH Thanks
rene is the flower. The blur that pierces the night. The shadow in the light.
@SotiriosDelimanolis done
I'll close the other one you found as a dupe of this one too
3:23 PM
I took my gmat on Saturday
my test taking strategy of consuming McDonald's and forgetting to bring practice questions to study and arriving an hour and a half early paid off
when do you receive your scores
I have considered taking the GMAT but I don't know that I want an MBA
You get your unofficial scores instantly.
And you can cancel them for up to 72 hours after you take it apparently, which really seems cheesy.
Because I could have taken it for fun, canceled it, and retaken it with more prep.
I got one math problem wrong. =w= brought dishonor to famiry.
3:41 PM
@Tunaki Do you have a canonical for this?
@Compass what level of math is on the exam?
any calculus?
or is it like, business math
no calculus
algebra and trig
the hardest question i had I almost thought it was calculus and I was like WHAT IS HAPPENING but then I thought it through and got it right.
(right being I think I got it right)
2300 helpful flags. \o/
@kayess 🏁🏁🏁🏁
Fattest finger.
The GMAT is like a slightly harder version of the GRE, is how I would describe it.
You can't go back once you answer a question, and some of the questions are really complex. Verbal has stuff like checking grammar and determining logical fallacies.
The GMAT is slightly easier than the MCAT since it doesn't depend on rote memorization of textbooks, but I guess "ease" depends on your mastery of the English language and math.
To be honest, the biggest thing I learned from this experience is that having a job dramatically reduces the anxiety from standardized testing. When I took the MCAT, I was unemployed and really had no path to success other than trying to get into medical school, so I was always stressed. With this one, I was like "If I fail, I can always go back to work on Monday." Didn't even know about the 72-hour closure thing.
@Compass also the MCAT asks about medical questions
whereas the GMAT asks about business questions
@Compass verbal sounds right up my alley
or would it be right down my alley... hmm...
fails GMAT
I'm very strong in English, not so strong in Math
so naturally I decided to go into programming
3:55 PM
... wait what
I would say math is a better skill for programmers than English.
Also, the "business" questions for GMAT are not really "businessy"
You don't need to be a business person to indicate that someone's logic is pewp.
I was being a bit sarcastic when I said "so naturally..."
when I say business I mean the GMAT is for MBA school
and the MCAT is for medical school
@SotiriosDelimanolis Huh weird question. I'm not finding one no. Only ones about + vs stringbuilder
@rene is PendingFlags the only table in SEDE where you can get the specific close reason a close vote is for?
mba.com/us/gmat-mini-quiz/main.aspx Here's some sample GMAT questions. My biggest problem was my stupid noteboards sucked.
In their glorious wisdom they eschew pen/cil and paper for dry erase markers and eraseable boards.
I can attest to the fact that I crushed half a dozen markers for the testing center.
holy cow that's a death threat
does sd no longer work?
There's a rollback war on that last SD
And self-deleted
4:01 PM
it died
for that one, we flag for mod attention right?
death threats and the like?
What? where was this threat posted?
@Machavity Yes, there is. Past some point, people should just flag the thing as rude and move on. If the OP really insists on engaging in that kind of crap, there's no point in rolling back forever and ever. It's faster to flag as rude and move on. Especially since there is nothing to save here.
well, I flagged as abusive, it's still pending
the author stated wished he could kill a user of SO.
4:02 PM
Bhargav is on it
ah, and the rest of it is also quite... slams toast onto head and goes back to work
@Compass The author was saying mean things because he was throwing a temper tantrum on the Internet
Rage quit is in full force there
4:04 PM
I'm surprised the r word isn't detected.
I mean, when the "detected phrases" list has the same curse word 6 times, I don't think that matters :)
One may be okay, two is getting close. Seven? SEND IN THE CLOWN CAR.
5 was right out
two should only be used if proceeding directly to 3
2nd time that someone abused me today.
