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8:00 PM
@Closey start event
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
8,900 need review
1,713 reviews today
2,752,259 reviews all-time
The tags to work on are: , , .
that never endless list of mysql
@Closey starting
@rene Happy reviewing!
@Rizier123 I was talking earlier about making a bot that would suggest questions matching a certain high quality algorithm.
8:01 PM
something I whipped up real quick with your code
CV event, huh?
blast used all my cv's already
@Unihedron yeah, you're one minute late, so is feeds
@NathanOliver OK
@Closey starting
@gunr2171 Don't get lost in the queue!
8:02 PM
@TinyGiant So I'm not alone with this idea to bring more attention to HQ :)?!
I'll chime in ;)
@Closey starting
@Unihedron May the Vote be with you!
passed audit
have fun all
@Rizier123 No, but I don't think a review queue is necessarily the way to start it. I figure if we could first create the bot with the algorithm, then use it and train it to the point where it is mostly suggesting true positives, then suggest a review queue be made out of the algorithm.
8:04 PM
please review questions too everyone
The other side of the bot that I was talking about earlier would suggest low quality posts based on the opposite criteria.
I think the example given of a HQA is... not. The question was too broad to start with, so it shouldn't have been answered. Certainly not with an answer that long.
Hehe... we could mess with their heads and CLOSE the question!
@TinyGiant hey - there's a large network of talented devs on SO... pooling resources doesn't seem like a bad idea
@JonClements Yeah, if we were successful, it would set a precedent for a new way of the community contributing to the review queue algorithms.
@TinyGiant Would be complicated to write such an algorithm, but if you get it done you have to show it to me.
8:05 PM
passed audit number two
We can have bots ask questions, answer them and moderate all of it...
@Rizier123 I think that if I attempt to do it alone it may end up on a back shelf. However, @Jon and I have been pussy-footing around the subject of a collaborative effort.
@rene and then I can be made redundant and go sit drink cocktails on a sunny beach somewhere! :p
if target can figure out a girl was pregnant before her father did, we can figure out a post is terrible before a user flags it
@JonClements s/cocktails/tea/ ?
@JonClements I'll join... ;)
8:07 PM
Don't make me add another command to smokey
Phew, made it just in time.
56 mins ago, by Tiny Giant
@JonClements That is similar to my idea for a chat bot. I want to run a multitude of scripts to determine similarities between high quality posts and similarities between low quality posts, ignore any overlapping similarities then score the posts based on their similarities to previous posts. That's a naive way of explaining it (and there will be a lot more conditions) but is the general idea. Then it would constantly be augmenting it's database of similarities and scores.
passed delphi audit
I was more focusing on the language used in a post where Jon's idea was more about the code in a post.
8:08 PM
Q: Bubble rejection

Peter_BrowningI'm trying to code a command that takes two arguments: the first one is the player to be bubbled, the second one is the radius of the bubble. It would look like /bubble <player> <radius>. I basically want anyone who walks within that radius to get shot out very far, but I really have no idea how...

already vtc'd
@clo starting
@Sam By the power of the Vote! Review!
I need to do X, I can't do Y, here's my code that does nothing relevant <- gist of the post
@Unihedron /me too slow old man
8:09 PM
@clo next tags
@Sam The next 5 tags are: 204, 126, 106, 94, 91
great - now I just sit here and whistle while everyone does the CV'ing and I can't do anything sighs
@durron597 lol
@JonClements you went out of close votes? :P
you can provide moral support!
@JonClements I'm in a similar boat.
8:10 PM
!Twiddles thumbs!
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 3 hours to continue reviewing.
@rene Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@Closey last session stats
@rene Your last completed review session ended 29 seconds ago and lasted 11 minutes. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 16 seconds.
> There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "off-topic, unclear what you're asking, too broad, primarily opinion-based; [forms]"
going to switch back to mysql
8:14 PM
@TinyGiant Since it is really hard to tell if a post is high quality, you could program a Neuro Evolution of Augmenting Topologies Give the algorithm all variables and let the algorithm suggest some posts to you where you then decide if it is HQ or LQ. Depending on that the algorithm automatically would learn what is HQ.
@TinyGiant Sadly - can't help you with that one...
Is this cv worthy?
@Rizier123 Well, I would basically be running scripts to compare words for similarity and scoring them based on the score of the post they occur in. Then do the same thing with sentences, and capitalization, punctuation etc. Things scoring close to 0 would be ignored, then it would compare each new post using those same scripts against previous posts and come out with a score for each new post. If it was of a high enough score it would post a [suspect high-quality] message, same as below.
@JonClements I know.
@Rizier123 that sounds neat
8:19 PM
@Sam i would say too broad
@Sam I still question if "What is what I am trying to do called?" questions are off-topic or not. I posted one a while back and it did not get a very good reception, but I do think that they should be on-topic. Mainly because if I knew what I was trying to do was called, I wouldn't have to ask the question. However, the usefullness to others is questionable.
@Sam if improved somewhat it might be on topic for programmers but don't tell gnat I told you that...
Lol, ok.
8:23 PM
Q: Relax Review Limit for Reviews by Badge Holders?

