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8:00 AM
yeah, it's a huge dilemna. there should be a shortcut for entering code language
@MaximillianLaumeister Okay you ninja'd it.
@MaximillianLaumeister Ah, didn't really follow the conversation
I never remember if it's <-- code: php --> or what
@Thaillie I've been manually retagging questions to as they appear, but the tag keeps being revived by users who ignore the "DO NOT USE THIS TAG" label on the tag wiki excerpt
Then the last thing we can do is wait for a blacklist, for as far as I know :p
8:02 AM
Found a helpful meta post about the tag blacklist: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/239189/…
@KevinGuan Thx
Wow, Shog9's answer.
@MaximillianLaumeister wrong, the tag wikis can exist independently the tag is usable. As I said, these are stored and shuffled away after 6-8 units of time
search MSE for that
What'll happen if...for example I go to edit a question and tag it ?
So the next step now is post a blacklist request on meta to get rid of it once and for all?
8:06 AM
Well, we're also talking about create a synonym.
@KevinGuan If you do that you'll get the unsettling feeling of making an edit that adds a bad tag to a question. It might even stick with you for a few days. I don't like that feeling, so I'm not planning to do it even if it would mean I could create a synonym.
But feel free to do it yourself
@MaximillianLaumeister Wow, sounds a terrible feeling...never had it before.
@KevinGuan By the way I just checked my tags, and I have enough in the twitter bootstrap tag to add an upvote to the synonym if you create it!
But I think that I don't have enough in the twitter bootstrap tag to create a synonym.
Q: We gave [bootstrap] the boot, but it wasn't heavy enough!

Siguza(This question/request is a follow-up to "Bootstrap tags revisited" - it is not a dupe!) The terribly ambiguous bootstrap tag has caused a lot of headache, having been used for everything from twitter-bootstrap and statistics-bootstrap over android-bootstrap to bootstrapper and bootstrapping, of...

8:12 AM
@MaximillianLaumeister Good edit (have no idea about how to edit that one).
@KevinGuan Thanks. The title is still really bad, but at least now it doesn't contain any swearwords
However, a synonym is just an idea. I don't know if that's better than blacklist and I think we should...post another meta post about that idea?
@KevinGuan My vote goes towards just doing the tag synonym, since the last meta post shows what happened when everyone was in agreement about blacklisting the tag (i.e. nothing at all)
WB Madara
A tag synonym will be better than nothing IMO, and it will put a stopper in the tag being recreated and re-deleted over and over
8:18 AM
the thing is... synonym to what?
Ah, yeah. I don't know that how long we need wait until it get blacklisted...
33 mins ago, by Kevin Guan
Hmm...create a tag synonym: --> ?
people will type "bootstrap" and will be silently renamed to whatever the target is, even when they don't mean that
I pinged Shog, he's the guy I ping for this stuff
@Braiam I think that's a valid concern, but I think that until we can get it blacklisted, it's better to have it as a synonym than to have it being in a state of creation/deletion flux
^ Agreed
2 mins ago, by Braiam
people will type "bootstrap" and will be silently renamed to whatever the target is, even when they don't mean that
and then you will have 99 problems
8:23 AM
What are them? For example?
@Braiam I think for every 20 questions that are currently being incorrectly tagged , there will be only 1 question that is incorrectly tagged with due to the synonym
That is my guess
Wait, we should only create synonym if the tags are the same. So it should be 0/20.
But really, isn't == ?
@MaximillianLaumeister I am a bad player, so I don't take chances
@KevinGuan I think is not, all attempts found everything under [bootstrap]
@Braiam Sometimes to make an omelette you gotta break a few eggs... or something
:28360522 slow but not down
8:27 AM
@Thaillie Of course
OOH! New question tagged ! I'll try to make the synonym now
@MaximillianLaumeister make sure they don't include shell ;)
Unless @Braiam tells me not to I guess
@MaximillianLaumeister you got the other 3 users?
8:28 AM
I don't think creating the synonym will be useful, let's wait for shog's reaction :p
@Thaillie So you suggested an edit?
