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4:55 AM
When a tag says "PLEASE DON'T USE THIS TAG", why do you use it anyway? — durron597 42 secs ago
@JonClements Honestly can you just delete it? It's not technically flaggably bad but now we have to wait two days before we can drop delete votes on it
Well... get 20k and it down to -3, then you can drop delete votes immediately
@JonClements Working on it :-P
Work quicker :)
I think though the 10 - 20k seems like the longest stretch :(
5:05 AM
I'm in 53rd in the admittedly short august
I was in the top 600 in July
31 upvotes away from my gold badge, less than 500 rep from 15k. Soon!!
Aight, gotta run.
He burned the tag himself anyway so it worked out
Take care
take care :)
4 hours later…
9:32 AM
"I'm not sure exactly what I did, but I got it to work."
I added a comment as well. The answer is likely to be deleted.
1 hour later…
11:03 AM
Hello everybody
11:38 AM
Q: Speaking out instead of suffering silently

DeduplicatorHaving had a look at Things in <angle brackets> that aren't HTML should not disappear, where jtbandes publicises his irritation with silently-disappearing code, got me to thinking: Please block posts containing html-tags which SE's markdown implementation does not accept. That should severely cu...

1 hour later…
12:58 PM
@SmokeDetector why?
@NathanOliver There is no why data for that post (anymore).
Good morning all
@Closey stop bot
1:02 PM
@gunr2171 I'm shutting down...
Hey everyone! (SO Close Vote Chatbot started, linux!)
1:18 PM
@SmokeDetector why?
@NathanOliver Body - Position 514-534: antivirus.comodo.com
1:56 PM
> don't do this! There's never even remotely any reason to do this. What are you trying to do that has made you try to do this? Note: Please don't answer me by editing your question or by commenting, as these two things will invalidate this answer. Instead, ask a new question that explains what you're really trying to do, and avoid the XY problem.
It's gotten to the point where I just know they're going to do all the wrong things so I have to dedicate a paragraph IN MY ANSWER telling them not to
<shakes head>tsk tsk tsk</shakes head>
2:23 PM
@durron597 technically comments wouldn't invalidate an answer, since answers answer the question, not comments
@TylerH Yeah I was too lazy to be exact
"if he asks in the comment, then I have to either answer in a new comment and that's just a terrible rabbit hole, or i answer by editing which means my answer is now answering a different question..."
2:41 PM
@Kyll: Closed.
@NisseEngström ty.
@NisseEngström Hung over?
hmm. perhaps not my best idea.
Q: I think this old, deleted question should be undeleted and historically locked instead

durron597http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1246058/senior-programming-guru-who-cant-program-should-i-find-a-different-career This question has 27,000 views and a score of over 700. Typically, such questions are slam dunks for the historical lock criteria. While it's not a great question, I think there...

2:58 PM
@durron597: Nope, but I've had a cold for the past two weeks.
3:09 PM
@SmokeDetector why?
@NathanOliver Body - Position 277-288: lose weight
3:42 PM
^ uh.........
Edited to a somewhat more readable shape
Oh crap forgot the code...
good edit
@Kyll you don't need to give a new edit summary when you edit more than once within the 5 minute window
Just noticed that.
you can see that your new edit summary overwrote your old one
Can I edit my summary again?
3:47 PM
i think only if you change something
add a space or something
@Kyll Good attempt for a terrible question.
@gunr2171 So having 3k rep on MSE is a lot less rewarding than I thought it would be
the one that really matters over there is 10k so you can see the deleted questions.
@gunr2171 Indeed. When I "Save edits" without changing anything but the summary, there's no error message but no edit neither. Added a space at the end of the question and it worked.
@durron597 : (
@durron597 You've been bullying me to get to 3k!
on main, not meta
3:51 PM
@Kyll Oh, 3k makes a huge difference on Stack Overflow. Just not on Meta Stack Exchange
@durron597 Ah, right. Keep on then.
"Keep on then"? You want him to keep bullying you? #StopTheBullying
@gunr2171 I can't stop it until my Spearrel is as strong as his LegoJedi
(Also it did motivate me for the 2k)
So you need a vibro-lance
> Some vibroweapons had a cortosis weave, therefore weakening its overall strength as an alloy, but giving it the capability to block lightsaber blows.
yeah, it sure is.......
@gunr2171 Is that spam?
What's a .air file?
4:02 PM
I don't think so
not sure what an air file is
even with a vb.net tag
then again, I'm sure as hell not going to download it
> I want to spam flag this, but I want to be clear the reason I'm spam flagging it is because a .air file is an adobe acrobat installer, not a text file as the post claims. pcsupport.about.com/od/fileextensions/f/air-file.htm I don't want to risk downloading a virus, so... yeah. I've voted to close and downvoted but I hope a mod just nukes it.
Custom flagged it.
ok, that should be good
This is when I miss having a resident mod in chat
@durron597 adobe air
4:34 PM
Q: User gets Publicist badge almost daily

