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1:36 AM
In this code, Why the content of <strong>C</strong> not italic?
Is font property of strong { .. } selector overiding it?
@overexchange It seems to be italic for me? What browser are you using?
Oh nvm(nevermind) I see now
it's because you are using "font" which is shorthand
if you use shorthand it resets everything
1:40 AM
shorthand for?
all font properties?
for example if you do:
margin-top: 10px;
margin: 0;

then margin top will be 0
yes that is what "font" is
instead use separate ones like "font-family" and "font-size"
@overexchange yeah that's what i mean
did you get it fixed?
1:48 AM
yes I understand now.
main intention was to understand cascade rules and font property
2:07 AM
thank you
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6:03 AM
6:47 AM
@ZachSaucier your blog looks really nice and simple :)
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8:36 AM
MDN says: Content specified in a stylesheet does not become part of the DOM. But this code debugged under DOM inspector shows content coming from style sheet.
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10:15 AM
I'm using jQuery animate() to ease in/out an #accordion widget on my site (www.webomnia.dk - click the floating h1). But when animating left: -100% to hide the #accordion, the translation doesn't finish after reaching -100%, but continues for 5 seconds, revolving around (-100 and -100.01)%, disallowing the beginning of a new animation on the element
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11:30 AM
Q: Why does setting a :first-letter selector with whitespace cause mouse highlighting to be offset?

MarkHaving an issue where by adding whitespace I get the following highlighting offset weirdness. Is this really expected behaviour? This seems to affect Chrome/Safari Issue is reproduced here: https://jsfiddle.net/qsa99cc6/ CSS: p:first-letter { text-transform: uppercase; } HTML: <p> ...

@ZachSaucier You make a distinction between elements and tags and then you go on to say "important tags" ಠ_ಠ
> Also note that it is currently impossible to select parents based on the children. This is because CSS is cascading and it would put a lot of strain on the processor to go searching up the chain of elements.
that's not what "cascading" means, at all. Absolutely nothing to do with the cascade. CSS doesn't have parent selectors, walking up the DOM tree after walking down is tedious, period. Two separate issues
(sorry only reason it gets my goat is it's a really really common misconception)
Other than that, like and recommend
12:02 PM
12:15 PM
Fixed my problem using velocity.js
12:33 PM
@Kensing *creating
@PraxisAshelin pinged me by mistake?
Was fixing your sentence
hey.. guys.
planning to do an ERP based web app.
would you recommend to go to any framework or core php is enough.?
@sanjeev take a look at my framework: github.com/manulaiko/alexya
Hey,.. Thanks.. :) I am looking into it.
12:56 PM
@NullPoiиteя thanks!
@BoltClock I'll fix it when I get home
@PraxisAshelin So did you get fired again
@ZachSaucier <3
@sanjeevshetty asking in wrong room
i would like to recommend not using php at all, is that one of the options? :p
1:14 PM
@NullPoiиteя this is a web development room .. ? right??
@BoltClock not yet
@sanjeevshetty frontend development, html/css specifically
hey guys, any i have a web server 2008 that keeps crashing fatally. Will the log be in the event viewer?
and which log woul dit be under?
1:34 PM
@MatthewFlynn we cannot help you here. try with the serverfault people
Aaaaaand this is why calling it Web Development was a bad idea
yeah, i dont know why it was added
@MatthewFlynn what the fuck is "web server 2008" ? Are you talking about Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd or IIS ?
no one considers writing html/css "web development"
@tereško sounds like a microsoft product
@Manulaiko I took a look. It is terrible. Don't try to "sell" it to newbies.
oh, the Mjolnir placard now shows the actual badge
yep, but it only chooses 1 of the tags if you have multiples
2:13 PM
@cimmanon Are you sure you didn't misread that question? The target you marked it a duplicate of doesn't seem to answer it at all
Especially considering the OP has demonstrated he already knows how to declare a global variable because he already has declared one in the question's code, in the form of the breakpoints variable.
@TylerH no, i did not misread the question.
the OP is trying to access a variable that only exists within the scope of one mixin from another mixin.
you have to use a global variable to be able to do that
even if you fix that problem, the code is unsalvageable
@cimmanon are you referring to the $name variable?
@TylerH yes
once you force that to be global, everything works
@cimmanon LOL
so bad
well, not everything, because there is still broken code after that
@Kitler i told you that setting up a pull request would have been a waste of time :p
2:21 PM
When do you go to the point where you start contributing? Are you ever going to answer my questions and interact with me like a human? — AndÚ 16 mins ago
had no idea they were complete fucktards
expecting a doge to act like a human
@Kitler bro why is your avatar the only one not loading for me D-:
you're not worthy
even @PraxisAshelin 's mug is loading without errors
ah there we go
now I can view the gloriousness of the Kitler
2:24 PM
@Kitler after reading through the source, how could you not think they were fucktards? :p
@BoltClock are you handling that flag then? :D
I handled all the flags
What happened to the bounty system. Why are bountied questions not getting any traffic until the very last day now
What's the point of having a week-long bounty duration anymore
got stats of active users?
feels like people that used to answer no longer bother
sass questions rarely get bounties. if i didnt answer the question before, its probably because i dont know (and neither does anyone else :p)
@cimmanon I got a bunch of upvotes on a media-queries answer I wasn't even all that proud of at the last day of a bounty
So I paid it forward with a bounty on a question I recently asked, and like the previous bounty there's been virtually no new activity and hardly any new views since
Other than a "your bounty is ending in 3 days" notify
Which is really useful, thankyouverymuch
how many bountied questions are there in your questions tags?
2:32 PM
me? just 1. its a question about some editor/whatever that i dont use.
Sorry, I meant BoltClock
If there are lots, then his question would be far down on the list
since they rise further to the top the closer they get to expiring
Yeah, which sucks
Q: Workaround for Windows.ApplicationModel.Package limitations on Windows Phone?

