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12:41 AM
@TinyGiant It's a new day! Voted...
@Kyll gone-
@misterManSam Done
@Mogsdad - yay :)
12:45 AM
It makes so much sense (especially from a gamification point of view) for that fr to be implemented.
2:25 AM
Anyone around?
@Undo - voted
3:03 AM
75k rep user answers own duplicate question: stackoverflow.com/questions/32981152/…
1 hour later…
4:24 AM
@gunr2171 very irrelevant, but I really want to be part of that steam team.
hmmm.... steamteam
6 hours later…
9:57 AM
@Tunaki voted
10:55 AM
@Tunaki closed
@ArtjomB. needs one more
11:13 AM
^ Asks for what lib is best
@gunr2171 Your friends list is apparently full.
At someday you know you have enough friends ...
On SE I guess that number is between 6 and 8
By "friends", I actually meant friendly chatbots.
If I would have used all that anti aging stuff I probably wouldn't have been born yet....
12:03 PM
@Tunaki can you also tag that ^^^ as winforms?
@rene winforms? why?
If you get that edit in within the grace period
because it is using that ?
is it?
I don't see it
InitializeComponent isn't in a WPF form constructor AFAIK
Oh are you talking about the C# question
12:05 PM
yeah, sorry
good morning
added it (39 seconds too late for the grade period)
OK, tnx anyway ;)
(I don't know C#, never heard of winforms before :) )
@NathanOliver Hey
@Tunaki don't let Skeet hear you say that ;)
Does anyone know if the gold badge dupe close reason was updated? On this and this it now shows the gold badge responsible for the closure.
12:18 PM
Yeah I noticed it this morning
12:37 PM
Closed as dupe due to a poorly formatted question being mistaken for a dupe
I was also in edit mode on that ...
@Sam I'm assuming you are "fractalesque", if so I accepted it no problem
@gunr2171 Nope.
12:39 PM
I'm ArcticEcho.
(Same as GH)
I'm a wolf :D
can you send me a link to your steam profile?
I'm a flower
I smell
I'm a series of capital letters
invite sent
12:41 PM
Accepted \o/
and invited to group
no probs. So it really gave you a message about my friends list being full?
hum, weird
12:43 PM
You really should allow for more friends
I can't remember the the exact message, but it was something like that.
ok, well I just went through a removed a lot of old people who are never online. I'll try to figure out what the limit is
oh wait, it says "friends 17/340"
But, but.
That's strange
maybe it's YOUR friend's list?
I've just joined
Me haz no friendz
12:45 PM
and see what it says below "all friends" tab
> 1 / 250
oh, IDK then
general strangeness
Blame caching.
I don't see TF2 on your list...we need to fix that!
12:47 PM
Q: It looks like the duplicate banner changed. How does it work now?

NathanOliverI noticed this morning that post that were closed with a gold badge dupe hammer have a new banner Is this a new change or just testing as I can't find a post meta post on this? What happens if the user doing the closing has a gold badge for multiple tags on the question?

Well, I only joined yesterday.
@FélixGagnon-Grenier I need your steam ID when you get back
I can't even tell if that's spam
@SmokeDetector deleted
@gunr2171 Another frenchy playin'?
you guys will get along great
1:00 PM
Let's hope we don't stumble upon other pub stompers tonight
1:10 PM
I don't think I'll be around tonight for games, sorry
A: Suggested edits showing the wrong stats

gunr2171One year and six days later, Jon Ericson and Chris Jester-Young have fix this bug! To quote some of the above posts: Therefore, the audit result page is using just the "Reject" review result reason, while the regular result page is using just the "Reject and Edit" reason. Arguably, bot...

