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6:52 AM
@JAL except for a downvote the timeline nor revisions show anything...
@Tushar voted and edited the title
1 hour later…
8:17 AM
might have posted here before? sorry. Just one more cv...
9:05 AM
@Tushar OP deleted
@TimCastelijns Good morning o/
9:22 AM
9:34 AM
Morning all
This can go on all day as we are following the sun...
Blame earth for not being flat
Morning all!
9:45 AM
Morning o/
10:39 AM
Second time he askes the same question stackoverflow.com/questions/33496912/…
That's a request for off-site resource anyway.
10:53 AM
@Thaillie Can we close this question? It's attracting some LQ answers now
@DavidG, yup close it
Trying to, pretty quiet in here this morning though :)
The chatroom died after everyone said "Morning" :p
11:09 AM
I don't think it's the right close reason, but shuold be closed for sure
I hate CSS
CSS hates you too ;-)
I'm pretty sure it does right now!
@DavidG CSS is wonderfull :(, why do you hate it?
@Thaillie Because it does things I don't want it to do! right now I have a 3 pixel wide border under an image for seemingly no apparent reason.
11:30 AM
@DavidG, thats an annoying problem to get rid of :p
A hot network question (or former), two reopen votes. Isn't it still too broad after the edit? stackoverflow.com/q/33495283/1927206
@BillWoodger, yup its still to broad to re-open in my oppinion.
11:46 AM
@Thaillie Fixed height on the container - problem solved! Just don't tell anyone I did that...
@DavidG, its also possible display:block; will fix it. Never use fixed height D:
@Thaillie Tried that too (it was inline-block) but it didn't help.
is this spam?
it's in the VLQ atm
Not sure what to make of that
Don't think it's spam, but it's not useful.
11:49 AM
NAA (i also have this prolem), link only, advertisement maybe
Its not an answer, maybe it should be a comment
yeah but there's a difference between flagging as spam and NAA
Id treat it as link only
Flagged as NAA
User also posted virtually same answer here stackoverflow.com/questions/25870965/…
Do some users never look at their own posts after posting and think "man, that is some unreadable piece of garbage, better edit it.."
It never ceases to amaze me
11:56 AM
I think you know the answer already.
> Wow, the question I just asked is so much garbage, I should improve it
^^^^ something is wrong in this sentence, I'm not quite sure what
probably "I"
take a look at this one
huge code dump
I've only seen this sentence where "I" is substituted by "you"
and it ends with "Attempt to invoke interface method 'bla' on a null object reference"
Morning all
Ugh, another crap bounty question: stackoverflow.com/q/33342680/2415822
Here's a smile to start your day! 'Morning!
@Mogsdad :D
Good Morning
^ deleted
1:03 PM
I feel like my rep is rapidly leaking away today with all the downvotes I'm throwing out to terrible answers.
@DavidG Is this a hidden way to ask us to upvote your answers?
Hopefully they get deleted and the rep comes back
Haha no, I haven't even been answering today - too busy trying to stem the river of faeces that today seems to bring!
1:21 PM
^ old, unanswered in 4 years, attracting new (bad) answers
1:33 PM
Can't lie, I'd love to hear the "Undelete" voter's explanation. i.sstatic.net/zRrTL.png
lol. can the answerer vote to undelete?
Do you need to cast an undelete vote for a self deleted answer?
omg. I didn't see that the answer was self deleted. Now I really am befuddled.
If the only deletion is by the OP, they can immediately undelete it. If it's community deleted, then it requires 3 undelete votes. If it's mod deleted, it can't be undeleted except by a mod.
That's what I thought.
1:41 PM
So that example was answered, OP deleted it, OP undeleted it, then it got deleted again via review
intresting. I wonder why it says it was deleted by the user then.
Pham got a new avatar?
1:45 PM
And Yam. But, caching...
at least you didn't do the "no profile image + spider" that I see on youtube
@gunr2171 afternoon :)
@JonClements In about 10-20 minutes I would like to run something by you (but I need to edit it first)
@gunr2171 sure - I'll be about
1:46 PM
thanks, I'll ping when I'm ready
@ArtjomB. I went with tool request because of Is there any other IDE that I can use?
hum, the animation when multiple people enter the room at once is weird
more an OCD thing, don't mind me
Let's all leave and come back!
you forgot the "and never return"
1:51 PM
@ArtjomB. The new answer on that one, along with two others from the same user, are all basically SPAM, linking to the same commercial site.