Nathaniel FordShould the limit of reviews be relaxed if a user has the highest available badge in the given review queue? Specifically, the Close Review queue remains in thousands. Is there any reason to curtail the obsessiveness of reviewers who've already done more than a thousand reviews? There is little t...

@durron597 The MIT paper is really great, since it shows you how to build genetic algorithms to build neuro networks. And it doesn't presuppose the best structure for neurons and their connections.
later guys
I was just wondering, as it was an audit. And I failed.
bye nathan
8:24 PM
@gunr2171 gist.github.com/Tiny-Giant/ae7c0f5e6823468d75c1 I've added a little bit so that if you cancel out the first dialog, it won't continue.
@Rizier123 Obligatory
oh, almost failed an audit
passed java audit
opinions on that?
@gunr2171 "Industry standard" not too broad or pob. Good call.
15 rep, whoops. forgot
thanks @TinyGiant
8:30 PM
@gunr2171 np
@durron597 The other answers are also not the best...
Heh, received my first serial dvs. \o/
@honk Yeah I was just thinking that.
Hey @gunr2171 when you're done reviewing let me know, I want to ask you a question.
almost, 5 left
keep getting distracted
8:31 PM
Reopened on the grounds that the other question doesn't have the complete example that this does - we can definitely tell what's wrong here, and the other question doesn't make that clear. — Jon Skeet 1 min ago
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 3 hours to continue reviewing.
oh come on.....
@Sam welcome to the club!
Hey everyone! (SO Close Vote Chatbot started, linux!)
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 3 hours to continue reviewing.
8:34 PM
@gunr2171 Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@Closey last session stats
@gunr2171 Your last completed review session ended 4 seconds ago and lasted 32 minutes and 13 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 48 seconds.
@gunr2171 the websocket reopened
I'll check back once my queue votes are reset. 'Later!
8:35 PM
ok, done @TinyGiant
@rene Thanks! Do I get a club jacket?
@gunr2171 Do you know anything about using javascript to send messages to chat?
I know just enough javascript to be dangerous, but know nothing for chat room interactions
@Sam might be able to help you there
it borks and then the webclient falls back to polling /events
8:38 PM
well stop borking it!
until it manages to open a new websocket and then it stops polling
You tell @balpha ...
we just need to tweet at him saying "add chat to the api"
@rene I just removed that message and purged the history... for a good reason
@JonClements ah, ok
was that your valid fkey? :p
8:42 PM
@sam, do you know anything about using JavaScript to send messages to chat?
if he doesn't know, bjb from MSE tavern should. He (that user) made a javascript bot for himself (the person's self)
@JonClements yeah, OK, one refresh and I have a new one, but thanks ;)
@rene darn it - could have had fun with that :p
@JonClements you have so much ways to have fun ... ;)
you mean drinking tea and chasing tennis balls?
8:46 PM
sure ...
Can people other than XML3D devs answer this? If flag-worthy, what's best? POB? stackoverflow.com/q/32018311/2675154
@TinyGiant here
Jon Clements: drinking tea and chasing tennis balls since 2015
@rene Thanks.
@TinyGiant I don't know JS well enough to provide a code sample, but I can tell you the fundermentals.
8:48 PM
I just want to be able to make this send the prepared message to this room using the user's account.
@TinyGiant here
@gunr2171 it's not quite an epitaph I had in mind - but I'm keeping options open :p
in The SO Tavern (Free Snacks), Jul 21 at 19:19, by gunr2171
"Sloganify everything Uni says." --Uni 2015
Very self-proclamatory user name there.
and it's gone
8:57 PM
Ehm, feedback anyone? Please? :)
oh, sorry, missed your message
@gunr2171 NP, too many posts here today ;)
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because we cannot provide answers for the business decisions of an external project or company. — gunr2171 10 secs ago
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 3 hours to continue reviewing.
@Sam Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
8:59 PM
:25100179 Can you suggest an appropriate flag for that?
@clo last session stats
@Sam Your last completed review session ended 18 seconds ago and lasted 50 minutes and 33 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 1 minute and 15 seconds.
I did a custom off-topic reason, not sure what your option is
Ugh, that's awful.
and it's 5pm, time to leave. bye all!
9:01 PM
@gunr2171 Bye
I'm gonna sign off too actually.
Night all.
@Sam Cya
the q got edited @honk @gunr2171 but not for the better
@rene OP promised to improve. Let's see...
9:15 PM
@Closey version
@rene Sorry, I don't understand that. Use commands for a list of commands.
@Closey status
SOCVR ChatBot version, running for 42 minutes and 41 seconds.
15:18:25 From github.com/SO-Close-Vote-Reviewers/SOCVR-Chatbot
15:18:25  * [new branch]      issue-13   -> origin/issue-13
15:18:25  * [new branch]      master     -> origin/master
15:18:25  * [new branch]      socvr.net-update -> origin/socvr.net-update
15:18:25  * [new branch]      v2.0-func-spec -> origin/v2.0-func-spec
15:18:25 + git checkout master
15:18:25 Already on 'master'
@gunr2171 closey is on master, right?
@rene I'm not into JS, but the question looks much better now...
9:24 PM
@honk left a comment, retracted vote
@rene yes closey is on master
i'll retract my close vote as it's no longer valid
and I did say "project or company" so that works for open-source as well
One can retract close votes, but not flags. Hmm.
9:30 PM
yep, don't worry about it though
ok, i'm out again
Q: Cancel misclicked flags