MarkoI was looking at badges and have stumbled upon Publicist badge, it has been awarded 553 times. Looking through the list of users that got it one stands out. Lately he gets it almost every day, sometimes more than one. He has ~100 posts and 32 Publicist badges. The odds of this happening are pre...

... Meh.
Basically, "yeah people click on that"
it really is a kind of "what did you think would happen?" situation
Build a site that turns participation into a game, rewards participation with badges, someone comes along and is really good at getting badges because they understand how the game works
@gunr2171 It's okay, SO's resident emu deleted it
@Closey starting
@Mogsdad Happy reviewing!
4:44 PM
@Closey current tag
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
@Mogsdad The current tag is with 199 known review items.
@Mogsdad You got deletes?
@durron597 whatcha got for me?
@Mogsdad We're down to 38 questions
I'm not sure which are the best ones to delete vote yet though
@Mogsdad @rene @Deduplicator @cimmanon Honestly all of these 18 should probably go
There are 15 waiting on the roomba.
@durron597 I'll start at the top of that list, and dv the ones I think need to go.
4:50 PM
@Mogsdad I just threw my 9 at the lowest voted ones.
If you don't think it needs to go, please edit it
Personally, I think they all do
@durron597 Done with my dvs for today. I've been through all those questions so many times in the last month that I can recall them from memory! Didn't find one to keep.
@Closey end session
@Mogsdad I have forcefully ended your last session. To see more details use the command last session stats. In addition, the number of review items is most likely not set, use the command last session edit count <new count> to fix that.
@Mogsdad thanks!
The dog needs a walk... 'later!
38 questions = light at end of tunnel
4:58 PM
@durron597 cant delete vote this one: stackoverflow.com/questions/5030883/…
@cimmanon Yeah I know, tomorrow
@durron597 remind me tomorrow then :p
@cimmanon It's easier to send a search that has one undeletable question than it is to link 17 questions separately :-P
5:22 PM
got my fanatic badge today. Now I am working on copy editor
@NathanOliver grats!
I'm within 30 upvotes of my java gold badge
@NathanOliver I think the Fanatic badge was my first gold ^^
5:33 PM
Yeah I had to keep restarting mine. I finally had 100 days in a row where I didn't take some sort of trip. When I am traveling SO gets backburnered
@Kyll question on programming tools are considered on topic on SO.
@NathanOliver sure, but that one is too broad "give me a full walkthrough step by step plus a list of packages"
@NathanOliver Sure (I asked some), but questions like this? Too broad, asks for external resource
I may have actually flagged the wrong thing
... Yes I did. My bad.
I flagged "blatantly off-topic" when it's rather too broad/external
Anyway it won't survive for long.
Yeah. I just wanted to say that the close reason is not correct. I would go with to broad and not the off topic close reason
someone copy/pasted duplicate answers onto these questions: stackoverflow.com/questions/30255899/… and stackoverflow.com/questions/29116222/…
should they be closed as dupees?
duplicate of this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/28095703/…
I looks like they might but I will defer to people that know the technology as I have no experience with it.
5:54 PM
these are duplicate questions, dont know which is the more appropriate target to use: stackoverflow.com/questions/19676403/… and stackoverflow.com/questions/19871442/…
@cimmanon If the answer is accepted in both cases, then certainly yes
As it is now... Don't know
stackoverflow.com/questions/19676403/… has more upvoted answers. It should be the target, no?
Answer quality is a more important factor than # of upvotes
or even # of answers
I don't see the duplication between the two though
though they are similar
I would say this is the best of the two: stackoverflow.com/questions/19676403/…
@cimmanon I've VTCed the first two as dupes of the third
6:02 PM
@cimmanon same as durron
should i bother reporting the new user's spamminess?
@cimmanon I'm not going to, for what that's worth
I'm not sure if it's against the rules
the questions are open so they can be answered
it is if youre just copy/pasting the same answer in multiple spots
@TylerH I voted to dup close the newer, lower view powershell with the older, higher view powershell question as parent
IMO the mistake is us as the community for not closing them in the first place.
6:04 PM
I once read a meta post on it, saying that if one post answers multiple questions then it's disrespectful to copy/paste it and the questions should instead be closed as dups
If he had just done it once it would have been "fine" right?
on the protected question, the new answer is just a copy of another answer
@cimmanon do you have a link to that?
hm, lemmie see if i can find it. i am pretty sure i was scolded by boltclock for it once :p
> There's no need to copy and paste answers. In fact, it's rather frowned upon. If the questions are exactly identical, it is better to flag for a moderator to merge both questions into one, thereby saving users the trouble of copying their answers across. – BoltClock♦
