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12:01 AM
@TinyGiant: Bookmarked.
@durron597 NaA
@NisseEngström It has been pretty damn useful thus far :)
@durron597 gone
@TinyGiant I think there's a meta post about comments asking to delete answers being considered rude
Is there? I thought it would just be specific.
12:05 AM
Oh, not comment on the actual answer, flag comment
Oh, gotcha. I thought you meant adding that as a comment below the answer, asking the person to delete it themselves
No, that's pretty rude.
12:34 AM
Curious: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/290286/3933332 Is there any update to this?
@SmokeDetector ignore- edited
@Rizier123 He appears to be inactive pretty much everywhere :\
@KevinBrown For over 6 months... A bit worrying
Hopefully there isn't a 6 month rotted body lying in an apartment somewhere. That would be unfortunate. "He just stopped responding, so we waited for him to start again...."
I thought about many things: much to do at work, new house, long vacation, power off, ... But all these things don't go for 6 months. So my last guess would be he does a world tour around the world.
12:47 AM
A: Good Abstraction Library for D3 based Word/Tag Cloud

amenadielAsking for tool reccomendations is asking for downvotes, but before this question is closed, please check Jason Davies' D3 wordcloud https://www.jasondavies.com/wordcloud

Posting comments as answers is also a good way to get downvotes.
@Rizier123 I haven't heard anything.
Lolz, Q:0 A:-2 when the answer says that asking questions about tool recommendations is asking for downvotes. Hilarial.
@TinyGiant Well now I've downvoted the question.
@TinyGiant ^^ Yeah the answer is much worrying than the question, since they guy has over 7k rep and should at least have some experience with SO and how it works.
12:50 AM
Damn it, I was trying to prove a point.
@Rizier123 Yeah, that's why I downvoted without commenting ;)
uno mas
@Rizier123 The asker has been around for a while as well, but I agree that a 7ker should know not to put an answer out there
@KevinBrown I never say, that a user with much reputation posts good answer / doesn't posts bad answers. But I think you can assume or say, that if someone has much reputation, that he at least should know how Stack Overflow rolls.
@Rizier123 I've had the privilege of doing battle with 20k+ users who have never seen meta
12:56 AM
Answer is gone, question is closed
@TinyGiant I didn't unlocked that privilege, yet.
Even one 40k+ user who was working under the assumption that if the Powers That Be at Stack Overflow determine that a behavior is unwanted, then they would institute functions to disallow him to behave like that.
@TinyGiant You seem not to downvote questions very often.
@durron597 Yeah, I always like to think that most any question can be edited in to shape, so if it is above zero I will downvote, but 0 or less and I usually don't.
Unless its absolute horrible garbage.
12:59 AM
I know that my first question here got somewhere around 10 downvotes before I edited it into shape, and there is no coming back from that.
@TinyGiant You can remove your vote after an edit.
Yeah, but I don't like to watch questions for edits, that is just time consuming. And downvoting then not coming back to check is somewhat of a disservice to those who actually do edit their questions into shape. If I know that there is no way the question can be made on-topic without completely rewriting the question, then I will downvote.
The prove that reputation doesn't say anything about if you post high quality posts or not:
^^ One answer is from a 250k rep guy and the other from a 250 rep guy.
@Rizier123 Let me guess, the top was from the 250k+ user
@TinyGiant You are right, the top answer is from the 250k user and the one below from the 250 rep user :)
Not much difference and also not really helpful for OP nor for future SO visitors.
1:03 AM
Lolz, how did I know that the 250k user wouldn't have enough effort available to capitalize their non-explanation.
IMO answers without any explanation or "Try (with|this|the following):" should be part of NaA, but that aint never gunna happen.
I at least do "This is how I would achieve the effect you're attempting..." if I'm being lazy.
Pretty much the same thing but at least it is a sentence.
I think regex questions/answers are a problem for itself. On the one side we have: "plzzz give me regex" questions and on the other side we have: "try: ^(?<= regex)$" answers.