AlbireoI'm wondering (since it just happened to me), is it possible to "cancel" ("undo", "delete", whatever) a flag I just raised if I misclicked it, so the mods won't waste time? I looked everywhere, but I can't find such a feature.

Whoa. Long discussion. Implementation of that would be cool nevertheless.
I was so panicky when I first mis-raised a spam flag - I posted on meta (which is now MSE)
I got: "it happens - don't worry about it"
@SmokeDetector ignore- edited
didn't even realise at that time that spam flags if actioned do a lot of stuff behind the scenes
9:37 PM
@JonClements I still instinctually want to flag "check out my blog, it has an answer to your question" as spam
of course, if we did that, Eric Lippert would be banned.
@JonClements What bothers me more: I raise a valid flag, but then the OP improves their post and my flag becomes invalid. I know, no big deal, but it sucks.
@honk That should either give you helpful or at worst disputed.
@durron597 I know. But I just love 'helpful' and hate everything else ;)
don't forget - moderators get everything right 100% of the time :p
@JonClements especially that sentence
9:53 PM
Ok guys, need to go to bed. Thanks for your help! Bye!
@honk sleep well
@honk gn
@TinyGiant Is there a way to make your user script into a keyboard shortcut?
even better would be if I didn't have to press ctrl + c
just yoinked my clipboard
I'm almost done making it push to this room.
Then I can make a keyboard shortcut to make it easier.
10:07 PM
That was sent with the script.
@gunr2171 @durron597 gist.github.com/Tiny-Giant/ae7c0f5e6823468d75c1 now auto sends the request here.
Simply asks for a reason.
@durron597 what would you like the key combo to be?
@TinyGiant ctrl+shift+a
@TinyGiant what happens if I don't have the room open?
It should post automatically.
10:14 PM
It sends an AJAX rquest to this room whether you have it open or not.
@TinyGiant closed
@TinyGiant Does it do the keyboard shortcut yet?
Or do I program it myself?
Working on it.
If I want to test out a change to Closey without a copy of visual studio (or even a windows computer at home), what's the best way to do it?
10:21 PM
OK, script works on Chrome ...
I guess mono isn't an IDE.
@durron597 that could work
You can pull and msbuild the .sln file
oh, wait...
didn't gunr say it's already running in linux?
(not pinging him on purpose)
so he must be doing it in mono too, right?
10:23 PM
I'm not sure if you can compiler .sln files on mono
I don't think you can
You typically compile individual projects within a solution
Q: Is it possible to build MSBuild files (visual studio sln) from the command line in Mono?

