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12:16 AM
@MikelF Improper formatting, those who reviewed "looks ok" weren't paying attention
@SamuelLiew I have found that to be more common than I'd like...
1:00 AM
Wow... I never thought I'd be actually offended by source code.
I must be getting old
@MikelF tell me about it, I get more and less tolerant simultaneously as I get older
@user12312313 your flag was approved :)
oh no, the bounty was awarded
@YvetteColomb thanks :D
It was given already
I have been reflecting on my next privilege milestone: creating tags... it sounds kind of neat in theory, but I did not think it was something that people should be prone to doing much
then I looked at the new tags and realized I was right... it's not something people should be prone to do much.
1:14 AM
@MikelF yep
In my entire Stack Exchange career, I've ever created one tag. And it was promptly removed by an editor.
but I now find myself wanting to create 'never-do-this'... and attaching it when needed.
so that we can burninate it later?
the tag or the questions? :)
The tag
well I know it will get trashed if I make it... this is all wishful thinking
But nothing is wrong creating a new tag if you believe it will get high populararity later on.
I suspect it would be misused
1:36 AM
What do we do with old, well received questions that are now offtopic? stackoverflow.com/questions/354124/…
We close them
As opposed to historical lock?
Not sure about the latter, but mods can lock even closed questions
Plus, the modflag queue is a bit slow unless you know the shibboleths, and closure should be faster
Where do i find good programmers xD
That know to work with windows api
this is not the chatroom you are looking for
1:39 AM
lol You should look on Freelancing website. This room intended for unicorns and other magical creatures.
I dont need some one to do the work, i need some one to help me with an impossible question
@HovercraftFullOfEels not sure about 2b; unclear might have fit better
that apparently only bill gates personal engineer will be able to help with
Then ask him ;-)
Anyywayy, if anyone find someone that have the knowledge to answer this question:
Id appreciate that..
1:43 AM
Clean up on aisle 41570, please
Advertising an off-topic question in a room designed to close off topic questions, that's an interesting technique
@AsafFisher it will become off-topic (library recommendation)
its in the rules
I smell POB on tool-req on that one, and it seems there's already a confirmation
1:45 AM
@user12312313 I don't ask for library recommendations these are two diffrent methods of doing something..
I dont know which method to work with...
Then how about "primarily opinion based"?
@JanDvorak POB fits that better
@JanDvorak did u refer to me?
Who's U? Or, did you mean "you", that is, me?
@AsafFisher I suggest rephrase the question so that it will fit in SO standards.
1:47 AM
@AsafFisher SO isn't a site for library recommendations. Libraries change over time and thus the answers become irrelevant and/or wrong. There are other places you can ask these kinds of questions - SO isn't one of them. You might have luck in a python chatroom here, for example.
@user12312313 @Rob What about now?
@AsafFisher this seem a good answer msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/… , you just need to have like JNI similar in Java in Python.
Even if a question only looks like looking for recommendations, recommendations will come. Some of them will be spam.
@user12312313 im trying to implement the event listener in python Its not answer only an explenation of the api (which i already read)
But how do i detect the event there... thats my question...

This is really not the venue for this type of discussion
1:53 AM
@AsafFisher uMsg I believe, it holds the hint
@user12312313 The funniest thing about it is that people downvote and not even trying to understand... Anyway thank you...
@AsafFisher You aren't really listening to any feedback here. Your question starts by asking 'Which is better between these two?'. That by itself is offtopic for the site. Multiple people told you that, but your edit completely ignored this fact.
If you want people to dedicate their time to help you, you should make an effort to adhere to the community guidelines
I changed it
You changed parts of the question, but as I said, completely ignored the feedback given here
@Rob i actually changed it the second you said it...
1:56 AM
No, it's still there: "I was wondering which method is better (both in runtime and approach). Which one should I use and on what conditions?"
Then you're asking for examples of libraries
@user12312313 Please don't answer off-topic questions. Programming questions are off-topic for this chat.
When really, you should pick an approach yourself. Then your question becomes:
They are not librarys!!!!
'How do I handle windows events in python?'
They are methods!
1:57 AM
@JanDvorak I got carried away :)
@Rob I dont know which method is better... while you are saying im comparing between libraries
No, I am saying you are doing both. You are asking which method is better. Then you are asking which libraries should be used for approach 2.
Your question, as I see it, is 'How do I handle windows events in python?'
And in particular, the PBT_APMSUSPEND event.
I'd recommend reading this first
@Rob wow nice
@JanDvorak: Thanks for the feedback. My own thinking is that anyone posting asking for teh codez is asking a 2B question.