I don't have any good ideas how to change that behaviour, but if I have you will see a meta post from me.
And most of the time when I do that it is only on answers where I have reorganized the code or otherwise know that the asker will understand what is happening.
1:07 AM
@Rizier123 There is already the duplicate target for regex questions.
I believe it's called "the halo effect"
I get some pretty weird voting on one of my answers. I could swear that the two downvotes on this answer were revenge downvotes, then randomly it just got an upvote?
@TinyGiant it happens now and again - don't worry about it
1:19 AM
@SmokeDetector I thought that used to be "nested quotes in body"?
@JonClements Not worried, the downvotes are whatever, but when I got the upvote I was like "Wuuut?..."
All on that answer though.
Only that and one other post have gotten revenge downvotes.
sadly - mods can't see votes - only staff can... but at the end of the day you're more up than down...
Oh yeah, It's just that I usually only associate that answer with revenge downvotes now, so when it got an upvote it... confused me.
1:23 AM
Revenge upvote? Those totally exist
@JonClements Mods can see deleted answers in a user's profile, right?
@durron597 chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/25081658#25081658 Search broken again. No results :] ?!
Lol, maybe I posted a point contrary to someone else's point and in revenge against that person's point someone else upvoted me...
@KevinBrown why do you ask?
@JonClements I swear I used to have a highly upvoted answer about django and query optimization that I couldn't find the other day
1:25 AM
have you tried clicking the "recently deleted" at the bottom of the list?
@JonClements Also, I have an old terrible answer about CSS rotation with circles that I'm curious if there was any reason associated with the question deletion
> No deleted recent answers
err... are you requesting I look at your account?
Good question, sounds kinda risky
nah it's fine... I just don't tend to look at things unless they're required or requested
Yes, if it doesn't interrupt you or take away from something else that's important
1:28 AM
so you're after something django and csss
one sec
@Rizier123 feh. just do hasaccepted:yes
@KevinBrown does "Increasing rotation speed in CSS" ring a bell?
@JonClements Yup, that's the one
the question was community deleted
(ergo - it took your answer out with it)
Ah, alright. Totally fine with that
1:36 AM
well over a year ago though - if you've just noticed that now :p
Nah, I noticed it a while back and just assumed it was community deleted
you also mentioned another Q - a django one?
Might contain the keywords "performance" or "queries" in the title
"en-us is not the valid syntax for language codes, you should be using en-US." ?
uh, nope
It's a Django question
If it doesn't immediately jump out I'm probably just imagining that it once existed
1:40 AM
that's your only deleted django answer
@JonClements Hum, cough, what about questions with django in the body, and without the tag? You know SO users and their tagging habits.
The other possible tag would be , but I honestly think the answer may have never existed
I'm sure Kevin won't mind me saying this, there's only 3 deleted posts
Now I'm curious, what's the third?
1:45 AM
can post the title of the post...
but it's your info.
Feel free to
Python readlines() function writing [' and \n to file
Oh right, self deleted
I think?
yup: deleted by owner Nov 21 '14 at 1:14
anything else? :p
Nope, that should be it. Thanks :)
1:50 AM
And of course the answer that I put very little effort into (and was !facepalm mistake) nets 55 points, whereas the answers that I spend time on and put effort into, sit at 0
Also,@Jon all of the comments on that answer are obsolete if you wanted to delete them, it would save me flagging them.
I enjoy answering Python questions. Usually they don't get instant upvotes (maybe 1 max), but they tend to have a long tail of upvotes
And actually, hilariously, the answers I post that highlight the changed code like I did in that answer all seem to get upvotes (oooo look, he bolded code.)
@KevinBrown I'll have to learn Python, I've been thinking about it. Weighing that against android (for teh upvotes)
1:57 AM
With Android you have to race against others
I've had pretty good luck coming in the next day and answering Python questions
If you search for HQ questions PHP won't be the right tag :) But to use your CV, PHP is perfect.
