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12:34 AM
@HovercraftFullOfEels 20k+
10ks can't delvote that
Ah, yes, I forgot to mention that.
1 hour later…
1:38 AM
@Machavity You feel very strongly about it?
@SotiriosDelimanolis Has a meta thread. Sorry. Premature to delete
2:20 AM
can anyone play audio.code.org/win3.mp3 without downloading it?
Your browser has to download it before it can play it
you mean play it without prompting for a save file dialog?
@approxiblue yes
works for me on Chrome 55.0.2883.87
@dorukayhan My browser works fine there. Windows 10, Firefox 50.1.0.
2:27 AM
aaaaand my browser becomes able to play audio from the internet without me explicitly clicking the "download" button after i merely restart my computer
How did this get an upvote in 2 seconds of posting?
@PraveenKumar I'm not sure these need a cv-pls? They were all posted just a few minutes ago or less. Shouldn't we let close votes happen naturally first?
Kinda.. But let's have them in the list.
With after few mins, when the OP doesn't update the question, let's close it.
Also, with the other question, that seems suspicious for me,
This seems suspicious. Within few seconds for a No MCVE question, this has received an upvote. — Praveen Kumar 58 secs ago
That one still seems suspicious for me.
Meh... :/
Now the question has become close worthy.. 10 mins and no response.
Wow! Excellent...
2:57 AM
@rene @Tunaki @Kyll this can be deleted: chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/34796781#34796781
3:32 AM
@4castle Closed, but too late.
Should I mod flag this (to return back the bounty and close it)? It has a bounty but the Question is not programming related.
@user12312313 possibly
there is always a risk they will be rejected, but I also think it's off topic and have raised mod flags for questions like these with bounties
you can keep an eye on the flag and if it's not been tended to, retract it in a couple of days. As the bounty gets closer, less likely the bounty will be refunded
3:38 AM
thanks, I will try too see what will happen :).
4:05 AM
@QPaysTaxes Which comic? I could use a break ;)
4:15 AM
@QPaysTaxes oh nice... I knew I recognized that style. This is also the author of "Phoebe and Her Unicorn".
Merry X Mass everyone and may I reach 3K soon so I can hang out with you nice people.
@QPaysTaxes I'll take the risk
@RawN Keep it up! This isn't quite the right chat room though if you just wanna hang out
@4castle Will do. I want to hang out with background processes and talk to them.
@RawN merry x-mas, you're almost there!
4:21 AM
@QPaysTaxes Thanks for the introduction ;)
@approxiblue Cheers.
Is there some quickie FAQ I should go over prior to talking to bots in the future?
Apart from http://socvr.org/.
4:39 AM
I've been reading about the responsibilities and usage guidance for SmokeDetector, and was wondering if I could ask for privileges? I'm not sure who exactly to ask.
@4castle maybe pop in here chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/11540/charcoal-hq and have a chat
Have you been in SOCVR for long?
I'm sorry I haven't been paying much attention in here lately
I've used it very sparingly in the past months, but for the last few days I've been on for a few hours at a time.
a recommendation goes a long way, but I looked at your profile, you look good to go
4:45 AM
Thanks! I'll ask in the HQ
5:03 AM
@4castle Yes, you are a privileged user.
@QPaysTaxes brews a cup of green tea for @QPaysTaxes
Sleep well!
5:58 AM
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 4 mins ago, by SmokeDetector
@4castle: It seems this is your first time sending feedback to SmokeDetector. Make sure you've read the guidance on your privileges, the available commands, and what feedback to use in different situations.
Thought you may wish to see that
@angussidney Thanks, I saw :)
6:43 AM
@SmokeDetector f bad question
@YvetteColomb off-topic/software-rec IMO.
@AlexanderO'Mara possibly yeh
@tripleee we're both asking for same Q to close - great minds and all that ;)
7:27 AM
Another Gibberish sentinel.erwaysoftware.com/posts/9126 turned answer
o/ BR
7:58 AM
survived christmas \o/
Hi all!
Hi @Olaf
8:28 AM
@Cerbrus Thanks, Another moderator has taken note of it.
8:54 AM
^ Those answers even gained upvotes.
@PatrickHofman we can delete vote it now ...
@Bhargav nonsense answer here that appeared in the late answers list, got an upvote and got through the first post review queue. Maybe something strange going on worth investigating?
@Stijn Thanks Commented.
Someone else had already flagged that :)
@Stijn Question protected now. Seems appropriate since such questions could attract (and have attracted) more LQ posts.