BoltClockI'm creating an About page for a Windows Runtime app targeting Windows Phone 8.1. On Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 UWP, it's all but trivial to display most of the basic information about an app by using an API called Windows.ApplicationModel.Package. But, for reasons beyond my comprehension, Windo...

(It's not inherently C# related, I only put it in as my preferred language assuming there was a programmatic answer)
I wonder if the Wall-O-Text reason for the bounty is scaring people off
@TylerH They never said anything about the bounty message ignoring line breaks
also maybe the accepted answer
which users would be able to "see" without opening the question
2:34 PM
I thought about unaccepting, then posting the bounty, then accepting whichever once it's over
but I got lazy
@cimmanon If you will disregard who posted this question, do you think it is worth reposting based on my answer stackoverflow.com/questions/32932708/…
boils down to "Why are first-letter and first-line called pseudo-elements if they don't insert content"
to which the answer is either "rtfm you dumbass" or "because people assume the only pseudo-elements are the ones that insert content"
@TylerH I could have sworn there was a q about that decimal vs % line height
there probably is
I know Eric Meyer wrote an article on it meyerweb.com/eric/thoughts/2006/02/08/unitless-line-heights
@BoltClock Can users always see pending close votes on their own questions, regardless of rep?
@TylerH No, you need at least 250 rep. Along with seeing pending votes you can add your own
@BoltClock I've also read some articles on it
none from SO though
2:58 PM
I love seeing >1k users helping out super users like Bolty :D
@ZachSaucier I'd be scared not to
@BoltClock not really. seems like an offtopic question (why is something named...)
@ZachSaucier haha
@cimmanon thought so
@BoltClock how many deleted css questions does that guy have, anyway?
seems like all he does is help vamp in here
not very many deleted
3:09 PM
i am half tempted to close this question as a duplicate: stackoverflow.com/questions/32807829/…
Q: Is the content from style sheet part of DOM?

overexchangeMDN says: Content specified in a stylesheet does not become part of the DOM. Below is the code, html: A text where I need to <span class="ref">something</span> css: .ref::before { font-weight: bold; color: navy; content: "refer: "; } for which the DOM inspector shows the content under ...