@Rizier123 Lol, which is funny, because prior to starting on Stack Overflow, my primary language was PHP. I had never touched JavaScript before Stack Overflow. Now I have a bronze badge in JavaScript and I've only answered 9 PHP questions
Q: JS: Boolean Array vs Int8Array

RainingChainWhat would be smaller in memory size between: [true,true,true,true,true,true,true,true,true,true] and new Int8Array(1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1) ? Considering regular arrays can contain anything, each slot must have a size of 32 bits while the Int8Array would be 8 bit each. Is that right?

Talk about splitting hairs.
yeah PHP tag is really bad. You have to put some real effort into it to fine a question with some effort in them.
2:05 AM
HTML and CSS are pretty bad for that as well, sometimes I can go through 30 questions before finding one not deserving close votes.
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 1 min ago, by Normal Human
@CRABOLO >>> (link) is blacklisted
@TinyGiant I'm still waiting: meta.stackexchange.com/q/256657 that this gets implemented.
@Rizier123 I liked that request, needs more upvotes.
@TinyGiant if appropriate then flag... no mod is around 24/7
@JonClements k
2:18 AM
@JonClements Jon Clements:*"no mod is around 24/7"* 2015, at 04:00 o' clock in the morning :)
I'm one of the less sane ones :)
Already drinking your British breakfast tea?
water and lemon at the mo' :p
@JonClements Sent in the flag :)
2:25 AM
We need something like the reputation league for closing.
@JonClements ?
(I think he just won the game.)
found the connection I needed
2:28 AM
@Rizier123 You just lost the game.
The Game is a mental game where the objective is to avoid thinking about The Game itself. Thinking about The Game constitutes a loss, which must be announced each time it occurs. It is impossible to win most versions of The Game. Depending on the variation of The Game, the whole world, or all those aware of the game, are playing it all the time. Tactics have been developed to increase the number of people aware of The Game and thereby increase the number of losses. The origins of The Game are unknown; a game featuring ironic processing was played by Leo Tolstoy in 1840. The Game has received media...
@TinyGiant I can't believe that has a Wikipedia page
Though it is the first thing I thought of when I saw the message
@KevinBrown My first thought was: nonono
@Rizier123 TF?
Everyone likes cats ?! no?
2:32 AM
@KevinBrown I couldn't resist, and the wikipedia entry came up first when searching google for "The game that cannot be won"
@JonClements Are you willing to delete a few questions for me? If you say no, I'll do my best to edit them
Specifically, the last four legal questions
I changed my mind. Just two questions.
Are there two others with deletes here besides me? @Rizier123 @cimmanon @Deduplicator @josilber
^^ Throw some coal in there and burn the rest ;)
I want to save my deletes if Jon will do it.
I'd be interested to just look
If you don't care, go ahead. Last two:
2:36 AM
@durron597 what am i deleting?
Last two legal questions. @JonClements We have 3 people with deletes
oh wait
they probably need more actually
ok I've deleted them both, whatever, I'll get more tomorrow ;)
They're both trainwrecks.
@durron597 already voted that one
@cimmanon Oh it didn't refresh
@JonClements Okay there are lots of community deletes now. I have 16 minutes before the script runs
So it's not unilateral
then it's already gone into delete queues
(for 10k+ users) - is there anything you required a mod for that can't/won't be done otherwise?
@JonClements Well, I have a bunch of pending custom flags ;) but there's no hurry on those.
2:49 AM
I'm not the only mod - just happen to be the one that chats more than most :p
@JonClements I got Robert Harvey to do it ;)
woot woot
Going to get some food, take care all
3:08 AM
@durron597 I thought the whole idea was to allow the flags to migrate through the mod queue of their own accord to see how they were recieved be moderators broadly.
3:22 AM
We need a close reason for parsing HTML with regex.
The comments are pretty funny
4:08 AM
@TinyGiant I never flagged them
@durron597 ?