Good point
2:09 AM
You didnt read the question correctly then,
'Which is better between these two?' referring to the methods not the library that i use for the method. I wrote the library name just to make clear what the method does. I could do i with out library if i wanted to...
@Rob I didnt ask for library recommendation. I asked HOW to do it (In way 2) And which method is better, The direct access(second method) or the log access (first method.)
rushes for popcorn
I've always felt it is the responsibility of the writer to make certain that his message is clear and unambiguous, and any time a reader comes to a conclusion that the writer did not intend, it is the fault of the writer.
@AsafFisher I'm not sure why you keep focusing on libraries here. "You are asking which method is better." Is what I wrote. In any case, I'm really tired of repeating myself, so go and read the FAQ of the site and the link I suggested.
There is no problem with asking which way to implement has a better runtime and a better approach. Bye.,
man, why not just fix it so it ask 1 thing, and just one thing
2:35 AM
Well, guess I made someone mad.
-108 in downvotes in a few minute.
well done
Using at least 2 accounts.
@ThomasWard you look so... different. The hat suits you.
Oddly enough, they didn't downvote any questions, just answers. No idea who or why.
Hmm, looks like it was someone's blatantly off-topic question I voted to closed.
@AlexanderO'Mara maybe they were hoping for proxy downvotes, knowing full well their own would get reverted?
As in, "this answer has negative score, it must be bad, let's downvote it too"
2:42 AM
@AlexanderO'Mara not enough answers to spend all the votes
@JanDvorak that's more likely on questions
I have two lighting rods negative scored questions
@JanDvorak You get revenge downvotes too?
Jan learned how to say stuff that wouldn't attract downvotes... not sayin' a thing :P
Yep, exactly :-)
So, if sock puppets are involved, should you flag serial downvotes?
2:46 AM
@AlexanderO'Mara wait 24-48 hours before trying
the reversal script should pick them up
allow the scripts to run
@JanDvorak Does it make moderators aware of puppetry?
Nope. If you know the sock, do flag.
@JanDvorak they do...
they have a "X number of accounts vote for this user"
2:48 AM
Is there an autoflag for downvote reversals?
nobody knows :P
@JanDvorak IDK the sock, I know who's question I closed, and then lost a lot of rep, but moderators could probably find it.
3:00 AM
Flagged the post with custom message, specifically about the puppetry, will see what happens.
Voting just got corrected, huh. I didn't think the script runs now.
Would the user get their spent rep back?
Yep, that user got their rep back. Definitely them.
3:30 AM
> I should totally have a big blinking sign that just says this. ~~ Daniel Shiffman
4:20 AM
@PraveenKumar "-2 down vote favorite" - Looks like it was cooy/pasted from another SO question.
@NisseEngström See my comment.
@PraveenKumar @NisseEngström See my comment.
@Tushar the duplicate needs to be closed too
Here we observe a flock of close voters confused by brazen plagiarism.
and the train rolls on...
no, you can't do this to me @Praveen
you can't ping me with a (removed) message
4:35 AM
@approxiblue You don't share our enthusiasm...
now I will forever be wondering
@approxiblue Ha ha... I asked you to delete your previous message, to have the (removed) train running.
Anyway, now you have screwed it up.
4:49 AM
@FOX9000 Meh.
5:05 AM
@Kyll @Tunaki slack
@YvetteColomb Slack ID?
5:20 AM
@PraveenKumar they have it
@YvetteColomb Can't I join? :P
nope, it's personal and we've had it for a while
@YvetteColomb Ah... So nothing related to SOCVR huh?
it's on my fb, you can read it
5:23 AM
they're not on fb
5:41 AM
@Tushar I tried calling those s****ol***, some idiot speaks in a crazy manner... I still have no clue why they are rentlessly and tirelessly doing it.
@AlexanderO'Mara Thanks for the flag. You'll notice a fresh new "user was removed" on your profile. I also suspect the question involved was a spam seed, given the activity of their other accounts.
I swear, half the time sock puppet operators out themselves by doing the dumbest stuff. Complaining on Meta about hitting the reputation cap due to their puppets, using multiple accounts to flag the same post with the same custom flag, etc.
Ha ha... Seriously?
Was there a question in meta?
@BradLarson Cool, thanks for taking a look!
2 hours later…
7:37 AM
@Tushar not really spam, just off-topic
@tripleee Will edit that one, give me a sec.
@Seth Gone
@tripleee I flagged the one above MySql, not Mysql question
Aww =(
@Seth doesn't make much sense, if the OP can't explain their problem in English, they won't be able to follow up with resposes to clarifying comments, either
@tripleee True.
7:38 AM
@Tushar ah, sry
How was your christmas? :)
@BhargavRao Hiya!
