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11:00 AM
@Ferrybig, same
@SmokeDispenser not any more...
@Ferrybig, actually, noon.
11:01 AM
yet, morning is more like 'I got up and am drinking coffee' ;)
that ^
well, I'm gonna go and chop through triage. brb
OK, I've posted an answer here for our burnination effort:
A: Should we burninate the [close] tag?

reneProgress You can help out by reviewing the questions and answers in these tags and: flag or close questions that are duplicate/off-topic/unclear/too broad/opinion based; filter on these tags in the Close Vote Queue and review; vote on the questions and its answers; delete vote the question or ...

Can someone have a look at the other answer here to see if we need to incorporate that?
what is the official reason for 'gimme teh codez'? off topic -> no MCVE?
@SmokeDispenser or too broad
11:04 AM
@rene, what'd you flag here?
@SmokeDispenser too broad or unclear
unclear has the benefit it links to [how to ask]
too broad it is
gonne leave a comment that links to How to Ask
11:08 AM
@rene, commented, now twice :)
@SmokeDispenser borderline but VS is complicated to install so it better stays here
On SU that question wouldn't fly
I know
The answer I think is click next
and it's mainly for programming;)
because there you can change that folder if I'm not mistaken
Selecting where to install is part of the feature selection step
11:16 AM
@rene, feel free to answer. I didn't even use windows for 15 years.
Could be rep gold mine ... ;)
@rene, so it's not for me :)
@rene, actively trying to not go over 3k;)
@SmokeDispenser that's what bounties are for...ahem... shuffles away
11:20 AM
@AndrasDeak, exactly.
@BhargavRao Okay, fair enough then.
@AndrasDeak, found the perfect bounty-burniation question;)
you can just throw rep on it and it'll be removed from the ecosystem:)
@AndrasDeak shuffle harder, I'll find you :)
I'll get rene'd for sure
Have we got a system of just verb-ifying people's names for different things now? :p
11:28 AM
@JonClements I thought that was obvious:P
Yes, and nothing good comes from it :)
Madara'd, rene'd, Jon'd, Undone
@JonClements, we can jon something.
I wonder what "Deaked" could mean :)
hahha. 'going south'
11:31 AM
@SmokeDispenser wat
@JonClements well, it should be András'd if we follow the pattern
@KevinGuan, right.
and it would mean something like "to fill with idle chat for the sole purpose of procrastination"
yeah. flagged.
Got killed by a moderator
11:38 AM
oh, that was a fast helpful flag :)
I missed it all:(
maybe I should install that spammy sidebar thingy
is it any good?
@AndrasDeak, really spammy
for the whole network
definitely tell them that they can edit
@JonClements, lookatthis!:)
It's canon then:P
11:48 AM
Well - I'm glad someone agrees with me? LOL
oh, I thought they used your comment
but no, answer
well, there's attribution:D
well :)
haha. made my day
I downvoted:(
will you leave a comment, @SmokeDispenser?
Wow - can't believe that's up to 93 now... give it another few months and that might be a new shiny :p
11:50 AM
I'll just follow mods around and repost their answers with less information. That'll keep me from 3k :)
@JonClements I'll downvote that as well
@AndrasDeak Do what you want :p
you know, blatant rep whoring:D
@AndrasDeak, I cannot find a autocomment for that. Do you have one?
@SmokeDispenser I meant a manual one
I write my own comments:P
11:51 AM
@AndrasDeak Haha... just last time I looked at that it had about 20 or something... :)
@AndrasDeak, I cannot think of anything helpful to say :)
@JonClements well it did have 3 years to fatten up:)
@SmokeDispenser I will, then
@AndrasDeak, nice.
that's actually helpful with only 1 typo;)
oh, nah
was the sun in my face :)
11:54 AM
OK, good
I read through it twice...
but tpying is oftne hard for em
I should be using javascript, since it's also weakly typed:P
how is this still is open? attracts link-only answers;)
@AndrasDeak nice pun. I use haskell. It's lazy and strictly typed. just like me.
@SmokeDispenser yes
@SmokeDispenser is an audit
I C. I did pass on it.
@MsYvetteǝʇʇǝʌʎsW i miss plenty of stuff :p
Hi "UP" again.
Had slept on desk
is there a [tags] shortcut like for How to Ask?
@SmokeDispenser [ask]
12:15 PM
That ----------------------^
yeah, like that, but for getting to 'what are tags and how do i use them'
No, that I know off
@SmokeDispenser this is all there is: stackoverflow.com/editing-help#comment-formatting
so no :) thanks, @rene
12:27 PM
answerer forgot to include the actual code
still an attempt to answer
Ok, Thank ya
(might not even be VLQ)
just LQ ;)
Bah, I hate week ends
@Gothdo maybe unclear is better there?
@BhargavRao the good thing is that a week start will follow
No posts in NATO to flag. :/
12:33 PM
how is that a good thing?
We get good posts in week days
So It is good
but couch > work desk ;)
That's if you have a work :P
a work w/ no work, i have.
I've got no work on weekdays :)
12:40 PM
but on weekends?
Yep. I have work on Saturday and Sunday.
Bit bizarre but true.
that's a better work/no work ratio than I have :)
Hah :D
I'll probably have work on weekends occasionally soon, too.
Oh, New job?
12:43 PM
(and slightly shifting from SO to security.SE :))
@BhargavRao I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
applied and got selected. waiting for approval from the feds now.
@MsYvetteǝʇʇǝʌʎsW I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
Hmm, so you notice after the first review. Nice work Sam :-)
@Closey stalker!
