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5:07 PM
Does have any value (meaning?)?
imp is a Python module
But it looks like that tag isn't being used for it
imp module is also deprecated
We have tags for plenty of deprecated things
Just is way too broad to be useful
@KevinBrown Yep, I know
I give up on this guy. He edited after I asked him to add an MCVE (it really shouldn't be hard for this particular problem), but didn't change the code.
5:15 PM
I can write a meta post about imp
I couldn't find any burnination requests
only 9 of the 54 questions with are tagged with as well
> I couldn't find any burnination requests
? Oh, you mean for that tag
@gunr2171 Analyzing...
Question is POB and too broad and lacking an MCVE.
I guess burninate will make meta explode...
The starboard is not your personal advertising space ...
@rene ok
5:34 PM
how should this be closed?
Q: c++11 multi threading vs boost_thread

user40780I am a beginner of c++ parallel computing. However, my project requires that I would need to use c++98 (stdlibc++) for it. I search online and it seems most of the tutorials is based on c++11 thread. I noted that boost_thread is an implementation for c++98 but there seems to be much less availabl...

> what is the best way for me to learn and implement parallel computing for my project
Or too broad?
I was stuck between POB or Reccomendation
IDK how the question got an upvote
5:49 PM
Is there any Meta post on the wonkiness of Reviewer stats?
@Kyll plenty
vote to close please? "debug it for me" stackoverflow.com/q/32015186/3622940
@Kyll mse
@Unihedron BOOM!!!!!!!!!!one
> for(; blockSelector.getBlockX() != getPoint2X; blockSelector.setX(replaceVarX)) //Clean
5:51 PM
there goes closey
@rene there goes both the bots
: (
@rene Kinda sorta
Hey everyone! (SO Close Vote Chatbot started, linux!)
5:57 PM
@Closey your friend Smokey is here as well....
@rene Sorry, I don't understand that. Use commands for a list of commands.
I'm asking for another close vote again: stackoverflow.com/q/32014918/3622940
sorry to bother but [minecraft] never attracts enough traffic
@Unihedron we are here to help, no worries
5:59 PM
@SmokeDetector why?
@NathanOliver There is no why data for that post (anymore).
Jul 31 at 13:00, by ProgramFOX
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 8 secs ago, by ProgramFOX
Well, repeating characters doesn't use a regex, so no why data.
WUT? Stuff without a regex? That must be broken....
@rene Performance ftw! :P
6:13 PM
@ProgramFOX Just add another core to the cpu and you'll be fine
@durron597 !!!!!!MOOB
@durron597 too late, now closed
@rene Ohhhh, are you a volunteer to break into Amazon's servers and add an extra core to Undo's AWS instance? :P
@ProgramFOX I grab my bike and I'm off to their DC to get that fixed!
Which is the room that aggregates all the CV requests?
6:15 PM

 Low Quality Posts HQ

Home of bots for catching low quality posts (and sometimes spa...
I don't see Zephyr so it might not catch everything
@TinyGiant boom
@Mogsdad Tanks... advancing!
@durron597 Either usually works, but commas kill it
I made a bookmarklet to make my cv-pls easier
6:19 PM
You know you can move messages to trash in case remove doesn't work, right?
@durron597 boom shakalaka
was afk - what've I missed :p
@durron597 brews a cup of earl grey tea for @durron597
6:35 PM
Q: Maintain cookies between requests using HTTPBuilder

user2984552I am doing request from within code using def http = new HTTPBuilder("http://login....") What is the best way to maintain state and session cookie between request to next page, next page, etc?

