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7:00 PM
He invites you to answer ...
not me
he invites the people who have been voting to close/delete to answer
I voted to undelete
I think it should be locked/closed though, personally
who watches the watchmen?
we do
but maybe we need an SOCVRR
I spend time in here because I am fascinated with how the sausage gets made
sometimes I get to see the dead mouse fall into the vat, though.
@MikelF You don't want to know how sausage is made actually. Just enjoy it ;-)
@πάνταῥεῖ too late... I watch too much How It's Made
@MikelF Well, you may come over your disgustion :/
We're all bio proof!
How often to things like brace-gate occur around here?
7:24 PM
a couple times a year
so you just stock up on plywood for the windows.
The thing that strikes me is that Shog is not acting as a moderator at this point, but an advocate for one side of the dispute, and he is willing to use his powers to override the other side unless they satisfy him... that doesn't seem like a correct use of moderator power
but I am kind of new around here, so what do I know?
@MikelF If I was gonna act like a mod here, I'd lock it open and tell everyone to go enjoy some eggnog.
But... I don't particularly care for the question.
I'm mostly just irritated that the same person deleted it twice and then flagged about it being repeatedly deleted and undeleted
If there's a problem that's worth blowing this many people's time over, someone ought to be able to state it.
@MikelF What's disputbleactually?
@πάνταῥεῖ The dispute seems to be about whether or not it should be deleted, I guess
@Shog9 This isn't the first time I've spoken from ignorance
@Shog9 And this is why I should have kept my mouth shut
7:43 PM
@MikelF not referring to you here, BTW.
But, for the room, I don't see any reason to keep this question around unless it's answerable.
Which means, open.
And if it isn't answerable, it should be closed. And then deleted.
@Shog9 Didn't take it that way. My perception of the situation was not informed by your motivation.
So FWIW, I've been waiting 4 days for someone to post a plausible argument for why the question doesn't belong / can't be answered / shouldn't be answered, so that we can end the bickering.
Is there a bigger problem where the same people should not be able to cast multiple open/close/delete votes on a question that bounces around like this?
So far, the closest I've come is someone ranting about interview questions in the comment on one of my answers. That doesn't really work.
So, here's a big fat open thread where anyone can voice their opinions. Just need someone to either damn or defend the thing and we can all go home.
(metaphorically; I'm already home)
@MikelF well, reopen and close votes are already limited.
Delete votes aren't, 'cause this rarely ever happens
Arguably, multi-delete is a reasonable signal that there's something unusual going on that needs more direct attention... So that's how I'm interpreting it.
are they limited so that the same person can vote to close a thread that has be reopened, or does the system require a fresk set
7:48 PM
@MikelF you're limited to one close or reopen vote per post, for all time.
I could probably read this in the FAW rather than bothering you with it
yeah ;-)
Exception being if they age away, you can re-cast after a significant waiting period, but in all other cases... Once you've voted, you're done.
I ran into that with some triage questions....
(There are some really subtle interactions with delete votes here, which is another reason why those aren't limited - handling them properly would disturb more cases than just allowing multiple delete votes)
that all makes sense. I apologize for my earlier statements
7:53 PM
just lock the stuff and lets move on to all the rest
8:41 PM
hun hun
8:59 PM
In the meantime, the curly brace question is sitting at four reopen votes again.
Yeah, Shog9 better locks it again I think, until someone either defends or smashes that question on meta.
I don't like it when people keep quiet but still vote and stuff
@MikelF I see you have met the Community Manager. And? Did you like it?
@rene I would have felt better about it if it were not predicated by my questioning his integrity. He then went on to show how wrong I was with the way he responded to my statement.
I don't feel much like talking about my opinions on meta ... especially not after everyone disagreed with me regarding the XML/JSON question
@SotiriosDelimanolis closed, voted to delete
@SotiriosDelimanolis closed as well
I am not a java programmer, but is this really a duplicate: stackoverflow.com/questions/41307773/…
9:12 PM
@MikelF Note his return inside finally
but that's not the problem with his code
nor is it his question
At least, it's a problem with his code. So, how about: multiple problems => too broad?
kill it with fire
It's already closed ;-)
as I said, I don't know java... but calling the function recursively from the exception catch?
9:16 PM
This is one way to ruin your computer's day: f: try{f()}catch(OutOfMemoryError){f()}
@JanDvorak Sheeeesh...
It will finish eventually, but it will keep hogging up memory for a looooong time.
2^stack depth
@MikelF believe me, it is reassuring to have people like him keep an eye on how things develop. Not much harm done, you did fine.
@rene I am actually quite happy to learn that I was entirely wrong.
9:21 PM
@MikelF Keep in mind that shog has a script of some sort that notifies him any time someone types the word shog anywhere on the internet.
@TinyGiant Shog is the greatest person on the planet
That's why I said Community Manager ... nice knowing you @TinyGiant
I'm sure shog probably isn't the greatest person on the planet, but he's a pretty darn great person... most of the time anyways runs away
I'm pretty sure there are couple better people, but they aren't on this planet
9:27 PM
@Shog9 huh?
@Tunaki just write that as an answer, don't chicken out, please.
Let me gather my thoughts first. Might take time
@Tunaki OK
ping me when it's posted
9:39 PM
@Shog9 are you here?
or @bluefeet ? any mod around?
doesn't look like it today @rekire
anything we can do to help with?
shog9 was here earlier ...
I just wrote a mail to the team. I found a comment with a login to medicinal data. I feel uncomfortable that those data are now public.
You can flag for a moderator as well, they can at least delete the comment
I flagged that comment 7 hours ago - no reaction yet
Oh ...
That is not good ...
9:51 PM
right that is why I feel uncomfortable
@rekire The team usually take a couple of days to respond :/
Maybe the comment flags don't get much attention
@BhargavRao @Undo @MadaraUchiha @JonClements if you are around, please check the comment flags from @rekire see ^^^^
That is as much as I can do
I'm traveling so can't do much, but I'll try my best
@rene thx I got a response via mail it would be checked right now
Can't see any pending ones, so I guess it's all cleared.
9:58 PM
@rekire That was unusually quick :)
it's gone. thank you guys
@rekire in & out; what's up?
@Shog9 It's sorted. See ^^^
@Shog9 >I found a comment with a login to medicinal data. I feel uncomfortable that those data are now public. - however it is now gone
10:01 PM
@rekire no problem, you're welcome
10:19 PM
Guys, @here, I remember we were doing some coding competition. What's that?
ACM or something?
That one with leaderboard or something...
Even I registered with it, but I forgot.
@rene @Tunaki I remember we were doing some coding competition. What's that?
Oh boy. I've just got a 2-year-late comment reply ... defending a -9 answer.
10:37 PM
mil-standards are mind numbing to have to sift through
@Jan @rene answered. I sleep now, and let Meta play its game. If we all had to spend that amount of time on each question like that.... well we just can't, there aren't enough hours.
sorry is there a Visual Studio chatroom here or something related to dlls? API-MS-ONECOREUAP-SETTINGSYNC-STATUS-L1-1-0.DLL is missing and I don't know how to fix it
@MonaJalal not this room but you might try the c# room
how can I go to C# room? @rene
@MonaJalal visit here but check their guidelines, if they have any.
10:42 PM
@rene Need help!!!
@PraveenKumar advent of code you mean?
Thanks! :D Yes...
11:03 PM
That's in interesting edit...
11:15 PM
carrie fisher suffered a serious heart attack...
This is an interesting way to phrase an answer: stackoverflow.com/a/41308857/499214
@JanDvorak accurate :)
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