12:45 PM
Nice to be stalked again @Sam
@MsYvetteǝʇʇǝʌʎsW, I thought you were out;)
hey there :)
@SmokeDispenser All the best :-)
I've been sick, but am feeling much better than I did last night
@BhargavRao, yeah, would be quite nice. looking forwary to it.
12:46 PM
@MsYvetteǝʇʇǝʌʎsW Get well soon. (Get of SO and take rest) :P
Hi @EdCottrell o/
@BhargavRao I did thanks :D
Why did this get an upvote? Did I miss something?
@MsYvetteǝʇʇǝʌʎsW, you're feeling better? good for you :)
@AndrasDeak, I only upped you comment :)
@AndrasDeak Points finger at Jon and runs away
12:47 PM
@BhargavRao LOL:D
maybe @JonClements upped for the appreciation?
I should add an answer...:P
Jon, any more where that came from?;)
so, that got Jon'd
Wasn't me! Can't blame me for that one guys :)
I wasn't gonna say...:P
@JonClements oh I'm sure we can blame you for anything
that's what that little diamond is for, isn't it?:D
12:49 PM
@AndrasDeak, that is what the ♦ is for, after all.
the proverbial great minds...
so upping a ripoff answer to an old question is Jon'ing then?
no, it's pseudoJon'ing
because he's not admitting it?
You mean cause he didn't do it *nudge nudge wink wink*
12:56 PM
didn't we just agree we can easily blame him for everything?
by the way.... you are dutch. Do you know german? I have a fire estinguisher that must be blamed for something once a year.. wait :)
Rao passed an audit!
@Sam Can ya make it the full name pls? ^^
It now sounds like some one's calling my granddad :-(
blame it @AndrasDeak
'blame every year'
i.stack.imgur.com/IeUhj.png <-- My favorite ... :P
I asked Ikea what I should blame it for, they didn't respond
1:03 PM
it seems that I'm burninating
@BhargavRao, that seems like a good question then.
@BhargavRao reported a bug here
so, weekend it is now... see you guys on monday :)
@rene Thanks
Cya o/
> There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "[close]"
There was only 1 question :/
1:08 PM
@SmokeDispenser try again:D
@BhargavRao and why is it your last name, not first?
@BhargavRao You've reviewed 39 posts today (1 of which was an audit), thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 25 minutes and 34 seconds, averaging to a review every 39 seconds.
@AndrasDeak rene has filed a bug there (to poke Sam :P)
@rene Another bug, I have reviewed 40 items :/
nice, I missed that, sorry
@BhargavRao +- audit?
(1 of which was an audit)
I see
Maybe it's subtracted anyway
new report?:P
1:12 PM
@Closey audit stats
@BhargavRao Stats of all tracked audits by tag:
 | Tag Name | %   | Count |
 | ios      | 100 | 1     |
@AndrasDeak rene will be on it in a moment :)
@KevinGuan You've reviewed 40 posts today (1 of which was an audit), thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 5 hours, 53 minutes and 49 seconds, averaging to a review every 8 minutes and 50 seconds.
@KevinGuan is it right?
do you have 40 or 41 reviews?
1:13 PM
@BhargavRao reported here
@rene Not repro-able, ^ Kevin's is 40
ah I see. That's not good:(
@AndrasDeak lol, sure 40.
@KevinGuan oh 40 is the cap?:D
@Kevin how many audits did you have?
1:14 PM
Ah, "Some reports" ...
@rene Only one, Closey is correct.
@AndrasDeak Yep, it's impossible that review 41 per day.
@KevinGuan I see, I see, thanks
@Closey commands
1:16 PM
@KevinGuan Here is a list of commands you have permission to run:
add [user id] to [group name] - Manually adds a user to the given permission group.
alive - A simple ping command to test if the bot is running.
approve request [#] - Approves a pending permission request.
audit stats - Shows stats about your recorded audits.
commands - Shows this list.
current tag - Get the tag that has the most amount of manageable close queue items from the SEDE query.
help - Prints info about this software.
membership - Shows a list of all permission groups, and the members in those permission groups.
it's been a while since I've reviewed...
and those were mostly suggested edits
@KevinGuan Not impossible :)
Hah, Madara did 45 on the day he became mod :P
@AndrasDeak Ah, okay.
@JonClements Except mods :)
@Closey total reviews today
@KevinGuan Today, 3 members have reviewed a total of 82 items.
 | User                | Review Items Today |
 | Bhargav Rao         | 40                 |
 | Kevin Guan          | 40                 |
 | Ms Yvette ǝʇʇǝʌʎ sW | 2                  |
1:23 PM
Huh? (cc @Sam 40 here ^ but 39 in that message above)
@Closey review today details
@KevinGuan Sorry, I don't understand that. Did you mean reviews today details?
@Closey yes
@KevinGuan You've reviewed 40 posts today (1 of which was an audit). The time between your first and last review today was 9 hours, 42 minutes and 13 seconds, averaging to a review every 14 minutes and 33 seconds.
 | Item Id  | Action    | Audit  | Completed At            |
 | 11599407 | Close     |        | 2016-03-12 03:44:49 UTC |
 | 11600660 | Close     |        | 2016-03-12 03:46:03 UTC |
 | 11600535 | LeaveOpen |        | 2016-03-12 03:48:55 UTC |
 | 11600303 | Close     |        | 2016-03-12 03:53:30 UTC |
 | 11600151 | Close     |        | 2016-03-12 03:56:17 UTC |
 | 11600048 | Close     |        | 2016-03-12 03:56:40 UTC |
 | 11599743 | Close     |        | 2016-03-12 03:59:15 UTC |
1:35 PM
the tag is gone: stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/recall maybe it should be made a synonym of to avoid confusion
Okay it's sleep time, night everyone.