1 hour later…
8:55 AM
Gotta love it when someone declines your custom flag despite it being 100% valid.
@Seth - It happens sometimes :)
@TheLostMind Yeah, I know, we are all just humans, but still.
Also, howdy
Howdy :)
Checking the activity -> reviews doesn't take that long.
And if you see 13 pages of non-stop "Approved"
You should probably go check those.
Which - in this case - the moderator did not do. Which ruins my stats grumble
@Seth well, mods are rate limited too, they can only click helpful so many times. After that they either have to back-off or start declining stuff. And we need traffic on meta as well. So that is a win-win.
9:00 AM
@rene I will give you traffic =/
Just taking screenshots right now.
@Seth - lol
@Seth make them big ...
@rene - good one! ::)
@TheLostMind I've an FAQ request: do you think we can give meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/250177/… an FAQ tag?
FR with a FAQ tag?
9:02 AM
Yeah I know it's a bit odd, but it's the best question that we have on the subject
The original one, and the only one with an official response and positive score?
9:16 AM
I took screens of the reviews in question, but that would've made it too big.
9:54 AM
10:07 AM
Morning \o
Merry post-xmas folks \o
@kayess Same to you! =)
@kayess boldog karacsonyt!
@Shadow neked is és BUEK!!
@kayess Szilveszter nem volt :o
10:16 AM
@Seth de nem soká' lesz :D
@kayess Meh. Apparently I've succeded in breaking google translator :P
@Seth lol, good job
@kayess c:
I mean it's an attempt to answer :\
10:33 AM
@kayess link-only answers are categorised as Not An Answer (ok, there is some text also but it doesn't really explain how to use said library)
try a search for "your answer is in another castle" and you'll find past discussions on it
@Stijn Link-only is VLQ ô.o
@Seth oh? They're NAA as far as I know and I've been flagging them like that for ages
If it tries to answer, even if at sucks at it, it is an answer.
A link without further explanation leading to a potentially helpful resource is considered as answer, albeit a sucky one.
@Stijn I have been flaging those as VLQ for ages =/
We really need better flag reasons...
Haven't had any of them rejected aswell :/
Do VLQ and NAA end up in the same review queue?
10:39 AM
@BhargavRao We generally flag link-only-answers as VLQ in SOBotics, don't we? ô.ô
I'm desperately trying to find discussions that made me flag this way, cause I don't think I came up with that myself
@Seth Yeah, The states that we need to flag Link only as VLQ
Check the "And all those other answers with links in them"-paragraph
@Seth yeah just realised it too, it says right there in that question
Honestly though, I've come across multiple stances on the flagging scheme.
The problem is simply that flag reasons are ambiguous / don't cover all possible use cases
Judging by the post by shog9 I'd actually say that that audit was NAA.
It really doesn't contain any value once stripped of the link.
Sometimes I can't get rid of the feeling that there are plenty useful Meta discussions on things like that, but little to none support from PMs/developers to help
Answers with links in it that end-up in the mod queue should send an electric shock to the mod first before they click decline
@NisseEngström I'd strongly recommend to check the reviews again. There are specific guidelines when it comes to reviewing suggested edits, and the user in question violated them in roughly 80% of his reviews.
11:01 AM
@Stijn Yeah, however this is totally confusing... and got me a 15 day review ban.
@kayess =/ ..
I'm Mortensen'd ...
There's something else that you can do though =)
Go through some reviews & flag the robots.
Todays quota: 2.
Yeah I have plenty of other things to do than SO :p
@kayess But hunting robo's is fun :o
@rene ô.ô Did he touch your posts? :D
11:03 AM
@Seth not when you are banned :p
@kayess You can still flag ;o
I found one robo, and now I am just finding robos everywhere
Every 3rd review has a fishy reviewer.
Hopefully @Bhargav won't hit me for issuing too many mod flags...
@Seth yes ... hard ...
Hits Seth
Hiya @Bhar
Hi @kay \o
11:05 AM
@BhargavRao may I ask whats your opinion on the audit I have posted above
@rene ô.ô ... Mortensen touched innocent questions... =|
@BhargavRao Ouch =(
@kayess Will check in a few secs, Working on the bot Nattyv1.1 :)
@BhargavRao What's that bot going to do? :o
@Seth will fire lasers from space guns to NATO questions
@kayess Aww, I was hoping for commands like !!/nukeall
11:09 AM
@Seth Ntn, Making the backend more robust, implementing SOLID principles and preparations for autoflagging.
@BhargavRao Nice =)
sd f --Rollbacked
@kayess yeah, kinda on the border. If a mod had seen it before, it'd had been safe :/
@Tushar Vandalism should be marked as tp-
uo-oh. I will from next time.