so just a comment
6:12 PM
It's just: .
ugh, my last flag was marked "Declined" even though the answer was removed
I hate the inherently broken aspects of the site
I had that happen too, when I flagged as NAA when the answer was VLQ
and I can't even audit my own past actions until I hit 10k and can see the stuff I flagged that got deleted
hm, cant find a meta topic on it, all "duplicate answers" questions are about plagiarizing
6:15 PM
@cimmanon I'm sure the logic is "because that means the questions are duplicates and should be closed", which I agree with of course
Just saying I don't think there is actually an explicit rule about it written anywhere
This isn't opinion based, but it is too broad, no? stackoverflow.com/questions/31792419/…
so it's like, OK until you get called on it and then it's not OK but only because it was called out
@durron597 I have no idea what these acronyms are but they look more broad than opinionated yes
@durron597 yes I'd say too broad
only partially so because it's asking two questions
Yeah, I don't believe in reopening to change the close reason so I'll leave closed (came up for me in reopen queue)
6:17 PM
"What's the difference between these environments?" "What are the consequences of choosing one vs the others"
I don't agree with POB but I do with TB
Hmm yeah maybe
Still. Closed.
@durron597 I wish the reopen queue were more robust
(the question isn't appearing for me in reopen queue)
@durron597 I believe you, I just wanted to vote "no" on it
I posted the second-link on the accepted answer of my first link
6:21 PM
> it goes bleh instead
Story of my life
The two "community-accepted" are in direct contradiction
> 1) Duplication on Stack Overflow is more about answers than questions.
> 2) Only if the question is a duplicate, you should close it as such.
If you combed through the complete history of questions on MSO and MSE, I imagine that you would find many such contradictions, and you would probably find other posts about those contradictions getting an answer that stated the protocol that was current at the time that was posted.
@TinyGiant SE policy is an eclectic mess.
Argh. In my most recent answer I gave the guy three choices and he picked a fourth one that is wrong and now wants to know why it doesn't work.
I should have just given him one choice but I don't like picking logging frameworks for people
whats annoying to me is that literally any reason at all can be given to invalidate a "not a duplicate" closure.
Organization of current SE policy information is interesting at best.
6:32 PM
@cimmanon Best option is to close it for a different reason that also applies. Then it can be automatically deleted.
i had a duplicate question pop up before i got my gold badge and the target question already had all of the possible solutions that exist
(read the comment thread)
greetings all
and the user insisted that their question wasnt a duplicate because they didnt want to use any of those solutions because it would require them to modify the source of the library they are using, which they dont want to do.
6:33 PM
Ahhh... now that is awesome :)
@JonClements Hello :)
Awww... I sooooooo want to use that :)
getting ready to do a huge database migration, which is scary because the existing database is fine and the changes i am making are so significant ><
If it ain't broke, uh, break it?
6:35 PM
@cimmanon Well if the question is then "How can I do X, without modifying the source of the library? The solutions in Y question all require modifying the source." Would it not be a new question?
@gunr2171 well.... you see, the one table has 65k rows in it, most of which is duplicate data
@TinyGiant because if "not modifying the library" was an option, it would be an answer on the original question
This is like the third back and forth I've had with this guy
Which could probably also have been in the form of a bounty on the original question.
@TinyGiant now its just a lame question that sits around not getting answers
because what the OP is asking for is impossible
6:37 PM
@cimmanon use a lot of transactions and try/catches
Why can't people indent code nicely
@TylerH They use notepad
(actually, it has 1 answer that is a lame copy of one that already exists on the original question)
@gunr2171 You heard the legend of gunr2171? Folks used to say he lived life one try/catch at a time...
@gunr2171 shudder primitive languages with your "try" and "catch" :p
6:39 PM
Could it then be closed as not reproducible? (real question)
@TylerH "Wrap the whole program in a try/catch" they said, "it would be great" they said
@TylerH cheers
@gunr2171 In C++ you can wrap the main() function with a try catch block
6:44 PM
@NathanOliver /facepalm, then again it does make sense.
syntactically makes sense, logically does not
Yeah. I would cry if I saw that in production code.
true, same. We had a if(true==false) in production code, to work around a problem with ms sql functions
@gunr2171 ...
Q: Should Impossible Questions be Closed?