@Braiam What do you mean by other 3 users? You mean to approve a tag synonym?
I suggest neither as long as there is a blacklist request open.
Hiiiya o/
Hello Tuna o/
8:28 AM
@MaximillianLaumeister I guess so.
@Thaillie I get where you're coming from, but I also don't see any harm in a synonym until the long blacklist request process can come to a close
Keep in mind that the last blacklist request for had 50 upvotes but was not put into action yet: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/309933/…
@MaximillianLaumeister Well, before you create the synonym, there's already 2 people disagree with it. So...
@KevinGuan Okay fair, you got me ;) I'll wait to hear from Shog9
That's fine :D, Let me improve someone's suggested edit then.
I just got all excited at the idea of getting questions to stop flowing into the bad tag, is all
8:33 AM
@MaximillianLaumeister +55/-4 is not nearly enough to get implemented unfortunately...
@MaximillianLaumeister Yeah I know that feeling this time, I got little angry when there's some new questions tagged a tag which should be burned.
Oh, that question looks too broad, agreed?
@KevinGuan In other words, yes.
in Boring Python chat room, Jan 3 at 14:36, by Kevin Guan
I'm voting to close this Too Broad question as Unclear because it lacks a MCVE.
@Tunaki While I've got you here, what is your opinion on the tag? Should it be synonymized or blacklisted or something else? Keep in mind that it has been deleted/recreated at least 5 times now.
should be blacklister IMO but, meh, that'll never happen
not synonymized though
8:39 AM
So why not synonymized?
@KevinGuan It would be good to synonymize it if every question tagged bootstrap were about twitter-bootstrap but that's not the case
and making it a synonym, I guess you drop the ability to kill it with fire in the future
Okay, same as @Braiam said.
Dupe or not? I hammered, high-rep user reopened.
@KevinGuan Debating with myself whether to post a large answer to your comprehension question, or to post it as a self-answered question about fancier constructs...
@Tunaki In other words, you believe it is better to keep manually cleaning out and deleting the tag whenever it gets recreated, because if there is a synonym then people might use it for uses that are not and that would be worse than the current situation
8:44 AM
@TigerhawkT3 Are you also going to post an answer like mine?
and killing a tag with fire is fun also :D
@KevinGuan So did you see the video?
@Kyll Hiya o/
@MaximillianLaumeister Wait, others can also change the tag then right?
Plop Kyll! And no :(
8:46 AM
Plop Kyll o/
@KevinGuan What do you mean change the tag?
@MaximillianLaumeister Oh, I mean that: If the asker doesn't mean , others can still change it to the right one.
It's more about nested stuff like [['*' for column in range(columns)] for row in range(rows)], [item[0]+item[3] for item in (line.split() for line in lines)], and [element for object in range(4) for element in (object, object*2)].
@TigerhawkT3 ugh
Size-wise, almost as large as yours (yours: 3 screens, mine: 2.5).
8:48 AM
@Tushar Commented, I agree with dupe
@Kyll TY kyll
@Tunaki Oh, you don't like comprehensions? Well, foo on you! And bar as well! :P
@KevinGuan Exactly. That's my main argument in favor of the tag synonym, it will mean instead of retagging tons of questions that are mistakenly tagged , we would be retagging the rare question that is mistakenly tagged .
@Tushar Actually, wait. In its current shape, it is a dupe. It should be edited to be better for the answer
@TigerhawkT3 I remember there's a question which asked about nested list comprehension, but the answer there isn't so long as such. What's the title you'll use if you're about to post a new question?
8:51 AM
@KevinGuan Why not? Don't you have proxies or such to access Youtube? Unless of course it can get you into troubles
Didn't give that much thought yet.
Another new question was just tagged as . I gotta go to bed though as it's way past my bedtime. Night everyone!
Sorry guys, afk 10 mins.
@Kyll that is edited by Denys, to look like it's not a dupe, I have an answer on that question, but deleted as it is dupe.
@Kyll Not a typo, logical error, so didn't voted to close.
8:53 AM
@MaximillianLaumeister Yeah, that's also what I think.
