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12:20 AM
@TinyGiant kaboom
Ha -- they think they can trick me by giving me Jon Skeet audit questions: stackoverflow.com/review/low-quality-posts/9773567
12:47 AM
@TinyGiant Hmm. Actually, regex101.com/r/gQ0dZ1/3
@TinyGiant Classic... lots of work for nothing, since it sounds like the OP solved their problem in yet-another way. In the js tag, there seems to be a tendency to accept the first answer, crap or no.
1 hour later…
1:53 AM
@TinyGiant @ArtjomB. Updated edit toolkit with more of Peter's list, fixed bug in "through". github.com/Tiny-Giant/Stack-Exchange-Editor-Toolkit/blob/…
2 hours later…
4:03 AM
^ vlq & double posted
3 hours later…
7:10 AM
What would be the process here for nominating a tag for review? I independently rediscovered and spent some time there. The whole category is a total of 29 questions, a good part of which got close votes from me. There is a burnination discussion from last January; meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/284083/lets-burninate-magazine
@tripleee: May I suggest un-deleting the burnination request you posted on meta?
That other meta post got plenty of support
sure, but why? I don't see how it adds anything
Fresh discussion
done, but please do elaborate? you're thinking it will revive the old question?
7:39 AM
@tripleee: I don't think it will revive the old question, bu tit helps to bring some attention to a tag that should be burninated
1 hour later…
8:48 AM
@Tunaki any idea why the wrong username came up?
@gunr2171 @durron597 Can we agree to close vote on tags that are brought up by members of this room? Like the tag (see the transcript) It would be a waste of close votes if we don't handle those in the way we did.
9:04 AM
@bob interesting, no idea
9:31 AM
how many dupe flags of the same thing does it take to close or put on hold a question?
makes me question why we even let unregistered users add answers
10:08 AM
It might be a dupe but let first see if we want to reopen this
The edit is fine btw
not great, but OK-ish...
I found the dupe and added it as a comment
10:30 AM
How do you strikethrough again?
Works on the main site?
in comments or in posts?
10:36 AM
In posts use <s>strike</s>
I want to edit my question to strikethrough the part I said I suspected mods to have the power to see through the grace
Ah, thanks!
I am going to extend it so that any kind of flag interrupts the period, it seems logical
Do close votes already end the grace period?
1 hour later…
11:49 AM
Absolutely not, this is 100% wrong wrong wrong, do not do this. — cimmanon 46 mins ago
^ Is the expression preaching in the desert?
@SmokeDetector deleted
good morning
Plop @NathanOliver !
12:16 PM
@Kyll it feels like it sometimes. every time an "append unit" question pops up, answers like this always follow.
@cimmanon You should make an auto-comment for that then?
@Kyll i just need to not sleep. that one was asked before i got up this morning, so i couldnt close it as a dupe in time :p
@cimmanon ... Sass people sleep?
spammers are busy this morning
@NathanOliver yeah, i dont think they sleep. like, for realz
12:25 PM
I wonder what's the point of spamming SO
@cimmanon can't believe I am going to say this tots
There's quite some policies to filter this and the community seems to react very quickly each time
@Kyll money
@NathanOliver Don't they spend more in dev time and resources to spam than it actually brings back?
@Kyll if that were true, they wouldnt do it
had a duplicate question pop up this morning and google has already indexed it
12:27 PM
I still don't understand how they get back money from that. Do (can) anyone click during the 15 seconds the spam stays up?
Plop afternoon @gunr2171
Is today a special WW2 day?
12:41 PM
East Germany was formed today in 1949: historynet.com/today-in-history
October 8 is the 281st day of the year (282nd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 84 days remaining until the end of the year. == Events == 314 – Roman Emperor Licinius is defeated by his colleague Constantine I at the Battle of Cibalae, and loses his European territories. 451 – At Chalcedon, a city of Bithynia in Asia Minor, the first session of the Council of Chalcedon begins (ends on November 1). 1075 – Dmitar Zvonimir is crowned King of Croatia. 1200 – Isabella of Angoulême is crowned Queen consort of England. 1322 – Mladen II Šubić of Bribir, defeated in the battle of Bliska...
@cimmanon I should do that more often
i didnt even know the wikipedia had pages for specific days of the year ><
@cimmanon one for every day
My city's been honking the WW2 Air Bombardment alarm for 10 minutes non-stop now
12:43 PM
"I should so ___ that more often". Sounds like "I accidentally my whole system"
@Kyll I forget your in spain?
@NathanOliver Pretty much. France.
ah. close
Some cities took it pretty bad during WW2, still honk this alarm every Wednesday or all first Wednesday of the month
We're Thursday
We do a test of the emergency alert system the first Tuesday of every month.
1:27 PM
Q: Is this OT for SO?