If you noticed my comment reply in the post I linked to, you'll facepalm harder at this
(equally many closed * deleted)
@BoltClock still, that is a lot of closed questions for one person
please tell me the guy has been question throttled :p
@cimmanon Eh, not compared to their 200 or so questions in total
man, i could spend all day downvoting his questions, but i know it would just get reversed D:
@cimmanon I like how we have absolutely no qualms whatsoever talking about a vamp who frequents this very room
3:20 PM
he doesnt seem to care
@BoltClock I'm disappointed that I can read the whole answer within my viewport
he never gets the hint that his behavior is inappropriate, especially when he has certain users who will answer his questions (even though they know full well he is a vamp)
That's how you know for sure he's a vamp
@TylerH me too
@cimmanon he's not the smartest person but it doesn't help anyone that you're always an asshole to him
and pretty much everyone else who asks basic questions
@TylerH the guy reads 1 page and comes in here with his "i dont understand" nonsense.
3:50 PM
hi guys
I'm trying to overlay a div on a menu, but it seems not working.
how to set the z-index to have surely the div on top?
the menu has a z-index = 10000
4:13 PM
@FrancescoDS google.ca/…
@cimmanon the fact is that there are three divs. two is about the menu. the outer has z-index = 8000 and the inner has 10000
then there is my logo div, and I would like that it overlaps both
but it does not working for each z-index set
4:33 PM
@FrancescoDS if you have a code issue, please post a minimal example of the code. It's in our room description after all
Short guesses before I go to lunch: you don't have position set on your z-index elements, or you just need to give the div a higher z-index value than 10k, or you don't understand that z-index is for the z axis, not the y axis
!!afk lunch
2 hours later…
6:28 PM
@rlemon lorempizza is giving me a 502 response
isn't that your site?
6:55 PM
@TylerH how does that rape feel?
Inb4 "no one in Murica cares about the rugby"
@TylerH yea, it's buggy :(
keeps crashing
I blame nginx
he should have used XAMPP as all real developers
turns out there is a memory leak
walking the doge past a house with about 5 or 6 construction workers milling around the driveway, joking & swearing with each other. they see me and start shushing. one of them says, "sorry".
i probably swear as much as they do :p
CommitStrip - Blog relating the daily life of web agencies developers
When your colleagues are stuck on a something simple
7:44 PM
room topic changed to HTML / CSS: Read the rules: goo.gl/1eIjqY ▲ Don't ask to ask, just ask, and ask once! ▲ If you need help, post a minimal example of your issue, please. devdocs.io documentation often helps. [css] [css3] [dom] [html] [html5] [less] [microdata] [responsive-design] [sass]
8:03 PM
Interesting article on frontend performance: nateberkopec.com/2015/10/07/…
@rlemon in the article above it says "$(document).ready is not free. Every time you're adding something to the document's being ready, you're adding script execution that delays the completion of page loads.". I'm not really sure what the alternative is? Especially if you are loading js with the async tag as suggested in the article. I'm using the DOMContentLoaded event instead of jQuery but isn't this pretty much the same thing?
@joshhunt you should leave functions, etc. outside of the ready
the only things in it are listeners, variables that are determined by elements on the page, etc.
AFAIK, could be completely wrong :P
$(document).ready() is lame
hmm how would it make a difference?
just put your JS in the end of your body
it is the fastest perceived load
why not async?
8:09 PM
just make sure JS isn't augmenting your HTML
@joshhunt why lock the browser while downloading files?
what do you mean "lock"?
what is your real concern?
trying to get a good understanding of it :D
actually doesn't matter, at the end of the day I'm still going to suggest scripts at the end of the body because then they are the last to be parsed and will have no issues touching the DOM
also they load after your DOM, so the client doesn't really see a problem if it is slow
no need to wait, no need to defer anything
isn't async faster though in some situations? e.g. if you have a large page or some delay before the footer is sent to the browser then the js can be requested earlier
regardless of the async thing why does using a "DOMContentLoaded" listener decrease performance?
Wait nevermind, he also says "Can you attach your handlers to DomContentLoaded instead?" (as opposed to $(document).ready). Isn't this the same thing though, doesn't jQuery just use the DomContentLoaded event?
8:33 PM
posted on October 07, 2015

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

Hey guys. How would i have a html table with vertical headers instead of horizontal?
Q: Most common way of writing a HTML table with vertical headers?

TriztianHi all it's been a while since I've asked something, this is something that has been bothering me for a while, the question itself is in the title: What's your preferred way of writing HTML tables that have vertical headers? By vertical header I mean that the table has the header (<th>) tag...

Thank you
A: HTML Table with vertical rows

Jan TuroňIf you want <tr> to display columns, not rows, try this simple CSS tr { display: block; float: left; } th, td { display: block; } This should display what you want as far as you work with single-line cells (table behavior is dropped), see the fiddle.

8:54 PM
@Katler wut?
@joshhunt Yes
document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(event) {
    //do work
@TylerH I think he's talking about the rugby world cup
@joshhunt Oh, I have literally no clue about Rugby happenings because nobody fucking cares about Rugby in the United States @Katler
2 hours ago, by Katler
Inb4 "no one in Murica cares about the rugby"
lol XD
@Katler That would be like South America Africa trying to play the Cardinals in the World Series
Actually it wouldn't because our Rugby team probably didn't do as bad as your baseball team would
9:52 PM is published. force update to get if you don't have it.
10:41 PM
what channels do you folks push a job app to for front end work?
wondering if there's a place I can turn besides the usual university boards, craigslist, monster, etc.
11:06 PM
github.com/google/material-design-lite/blob/master/src/… i can't figure out where this Sass block get replaced by the gulp script?
@GertCuykens that thing is a piece of crap, you shouldnt use it.
You mean the gulp script or the Sass file?
the library in question
11:21 PM
What about Polymer?
i dont use it, and i have not looked through the source.
Any recommendation for mdl replacement?
@cimmanon what's wrong with it? (haven't use it)
11:46 PM
@cimmanon lol, so stubborn

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