That's some real NCIS stuff you just did there: zoom and enhance. — gunr2171 16 secs ago
@gunr2171 What can I say. I grew up watching CSI. — NathanOliver 11 secs ago
@PaulRoub completed
this is great, now I can accurately yell at people for having no suggested edit rejections!
Uh, not sure if that fix is good for your health then
1:20 PM
@gunr2171 5 GB left to download...
1:43 PM
@gunr2171 actually fractalesque is me. sorry for the long follow up I was.. quite drunk when it stroke me that the most pertinent thing before passing out would be adding someone from so on steam
ooohhhh, crap
let me undo that
Oh, I see I was blocked :p
ok, invite sent
1:45 PM
and group invite sent
but yeah, I'll install tf2.
we're going to have a full squad soon
I'll also have to suck less at it
being bad is part of the game
but anyway, enough of that for now, got to get to work. laters o/
1:47 PM
have fun.
Still thinking about this, @Deduplicator, considering some of the suggestions here... Even as a trial run, gotta figure this is gonna take until the end of the year to complete if we start this week. — Shog9 ♦ yesterday
drats, I do like that system
yeah it looks good as is to me. My flame thrower keeps calling my name.
2:05 PM
@TinyGiant @Mogsdad Is it easily possible to integrate this list into the SE-Editor-Toolkit?
When do you go to the point where you start contributing? Are you ever going to answer my questions and interact with me like a human? — AndÚ 1 min ago
^ user throwing a temper tantrum
@ArtjomB. Ah, the Peter Mortensen list
@cimmanon I glanced over the comments and I would say move on ...
@cimmanon left a comment to help you out a bit ...
2:26 PM
yeah, i left a slightly better dupe target there, but it was written before the whole global variable scope changed. so i dunno if the guy will be able to figure out 2 and 2
2:38 PM
^inb4 FGITW
@Kyll self-deleted
Weird. I wonder what happened
I assume they figured out their answer
they don't have enough rep to see close votes
@TylerH Doesn't one always see the close votes on his own questions?
I didn't think so, but maybe?
2:44 PM
I remember seeing it on mines
in HTML / CSS / Web Development, 14 secs ago, by BoltClock
@TylerH No, you need at least 250 rep. Along with seeing pending votes you can add your own
So his 77 rep doesn't seem to be enough
Ah, okay
... and TF2 finally finished downloading. \o/
3:01 PM
@Sam \o/
@Tunaki ugh, CV because guice
I'm thinking this should be reopened. The target duplicate is not the right one.
^ Also please downvote the crappy FGITW
@Tunaki thats a scary question, the guy may as well be using a shitty DBMS like mysql >.>
@Kyll we are no longer supposed to ask for down votes.
3:10 PM
@NathanOliver This was not part of a burnination effort, just a righteous answer to crappy actions from users
@Kyll oh yeah. my bad. nothing to see here, move along
How was this posted a few minutes after the question's closure?
Q: This answer was posted *after* the question was closed, how is that possible?

Tushar GuptaHow can somebody post an answer when the question is closed (marked as duplicate)? I see a question marked as duplicate 8 mins ago and someone posted an answer 5 min ago. This means the answer was posted 3 minutes after the question was closed.

that ^^
3:17 PM
it is a Buature
@Unihedron to what?
@Unihedron shouldn't it be closed as unclear or to broad as we have no idea what they are using?
@rene idk
@NathanOliver Thanks
whoa it got closed
thanks guys!
3:20 PM
@Unihedron That's what we do
Yes, you're a wizard. Same answer i gave 2 hours ago. — ebilgin 1 min ago
I appear to have peed in someone's cornflakes this morning.
@PaulRoub new flavors from Kellogg's...
@ebilgin But it explains what is going on a lot better. An answer shouldn't just fix the problem but explain why/how it fixes the problem. — NathanOliver 18 secs ago
@NathanOliver better not get into that fight...
Let's not target users
that was all I was going to add.
3:25 PM
@NathanOliver OK
You can't delete @PaulRoub it is the accepted answer
Well, crap. I upvoted him, anyway.
@rene so that's what the cheerios recall was for...
@Tunaki lol
@Unihedron You get to see some really nice questions in the tag sometimes
@TylerH Seriously? Because @PaulRoub peed in it? Wow...
3:28 PM
don't remind me, I gave up trying for the silver tag badge, always ended up cutting the answering streak short and went to close questions
3:38 PM
"Now eat shit and die."
@SmokeDetector deleted
@ArtjomB. Some of that is already there (contractions, for example), but it's easy to add many of the rest. Some don't lend themselves to automatic replacement because of ambiguity. (weather -> whether, lets -> let's, any one -> anyone) Good list, though.
@ArtjomB. Issue recorded.
3:55 PM
@Tunaki boom
@Tunaki unboom
@NathanOliver boom
@TinyGiant looks like someone has a boomstick
@NathanOliver That's hilarious
@TinyGiant evil dead is a great movie series
4:04 PM
How can this have two upvotes: stackoverflow.com/q/32995497/1743880
"I have something that does stuff but I have a NPE"
@Tunaki "Hi, I iz begginer programign, pl0x be nice [100 lines of noise later] so I have code, but it no work, I think it wrong, please suggest?" - tagged => gets an upvote
when you dupe vote and you have a gold hammer do you have an option not to use it?
@Siguza if it was tagged with it would get a bounty as well ;)
@NathanOliver So true. I don't even know what happens in ...
4:14 PM
@NathanOliver sadly, no. i just leave a comment if i am not 100% certain
@cimmanon bummer
4:34 PM
@KevinBrown I don't know if Mogsdad got back to you yet but that should be pretty easy to implement.
In fact a lot of it already is :D
4:45 PM
I really don't get how this attracted another upvote:
Q: Domain redirecting to elsewhere under SSL