@kayess o/
8:54 AM
@Kyll Hmm...I can only visit the page, but can't watch the video.
@Thaillie I "improved" your edit just so that it is accepted faster
@MaximillianLaumeister Night! Talk about this tomorrow :)
And really afk now.
@Tushar Meh. Close enough of a typo, and also extremely unlikely to help future readers
@Tunaki \o
@Tunaki Dat edit mafia
8:57 AM
@Kyll Okay, anyway I undeleted my answer on that dupe or not question, for the time being.
Can I get pretty formatting colours on <pre> blocks?
SO UI is borked again :\
@Tushar See my last comment there, let's delete all of it?
@kayess :D borked
@Tushar :)
9:05 AM
@Kyll sure, there is only one of my comment, deleted. Other's are kept. :)
And it's back!
@Tushar There's still 2 comments of yours, 3 from OP, 2 from Denys, and one of mine at the end
@KevinGuan How about a title of "Can I process and create complex structures with comprehensions?"
9:11 AM
Huh, that question (title) and mine sound not the same.
New question, then?
If the question looks same, then you can dupe hammer it anyway :P
1. Post new question 2. Dupehammer your question 3. Evil laugh
9:15 AM
Wait, not hammer mine... so evil.
hammer everything, everytime I hammer, I feel a little better
1. Post new question 2. Instantly dupehammer it as a dup of yours 3. Leave angry comment complaining about lack of research
Maybe I'll do that for April Fools'.
@TigerhawkT3 :D, hammering own question.
9:17 AM
Is it hammer time now?
it's always hammer time
That had better not be MC Hammer.
...It's MC Hammer.
why not?
@Kyll I guess Denys didn't understand what you're saying. Got 20 rep points because of you, o.w. I'd deleted that answer. :)
@Tushar Guess so =p
9:19 AM
@TigerhawkT3 Cool
@MsYvette Oh, Hyia!!
9:20 AM
@MsYvette You'd keep it singular =p
Unless you really want to show a lot of affection
@Kyll I told you I bring the love :D
9:21 AM
@Kyll Why? The more the better!
Also yeah. It's with an X.
Bisou, genou, pou, ...
9:22 AM
TIE fighter and X-wing... now how the heck do I ASCII a Constitution class?
@TigerhawkT3 Where did you stolen that diamond? From which mod? :P
I swear I got it from a legit alt-code dealer; the Alt-4 special.
< o >
9:24 AM
mines contemporary dance
Enjoy the jokes, unicorns and waffles. I'll back in...when the joking unicorns bring me some waffles.
@kayess Do NOT link to other websites without at the very least pointing to their help center, and if possible explain how to make the question on-topic there
Otherwise people just copy and paste their post and get it closed elsewhere
@kayess That shouldn't be closed, that should be flagged for mod attention with message to migrate to CR.SE
@Tushar Well, no. CR.SE needs the whole code in the question. As such, the question would not be fit for migration
@Kyll oh, question deleted by OP. BTW, I also commented to add code in question.
9:30 AM
The people at CR get very upset when we flag for migration to them btw
Well, we have to be careful. If we comment and flag for migration without being careful we'll flood them with crap
It's not just that, in the CR docs they specifically state that we should never do it
Q: What is the latest on adding Code Review to Off-Topic Migration Options?

Ms YvetteIt's been a year since this was discussed Add Code Review to 'belongs on another site' now that the site has graduated What is the latest progress with this?

@kayess I started participating in CR and that question would be closed in 10 seconds there. Lack of code.
9:33 AM
Q: A guide to Code Review for Stack Overflow users

durron597You're on Stack Overflow and you've found a question that seems to be about improving code. You are trying to be helpful, and you put a comment in the question: You should try asking on CodeReview.SE instead. —YourName 2 minutes ago … and suddenly, out of nowhere CodeReview.SE users swoop i...

LOL ok
oooh David you post a bigger and better meta post... : D
> Please do not vote to close with a custom reason that "it belongs on Code Review". Nothing in the Stack Overflow rules justifies such a custom reason, and sloppy reasoning perpetuates inappropriate referrals.