9:08 AM
@PatrickHofman thanks :) I'm just a simple peasant without the protect privilege :(
Are you the peasant that is responsible for the passer-by down votes?
I deny everything!
If you mean NAA downvotes, yeah I do that except in some cases
@BhargavRao yeah
@BhargavRao yes it is
9:12 AM
@BhargavRao yes
@BhargavRao yeah, sorry. Christmas came up ...
Damn, Holiday season. Even mods are off duty.
Good to know. brings out sock-puppets
tells out mod secrets in public
win-win ...
9:48 AM
@rene that doesn't even compile, does it?
@Stijn nope
10:25 AM
Just need 1 more...
Doesn't really seem on-topic here
Edited link
10:39 AM
@Cerbrus Done
Let's hope is stays that way now.
1 hour later…
@MaňishYadav Please keep on the protocol
12:08 PM
any java expert online?
i need some help with serializable
@ColdFire off-topic for this room
@AshishAhuja i know
then please don't ask
i havent posted my question here
12:25 PM
What to do with stackoverflow.com/questions/39164383/… ? I'm not an android user, so not sure if this is somehow related to programming or if it's just a question from an android user perspective.
@Stijn its ontopic
@Stijn yes its fine.
OK thanks
12:59 PM
Q: CSP Tag is Useless

Eike PierstorffThere are some 40 questions tagged with "csp" (a tag without any tag info or usage guidance). It is used, amongst other things, for Content Security Policy (there is already a tag content-security-policy) Constraint Satisfaction Problem Communicating Sequential Processes Cryptographic Serv...

@πάνταῥεῖ probably on-topic, see nl.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/answers/…
1:33 PM
1:54 PM
@Cerbrus but jsfiddle is a tool often used by programmers?
> "Visual Studio is a tool used by programmers for programming, but "How to open a solution" Is still a off-topic question."
fair enough
but .. How do you open a solution?
I'm pretty tired of <X> is a tool used by programming.
You click the menu item.
can't find it
Which is basically what the answer on the (now deleted) fiddle question boils down to.
Let's not start accommodating this kind of basic questions.
2:00 PM
U no make screenshot 4 me with red freehand circles?
at least one person laughed ...
well was not expecting a joke from rene
@Cerbrus Why not?
If there's a dupe, link it. If there's a reason matching, close it, if it's none of the above and you still think it's not useful, downvote it.
grabs popcorn and wait to see @Cerbrus explode soon-ish
2:06 PM
*Opens umbrella*
There is just no value in "how do I enable this option" questions about programming tools.
With all seriousness though, why would it hurt us that when people search for "jsfiddle how to es6", they see a decent answer on our site?
That stuff should be in the JSFIDDLE FAQ in the first place
Which they haven't updated since 2010
@Cerbrus Aye, it should.
2:07 PM
grabs popcorn
But we aim to be a resource, not lecture other sites how to document their features.
Enough with the popcorn already.
A resource for good Q/A, yea. "What does this button do?" / "Where's the button to do this?" Isn't particularly good.
I don 't get why people get so defensive about crap like that.
It's just one single question.
Let it rot.
@Cerbrus Because when there's doubt, I err on the side of keep it open
Because closing is an indication that this question isn't helpful for anyone, and the fact that people are even arguing for it suggests otherwise.
@MadaraUchiha: Hoarder mentality. </blunt>
Look at the votes
@Cerbrus The votes are meaningless and you know it
That's why I (belatedly, admittedly) locked the question.
2:11 PM
Locked open
Votes during the meta effect mean very little.
@Cerbrus Indeed.
@MadaraUchiha It's funny how moderators ignore that when they argue that a question should not be deleted because of upvotes.
The votes on meta seem to pretty much agree that we like that question
Even if the votes on the question itself are more ambiguous.
@Louis It's the exact same argument
2:12 PM
The votes on meta say that 90% of the original contents of the question are noise.
If people upvote something, they think it's useful a.k.a don't delete
That's all that meta question is about.
Also, I was talking about votes during "the meta effect"
@MadaraUchiha And twice the amount of people consider it useless.
@MadaraUchiha No, it is not.
2:12 PM
But those get shoved aside
Becode votes mean nothing
But votes do mean something if they're upvotes
Don't you see how hypocritical that is?
@Cerbrus Votes mean something if they're organic upvotes
Or organic downvotes, for that matter
Not if it was presented in a negative light on meta and as a result, 10 voters rushed to downvote, which is usually what happens
So don't assing value to the upvotes on that question.