It's a nice day
I will get you a picture of my dog to motivate you.
4:08 PM
SOCVR: nursing moderators back to health since 2013
Damn, That was nice. Thanks! :D
TIL you'd need to eat a trillion calories to be able to fire lightning from your fingertips like a Sith Lord.
Also, if there's something bizarre like that, and if I've been around in the chatroom anytime in that particular day, Feel free to ping me. A mod flag would be the best, But those need immediate attention.
@Tunaki Worth writing one or doesn't come up often iyo?
4:13 PM
@Compass how many cookies is that?
I don't know. It's 1.85 million Big Macs. Assuming a Big Mac is about 500 calories, and a cookie is about 100. 9 million cookies?
And yes, this was published in a scientific journal.
@Compass thanks wolfram alpha: wolframalpha.com/input/…
I'll take "Practical uses of Wolfram Alpha" for $2000, Alex.
@SotiriosDelimanolis meh
5:00 PM
Congrats @AlexanderO'Mara on winning WB. :)
Now we know who our future mod is.
5:12 PM
@BhargavRao oh nice, one of our own
5:24 PM
Sticker shock looking at the price of an EMBA.
Time to start saving money and eating ramen again. buckles up
@Compass affording it wouldn't be a problem if you had passed your MCAT and gone to medical school :-P
I would probably have dropped out of medical school in Year 1
if i had gotten in
Not getting in was a blessing in disguise.
or you would have founded an entirely new field of medicinal java
yes java is the medicine
I'm on Google looking to see if I can buy my breakfast cereal in some sort of bulk shipment and Google helpfully offers to option to search for "used / refurbished" items. Fortunately, I get no hits when I click that. I don't think I'd buy refurbished or used cereals.
5:40 PM
@Louis "We found some 3 year old cereal in the barn. We washed and re-baked them and now they are as good as new!"
@Adriaan Do they come with a warranty?
@gunr2171 you can also get it from reviewtasks / reviewtaskresults but that is for completed reviews
yeah, that's what I figured, but it would be incomplete data to only fetch review tasks
It is incomplete anyway ...
: ( well thanks anyways
5:47 PM
@Louis probably, you can wash and re-bake them every time you want :p
@gunr2171 you're welcome, glad I could scatter your hopes ...
Don't worry, you never fail to meet expectations :P
6:12 PM
Hi all
@gunr2171 be jealous
I thought I was just going to get a logo tee
wow nice
picture wasn't the best, I'll have to take one of me wearing it
@JAL doesn't the awful Google-translate text on the amazon page tell you enough that it comes from counterfeiters?
100% cotton,great material and design
It will not shrank,even though it after many times washed
The size conform to the standard,You can rest assured purchase
It make of high quality and soft fabrics, It's comfortable and cool to wear
Perfect printing, the design printed in the front will not rub off even if it be washed many times
@Adriaan I didn't buy the amazon shirt, Stack Exchange sent me a genuine one for reporting it
but yes, I agree, the copy is poor
> It will not shrank
6:18 PM
I'm wondering whether anything can be done, except getting amazon to remove it
@Adriaan I think the legal team is reaching out to Amazon
since they probably live in a country where no one cares when you infringe on American logos etc
yep, pretty sad.
I am a bit surprised that this one came back from the dead: stackoverflow.com/questions/41554183/…
@MikelF deleted and undeleted by OP
6:23 PM
> Problems Is out Of my Heat So Please Help Me In this Problems ...Advanced Thank You.
This isn't normal thank you, this is Advanced thank you
@JAL It's out of heat? So it's a cold response?
sub zero
@Tunaki So he had a moment of sanity but it quickly passed.
6:39 PM
I just opened a fortune cookie and I need it explained to me.
> The world is a comedy to those that think; a tragedy to those that feel.
If you're only thinking about what happens in life, everything is funny, but if you're actually feeling them, it's tragic.