Kris EricksonIs it possible to build Visual Studio solutions without having to fire up MonoDevelop?

@durron597 MonoDevelop is the standard IDE for Mono
will it run in unity? seems to be gnome
We used to use it on a Xamarin project
10:29 PM
@durron597 gist.github.com/Tiny-Giant/ae7c0f5e6823468d75c1 runs when using ctrl+shift+a
If anyone wants to star that.
Only seems to work with left shift though....
ffs chrome is a pain
10:34 PM
Every time I've tried to install a user script I have failed
Damn that works good.
@durron597 How are you trying to install it?
Oh you created a little link too, nice
I got it to work in tampermonkey
10:37 PM
Oh you mean in the post-menu? That was gunr
go team
way better than a bookmarklet.
I can solicit close requests like never before.
It needs a little bit of generalization before I make a stackapps post for it.
I want to be able to use it on programmers too
10:40 PM
Ok, and what room do you want it to work for there?
Ok, so now I've set it so that you can easily specify the room number.
@durron597 gist.github.com/Tiny-Giant/3bbc399ed06c11c045e8 that should work on programmers and send the request to programmers-cv-please
@TinyGiant thanks
11:00 PM
@durron597 you're RO, why not pin that?
@TinyGiant too many pins
@cimmanon got deletes left?
@durron597 some, yeah
last time i checked your list i had voted on everything already
11:02 PM
@durron597 Another one: stackoverflow.com/q/32019536/3933332 To the list about legal advises.
ok, guess i missed those. voted
@cimmanon That script makes cv requests a breeze. ctrl+shift+a to open the reason dialog on any question and send a cv request to this room
@Rizier123 I'm out of cvs
@durron597 Can't you buy some on ebay :]?
11:10 PM
anyone think this could get successfully vlq flagged?
A: Can I run .NET 4.0 web applications on Windows Server 2003?

Kieren JohnstoneYes. It can - are you having a specific problem?

@durron597 Valid answer, no major content or formatting problems, I doubt it.
> This answer, while just barely technically an answer, doesn't serve to add anything to the other answers to this question and can be safely deleted without harming anything.
We'll see if that does anything.
That will probably be ok
I'm using same flag reason on this:
A: Can I use two col-md-6 inside a col-md-8?

Khadka Pushpendrayour code is correct, Why are you asking Question?

Another terribad one:
A: Android: Autoscrolling HorizontalScrollView

dcoolwhy arent you using Linear layour with horizontal orientation?

@durron597 That is actually not an answer because it is purely a question.
11:17 PM
is there a point to reopening this so that it can be closed as a duplicate: stackoverflow.com/questions/31998373/…
@cimmanon If we don't and two other people do, then it will be left open.
i'll vtr if you give the go-ahead
@TinyGiant me too
go for it
@cimmanon open
11:20 PM
oh fuck, i closed it and now i cant close it again >.>
Damn, that is useful
Now all I want to do is find questions to close so I can use my fany UserScript
But unfortunately I'm out for another 29 minutes.
@durron597 lol
11:32 PM
@durron597 @gunr2171 It works on meta as well now.
Oh and the script link stays the same so there is no need to update the pins every time I update the script
@TinyGiant gone
@durron597 It's so easy to do that sometimes you forget to vote on the question yourself :)
@TinyGiant I'm out of cvs.
@cimmanon Could use a 20k delete vote here: stackoverflow.com/a/20287092/1768232
@Nisse check out the new CV Request Generator UserScript
11:48 PM
That's pretty rude.
I've flagged a ton of stuff in the last 20 minutes as:
> This answer, while just barely technically an answer, doesn't serve to add anything to the other answers to this question and can be safely deleted without harming anything.
lets see how that goes.
I always add "Can you please delete it?" to the end of the comment, then it's even less ambiguous
Lol, is this one rude too?
A: Replace useless parts of code

soegaardIs this a homework question? If yes, which book are you using in class?


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