However it was off topic here, pointing out CR isnt bad, as long OP read their FAQ.
gotta fly brb
9:34 AM
@MsYvette airspace clearance approved.
@MsYvette Don't get too close to the sun
Give me the code ^^^
Whenever I see CR come up on Meta, I get the impression of "keep your junk away from us; we don't want to turn into you."
I mean, I get it, but it hurts.
@TigerhawkT3 funny but true :(
@TigerhawkT3 Yeeep...
9:44 AM
"No, Mom and Dad, you can't come to my birthday party. You're not cool enough."
@Tushar Hey... Thanks buddy... I am working full day today! :P
@Tunaki Rejected.
Is this question POB or TB?
9:59 AM
@Kyll I would go with TB
Well, the question essentially is "What is an API"
TB is too broad and POB is ...?
@user2314737 Primarily Onion-Based
Like, the TOR network is POB
A good potato salad is, too
Onion soup is also POB - primarily onion based
@user2314737 Primarily Opinion Based :p
10:02 AM
Is an answer which content is almost entirely quoted from Wikipédia VLQ?
I wouldn't say so
there's a link to wikipédia and all
it isn't particularly good but maybe the quoted text doesn't need any extra explanation
If that answer is OK, then it just points to the question being terrible
that is another problem yes
Oh ok. I find these types of questions interesting. It's like, explain me what an an API is in plain English. I also realize it can give rise to endless discussions
@user2314737 Which is exactly why they are off topic for SO
10:11 AM
@user2314737 Those question always remind me of this image :p
hmm not sure I'll white list that one
Hm tempted to remove him from blacklist
@Thaillie haha
10:30 AM
the tag batch-file is really misused :D
Pretty sure I saw that same user post the same spam yesterday
poor followers of that tag
At least 100 kittens have died already there
Yeah, very slow on this one
Only 3 flags and I gave it an extra DV
3 spam flags will take it down right?
10:33 AM
@PraveenKumar 6
@Tunaki Oh Okay...
Oh hey, some unicorns are coming and bring me some waffles. So I'm back now :D
I already solved the problem, thanks. — ram 1 min ago
@KevinGuan lucky you
@Tunaki Yes, these waffles are very good. Do you want have one?
@TigerhawkT3 Have you posted that long answer?
What to do with this question? OP said he solved it already. stackoverflow.com/questions/35011741/…
10:43 AM
@Thaillie vote to close as typo
and when it's closed, I'll even cast a delete vote. Because I feel like it.
@Tunaki Actually...No repro. But they're one option...whatever.
No MCVE also, any fits
Hello Sam o/
@TigerhawkT3 started contributing to CodeReview and it's so much different than SO. I mean, 90% of questions are good, on topic. Those that are not are closed in a matter of seconds. Users are welcoming
10:51 AM
Plop Sam!
Ninja'd by a mod
@Tunaki I know
Tunaki got Madara'd
I was in shock for a while as well.
Plop rene!
10:52 AM
@hichris123 action performed
Hiya @rene o/
So Sam is the first bot to become a member of the SOCVR RO team. Congratulations Sam!
@MadaraUchiha The traffic is also a lot less than SO.
@KevinGuan yeah, some snow storm was coming in and I was a bit worried.
10:54 AM
2-3 questions per hour on average
SO is like 2-3 questions per seconds on average...
@Tunaki Yeah, but the attitude is different.
They aren't hardened by waves upon waves of crap every minute.
They had a crisis at one point and were about to be closed, and they made a complete 180° and became one of the more impressive sites on the network.
@MadaraUchiha Did they? What was the matter?
Not enough activity, not enough voting, not enough high rep regulars.
@rene Oh, it's also very cold here now.
Weird weather this year.
@KevinGuan It's about 9 degrees here, feels like freaking -10 with this extreme humidity and winds
10:59 AM
@KevinGuan ^ True that. Haven't seen negative temperature where I live.
I'm wearing 3 layers above, 2 layers below, and my ass is still freezing the moment I step outside.
@MadaraUchiha It's almost -20 here. However, in house it's warm.
@KevinGuan Run a server rack at home = heating problem is solved.