@TinyGiant Look what I was replying to
I didn't look what YOU were replying to.
I was just replying to "is there anything you required a mod for that can't/won't be done otherwise?"
Lulz, I'm like"wuuuuuuUUUUt?"
@TinyGiant I thought you were talking about getting Robert to delete the legal questions.
Ahhhhh.... See, now that is confusing, because if you trace the message that you were replying to in that message, it doesn't give much of a hint as to what you had Robert Harvey do.
4:16 AM
Because the message you were replying to was referencing the message about the flags
So that was just hella confusing.
Sometimes edits are just too much to just do
(There was also a previous discussion on a now deleted question which prompted that comment)
@TinyGiant I do them anyway ;)
4:22 AM
But that much of an edit?
Pretty hard core difference.
@durron597 That is hardly the entire post. That is mostly formatting. I cut out 95% of the text and 80% of the code.
I might not have done that drastic of an edit before.
Ok, that's pretty intense.
4:27 AM
Only because I was arguing with Jon Skeet about being a duplicate.
Well, fuggit, I did it. I'll come back in the morning to post my answer.
I'm out, 'Til tomorrow :)
6:27 AM
@Undo That sounds like a good idea.
6:45 AM
1 hour later…
7:53 AM
@SmokeDetector Edited and commented
8:30 AM
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 31 mins ago, by S.L. Barth
cv-pls http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2283849/ruby-on-rails-vs-php-leading-to-os-x-‌​iphone-development
9:03 AM
sd ignore- edited and commented
@rene I haven't posted enough messages after the latest reboot to execute all commands.
Maybe you should tell me if you got rebooted? I think it is your fault, not mine!
@rene We used to have that, but it started spamming rooms so we killed that.
Yeah, but don't enable it because I seem to be upset by it ;)
I'll cope with it...
9:08 AM
@ProgramFOX Running since 03:21:35 UTC (346 minutes)
^ Well there you have something :P
@SmokeDetector fp report bug to your creators
@rene That message is not a report.
It is... learn bug report...
It's not a bug. Smokey hasn't posted 4 messages since it rebooted (before your sd command).
9:11 AM
? 4 ?
You tried to execute 4 commands: "ignore-", "edited", "and", "commented"
It IS my fault!
stupid users me
Yup. :P
or maybe I'll RTFC
9:54 AM
what a waste of time ...
10:47 AM
is gone!
11:51 AM
@SmokeDetector Why?
@Kyll There is no why data for that post (anymore).
That's disappointing.
vtc-plz I want to do X, Y, Z, but I'm completely new to programming, and how to do W? stackoverflow.com/q/32024050/3622940
12:21 PM
@smihael not if it is deleted and I'm not enough into C++ to judge if re-opening is warranted, specially if it is dupe-hammered.
2 hours later…
2:01 PM
Hey everyone! (SO Close Vote Chatbot started, linux!)
2 hours later…
3:39 PM
Good job everyone - I've marked as status complete
tnx !
4:05 PM
Seems quiet in here today
4:44 PM
@JonClements is there a reason why this question should be open at all? it looks like it had the relevant information to see what the OP was doing, but they completely butchered it. now it is a useless question no one can debug. stackoverflow.com/questions/31430285/post-into-database
Not even sure why they did those edits
5:19 PM
@durron597 stackoverflow.com/a/32027090/4639281 I posted my answer to that question. Even though it's a late answer and probably won't get any upvotes, its good to teach new users that even though more is more, less is also more.
A: Can we have a guaranteed pipeline for responses from Stack Exchange?

durron597Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. I think that sentence summarizes the communication disconnect between the community and Stack Exchange on this issue. Here are some excerpts: This came up a couple of weeks ago. (I think in the podcast room?) We might end up doing something li...

@JonClements It's not
We have to do all the individual licenses now
Ahh... isn't that separate from though?