Dave NewtonAny debugger for Java8 Nashorn? I'd say yes, but there's some back-and-forth. I'm actually a bit ambivalent about this one since it's directly related to a programming problem, although as worded the question seems clearly OT.

^ Really??
Gotta' have that meta complaint!
well, get to it. You're the primary opponent.
@PaulRoub How was one leave closed enough to stop the review? I thought 3 votes were required.
@NathanOliver All I see is "You have already reviewed this item. It needs more reviews from other users to be completed." No idea what's up behind the scenes, or why.
oh maybe I can't review it as I closed the question. I get This item is not reviewable.
@NathanOliver That'd be why.
1:32 PM
@NathanOliver uh, I just reviewed it stackoverflow.com/review/reopen/9781969
Yeah. problem solved.
Question deleted
inb4 undelete votes and meta post about that
Your Common Sense is at it again on bob's NAA meta
Since it's been deleted I included 50% of it in my answer
@NathanOliver The pacifist grumbler?
1:37 PM
@Kyll yes
Made an auto-comment out of that
So that when NAA pops I can kill the grace
@rene Yeah close voting stuff without shog is fine, obviously
The key is that organized up and downvoting shouldn't be done, not close and delete voting
(oh, must have cleared my notifications, forgot to respond to that). Sounds good to me.
What's the right moderation step for duplicate answers? (Same user pasting their answer on multiple questions.)
@Mogsdad IIRC moderator attention with links to the duplicates if they are exact copies
The system probably caught it already though
1:53 PM
@Mogsdad from this
> Any time you post answers which are exact duplicates of each other, the Community user will automatically raise a flag for moderator attention, in order to evaluate your answers based on the criteria we've outlined above
@Kyll Nope... 16 answers it looks like. I'm just starting through them, so maybe just one part is a cut & paste. Found them because the author consistently spells one word wrong, and I'm testing the regex to fix it... stackoverflow.com/search?tab=newest&q=%22defacto%22
The answers are unique... he just has a habit of pasting a kazillion lines of boilerplate into every answer.
@Mogsdad Actually it looks somewhat fine? He's just using a template again and again
Still crappy but not worth mod attention
@Mogsdad I think that user should have written a conical describing the situation and then VTC all of the question with this issue as duplicates.
besides the first bit of the answer all of the rest is boilerplate
Approve or reject? Editor added info based on the descriptive text.
@SmokeDetector why?
2:01 PM
@NathanOliver Title - Position 8-18: supplement
2:16 PM
@Kyll Noted.. and @NathanOliver I added a note to that effect on one of his recent answers.
Cool. Hopefully they will as I can see that it would be useful information
I like Chrome's russian translations for RU.SO
I guess we are a "party", and the community user is a spirit.
man RU.SO must be really fun with all that partying.
They don't call it a communist party for nothing.
^ homework
2:27 PM
maybe not homework, but definitely about math rather than programming
You guys were real quick on that
oh, side note from a news article:
> President Blatter was disappointed that the Ethics Committee did not follow the Code of Ethics and Disciplinary Code
you had ONE JOB
@gunr2171 lol
@gunr2171 That looks like a pretty good time
2:34 PM
@gunr2171 awesome. With all of the bribery and corruption I was hopping something would happen.
ban FIFA and rename it ISFA
@gunr2171 Must have been one hell of an off-topic party, it got shut down twice.
shrug, might have been a mod changing the reason then migrating it
darn. needed 13 more upvotes on my meta answer to get a gold badge but shog9 ed it so I don't think I'll get them. oh well.
2:39 PM
so I'm ill from college today, went to login to the remote portal to get some work done, and it's not working. More time for SO'ing!
@NathanOliver this one?
@NathanOliver You never know, I got to the high 80s on my recent progs answer in the initial HNQ wave and it finally trickled to 100 2 days ago
damn webserver
@durron597 *101
@bob lol thanks
2:40 PM
@TinyGiant nah my NCIS one
@durron597 no probs, it's a good answer :)
oh wow, my comment is at 66
@durron597 nice, congrats
@durron597 congrats
@gunr2171 I believe you have the third highest voted thing on that question
2:42 PM
@NathanOliver i can review tag wiki edits on progs now!
At least you're not green. If I was green I would die.
please someone get that reference
@gunr2171 sorry, I don't
2:44 PM
@TylerH It's a stupid techno song from 10 17 years ago
don't go find it, it will be stuck in your head forever
keyword: stupid. And a really bad music video.
obviously goes find it
@gunr2171 I'm kinda glad I don't have my speakers plugged in at this moment in time..
2:46 PM
Tab crashed
I wonder where i'm at on the "stack overflow rep multiplied by programmers rep" leaderboard
I can promise you one thing, Jon Skeet is not on the top of that one. Robert Harvey is
I wonder if there's a way to use SEDE to figure it out
SEDE will only let you do one site at a time
@gunr2171 added you as friend on Steam
I'm the one with this profile pic:
....that avatar
Thomas Owens is really high on it too, he's probably number two, i think 50k * 50k is higher than 800k * 3k, right? it's pretty close to skeet at least
2:49 PM
invite to group sent
@gunr2171 from here:
@gunr2171 Yeah, but you can download csvs of resultsets and make your own query
got it; thanks :)
But then how do you detect if an account is linked with another account?
@TinyGiant true
2:50 PM
@TinyGiant IPs? But then that data isn't available via SEDE
And there is no implied uniqueness to the names, the numbers differ across sites.
So yeah, that would need a dev (or cm?)
I think the way to do it is take the first 5-10 pages of top rep on both sites, get links to their user profiles, then scrape it that way
I don't think the top guy is Robert Harvey anymore, he's probably #2. #1 is Oded
Jorg is pretty darn high too
Is this question off-topic?
awesome user name
uh, that's a name
Welcome to Stack Overflow! Instead of asking the OP to google, why not try to teach how to solve the question? — Yummy Unicorn Rainbow Tails 24 secs ago
@Mogsdad Interesting. I'll be working on the editor all day today gettin them gremlins out.
@NathanOliver ThreadingException
3:00 PM
@Kyll is POB by definition... but meh.
@gunr2171 memory_order_relaxed
@TinyGiant I don't think the delta showed it, either.
Interesting. That's one of the things I'm going to be overhauling.
oh, I made a discussion on the steam group asking for people's available times. I don't know if steam sends out notifications.
Title support and I'm going to figure out a better way of displaying inline changes.
3:01 PM
6 years old or 6-year-old?
@gunr2171 it doesn't ><
I might make an announcement for it
So UTC is GMT + 12?
3:04 PM
which GMT?
it should be the time in london
and Stack Overflow time
it's 15:04 right now
Okay so that's -2 hours for me
UTC is GMT, or GMT-1 if BST
Q: Are certain network constants truly constant accross platforms

