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9:00 PM
@NathanOliver answer is fine, comments on answer are wrong. I would vote to close as typo
@gunr2171 steamcommunity.com/id/cars-wheels Don't laugh at the name. It is stupid on purpose.
@gunr2171 That's what I was thiking
@gunr2171 Oh gawd, that pun x)
invite sent
@gunr2171 Pfrt, you forget how I make fun of you.
9:02 PM
I ignore that because I'm right
Let's see how right you are when I dominate you with a huge meatshot
Dedicated server is updating, lets hope port forwarding works :p
Wait, you have a dedicated server at home?
Yup :p
Are you sure your bandwidth is great enough for everyone to join? We're on different continents
9:05 PM
only one way to find out
@gunr2171 edited that answer a bit
@Tunaki, get your first point in jasper reports...
(last I'll talk about it) @NathanOliver we start at 5:30p Eastern today
@PetterFriberg Question is still too unclear
OP still hasn't said what they mean by "combine two files"
9:11 PM
Let see, you get my vote if you manage to answer...
@gunr2171 OK. I'll have to see if I can make it. Any idea how bid a DL it is?
Spam stackoverflow.com/a/35023884/4099593 ? Look at the URL and the OP's website
There is one in distribution then he has made his own to have font-extensions... now he want's to combine them.... maaah... he should only make his own...
Time for me to check out have fun, I will check on it tomorrow... : )
@BhargavRao A troll for sure
9:14 PM
Spam for sure :/
delete voted
@NathanOliver 20 gb
I'm going to spam flag
I would also yeah. But out of flags...
> I am English Teacher
9:15 PM
@gunr2171 Jeez. I am not sure if I'll make it. That should take me about an hour to DL.
i am a eglish teecher
Reminds me of the old joke, I am the 9th letter of the alphabet
I r being english general in kollage
@NathanOliver join us on teamspeak at that time then. no rush
@gunr2171 OK
9:16 PM
plus, we start in an hour and 15 minutes
I spek inglis well. I tech inglis in french
Guys guys Thaillie is getting ahead!
> Thaillie is playing Team Fortress 2
Throws rope under Thaillie's feet
9:17 PM
Later guys
Bye all, afk
ok, back to business
@NathanOliver L8r
welcome back @BhargavRao
9:20 PM
@BhargavRao Mh, I'd report (flagged as spam)
Err why is the page reloading when I click leave
You can't leave. Why would you want to leave?
You can't leave.
Ah Worked this time
Lol, when you have to come back and say that you wanna leave :D
@Tunaki Yeah, better I just remain AFBT :D
@BhargavRao AFBT?
9:27 PM
@Tunaki Away from Browser Tab
Are you measuring by the distance from the pointer of your mouse to the tab?
@Kyll Well, I have to test if the server is functioning correctly :p
@Tunaki Nope, by the no of windows layered above the tab :D
^ A couple more downvotes on that one, and we'll be able to delete it, as well. It deserves them.
Perfect. It works. I love people speechless and efficient like you. — ginolin Sep 4 '14 at 15:42
^ I don't. Code-only.
9:33 PM
Q: Help us Redesign Job Ads

Bret CopelandYou know the little blue/orange/occasionally-other-colors box where we advertise Jobs on Stack Overflow? Aren't they beautiful? Don't you love their design? We love them like a mother would love her... neighbor's ugly child... and it sure has been fun hanging out with them, but perhaps it's ti...