@gunr2171 errr: "let's all leave and come back and never return" - doesn't quite work :p
yes it does. you leave the chat room, then join the chat room, ensuring that you never return to not being in the chat room. It makes perfect sense. You crazy!
Yes - I'm crazy! Have you only just noticed! :p
uh oh
1:54 PM
Undo's server is having problems today.
!!/fix your server
I pinged him a few hours ago about it.
ok, thanks for the heads up
smokey is just taking a smoke break.
1:55 PM
@PaulRoub yep, looks like spam
One's already gone.
if you are the 6th person to flag a post as spam, does the page automatically reload on you?
@gunr2171 I believe it does, yeah.
ah, ok.
@PaulRoub kaboom
And yeah, it did refresh for me :P
1:58 PM
The user's gone now.
> Is it possible to write happy, sad, angry, or even maybe sarcastic code? What about other emotions?
Q: Are there examples of emotional (happy, sad, sarcastic) code?

TymekIs it possible to write happy, sad, angry, or even maybe sarcastic code? What about other emotions? I'm thinking of possibly some combination of names and calling sequences, maybe some casting. Are there any known 'classic' examples of that?

@gunr I walked to the top of the "Mountain Of Madness" and stood at the precipice of the pit of insanity, screamed like a crazy puppy, and jumped :p
@gunr2171 I'm SmokeDetector, a bot that detects spam and low-quality posts on the network and posts alerts to chat. A command list is available here.
You're alive!
@Tunaki While I read that, it got 3 more downvotes. Hardly seems necessary, once it's been closed.
2:11 PM
@Mogsdad I dunno, the asker has (had!) 1.7k rep, they should know better what to post.
@DavidG ...and it got downvoted and closed quickly. What's the point of further downvotes, since it's not a Meta question?
@JonClements I can't top that...
@Mogsdad I didn't , just shared the question for amusement
oh, you're on a mountain. Uh, pun intended?
@gunr2171 you should try it though - makes a good day out :)
2:27 PM
The first answer on that points to this which is also an off-site request.
@Tunaki No foul... just observing human behaviour myself.
2:43 PM
dont mind me, just complaining about package dependencies
@Thaillie I would say too broad. I'll work on a comment for the OP
2:55 PM
@gunr2171 I went with "No MCVE"... after all, some code isn't working there
let's go
no no no, it would be "Blitzkreig Bop"
good song. played a lot of tony hawk with that song playing.
3:01 PM
^ Weird, three stars but only one upvote
@Kyll ponders off to SEDE
I wonder, for questions with more than some k stars (say 3), what the starCount/totalScore looks like. 10%? 20%?
@Siguza You're a SEDE hero \o/
@Kyll working on it as well. What do you mean by "starCount/totalScore". aggregate of all posts in some way?
@gunr2171 Woah, thanks. Either a global aggregate or you know, a list
With columns ID | Score | Stars | Ratio
Why not compute the average
Meeting in two hours and twenty minutes, am I right?
Always a bit scared to miss dates by an hour or two with these timezones
@Kyll correct
3:12 PM
@Kyll You can register yourself to the event, then you'll get a notification
@Siguza Already did =p
@NathanOliver Thanks
@Kyll Then just wait for the "ping" and the notification banner...
So just for my understanding... the post ID on SO and on SEDE are not necessarily the same, are they?
@Siguza Post.Id is the same as the one in the url on SO
^ Suuuuure.
just log in, you will never get a captcha
3:15 PM
@gunr2171 Am I too stupid to copy a link then? Query vs Post
@gunr2171 Yeah, and the next day you have to log in again, and the day after, etc.
@Kyll !!/enhance
@gunr2171 Magic column for post ID-> data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/…
@theB yep, forgot
@Siguza uh, hold on
I'm assuming "userscript"?
oh, I stand thoroughly corrected.
3:18 PM
Wow, the ratio is wild. Between 0.1 and 5 for score > 5
@Siguza Asked 1 hour ago. SEDE only updates on Sunday.
@Kyll The ones with negative scores are interesting though...
@theB Ah fuu
didn't know that
@Siguza or wait, this one says it's the same... data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/revision/384291/494120
Is there a good Meta question about asking for the differences between technologies? "What is the difference between langA and langB/frameworkA and frameworkB"
@gunr2171 The same as what?
@Kyll A: Stuff.
3:21 PM
@Kyll gorillas vs sharks?
in my link, the id of the question url was the same in SEDE
@cimmanon wat?