Ello' guvnah
@TinyGiant Boom
sup honk
Still too hot here...
6:41 PM
you just need a personal portable liquid cooler
Sounds good. Which liquid do you suggest?
hydraulic fluid
Is this Q off-topic due to typo? I think it only applies partly, but it appears to be LQ anyway: stackoverflow.com/q/31973899/2675154
You're not supposed to ingest hydraulic fluid, you're supposed to cover yourself in it and roll around in the sand.
@TinyGiant Why sand?
6:47 PM
@Mogsdad I tend to try to close a question for any other reason than a dupe if possible, because dupes have stricter clean-up rules, and I think bad content should be deleted if possible instead of being a bad signpost to another bad post.
@Mogsdad boom
@honk Try getting that crap off.
@TinyGiant LOL! Sounds like too much work ;)
Nah, hydraulic oil is really easy to get covered in.
@TinyGiant Any experience you wanna share?
6:50 PM
Make sure hydraulic hose fittings are tight before engaging hydraulics.
@TinyGiant Got it ;)
@TinyGiant Potayto Potahto. Without the worry of eventual delete, dup helps the OP & other seekers, which should reduce future repeats. I guess a comment re dup + other delete reason would perform the same service, though.
@TinyGiant My robotics team learned this. Oh, and hydraulic fluid + laptop = need new laptop.
Yeah "Closed because way too f!@#ing broad, but here's another way too f!@#ing broad question similar to yours that actually got an answer"
@Mogsdad Same with phones apparently.
Hard lesson on competition day. Other hard lesson: don't leave secondary control laptop in home city.
6:53 PM
@Closey alive
bye bots
why do the bots get kicked and we not?
Also, certain ford diesels have oil pan drains that look like they should empty straight down, but instead empty straight back with pressure. That can lead to some hilarious oil changes.
Is the heartbeat more aggressive?
@rene second class citizens?
I assume posting a bug on MSO about the bots getting kicked from Chat will not fly...
6:57 PM
@rene ?
@JonClements Smokey and Closey seem to get logged out from Chat by the chat server while the rest of us don't experience problems.
presumably because browsers have more robust connection handling
Hmm, Smokey is written in Python so you can help making it more robust then ;)
For Closey I'll start a debug session
The Python room is already working on "RABBIT"
@JonClements Whats that?
7:01 PM
did an original prototype in Python, then someone did one in node, then both of us got busy, then got free time, but never got around to it, now one of us is busier as mod and the other is busier with a new job
but I plan to get around to it again some day
famous last w.... ?
Basically, it's a bot built on a completely async chat library (in dev.)
Would appreciate some feedback: Is this Q off-topic due to typo? I think it only applies partly, but it appears to be LQ anyway: stackoverflow.com/q/31973899/2675154
@Nathan we think so - it's also part of a larger and far more ambitious project: sopython.com/pages/nidaba
7:04 PM
@honk boom
@NathanOliver Ok, thanks, understood!
So instead of pattern matching - we build a "neural net" of sorts... and train it
@JonClements Well if one of these days I ever decide to learn python I'll give you guys a hand
it's one of those "if we ever get around to finding the time out from real life problem things": all the code will be on github.com/sopython
But at least we've got sopython.com working to a reasonable level :p
Isn't it a pain how the real world keeps butting into our lives?
7:09 PM
yeah, we should stop having real lives and get a second life
Second Life is an online virtual world, developed by Linden Lab , based in San Francisco, and launched on June 23, 2003. By 2014 Second Life had approximately 1 million regular users, according to Linden Lab, which own Second Life. In many ways, Second Life is similar to MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games); however, Linden Lab is emphatic that their creation is not a game: "There is no manufactured conflict, no set objective". The virtual world can be accessed freely via Linden Lab's own client programs, or via alternative Third Party Viewers. Second Life users (also called...
How to handle a Q that can't be (correctly) answered with the information given (OP says in comment that the problem was elsewhere)? stackoverflow.com/q/31973838/2675154
> a problem that can no longer be reproduced