Another dev effort :-) Let's hope this one is met with better reception by the community
^ One-box, one-box
^ allow other type of community ads, like chatrooms
@Tunaki overruled
> where to look at
@Tunaki Ninja'd me!
@BhargavRao lol :p
9:35 PM
I'm not sure where to look*
@TylerH corrected
That Meta post is starting well. Two comments, two memes.
When I put a bounty on my one of my question once, it didn't attract that many upvotes... =(
TF2 server refuses to start, can't fix it without reinstalling the entire server for as far as I know :p
What time is the TF2 event?
9:40 PM
@Thaillie Is it running?
Ah, yeah, so no
@TylerH I once got 25 upvotes coz of a bounty
@rene I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
If Ninja Puppy was here, @Tunaki he could've replied It looks grey for me :D
@BhargavRao I have also gotten a lot as well before
but I like to think my answer was pretty good
Rene passed a audit!
9:44 PM
By the way, I have a friend who owns a dedicated server. I could ask him to install a TF2 server on it, though we'd need to play a bit more for it to be worth the trouble. You know that friend @gunr2171, it's Zarloc.
Rene passed a audit!
Rene is so weird to read
My brain is used to rene
also congrats @rene for passing a haskell audit
9:48 PM
> I am studying javascript and I reached a good part. (Source)
Must've been studying for a while
@rene Wow - you're not letting that meta question go are you :)
Hi @Jon
9:53 PM
Now I'm really curious about the high-reliability group at Texas Instruments
cbg hi @Bhargav :)
Rene passed a audit!
@JonClements I don't let meta go ... I have 100 answers in support, only 100 left for another gold badge....
@rene - aww even appears you've been given the link :)
And I'm back
9:59 PM
Wb \o
How was the real life?
@Tuna Do we have a "wb" in French?
Non, "Re" tout court en fait
Mouais. We lose the "welcome" part there
@JonClements that is the problem with flowers, people tend to trust them...
"Content de te revoir"
C'est vrai ça sonne bien en fait
10:03 PM
Ah oui, c'est sympa
It's funny that yesterday I was speaking about pushing flowers and did not remember this youtube.com/watch?v=6l64EpGmwyc
@Kyll still at work, you guys go ahead and start playing without me. I'll try to join around 6 EST if I can get out of here soon
So, two French guys are discussing how to best translate an English idiom into French. Sounds like the beginning of a good joke.
10:06 PM
@Tunaki What kind of joke would that be?
Anyway, I've completed the code. Time to hit the bed praying that it will work well.
Bye all
Bonne nuit!
Bonne nuit !
(notice the unbreakable space before the !)
Someone tell me how to tell Thank you in French ... (Is it Gracas? - From Bean's holiday)
10:07 PM
Gracias is in Spanish :D
@BhargavRao Gracias is Spanish
Curse you Tuna >.>
sigh ninja'd again
What about Oui?
@BhargavRao Oui is yes, non is no
10:09 PM
Not bad, I remember that movie well. Merci @Tunaki and @Kyll
Et is and =D
o I
@Kyll I was thinking this too loud, you heard it.
@rene You've reviewed 40 posts today (2 of which were audits), thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 28 minutes, averaging to a review every 44 seconds.
10:11 PM
OK, I'm out .. need sleep
Said the murdery flower
Bonne nuit!
just a thought: how much traffic would SO probably see per day (in GB)?
@cybermonkey Do we get a Tee if we guess right?
10:14 PM
probably TBs
Q: How much bandwidth does SE eat up?

Danny BeckettI recently saw this image posted in an answer on Meta by @Nick Craver ♦: I'm interested to know how much bandwidth (in total GB/TB) gets used on average each month for such a large site, and on which services? (IIS/SQL split + any other servers)