I don't know whether to laugh or cry either way.
@BhargavRao hey, if you're around can we get a "rapidly changing event" mod notice on this post? Seems to be related to a temporal event, and maybe should be closed as "no repro." Thanks! stackoverflow.com/q/41496572/2415822
@JAL hey, still traveling. Will reach home in a bit. I'll pass it on to the other mods. :)
6:53 PM
No worries! only pinged you since I saw you had some other activity on the question. Thanks
I have 200 new Maven-related mails today :D
I think it even broke Thunderbird
Downloading mails and placing them in multiple folders.... didn't work that well
See if you had received those messages by courier, you wouldn't have issues.
@JAL hey, asked others. As the question has started to gather close votes, it's better that the community handle it.
7:03 PM
@BhargavRao Thanks for checking. BTW that single close vote was mine :)
The SOCVR people are becoming lazy :P
Meta closed and deleted in 2 minutes.....
@Tunaki Someone inexplicably voted to undelete. (The post is still deleted but there's an undelete vote on it.)
@Tunaki you broke the build? Continuously?
7:13 PM
@rene I wish I could break things that much, but nope :(
Try harder
sudo make me a sandwich
Request timed out. Oh well.
7:34 PM
@BhargavRao isn't lazy good
teach me your tricks
sure, but once training is over I need to kill you, they are a secret ...
That seems awfully inefficient.
I have time
@rene dangit
the time honored conundrum
@rene One day, the apprentice will become smarter than the master, and it will be your defeat!
7:47 PM
Once they discover weed killer I'll be defeated
you're not a weed, you're a beautiful flower
so round up ought to do the trick
Flowers can be weeds, though.
@BhargavRao Do WB winners typically become moderators or something?
what is WB
7:49 PM
@AlexanderO'Mara congrats
@Compass winter bash
@Compass Winter Bash
@ColdFire Thanks!
@AlexanderO'Mara Yup, Martijn first, Then me.
Name recognition
@BhargavRao you won WB?
8:00 PM
Well, I've been in the wrap up post 3 years running now.
@ColdFire 2015 one
@AlexanderO'Mara moar meta!
wow nice
@BhargavRao lol
That's a masterpiece by @Nisse
screenshot please?
@SotiriosDelimanolis :o the answer mixed JavaScript with C++ on a Java question?
8:35 PM
Just trash, don't try to understand.
@MikelF No idea. I assume YouCompleteMe is a C++ IDE. Looks OK maybe.
@Tunaki You broke the code!!!111one! It must be entered twice everyone knows that! :-P
On the third time, deamons appear
@SotiriosDelimanolis How about dupe of stackoverflow.com/questions/35953116/…?
9:00 PM
need review
reviews today
grabs watering can
I'll start on plugins
> There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "off-topic, too broad; [plugins]"
9:05 PM
@BhargavRao Should I undelete it?
@NisseEngström meh, Now that the hat season is over, no one will look at it. :/
Should be burninated?
> There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "[plugins]"
@BhargavRao I don't care much if nobody looks at it, but if there's someone who thought it was funny, I'd be happy to undelete it.
@halfer for a second there, I thought it was a repost. But nope :/
9:14 PM
@Tunaki Up to you, I already voted :(
@MikelF java?
ack... wrong one
@Tunaki indeedy, I have a third coming up. Looks like a user who'll hit the question filter and then create another account - doesn't respond to advice in the comments :(
How to make people fill surveys... offer a badge. Guaranteed results.
sorry 'bout that
9:17 PM
Trashed the other then
Why WHY everytime I read a Git answer on SO, there's a comment hidden deep sayng "this will not do what you think it will do"
Seriously scary :/
@Tunaki Because Git is Great™️ and Does All Things™️
Dang, was that a noisy one.
9:37 PM
for your amusement only
10:26 PM
@MadaraUchiha except make sense
asks "Is there any better way to do it?"
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