11:41 AM
What to do if I happen to stumble across a user that's temporarily suspended for voting irregularities, but also happens to approve truly disgusting edits?
Do I flag that, or do I wait with the flag until the suspension is over?
@Seth flag when you see it
@rene Got it :)
no need to keep track of suspensions, that is the job for mods
12:20 PM
Are users who suggest edits like this one non-stop worthy of a custom flag?
@Braiam Thanks! Yeah, I'm lazy at updating things like my profile picture xD
@Seth only if rejecting their bad edits doesn't work
@Stijn ~75% approved :') ...
Then yeah. Best gather some examples to include in the custom moderator flag.
Doing that now since one of my mod flags potentially got declined due to the lack of examples.
5 examples should suffice, I hope.
1:10 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ I marked that as fp, it seems to attempt to answer the question and the link appears innocuous
@SmokeDetector what is the question asking?
2:11 PM
Don't they teach basic debugging skills at schools anymore?
@Stijn hahahahahahahaha, basic debugging skills hahahhahahahahahaha
no T_T
@Stijn - Added FAQ tag there.
Sorry, I was away
@TheLostMind cool, thanks!
@Stijn No, they've eliminated the concept of "bug" from the curriculum because it made some students feel bad about themselves. Now the important thing is to participate. Bugs don't matter.
2:23 PM
Yeah, we don't want to hurt the feelings of our fresh software engineers. Thumbs up.
@rene They'll get hurt soon enough when they're fired from their first job by breaking down the production system.
@gunr2171 Good afternoon
last working day of the year for me
@πάνταῥεῖ I never got fired for breaking production ... so far ...
@rene Well, me neither. Seems we're always delivering bug free code ;-)
2:28 PM
whahwhahwhahwhahwhahahshahshshshdbcb n nnrjrfj| &^%$##
Every time I break production, I blame QA for not testing enough and not finding the bug I wrote.
Yeah, that bug was there for you to find ...
Makes you very popular with the QA team
(I kid, I kid)
I don't, I don't
@gunr2171 you need to end the year with a BANG!, like going to a meeting
2:33 PM
@Braiam there are a total of 3 people in my department here today. I don't think we'll be doing that, and that's fine with me
@gunr2171 Don't you like meetings? :o
well, at least the ones at my previous job
@gunr2171 Did you like those, or did you not? =P
I hated the ones at my previous job. They were long, boring, pointless, didn't get anything accomplished, etc.
This new job, at least they have a point and we get things done.
Meeting are also limited to an hour. If they go longer you're doing it wrong.
Wasting time at work's the worst imo. You could be productive, or have fun slacking off, but doing something pointless...
Yup, same here.
2:37 PM
@PraveenKumar I've always said that if you can't answer the question, because it's unclear, you can't also decide if the answer is elsewhere
Meetings are mostly well-prepared, and the most we usually spend there are 30-40 minutes.
@Braiam Didn't get you...
I get a very Matrix-y feeling when you lot type things like "sd f"
@PraveenKumar if you can close a question by any other reason other than duplicate, then it's not a duplicated
@Braiam Oh yea.. That's why I asked.
2:39 PM
@Stijn We're communicating with Smokey ;-)
can any PHP guru check in my edit here makes sense? I took it from the last comment
Morning all
NAA? Accepted, but should probably be a dupe flag instead.
@JAL o/
@JAL Not NAA, VLQ if even.
2:57 PM
It's those one sentence answers which gets me
rene, destroyer of requests..
3:22 PM
Hiya @dorukayhan
3:43 PM
OP asking to Help Fast! Grrrr... We are all having no other work?
@BhargavRao o/
How was your holidays?
Is it still on or over?
They were great.
For 4 days, And over now.
Ha ha... Mine's still left... Boring at home...
Too cold here.
4:20 PM
When do we migrate to SU? Have a self-answered one about compiling Homebrew that really is OT for SO
2 hours later…
5:52 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ Is there a place on SO where you get your boilerplate comments or do you store them locally?
we have some in the SOCVR repo, let me find them
@JAL Many thanks!
6:13 PM
@MikelF It's an extension installed at my browser. chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/insert-snippet/…
@SotiriosDelimanolis that is from the same user as you posted 4 messages earlier: chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/34826973#34826973 I hope you aren't going over a single users profile?
@rene It was linked in that "answer as a question" post. Call that what you will.
OK, just keeping an eye things, thx
6:45 PM
@dorukayhan it's empty for me
@MikelF off-topic > other (or "blatantly off-topic")
off-site resource would work as well
@JAL To cite room policy: we don't moderate users. I'm not sure asking about flaging a user is allowed here.
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