> 99.59% cache hit ratio
so back in 2013 they were seeing 586 TB of bandwidth per month
my guess is today they see probably at least 25 - 30TB per day
I'm kinda worried, I just looked at my site's stats (of my developer blog) and the couple of days after I announced support for a legacy game (which is still hugely popular) I had a phenomenal upsurge in traffic (from a couple of MBs/day to a few GBs/day) in HTTP requests.
@cybermonkey well, set up cloudflare, you'll probably be OK
and I haven't even added the support to my software for that legacy game yet..
ah well, it runs on AWS so bandwidth is cheap
10:18 PM
what is the game?
I might want to throw my hat into that bandwidth-eating ring
Crysis 2, it has no online multiplayer anymore due to the Gamespy closure last year. it's still hugely popular. I created a replacement master-server to re-enable online multiplayer for Gamespy games, and so when I eventually add Crysis 2 support I'll probably see my bandwidth usage multiply by at least 10.
it's not an old game, just a pity that Crytek doesn't support it anymore and couldn't be bothered to create a patch for it with new multiplayer master servers. I guess that's the product development lifecycle for you..
I can't believe that falls in the realm of "old" now
almost nobody releases games that you can host on your own now
they put minimal effort into PC ports
@Kyll oh, thanks for reminding me, I meant to submit a poem a long time ago
You didn't?!
10:23 PM
I'm pretty sure I forgot
Yes, I don't have a folder there
I'm trying to get hold of the original 'gamespy.com' domain so that users don't have to redirect Gamespy services using the 'hosts' file. Probably won't be successful but if I do, I plan a full crowdfunding campaign to have a dedicated team re-write Wildfire (my Gamespy replacement server) to move away from my bodged code. It'd also help with costs of the (current) three AWS EC2 servers, plus load balancers, plus DNS.
it's quite a big project (and also ambitious)
10:25 PM
like, buy, get a hold of?
@Rob Hiya
@TylerH I've placed a backorder on it & IGN (the current owners) know that I want it to simply provide online multiplayer support for legacy games, so it's 50:50.
@cybermonkey That's amazing!
@Drew Do you have something to feed me? I have a couple of votes left.
(and hiya Drew :) )
I mean, the domain's just sitting there without being used for anything. Better to be used for something useful than not at all.
10:28 PM
@cybermonkey how much did the domain cost? a thousand?
@TylerH the standard $30 backordering fee, which includes one year's worth of domain registration. I'm willing to negotiate with IGN though (since through crowdfunding I could easily make the money back).
oh, thanks Firefox. As soon as I reinstall so I can go from 43.0.3 to 43.0.4, you release 44.0 -_-
@cybermonkey I'm very surprised that domain is so cheap
before I make the Crysis 2 support live, I plan on adding a few more EC2 instances to the primary load balancer, just to be on the safe side.
at this rate you should just see if you can get the source code for the game so you can start making improvements
though gamespy was used for a TON of other games besides Crysis
even by the time Halo came around
the original baldur's gate used gamespy
10:57 PM
@tunaki I have these that can be done half asleep 1 2 3 4 5 6
I can create a focused batch of Java if you want after midnite
Actually, scratch that, I only had 1 left...
@PetterFriberg Seems like we answered at the same time after all :D
I delete mine, I love yours..., I do not use maven.... so I never have problems ; )
maven-shade-plugin is a nasty beast that can do breakfast sometimes.
one of these days I will need to learn....
11:09 PM
> Other: I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's a complete lack of respect for anyone else in the community.
Oh, that will be my first jasper-report points :D
yeah that was funny
@Drew delete-voted on 5 of those 6 though, #4 is still alive
ha thanks they were pretty bad
@Tunaki We just need it to get accepted.... I will fix that ; )
so I can close all maven question to this one...
11:12 PM
Oh, there a lot of those questions? I haven't seen one of them. Not tagged maven I suppose
There are some old ones with very confusing answers....
can't find any. I'm searching "[jasper-reports] merge is:q"
[jasper-reports] [maven], but its more complicated than this... they often have font problem when exporting to pdf.. so they need to create font-extension and then if they use maven they have the problem you answered...
Maven is not the problem. It is the solution.
In example the question is far away from the truth... he need first to make the font-extension.....
11:24 PM
@PetterFriberg I can't make sense of the question :D I'd vote as unclear
No it does not... because he has real no clue how to include font-extensions...
Anyway, off to bed! Bonne nuit !
Sleep well and THANKS for contributing in jasper-reports, not much rep but lot of honor!!
@PetterFriberg that's what I was thinking
@MsYvette, but duplicate is better...
11:31 PM
@PetterFriberg yes
@MsYvette, I have a new "good" meta we need post...
@PetterFriberg show me
Its from your joke that OP needs rep points to post..., it could actually work...
They need to search on SO then post a test question (not visible on SO), read automatic comment, edit their question, see two automatic generated answers and accept one... Then they get a "hat" and can post... still working on it... when rdy I show you and we can get some downvotes on meta
@PetterFriberg Oh I am going to do that, funny you should ask.. I g2g be back and will see if i have the guts to do it
Nathan is now a confirmed murderer by brutal fire
11:37 PM
@MsYvette, cya later... moving towards bed...
I thought I had a decent self-answer QA but it turned out I didn't. :(
^ that question
Not even an attempt ..

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