Who would ask that? Sharks win.
Jeff Atwood on August 16, 2011
Who would win in a fight between a Gorilla and a Shark?
@gunr2171 Yes, I just didn't know that SEDE only updated once a week...
oh! ok
3:23 PM
there will probably be a lot of meta references to "gorilla vs shark" in regards to differences between A & B
@cimmanon Thanks! I should make an auto-comment out of this
@SotiriosDelimanolis boom
So quick, I love it.
@cimmanon All of Jeff's numbered list items are 1.
3:27 PM
Q: Should framework comparison questions be deleted?

g00glen00bA few months/years back I answered a question about the comparison of AngularJS and Dojo (two JavaScript frameworks). At that time I wasn't familiar with the rules so I still attempted to answer it instead of voting to close. Recently the question got deleted for reasons of moderation, and thoug...

@theB And the google cache links don't work anymore. And the close reason "not constructive" doesn't exist anymore.
@theB apparent copy & paste from a markdown source (where numbering with 1 is a best practice)
@Kyll does that help?
@gunr2171 Wow, a lot
well, that was the first time i ever used a bubble chart in excel
so what we've learned is that to get the most amount of stars on your post, you need a score of 3
no more, no less
3:40 PM
@LynnCrumbling could you state a more concrete reason?
@gunr2171 I entered a custom one.
@LynnCrumbling boom
Ok, i'm just saying "gimme-teh-code" doesn't sound good, here or on main.
3:44 PM
Fixed :)
Someone isn't getting his year =p
But... closed already :-/
Problem with that is that question now shows "This question does not appear to be about programming" so perhaps too-broad would have been better.
Or external resource
3:47 PM
@Kyll I wouldn't doubt if the OP would just go to that "getting started" android page and copy and paste the example from there.
@LynnCrumbling Almost sure no teacher would get fooled
Most likely.
Hard to tell where they're in school, though.. and I don't really have a firm grasp on the view of plagarism outside of the us.
Yeah, us Brits are thieves right?
Common sense tells me that it should be looked down upon everywhere... but...
Yes, that evil UK country... nothing but copy-n-paste.
My designers tell me that copy then change 10 things and that makes it new.
3:50 PM
I live in New England. It's totally different.
@DavidG Wait... it doesn't?
is there a shortcut of the "cv-pls"?
we do have a script, but we just ask that you limit the number of public requests you make
(goes to find it...)
Sorry, I meant for typing out [tag : cv-pls].
I don't know of any shortcut for just [tag:cv-pls]
hit "raw" button if you have tampermonkey installed
Yeah, have to set up all these nice features
4:11 PM
@SotiriosDelimanolis Are you new around by the way? I don't remember seeing you before but I've only arrived recently too - Okay didn't check your profile, holy hell 132k o_o
hes a witch! burn!
The SOCVR room was mentioned in his meta post.
rene's been advertising the room again...
> but so far I only managed to get a couple of us a little bit organized
^ Which is already a pretty damn amazing and impressive accomplishment in my opinion
Keeping my eye on this: idownvotedyoubecause.com
oh boy
-1 no favicon
4:21 PM
I can just see the meta posts already
@Kyll Seems very alpha, but I like the two available reasons there very much already
@Siguza It's on GitHub so you can put as many reasons as you want in there
@Kyll I know, I know. But it's not like I had time for that :/
It would be a good addition to auto-comments...
oh wait, this is not a "i hate SO" rant site. I might actually like it
Right now you could have a complete auto-comment with like Pictures of exception are not helpful because of [reasons]. For more information, please see [meta post] and [idownvotedyoubecause link].
I really like the site layout
colors + functionality
Me too
It's standard Github site layout, they're super easy to make.
Imports your markdown too.
@DavidG don't spoil the fun!
4:26 PM
And I think it could help users who feel personally targeted by downvotes, with correctly formatted auto-comments and the website it yells "your question was not good", it would not target users themselves
I don't think I'm very clear at the moment, I lack coffee
I'm just waiting for this room to set it up!
@Closey status
SOCVR ChatBot version, running for 19 hours, 53 minutes and 32 seconds.
at some point we'll convert the faq page into a site
4:27 PM
Dang, I would have asked Closey when it would be set up =p
toy commands are gone now
@rene "at some point", no hard deadline
Yeah, I'm a PM but I speak your language....
it's 6-8 "whenevers"
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