(It's a real project btw treehugger.com/clean-technology/…)
In France it's stupidly hot. Some new record temperatures were, again, established...
@KevinGuan Ha, so you live in the northern part of China then. North-east?
11:01 AM
@KevinGuan CR is... different. I have a couple posts there.
@TigerhawkT3 different great, though
@Tunaki You got it finally :P
Makes that SO place look like Watto's shop.
@MadaraUchiha =? Really? Not ==?
11:02 AM
@KevinGuan It's SQL, shut up.
@KevinGuan Googled "china weather" and saw it was -20 is Harbin, which the map located at the north east :)
In other languages you can do Things.
@MadaraUchiha Waffle
You haven't lived until you've experienced -40 or below
Who can explain this Waffle thing to me? :D
11:04 AM
@MadaraUchiha Same as Plop, I guess. Less mighty.
Oh nice, a tag emoticon
@Tunaki nope lol
@Tunaki Good job. However, it's even snow in the another part of China, where is always...huh, no negative temperature.
@KevinGuan And no, not yet. I'm thinking tomorrow, more primetime.
11:06 AM
I didn't visit the another part of China so don't ask me more about that.
Waffles taste like unicorn tears
We eat them every day
Don't ask us what it really means
We won't know what to say
@TigerhawkT3 Okay, May the unicorn/waffle be with you!
@DavidG That's... beautiful. Have a waffle.
Oh, mod question! What does it take to blitz a user after they post spam?
@DavidG Really? unicorn tears ?
11:07 AM
@DavidG About 3 clicks
It's all manual?
If you (mod) flag as spam, isn't it the same?
@Tunaki Nope.
There are important things other than reputation; I just don't know what they are.
11:07 AM
ah, that explains why a user posted 2 spams in 2 days but isn't gone yet
mod spam flag is worth 6 normal ones
It instantly deletes the post and induces the -100 penalty if applicable
But it doesn't kill the user
That requires extra action.
Moreover, if a spam post is approved by 6 mortals' flags, mods don't even get notified
Also it doesn't show your name on the post, but Community instead.
Right ^
I flagged this spam-deleted post as the same user also posted yesterday, assuming that's the right thing to do?
So when you want blame Community, flag a post as spam.
11:11 AM
@TigerhawkT3 Waffle
^ that edit
Can anybody tell, what that means?
@Kyll I'd like to buy the rights to use your ending grace period autocomment
But since you're not answering, I'll steal it from ya. Mwahaahhahaha
@Tunaki Hey, I was helping someone >.>
Fine then! I'll make a new one!
@Kyll You just missed a very high donation, that's all
@Tunaki I don't take donations, I only take bribes
11:19 AM
Or cans of gasoline.
Or yeah, that. Fiery bribes.
@MadaraUchiha I've noticed we don't have any poetry from you. This. Is. UNACCEPTABLE! As a regular from SOCVR I won't stand such treachery! I demand that today, the 26th day of the 2016th year after the birth of someone whose name I can't quite recall, you make a poem for us to enjoy!
Also plz don't ban me
Kyll was never seen again...
@Kyll Wait wait wait, why do we have that project?
Also the 日照香炉生紫烟 one isn't mine, it's 李白's.
@KevinGuan For obvious reasons.
@KevinGuan Oh I see
11:25 AM
@Kyll Okay, I see.
afk nom nom
11:41 AM
Blame my tools, can't visit Google now.
@KevinGuan It's DavidG's fault.
I know, you'll never say that it's your fault right?
11:56 AM
@Tunaki Once upon a time, there was a grace period. Bye bye! What do you mean? :)
@Yam die
@PraveenKumar You need to be a room owner, moderator, or Sam to kill me.
@Yam I know! :P
@PraveenKumar My comment isn't good, he...? =( How can I make it better?
@Tunaki It is good. I am curious to know more about the grace period thing...
Ha! When you post a answer (or question), there is a 5 minute delay where every edit is just added to the precedent
11:59 AM
^ yeah that'll probably explain it better
That's there even now right?
@PraveenKumar Hm?

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