KimvaisIs AF_INET always 2 and AF_INET6 always 30? Furthermore: Are there any notable exceptions? Where do these values originate from?

anyone know php?
@NathanOliver I know a bit, why?
I know of it, refuse to use it
3:08 PM
@bob is sprtinf a php function?
@NathanOliver yes
@gunr2171 The only sane answer
never used it, but the PHP docs say yes
@bob well i'll be. thanks.
do you mean php.net/manual/en/function.sprintf.php, different spelling?
3:15 PM
@gunr2171 rated it up \o/
oh, you can do that.
that's stupid that I can as well
Apparently yes I can
I'm that guy on facebook that likes my own statuses
Quite user script-able, in the meantime. — Paul Roub 16 mins ago
^ possibly of interest to some here
3:18 PM
@RonMaupin Sites in the Stack Exchange network are not forums, they are Q&A sites. Please don't tell users that they are forums. — bob 6 mins ago
@bob, since you are expressing your opinion, this site certainly meets Webster's definition for forum. — Ron Maupin 2 mins ago
someone go tell this guy otherwise, lol
@cimmanon Yes, I edited it so it was a simple, narrow question instead of the overbroad, meandering question it used to be, then reopened it. The question now matches the title and its answers, and at over 30000 views, what people keep landing on it to answer. — Chris Moschini 22 mins ago
apparently some people think "how do i convert my entire codebase from one language to another" is not too broad ><
@cimmanon to be fair his edit was a good one in that it removed fluff, but that is not considering the context that its a closed question (and the edit isn't good enough to make it re-open worthy)
Well, I don't think it should be reopened OR deleted.
this particular question is not aging well. since the question was asked, the languages have diverged significantly
it used to be relatively painless to port one to the other, but both languages now have features that are completely unportable
3:32 PM
Q: We should have a question status similar to locking that non mods can set on posts

durron597If this is tl;dr skip to the bottom heading. In the SO Close Vote Reviewers chatroom, there was recently a discussion with @Shog9, @JonClements and a few others about this Stack Overflow question: Where can I download Spring Framework jars without using Maven? This question is very simply a ...

@cimmanon Maybe should edit the accepted answer with a big old OBSOLETE - This will not provide the expected results due to changes in the languages.
Let's keep an eye on today (meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/289091/…), so it will be pruned again.
cbg all
oh hi
3:38 PM
@JonClements you cant just make up abbreviations :p youtube.com/watch?v=RKQkE70Cg30
I'm not making them up - it's well documented sopython.com/salad :p
@gunr2171 try not to sound too enthusiastic about my arrival or anything? :p
@Deduplicator Like this one?
3:41 PM
Don't know of that is enough, it bearly makes it.
@TinyGiant Well, it's not tagged , so no. (Not that it isn't bad using standard metrics.)
I don't see anything in the react tag.
I wish we had a 'can't be bothered to Google' flag/close reason...
Q: why do we have "drop i " in this sas program?

josephSI have the following program. data new; set learn.spss; array myvars{3} Height Weight Age; do i = 1 to 3; if myvars{i}=999 then call missing(myvars{i}); end; drop i; run; My question is: why do we need to drop i each time? Many thanks for your time and attenti...