AndrewWhen I try my domain: http://projectdent.com, it works just fine. But recently, a service i want my site to re-direct to (Medium.com), told me to add a bunch of A Records, which I did. They didn't get back to me with a generated certificate, telling me about issues instead. But what's happened s...

that's two upvotes now for an off-topic question..
5:16 PM
I'm low on CV's
@bob that got deleted
Feels like the comment-fight here (and on YCS's answer) should be flagged as... something.
i am surprised no one has found a dupe to close it with
@PaulRoub I would leave it alone unless it escalates. Nothing has happened for half an hour. my common sense tells me to ignore your common sense.
@NathanOliver In my opinion, your opinion is a matter of opinion.
5:30 PM
If we could all use your common sense
@rene If everyone used my common sense... the world would be a horrible mess.
Incoming shameless bump...
Q: Menu to show daily progress towards vote / flag limits

Tiny GiantI want to track how many of what (regular votes, comment votes, close votes, delete votes, flags, etc... excluding review actions) I have left throughout the day. I find I often will run out of one of these things because I haven't paced myself properly. Unfortunately, it can get hard to pace you...

Shameless bump landed
flags post
5:38 PM
stars the message below
Yaay, star wh*ring again :P
5:54 PM
Would anyone be very upset if I clear some of the stars?
@rene Why would you?
because I'm bored?
Ok, well. nvm
stars that
@Kyll because the rooms topicality is closures, not inane comments, and there's limited space on the starboard
@rene fine by me
6:01 PM
@rene I don't have a problem with it.
Fine by me
With all the wacky activity lately you'll have to clean quite a lot though
@rene As a RO you have a right to do it anyway
@Kyll I think he just is referring to the visible starboard
@TylerH I do too
Oh. I don't consider ~4-6 messages "quite a lot"
6:04 PM
@TylerH Sure, doesn't mean I want to abuse the privilege
Thanks for the downvote tyler
@TinyGiant what's your goal with calling out users you suspect of downvoting your question? Avoiding targeted harassment is the reason votes are anonymous
I expect you to ask where my mind reading cap is.
@TinyGiant having fun with paint are we?
@NathanOliver The GIMP
6:11 PM
@TinyGiant You didn't lose any rep for over 2 weeks...
ah. I have not used that. normally I use paint since I'm on MS or paint.Net
Plop @gunr2171
oh hi
@Siguza Who said I care about rep? Or do you mean I haven't been losing enough lately?
@TinyGiant Nvm, limited brain of mine
6:14 PM
@NathanOliver Scientific Calculator:Normal Calculator as GIMP:Paint
@Siguza Oh, were you looking at my SO account?
@TinyGiant yup
@TinyGiant wez sez alz thez repz
Syntax Error: that ain't right.
6:19 PM
6:34 PM
@developer that is not what this room is for
A: Trying to find a audio equalizer graphic for android

EricI think this is what you are looking for.