@JonClements That is similar to my idea for a chat bot. I want to run a multitude of scripts to determine similarities between high quality posts and similarities between low quality posts, ignore any overlapping similarities then score the posts based on their similarities to previous posts. That's a naive way of explaining it (and there will be a lot more conditions) but is the general idea. Then it would constantly be augmenting it's database of similarities and scores.
7:11 PM
does bold in a quote not work?
> test and test and test
Space before the part
@Tiny yup - we even got as far as modelling and featuring the SE datadump for SO
> **a problem that can no longer be reproduced**
then we all got busy... then decided it wasn't worth paying $80 a month for a server we weren't making the most of when all we needed was a website with some custom oauth and wiki
7:12 PM
@Kyll nope, it's not.
thank guys.
@JonClements I was going to do it based on similarities between words, sentences, capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure, etc. Down to the basic language used in the post, completely ignoring the code in the post.
@NathanOliver Thanks!
@durron597 Shame on me, I actually stopped reading half-way.
It should then be able to suggest high quality content as well, which can be fp-ed or tp-ed to augment the existing rules.
7:14 PM
we planned (and still do) to do NLP (sentiment analysis) keywords, plus determine validity of code blocks by lazy parsing to identify common mistakes, possible versions of Python, libraries used, which can then be used to cross-reference potential dupes etc...
Which would help high quality content in less used tags get noticed.
Those hidden table games!
anyway - I'll shut up now... if you want @TinyGiant - and if it ever gets momentum again - I'll give you a yell
7:15 PM
(who knows - I might well still be alive in 40 years!)
@gunr2171 can you bring back closey?
@rene ... did I miss something?
not yet...
oh, didn't know it died
> 14:25:58 error: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer
7:17 PM
Maybe one bot for examining the language end of the post, and one bot for examining the code of each post. Maybe set up a system which can compile/run and examine the code blocks for errors.
Hey everyone! (SO Close Vote Chatbot started, linux!)
Not just including python js etc... but any that can be easily run
@gunr2171 yeah, I have a dev console open to see what the socket does when Closey dies....
ok, unfortunately the software keeps running if the connection dies
and doesn't say anything about it
@TinyGiant Already downvoted
I'm the other downvote ^^
7:21 PM
Just referencing your message, I assumed that you were the other.
On the next anonymous unexplained down votes meta rant post I'll share your profiles ...
Cool, I felt like posting "I downvoted your post" on the last one.
Who's head am I gooing?
7:26 PM
look at the last change they made <shakes head>
@NathanOliver That is such a BS edit.
@Kyll Bang
yeah. hopefully the other reviewers think so
@durron597 Boom
@NathanOliver Should have rejected and edited it.
7:28 PM
@NathanOliver me do
@TinyGiant if anyone wants my bookmarklet for the fast cv-pls with markdown link let me know
@durron597 yp
@NathanOliver Am I wrong or are there 2 NAAs on that question?
@NathanOliver I killed it.
7:31 PM
@gunr2171 @rene Could add a link to that bookmarklet to the RoomInformation page, thoughts?
@honk First one is an attempt at an answer, second is I'm having this problem too (NAA).
Oh sorry missed the third
so yeah two naa's
@TinyGiant Remember: The order of answers changes on reloading...
@durron597 sorry, been busy with work. Which bookmark?
7:33 PM
@honk Yeah I thought there was only two answers, so i figured it would be easy to see which one was which, but I was wrong.
@TinyGiant ty
@NathanOliver np.
@closey starting
@Mogsdad May the Vote be with you!
7:34 PM
@ProgramFOX Not sure we want to defocus Smokey
@honk yes
@TinyGiant Sometimes I'm a bit slow, you know ;)
@durron597 maybe. I'm used to userscript. How do you add it to your bookmark manager (chrome)?
@gunr2171 It's just Ctrl + Shift + O, new bookmark, paste that code as link
"I know this question has been asked previously in this forum." argh
7:37 PM
@Mogsdad Seems to be a tough question. Still alive...
@Undo Although Smokey is the perfect platform for these kinds of applications, makes me wonder if we should turn it into a platform with filters as plugins. (cc @ProgramFOX, not sure if you saw that)