I don't see any react questions either
@gunr2171 4 years in the punitentiary for you
3:43 PM
@NathanOliver I'll just have to chin-up and bear it
@TinyGiant Yes, I just fixed some. But I expect more before the pruning.
I have a gut feeling that they're now question-banned due to the two downvotes on that question and more downvotes on their other questions.
@Bob wow - haven't programmed any SAS in 10 years :)
brings back memories
@bob how many downvotes does it take to get to the center of a question ban? The world may never know.
3:46 PM
@gunr2171 Yeah - it's not published and I don't believe it's a massively straight-forward algorithm
I bet it's not. And I'd rather have the mystery.
it really does amaze me how many programmers don't have the capability to debug their code (aka, comment stuff out/add stuff to see what happens)
isBanned(score) { return score % magic === 0 }
@Bob oh - that fades after reading a lot of SO posts :p
3:49 PM
@JonClements true :P
(becomes more a - omfg! Someone's done some debugging and shown it, and are still confused - we should help!)
> My codez haz werk, whyz?
@bob I have an auto comment for that
It sounds like you may need to learn how to use a debugger to step through your code. With a good debugger, you can execute your program line by line and see where it is deviating from what you expect. This is an essential tool if you are going to do any programming. Further reading: How to debug small programs
@TinyGiant @ArtjomB. All of Peter Mortensen's rules have been added to my branch of the auto-editor, along with a couple of dozen more rules.
@gunr2171 I once reverse-engineered a Stack Overflow algorithm, and at the center was a small room, with a booth off to one side, whose doorway was covered by a small, faded curtain. Pulling it back, I peered tentatively inside, and found a gaunt, decrepit Jeff Atwood chained simultaneously to the wall and a Dell Optiplex laptop, his eyes big and round, having grown accustomed to the darkness over the years. He looked at me, and slowly whispered "6 to 8 weeks... 6 to 8 weeks..."
To this day, I have nightmares about it.
3:57 PM
@Mogsdad Wooo.
I don't even
@gunr2171 sometimes I get bored and then it's too late
happens to the best of us
Disable JavaScript? That's exactly what the undertaker told John Cena! — John Cena 10 mins ago
This guy changed his name and avatar to John Cena just to make this joke
that's so bad, it's good
4:05 PM
I wonder if he knew he'd be stuck with the name for a month
4:25 PM
@TylerH i hope he didn't
that wasn't an invitation for you guys to start flagging it as that dupe. My question is not a duplicate of that question.
@Fazovsky Uh, no. Why would you even think that this question is a duplicate of that? I'm asking for guidelines, I'm not looking for an answer for why this specific answer's NAA flag was declined. — bob 5 mins ago
@durron597 gone-
@bob I upvoted your comment... even though it is standoffish
@bob And your question has no close votes.
4:46 PM
@bob Aware of that, and voted to leave open.
@TinyGiant Thanks Paul & cimmanon
It's not in the review queue anymore.
Also: the reason I asked this question in the first place is because different moderators seem to have different opinions about NAA answers which are accepted. I wouldn't ask if there was clear guidance on it (which is what I'm looking for, and currently none of the answers do that). — bob 11 secs ago
An important special case of this is when the link only answer is a self-accept, can you edit your question to talk about this case? I don't want to edit it myself because it's too drastic. — durron597 10 secs ago
4:49 PM
K, I'm gonna run out of comment votes again. Stappit!
do reopen votes automatically cancel out any duplicate flags?
I'm no longer getting the 'your question might have an answer here' message, which I was before.
Actually, that was my last comment vote... damn it.
Q: Cycle2 Carousel - Pause continuous slider on hover

Jean MichellI'm using CYCLE 2 and trying to pause a continuous slider exactly in the moment I hover it, but it only works after the transition animation is complete. How can I fix that? Slider.cycle({ fx: 'carousel', carouselVertical: true, pauseOn...

A: What is the right way to set up and running with code blocks and wxwidgets c++ library

sly_ChandanThis video guides to install wxwidgets with codeblocks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgAaiBg4wEE

A: Spring MVC + Spring REST + Spring Data JPA integration

user4567570I got the very good example here.https://github.com/codesandnotes/secure-rest-angular-tut

4:57 PM
yeah, I think I get your point now :P
@bob giving you links to add to your question if you want ;)
@durron597: but according to some recent meta posts, some of those wouldn't be NaA, because the link text is a github URI
or some bs like that
@TinyGiant I can find thousands more, those were just the first three I found

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