@bob Doubt you would get a mod to delete it.
@TinyGiant was asking if it's NAA, since NAA flag reqs are not allowed in this room (according to a starred msg that I now can't find)
raised in TOTM:
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 3 mins ago, by bob
6:41 PM
@rene Thank you
@bob It's definitely NaA, but I doubt that you would get a mod to delete it.
@TinyGiant because it's the accepted answer, right?
@bob Yep
might ask on Meta whether NAA answers which are accepted should be removed
IMHO it's 50:50
the answer was obviously useful, but then again it points to an off-site link
fyi I flagged it
6:44 PM
maybe someone could edit the link to point to the Wayback Machine's version, so if it's removed the link's still valid
I routinely flag link-only accepted answers and get them removed. I don't believe they go through the VLQ queue due to being accepted, so mods need to handle.
still going to ask on Meta so there's guidance set in-stone for this
That being said, I flag them pretty rarely because I mostly moderate new answers, most of which are not accepted.
Yeah, I've never gotten a helpful flag on an accepted NaA. Every single time it has been declined.
^^^^^ SPAM
6:59 PM
Lol... when you try to flag a post as a non-10k user after it's been deleted, you can still flag for mod attention...
@Siguza You can still flag deleted posts
@TinyGiant Usually not, because I don't know they're there...
@TinyGiant You're famous! :D meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/307619/…
@bob I noticed, but I'm pretty sure I was somewhat famous before then.
7:05 PM
Could be wrong though, it has happened once before.
7:20 PM
I wonder how many people complaining would be willing to fund a part-time short-term developer of maybe $30k to go through the bug and feature requests for them? — user3791372 1 min ago
^^ I want to punch my screen right now.... so bad.
@TinyGiant reporting ≠ complaining.
No​​​​​​​​​​​​​ — Tiny Giant 11 mins ago
How is "a shit ton of subjective opinions about something" objective data? we have no way to really know who votes, so it's hard to pull data... you can say "well at least x people, with the skill ranging from Jon Skeet to someone who barely knows half of a programming language (sorry php), think this is better than this".... — Patrice 2 mins ago
lol'ed so hard @ "half a programming language"
7:33 PM
I already ran out of comment votes on meta.
Or I would upvote that.
@TinyGiant There's such a thing? o.0
Yep, I hit it every day around this time.
The only vote limit I've ever reached was with close votes...
I reach the limit on regular votes on a daily basis as well.
7:35 PM
But then again, I vote a lot more down that up, and most posts I downvote tend to not stick around for too long, so I get the votes back...
I do that too, but I still end up hitting the limit.
As it sits right now (thanks to a certain evil chatroom), unless it gets a bunch of activity, it will be deleted in nine days. So, in this specific case, it doesn't warrant a moderator flag. However there are cases where what happened in this case isn't feasible. I think this question deserves an answer for that case. — Tiny Giant 1 min ago
Oh wait, no it won't be roomba-ed because the answer is accepted
^^ or unclear, or POB. Dealer's choice.
So it would still require either delete votes on the question to be deleted.
7:48 PM
@PaulRoub Boom
well my NAA flag was declined. I really hate the NAA system the way it is. it should go through the LQPRQ and if it makes it out of there then it should just have the mod rubber stamp the action.
@NathanOliver Told ya.
@TinyGiant sneaky deleting your comment?
@rene It was mostly covered by Tuggy's comment.
7:58 PM
I still think the number wouldn't be so large if they had been progressively adding status-* tags as they went. There's no reason for a feature request from four years ago to not have any acknowledgment from the devs.
Could we get some delete votes on this? It won't be roomba-ed because of the accept mark.
I have an idea of custo-mod flagging the answer with a link to the Meta question, but I won't for obvious reasons:
Well I should stop flagging. I have raised exactly 1000 flags
ended up custo-modding the flag asking why the NAA flag was declined, & linking to the Meta question
@bob I would laugh if the response was "Flags should only be used to make moderators aware of content that requires their intervention "
8:11 PM
another win for Mooseman's LH:
Q: How can I keep my cat off my keyboard?

Tom MedleyThis is a common scenario when typing: When the family assembled for Sunday dinner, With their minds made up that they wouldn't get thinner On Argentine joint, potato^DR&FTGYB`kuhadrggoy867rt98wouth4bfgdhjlkhdsfghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhf This happens beca...