@Undo that would be awesome
@durron597 Awesome, that makes it easy. Now only if it prompted for a reason then created the cv request string.
@honk I guess I shouldn't have edited it, just left all the links to external sources for images (broken) & code. Still, it's very much a dup.
7:40 PM
@Closey end session
@Mogsdad I have forcefully ended your last session. To see more details use the command last session stats. In addition, the number of review items is most likely not set, use the command last session edit count <new count> to fix that.
@Closey last session edit count 0
Review item count has been changed:
User: Mogsdad (1677912)
Start Time: 2015-08-14 19:34:25 UTC
End Time: 2015-08-14 19:40:02 UTC
Items Reviewed: [Not Set] -> 0
Use the command 'last session stats' to see more details.
@Closey starting
@NathanOliver By the power of the Vote! Review!
7:41 PM
@TinyGiant That's why I wanted to know if I could put the reason after the link.
@durron597 still getting use to your name in italics :p
ok @durron597, I've got this, but don't understand how to work it.
Oh, italics means room owner?
I was wondering about that the other day
7:43 PM
@KevinBrown you know, I've never noticed that until now....
@gunr2171 Now go to any stack exchange question page
and click on it in you bookmarks bar
@durron597 javascript:(function(){ $tit = $('#question-header h1 a').text(); $('#question .post-menu .short-link').click(); $url = $('.share-tip input').val(); $('.share-tip a.close-share-tip').click(); var reason = window.prompt('Reason for closing'); $result = '[tag:cv-pls] ' + reason + ' [' + $tit + '](' + $url + ')'; window.prompt("Copy to clipboard: Ctrl+C, Enter", $result); })();
Press Ctrl + shift + B to make it appear if it's hidden.
oh, that means I need to show the bookmark menu, durp
(don't acutally)
ok, thanks
7:45 PM
@gunr2171 use the one I just posted, it allows you to enter a reason.
I wonder if we should make that a userscript
and we could put a button on the page
@TinyGiant gist updated.
@durron597 inviting you to the github org. Feel free to edit in your script
@Undo Did you see my idea earlier today about creating an NAA command to store the NAA's that get found into a bayesian repo to build up a database?
@gunr2171 kk thx
7:51 PM
@durron597 I like the idea, but we need to decide whether to let Smokey deal in NAAs
If we're gonna do it, we might as well go all the way and try to write some filters for it
You have no more close votes today; come back in 4 hours.
@NathanOliver The review session has been marked as completed. To set the number of items you reviewed use the command last session edit count <new count>
@Closey last session edit count 24
Review item count has been changed:
User: NathanOliver (4342498)
Start Time: 2015-08-14 19:41:16 UTC
End Time: 2015-08-14 19:51:35 UTC
Items Reviewed: [Not Set] -> 24
Use the command 'last session stats' to see more details.
@Closey last session stats
7:52 PM
@NathanOliver Your last completed review session ended 29 seconds ago and lasted 10 minutes and 18 seconds. You reviewed 24 items, averaging a review every 25 seconds.
@Undo Starting with the ability to build up a database (including manual reports) would be an incremental improvement
I agree, makes sense to me. Just want to make sure everyone's on the same page
Hmmm.... I wonder i we could set that bookmarklet up to post to chat.
@Undo What I was saying to @ProgramFOX was that, when I looked through the code earlier, it seems like it doesn't save any part of the body besides the "why" data
which means it would be a lot more than "save this variable to a new file"
@durron597 That edit is actually a good one, afaict.
7:55 PM
@durron597 Throwing things at Bayesian stores the body IIRC
@TinyGiant It is, it makes it go from both too broad and unclear to just too broad
@Undo It does? It says in chat "added title to bayesian doctype good". maybe I'm remembering wrong.
Well, we can give it bodies
I think the bayesian thing was built before we got bodies
@Undo ah
And it never hit much success, so it never got updated
New review queue: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/300650/3933332 opinions ? :]
7:59 PM
@durron597 I know, I voted, was just remarking at finally seeing an edit to a question that is brought to our attention that is actually worth anything.
@TinyGiant true

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