@Cerbrus I didn't
I was referring to the votes on meta.
Not on the question itself.
The proposed solution was voted +11-2, and was implemented
Screw this. If you want crap like that around, enjoy.
I don't see what's wrong with the question as it is now, unless you can find a dupe for it.
2:16 PM
I'm not going to repeat myself.
!vote cerbrus
@JanDvorak: Is that a "binary not" or a "command vote"?
That's a command vote
mob voting
2:28 PM
because drive-by voting doesn't quite do the job, at least with closevotes
that is true
The CVQ was supposed to solve it before it died of cancer
Hiya gunr
2:52 PM
Where is a good place for this question?
@JanDvorak nowhere on the network AFAIK.
Would law.se work?
> Please don't ask questions seeking legal advice on a specific matter. These are off-topic for Law Stack Exchange. While users generally contribute answers in good faith, the answers are not legal advice, and contributors here are not your lawyer.
... drat.
I imagine allowing such questions could bring along lots of legal trouble for SO (the company)
2:55 PM
Even with the big yellow disclaimer they already have?
3:35 PM
@MadaraUchiha is there a meta discussion for this Q?
@TylerH yes
I cant' seem to find it...
it is there in the question itself
cerbrus has posted the meta link as a comment
oh in the answer comments
Yea, I'm not even sure who he's referring to
@Cerbrus deceze and Jigar were the two oldest candidates.
So either one of them.
@Kyll \o
@PraveenKumar non-answered. With a tool recommendation none the less.
@JanDvorak Yea, whatever, let it be closed.
4:32 PM
@PraveenKumar That would be nice, yeah :-)
5:28 PM
@Machavity Deleted, so this user looks suspicious. stackoverflow.com/users/7336560
@PraveenKumar Good point
Teacher badge with no answers. Nice.
@JanDvorak See rep....
Looks like it was created solely for answering that question.
The Illuminator badge has been around for two years and still only 64 people have it
sock puppetry at its worst
5:31 PM
And @PraveenKumar is one of them! (Illuminator, not a sock puppet)
@TylerH I'm only at 72/500, but I don't answer a ton
@TylerH My sock puppet is cute dude...
@Machavity same, I have around that. I stopped answering practically completely this year
got busy with work
@NisseEngström Reject it...
5:33 PM
@NisseEngström rejected
@PraveenKumar Why? Apart from style changes, it has some clear-cut improvements
almost to 1800 suggested edit reviews
@JanDvorak because it changes too much of the authors words for the wrong reason
I rejected as causes harm primarily to educate the editor to not change localization spellings
since it allows a custom reject reason/text
all his edits seem to be changing UK to US
and calling them "spelling errors"
Yeah, in the UK they say "authorise", but in the US it's "authorize". Po-tay-to poh-tah-toh edits should be rejected
Yes! Agree...
RejectPlz. RejectPls. (UK English)
5:39 PM
my guess is the user is just a young American kid who doesn't realise that in the UK they have s words instead of z words
I was the same way until about 14
Hmm... maybe it's some sort of response to getting comments saying "hey, your username is misspelled. It's barracuda, not bearacuda."
UK-specific words are misspellings in US english
@Louis I just had to google that (potential NSFW)
@JanDvorak yes but Stack Overflow doesn't require US English
5:42 PM
sorry not sorry
Should it?
@ivarni potential nsfw image...
@JanDvorak no
@TylerH I disagree but I edited it in
Ideally, the people would stop using UK English first
pleaze :-(
5:43 PM
then it wouldn't be an issue :-)
@ivarni Oh, boy... I wonder if that's a common association between the word and the image.
@ivarni Personally I wouldn't get someone in trouble for it but it is a naked dude, so I err on the side of caution
@TylerH Fair enough
I'm more worried about Indglish than UK English. We've all been sired more often than we like.
@JanDvorak and can you please have a help
that is syntax error though
which is objective (more or less)
5:44 PM
@TylerH But you do realize that any photo of someone's face that you see can potentially be taken while they're naked?
@ivarni yes but the face is not considered a private part of the body
@TylerH I have a query. How did you come up with that?
@Louis I was actually hoping for one of those animal mash-up images when I googled it
same ^
for budget comedic relief, here's a picture of a grizzly bear eating a go pro tripod 2.bp.blogspot.com/-cRg7B2MNj1s/U8bGKYg39vI/AAAAAAAABAY/…
5:47 PM
Wait, is that bear nude?
@ivarni This being the internet, I'm going to assert that there exist such a mashup somewhere, and that there furthermore exist a NSFW mashup too.