@TinyGiant moderators are humans, I'm pretty sure they'll look at the Meta question when they see my flag & answer it, as well as answering my own custo-flag.
@bob Since when are moderators not superhuman androids with god-mode powers?
Attention! I saw this discussion. — Shog9 ♦ 1 min ago
my cat never sits on my keyboard, since she's not allowed anywhere near it ^^. She mostly likes to sleep on my bed while trying her best to get my attention.
...as she's doing right at this moment
This question is off-topic because it tries to determine if moderators are human. — rene Jan 21 at 8:02
8:18 PM
idk, it's something you said
Did you remember that? I should drink less...
@bob You never notice it, but every time your cat sits on your keyboard, he fixes a bug in your code :)
I remember it was a funny comment I read, and that you said it, and then I used magic
What usually works for me is lngaohatioa45rasdf;vmvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv — mikeTheLiar yesterday
SEDE for the win!
8:21 PM
@gunr2171 Magic is always the best option.
Turns out I'm pretty funny
might sound stupid, but does SE have an API?
I has almost everything you want!
want to create a small program that tells me when a mod flag I raised has been answered.
8:26 PM
NOPE, will not have private information like that
I could just login and scrape the flag history page, but that might be a problem
1 min ago, by gunr2171
I has almost everything you want!
not everything ^^
wait...If i'm reading this correctly you can add a flag to a post/comment, but not read which ones you have casted
@gunr2171 Except everything I want.
including close votes
and chat
8:29 PM
Yeah, Stack Overflow doesn't like you sending messages from the main site to chat... whistles
@TinyGiant thanks :-)
would've been simpler if there was an API call for it
It would be even simpler if it didn't require the API.
It would be even simpler if I had direct access to the database.
It would be even simpler if the database was directly connected to my brain.
8:35 PM
@gunr2171 great idea! silently adds a few 0s to my rep
It would be even simpler if I could mind-read everyone who used SO to get all the data.
We should really think about letting folks besides employees reply to these posts, I guess. Y'all tend to have better ideas anyway. — Shog9 ♦ 40 secs ago
^^^ That's funny
8:42 PM
@Servy I agree. But then if the mod thought that, why didn't they straight-out instantly delete the question after the first NAA flag (there were 3 or 4 NAA flags by different users (see the SOCVR))? — bob 3 mins ago
I suppose you would have to ask the moderator.... exiting infinite loop
apparently the NAA flags could've been declined as the question was a recommendation question anyway
but if the flags were declined for that reason, why did it take 3-4 NAA flags from different users & off-topic flags on the actual question to get the question removed?
surely if the mod thought that, the question would've been deleted after the first NAA flag
@bob As always: to the supreme court of meta! >:-E
8:46 PM
@bob The question was probably not deleted by a mod (screenshot someone please) I'm pretty sure it was deleted because of my delete vote request for it earlier.
@TinyGiant delete-voted?
(if there's such a thing?)
quick link to deleted question for 10k+: stackoverflow.com/a/17886067/2422013
@bob Users > 20k get to delete vote things (users >10k can delete vote some things)
@TinyGiant 20K delv on answer as well, 10K only on questions (after 48 hours)
@rene That's what I thought. Could you screenshot the deleted question? Pretty please with a cherry on top?
8:50 PM
@TinyGiant here you go i.sstatic.net/yOuVN.png
@rene what about the question
what about it?
I linked to the answer but it's the question we want to see (see who deleted it)- I only had the answer link (my bad)
@rene IE, really ?
That's what we wanted to see. Who deleted the question.
8:53 PM
@Rizier123 You know he can kick you right?
@TinyGiant I think IE will crash before he can click on the button :)
@bob here you go i.sstatic.net/h88Cc.png
@Rizier123 Hides
hm, vote-deleted then
So yeah, for the most part deleted from this room.
8:54 PM
Besides makato's vote.
@Rizier123 yes, really ....
woot! not involved!
IE's quite decent as long as you're not trying to do anything involving plugins, like watching movies..
I personally only use Chrome since it syncs everything with my Google account.
I'm out for today, bye!
8:56 PM
@Rizier123 highly relivant: youtube.com/watch?v=pjj9newZBp0
@rene You really see these 20 years developer experience in this video
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