ApprenticeHackerThere are some questions, where the OP is trying to do something which is, frankly, impossible and absurd. The fact that usually makes it impossible is that the OP insists on refusing to use other techniques, or to change his strategy etc. Now, if more than 10-20 experienced SO users highlight...

@durron597 it's a long story, and I'm happy I'm not with the company anymore
6:49 PM
@TinyGiant well it was a case of "question is exact duplicate" so i vote close, op responds by editing the question to say "i dont want to do the things suggested in the original question" and then opened a meta question crying about it
the question never actually got closed.
Well, post an answer saying that it is impossible and what they are trying to do is absurd, then we can all upvote it and they can be put in their place. Then if it is eventually possible, it will be the perfect receptacle for the new information about how to do that.
@TinyGiant yes, but it would be better to close it and then post a new answer/modify existing answers on the original when the thing they want to do becomes possible
7:05 PM
@gunr2171 I'll bet
@TinyGiant stop that, you'll make me accidentally post to a years-old question
@Jon Interesting. Found a 6-month-old synonym-request without answers or any discussion, but +77/-1 votes, which was never acted on: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/281709/…
Checked our serial answerer's profile. Here goes:
@Deduplicator Umm.... yeah... what's going on with that one
Care to weigh in guys?
Q: I know this is an audit and it is bad. What should I do?

NathanOliverI was going through the low quality post review queue and got this question. I am 99.99% certain that it is an audit as it is a question and the LQ queue no longer does questions. I right clicked on the question title to confirm my suspicions and sure enough Inject javascript gecko fennec has 5...

Funny: The audit is a fail, the question is upvoted yet off-topic
7:19 PM
@NathanOliver I'd personally follow the third bullet point.
stackoverflow.com/questions/31510609/… <- needs one more DV to qualify for roomba
@durron597 Yes. 13 del-votes remaining.
7:31 PM
@Kyll Cv'd + left a comment on the answer.
@durron597 Already done. All but the one that cycled
@Deduplicator Sweet
Now comes the waiting game on the dang roomba
7:35 PM
@JonClements I guess it it was simply forgotten. As I cannot do anything about it, that's what I'll do now too.
@Sam Thank you
@Deduplicator it's easy to do - just checking if a sponsored tag has any impact
obvious answer is "because it has a class on it making it red", other than that its not really something we can answer/resolve
@Kyll Np.
7:43 PM
@cimmanon I think it's on topic
@cimmanon maybe no mcve as we have no way of knowing as there is not enough information
Teechnically it lacks the code of the pl-ii class
i dont think the OP is asking how CSS works, though.
pretty sure they are asking why github decides to make it red
Which is unknown to everyone except the GitHub devs?
Or because it's a convention of sorts
@cimmanon It's a question about a development tool, but it's not really a question about SASS.
7:49 PM
@durron597 agreed, questions about development tools are on-topic (unless too broad or otherwise off-topic)
@durron597 technically it is a question about a website :p
I won't be here for the start of the event today, meeting got called. GERD DERMN ERT
call in sick?
@cimmanon websites are tools :-P
@gunr2171 good luck...
it's a safety meeting
so, no
7:50 PM
@gunr2171 We'll send a search party if you don't return within a week.
Let someone call 911 to have the building evacute, use the meeting to evaluate the process...
@gunr2171 It would be safer if the developers didn't have to work on the production floor
@gunr2171 On what? How the --kill command given to a robot will make the robot try to kill you?
Jul 13 at 20:53, by durron597
@gunr2171 You went from an office to a cube on a factory floor?
@gunr2171 I know, that's what I'm saying
7:52 PM
sigh, well, only so much I can do about it
So what if this safety meeting adversely affects your health?
@gunr2171 "If we work on the factory floor, then we have to go to safety meetings which wastes our time. we would be more profitable if we had our own offices where we didn't have to go to safety meetings"
@rene Is this now on-topic or did you just gave up arguing? stackoverflow.com/q/31769799/2675154
@TylerH, remove the stack snippet please
it's sql
@honk I gave up...
it is off-topic imho
7:55 PM
and I'm out
Wow. The late answer queue is just "flag" -> "I'm done". Repeat
ok :)
> which is future proof?
World's first question when it comes to the interwebs
@rene thx
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