@JonClements No, look at the status wiki
I think we closed first but we had a huge revision history of all the other tags too
It went on for weeks
I don't mind removing it but the question and request is: "I propose that we burninate the legal tag."
5:30 PM
@durron597 Good write-up. I hope JonE doesn't get in trouble for the opinions he has expressed there. That could possibly have a negative effect on communication.
But I doubt that would happen
@JonClements I understand why you did it, but really the whole thing exploded into a much larger effort
I would prefer the tag be removed; perhaps I'll edit the question later.
Weird, I got the bounty on a question but not the accept.
auto-awarded or user awarded? And was the bounty by the OP?
I was about to look the question up to see that, then I got distracted
5:44 PM
> Bounty Ended with durron597's answer chosen by Uma Kanth
But it was at the end of the 7 days
@durron597 no your answer is perfect, you got the bounty. Just waiting till tomorrow. — Uma Kanth yesterday
That's what I meant
Then they accepted the other answer this morning
User awarded, bounty by OP
Both happened back to back
Not complaining (yay bounty!) just weird.
5:55 PM
It's also odd when you get an accept but not an upvote :p
@JonClements Unless the user has under 15 rep
well yeah... but I'm obviously not talking about that scenario :p
@JonClements :) I actually assumed that was the entire point of the Unsung Hero badge; to get users to reply to questions of 1 rep users.
It'd be one hell of a mission for me to try and get that badge now :p
@JonClements It's annoying when OP has 1 rep but others chime in with an upvote.
6:01 PM
I'm 20.6% unsung
@JonClements You are 7.6% unsung now
That's a lot of answering to get something that's not quite accept worthy :p
Anyone else check out the cvr generator?
@TinyGiant Can you review this for me?
> You have made too many incorrect reviews... Come back on Sep 4 at 1:05 to continue reviewing.
6:14 PM
@TinyGiant Just tell me what it should be, lol
Good enough to reopen, I'll edit it in a minute.
@TinyGiant Okay, I voted. I wasn't sure if it was a "too much code" not-really-m cve
Eh, I can fix that up.
that is way too much code
if you reopen it, i would vote to close it as a dupe (clearfix, based on the accepted answer)
Ok, I was planning on slimming down the code, but if you want to dupe it, go ahead.
6:21 PM
@cimmanon I've already voted to reopen, but obviously I'm not by many orders of magnitude the CSS expert in the room ;)
Stack Overflow isn't loading, huh ?
i cant even verify the answer is correct, the entire thing is busted.
That answer doesn't make any sense after the first bit.
Or is that afternoon?
6:36 PM
@Mogsdad afternoon here
Yeah, now upon viewing more, that is way too much code. I figured it was better than the original, but I was wrong.
@TinyGiant bleh, should have gone with my gut
I was in the middle of editing a question and answering it when you asked me.
Well, we can reopen it and close it as dupe.
Is there any way to know who downvoted a question?
6:40 PM
@Mogsdad Nope.
@durron597 I honestly don't think it is worth a signpost
It's too far gone.
@durron597 Didn't think so. I've received snark for a downvote I didn't do (but wish I did)... I did close-vote, though. (link)
@TinyGiant Well, maybe it will stay closed.
> You voted to close this question yesterday.
@durron597 Hopefully
6:42 PM
@durron597 Yeah, didn't get enough response from the room to actually close it, though.
@Mogsdad I just downvoted it and close voted it
I waited on that one because of the user's rep, but the user has been told multiple times to put code into their question and that their question doesn't make sense, so close the sucker.
6:57 PM
@TinyGiant Too much?
@Mogsdad Perfect
@durron597 btw, the OP didnt edit in that code. someone else did.
@cimmanon ugh
i wasnt going to downvote this guys answer, but i wouldnt want his accusations to be baseless:
And okay, we'll blame your comment and your downvote, which occurred at practically the same time, to pure coincidence ;-) — Michael_B 2 mins ago
7:19 PM
Q: What is a full-stack developer?