@ivarni he's got his wetsuit on
@ThomasWard teward/Aurora
good you're still alive.
(sorry I was messing with it, wanted to make sure it's back up)
6:00 PM
It is ...
@rene It's rene's fault.
that is ... not right ...
@rene it's had a few kicks, I'm messing with the code a little
probably doesn't know who all's alive
@ThomasWard teward/Aurora
good, you're back up on your dedicated VPS, enjoy Smokey, for thou shall be slapped later when I'm not busy beating an Exchange server to hell and back.
(tryin to do some code cleanup heh)
6:05 PM
@ThomasWard make sure it never blames me again ;)
@ThomasWard It's Thomas Ward's fault.
it should be OK now, let me know if it starts imploding again
if it stops replying for a while, poke me in the Charcoal HQ room, this chat is in a tab hidden behind five windows normally xD
gosh I can't wait until gold badge in CSS
I'm on the home stretch now, just 280 more upvotes
@TylerH I'm just happy to have my first silver
6:17 PM
@TylerH Aaargh! I'm not sure I want you to see swinging a hammer :-P
fun fact: mods have the big guns; gold badgers have the tiny sidearms ;)
Swinging a chainsaw would be more concerning.
@ThomasWard It's not the size of the gun that matters :)
\o/ event in 10 minutes
6:19 PM
@MikelF 'course, there's also that hugely powerful thing called "Moderator Orbital Strike Platform", which just brings doom to the target. (I know it exists, I've used it twice since I've been a moderator on the site I have powers on...)
I do not want to see @Tyler swing anything ...
anyways, time for me to disappearify, poke Charcoal HQ (Smokey's Home) if it dies off.
@πάνταῥεῖ that message is so disturbing ...
@rene Yeah, I know ;-)
6:33 PM
Let's start the event
need review
reviews today
there ^ spend some close votes in the queue on those, please
7:22 PM
Why this page is not secure?
@πάνταῥεῖ why, cause you answer a lot of dupes? :-P
@TylerH I'm not swinging anything :P
7:42 PM
Yea, that's spam...
didn't copy/paste everything from the example they used ^^
no more close votes :(
Can I repost a cv request if the reason changed?
@SotiriosDelimanolis hmmm, maybe link to your earlier message instead?
7:50 PM
Concerning this close-vote request, it's now not reproducible and a user-error, them not seeing something in their JSON.
As always, trying to produce a mcve fixes things.
@TylerH Good so, you stopped swinging anything ;-)
^ Aww it's gone now. I wanted to leave my Take The Tour to the OP before :/
better luck next time
We have these kind of questions occasionally
"with asio by chucks" I'd not try to use shoes for that. — πάντα ῥεῖ 49 secs ago
8:24 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ I never swung anything :-)
@TylerH Good so as mentioned!
Doesn't look like spam for me, mini militia is a game, which even I heard of. Checking it.
Not a spam...
Close worthy.
8:37 PM
@PraveenKumar which even I heard of meaning rene, you're so out of date
I get the message
You proceed, sir. You proceed ...
I flagged that one as too broad...
actually, off-topic... different one was too broad
they blend together
Shouldn't this be either a CV or comment?
stackoverflow.com/a/41352039 - Answer? Seriously?
9:13 PM
oh my god. meta.stackoverflow.com/users/6820627/… I'm so old. "Born on 10th Nov 2003"
I'm more than twice as old as him T_T
I ... don't want to talk about it ...
Flower years are counted differently though
you're only 18 in flower years :-)
@TylerH Cry me a river.
@TylerH :p
@MikelF like the amazon? or like the seine
9:18 PM
@TylerH Lethe
I don't know the volume of that river
will I survive a dip in it
I don't remember
don't go head first
@MikelF I see what you did there
you might break your neck
9:26 PM
@approxiblue Can't do it now.
@TylerH That's a special art left to us enlightened people!
@πάνταῥεῖ whatever you say, apple pie :-)
@TylerH Can I haz a strawberry or raspberry pie rather plz!
9:35 PM
cause I'm evil
@TylerH That's why I don't want to see you swinging anything :P
@πάνταῥεῖ I will swing my hammer on you every day :-P
9:56 PM
@TylerH You better not edit NAA/VLQ answers... if someone flagged VLQ you will clear the flag.
@PetterFriberg bah, my flag was still pending after the edit
but it was as NAA
shouldn't be flagging that as vlq
it's nAA
Yeah.. if NAA np (as long as not edited from review)
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