Tamás G.If I understand a full stack developer is someone who is developing both the front-end and back-end part of a program. What is the goal of this? Why is it good? I guess in small projects like a small mobile app or so it is OK that one developer makes the whole thing. But in bigger projects where...

@user880772 admit it, youre going through Michael_B's answers :p
@cimmanon yes :<
He posted a LQ answer on one of the questions I answered yesterday. I left it alone though and it got two upvotes.
so what kind of closure reason should we give for the full-stack question? a custom "this question is not about solving a programming problem"?
7:26 PM
@user880772 you do realize that targeting a specific user with votes and flags can get you suspended in severe cases?
@cimmanon I went for POB
works for me
but too broad will work as well
@rene Yeah, this was a one-off. Also I flagged the question, not his answer.
OK, I don't want to loose room members due to suspensions ;)
7:40 PM
@TinyGiant: Thanks for the clarification. Duly noted. — Michael_B 1 min ago
It needs one more reopen then cimmanon can dupe it.
@cimmanon can you throw your dupe vote onit?
@TinyGiant done
@SmokeDetector ignore- nike
8:09 PM
do we have a meta post about editing code into user's questions? CR has a policy where the OP must be the one who adds the code to the question: meta.codereview.stackexchange.com/q/467/9357
@cimmanon It conflicts with author's intent. Just roll it back
thinking specifically of that Michael_B edit
guess there is this one:
Q: OP posted code in comment => User brought it to question via edit

ShubhMany a time I have seen the OP forget to add code to their questions. When asked by any other user, the OP posts it as a comment or a jsfiddle. Now, despite a reminder if OP does not update their question with the code a user Suggests an Edit to post, then should the edit be rejected? As a rev...

@cimmanon Oh, well that you're allowed to do.
The problems only start when the code is external...
right, the 2nd answer covers the case of external code
but the question and selected answer focuses on code in a comment
8:26 PM
If the user has a JSFiddle that is attached and it is a true MCVE, I will edit it into the question (leaving the JSFiddle link of course).
@TinyGiant but the licensing on jsfiddle differs from the one on SO
@TinyGiant So markdown works in the "reason" box:
@cimmanon Yeah, none of us are law experts so until I get a lawyer that tells me I cannot move the code from JSFiddle to a Stack Snippet, I'm going to continue.
@durron597 Yeah, any symbols get converted to HTML entities and then back again, so anything that works in here should work in the reason box.
even pings
8:39 PM
@TinyGiant my CV aged away on that one
My has no cv's on prog
@TinyGiant Yeah I know
@TinyGiant My prog rep graph is pretty funny.
hm, not enough rep on prog either
@durron597 Spiky
@Nisse thanks for the edit
8:44 PM
@TinyGiant I'm in 6th place in CV reviews over there too lol.
@TinyGiant Almost 2700 now
Holy crap.
@TinyGiant Yeah Programmers gets a crapton of crap
If you think SO is bad, imagine a squishy site where no one even understands the scope
That's why I'm staying away...
8:56 PM
@durron597 I've been thinking about expanding it to del-plz, down-to-hell, etc..
I gotta run
take care
Wow, I don't even have to be in the room. nice.
Now I actually am gone, bye.
@durron597 What's interesting is that if you aren't in the room and you post it, your icon doesnt show up as in the room.
9:11 PM
My 10th PHP answer. It's not often I post one of those.
10:19 PM
^^^ It now includes the user and approximate date for more info.
10:40 PM
@Unihedron Borderline POB
yep, I vtc'd that too, but YMMV :)
you would think a question like that would have a canonical
10:57 PM
I've made some major changes to the SOCVRG and PCVRG UserScripts. Check out the new versions. cc@durron597 cc@gunr2171
Especially the PCVRG because I haven't tested the changes that I've made to it yet, @durron597.
also @Unihedron check it out It comes in very handy. All you have to do is ctrl+shift+a enter the reason and it will send a cv request here (you can change the room it sends to very easily)
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